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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 5, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon it is sunday february 5, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," developing news a court
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has can denied a federal requeso defend president donald trump immigration ban we have a battle brewing in the wake ahead. a break in a murder case in new york city details about the man police have in custody after a runner was murdered on the side of the road. >> it's super bowl sunday and the countdown to kickoff is on. meteorologist chris sowers has a warmup in the week ahead. >> reporter: we do, good afternoon, nydia, it feels good out here right now, the winds is a died down. skies are brightening up a little bit. that's making a difference in temperatures. we're 39 in philadelphia. look at the jump south and east, 44 in millville and atlantic city. 42 for dover. 42 in cape may. 44 in allentown, 37 degrees in trenton. where the skies are attempting to brighten up a little bit, the
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numbers are starting to jump the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, that will be the trend this afternoon clouds giving way to some sunny breaks. it should be a nice finish to the weekend overall. 47 degrees is where we top things out, clouds and sun mix, windchill will be in the upper 30s. for february that's not that bad. when i come back we'll talk about rain chance in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tuesday into wednesday, funk 47 sounds mild, wait until you see what happens organ wednesday him all that is coming up in ten minutes. guys. the big to her -- story on "action news," there's another development in the legal battle over president trump's travel ban. a federal appeals court denied the request by the department of justice to reinstate the ban.
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[chanting] [. >> reporter: the news comes after the protests outside the president of a home in florida where's spending the weekend. the travel ban remains blocked. >> bob brooks is live in the satellite center tore what else next. hi, bob. >> reporter: gray and nydia, that legal battle is underway and a lot of people are trying to come into the united states while the ban is suspended. for many they see the current suspension of president trump's travel ban as a window of opportunity to get back inside the u.s. this family was given visas after working for the u.s. government, but they were sent back to iraq when the order came down a week ago. now they are on their way here. >> i'm happy to announce we're cleared to travel to the united states. >> reporter: in boston some walked on u.s. ground they couldn't believe it happened. a syrian born u.s. citizen has
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relief after waiting for his mother to return home from saudi arabia. it's been an emotional rollercoaster. in seattle the judge suspended order. the u.s. justice department requested an emergency motion while it makes appeals. the federal court denied the request. the executive order sought to ban people from seven muslim majority countries to prevent people from entering the county for 90 details and indefinitely spend refugees for syrian refugees. this yemeni green card holder is back in the u.s., he was in turkey visiting his fiance, he goes to college in tennessee. as for a timetable when the ban will be reinstated that is not
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clear as the legal battle continues throughout the week. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> ng -- thank you for the update. when the executive order was overturned the president took to twitter to express his displeasure. he called the justice behind the judgment a so-called judge. george stephanopoulos spoke to mike pence about the comments. >> reporter: is it right for the president to say so-called judge doesn't that undermine the powers written in the constitution right next-door. >> i don't think it does, i think the american people are customed to this president speaking his mind and speaking very straight with them. >> in response to the federal coulter's lifting of the travel ban iran which was one of the seven country named in the executive order has announced it
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will grant visas to the u.s. wrestling team after all. the new announcement came in the form of a tweet by the foreign minister. the u.s. wrestling team is scheduled to compete in the 2017 free style world cup later this month. an 81-year-old woman is in critical after being rescued from a house fire in new jersey. this is the video from deptford. the fire started at 3:00 a.m., the victim who was rescued by firefighters and police was bed ridden. her son got out safely and without help. nobody was hurt. super bowl xi is less than 7 hours away, spotlight is on this year's host cities, houston, texas.
