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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 8, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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immediate look of tragedy. 61-year-old lloyd was dead as was 31-year-old new jersey state trooper franky williams. tonight we hear from william's mother in an interview. a mother's grief can break your heart. it's wednesday night. the big story is victoria williams for the first time speaking to us about the death of her son. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live on the big board. victoria seems like a brave woman who must be crushed to lose her son. >> it's a heartbreaking story. life seemed to be coming together perfectly for franky williams. the 31-year-old became a trooper and two months ago married the love of his life. tonight his mother speaks about the loss of her only child and
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what brings her country. >> she used to come over on her bike and say i'm going to marry franky. >> it was the thing of fairytales, two kids growing up across the street hoping to live ever after. he said she's the one. he loved her so dearly. >> it would be cut short in the crash that killed rooky state trooper franky williams monday night. >> it's unfair. it's selfish. it's cruel. >> the plunge into unspeakable loss and grief set off with a phone call and nagging mother's intuition. >> the phone rang, and i was saying to my fiance, victor, it's my son. i could feel it. williams was an only child. his mother a single parent.
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he was everything a mother could have. my recipe was love. >> franky knew at a young age he want today be in law enforcement. >> tbus in his blood, in his soul not something he decided for himself. >> he set out to be a trooper a year ago. >> he was on cloud nine. he said mom, you told me to aim high. i did it. >> it was a year more the books. he had his dream job, childhood sweetheart and the rest of his life ahead of him. the thought of what could have been, stings. >> i was so angry. he gave me so much as a mother and he loved his wife unconditionally. >> jim, victoria williams says the one thing that brings her consolation, she was told her son was not alone when he died, an officer was at the scene with him during the final moments of
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his life. >> thank you. a burst of gunfire in wilmington left a man fighting for his life. it happened at 9:00 on market street. a man was found shot in the head. he was rushed to hospital and is in grave condition. >> an officer shot a pit bull that attack add boy. 19-year-old samir price faces murder and robbery charges in connection with the death of a 14-year-old last week. price turned himself in to police accused of killing william wilsey: the cold air should be here full blast by
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friday afternoon. let's get the facts from cecily tynan. >> jim, the cold air will stream in. right now, not that bad. philadelphia 38. the arctic air is moving into the plains, rockies, bismarck, north dakota, 40. sioux falls nine. casper, wisconsin, 16-degrees below zero. it has a ways to get here. it's moving over ground that doesn't have a lot of snow pack. future tracker showing 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, the cold air is moving into pittsburg, 32-degrees here in gilphiladelphia not bad, 42-degrees. friday, 39-degrees, the afternoon high, and the air mass sticks with us saturday and sunday. three days in a row not likely to climb out of the 30s.
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the last time we were in 30s was february 18th. i talk wind in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, cecily. you can get the forecast anytime online and track rain coming into the area with storm tracker 6 radar. interact with the weather team on facebook and twitter. a 12-year-old boy is being treated for numerous injuries and fractures in the wake of a hit-and-run accident. his mother wants the driver brought to justice. live at new castle county, dan. you spoke to the mom. what did she say? >> jim, she's asking for the public's help trying to find the vehicle involved and its driver.
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police released a surveillance video of the vehicle. >> i have a 12-year-old boy in the hospital at christmastime. that's going to be hard. >> this is 12-year-old brian richards, a seventh grader in new castle delaware. he loves playing sports, football and basketball. he likely won't play sports for some time. he's in hospital with multiple and severe injuries he suffered in monday night's hit-and-run accident. >> he has a fractured skull with a brain bleed and two fractured legs. it was about 5:30 monday night when the 12-year-old was struck by a hit and run driver. >> there was a lady that said the car stopped but kept going. he stopped but then left. >> late today police released this image of the car involved a red 2004 to 2010 chrysler 300.
