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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 2, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ea making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, violent protests at the university of california. people getting pepper sprayed. atms smashed with hammers. the outburst coming as a conservative commentator was set to speak. a new feud with the prime minister of australia for the president. the heated phone call and warning for iran over missile tests. a hostage situation at a u.s. prison. guards being held nearly 24 hours later. a violent car crash sends a girl flying from the vehicle. all caught on camera. now investigators are searching for the driver.
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a good thursday morning to you all. what started as a peaceful protest on the uc berkeley campus ended in violence. >> 1500 were marching against a scheduled speech by a controversial conservative speaker. you see there, and then police say a group of about 150 broke off, most of them wearing masks, these are some of the results. bombs or smoke bombs were thrown. fires started in the streets there. one woman in a trump hat pepper sprayed. >> some of those people spilled out onto the city streets. they were caught on camera smashing an atm. alex stone has more on how it unfolded. >> reporter: the protests in berkeley started long before breitbart editor milo was scheduled to speak in the late afternoon four hours before his speech, both his supporters and opponents began rallying on campus and it didn't take long for the opposition protests to turn violent. fires set on campus and fireworks lit off. police called in help from other
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bay area police departments as windows were being broken and officers pelted with rocks and flaming objects. >> we're very happy that he was run off this campus by the community for equality here. we will not tolerate racism or sexism or hate crimes and violence. he is a fascist and berkeley did not welcome him. >> reporter: for hours police tried to control the crowd wearing gas masks and tear gas launchers warned protesters to leave but they refused to go. his speech was canceled. a similar event was canceled at u.c. davis near sacramento. some claim his rhetoric is hateful. he called in to fox news as the protests were happening. >> stormed the building and evacuated by police and security detail preventing me from giving the last speech in my talk which was supposed to be here exactly about this problem. >> he also took to facebook writing the left is absolutely terrified of free speech.
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alex stone, abc news, los angeles. >> we're going to have the latest a little later on on "good morning america." the other major story we're following, the trump administration's strong and in some cases heated exchanges on the international stage. a pair of overneat tweets were aimed one at australia, the other at iran. they came after rex tillerson was sworn in as new secretary of state and enters his first full day with plenty to deal with and elizabeth hur is here in new york this morning. good morning. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning to you. we'll start with the latest tweet about australia which forced the australian prime minister to talk about what he calls a private conversation he had with president trump so is there trouble between the two nations? despends who you ask. top u.s. ally australia criticized by president trump on twitter over a deal to resettle some refugees in the u.s. the president saying in a late night tweet, do you believe it?
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the obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from australia. why? i will study this dumb deal. but the australian prime minister telling a different story. >> the president assured me that he would continue with -- honor the agreement. >> reporter: according to "the washington post" the president slammed the australian prime minister during a weekend phone call over a deal struck by the obama administration. "the post" reporting the president accused australia of trying to export, quote, the next boston bombers to the u.s. abc news has not independently confirmed details of the call. the australian prime minister will only say the call ended courteously but beyond that no comment. >> it's better that these things, these conversations are conducted candidly, frankly, privately. >> reporter: this just hours after the white house issued a stern warning to iran.
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>> as of today we are officially putting iran on notice. >> reporter: the warning in response to iran testing another ballistic missile and other recent provocative actions on u.s. warships. and the president is also talking about iran tweeting this overnight, iran is rapidly taking over more and more of iraq even after the u.s. has squandered $3 trillion there. kendis and diane. >> no response so far from tehran. elizabeth, thank you. meanwhile, the president and daughter ivanka trump traveled to delaware to honor the navy s.e.a.l. killed in sunday's raid in yemen. ryan owens was 36, he's the first known casualty since trump took office. new overnight john kelly has revealed a timetable for that border wall with mexico. >> general kelly joined texas governor greg abbott for a tour of the texas/mexico border. kelly tells fox news he wants the wall finished within two years. he said it'll be built where
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it's needed first and then filled in. also abc news has obtained a controversial draft executive order that is circulating inside the white house there. outlines a potential weakening of protects designed to shield lgbt individuals from discrimination. their draft began circulating hours after president trump committed to leave workplace protections for the lgbt community in place. not sure if this is going to move forward. it is among hundreds circulating not all reflect the administration's thinking. on capitol hill, president trump's pick to lead the education department, betsy devos could be the administration's first confirmation casualty. two republican senators now say they will not support devos because of her lack of experience particularly in public education. and overnight jim mattis has landed overseas for his first mission as secretary of defense. the retired general arrived in south korea where he'll speak to leaders about defense systems aimed at threats from north
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korea. tomorrow mattis heads to japan. negotiations are under way to end a day long hostage crisis at a maximum security prison in delaware. it started when inmates took four employees hostage triggering a statewide prison lockdown. two of the hostages have been released. who are still being held. the inmates say they're upset about the lack of education and rehab opportunities. clashes over the dakota access pipeline. police arrested 76 protesters after they refused to leave a camp on private land. lawmakers said work will continue on the pipeline following an executive order from president trump. protesters say it poses an environmental threat to sacred native american grounds. former president george h.w. bush will have a role in the super bowl. mr. bush and his wife have accepted an invitation to take part in the coin toss. the houston residents were recently discharged from the hospital there. mr. bush was treated for pneumonia. mrs. bush was suffering from
