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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> a appellants good morning to you, 6 -- a pleasant good morning to you 6:00 a.m. february 4. one person is dead after a vial len -- violent collision on broad street. drinking and speeding may have caused the crash. many remember a corrections officer who was killed in a prison siege. one of president trump's executive orders is blocked. we have details on the fight between a federal judge and the white house. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast to help you plan your day, wasted cold out there. >> reporter: all wasted, no
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snow. we have temperatures actually down in the low 20s with windchills in the single digits and low teens. it is very very blustery you need to bundle up, one of the colder mornings we've seen in quite sometime. let's flip it over to the windchills. the windchills tell the story. it feels like 7 below in the poconos, 7 in allentown. 11 degrees in philadelphia. 12 in millville. 11 in wilmington. 18 degrees in cape may. satellite and radar along with action radar not only will it be a quiet day it will be a quiet weekend overall earlier in the week we were talking about the possibility of a storm system developing for sunday. looms that whole entire system overall has fallen a part. we're not expecting much of anything today or tomorrow. looks good. lots of sunshine today 33 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 35. 5:00 p.m., 34. forecasting a high of 36. with the wind it will feel like the mid 20s. all of a sudden we warm up again, as we head into sunday
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with highs back in the mid to upper 40 os. we're back with those details in ten minutes. >> look forward to the update. 6:02, the white house is preparing to fight for president donald trump controversial immigration plan after a federal judge halted it nationwide. the executive order suspended immigration from seven muslim majority countries for 90 days and froze the u.s. refugee program for 120 days and indefinitely halted syrian refugees from entering the u.s. the state attorney general said he requested the order because of the impact the ban was having on people in his state. >> we're a nation of laws i don't come if it is president trump or bomb if you harm the constitution i'm going to hold you accountable that's the power
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of law. the white house released a statement at the earliest possible time, the department of justice will file an emergency stay on the order and defend the executive order of the president which we believe is lawful. iran is facing sanctions after a fired ballistic missile. the white house ordered sanctions against two dozenpeople. iran said it did is not violate the nuclear accord can bans ballistic missiles for 8 careers. vice president mike pence will be in philadelphia later today addressing the federalist society. he is expected to discuss the role of the courts in america. president trump's choice for the supreme court neil gorsuch.
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new information to tell you about, one person is dead after a head on crash in north philadelphia. police say alcohol was involved in this. officers say a ford explorer going at a high rate of speed plowed into a hyundai the passenger in the ford suv died. the driver is critically injured and expected to be charged with dui and homicide by vehicle. the people in the hondia were ejected but their injuries were not critical. a man was shot in the chest in west oak lane. the victim is being treated at einstein million center. police are searching for the shooter. the delaware corrections officer held hostage and killed on the job is called a hero.
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authorities say the action of steven floyd saved lives when inmates took over a section of the james t. vonn correctional center. last night many honored the late husband and father. "action news" was there. >> reporter: it was a an emotional night for hundreds gathered in the bitter cold to remember steven floyd the 47-year-old grandfather now hailed a hero for saving officers lives. >> he only thought about other people and not himself. >> reporter: floyd's grieving widow and children were among those at the vigil at smyrna municipal park, so too was one of the officers injured in the uprising. [inaudible] >> reporter: officials say floyd warned other prison staffers tohe after he had falling into the' traps.
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>> been o delaware corrections line of duty death but it is our th reporter: for those who knew floyd his sacrifice isn't surprising. >> like the sock we closed the program with, the hero, it fits him to a t. >> when i heard what he had done, how i saved more lives that's how he was sacrifice his on life for other officers. >> reporter: flags are at half staff in honor of lieutenant floyd. folks said they are not surprise by the outpouring of support they said delaware may be a small state but it has a big heart. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> this morning the search continues for a man who stole an suv in south philadelphia with a toddler inside. that suv was taken at 8th andeets on thursday night. surveillance video shows the
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suspect carrying the 19-month-old girl in her car seat. there's the video right there. he took her out of thed dropped the child off several blocks away on the sidewalk. the child is okay and has been reunited with her mother. jmt-4312 are the pennsylvaniatags. court ruled that the salvation army ignored warnings that an adjacent building undergoing demolition could collapse. 7 people died when it crashed down in 2012. griffin campbell and his operator were convicted in criminal court. both are in prison, but found one% responsible in civil court. their loved ones want a new trial. >> they were following orders of the architect. he was devastated and still is.