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it's driver side mirror should be missing, the passenger side mirror yellow with auto dim printed on the glass. >> i hope someone will grow has conscious and turn themselves in and explain themselves as to how they could leave a kid lying in the street. >> brian's mom says he faces a long line of surgeries and will be hospitalized at least until january. >> i hope someone will help and turn this person in. obviously, this person doesn't have conscientious. >> a $20,000 reward is being offered to information that would lead to an arrest and conviction. if you have information call police. jim? >> thank you, dan. it was a remarkable show of respect and affection today for delaware's joe biden in the
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senate. this is where he was of 36 years before being elected vice president in 2008. he was showered by praise by senator after senator, both democrat and republican. >> the greatest honor of my life is to serve in the seat you held for 36 years and not just this seat in the senate but a seat on the 715 amtrak train down from wilmington every morning. >> i don't always agree with him, but i trust him i implicit. he doesn't break his word, doesn't waste time telling me why i'm wrong but gets down to brass tacks. >> my friend joe, not only me that knows you as my friend joe, but the people of delaware know my friend joe.
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>> biden was the only person to call casey the day after he made governor. >> he made a grand prediction that i would come back. he was right. >> many of those there today said they wouldn't be at all surprised if joe biden found a way to reenter public life with a slight chuckle and hint of a smile biden himself said yesterday he wouldn't commit to not running for president in 2020. # ♪ ♪ another more appointments from president elect donald trump. he tapped another general for his administration picking john kelly to head the department of homeland security. kelly served three tours in iraq and is the most senior officer to lose a child in combat in iraq or afghanistan his son was killed in afghanistan.
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>> trump named mcmahan to be head of the small business administration. the president elect has been named time magazine's person of the year. the headline red president of the divided states of america. trump says he doesn't consider that as a slight. >> when you say divided states of america, i didn't divide 'em. >> he said he was going to bring them together. trump called it a great honor from an important magazine. two recount efforts were derailed today. a federal judge in michigan stopped the recount there and in philadelphia the judge rejected the green party effort to inspect the voting machines. jill stein's lawyers have been trying to prove hacking could have affected the vote in pennsylvania. today we got a look in
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philadelphia's neighborhood. the luxury suites are located on the top 18 floors. the towers a mix of residential, retail and office space. they'll open their doors in january. still to come on "action news" tonight, two juveniles are under arrest for the tennessee wildfires that killed 14 people and damages hundreds of buildings and matt rhule takes on his new role as the coach of baylor. >> it looks like the holidays and it will feel like it in a big way. we'll talk about that coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> >> the eagles respond to claims they are lacking effort. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the reward for the whereabouts of a man that shot two georgia police officers killing one of them has increased. there is a $30,000 reward for the capture of 32-year-old lem brick. he shot an american city officer at a georgia state western officer near the campus. the officer died from his wounds. the other is in critical condition. the two were responding to a domestic dispute. today was the first day in the trial of dylann roof accused of killing nine african-americans at a bible study in charleston, south carolina. roof confessed to the killings in a two hour long video. roof's lawyers told jurors he was guilty.
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the reason for the trial is the government wants the death penalty and he is arguing for life behind bars. >> authorities charged two teens for starting the wildfire in tennessee. the fire damaged or destroyed more than 1700 buildings. wall street had a very big day with good signs for the economy. there were new highs today. the gains driven by stocks doing well when the economy is growing. the dow surged 290 points. the s&p climbed 29 and the nasdaq gained 60. tonight it is quiet at pearl harbor. it wasn't like that 75 years ago today. this was the anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor
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that forced america into world war ii. today a somber ceremony. a large crowd aassembled to mark the day and the time the japanese plane streaked the sky killing 2300 americans and all but wiping out the pacific slate. >> president obama issued a statement saying we could never pay the gratitude we owe to those that served. robert edelstein of cherry hill recognized special recognition. he served during world war ii. he was one of dozens of veterans honored during a ceremony tonight at the oakland american legion post 84. congress sent president obama a bi-partisan bill to speed up government drug approvals and bolster medical research called
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the 21st century cures act, including billion os of dollars for research on cancer and other diseases like alzheimer's. it let's the fda use drugs with less evidence. >> target issued a major recall of a fire hazard. the recall includes a hanukkah in a pyramid design. there are eight reports of the product melting. people are urged to return the minoras to target for a full refund. >> it's a tradition that brings the hottest names in pop music to philadelphia. > ♪ >> the jingle ball hit the stage at the w we also wells fargo ceh
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harmony, ellie golding and dip lo. the ryan seacrest foundation has teamed up for the event. the rsf is a nonprofit using pediatric hospitals to inspire kids. there is one in the pediatric hospital of philadelphia. the forecast is chilly. >> it's beyond that. we have not had cold air. we have been talking about it for a week. it's arriving tomorrow night. double scan showing we are dry. tomorrow during the day also dry, but it's going to pack a punch. tonight, let's go where the action cam was. beautiful shot of the center city skyline. we have partly cloudy skies, temperatures not that bad this time of year.
