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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 7, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," fierce flames engulf two stories of a philadelphia row home overnight. >> septa's train troubles continue. we're live keeping you ahead of what could be a crowded commute. >> storm tracker6 is picking up rain for parts of the morning rush, then temperatures reach springlike highs for the next two days. >> good morning out there, it is 5:30 now on this tuesday february 7th. let's find out more about that accuweather with dave murphy and karen rogers is helping you with your commute. good morning. >> well, we've had some early showers but in both cases they are starting to push out of the region. showers pushing off the coast in south jersey, garden state parkway may be a little wet and showers also leaving berks county now and starting to push out of the lehigh valley as well. notice how there is some blue on the model just to the north and east of allentown. that's storm tracker6's way of showing you where there might be some frozen precipitation and we do have a freezing rain advisory until 10 o'clock in northampton county, points toward the east and then all the way up into the poconos where up until 10:00 any precipitation you get could be
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freezing up on the roadways so if you've got roads that look a little wet up there, slow it down up until about 10 o'clock just in case there is some iciness. the rest of us are just going to see all rain. and speaking of which, there is more of that coming east of pittsburgh now plowing toward the center portion of pennsylvania and we think after about nine or 10 o'clock this batch is going to come through and we'll have periods of rain up until about midday, maybe 1 o'clock and then we start to dry out a bit. 41 degrees in philadelphia ahead of all of this so getting the table set for all rain in the i-95 corridor. 42 in wilmington. again, a little cooler up in allentown, 35 degrees. 34 in the poconos and up in here in some areas between these reporting stations it is possible that we have temperatures below freezing so if more rain comes in, again up until about 10 o'clock slow it down. the rest of us are dealing with all rain and boy are we going to see mild temperatures today. 44 degrees by 7 o'clock, 54 by noon. by 3 o'clock most of your rain is dying down and we wind up with a 60-degree high today and still around 58 at 7 o'clock and 57 at 7 o'clock
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so if you have plans to do something outdoors maybe get some errands done, the afternoon looks really good after about 1 o'clock or so. looks like record tying high temperatures above 60 tomorrow. and then a plunge tomorrow night cold enough in fact that we could get some snow by thursday morning. i'll have all of this crazy stuff in the seven-day forecast, karen. mother nature all over the place this morning. >> yeah, you got to a lot to talk about there. we have a lot happening here as we look live in new jersey mount laurel burlington county we're watching a vehicle fire. we can see police on the scene, the flashing lights and already a backup forming. this is happening in mount laurel right on 295. it's northbound just north of route 38 and look how the delay has formed kind of quickly here even at this early hour. we've got the two right lanes blocked, just one lane squeezing by. kind of hard to tell from this if any of this is flames that we're seeing or just the brightness from the emergency workers on the scene but watching this carefully. a vehicle fire in mount laurel burlington county blocking two lanes in a busy area 295 just
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north of route 38. looking on route 42 right now still dry in this area. we're looking here and northbound. you see light volume coming up from turnersville or deptford but as we go further south it's a little wet here on the garden state parkway at the cape may toll plaza here so looking in upper township cape may county, no big problems but a wet road as those showers are exiting the coastline now. the other big story is with the market frankford line. we continue to have not enough cars on the market frankford line so they do have the shuttle buses on standby through the morning commute. yesterday it wasn't a big problem because they had lighter volume but we have to see what happens with today so be careful. definitely give yourself some extra time and you might want to take the trolleys between west philadelphia and center city as they're not running at full capacity matt. >> let's continue with that karen. this is day two of a reduced fleet on septa's market frankford el and today as you heard karen allude to could be its first real test. the agency acknowledged there was lighter passenger volume on monday morning the day after the super bowl probably a connection. "action news" reporter annie
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mccormick is live at the frankford transportation center to continue our coverage. annie. >> reporter: yeah, matt, and septa can't say exactly why they had less people on the trains yesterday whether like you said it was the super bowl or because they were anticipating delays so they chose a different way to get to work but either way they did not have any major delays yesterday but today they are expecting to have more because they do expect their normal amount of rider ship to be on the rails today. in a minute i'm going to show you the crack that is at the center of this problem. well, dozens of train cars are out of service on the market frankford line. this is the 8-inch crack. that is why. a maintenance worker found it over the weekend. the crack was found through a support beam called a body bolster. from there maintenance crews found two cars with bolster cracks, 58 more with cracks in an adjoining vent. now today and septa down about 30 to 40 cars during their peak travel time this morning so the concern is the cracks begin in the vents and spread. septa officials don't have a
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time line on repairs. they're still working on figuring out why it's happening and how to fix it. but septa is stressing that safety is their main concern. >> oh, it is a complicated area and it's the highest stressed area of that beam so we want to move quickly but we don't want to rush and make a mistake that would create another problem. >> reporter: and the shuttle buses again will be on hand. yesterday only a small portion of them were used. if you're wondering again if i get there how do i know whether or not use it septa will have personnel on the platforms. they really only want to rely on those shuttle buses if there is crowding on the market frankford line trains or on the platforms. those personnel that are out there today will make that decision for you and point you in the right direction. for now reporting live in frankford, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam, back to you. >> thank you annie. get more coverage o septa's
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rail car concerns on the 6abc app. >> new this morning a two alarm fire gutted the upper floors of a philadelphia row home then spread to another home. a viewer shared this dramatic video with "action news." the intense flames brought neighbors to their porches to see what was going on. this happened on the 3500 block of jasper street in the city's port richmond section around 1:00 this morning. no injuries have been reported. and also happening today, a court hearing is that scheduled for a bucks county handyman police say he sexually abused children going back over 40 years. 58-year-old william thomas of morrisville worked at various trailer parks in falls township. when authorities recently raided his trailer they found more than a thousand images of child pornography among other disturbing items. officials say they know of at least six victims but they suspect there may be a lot more out there. if you have any more information, you think they should know about this case, they are asking you to contact them.
