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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news arc court has denied the motion by the department of justice to lift the block on president trump's travel ban. an "action news" viewer is there as police and firefighters in south jersey save an elderly woman in a burning home. chester's native matt ryans football's biggest stage. sky6 live hd giving you a look a rothman ice rink at city hall. we're warming up, meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: yesterday it was cold, today it is a completely
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different story. winds are shifting out of the south/southwest, all of a sudden the windchills in the teens have been replaced with windchills in the 20s and 30s. so it feels better already. this afternoon with a little bit of sunshine we could get up to 47 in philadelphia not too bad, especially for the beginning of february. trenton, 26. a pair of 2s in the poconos. 32 in millville. 32 in cape may, 38 degrees in drank. feels like 22 when you factor in the winds. the air temperature is 29 or 30. feels like 22 in philadelphia. feels like 20 in allentown. 26 in millville. 18 in trenton. satellite and radar starting out with cloud cover more clouds out to the west which will gradually give way to some afternoon sunshine, no showers to the north, snow showers to the south. we're in the middle, both
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systems pasting on by. we don't have to worry about any precipitation today. starting out with clouds, gradual increase in sun as the day wears onful we'll not see full sun, but see some after 2 or 3:00 p.m. 44 by 3 shooting for a high of 46, 47, somewhere in between there. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about the milder temperatures in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and possibility of rain by midweek. >> looking good, chris, thank you. breaking overnight, the travel ban that set off protests worldwide and later appealed has been so the down again this time by a federal judge in san francisco hours ago. the judge is ruling against the justice department appeal means the travel ban is blocked that means travelers who were covered by the ban gain entry into the united states. >> the justice department has been dealt a blow in the middle of the night, a federal court in
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san francisco denied the doj request of president trump's ban. it effects travelers from seven majority muslim countries and all refugees. the order was put into place a week ago only to be slapped from a federal order from judge robart. >> my question is have there be terror attacks in the united states by refugees or other immigrants from the seven countries listed since 9/11. the president responding what is our country coming when a judge can halt a homeland security travel ban when anyone with bad intentions can come to the u.s. in the remarkably blunt language, the opinion would take law enforce. away from our country is ridiculous and will be over turned. the justice department said it
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is the sovereign providence of the president. >> i love my husband i don't want to stay away from him that's it. >> and the higher court's denial of a legal battle over the ban will continue into the coming week. "good morning america" weekend will have coverage of the new court decision upholding the block of the travel ban. watch "g.m.a." weekend after "action news." vice president mike pence came to philadelphia to talk about the new nominee for the u.s. supreme court. the vice president addressed the federalist society a conservative legal group on independence mall. he said neil gorsuch is making himself available to everybody in the senate. president trump is talking about russian president vladimir
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putin. >> do you respect putin? >> i do. >> why. >> i respect a lot of people, doesn't mean i will get along with him. he is a his county i say it's better to get along with rush than not, russia will help in the fight against isis. >> putin is a killer. we've got a lot of killers, you think our county is so innocent? >> u.s. intelligence concluded in a declassified report that russia influenced the race for the white house in trump's favor. >> 6:05. new this morning, south jersey police officer battled through smoke and flames to reach an elderly woman trapped inside her home. the unit block of hayes avenue
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in deptford township. three police officers were the first to arrive there. an 81-year-old bed ridden woman was in the basement in a hospital bed. we want to switch to action cam video of the scene. the officers reached the woman and carried her out. no word about her condition. we know the woman's son lived we are, he escaped without injury. the battalion chief had a minor injury after falling down the basement steps. not clear if the home had smoke detecters. the bandit stole money from a girl scout in center city. the thief got away between 50 and $100 in cookie sales. >> he took the money, the money and -- from my apron pocket and
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ran around the corner and into the alley. >> people nearby tried to chae the suspect, but he got away. >> we had three separate people chase the guy for us, we don't know them. a minivan came by and gave her four dollars and said tell her there's good people in philadelphia. >> there's surveillance camera where the incident happen, but it's not clear if it recorded the innocent. >> it is super bowl sunday, later today, the new england patriots take on atlanta at that falcons in houston, texas, leading up to the big game, enhancement measures have been set up throughout the city.
