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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 1, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- rob lowe, dave salmoni and animals. guillermo at super bowl opening night, and music from tom chaplin. and now, just like that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, hola. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you picked an interesting night to be in our studio audience. for one thing rob lowe is here and he is a psychopath. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, what a beauty, what a beauty are.
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but we bear. this is how we're celebrating black history month, with a bear. [ laughter ] tonight's show is going to be like the comedy version of "the revenant" so stick around. dave salmoni who brought a bear, a fox, an owl, he's going to show you how to cook them all up for your super bowl party. dave unless his in his dressing room right now. [ cheers and applause ] >> you keep making food jokes and the i'll get big animals to see you today. >> jimmy: that one seems big enough to me, that's a raccoon, right? >> that is a raccoon, chewing on apples, getting ready for the show. >> jimmy: did you bring him or was he just in there? >> we have garbage issues in here. >> jimmy: that's as rare an occurrence as seeing a cat in l.a. raccoons eat bananas? >> eat whatever i give them. >> jimmy: be careful, then. d [ laughter ] where is the bear?
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>> we don't know but i'm sure he'll be ready for the show. >> jimmy: okay, all right. dave salmoni. [ cheers and applause ] i love animals but i love them from a distance. speaking of animals the super bowl is on sunday. new england patriots against the atlanta falcons. you know, during the weeks leading up to the game a lot of tv shows and local zoos will have an animal predict the outcome of the game. well, they're usually cute, but this i felt was impressive. we found out about a pair of pugs in eugene, oregon, ella and pet tuna, they have correctly predicted of winners of the last five super bowls in a row. not only that, they've predicted the final score for the winning team within three points four times of the last five years. they count the barks and they add them up and that's the score. last year they barked 24 times and the the broncos scored 24 points. it's pretty impressive. so this year we're able to get in touch with their owners, leon and pat, who agreed to let these prognosticating pugs make their prediction on the show.
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from eugene, oregon, welcome ella and petunia, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: ella? guys? hey, guys? ella and petunia? yeah, i was wondering if you knew who was going to win the game, the super bowl game. we were hoping to get a prediction from you. i know the last five years you've had it all right. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we should have probably given them a heads-up. i guess we're on our own this year. the super bowl is in houston this year. guillermo was in houston on monday. he interviewed all the players, all the big players from the team, he did a very good job with this one. really. you worked very hard. >> guillermo: thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: his full report from the super bowl later. meanwhile, some falcons, different falcons, the bird kind, are the subjects of this photo that's making the rounds on the internet today. what you're seeing there are 80 falcons on a commercial
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airplane. a saudi prince took the falcons on a trip and bought them seats among the regular passengers. there's video of this phenomenon. you can see it. this is like sully sullenberger's worst nightmare. the birds are inside the plane! but the birds have to be wondering, why are we inside the plane? we can fly for free, right? apparently this is not an uncommon thing in the middle east. falcons are revered. they can even get their own passports. i hate to be on that plane when they announce, you are now free to move around the cabin. someone get samuel jackson on the phone immediately because i have a sequel idea that is going to blow his tangled cap right off his head. [ cheers and applause ] one of the many stories coming out of the white house today is rumor melania trump won't be moving to washington, d.c. at all. which he really is serious about
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keeping immigrants out, i'll tell you. [ laughter ] no, the plan was that she would move once their 10-year-old son barron finished school, now that might change. trump told a reporter he isn't lonely without melania in the white house because it means he can get more work done. i speak for a lot of us when i say, melania, get to washington now! [ cheers and applause ] but it is sweet. there's no trouble. they might not be living together but she does keep a photo of donald on her night stand and he keeps a photo of donald on his night stand too. [ laughter ] the president this morning held what was billed as a listening session with all 15 of his african-american supporters to kick off black history month. it was quite a listening session. omerossa was there, ben carson was there. in between complaining about the media and complimenting fox news, when he wasn't doing that