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my old friend jeff is live outside energy stadium with the preview. nice to see you. >> reporter: you know what, nydia and gray it is party all the time in houston. you cannot start the football game until the barbecue is on the girl and the tailgaters are in the tailgate lot. the city of houston spending a year to get ready for this moment. the fans. >> falcons. >> reporter: the players, the excitement, all the pieces are in place for a historic super bowl showdown in houston. >> we're going to win. >> reporter: the headlines, the veteran versus the first timer. tom brady has 4 championship rings, matt ryan is hoping to win the falcons their first. brady is faces more than one
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opponent the 39-year-old battling the ghost of deflate gate and the four game suspension at the beginning of the season. >> it was litigated sunny, expensively, we're moving on from that. >> reporter: while both men brush over the controversy, he showed emotion while talking to reporters. >> i think my dad is my hero, he is someone i look up to everyday. >> reporter: so far both teams are embracing the festive atmosphere. >> this is an opportunity of a lifetime ever since i was a little kid. i didn't think i would go to the nfl. >> reporter: some acting like fans, as well like going to the lady gaga show. other big names getting involved luke bryant will sing the national anthem, and former president george hw bush recently released from the hospital will do the ceremonial
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coin flip with wife barbara. nydia and gray, more than 1 million people coming to the city of houston during this week to experience the nfl. i got to tell you, only 71,000 fans lucky enough to get a ticket to watch super bowl live inside energy stadium. local law enforcement and verizon is working together to monitor cell phone traffic to make sure nothing hams. reporting live jeff elling, channel 6 "action news." matt ryan's church is lifting him up, flyers were pals out at saint philips and james church in exton. the cover of the flier shows students forming the number two, ryan's jersey number. >> all right, there's still much more to come on sunday
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afternoon. an apparent miracle in arizona that helped restore a woman's eyesight. meteorologist, chris sowers will be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> new york police are expected to speak to the media after a person of interest was taken into custody in connection with the murder of karina vetrano after she went for a run last
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august. the suspect is in his 20s abbey been a suspect for several months. her family spoke out earlier this week, 6 months to want day after she was found dead. >> her last moment alive wasfying this evil savage, we cannot let her efforts go in vain. an autopsy ruled the death a homicide the report saying she was strangled. doctors have been unable to explain how an arizona had gone blind suddenly got her sight back, the woman said she can't explain it. she believes it is a miracle. she was diagnosed with benign inter craneial hypertension. in january of last year, saint joseph's church in phoenix displayed a relic of a 19 city
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lebanese monk. she prayed to him. she said she felt something happening. >> i felt my body different, like wiping my eyes and they burned. >> three days later her eyesight was restored, the doctors who reviewed the case took her two two specialists who had not treated her and her records and concluded this. >> the rapid recovery is something that's not -- that we can't explain medically. the bishop believes it isa healing by god through the inter session of the saint. very powerful. >> reporter: all right. >> are you okay? >> reporter: i can't stop sneezing.
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i timed it out perfectly. >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: let's go live on sky6 live hd looking live from our city hall camera. folks having a good time doing ice skating. temperatures climbed from the upper 30s to the low 40s, the winds have eased. it feels better out there right now. you can see the young ones taking advantage of it. let's flip it over to the radars, appears it's snowing, but it's not, the air is dry, as the moisture falls through the dry air it evaporates. all we're seeing are cloudy conditions. 39 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 18. pressure is holding steady. winds out of the west/southwest at 15 miles per hour. here comes another sneeze. 44 in millville. 44 in dover. wilmington, 40 degrees, atlantic city, 44. allentown, 4.
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trenton, 37 degrees, those are actual air temperatures. when you factor in the winds it feels cooler not as bad as yesterday at this time, but there's still a bit of a windchill. 31 in philadelphia. allentown, 34. poconos feels like 17 and 32 degrees the freezing mark in trenton. satellite and radar along with action radar showing cloud cover still left behind from this little bout of moisture here, passing on by to the north. this is just a clipper system passing by upstate new york snow showers up there. you can see the skies, the clouds are thinning out to the south, places like cape may, millville, dover you're seeing a little bit of sunshine. that should increase as the day wears on. as we go across the country there's not much going ton to talk about except for this right here, showers to the south where they are playing the super bowl later on. this will start to fill in later this afternoon and into the evening hours, that becomes the rainmaker. it pulls up the coast tuesday and wednesday.