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mike pence will be attending the big game. george hw bush an his wife will be there to take part in the coin to say. mike ryan is the nfl m.v.p. he is from exton and played at penn charter high school. >> i played the little quakers and i got to know the people from there, the opportunity came up for me to go to penn charter, my parents felt like it was a good opportunity. it ended up working out very well, i enjoyed nigh time there. >> he rooted for the eagles as a kid and went to wildwood on summer vacation. we'll be talking about all things football on facebook at 10:30. >> big game today. 6:08 your time. much more to come on "action news" sunday morning.
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the powerball jackpot is soaring again. we'll tell you about the jackpot up for grabs. philadelphia beverage tax is sending some people for a drive and causing confusion. jon runyan takes a closer look. >> the nfl names its 2017 hall of fame class, two former eagles are on the ballot. another cold morning, windchills in the 20s and teens, not as harsh as yesterday. we have a warmup in the seven seven-day forecast and wet weather. details coming up right after this. le
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>> people lent a hand to an egyptian facility. more than 40 students gave their time to help the hope cafe dedicated to feeding the hungry and homeless in chester. it created a feeling of being outen the town for those in need. >> let's talk about the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, is the weather looking great? >> it is, especially compared to where we could be for this time of the year. as we getting outside, temperatures will moderate. we'll start out with cloud cover and increase the sun as the day wears on. with the wind shifting out of the southwest, yesterday it was a struggle to reach 35, 36. today all of a sudden we could be well into the 40s, maybe
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upper 40s in some locations. very, very nice. double scan live, flurries to the west in the harrisburg area pottstown reporting flakes, same thing with the wilks-berre wilks-berre-cranston -- scranton area. numbers are chilly. glassboro, 26. agenda beach and vineland -- gandys beach and vineland, 30. we haven i shall with the wind. it feels colder than the numbers i just showed you a second ago. the windchills values are closer to 20. you need to to bundle up with heavy winter coat and half i couldn't feel yesterday. the windchills are not as harsh always yesterday, but cold enough. we have two pieces of energy one up here to the north and one to the south. earlier in the week we were worried about the potential for snow today.
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originally the model had this guy here digging, just like this. that piece of energy would form with with this low and come up the east coast, and boom, there's your snow. that takes this off the east coast and that off the coast of the caroline analysis. there's no connection between the two and we'll start out with clouds and increase the sun. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 5:00 p.m., clouds and sunshine partly cloudy overnight tonight. monday is gorgeous, temperatures in the 0 40s, some areas in the 50s. we'll see wintry precipitation possible for the northern lehigh valley and the poconos. for the most part this is a rain event. tuesday morning into the afternoon, temperatures back up into the 50s and damp conditions that will continue through wednesday morning before
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everything clears wednesday afternoon. clouds and sun, breezy, 47 degrees, not bad, the normal is 41. winds out of the west at 14 miles per hour. make be the 47 feel like the low 40s. 3:00 p.m., becoming breezy during the day, overnight tonight, partly cloudy and chilly, 28 degrees in places like reading and allentown. 32 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got a 60 in there again. 47 degrees for today. monday mostly sunny and mild, 48. damp conditions for tuesday, periods of rain, it's not looking like a ton of rain, 54. wednesday, 60 degrees, that comes early a cold front slides through the numbers during the afternoon it become windy with winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. that ushers in colder air here. thursday and friday, 38, 38, saturday, cloudy and mild again,
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45. nydia. >> chris, thank you. remember you can get the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at your time, 6:16 if you're just waking up with us overnight, the powerball jackpot jumped $255 million. no one hit all the numbers in last night's drawing. there was a lucky winner in new jersey who matched five numbers and one $1 million. 6, 13, 16, 17, 52, the powerball, 25. good luck.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, changes are coming to youth football in america. it's all in an effort to keep players safe. the governorring body will eliminate -- governing body will eliminate kickoffs. they are worried about concussion, they phase the changes over the next several years. in the face of a serious health battle she took to a familiar place for her the swimming pool to accomplish a goal and set a new one for herself. it is moment one year in the making, coach betsy gearing up for her ownm.
