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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the supreme court. the reaction. plus breaking bread to break down barriers in center city pennsylvania. that's next. ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> since the death of anthony scalia in 2016, the u.s. supreme court has had only eight justices and many for four
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decisions. the refusal of senate republicans to consider the president obama pick of margaret garland has kept it that way. tonight president trump nominated neil gorsuch to fill scalia's seat. the big story tonight is supreme court nominee 49-year-old neil gorsuch. with a sense of the dramatic, a big audience assembled the white house east room for the big reveal. with two finalists in the running, president trump brought out gorsuch and his wife louise to applause that included no democrats. trump remarked on the mow meant
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meantous occasion. >> gorsuch is known as a fine writer of opinions and originalist, believes in the constitution as originally intended by the founding fathers, in the mold of anthony scalia. >> standing here aware of my imperfections, i pledge if i am confirmed, i'll do all i can to serve the constitution and laws of this country. >> no question that democrats furious that garland never had a hearing will have a fight against gorsuch. gorsuch is the youngest nominee. he holds an undergraduate degree
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from columbia and a phd from oxford. he was in the same law school class as president obama. he worked in the justice department and clerked for justices byron white and current justice anthony kennedy. dann cuellar has been getting reaction from the legal community in philadelphia. what have you been hearing tonight, dan? >> well, jim, those that know neil gorsuch believe he's a great choice, but he likely has a battle ahead. >> what you see is what you get. neil gorsuch is one of the best judges in the country. >> that reaction from the supreme court clinic. >> neil gorsuch, i went to
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college with him, the same graduate school. we both clerked for justice kennedy. everyone knows he's one of the best. >> gorsuch is a conservative jurorrer seen as the best to fill the seat of anthony scalia. >> he's ruled in favor of middle school students arrested, or immigrants or people's whose siferl rights were wronged. >> one of the other candidates on the list, gorsuch is hard working and has a passion for the law. >> i have no doubt that based on judge gorsuch reputation that he does the same. >> deborah gross and pe best of mebusexpect a controversial hea.
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>> i think it will be and should be. this is an important decision the country is facing. >> there will be a fight but it will have little to do with neil and a lot to do with the confirmation process over the last year. that shouldn't prevent an excellent jurist to be appointed. >> at age 49 neil gorsuch stands to impact the decisions on the supreme court for decades to come. live in center city, dann cuellar. jim? >> the american civil union has filed a lawsuit against donald trump. legal action has been taken for three families denied entry into the united states. seven nationals were turned away under the immigration travel ban including two syrian families
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that went back to damascus after a decade of vetting. also turned away a woman who came to visit her daughters who are graduates here. >> unhuman to stop a mother from seeing her daughters and treating her like a criminal. the aclu says the order violets several constitutional guarantees. >> democrats on the senate finance committee boycotted the commicommittee meeting when mems were to vote on the nominees for treasury and health and human services. chairman orrin hatch was irate and called the democrats idiots. steve and tom price misled the committee about their financial backgrounds they say. elaine chow was sworn in as the transportation hav secretary.
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she is the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> we have breaking news from the port richmond section of philadelphia, a woman's abduction ended in the last hour on emery street. undercover officers witnesses the kidnapping as it unfolded. >> she had exited her place of employment. as she was heading to her vehicle, two males grabbed her and forced her into the seat of her own vehicle. the officers gave chase and called for back up. one suspect was caught. police are searching for three others. the woman is okay. >> roosevelt boulevard is proving once again to be a danger to pedestrians. a man was struck in the northbound lane at 7:00.
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chopper 6 is over the hospital as the middle aged victim arrived for care. he is in critical condition. >> a five-year-old boy is on the mend after being struck by a pickup truck in wilmington. he was trapped under the vehicle. the youngster was pulled out and taken to an ambulance at 5:45. he's being treated at the hospital in serious but stable condition. this is the end result of a police chase in wilmington tonight. a mangled multi-vehicle crash. officers say they had the suspect boxed in on columbia avenue when the driver ran through police vehicles to escape and ran into civilian cars at maryland avenue and broom street. police have not said why they started chasing the driver in the first place. >> it was june 5th 2016 when a building collapsed in philadelphia.