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future tracker 6, we'll say sun and clouds the rest of the way, nice finish to the weekend. overnight tonight, it's clear and beautiful. a lot of sunshine, mild temperatures, tomorrow, perhaps is the best day in the seven-day forecast. looks really, really good. tuesday here comes the southern storm i was showing you on the radar. you will see a little bit of rain pull through in the morning hours, lots of clouds and a bout in the afternoon. it's not too terribly heavy just scattered showers. the winds will pick up on the backside, as well. it will be all rain, because temperatures shoot up to 60 degrees 5:00 p.m. tuesday afternoon. by 9:30, 61 in philadelphia. 60 in millville and close to 60 in trenton. those continue through thursday morning before a cold front comes in and knocks the numbers down by thursday. 47 degrees is the high winds out of the west/southwest 10 to
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20 miles per hour. overnight tonight, 28 degrees across the outlying suburbs, 32 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows here comes the mild stuff right here. 47 today. 48 degrees for tomorrow. keep in mind the normal for this time of the year is 42. so every one of these days well above seasonal averages. periods of rain tuesday, 54. wednesday, 60 degrees, and thursday and friday we see the cold front come through, the numbers drop in the upper 30s maybe snow showers on thursday. >> thanks chris. and we'll be right back. >> all right, folks, so glad
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you stayed with us, 12:20, 39 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you a "live" with kelly and michael of the ben franklin bridge. meteorologist chris sowers says temperatures will not escape the 40s today, but there's a warmup on the way.
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in "healthcheck" at noon, february is heart health month to celebrate, dozens of people woke up early to get their blood pumping in cherry hill, it was the jcc annual bike-a-thon. all the proceeds will be donated to the american heart association. if you're going to the super bowl don't forget about food safety. most food born illness occurs in the home clean, separate, cook and chill. first keep your hands clean, use separate tools and plates for preparing meats and appreciate produce, cook all foods they thoroughly and use a thermometer for meat. don't keep anything unchilled for more than two hours. students in delaware are ready to root for a player with local roots.
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on friday st. mary's school held a rally for a linebacker on the atlanta falcons. "action news" caught up with his coach from concord high school. the thing that strikes me the most how hard he worked on and off the field in the classroom. a great young man we're proud he is playing at the next level. >> take a look at what he wrote in his 8th grade yearbook. he wanted to be a pro football player. dream big and work hard. much more to come on "action news" including sports. jeff skeverski has a big honor for matt o'donnell the other super bowl contender with local ties, that's next.
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♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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center nrg stadium in houston, texas, that's where the super bowl is today. >> jeff skeverski has more on the showdown, plus the nfl new hall of fame class it's all in sports. >> reporter: brian dawkins was so emotional he would scream after making big plays, eagles fans showing that same emotion after the former eagle safety and receiver, terrell owens owen both failed to get elected to the football hall of fame. cutter warner -- kurt with with.
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matt ryan got m.v.p. the sixers were in big trouble in miami, joel embiid was ruled out for the rest of the road trip. okafor was supposed to to start in miami, but his knee is giving him trouble, a late scratch against miami. wideside white 0 hot 30 points and 20 rebounds. sixers held 17 points in the first. they get within five, but it goes south from there in south beach, 125-102, they have lost three straight for the first time in five weeks. flyers coach is not read to
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go back to the future, the young star rookie, benched again yesterday against l.a. for the second straight game. without him, the flyers attempted to send the kings out and back to l.a. without knowing what hit them. it didn't work. second period, scoreless, flyers 17 shots on goal. even when he was caught off guard, he catches up, makes the stave, symptoms 27 shots in overtime, jeff carter, the former flier won it. only sydney crosby has more goals. flyers lost one-zip in overtime. villanova criminals jenkins hit one of the -- chris jenkins hit the biggest shot in his
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basketball history, but that shot is mia. with nova on fire early on, bridge a 3, cats start the game on a 10-0 one. freshman from wilmington, career high 20 second half they runaway with it. josh hart, two of his 26. villanova 92-79 it is their 13th straight w over st. john. speaking of college hoops, temple in action later today. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day.