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the owner of the building undergoing demolition hired the contractor. the penalties could be decided in two weeks. a new report under veiled a cheating scandal at a pennsylvania police academy there are 6 instructors who provide answers to super orca -- or cadets. most of the testing content did not change for several years. state police leaders are waiting on approval to institute a program that would create unique test force known as joaquin "el chapo" guzman appeared in federal court. a chilling 911 call from a little girl as she turns in her own father for drinking and driving. ♪
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and a celebration of one of the greatest bands of all times, but the philly pops. >> reporter: coming up in weather, blustery and cold out there this morning windchills are currently hovering around 10 degrees above zero. a lot of these numbers will be close to 6 by the middle of next week. details coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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knock it out, fast. with abreva. >> drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman who famously broke out of his mexican twice does
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not like his new jail conditions in new york city, he said they are too harsh. he was transported to federal court yesterday morning. his lawyers failed to convince the judge that the maximum security measures should be loosened. guzman is locked up 23 hours a day. he a charged with trafficking drugs that laundered over a billion dollars and murders and kidnapping. a 29-year-old egyptian national was shot four times but he did survive outside the louvre. there were 100 people inside the louvre at the time. top french leaders are calling it a terrorist attack. it was an unusual and frightening 911 call dispatchers in georgia.
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the man was driving to his mother's home on the georgia coastline. he was drinking along the way. >> my daddy is drunk he is the only one driving i'm going to get into a wreck. >> are you in the car with him? >> reporter: he is driving really fastly. >> you can hear the fear in her voice. the 9-year-old told the dispatcher she did not want him to go to jail. police arrested him when he arrived when he got to his mother's home and facing a long list of charges. >> reporter: let's get you caught up on the forecast. >> reporter: we're calling it wasted cold. you want to see an area that has not been a waste. this is live sky6 live hd if you're sitting back, you've got your feet up, drinking that cup of coffee, what's going on across the upstate new york is mind boggling.
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take a look at this. >> i thought you were making this up. >> reporter: red feel new york sits off lake ontario 100 inches of snow in the last 9 days. that's 8 feet of snow in nine days, they have 268 inches of snow almost 30 feet for the season so far. >> you like this kind of stuff. >> reporter: i think we should move there for a week. we wouldn't be able to do anything. red field is right about there. it looks like it's temporary shut off the band will redeveloped during the course of the day. this is what they've been dealing with all season long as the lake effect snow machine continues to crank up over in upstate new york. 28 degrees in philadelphia. no snow for the philadelphia area that's been the theme all winter long. dewpoint 3 pressure is rising. winds out of the northwest at
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12 miles per hour. windchills it's cold today but a lot of these cold shots we've been seeing over the past 6 weeks or so, they only last a couple of days and move along on their 11 degrees with the wind in philadelphia. seven below in the poconos, 7 in allentown, 18 with the wind in cape may. all day long we'll be talking about those blustery windchills. this is the only thing we're monitoring over the next 12 to 24 hours. a full da sunshine, a nice looking day blustery and cold. 26 in philadelphia. 24 in allentown. tomorrow morning windchills will hold steady in the mid 20s they will climb during the day. 4:00 p.m. tomorrow it will feel better than today. 40 even reading 41 degrees with the winds tomorrow afternoon around 4:00 p.m. as we look at satellite and radar, there's nothing going on across the entire lower 48. everything is moving from west to east. and you guys know the drill by
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now, anytime you see a pattern that moves west to east that means mild air because it bottles up all the colder air up to the north. that's what we'll see over the next few days. mostly sunny skies a nice looking day. tomorrow morning clouds and breaks of sunshine and typical sunday. mostly sunny, 36 for philadelphia allentown 33. cape may 38. toms river 37. clouding up overnight tonight. but still a chilly night 28 degrees in philadelphia. reading 21. allentown, 20. cape may 25. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the only system that we're watching arrives by the middle of next week tuesday in the form of rain occasional rain, damp, 52 degrees wednesday we're showing a high of 60 with a lot of the wind. so you see what happens when we do finally get the storms approaching the area, the temperatures are so warm that it rains, it's not snow.
