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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 3, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EST

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month old daughter. the little girl was taken along for the ride when a thief stole their suv. he thought better of the kidnapping and dropped her off blocks away. he's out there now and police are asking for your help. the big story on "action news" tonight, a toddler's safe return to her family in philadelphia. it start td at 8th and mckeen as the mother was closing up the laundromat for the night. she stepped back in the store for a moment and that's when the suspect struck. >> in a matter of seconds, the car was gone. we warn the viewers, always lock your car. >> police say luckily the car thief had whits about him and when he realized there was a
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baby onboard he dropped her off in her car seat. this woman saw it all. >> he went back to the car and left. the baby was crying and cold. i hold it and she was pointing and saying mommy and mommy. i was like call the cops. >> officers are now on the hunt for a 2014 blue or teal toyota rav4, jmt4312 license plate number. the little girl is okay. >> authorities are launching a massive investigation into yesterday's take over at the correctional center in delaware. the siege ended at 6:00 this morning when police stormed cell block c. they found steven floyd unresponsive. he was declared dead a short time later. "action news" was there as the
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body was transported from the prison to the m.e.'s office. authorities must determine the cause of death. for the latest, we go to "action news" reporter, dann cuellar. >> investigators cornered off building c looking for evidence in the uprising and the death of steven floyd. he is being held a hero by compancoworkers and officials. >> governor john carney set the mood at the james vaughan facility, violence that claimed the life of 47-year-old sgt. steven floyd. >> this is the hardest day of my life. >> officials say it began 10:30 wednesday morning when sergeant floyd radioed a fight between
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inmates. he later realized it was more serious and did something extraordinary. >> as the inmates attempted to take over the building, sergeant floyd told a couple of lieutenants to get out of the building that it was a trap. floyd and two others and a female counselor were taken hostage. >> steven floyd was with the department 16 years was pronounced dead. >> for the time being all 120 inmates are considered suspects until they sort out who did what. >> we'll leave no stone unattorneunturned. >> floyd was remembered fondly. >> i want him to be remembered the happy, miling ma smiling mae
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was. the wonderful father, wonderful husband, great correctional officer. >> even now authorities have not revealed how floyd died. he spent his entire career at vaughan and received the warden award for outstanding performance. a vigil is scheduled 6:00 p.m. friday at the smyrna park. >> i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> dan, thank you. >> the prison surge reminds everyone that danger is an ever present part of the job. christie ileto is at the correctional facility in philadelphia. you talked to two officers that know about the dangers first hand. >> that's right, jim. it close to home for them. for one, he found himself reliving a similar scenario from
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decades earlier. >> this is one of the dirtiest jobs in america. >> this correctional officer dbttdidn't want to show his fact knew what they went through at the vaughan correctional center. >> it brings back a whole lot of memories. seeing them laying in the yard and escorted back in jail. ours had a happy ending, we didn't lose jobs. >> officers say the dangers on the job are constant. >> everything that goes on, on the streets is in the jail. all we have is a whistle, key and pepper spray. >> we had over 20 assaults on staff. that was just last year. >> yes. >> president of 159 says that doesn't include what's not reported. >> you don't know what's going to happen. a fight can break out any time.
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this correctional officer is on leave after being assaulted by a prisoner. she had the picture of stitches in her head. they have han handcuffs and leg cuffs, but he attacked me. >> do you feel you will ever be safe enough to go back to work? >> at this time, no. i can't say how i'll feel later but at this time, no. >> officers worry about copycats on the job. there have not been reported issues since yesterday's incident. christie ileto, channel6 "action news." >> you can find complete coverage of the prison takeover investigation on our website "6abc".com. police radio of negotiations, you can hear the negotiations, and the story of the correction's officer who lost his life. septa police and authorities in
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buck's county are investigating a deadly accident on the rails tonight. a trenton line regional rail struck a person in morrisville at 7:30. we don't know what the victim was doing on the tracks. >> the overnight manager of an upper darby laundromat shot a would be asal assailant with hin gunman. the gunman trapped her in the restroom and demanded she disrobe, but she fought back. >> i had to take the gun from him or afterwards, he's going to shoot me dead, so i grabbed the gun. >> the gunman staggered out injured but managed to run away. police caught him a few blocks away, took him into custody. he is in sirius condition and facing multiple charges.