6:20 am
8 years ago, the former college swimmer was diagnosed with multiple osis. last january, she pledged to swim a million yards, 568 miles by the end of the year. last month with the community tracking her every lap. the mother of three reached her goal. >> i didn't realize how important it was to me, both the goal and the team until i completed it. >> her goal this year is 1.1 million. lindsey davis, abc news new york. >> inspiring indeed isn't it? >> 6:20. we'll be right back with more,
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>> all right, 6:23 sunday morning, the day planner looks nice, a lot of clouds and chilly temperatures, a gradual increase in sunshine is expected in the afternoon, that will get the tempts back in the 40s, 3:00 p.m., 44 and somewhere in between we'll manage a high of 47. we have a blue norther, come out of the colorado. it will cut west to the philadelphia area. anytime a storm tracks west of
6:24 am
philadelphia, it puts us in a mild sector. that will all be rain. thursday, on the modeling, a clipper system wants to swing through on this storm's heals. this will track to the south, to the virginias and the carolinas, that will put us in the cold sector. that doesn't appear to be a big storm, it is february, after all. even though the groundhog wants to see more snow, the pattern is not favorable for that. this will be the snow track, tuesday into wednesday is rain, we'll watch that clipper system for thursday, maybe a little light snow. >> you'll get your snow, chris. in sports this morning, it's destiny day for the falcons and the patriots. they square off in the two super bowl games. two former eagles find out if they are heading into the hall of fame. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: brian dawkins was so emotional he would scream
6:25 am
after making big plays. eagles fans showing the same emotion as former receiver, terrell owens and b.dawk. matt ryan beat out tom brady for the m.v.p. it is "atlantis" and new england in super bowl, 51. how about that. the sixers in big trouble in miami, joel embiid has been ruled out for the rest of the road trip. okafor was supposed to start in miami, his knee is giving him trouble, as well. miami, the hottest team in the league. 30 points and 20 rebounds in
6:26 am
three-quarters. sixers heldle only 17 points in the first, second quarter, it guess south from there, sixers blown out 125, 102. they have lost three straight for the first time in five weeks. flyers coach dave benched. without him the flyers attempted to send the kings out and back to l.a. second pearled, on the break away, off the post, flyers 17 shots on goal. even when he was caught off guard, he catches up, makes the save. stuffs 27 shots all in regulation, jeff carter, the
6:27 am
former flier won it. flyers lost one-zip in overtime wasting a great effort by their goalie. chris jenkins hit one of the biggest shots in basketball history to win the national championship. that shot has been mia. coming into the game, he had four shots and 16 points. jenkins on the bench. the cats start the game on 10-0 run. minutes later freshman, career high 20, they runaway with it, josh hart, 26, villanova 72-79. it's their 13th straight w over saint johns. later in sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. >> a new ymca is open in bucks county. "action news" was in warminster
6:28 am
for the ribbing cutting. it is on the 600 block of york rooted. it has workout machines and free weights and fitness classes and community programs for all ages. we'll be right back with all our top stories.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, i'm gray hall, here's meteorologist chris sowers to help you plan your day. >> reporter: it was cold yesterday, when that wind was blowing it was cold, you'll be dealing with bluster wind this morning the clouds will increase in the morning and decrease in the afternoon. it's a 6 or 7 hour window with cloud cover. windchills 22 in philadelphia. that's what it feels like. 21 in wilmington, 26 in millville. 18 in trenton. if you remember back yesterday at this time all the numbers were in the low teens. so it's a little bit better, still harsh, but not as intense as what we saw yesterday at this
6:31 am
time. future tracker 6 by 4:00 p.m., same thing we'll be dealing with a little bit of a windchill, but not as bad as yesterday. satellite and radar, we're clear for now, clouds increase during the mid morning hours and and you can see the tail end pushing through ohio. we'll see a gradual increase in sun as the afternoon progresses. here's what it looks like, the day planner, call from accuweather shooting for a high of 47 degrees, increasing clouds in the morning, it will continue through lunchtime. the clouds decrease in the afternoon. 3:00 p.m., 45. 5:00 p.m., 44. shooting for a comfortable high of 47, guys. >> we're tracking breaking news on president trump's travel ban a federal appeals court denied the request for the recent statement. the higher court's denial from the immediate stay means people