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12:30 a.m., trump's travel ban on hold, the legal fight over his executive order and the rush for visa holdsers to get back in the u.s. a thief a nine-year-old girl scout wants your help tracking down after being targeted while selling cookies in center city. the mystery surrounding a message in a bottle at the jersey shore. it's a mystery one couple wants to solve, those stories, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chilly out there, chris? >> reporter: earlier the
12:31 pm
windchills were in the upper teens and low 20s. 33 in pottstown, quakertown, chilly to the north. center city is closing in on 40. chester is already there. levittown 39. the numbers are milder the farther south and east you go, vienldz -- vienldz vineland and gandys beach 44, woodbine, 42. here's the close-up shot on satellite and radar. you can see how the clouds are beginning to thin out a little bit at the bottom of the screen. far southern portions, southern new jersey and the state of delaware are the clouds are thinning out a little bit that's allowing the temperatures to climb now. the wider view shows the back edge of cloud deck pushing through pittsburgh as i speak. we should see a combination of sun and clouds the rest of the way. gradual clearing, overnight tonight, the skies go clear, the temperatures don't drop that much, 47 degrees for the
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forecasted high. we should reach that around 5:00 p.m. the numbers slowly pull back later this evening, and into the overnight. when i come back in just a few minutes, we'll talk about the storm system heading this way, rain for tuesday and wednesday, you snow lovers there's a chance for you on thursday, i'll focus on that in the seven day. guys? >> we continue to follow developments on president trump's immigration ban. for now, the president's executive order is on hold. overnight a federal appeals court denied the request from the justice department to reinstate the travel ban. on friday, a federal judge in seattle granted a temporary restraining orderly against the executive order. the doj repealed calling the -- appealed calling the order lawful. visa holders responding to
12:33 pm
the travel ban are rushing to the u.s. before rules change again. in boston, people cheered as passengers set food on u.s. soil days after they feared they would never paycheck making it back into the country. a yemeni green card holder has returned to tennessee where's going to college. he was visiting his fiance in turkey when the travel ban was taking effect. president trump spoke to fox news in an extensive interview set to air before the super bowl. >> reporter: do you respect putin? >> i do. >> reporter: why. >> i respect a lot of people that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with him. he is a leader of his country. i say it's better to get along with russia than not. if they help us in the fight against isis and islamic terrorism all over the world, major fight.
12:34 pm
>> reporter: putin is a killer. >> there are a lot of killers, we've got a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? >> u.s. intelligence concluded in a declassified report that russia influenced the race for the white house in trump's favor. mike pence is keeping his focus on the supreme court nominee. he was in philadelphia to speak to members of the federalist society inside the historic congress hall. he said nobody is more qualified than neil gorsuch. a sentiment that everyone agreed with. >> after president bush nominated him to the 10th circuit court of appeals he got the highest possible recommendation. >> he is in the mainstream he is an originalist and textualist which are important qualities. >> vice president pence noted
12:35 pm
that gorsuch is hard at work meeting with a dozen senators and willing to meet with all 100. senators are meeting on what could be a historic pick for education betsy devos has been criticized for her lack of experience. gop leaders say they expect the other 50 republican senators to approve devos leaving vice president mike pence to break a tie. it would be the first time a vice president would be required to break a tie on a cabinet nomination. >> we're working to get you an update on a woman hit by a pole walking on a center city sidewalk. this happened before 2:00 p.m. along the 700 block of chestnut street. a driver lost control and hit the pole and the pole fell on
12:36 pm
top of the victim. she was taken to jefferson hospital where she was last lifted in stable condition. a 9-year-old girl scout said a man stole money out of her pocket selling cookies in center city. it happened in broad daylight on the 400 block of south 15th street. they think the thief got away with between 50 and $100. >> he took the money, the money out from my pocket, my apron pocket and he just ran around the corner into the alley. >> people nearby heard what happened and tried to chase the suspect, but he got away. there's a store with a surveillance camera facing where the theft happened, but they are not sure it was recording at the time of the incident. >> super bowl xi is hours away, the department of homeland
12:37 pm
security said dozens of local state and federal agencies will be on handle lending extra security support surrounding the events. so far preparations have gone smoothly. >> all eyes around the world will be on the event. we need to make sure we are prepared. i got to tell you this morning, walking around with kathy, we are prepared. the public is being asked to keep their eyes and ears open and immediately report any suspicious activities to authorities. officials say at this point ins ins -- there is no credible threat to the super bowl. >> the super bowl is not just a big deal for houston, it's a big deal for one town in ohio. [cheers and applause]. that was the scene in the home of the wilson football factor. wilson has been producing the footballs used in the super bowl for 51 years, to celebrate they lowered a 10-foot wide football
12:38 pm
by crane new year's eve style to mark the beginning of super bowl sunday. action cam was clear view regional high school gloucester county this morning. this is where volunteers made hundreds of hoagies for the annual hoagies for hope super bowl fundraiser. you can buy the hoagies until 2:00 p.m. by going to the clear view regional high entrance located on the 600 block of break neck road in mullica hills. the funds -- fundraiser helps four local children with medical conditions. today is the last day of the auto show. hundreds ever flashy autos on display. this time last week, 77,000 people visited the auto show it's largest opening sunday
12:39 pm
ever. the doors stay open until 6:00 p.m. it's a discovery that's inspiraled books and movies, music, finding a message in the bottle. >> one story has come to life. >> it's created curiosity for one new jersey couple. >> reporter: vince was walking with his dogs after last week was a nor'easter when he spotted something strange on the beach. there left behind by the violent surf looked like an old liquor bottle with a note inside. >> when i saw it, i was going to pass by it, message in a bottle i picked it up, and there was a message in there. >> on stationary from canard cruise line. it set if you pick this up, call me or write me.