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so really, today is the only cold day over the next four or five things cool down by week's end. the winter has been have been disappointing, gray. >> for you right? for your sake i hope you get a bit more snow. >> reporter: for now i'm ready for spring and baseball. when the angle gets high in the sky later this month, if you do get snow it mets in a day or two. >> there was a little bit of knows -- no nostalgia at the kimmel center, 50th anniversary of the beatle album the sergeant pepper's heart club band. there was a special guest performance by the band called the classical mystery tour that
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dresses and sounds like the beemghts. beatles.
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mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters. >> reporter: welcome back everyone 6:25, the forecast looks like, mostly sunny skies from start to finish. lots of sunshine, 33 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 35. we're forecasting a high of 36. the water vapor shot, everything is from west to east, you can seelow of traffic here across the country from the west coast to the east coast, that tends to bottle up all the cold air up here, across the provinces of canada. anytime of the cold tries to dig -- by the way that's philadelphia right there -- anytime the cold tries to dig in
6:26 am
the mild 48, here comes the mild air and forces the cold back into canada. maybe we get a day or two of cold and all of a sudden we get the mild stuff that's what's going to happen as we head into next week. in sports, the nfl will announce 2017 hall of fame class tonight. former eagles brian brian brian brian dawkins. ducis rogers has sports. >> reporter: we'll have a new super bowl champion at the end of the weekend. matt ryan is cable -- capable the exton native is oh, so close to his ultimate goal, a goal he's had for quite sometime. >> what you dream about as a
6:27 am
kid is playing in this game and you know winning this game. that's that's where your thoughts are in your backyard and you're ten years old and playing with your brothers that's where it was for me. >> eagles quarterback carson wentz has been in houston all week for super bowl week. being this close to the super bowl has made him want it even more. >> watching the playoff games for the last a couple of weeks i don't want to be here again, i want to be playing and being here it's fun to be here and experience this, i don't want to be here in this capacity. >> michael vick has decided to retire. the 36-year-old former eagles quarterback last played for the steelers in 2015. vick is the nfl all time leading rusher among quarterbacks. the flyers had the night off this afternoon they will host the l.a. kings. flyers are back on the practice
6:28 am
ice yesterday morning. they hold the wild card spot in the eastern conference. this afternoon's game is the second of an important five game home stance. >> when you have so many games in a row, these are crucial games. we had a good start last night. i look to continue that against the kings tomorrow afternoon. >> sixers in in miami tonight. that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend!