6:32 am
from seven countries will be a loud in the united states while the legal battles continue. thousands of protesters and across the country demonstrated against the travel ban. before stopping the ban robart challenged the justice department to cite any terror attacks in the u.s. perpetrated by people living in the county. a woman in syria waiting to be had we are husband, this blocking of the band means she will get to see her husband. the appeals court will take up the issue again this week. it has ordered the justice department and those opposed to the ban to file responses by tomorrow afternoon. >> vice president mike pence was in philadelphia for a second time in as many as weeks, inside he talked candid will about
6:33 am
president trump's supreme court pick. >> reporter: he walked into a standing ovation, vice president mike pence was greeted by 120 members of federalist society inside congress hall. his speech was about neil gorsuch. >> i believe neil gorsuch will soon takes his seat as an associate justice on the supreme court of the united states. pens said there's no judge more qualified to serve on the supreme court than gorsuch. >> after president bush nominated him to the 10th circuit court of appeals he got the highest recommendation. he already met with 12 senators in both political parties and he is making himself available to meet with all 100 members of the senate if they are willing to meet with him.
6:34 am
>> reporter: those at the speech agree with his nomination. >> judge gorsuch he is mainstream he at the same time e is an originalist which is an important quality. >> he is a big star on the bench, mainstream, great writer. >> reporter: outside protests continued. there could be a fight mounting in the senate to stop gorsuch from getting through. >> several announced their opposition within minutes of his nomination. now they are threatening to use the filibuster procedure in the senate to stop it. make no mistake about it, this would be unwise and unprecedented act. >> reporter: the vice president went on to say he will and president trump will do everything in their power to stop a filibuster from happening. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> george stephanopoulos goes one on one with vice president
6:35 am
mike pence. this week begins at 10:30 after "action news." other news now, philadelphia police now suspect foul play in the shooting death of a 65-year-old woman in the city's powton section. she had been shot in the abdomin in the second floor bedroom. investigators are looking for the person who pulled the trigger and still trying to figure out a motive. a freak accident injured a woman in center city, a driver hit a pole and that pole hit the woman who was walking on the sidewalk. it happened in the area of 8th and chestnut. she was treated at thomas jeff university hospital. stores will be jammed today as shoppers grab last minute goodies for the super bowl. today is the last super sunday since philadelphia implemented the soda tax. >> reporter: the trends have to do with sales in stores outside
6:36 am
the city line and not subject to the 1 1/2 cent per ounce sweet and beverage tax. >> we're seeing increased volume in traffic. >> reporter: croce said there's not enough to say that the upswing comes from philadelphia residents. >> stores outside the city limits are getting added foot traffic. >> reporter: at the covington deli, soda sales are off 20%. first thing out what's taxed or what's not, a cup of coffee is not taxed, or plain tea or sweetened tea? >> you're going to east the cost on it. >> as long as as i can. for people going over the border to buy, the mayor who sports the tax if that happens it won't
6:37 am
last long. >> people will go outside for a while, that trip out to the county, you go to jersey you have to pay a toll. >> reporter: so temporary, but croce not so sure, faced with higher costs, people look for value. >> they will take their dollars out there. >> reporter: in the long run that could hurt the city. >> i think so. >> reporter: in bala cynwyd, john rawlins. >> much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. sky6 live hd taking a beautiful look right now at camden. meteorologist chris sowers back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. also, ahead. >> reporter: it's a 24 hour marathon of music as students at westminster choir college voice their objection to move their campus to ryder university. i'll have that story coming up. >> a star wars character is sculpted in the snow.
6:38 am
it's not the only big creation by the artist. we'll explain. "action news" sunday morning will be right back.
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, sunday, 6:40, 39 degrees, this is super bowl sunday, that's why we're looking at nrg stadium.