12:40 pm
>> it was something that it was from england. >> i want to know why he did it, i want to know was it just a fun thing to do or a numbers from england in israel note. they have tried to text, e-mail and call, so far no response. >> hopefully stewart will contacts us and resolve the mystery. >> reporter: you may remember back in september another bottle was found in sea isle city, the heartbreaking message read in part, i'm calling to make new friends i only have three friends, i'm very, very lonely. the writer was never identified. the note vince discovered was not -- whether or not the bottle was tossed from a cruise ship or travel across the atlantic it is what's keeping the family entertained. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> the new report on homeless
12:41 pm
insist and college students that's helping to shine a spotlight on a growing problem in american universities. >> first, one mile of inspiration, one woman's incredible story of getting back on her feet after she lost a leg. sky6 live hd looking live at spring mountain, look at all the skiers out there. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, a nurse who spent much of her life helping others has received a lot of help from family and friends after having part of her leg amputated. she had to undergo the amputation after something went wrong during routine surgery on her foot. she had spent months trying to overcome the shock and getting her life back. this past week she took a giant step in her recovery by running
12:44 pm
her first mile ever. >> it doesn't have to be perfect but it's in the attitude of going forward. that's what i want them to see, even when bad things happens you have to as you can -- suck i felt -- it up because there will be good days and bad days. some rebuilt her bathroom and built a ramp making it easier foreto get around. septa is looking for riders who found romance on a septa bus train or trolley. submit your tales of true love for the next two weeks. you will win a septa pass and 100-dollar dunkin' donuts gift card. we have more on and the
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6abc news app. >> a little love on the bus. >> reporter: i've got some love for you. [laughter]. and everybody else who loves mild weather. let's get you outside and show you what's geeing on. we have mainly cloudy conditions as we look from our city hall camera. you notice we're seeing brightening now, the clouds are beginning to thin out especially south and east of philadelphia. where the clouds are thinning is where the numbers are starting to pop. take a look at the numbers behind me. these are air temperatures, 44 to south jersey, and 34 north and west, this is where the cloud cover is thicker this afternoon. philadelphia is splitting the difference showing 39. trenton, 37. poconos chilly up there, 27 degrees with the windchill of 17. 31 in philadelphia. 34 in wilmington, not much of a windchill south and east, pretty close to the actual air temperature. we're showing ho to millville and -- 40 to millville and cape may. temperatures should get into the mid 40s, the winds will make it
12:46 pm
feel like the upper 30s. the air temperatures suggest mild, but with the winds it will feel cooler than that, so just, be prepared. satellite and radar there's cloud cover sitting to the south. there's the back edge of that cloud deck right there. all this is pushing rapidly to the east, it will allow sunshine to get in here later this afternoon. future tracker 6 sun and clouds, overnight tonight we'll go partly cloudy, that sets a nice day tomorrow, perhaps the nicest day in the entire seven-day forecast. clear conditions, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40s. clouds increase monday night, that sets up tuesday, tuesday looks gray and gloomy, perpdz of of -- periods of rain, some it steady at times and patchy fog and it will continue through wednesday morning. the pattern changes again. this is the midweek storm that will come at us in pieces.