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>> deadly accidents two people are killed when their car crashes overnight and forces authorities to shut down a montgomery county road. president trump vows to fight for his executive order after a judge blocks his week old travel ban as vice president mike pence makes a trip to philadelphia. ahead a fire destroys several homes in the city's logan section. those stories and much more in just a minute, but first meermings chris sowers is here with a -- meteorologist, chris sowers is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: here's a beautiful shot looking at atlantic city, the sun is starting to rise. that's one thing i'm sure you've noticed over the past couple of weeks, we're starting to gain more daylight that helps with the temperature the more sun we see, the milder the temperatures
6:31 am
will be. that won't be the case today though we'll see sunshine, but the numbers won't do much. windchills will be stuck in the mid 20s after teens this morning and actual air temperatures in the mid 30s. it's going to be a colder day feels like 7 in allentown. 11 in philadelphia. 17 in cape trenton. we'll see a ton of sunshine today, it's a rare day we'll have full sun from start to finish. there's only a handful of them i can count on one hand since december. it's been a gloomy pattern for us. today, bright blue upstairs, sunny skies, 36 degrees is the forecasted high. we'll have have a moderating trend in the temperature ascertain the possibility of midweek rain. >> president trump's controversial travel ban that
6:32 am
sparked outrage and protests for a week has been blocked by a federal judge. president trump signed the executive order one week ago it barred travelers from seven majority muslim countries from entering the u.s. the white house is gearing up to fight the ruling. the judge's restrain order marks a major set back for the president who completed his seconds week in office. it comes as tensions mount between the u.s. and iran. >> reporter: president trump at the end of his second week in office is slapping iran with a fresh set of sanctions. the trump administration warning iran after they tested a ballistic missile. >> reporter: 25 individuals and entities that provide support to the iran ballistic missile program. >> reporter: iran admits it conducted a missile test, but didn't violate the nuclear deal. this shurns -- shuns individuals
6:33 am
from doing business in the u.s. or with americans. a federal judge in washington state halts president trump as executive order on the travel ban across the county. >> the court concludes that the above described tro is granted. >> the judge's decision effective now have puts a halt to president trump's unconstitutional and ununlawful executive order. >> reporter: customs and border officers say they will comply with the order. white house senior counselor is being criticized for this viral claim. >> president obama had a 6 month ban on the iraqi program after two iraqis came to the country and were radicalized and
6:34 am
masterminds behind the bowling green massacre. >> reporter: the fbi did catch two iraqi refugees in the town trying to send weapons to iraq for attacks on the soldiers there. kellyanne conway in a tweet said she misspoke. >> reporter: a controversy surrounding the travel ban continues, president trump's nominee for the army secretary withdrew his name from the post. viola is the founder of several companies including the electronic trading firm. vice president mike pence will be in philadelphia today. he is expected to discuss the role of the courts during thatvisit. vice president will address the city's chapter of the federalist society at congress hall on independence mall. he will discuss president trump's choice for the supreme
6:35 am
court federal judge neil gorsuch. that event is closed to the public but you can watch it live at the speech is scheduled to begin at noon. your time 6:35 there's new information to tell you about this morning. we've learned that two people are dead and a third person was injured in a crash in west pottsgrove montgomery county. this was a single car crash and the vehicle involved went down an embankment along 422 eastbound. the roadway is back open. "action news" was in voorhees, new jersey as p k-9 searched for a gunman. a man in his 20s was shot dlees twice in the chest -- at least twice in the chest atcker bridge road. the victim was taken to cooper university hospital in critical police have not mad arrests and at this point there's no motive. take a look at this frightening scene here, the winds complicated things for firefighters who had a tough job
6:36 am
in the philadelphia logan section last night. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd was over the scene of the 4900 block carlisle bearing witness to what firefighters were seeing on it is grounds. fire commissioner, adam teal said high winds play a significant role. chopper 6 hd caught bright electrical lights as transformers blew, it was a wall of fire sending in 100 firefighters to do battle. >> a fire in a wind-driven situation like this once it gets out of the a building of origin, it spreads to adjacent occupancies. >> reporter: one occupant had to jump from a second floor window. he was rushed to the hospital with second degree burns to his