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you could feel the president's respect for black history, it was a palpable thing. >> i am very proud now that we have a museum on the national mall where people can learn about reverend king. so many other things. frederick douglass as an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, i notice. >> jimmy: he's done an amazing job. well, he did do an amazing job, until he died, in 1895. since then, he hasn't done that much. so then the white house press secretary, sean spicer, had to explain that. it was another fun day for sporty spicer. every morning at the white house they have a press briefing and those have not been going well so far. to loosen things up for everybody including trump, i present this special supreme court nominee edition of "drunk sean spicer." [ tape playing very slowly ] >> he believes that judges should not base their decisions solely on the -- on the law --
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and that -- he believes -- sorry i screwed that one up. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you don't ever have to apologize to us. this is good to. ksui news in san diego, for their lively coverage of president trump's supreme court announcement, they earned tonight's top honors for "excellence in reporting." >> neil gorsuch, he is 49 years old and many predict that he is likely to be trump's prick -- pick. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: could be both. let's see how the hearings go. president trump last night introduced his choice for supreme court justice in a live primetime televised event. all that was missing was gwen stefani in a rotating chair. it was quite a show. he chose tenth circuit aappellate court judge neil gorsuch from denver, colorado. it was on ul channels, networks, cable news, there was a great
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deal of coverage of this important event. you would assume that people know about it or at least assume people know something. before i share this video, people sometimes ask me, are the people you talk to on the street really that out of it? well -- i'll tell you this. today we asked people what they thought about donald trump's decision to nominate rob kardashian to the supreme court. seven people in a row believed it, okay? so with that said i am both proud and deeply ashamed to present what could very well be our most shocking edition of "lie witness news" yet. >> this morning president trump made the historic announcement that rob kardashian will be the next supreme court justice. what went through your mind when you saw that? >> honestly -- i was a little shocked. a little taken aback. but i look at it as whatever happens happens for a reason. >> what went through your mind when you saw donald trump announce rob kardashian would be the next supreme court justice? >> honestly that was the first wrong move i've heard him make
11:44 pm
since he's been president. if he's really going to do this he shouldn't bring somebody that is that famous into this. he doesn't know anything about politics, he doesn't know anything about nationalism, he doesn't know anything about what's going on. he's in his bubble. >> what do you think qualifies rob kardashian to be a supreme court justice? >> he's a people person, he'll keep the people's interest at heart. >> who are you watching the announcement with? >> a group of travelers, ironically in a hostel down the street. some americans, some not. everyone had disgust, like you can't be serious. >> i was watching with my friend tory over there. >> what did torrey think about the nomination? >> she's like me on it. she doesn't think that anybody that's in the real world -- like in the movie industry should be in our justice system. >> the reality industry should not be in politics? >> yes. >> do you support president trump other than rob kardashian? >> yes, i'm a trump supporter. >> does rob kardashian's relationship with blac chyna
11:45 pm
help the u.s. relationship with the country of china? >> can't hurt. >> can it help? >> it can help. >> in what ways? >> it's just an open door for communication. communication is important. >> honest communication? >> honest communication. >> who do you think the next kardashian in line would be to serve as supreme court justice? >> the only one that has half a brain maybe would be khloe or kourtney. >> between khloe or kourtney who do you think should be the supreme court justice? >> kourtney. >> kourtney would have made a great supreme court justice. because i think out of all the kardashians she seems to be the one with the best grip on life, on reality. >> on legal precedents and -- >> yeah, yeah. >> do you think a reality star has any place in politics? >> no. >> why not? >> because i feel reality is biased and can be twisted to perceive one way or another. and in order to be on the justice system, there have to be facts and the no opinions. you have to be truthful? >> yes. >> you have to stick to --
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>> honesty, uh-huh. >> would you ever lie? >> no. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to know. we are going to take a break. when we come back, beyonce is having a baby and guillermo's exclusive report with all the players from the super bowl, so stick around, we'll be right back. how do you become america's best-selling brand? all right? ooohhh yeah. keep breathing. keep breathing. im breating, let's go. you make it protective. can you go a little faster? just trying to be safe. you make it hard working. hey guys. you make it so everyone's happy. going further to make life better. that's ford. and that's how you become america's best-selling brand.