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last week's test firing of a ballistic missile by iran is moving the trump administration toward its first confrontation. we could see sanctions against iran early as tomorrow. members of congress, republicans and democrats sent a letter to president trump asking him to take action. america's new a ambassador to te u.n. nicky halee eased concerns that the trump administration was going to ease sanctions against russia despite fighting in eastern ukraine. they have been carrying out attacks with mortars and tanks. 12 people have been killed. halee condemned russia's aggressive actions and warned that sanctions will stay in
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plain until crimea is returned to ukraine. trump vowed to stop the church from voting. >> more than 100 protesters marched up market street against what they see as a pattern of discrimination. this included lgbt, women's and teacher's groups. traffic wasn't affected because they waited until the rush hour came to an end. >> protesters in drexel hill delaware county chanted for pat tomby to answer his telephone,
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this is in response to clogged voice mail boxes. betsy devos is one republican vote short of being defeated. the vote will take place early tomorrow. tomby says he will vote for devos. he was funded to attend a fundraiser tonight. >> a new study shows that americans beliefs about mandatory vaccinations for children. >> plus a dog left for dead in a trash bin gets the love and attention she deserves. cecily? >> the windchill has dropped temperatures in the 20s. i'll tell you what the forecast is tomorrow. >> wendy saltzman has uncovered
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potential dangers with taxis and uber on the city. >> one in four has an active recall not fixed from airbags that could explode to seatbelts that may not work. we confront the owners to ask about your safety and how you can check for yourself. >> ducis rodgers with the flyers starting an important home stretch. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> tonight an exclusive "action news" investigation reveals that too many cars used to get you around the delaware valley could be an accident waiting for you to happen. we have found that a quarter of the vehicles have open recalls that haven't been fixed and passengers may know nothing about that. one would presume they don't know about that.
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wendy saltzman is here with more. >> people typically rely on taxis and ubers without thinking about their state of they. we found recalls for airbags that may explode and brakes that may not work. recalls linked to multiple deaths but they are on the road transporting customers like you. >> my front end will fall you o. if i die, oh well. >> why she doesn't think her car is dangerous -- >> it's not what i view in danger of falling apart yet. >> there is a recall that could call a loss of steering and crash. >> if it gets worse, i'll have to park the car. >> we ran the license plates of 216 ubers and 16 taxis. >> were you aware of the recalls? >> one in four taxis have a
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recall that hasn't been fixed and one in five ubers are also driving with a recall, problems from window faults to potentially deadly airbags. >> i'm going to jump on that. it's good you stopped me. >> manufacturers are required to fix defects for free, but it's up to the car's owner to make an appointment. when serious problems are corrected, there is little keeping potentially dangerous ubers and taxis off the road. >> it says it has a recall that could result in a vehicular crash if it's not fixed. >> i don't know about it. >> the ta taxi alliance say it'p to the cab companies to get the
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recalls fixed. >> the most common recall we found in taxis is a steering column problem that could result in the ass lo of steering control. >> you think it's safe to be driving around with an open recall like that on the steering shaft? >> i don't know. >> as for ubers, we found multiple drivers that didn't fix airbags that may explode and discharge metal shards linked to seven deaths. >> it's like a shotgun in the car. >> the car can stall while in motion linked to three deaths and faulty rear door latches that may not properly lock. >> the door could open while the vehicle is in motion. >> they encourage drivers to check for recalls and require them to have an active recall inspection. attorney ronattorney robert sils
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they are not required to keep their car maintained. >> car fax has a free app to allow you to enter a license plate number or vin number to pull up outstanding recalls on the car. you can go to our website for more on that. vickie told us, she did get the recall on her car fixed. >> don't the taxi industry and uber have responsibility? >> they look at registrations. they don't look at recalls. >> got to fix this. >> yes. >> thank you, wendy. health check at 11:00, the vast majority of americans believe in vaccines. a new report from the pew
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research center say the benefits outweigh the risks. there is almost no partisan divide. the group most likely to express concern or scepticism, parents of children under the age of four. ♪ ♪ >> it was a musical thank you at the rehabilitation hospital in center city tonight. ryan nelson treated patients to a special performance. in 2004 nelson was treated at magee for a spinal cord injury he suffered in a car accident. he now fronts a band and has appeared on stage with some of the legends of rock 'n' roll. tonight was a new beginning for a dog with a rough time of it.