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philadelphia 38 down from the high of 47. allentown, 37, wilmington 35. millville, 39 and trenton 33. we started the day with clouds, drizzle, sunshine by the afternoon, clouds streaming in tonight. morning commute, lots of clouds, mostly cloudy, dry. 8:00, 34. kids going to the bus stop. have them wear hats and gloves. if they don't want to in the morning, they'll need hem by the afternoon when they return home. the winds kick up behind the arctic front. breedsy and win windchills in te 40s. cape may 47. feeling cooler with the breeze. the arctic pressure over canada, air temperatures 10 to 20-degrees below zero. a piece of this breaking off and
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heading south and east. the cold air reaching the gulf coast. here for the weekend temperature in the 20s and 30s. we have the wind especially friday. this is the way it's going to feel. windchill value important to plan what you are going to wear friday and saturday, find the heavy winter coat you haven't needed yet. 20 by the afternoon, 29. saturday morning, 22. the winds not as strong on saturday but temperatures down a degree or two. in the afternoon, the windchill the same on friday. 29. the winds diminishing sunday. the seven-day forecast, chilly tomorrow, clouds in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. the afternoon is when the breeze picks up. the high of 45. friday, 39-degrees. windchills and teens in the morning, only in the 20s in the afternoon. just as cold saturday.
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38-degrees on sunday, clouds up quickly, the high 39. cold for the eagle's game. sunday into monday, our next system looks like it will bring us not only the chance of rain but snow. could be a messy morning commute monday, the afternoon high 46. tuesday, we dry out brisk and chilly, 42. another cold shot on the way wednesday, 39-degrees and indications thursday, afternoon highhighs struggle to make it te freezing point. here we go, winter is on the way. >> it is dip lo, thomas wesley pence. >> a special holiday shopping event and meet and greet took place at willow grove park. dozens of people lined up for the sip and shop evening.
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folks were given gift cards and in store offers. richard curtis served as mc, he twice appeared on the morning talk show and is scheduled to return later this month. ♪ ♪
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>> the information keeps on coming. we found out that dip low is a former temple guy, fill dell fan, school teacher and d.j. rapper star. another philadelphiaen makes good. >> i don't want to talk about the eagles right now. in a parallel universe we would talk about the washington game and its playof playoff implicat. instead, we are talking about
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effort. doug pederson conceded not everyone played hard in their game against the bengals. >> we are not quitters. we trust that the guys next to us aren't quitting either. you have to look yourself in the mirror. make sure you are not one of the people sending the team the way we don't want it to go, that we are getting it turned right, finishing it out the way we want it. >> temple is in matt rhule's rear few mirror. he said he has work to do in waco the same way he did when he arrived here. today he had a message for the owls he left behind. they are my players. they'll be my players forever. i love them. it was one of the hardest things to say goodbye.
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our time was over. they went to the winningest two year stretch in temple. i say that because i know they are watching. i want them to know how proud i am for them. they won the championship friday, but they were champions before that. i know we'll be watching them as they watch us. >> he says he will root for the owls from afar. >> james franklin is getting his due. he's named coach of the year. he has the 11-2 record, january 2nd, (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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>> temple's basketball team has mojo working five straight wins. tonight they hosted george washington. owls come back from the 15 point deficit. highest of the game, 61. game tied tyler cavanaugh, huge bucket for g.w., owls down three. one last chance for temple, dingle with the tie. off the mark. temple loses 66-63. penn and lafayette, steve donahue trying to snap a three game losing streak. penn shoots 66% from the field. howard on the barack, 14 points
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and rolls, 81-52. high school football playoffs this week in hershey. st. joes faces central catholic saturday and archbishop a pep rally ahead of its class 5a title game against harrisburg friday night. that's a look at sports. >> thank you ducis. jimmy kimmel next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell, matt o'donnell for traffic. >> for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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