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six people were killed and a seventh died later. 13 victims survived. six defendants were found liable in the case. live at the scene of the tragedy is christie ileto. christie what do we know about what happened inside the courtroom today? >> jim, there is a gag order in place, but we got a copy of a 36 question verdict sheet jurors were combing through this afternoon. it didn't take them long to reach a verdict. >> are you satisfied with the ououtcome? >> a judge's gag order kept attorneys quiet as they left room 63. developer richard basciano and platos marinakos were found
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guilty. the jurors determined if they were responsible. >> there are multiple defendants. the jury is charged with the responsibility of how to apportion the level of liability. >> for instance, when it came to harm caused to the shoppers inside the store, the jurors fell 75% of the liability fell on salvation army. now jurors much weigh a number of factors deciding what defendants will pay up. >> what impact has the injury had upon the person that suffered it? the jury is entitled to hear about the wealth of the defendant so they can fairly decide what impact would have on this defendant's life. >> the equipment operator was sent to prison and has no wealth. salvation army has the most to lose with $15 billion in assets
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and $3 billion in revenue. >> now jurors will be back again in court on friday. they'll decide how much the defendants will pay out to victims and their families. reporting live in center city, christie ileto. >> thank you, christie. we have learn thad the driver involved in a crash that killed a pedestrian this morning is a philadelphia police officer. the accident happened at 7:30 in the northeast. police say the 50-year-old victim ran out into the street. the off duty officer stayed at the scene and is not facing charges. investigators believe clutter played a role in the deadly house fire in bucks county today. the if front door of the byberry road home was so heavily blocked they were forced to enter through windows. though crews pulled "a"
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98-year-old woman out she didn't survive. >> the woman charged with beating her husband to death with a fireinguisher said she did it in self defense. the judge will decide whether to set bail or keep her in custody. >> coming up, we take you to the dinner of brotherly love and they sit down with syrian immigrants. >> a ruling is reached in the officer involved in an alleged natzi controversy. cecily? >> there is a temperature battle going on across the nature with warm air to the north and cold air to the south.
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i'm tracking chances of snow. i have details in the seven-day forecast. >> the flyers take on the hurricanes tonight. that and more when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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from santander bank. >> there has been a great deal of talk about syrian refugees because of the war in syria and the controversial travel ban prohibiting syrian refugees from coming into the united states indefinitely. tonight those from philadelphia shared food with residents of mayfair. reporter jeanette reyes was there. >> there is something about breaking bread that has long brought people of different backgrounds together. >> tonight, dozens of syrian refugees shared meals for the breaking bread breaking barrier series of reading terminal market, the third of its kind. on the menu, middle eastern cuisine and southern food.
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the event was planned long before donald trumpf's travel ban. >> you are all welcome here. you always will be. >> for this refugee, it was deep. >> because of the war she was not feeling secure. she came here and said the people were supportive. >> the goal was to show the beauty in diversity. >> perhaps a chef can explain it better. >> you have someone good at this and that and that makes america the greatest ever. >> for this immigrant, it was a time to extend to others the welcoming hand this country long ago offered him. >> a long standing resident of
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philadelphia, i welcome any immigrant that will come to philadelphia. >> there is more food on the way, at least in six to eight weeks after they have shared this with the community and they'll discuss over dinner what they love. jeanette reyes, a "action news." >> the philadelphia police officer whose german tattoo stirred up a natzi controversy has been cleared by internal atears. officer ian lichterman didn't break policy. he served on the force 17 years without disciplinary action. mayor kenney wants to create a policy to avoid issues like this in the future. >> from the new jersey news room, the supreme court rejected
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chris christie's attempt to throw out teacher contracts in pleasantville, trenton and vineland. the governor wanted to override rules in 31 urban and poor school districts. the state's high court didn't rule on the merits of his argument allowing him to seek a trial. >> senoco is expanding in delaware county. the company is seeking to hire 20 people at the complex. the new openings are for technicians and supervisors. >> the language horn middletown fire company started a new tradition tonight with the first annual member years of service recognition event. among the honorees was fire lieutenant william meredith active within the department for