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bronchitis. and the contentious political climate in the u.s. appears to be causing some rifts overseas. >> british politician and brexit leader nigel was speaking in brussels in support of president trump's travel ban. that's when a member of the european parliament held up a sign saying, he's lying to you. very unusual to see that sort of scene. still ahead, the skinny on the swine shortage. wait. we're running low on bacon? >> we need to find out more about this. >> we'll protest on that. also a new era of identity theft. why those new credit cards with the fancy chips in them, well, they might not do very much when it comes to fighting fraud. we'll tell you why. a filmmaker suddenly finishes while shooting a shark docu
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got some news for airline passengers. the tsa is about to limit its precheck lanes to those who have enrolled in its security program. maybe you thought you hit the jackpot after being granted free access. well, starting this month what's all over with. only vetted passengers will be allowed in the expedited screening lanes. american airlines is expanding its business in cube what opening its first office in havana in november and american airlines jet landed from miami on the first flight to the caribbean island in more than 50 years. it now has 13 daily flights to cubantys from the u.s. a new report says identity theft has risen despite new security chips. the report says fraud was up 16% in 2016 costing consumers a record $16 billion.
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more than 15 million people were affected. that jump is blamed on thieves changing their tactics by hacking into retailers' computer systems and stealing information from there instead of the machines. new york's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against spectrum time warner cable. the second largest internet service provider promised fast, reliable service that it knew it could not deliver and says internet speeds are 70% slower than promised. >> apparently crisis averted. the pork industry is reassuring bacon lovers amid reports of a shortage. yeah, the usda reports the nation's bacon inventory is at the lowest point in half a century. now, that triggered concerns of price hike, but the industry says it is confident it can keep up with demand. >> we provide a lot of it. >> demand right here. when we come back an unexpected landing for those
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heading to los angeles. the emergency that forced a plane to touch down at a remote airport covered in snow. >> that doesn't look like l.a. >> no. the dramatic moment overnight when a popular performer falls offstage. we'll tell you what happened here. ♪ this valentine's day... store is the store get your romantic on. ♪ and get your unexpected on. kay jewelers. where right now, you'll save up to 30% on select diamond fashions... ...including spectacular, shimmering, diamonds in rhythm. so go to kay... the number one jewelry store in america... ...and get your kiss on. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. when aachoo!calls... ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam!
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i have the worst cold i better take something. . dayquil liquid gels don't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. a volcanic spectacle on the island of hawaii. molten lava flowing from the kilauea volcano into the pacific. massive two-meter-wide stream. it will be wet and sloppy all the way from texas to the carolinas. watch out for ice around the great lakes. lots of rain with some flash flooding on the west coast. and heavy snow in the mountains. if you're flying the only airport that we're seeing slight delays will be san francisco. now to the renowned filmmaker who's missing following a dive off the florida
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keys. >> fears are growing for rob stewart. he was filming a shark documentary on tuesday afternoon when he just disappeared. he's the filmmaker who fiercely defends the ocean's top predator. 37-year-old rob stewart seen here in a trailer for his award winning movie "sharkwater." >> i embarked on a journey that would change my life. >> reporter: now the coast guard is searching for him after his sudden disappearance tuesday afternoon. right as he was working on his sequel "shark water extinction." this captures him on his boat the day before he disappeared. stewart and four others were diving off the coast of islamorada when at the end of their dive he signaled he was fine. but as the boat turned around, he vanished. >> i just grabbed a mask and a pair of fins and jumped in the water and starting swimming to see if i could find him. >> reporter: his parents are heartbroken trying not to lose hope. >> attacks are rare in the florida keys but this spring a
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great white was spotted in that same area where stewart was diving. the widow of the pus nightclub shooter will remain in federal custody ordering a psychiatric evaluation. prosecutors say salman knew her husband was watching isis videos leading up to the attack that left 49 people dead and 53 others injured. her lawyers insist she had no advance knowledge of the shooting. this new video some might find hard to watch. a man allegedly 234r50eing from a georgia state trooper crashing into this gas station, a little girl in the car to used out the window. you'll see right there, she was not wearing a seat belt but is expected to be okay. that driver got away and is still on the run. in trouble forcing a jumbo jet to make a landing in the one of the most remote areas of canada. passengers on this swissair flight left zurich thinking they were headed for l.a. but landed at this airport near greenland. a little different than the
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sunny weather in l.a. a malfunk forced an engine to shut down midflight. passengers were forced to wait on the tarmac for more than 12 hours. a rescue plane was sent from new york overnight to pick up those passengers. >> it was minus 22 degrees where they landed in greenland. amazing. >> packed a just in case winter coat? a different landing for travis scott results in a concert refund. he tumbled into a hole last night during a drake and young thugs boy meets world tour. he did manage to continue but it was enough for drake to tell the crowd that he was going to do the show for free. everyone in the crowd of 20,000 got their money back. how about that? >> hope he's okay. time for sports. steph curry back in action after missing a game with an illness. >> his return went pretty well. highlights from our friends at espn. >> good morning, america. john buccigross, john anderson. steph curry plays for the warri warriors. dad is a broadcaster for the hornets.