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♪ 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good ♪ ♪ and it feels so good ♪ oh yeah ♪ and it feels so good
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back to the show. still to come, music from tom chaplin, and live bears on the way. congratulations to beyonce and jay-z, i have to brag but i knew those two were doing it, i had a feeling. beyonce said, we'd like to share our love and happiness, we've
11:51 pm
been blessed, our family will be growing by two, we thank you for your well wishes. two because she is pregnant with twins. even thor embryos are able to get in formation. it really is amazing how much talent. no wonder she was smashing car windows, she was hormonal. congratulations to the z family. the super bowl. on monday in houston, they had media night where the reporters get to roam free for a chance to chat with the players and the coaches. many major journalists were there. but none bigger than our very own guillermo. i saw you all over the news, he was on espn, he was on the nfl network, he was on fox sports. [ cheers and applause ] you've become a media darling. now here it is, our mvp-nut himself, guillermo in houston for the super bowl. >> guillermo: i'm going to go talk to jonathan -- ba -- be --
11:52 pm
bab-i-nous? >> hey, it's my man from jimmy kimmel. >> can i give you a hug? >> give me a hug. >> i can't to ask you a question. have you made love with one of the housewives from atlanta? >> no, i have my wife. >> you do? me too. do you know known known leaks? >> i don't. >> me either. can you sign my football? >> yes. >> here. my mike, mr. mike. oh -- >> sorry. there was a tricky light there, i got distracted. >> what disney princess are you? >> disney princess? >> cinderella, ariel, frozen, snow white? >> i grew up watching "aladdin." so jasmine, i guess. is that a real chicken wing? >> you want to take a bite? >> no. >> do you think nick will find love in "the bachelor" show?
11:53 pm
>> that's a great question. i don't know if we have enough time to discuss that on a night like tonight. i'll leave that up to the real experts on the show. >> are you here for the right reasons? are you here for the right reasons? >> i believe i am. >> yeah? me too. >> next question: >> mr. julio, related to julio iglesias? >> i am not, no. >> mr. matt. mr. matt, what about this side? mr. matt, mr. matt, is it fun to play football? >> it's very fun to play football. >> can you sign my football? >> i like that football right there. >> can you sign it? >> you got a pen? >> yeah, here. can you teach me how to do your dance real quick? >> you know what -- >> real quick. >> it's a lot of chicken flapping. yeah, yeah, there we go. you can do it, yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> mr. -- >> hold on, i got you, just
11:54 pm
chill. >> i feel you. >> you feel me? just chill. >> all of them? >> all of them. >> can i have one? >> no. you can't have one, man. >> mr. julio, are you going to shave your beard on sunday? >> poquito. >> what about your legs? >> my legs? i might give them a trim. what's up, mike? >> how are you? working on your spanish right there? >> you always got to work to get better at everything. >> hey, the guy -- >> huh? >> that guy is fake news, man. he's fake news man, fake news. that guy is fake news. that guy is fake news. don't talk to him! >> it was a good experience -- >> mr. ccappola, backup tom brady quarterback, you're close with him. >> yes, i am. >> how does tom brady smell? >> how does he snell?
11:55 pm
i don't know, man. go smell him, tell me. >> what does tom brady smell like? >> flowers. >> flowers? what kind of flowers? >> expensive ones. >> what does tom brady smell like? >> cologne. >> he smells like roses. >> avocado ice cream. >> like money. >> mr. doughnut hightower. how does tom brady smell? >> next question. >> can i get a hug? >> sure. all right, man. >> you're very handsome. >> thank you. all right. >> hey, you smell nice, like tom brady. >> oh, thanks, i appreciate it. >> i think even more nice. >> all right. we're good? we're good? >> i want you to hold me forever. >> no, we're good. we're good. >> you have good hands. >> thanks. >> all right. >> we're good. >> all right.
11:56 pm
>> thanks, man. >> you single? mr. belichick. i have a question. you have a great smile. i think you should smile more often. you look good when you smile. can you smile for everybody? >> you got it. next? let's go. >> how does tom brady smell? >> ask tom. >> can you sign my football? >> no. >> one more smile? mr. brady, how do you stay so good looking? can you sign my football? here. >> sure. >> hey, hey, mr. tom brady, i been asking all your players, how do you smell? and everybody say you smell like flour. is that right? >> here's your ball. >> all right. >> good catch. you're not supposed to use your hands though. >> can i come and smell you for
11:57 pm
two seconds? >> no. >> no? why? >> i already know what i smell like, flowers. >> all right, hey, good luck, all right? >> thanks. that's it from the super bowl opening night! until next time whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very well done, guillermo. deya guillermo, everybody. tonight on the show, dave salmoni is here with animals. be right back with rob lowe, stick around!