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70 years since the age of 16. he has worked as everything from a driver to firefighter to engineer. the childhood home of a philadelphia princess will reopen to the public next year. grace kelley's son, pris edward of monaco bought it for $754,000 last year. albert said once renovated, it will house the regional offices for the princess grace foundation and the extension of the princess grace irish library. it will be made public for public events. >> i wonder if there are weddings there? >> wouldn't doubt it. >> nice. >> lots of celebrations are going on there. >> you may want to celebrate january almost over. it wasn't that tough, though. temperatures five and a half degrees above normal, less than
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six inches of snow. february starts mild. double scan showing a quiet beginning of february. we got rid of snow showers, rain showers this evening, most of them to the north. we had a nice sun set. this was posted on my facebook page. the sun setting at 5:20, the final sunset of january 2017. if you are stepping out, it's not that harsh, philadelphia down from 42, one degree above normal, wilmington 41. cape may, 35-degrees. we have the winds out of the south. temperatures will not drop low overnight. satellite 6 and action radar showing snow showers we had, had accumulating snow in the poconos, one to two inches. we have a warm front advancing up from the south. what this means the first day of february is going to be nice,
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mixture of clouds and sunshine. 7:00, 37. 10:00, reaching the normal high, 41. temperatures continue to climb, 46-degrees by 1:00, 4:00, 48. should reach a high of 49, eight degrees above normal, in between systems for wednesday. thursday, a fast-moving cold front sweeps through early in the day. comes through dry. behind it, wind out of the northwest, breezy and sunshine for ground hog's day, a good chance of seeing his shadow. 46-degrees. temperatures drop to the 30s and then a touch of snow possible sunday night. seven-day forecast, wednesday, 49. thursday, loads of sunshine and seasonal as testimonies step
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down, 42-degrees. friday, partly sunny, brisk and colder with a high of 36. for the weekend, high pressure over us on saturday, lots of sunshine with a high of 35-degrees. sunday, it clouds up with a chance of afternoon snow showers, doesn't look to be a storm or nuisance event, could be a coating one to two inches. the high, 37-degrees. next week, temperatures start climbing again. on monday, 44-degrees. thursday, it clouds up, 54-degrees. our next storm likely on wednesday, cutting to the west, rain not snow. temperatures could hit 60-degrees. rollercoaster ride for the first week of february. >> punxsutawney phil has scanning radar. >> not going to say anything bad
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about another forecaster. >> caretakers at two animal attractions have been busy and here's why. the aquarium has four african penguin chicks to care for. the baby birds hand raised since birth made their debut today. >> elmwood park additions aren't ready to meet their fans. the cubs were born to the surprise of their tenders. the zoo plans to reveal their gender this week.
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>> flyers on the road trying to keep the momentum going. >> they didn't. the all star break had to come at a time the flyers were playing well. feels like the break broke the momentum. travis turns the puck over. aho capitalizes. later in the first, watch this, another turnover this time claude giroux. flyers zip. 3-0 in the second. guess who? 4-0 a hat trick for a 19-year-old rooky. flyers embarrassed 5-1. tomorrow is february, one month to the madness of march, all big five teams.
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villanova will have a tough time making the tournament. owls up 10. i like shin better. three way back on a triple. 29 points. quinton rose helped secure the win. he had 18. owls win their first road trip in the conference, 79-71. back over 100. >> st. joes working davidson. they are up 12. all davidson tonight. game high of 31. hawks fall 75-60. >> coming up next, we talk a little bit about the superbowl with this guy. remember him from penn charter? matt ryan. here he is. playing the biggest game of his life. he will talk about where he got
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his start when we return.
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with uploads as instant as downloads. we took internet speed and completely reinvented it, introducing fios instant internet. internet the way it should be. the villanova wildcats hit the road for their game in providence. it's the first game since losing their number one ranking. number four is fine with the coach. he says they are doing fine for february -- which is tomorrow. five days from the puppy bowl and superbowl too. eagle fans don't like the patriots, plus we like home grown talent.
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matt ryan with an mvp type season. he dates that back to his days here at penn state high school. >> the opportunity came to go to penn charter. my parents felt it was a good opportunity. it worked out well. i enjoyed my time there. i got to know great people and people that became lifelong friends. >> i have other plays, but you can't tell who it is. >> it's a great throw. great catch. >> only one i have. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." >> "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell. >> from the entire news team, i'm jim gardner.
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have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ja and now, from here on out, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks for coming. welcome to the show. so much, so much to get to. starting with tonight's dramatic primetime episode of "the celebrity president." i've been making a lot of jokes about this presidency becoming a reality show. i did not know the reality show would actually become a realit


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