6:41 am
you see the rain on the camera, but not to worry, they have a roof. they should be playing in the elements. >> reporter: playing in the weather, seats like $4,000, they want to be dry, some of the funnest games to watch are played in the weather. sky6 live hd back here in the philadelphia area, it's a nice, quite morning, we have clear conditions over the garden state and delaware. western portions of the viewing area starting to see the clouds increase from the west. that will be the trend over the next couple of hours. the radars are clear no precipitation expected out there today. maybe a snow shower or flurry for the poconos that's about it. everybody else looks like it will be dry and blustery. 29 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint 19. pressure rising. winds out of the south/southwest at 7 miles per hour. the ocean temperature sitting at a fairly mild for this time of the year, 40 degrees.
6:42 am
29 in philadelphia and allentown. 22 in the poconos. millville, 32. wilmington checking in at 30. feels like 21 when you add on the breeze. feels like 22 in philadelphia. the windchill in the poconos, 12, 18 in trenton, and feels like 19 in dover. satellite and radar, we're mainly clear for now, the clouds increase over the next couple of hours, later this afternoon there's the tail end of the cloud mass right there. later this afternoon we'll see a gradual increase in sunshine. it should make for a nice day. as you flip it over to storm tracker 6 live we set it in motion, earlier in the week we were talking about light snow for super bowl sunday. what happened these two pieces of energy instead of coming together down here, across the tennessee valley and the western portions of the carolinas and the virginias, coming up the coast, these two pieces of energy went like that. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds. i'm sure many of you would like
6:43 am
to see on super bowl sunday. you can head to your destinations and not worry about rain or snow, it's nice and dry. future tracker 6 showing 5:00, we'll see sunshine. partly cloudy overnight. monday is a gem, really, really nice. mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the 40s. we'll lose the gusty breeze. monday night, the clouds come in that sets up the event for tuesday morning, mainly rain, starting out 0 for freezing rain for the lehigh valley and the poconos, it will go over to plain rain as numbers skyrocket tuesday afternoon getting well into the 50s and wednesday we could topple 60 degrees, which isn't rare at least this winter. future tracker with rainfall totals, perhaps a quarter inch or a little bit less, this is not a big deal, maybe a little bit heavier, the farther south you go, even there we're talking
6:44 am
about .6 of an inch in dover and half inch in wildwood. we could see winds gusting as high as 40, 45 miles per hour. outside of that, the midweek storm is not looking like that big of a deal now. comfortable temperatures for february standards. 47 in philadelphia. 47 in millville. cape may, 48. trenton, 45. overnight tonight, it's chilly, but not terrible. 32 for philadelphia. reading 29, allentown, 28. trenton, 29 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, lots of ups and downs here over the next few days, 47 degrees, clouds and sun, breezy today. clouds and sun tuesday, 454, wednesday, damp, high winds, 40 to 45 miles per hour. 60 degrees. thursday is interesting all the
6:45 am
models are showing a clipper system diving south usm there could be a period of snow wednesday afternoon. with the temperatures in the 30s, i wouldn't expect much in the way of consume lanes if that -- accumulation if that pans out. >> friday, 38. saturday, 45. >> it's a weird winter. >> reporter: really weird. a new app lego live offers a social network for kids. kids can share pictures and park in building challenges. the app's goal is to get children to put down the phone and play with lay -- legos instead. >> getting that cup of coffee is going hitech. now we begin with a snow star wars salute that's getting a lot of attention online. a minnesota man built java the
6:46 am
hut outside his holly holm. outside his home. cafe x is the first automated cafe in the u.s. robotic arms serve and prepare a variety of coffee made to order. the robots are used to cut down on time. >> as you might expect coffee prepared by robots is cheaper under $3 per cup. cafe x has another location in the science bar. how many different types of handshakes can there be. this teacher knows about 100. it started last year when she asked students to give her a high five or knuckles at the end of class. she said it makes the students
6:47 am
feel special and helped her develop a bond with each student. >> what a cool teacher. >> how could she remember over 100? >> impressive. >> tell us what you think about these videos by going to our facebook and twitter accounts. >> we'll be right back.