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>> jimmy: hello there, welcome back. tonight, he's an animal person and a people person too from animal planet, dave salmoni is here. dave brought a red fox, a black bear, and other colorful animals too. then his latest album is called "the wave," music from tom chaplin. tom is from the band king. when they start a mt. rushmore for attractive men it will most certainly include our first guest's head. he's an emmy and golden globe-nominated actor who plays a former army colonel turned er doctor in "code black." the season finale airs on cbs a week from tonight, please welcome rob lowe.
12:03 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: what's going on? are you getting younger each time i see you? it's ridiculous. >> no, come on, come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you've made a deal with satan or something? you've found some kind of medical miracle? >> and you, you're like a triathlete now. >> jimmy: let's not get into my body when we have yours to talk about. thank you by the way. i know you volunteered to stay for the animal segment. >> well, when i heard you were going to have red fox on -- >> jimmy: no, no -- >> i was so excited. >> it's a different, there's one "d" in this one. >> oh. >> jimmy: sadly, redd passed away. >> now that you mention it, yeah, he's dead. >> jimmy: in the '90s, yeah. he won't be here. we will not be bringing him out are it would depress person we did. >> not a good luck.
12:04 am
>> jimmy: have you worked with animals in your movies, encountered -- not just like a dog or goldfish. >> we're going to have a bear? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i did a movie "hotel new hampshire" years ago with jodie foster. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. natasha kin ski. and she, wait for it, played a bear. was in a bear suit through the whole movie. >> jimmy: oh. >> so i'm hoping this bear has like emily ratajkowski naked underneath. >> jimmy: no, no -- >> that's my experience. >> jimmy: unless this bear has eaten a naked emily ratajkowski, she is not anywhere in the vicinity. >> that's as close as i get, yeah. >> jimmy: this will be interesting for you. have you had any negative experiences with wild animals at all? >> in spite of being mauled by a condor when i was a kid -- >> jimmy: a condor, really. >> i still love animals but i was about 8 years old, dayton, ohio, the natural history museum, they had live animals.
12:05 am
you could feed a turtle or whatever. someone had the seep yus idgeni a live condor at a 4-year-old's head level. i walked by and the thing grabbed my face, ripped a huge chunk. i had a scar until just recently. you could see -- >> jimmy: really, for real? >> for real. it was -- >> jimmy: did you go to the hospital? >> our society was so different then. [ laughter ] i mean, nobody thought to sue. it's like they took me, through some bactine, said go to the parking lot, let your mom pick you up. >> jimmy: your parents had to come pick you up? they got a phone call from someone that said -- >> there was no phone call, are you crazy? >> jimmy: you waited until the end of the trip? >> i was sitting on farr hills road, waiting for my mom, she's half an hour late. i'm bleeding, holding my ice, the bactine is run down my face.