6:37 am
hands and face. it left many homeless including david brown. >> i'm sick to my stomach. everything i had was in there, i don't have nothing. >> reporter: while the cause has not been determined, residents say the fire was started in a abandoned row home occupied by a squatter. >> it's abandoned they say it's a crack house or i don't know, it was abandoned and he was squatting and he caused me my house whatever he had in there. >> reporter: it's turned out to be a busy day for firefighters battling of -- 6 or 7 fires this day alone. meanwhile, red cross is on the scene assisting the occupants of the four row homes that caught fire. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> a community continues to grieve many came together last
6:38 am
night to remember the corrections officer killed on the job many came together at smyrna municipal park in honor of steven floyd. people showed support for his family. steven floyd junior received his father's medal of valour. the investigation into which inmates were involved in the day long siege continues. there's an update for you now on row pairs to the turnpike -- on repairs to the turnpike connector bridge that carries i276 over the burlington bristol area, it will be april where the bridge reopens. a fracture in a main support beam on the pennsylvania side has crews working around the clock. a permanent fix will take 8 weeks. the bridge has been closed since january 20. mount airy casino resort in
6:39 am
the poconos has been slapped with a $25,000 fine by the state gaming control board. that fine was handed down after workers were accused serving a gamblers 27 alcoholic drinks in a nine hour period. the customer was playing table top slots at a casino bar. time 6:40, a judge's ruling is a victory for a north jersey girl who was blocked from playing with the school boy's basketball team. the family sued the archdiocese of new york after the school shut down the girl's team and not allowed her on the boy's team. that caused an expulsion for sydney and her younger sister. the suit allows her back in the school. the issue of playing basketball has not been decided.
6:40 am
much more to come on "action news" saturday morning love across the universe, we'll take a look at the film, the space betwe us. 8 feet of snow has fallen in upstate new york leaving many individuals stuck in the snow yup, even the tv news van. looking live over the commodore barry bridge, meteorologist chris sowers said he is not happy about the wasted cold. he has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we're back after this.
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keep on scratchin'! >> the body of canadian filmmaker, rob stewart has been the florida keys. his sister made the announcement. a boat located his body 300 feet from where he vanished while cuba diving. the medical examiner will determine how he died. 8 feet of lake-effect snow has fallingen in up-- fallen in upstate new york. the situation is so bad there's no room for plow operators to put the snow where it needs to be. snowbilers were told to stay off the road. a tv news crew stopped on the
6:44 am
side of the road, they are surging drivers not to pull over on the side of the road because they could get stuck. guess what happened? the news van got stuck. >> reporter: the video doesn't do it justice there's video that i have seen, you see the news van the snow is so high from the plows it's like they are in here's what i said about that, i would like to experience that for one winter, i don't know i could ever live like that. >> go to new york and then come back don't bring it here. >> reporter: i would come back i would say i hate the snow. let's go live on sky6 live hd, we're down in cape may. it's clear and a nice looking morning, it's blustery and cold. i captured this tweet this is what carolyn is saying, she lives in red field 100 inches of snow in red field still
6:45 am
snowing, 268 and counter for the season. she said -- and counting for the season. she said lake effect rocks. we have not seen much snow in the philadelphia area. i'll call it a snow drought for us. philadelphia not too bad compared to where we should be for this time of the career. look at allentown, they should be 17 inches by now they have seen 3. washington d.c. 1.4, they should be around 10. harrisburg look at baltimore they they have not picked up snow, normally they should have seen a foot of snow. they are getting it across upstate new york, we're not getting anything. 36 degrees, the normal is 42. the low for the day is the present temperature reading 23. 9 in the poconos, 22 in millville. factor in the winds, feels like
6:46 am
12 in south jersey. 11 in philadelphia. 7 in allentown, 7 below in the poconos. satellite and radar there's the lake-effect snow band right there. because it's been so unusually mild this winter, the lakes have not frozen over, they are wide open. anytime you get the cold air rushing over them, they get the lake effect. it's continuing to snow in redfield new york. this is a rare occasion, mostly sunny skies from start to finishing. it will be blustery and cold, 36 degrees is the forecasted high. we should manage to hit that around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon so climbing out of the basement early on. 26 degrees by 9:00. it's a slow climb in the afternoon, 1:00 p.m. 33. 3:00 p.m., 35. overnight tonight a quiet evening, cloudy, cold, 21 degrees outlying suburbs, 28 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, stays nice and quiet at least in term. the next few days look good,
