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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  December 24, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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temple defensive coordinator, earlier the 24 ranked owls took a break to take a tour of the u.s.
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>> this has been really good. early on it was a little bit more difficult with matt at 23irs left and we're trying to practice but now we've got the game plan set. it's been great. >> finally tis the season of giving and everyone feeling extra generous like the flyers who were asked to come up with the perfect gift for their teammates. i would buy him a razor. >> like his beard is actually disgusting. i can barely have a conversation
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with him. >> a lot of hate for his beard. >> maybe he's trying to look like santa. >> maybe. tis the season. up next on action news at 11:30, christmas around the world. we'll show you how other countries are celebrating.
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christmas eve. here's a look what's happening at action news at 11:30. it's a final push to opinionish that christmas shopping. some stores closed just enough time to get it all done. christmas eve celebrations all around the world. show how other nations celebrate the birth of jesus christ. around a reunion to make a girl's christmas list come true. but first on this christmas eve the shopping is done, the presidents are neatly wrap and old st. nick is on the way. if you're expecting him to drop off skis and a sled you might be disappointed it will not be a white christmas. but if he drops off a skate board or a pair of running shoes, tomorrow might just be
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your day. melissa magee is here with your forecast. >> conditions will be mild across the delaware and lehigh valleys. right now in philadelphia we're coming in at 43 degrees. trenton 43, the poconos in at 44. cape may 42. the lower 40s in millville and also sitting at 40 at the coast in beach haven. we've had a cold front that came through earlier today. that front sagging on to our south and east. partly cloudy skies starting to break up across. of the mid atlantic region. here's storm tracker radar 3-d we've got an area of low pressure setting up shop across this region where we have winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings and freezing rain advisories. none of that is heading our way tomorrow. so for the next 12 hours looking pretty good. partly cloudy it is a silent night across the region.
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34 in philadelphia for the overnight low. 37 degrees at the boardwalk. christmas day forecast looking really good across the area. mostly sunny it is dry, it is mild for this time of year and pleasant. 8:00 in the morning coming in at 34. by noon tomorrow 43 degrees and 5:00 tomorrow evening that temperature in at 42. we'll take a closer look coming up in an exclusive accuweather forecast. >> it's a balmy christmas. >> people were out of luck, some people when it came to the weather, lots of folks dpelt with nasty storms to get home for the holidays. >> reporter: over the river and through the winds to a commuting mess we go. winter alerts from michigan to california. drivers forced to battle snow, ice, blizzard-like conditions. >> a lot of weather, a lot of accidents. >> reporter: the mountain pass north of los angeles was closed for several hours due to snow and ice, while lax is still
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reeling from delays due to rain, heavy crowds and runway construction. in arizona, 45 mile per hour wind gusts kicking up dust. on christmas eve another element for folks to brave, the mall. >> it's crazy. i will not come back the day before christmas ever. >> reporter: last minute procrastinators oit side kansas city. >> the office had a strategic way when people walk by they're too distracted by our outfits to notice we're taking all the good stuff. >> some deals 40% to 50% off. you don't have to live near a big city. gift cards and subscription services are great options with big payoffs. aerial reshef. >> millions of americans plan to
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go to church, isis is threatening religious sites all across the country. gloria rivera has more about the locations that could be at risk. >> the country's top counter terror teams announcing that isis is calling for supporters to target churches in the u.s. >> they can still represent a threat to the country. >> reporter: the fbi and homeland security have not identified any specific plot at the moment but they are urging police to remain vigilant during this holiday season. on december 21st, isis published a link and called on supporters to attack them. >> things have changed woond he live in a different world and you have to always be prepared. >> reporter: cities like new york and boston have been on high alert attacking berlin last week which targeted a christmas market. >> police will be more in
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evidence and carefully monitoring. >> the new link points out new posts to carry out attacks in markets, hotels, coffee shops and more but also canada, france and the netherlands. reminiscent of the berlin attack. >> one of the most significant threats facing the country today comes from people who are inspired by terrorist ideologies but operate independent of a terrorist organization. >> reporter: anis amri died on friday after several days on the run. berlin officials say his smart phone, wallet and id were found in the truck. he also confirmed a.m.ry's connection to an isis recruiter. gloria rivera, abc news washington. >> while christmas has yet to officially arrive here in the u.s., celebrations are already under way around the world. first in sidney, australia, it's also the middle of summer. and what better way to celebrate
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than going to the beach. famed bondi beach was packed with sunbathers. the country unveiled a 238 foot tall artificial christmas tree over the weekend. the tree cost,000 to
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christmas eve night on spanish television traditionally watched by millions. the king addressed sluggish recovery and called on all spaniards to build on all country rather than bat mouth its reputation. peruvians are waiting for christmas day to arrive but plenty of holiday spirit is in the air. one of the displays has become a sight to see. 10 years ago only a few houses were decked out in christmas lights, now the displays span entire neighborhoods. now back to the delaware valley. lehigh valley -- over in gloucester county, a school hosted a very special christmas
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eve mass today. the school which serves special needs children partnered with the holy angels parents. meanwhile patients at the oncology unit at the st. clis fer's hospital had a special visitor today. santa claus himself took time from his busy schedule to battle children battling a coat giveaway today in wilmington, delaware. families in need were given winter by volunteers. once again peco is lighting
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up the holiday season. action news brings you the best displays across the kounlt. the 2400 block of dale road is all decked out in lights. one of the home's entry was planked by giant candy canes as you can see. and the holiday spirit is in full swing in had onfield new jersey as well. plenty of wreaths, garlands and lights sent a tone up and down the town's main district shopping area. much more to come, a special christmas eve for a woman because today is also her 100th birthday. we'll take you to the fun celebration. and meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather forecast including tracking it when action news comes right back.