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frances was found in a trash bag last month. she went home with her forever family tonight. christine drove from anvil pennsylvania near hershey to adopt francis from the philadelphia spca. francis had suffered a spinal fracture in the past, but she's been fitted with a wheelchair she will soon be using -- she's already using. >> i love it. she's happy. >> i heard francis has two dachshund siblings in her home as well. >> i didn't know that. that's fabulous. let's get the forecast from cecily tynan. >> it's a three dog knight. >> you had that planned. >> tracker 6 double scan showing dry conditions, no rain, little cloud cover and temperatures are dropping quickly, already down
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to 35 in philadelphia and this is a bone dry air mass. the dewpoint down to four degrees, almost an arctic air mass. winds are strong, northwest at 15 miles per hour. we have a breeze all night, windy tomorrow. the current windchill 26. dropping more by the morning commute. take note, the ocean temperature, 42. normal ocean temperature this time of year mid 30s. this is good news for the viewers doing the polar plunge in delaware sunday. 42 is pretty good considering what it typically is. right now 26 in wilmington, 24 in allentown, atlantic city 25 and feels like seven in the poconos. sunshine battling with clouds all day long. the best chance of seeing sunshine will be during the
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morning. the bus stopforecast sees a mixture of sunshine. dress the kids warmly low to mid 20s, struggling to make the mid 30s tomorrow. a good amount of cloud cover. seven dry e degrees below avera. we deal with winds, eight to 16 miles per hour. the windchill tracker, 7:00 in the morning, feels like 20. the windchills in the 20s all week long. we keep the cold air for the first half of the weekend. 34-degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy. windchills stuck in the 20s, saturday, sunny and 27. sunday, temperatures up to 41-degrees, maybe a stray flurry or sprinkle.
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monday, 44-degrees and then we have a strong storm developing for the middle of the week. tuesday, that means raw and rainy, 47-degrees. wednesday, a surge of warm air along with periods of rain, 57-degrees. behind the front, we get another dose of cold air. thursday, blustery and cold with a high of 36. snow lovers have to wait for another snowstorm. >> 2018. >> maybe next month. >> young athletes received a visit from the daughter of jackie robinson. sharon robinson talked to members of the youth academy about the challenges her father overcame when he broke the color barrier in baseball. young people
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it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> montreal canadians come to town. ducis rogers. >> flyers hanging on to the final wild card spot.
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flyers call it an important stretch. they began a five game home span. time to make a move is now. flyers celebrate their former captain. the current captain gets them on the board, claude giroux on the powerplay, 12th of the season, game tied at one. matt reed, where have you been? 2-1 flyers. michael faces 16 shots, allows one goal. flyers win 3-1. >> >> we have been playing solid hockey. tonight was -- i think, a simple case of starting well. absolutely sticking with it throughout the entire game. >> short-handed has become the
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norm for the sixers. they face the spurs without joel embid and robert covington. the sixers have nine players available. sixers trailers by three after one. second quarter, a game high 25 points, sixers up by five at the break. okafor, if only he would play defense. in the fourth, sixers fall apart. by peggy lee playing ]
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you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. >> houston is crawling with fans and celebrities anxious to check out the superbowl. it's attracted several nfl players including carson wentz. wentz says he plans to spend part ofts offseason working with the qb coaches that worked with tom brady and matt brian. look where they ended up. >> i'm going to southern cal to see what they are all about. they have done great things with other guys. i want to see what it's all about. i'm trying to be more effective and efficient and see what it's about. >> "college hoops," drexel on the road, wild one in overtime, dragons in overtime, kirk lee
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forces double overtime. this time it won't fall. dragons lose 104-103. delaware loses to hofstra tonight. >> jimmy's guests tonight, morganson and weber. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, meteorologist adam murphey. >> for the entire "action news" team -- i got it! i'm jim gardner. goodnight! ♪ ♪ ♪
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