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dad got to see him play up close and personal. >> he did. before the game he launched a three-pointer from the sidelines in a suit and tie and worked out great. his son goes, well, i'll just miss everything except for the middle of the basket. i don't need anything but net. six threes in the first along with six assists. eight at the half. 11 of three and embarrassed that poor fella there and sat out the fourth so didn't get to break his three-point record. warriors, 126-111. curry had 39. a fun game, raptors and celtics. kyle lowry, his team down by two. he hits a three to give them a lead. but the celtics came strapping back. bigger in the fourth they were down and seesaw game and isiah thomas takes over. not a better fourth quarter player in the nba than thomas. boston loves him. another three. he had 44 points, the little guy and the celtics win, 109-104.
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more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper ♪ your thursday "pulse" starting with that big announcement from queen bey herself. >> she surpriseded world cradling her belly announces she and husband jay z are expecting twins. the instagram picture quickly racked up over 7 million likes becoming the most liked picture on instagram ever. >> beating that selena gomez photo from last summer quickly.
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as beyonce's surprise announcement ignited the firestorm online with tons of %. this is a good one, ellen degeneres saying me too. >> and proud papa jay z looking like an internet sensation sprinkling babies. no one can resist a good donald trump meme. photo somehow making its way onto the president's desk with an executive order. >> she's an executive order now. >> you shall have twins. next up it's all systems go ahead for the sunday super bowl. lady gaga as well as the patriots/falcons getting ready for the event. >> gaga with a big halftime show star. from high above nrg stadium we got a glimpse of work being done. >> shot from a helicopter from ktrk. after a while the stadium's roof was closed. i guess they would rather practice in private. >> all the secrets will be kept under the roof until sunday. elementary school children
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has an impressive approach to 3w07bdzing. >> barry white jr. has a secret handshake for every one of them. fifth grade teacher in charlotte, north carolina and the students line up for the door where they get their enthusiastic greeting. >> white says it's about 40 different handshakes. >> 40 different handshakes. >> he remembers all of them. we have ours that we can't even coordinate. ouch. did i hurt you. yeah. >> more news after this. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems
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good morning, i'm tamala edwards, we have breaking news, a hostage drama is playing 0 out inside a delaware prison, two employees are being held. much. conversation between dposhters and in-- negotiators and inmates is happening on police radios. police in the lehigh valley want you to be on the look out for that man, he is accused of impersonating an officer. we have accuweather and traffic all ahead on "action news." wil? >> the less accurate forecast is telling us today there will be heavy rain, wind and snow in the west. frigid in the midwest. what? and rainy from the carolinas to the east coast, warm in the
4:28 am
southwest and 74, home of the super bowl in houston. >> speaking of which obviously a lot of preparation under way in houston for the big game but there's another big event going on too, the puppy bowl. >> so they started drumming up publicity for the animal planet event yesterday. this is puppy bowl 13, by the way, it's a made for tv event starring dogs with names like alexander hamil-pup and smooshy. >> it's a big event for the dog shelters in the houston area. they are hoping the puppy bowl will put smiles on people's faces and more importantly find some new hopes for local dogs in the houston area. >> we got puppies from cap and houston humane and every puppy is looking for a forever home. >> helping us spotlight not only houston's pet overpopulation problem but helping drive people to the shelters. >> puppies are ratings.
4:29 am
you could have the press of the united states walk you go behind and no one would care. the puppies out there chewing on each other or one of these toy. >> he's right. >> they do command attention? they make everyone smile, come on. look at that. >> we should have puppies there. the puppy bowl airs on animal planet sunday afternoon. >> some of the other dog memes, buddy love, bebop, bismarck. >> i still like alexander hamil-pup. >> not to be outdone we have the cat. >> fourth annual kitten bowl is taking place on sunday. >> organizers say it will feature dozens of adoptable kittens as well all on sunday. it's the cats versus the puppies. >> an extravaganza. that's what's going on in america this morning.
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>> good morning it is 4:30 a.m., thursday, february 2. >> we're following breaking developments on a prison hostage standoff in delaware, inmates are holding two correctional employees against their will at a state facility in smyrna. chopper 6 hd got a dramatic look last night that included 19 inmates and one correctional employee who had been held hoss annual. after midnight, 14 more inmates have been released from the hostage standoff,


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