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local woman. today was her 100th birthday. she was born back on christmas eve in 1916. she was a seamstress and she still loves to sew and crochet. she was the oldest of 8 kids and the apple of her eye is her great great grandchild. the party was complete with old pictures, balloons, a cake and lots of love. happy birthday, jean! time for a final check of the accuweather forecast with melissa magee. it's 13 more minutes until christmas. >> i know. you should be ready. >> i hope i'm ready.
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i'll find out tomorrow. >> here's what's going on with storm tracker. no issues of precipitation right now we had some rain around the region early this morning with a cold front that's moved down to our south and east and we're looking good forth rest of tonight. we're looking good sky 6 live from our temple university camera. we've got city hall as well. temperatures certainly already are typical daytime high this time of year is 42. we are above the norm right now. the dew point at 39. wind chill coming in at 40. numbers north and west 40s. 41 in fleet wood same thing, 40 in pottstown. center city at 43 but a little cooler to the north. down in new jersey, woodbine, 39, and 45 degrees out to the
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west. for your satellite 6 along with action radar our front we had across our region earlier today moving down to our south and east, we've got a partly cloudy skies, skies are really starting to break apart the rest of tonight. over the next 12 hours, partly cloudy it is chilly we'll drop down to 30 in the suburbs and 30 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. the day planner for christmas day looks really good. mostly clear sky at 8:00 in the morning a temperature of 35. when the lower 40s at 10:00 a.m. 45 degrees is the number by noontime tomorrow, 46 at 2:00 in 9 afternoon. then we're back down into the lower 40s and the upper 30s later on christmas day night. so we'll show you santa and santa is moving fairly quickly. he was already in philadelphia around 10:30 and right now is currently in tennessee dropping off all those presents to the good boys and girls and it looks like conditions will be fairly dry for santa right now.
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by noontime on christmas day 43 degrees, and 5:00 tomorrow evening that number coming in at 42. the chance for precipitation does increase as we go through the week ahead. just a 20% chance of finding some rain, tuesday that chance increases to 60%. the next shot of finding presip after tuesday looks to be on thursday with oclouds and occasional rain in the forecast and we have big changes as we get closer to kwloeser to new year's eve later this week. mostly sunny and nice for christmas day tomorrow a high of 46. cloudy on monday with some drizzle with some easterly wind. it is damp and mild up to 57 on tuesday in the wake of that on wednesday turning cooler at 42, mostly cloudy with this rain coming in a high of 48. brisk and 41. new year's eve on saturday, high in at 38 degrees.
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so we are looking good tomorrow and we're staying dry and mild. >> a teddy bear has been reunited just in time for the holidays. but before an airline worker returned the bear, a man decided to take the bear on an adventure. he took him on a plane around the airport. he actually went to school with eleanor's mom and found the bear was missing on facebook. he made it his mission to return the bear to the owner but not before having a little fun.
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wished for for christmas. maybe he'll get another one for his birthday to beat the cowboys. despite the dismalrecord, coach pederson said these guys really believe in themselves. the defense three picks. coach says despite what it seems, his players never felt like they were in a rebuilding mode because they came so close in so many games. >> the season is going to come down to about six or siven plays that could change the outcome of your season. so we were right there. and the guys believed it. by no means was anybody thinking rebuilding or retooling or looking to next year. >> a bit unlucky around the nfl tonight. at least three broken legs
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including potential playoff quarterbacks. drama in seattle. seahawks trying to rally from a 13-point deficit in the fourth quarter against na. he drilled it seattle the cardinals win 34-31. the seahawks hopes for a first-round bye with a major hit. remember our old buddy chip kelly? out spoken quarterback colin kaepernick, chip says what the heck, kaepernick scrambled and leaves in for the conversion. niners now up.
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just the second victory this season. and goff. the sixers, they'll have a nice warm christmas out west. they play in sacramento on monday. 27 points a ton of versatility from the inside. the outside and on defense, love watching that guy play walter that's sports. finally, on christmas eve a woman from virginia did her best to spread the christmas cheer by recording her two puppies playing on the porch. she dressed up one of them as an elf. she posted her video on instagram. it's been shared hundreds of
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thousands of times and it just makes youe. an angel next on channel 6. for melissa magee, jamie apody, and for the entire action news time i'm walter perez have a great night, have a blessed, wonderful and safe christmas day. see you tomorrow.
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[ organ plays "o come, all ye faithful" ] narrator: the most reverend richard j. malone and the catholic diocese of buffalo invite you to celebrate christmas mass from our lady help of christians chapel and shrine in the buffalo suburb of cheektowaga, new york. this historic chapel was built in 1853 by german immigrant joseph batt in thanksgiving to the blessed mother for saving him and his family during a perilous atlantic storm. today, our lady help of christians remains a beacon for those seeking guidance... ♪ o come, all ye faithful ...through the storms of life. ♪ joyful and triumphant ♪ o come ye, o come ye to bethlehem ♪


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