12:06 am
what happened to you? i got bit by a condor. oh my god, that's terrible. listen, you've got to do your homework now. [ laughter ] did not care. >> jimmy: really that condor. imagine, you look like this after your face being eaten. >> good it didn't take more off. >> jimmy: no kidding. [ cheers and applause ] i want to ask you, i hesitate to ask about something that was on tmz -- >> they always have it right. >> jimmy: there was a listing on tmz that said you were looking for an assistant. >> oh, yes, i've heard about this, yes. >> jimmy: there's some website. >> yeah, right. >> jimmy: in which people can post for jobs. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: and these are what the qualifications -- >> i haven't seen this. i've been hearing about it. >> jimmy: these are the job requirements. >> what are my job requirements? >> jimmy: as listed on tmz. number one, never assume anything. that's good. >> love it. my grandpa used to say, don't make an ass of you and me, assume. >> jimmy: yeah, right. ensure the client -- rob -- is fed and has had coffee
12:07 am
throughout the day. >> yeah. >> jimmy: schedule haircuts every episode for the client. ensure that the client has a dinner plan if arriving home later than 8:00 p.m. make sure you let staff know if the client wants the jacuzzi turned on -- >> i've got my priorities in order. >> jimmy: wait a minute. >> that's clear. >> jimmy: willing to travel on location as requested and serve as the client's body man. able to lift -- >> wait, is body man in quotes? like a "body man." >> jimmy: able to lift up to 25 pounds as required to support the client. >> because i weigh 25 pounds. [ laughter ] i need to be supported. >> jimmy: is there any truth to this at all? >> it sounds pretty good. [ laughter ] i got to be honest. >> jimmy: are you looking for an assistant? >> i am. >> jimmy: did anyone in your organization post an ad looking for an assistant? >> they may have. i'm going to have to get to the bottom of this. >> jimmy: this might be real. >> by the way, not only a -- it may be real but i kind of am
12:08 am
liking the specifics that they're asking for. >> jimmy: well, so you didn't ask to be massaged or the jacuzzi or -- >> there was no massage on there. >> jimmy: what did i just say? client wants a jacuzzi or massage -- >> it doesn't say you've got to massage him. >> jimmy: no, no, it doesn't say that. >> words matter, jimmy. >> jimmy: you're right. [ laughter ] i should have been more specific. [ cheers and applause ] i assume a professional would take care of it. >> yeah, exactly. >> jimmy: you know this is why people hate celebrities. this right here. wow, that's amazing. and have you received applications? is there anybody -- maybe we could help with this? [ cheers and applause ] i feel like if you let the assistant give the massages you might not have to pay them. >> that's probably the problem, i need to change my focus. >> jimmy: yeah, let me work on this we'll get you somebody really good. >> eye leave that to you. >> jimmy: you have the season finale of your show -- >> a week from tonight, the next one is next wednesday.
12:09 am
>> jimmy: right, the next season finale of the show. if people have not seen the show should they wait till next season and go back? >> no, you can get anything online now, they should do that. i've had such a great time doing this part. what's really interesting is i'm obsessed with trirt. twitter. on twitter i see people saying it's one of their favorite roles i've done. i've done a lot of roles. >> right, you have, yeah. >> so there's something about this character of dr. willis on this show that's really resonating with people. >> jimmy: i'm happy that you play a doctor on this. just in case something terrible happens in our next segment when we bring out the bear. >> don't laugh. i will be able to tourniquet you. >> jimmy: good, good. >> if he servers your arm, i'm your man. i amputated a man's arm on a crane last week. >> jimmy: oh, perfect. well, we're going to have an amputation when we come back. "code black" season finale a week from tonight on cbs. we'll be right back with dave salmoni and his animal friends.
12:10 am
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12:16 am
but he brought a bear and other monsters to maul us. please welcome the animal man dave salmanny [ cheers and applause ] >> hands full. >> jimmy: i'm alarmed because you're bleeding already. >> that's not true. i need you to sit there. >> jimmy: me here. there's blood on your arm right now. >> that's only a little bit. can you pass me the treats? >> jimmy: yeah, all right. >> those there in your hands. >> what is this, chicken? >> chicken, yeah. >> jimmy: very good. smells like a skunk. >> this is a red fox. you're right, he does smell a little bit like a fox -- >> jimmy: like a skunk. smells exactly like a fox, yeah. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to try to get him -- >> jimmy: is this then dangerous? this animal? it looks a little mangy. >> if you saw a dog this size, the same level of danger.
12:17 am
>> jimmy: a dog this size i wouldn't be scared of. >> a dog this size could bite you and you'd bleed but you wouldn't have a problem. we're going to put you down. all right, good boy. that's where he wants the treats. >> jimmy: it's like a fox in the hen is there house, he's eating chicken. [ laughter ] >> one of my favorite things about these guys, they say sly as a fox. they say that because they are very smart. very agile too. >> jimmy: this one doesn't want to be on tv. >> we're going to send him on. >> jimmy: yeah. now do we worry there's chicken there? >> that's probably a good idea, i'm supposed to be the animal guy, i'm glad you're paying attention. >> jimmy: believe me, i am on full alert right now. >> i need a glove. glove right there. >> jimmy: all right. you know rob was attacked by a bird. >> i know, we're going to try to keep him away. bad bird karma. you do not want to get attacked by this guy. >> jimmy: those are dangerous.