6:47 am
we're tracking a big system by the middle of next week. sunny skies 36 degrees, windchills in the mid 20s. we get to sunday, clouds and sun, 47 degrees. monday mostly sunny tuesday we cloud over, occasional rain, mild 52. temperatures are rising tuesday night all the way up to 60 degrees by wednesday morning. rain leftover wednesday very windy in the afternoon, we could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. thursday partly sunny and colder 36. friday more wasted cold, gray, sun and clouds, 34 degrees. i don't know, i guess it's not meant to be this year. >> maybe not, we'll see. i would like to remind you you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at live entertainment greeted visitors to the philadelphia auto show at the convention
6:48 am
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6:51 am
film. kim kardashian is launching a clothing line for children with her kanye west. their daughter picked out the fabric and colors on the design. there are two new films hitting theaters this weekend one a remake of a spine chilling horror flick the other a sweet tail of romance. here's david daniel with the preview. >> you have seven days to live. >> reporter: rings brings back the tale of a video that kills whoever watches it. the first two movies were more than a decade ago. it could be tough to debut at number one. >> my mother was an astronaut she died on mars giving birth to me.
6:52 am
this is my father, you're going to help me find him. >> reporter: for audiences looking for something less horrific the space between us is about a teenage romance. it's debut could put it in the top five.
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>> welcome back everyone, 6:54, saturday morning forecast looks pretty nice, lots of sunshine, temperatures topping out in the mid 30s 35, 36 the high around 3:00 p.m. the windchills will make it feel like the 20s. you will need to bundle up. i'm getting bottom -- bombarded with t question why is the winter so warm.
6:55 am
the answer is west coast trough. you remember when we had the polartex 2014, this was all milde coast. in that pattern the jet stream follows that its up and down in the eastern part of t united states, all the cold was driven into the eastern half of the county. this year it's opposite. this mild water is gone, it's all cold. now, all of a sudden you don't have it going like this, you have it the other way the trough is here and the ridge goes up the eastern half of the united states. this is all mild, this is all cold right here. it doesn't want to move east, pretty much not allowed to because it follows the cold water off the gulf of alaska. if you're a snow lover it's painful, hopefully next winter we'll see it change. here's a do it yourself
6:56 am
project that will help your kids channel their inner marlin brand doe or betty davis. >> rept's a fact kids perform. why not do a dyi stage project. for 100 bucks total it will have your kids and wallet applauding. make your measurements and cut our one by fours into a frame. we're using mds to cover the base we built. no performance is good without changes. we're using precut pieces of mds assembly, it like an open box. we're sliding in the wooden curtain rod. now we install the stage into the room. we're nailing it into place along the trim so make sure it
6:57 am
doesn't tip over when the girls are playing on it. we're putting the surface on top and nailing it. we're painting it a bright blue. now we're ready for the curtain call. we'll installed a shower curtin rod, they can hang curtains when they are performing. finally we're adding fun curtains and stocking the storage bin with tons of costume. time to take a would bough. why not give it a dyi try and your little ones will sing your praises for more budget friendly project ideas go to live well network,.com. it is 6:58. we've got another hour of "action news" coming up. local seniors are changing the face of college-bound students.
6:58 am
plus a new jersey couple shares their story of heartbreak in hopes of saving others from the same pain. those stories and more"action news" continues in just a moment.
6:59 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. >> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, february 4. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," one
7:00 am
person is dead after a violent collision on broad street. drinking and speeding may have caused the crash. emotional vigil hundreds gather to remember a corrections officer who was killed in a prison siege. president trump's first executive order blocked. we have the details of the fight between a and the white house. outside we go to chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast glad you're out there. >> reporter: i got to tell you i
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