12:47 pm
the first part of the storm, tuesday into wednesday that low will move just like this, this is cold air coming out of the rockies. as this flops to the south we get into wednesday night the temperatures drop, the low develops here, that low is forecasted to track like this brushing the delaware and the lehigh valley, should that logo chester to the region, all of a sudden we could find ourselves in a snow effort for thursday. rounds number one, tuesday into wednesday, that's rain. rounds number two we'll post snow showers on thursday, which is the potential for being a little bit more than that. we'll see how things play out, we'll keep you updated throughout the week. for today, temperatures in the mid 40s, clouds and sunny breeze, dover, 46, you're nearly there already. trenton, 45. atlantic city, 49. overnights tonight, cloudy skies, mainly clear after midnight and chilly,
12:48 pm
temperatures in the upper 20s, close to 30 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a couple of nice ones coming up today, clouds and sun, quiet, 47. mostly sunny monday, 48. periods of rain tuesday 54 lingers into wednesday morning, clearing in the afternoon, 60. snow showers thursday, 38. friday and saturday, nice and quiet. guys. >> thank you, remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live radar at any time
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right now at philadelphia international airport, 12:50 p.m., 39 degrees, unseasonable warm this week a little rain tuesday into wednesday, on wednesday we'll be 60 degrees, it's no secret a rising cost of tuition is higher
12:51 pm
and food and housing has made it go higher. here's abc's maggie ruly with the story. >> reporter: besides worrying about grades and internships and finding a job after college, she was worrying where she was going to sleep at night. >> keep up my studies here and where are we going to hit. when the housing crisis hit the family lost their home, her mom got sick with kidney disease. >> it got to a point where we were staying in the county hospital we were going floor to floor to sneak around security. >> reporter: she became her mom's full time caretaker while trying to work and go to college. >> i do have a job i'm going to school i'm doing everything right, but coming up short.
12:52 pm
>> reporter: the cal state university system starting pointed the largest and most comprehensive study to date looking at homeless students. early findings show that one in ten students don't know where they will sleep and one in four don't know where they will find their next meal. instead of dropping out she reached out and become the first student to participate in the students emergency intervention program. they helped find her a job and set her up with emergency meals and grants and on going counselling and temporary housing. the school launch the the students run food campus on campus. in addition to food donations, toiletries are needed. two thousand students used the pantry since it opened in august. the numbers keep growing. >> if we don't or don't have school supplies how can i do well in school. >> reporter: shelby is months
12:53 pm
away from graduating and acceptedded into the accreditation program to become a history teacher. >> i got my degree, it's so amazing. >> what a great project. >> when "action news" continues we'll have an update on the top stories. >> plus a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll be right back. >> recapping our top stories on
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
"action news," thousands of refugees and immigrants from seven mostly muslim countries in the middle east are heading to the united states after an appeals court upheld for now a federal judge's ruling that
12:56 pm
blocked president trump's travel ban. police and firefighters rescued an 81-year-old woman from her burning home in deptford, new jersey, she is in critical condition. her son who lives in the house escaped without injury. there is no word whether there were smoke detecters inside the home. we know one local group rooting for the atlanta falcons super bowl. they are members of saints philip and james catholic church in exton, chester county. ryan played football for the parish's elementary school. >> we'll see what happens tonight. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i tried to wear the red tie, i'm looking forward to this game it's going to be a shootout, at least i'm hoping so. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds and sun, this afternoon mild high of 47. windchills around 40. tomorrow, good, sunny, 48 degrees, tuesday is gray and gloomy, high of 54. the temperatures looks nice, lots of clouds and periods of
12:57 pm
rain. 60 by wednesday, leftover morning rain and maybe, maybe a little bit of snow for thursday. >> there was like 2 or 3 maybe. >> reporter: two. >> two rhinos at an iowa zoo made the super bowl pick winner. one was labeledded for the atlanta -- labeled for the falcons and the other for the patriots. the house is a divided one. baby chose the patriots and mom went with the falcons to lose super bowl 51. "fyi philly" is next. >> "action news" continues tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you right back here next weekend!
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly >> salut. >> it's our annual valentines special. >> love. >> from sweets for your sweetie >> these are beautiful. >> to bling for your beloved, >> consider us your go-to guide for love. >> champagne and strawberries with everything from romantic nests. what a view. to a special way to show your devotion. >> someone got engaged right here! >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly! we are at the ritz carlton philadelphia on the avenue of the arts. >> and this place is just oozing with luxurious love. very nice touch. >> valentine's day is the most romantic night of the year. >> and a great way to warm up a dismal and cold february. >> we've got lots of ideas for you and your sweetheart to celebrate your love. >> starting with that h


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