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>> a car plowed into california cheese cake factor two days after a man tossed a smoke bomb in the same restaurant. the two incidents are not related. the driver suffered minor injuries and being tested for dui. there's no word on how much damage the crash caused. nobody was injured by the smoke bomb. police have not found the suspect who threw the device. a grieving mother is desperate to find her fiance's killer. she is hoping the public can
6:50 am
help. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighter's report. >> he was outgoing and funny and caring, he always looked out for anyone and anyone who truly knew him, loved him. >> reporter: in 2013, they were expecting their first child. >> we found out what we were having the same week he passed on, we were having what he wanted which was a girl. >> reporter: sadly he wouldn't see his daughter. >> he went to a fight in atlantic city, i got a call from him he said he was on his way back home. >> reporter: the 39-year-old was heading back to philadelphia from atlantic city. back in town he stopped with friends at second and master street in the kensington section. >> as as soon as they pulled
6:51 am
off, that's when shots were fired. >> >> reporter: he died at the scene. the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 as reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> i want closure not only for myself and my daughter and the people that loved him. >> reporter: for crime fighters, i'm rick williams channel 6 "action news." >> a passenger with a cane comes to the rescue of a bus driver in missouri. rodney goldman said he was riding a bus saturday when he saw the man attacking the driver. he got up from his seat and beat the attacker with his cane. the attacker released the driver and police arrested the suspect. the bus driver said he was thankful he was there. >> if i'm on the bus, it happened again i'm going to do
6:52 am
the same thing because like i said -- >> i know that, too. >> a medical equipment company provided goldman with two new can es and the bus company gave him a lifetime bus pass. 16-year-old alicia elkins wanted to learn how to use a stun gun. she came up with a bucket list when her leukemia returned. police trained her on how to use one. >> taser, taser, taser. >> i'm never doing this again, i had the experience. >> sergeant blind said being hit by a stun gun is unpleasant, but back and worth it to help fl
6:53 am
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inviting, now this one in iceland. these are walls with etchings with more than a thousand short phrases forming a labyrinth. people in all over the world send their names to be etched there. the library won't be around, it is expected to melt in april. students in new jersey lifted their voices in a plea
6:56 am
for mercy. nora muchanic explains. >> reporter: they are kinging for survival -- singing for survival. members of the westminster college princeton ton are being joined by other performers in a 24 marathon of music at the presbyterian church in opposition to sell and move the world re30 -- renown music school. westminster merged with ryder university back in 1992, but maintains a separate campus. ryder is facing 13 million-dollar budget deficit and selling the westminster campus princeton ton and moving everybody to lawrenceville. >> they don't have office space or studios to work with their students? lawrenceville. >> to me it would be very sad
6:57 am
to see it go. i got a degree from westminster choir college, it's a prestigious wonderful place, i don't want to say it's ryder university. you have not heard of it. >> ryder continues to ask the entire ryder community for their patience and understanding as the board of trustees work to make a fact-based decision in the coming months. princeton ton, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> there's another hour of "action news" sunday morning, straight ahead. here's some of the stories we've got to you, breaking news, the travel ban has been dealt a new legal set back. >> chester county's matt ryan plays in the super bowl tonight and he earned a new honor. >> those stories and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll see you after the break. where things come from?
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denied the motion by the department of justice to lift the block on president trump's travel ban. new this morning, an "action news" viewer was there as police and firefighters save an elderly woman from a burning home. super bowl sunday is here, chester county natives matt ryan
7:00 am
takes to the biggest stage tonight. >> sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse of the ben franklin bridge. it's pretty out there this morning, is it cold is the question. >> let's go outside to chris sowers for the answer. hi, chris. >> reporter: yes, guys, it is cold once again this morning. the blustery winds the big story. we were in the upper single digits and low teens at this time. this morning they are very, very blustery especially compared to what we've been used to. when you step out the door, don't forget the winter coat, hat, gloves and scarves. don't forget to add layers. 22 is what it feels like with the wind in philadelphia. feels like 21 in allentown. 11 in the poconos. 19 in trenton. 28 in millville. feels like 21 degrees in dover. here's satellite and radar, so we have mainly clear conditions over the state of new jersey, but you can see how quickly the clou


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