12:18 am
>> so now this is a great horned owl. the first thing you're probably -- >> jimmy: why do they always look like they're going through a divorce? [ laughter ] >> the first thing you're going to notice about this guy is the fact that you see his wings a little bit? doesn't fit along the side as much as this. he was injured. he's a rescue. he becomes what we call an ambassador animal. out here to show everybody how awesome they are. he's not able to be released back in the wild because he couldn't hunt properly. >> jimmy: he wouldn't be able to eat the fox or anything. would it eat a baby fox? >> totally, even an adult. >> jimmy: eat adults? >> adult fox? just checking. [ laughter ] >> i know you have a bird phobia, but it's great. let me show you their talons there. those talons, that's what they use to hunt. those things are two inches long in some cases. they can kill a baby deer. >> jimmy: really? this little owl? >> this is the biggest owl in north america. >> jimmy: it's not that big.
12:19 am
>> it's true. the one thing is they trap -- >> jimmy: he's looking back at me. >> yeah, he's looking at you. see those big yellow eyes? they like to hunt at night. those eyes are designed to see at night. >> it must love all these television lights. >> as you can tell he can manage it. the black in his eye, if it was darker, would just get bigger. with the lights he closes them down and he's perfect. >> jimmy: if this animal was at the puppy bowl it could eat all the puppies. [ laughter ] >> it could. >> jimmy: it would be a massacre. >> luckily -- we had an owl as the mascot this year. this year puppy bowl is very important to animal planet -- >> you're adding an element of taken for the puppies. >> we made sure -- they take care of everything. >> jimmy: what this is owl's name? >> this owl as name is probably bob? twiddleberries. >> twiddleberries? no wonder he's pissed off. bye, twiddleberries, sorry about your name! >> i need the other bowl there. >> jimmy: all right. >> i need the other bowl.
12:20 am
>> jimmy: what is this, blueberries? >> grab a couple blueberries. >> jimmy: look at this. >> this is a raccoon. >> jimmy: i have to say, this looks just like cousin mickey's son michael. >> grab some blueberries. in your hand. >> jimmy: great. in the hand. >> in your hand. >> jimmy: rob, feed him. >> thanks. >> give him some food. >> jimmy: aren't you not supposed to feed raccoons? >> you are not. good comment, you're not. this is sort of my opportunity to say, they don't make good pets. this guy is unique. it's not very often you get an 11-year-old raccoon that's going to be this sweet. >> jimmy: why aren't they ever afraid of me at my house? i come out and they're like, hey, get off my land! [ laughter ] >> they've kind of evolved alongside us. these guys have been very successful in an urban environment. they really like garbage. what we tell people, keep your garbage well contained and a way they can't get in it. they've learned that they growl,
12:21 am
showing their teeth a bit -- here, you do the same thing. >> jimmy: what? okay, all right. now that you tried it on rob, i feel more comfortable. who would win this a fight between this and the fox? >> this guy weighs a little bit more. foxes are pretty smart. luckily they don't fight -- >> jimmy: he's picking things up with his hands. so weirdly human. >> they're very dexterous. you can see, if i had something bigger to show -- >> jimmy: feed him your nuts. [ laughter ] you know what we're going to do now -- [ cheers and applause ] we're going to take a break. dave here's. we're going to move all the furniture out so everything doesn't get destroyed. then we're going to bring in a black bear. how many pounds? >> over 600. >> jimmy: 600. we're going to get it on nutrisystem and see if we can't get it down. dave salmoni, rob lowe, and a raccoon. be right back with a bear! [ cheers and applause ] [engine revving]
12:22 am
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>> jimmy: rob lowe, dave salomon fee. we just gave the audience a warning, everybody's told to clap quietly or you'll be
12:27 am
killed. those that get out of your chair, you'll be killed. don't move or you'lling killed. a lot of potential for mayhem and death. >> there's no potential for mayhem and death. >> jimmy: just a little bit. >> like anything you're trying to manage things, making sure it's fun for the animals. >> we're managing things, yes. we're going to manage a bear. where's 53 yaguillermo? he's hiding. he's hibernating. >> there's a black bear. >> jimmy: oh my god, look at the size of that, it's like the flag has come to life. >> this is a black bear. and probably the first thing you're going to notice -- i want you guys take steps that way. >> jimmy: why is the black bear brown? >> the first thing you notice is he's brown. they can come in different colors. >> jimmy: they do? >> even blond. >> jimmy: blond black bears? >> there we go. >> jimmy: wow. >> come here, buddy. >> i can't believe this. >> jimmy: i can't either. this is a very big bear. >> good boy, ben, how are you? there you go, good boy. you can come over closer to me. >> beautiful animal though.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: what do we do? >> come on over. the first thing i tell people around big animals, people feel like 15 feet away is the safest. but closest to the wrangler. i can keep you safe. i've got the leash. i'm the boss right now. >> jimmy: you've spent a lot of time with bears? >> actually i was a bear biologist. my first thesis i wrote was on bear nuisance behavior. one of the biggest conservation issues with bears is because they live around people are terrified of them. >> jimmy: sure. >> so they start worrying about should we hunt more of them? >> jimmy: no, we don't want any problems with you. >> exactly. the best way to not have problems is -- >> jimmy: feed them grapes. >> do you want to try to feed them grapes? >> jimmy: no, i don't at all. >> rob, you want to try? >> all right, i'll do it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: rob has been wanting to feed the bear grapes. >> what i want you to do is put your hand out nice and flat. put the grapes on it. hold it there. okay? >> jimmy: nice and flat. that way it doesn't choke him
12:29 am
when it goes in. [ laughter ] >> give me your hand. like that. flatter. to the bear. now here, down here, down here. >> jimmy: don't be scared, rob. >> oh, wow. >> jimmy: look at that, like a dog. >> so amazing. >> probably the first thing you noticed was it's mostly lips and tongue. >> it's cozy. cozy, beautiful mouth. >> jimmy: isn't he supposed to be hibernating? >> this is the time for him to be hibernating. >> he's not upset? >> look at this, oh, boy. >> there you go. yep. pull your hand away. there you go. >> jimmy: good night, good night! he just decides to sleep here for the winter? >> there's a good opportunity to look at the paws. you see those paws? super dexterous, those paws. the claws look like they're for hunting. they're actually for digging. those aren't vicious claws, those are big tools. because this guy, although he likes to eat some meats, also is digging for -- >> jimmy: what meats?
12:30 am
>> he's eat a young deer, fish. even if they find anything -- >> jimmy: i'm none of those things. yeah. wow, this is a great -- i actually feel kind of comfortable. i could take a nap on this bear. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: would it be advisable to nap on the bear? >> i wouldn't tonight with this bear when i'm around but some other bear. >> jimmy: dave, you've done it again. you should have a bear bowl instead of the puppy bowl, it would be more exciting. >> maybe next year. >> jimmy: the puppy bowl on animal planet, puppy bowl xiii on super bowl sunday, 3:00 eastern, noon pacific. dave salmoni, everybody. you're very brave, rob. thanks, we'll be right back with tom chaplain, stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ alarm clock beeping ]
12:31 am
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>> jimmy: i'd like to thank rob lowe, dave salmoni and thanks to the bear. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next but first, his album is called "the wave", here with the song "quicksand" tom chaplin! ♪ ♪ ♪ you'll be knocked out
12:33 am
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12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, border vigilantes. >> if you want to call me anything, call me neighborhood watch. >> armed civilians on the hunt for drug dealers and illegal crossings with no legal authority. >> there is no law here. that's the point. >> they say they're patriots. >> they are helping the border patrol. >> but others say they're a problem. is this a recipe for disaster? plus, their different perspective on the border. hugs, not walls. undocumented immigrants separated. but on one special day they're finally united. granted a few precious minutes of amnesty to make up for years of lost time. we're with a mother and daughter about this share their first hug in a decade. and babies.


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