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>> ♪ >> 5:36 and the high stakes legal fight over president trump's executive order on immigration continues today. a three judge panel from the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco will hear oral arguments on an appeal by the white house to reinstate the ban. judge james robart of the western district of washington state blocked the travel ban on friday night. a speaking marathon is going on right now on the senate floor to protest the president's education nominee. this is a live look at the senate chambers where the senator from oregon is speaking right now. he has been since 5:00 a.m. he tweeted to his followers that he has the 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. shift so he has about 23 more minutes to go of straight talking. pennsylvania senator bob casey took his turn at around midnight. democrats are unhappy with the nomination of betsy devos for education secretary. they are seeking to convince one more republican to vote against her and break a 50-50 tie. they have until noontime to vote on the nomination. if things stand as they are
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now, vice president mike pence would cast the tie breaking vote. devos has advocated for school choice and voucher programs. >> police trying to crack down the thieves who broke into lower merion high school and made off with all the kobe bryant memorabilia. it happened sometime over the weekend. investigators say all the memorabilia from that bryant's career at the school was stolen from a showcase. that includes the 1996 state championship trophy and a signed replica jersey. bryant is a 1996 graduate of the sky who. >> they're material items but for us they're important. they remind us of a really exciting and special time for the school community. >> now, while cool and sentimental officials say the items do not carry substantial monetary value. high school officials and police respect reviewing surveillance video from cameras inside and outside the schoolly. >> billionaire casino owner carl icahn now plans to sell the trump taj mahal citing a failed new jersey senate bill as the last straw.
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the measure would have stripped away the gambling license. even though governor christie vetoed that same bill, icahn responded by saying he's no longer interested in investing $100 million in that needed renovations. >> all right. nice this morning david but you say take the umbrella with you. i went back inside to grab it this morning. >> good, because especially after about 9, 10 o'clock up until about 1 o'clock this afternoon we'll have periods of rain coming through. after that, not as bad. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that right now there are a couple of spots of precipitation, it looks like showers down along the coast have now cleared the coast, so wet roads should be drying out there before too much longer. but that area up north we have had an issue. allentown starting to dry out now as is easton but notice how we do have that area of blue just to the north and east of easton and in northampton county and points north and east, there is the chance of some freezing rain and even though you're drying out right now, check out that many extra little blip coming into the left-hand portion of your screen around lebanon.
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any little blip of precipitation like that heading up into northampton county between now and about 10 o'clock could freeze up on roads so do be careful. same goes for the poconos. stepping outside we got cloudy skies across the region. at the airport haven't had a lot of rain so far, so that's good and temperatures are mild. 41 degrees in philadelphia, winds light out of the north at 5 miles per hour and most of the area is in the mid 30's up north around the lehigh valley but in the 40-degree range closer to philadelphia and points south. so, mild this morning. there's the rain that came through earlier. there is another batch coming in from the west by about 9, 10 o'clock this morning and between about 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock up until about 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock you'll have periods of rain across most of the region. every now and then there's a steady cell but then you could see how during the afternoon things get better and we start to dry out. at the same time the numbers go up. 49 degrees by 10 o'clock. 54 by noon. probably still a little damp around here but if you have plans to head out this afternoon, you're probably
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largely dry by 3 o'clock and we're going get a high of 60 and still hold close to and 60 by 6 o'clock so a really good afternoon. lots of clouds but really mild for this time of year. we'll only hit about 50 in allentown but there you see those low 60's and highs close to it as we head through the i-95 corridor down toward the shore. then tomorrow 63 degrees, a record tying high with clouds, some sun. the problem is that a cold front is pushing away from us and at night colder air is going to roar back into the region, we'll get into the 30's and the next precipitation looks like it's very quickly going to be snow. by 4:30 in the morning we'll have snow just about everywhere across the region. it does look like this filters off the coast by about 1 o'clock. in the meantime there's the chance of some accumulation. now the latest models are suggesting anywhere from about maybe 3-inches up to about 5 inches in philadelphia. this may be overselling it a little bit. we're thinking more along the lines of one to three but it could go a little higher than that and again that is overnight thursday in through thursday morning. cloudy with rain at times today, a high of 60. 63 with that snow arriving at
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night on wednesday, the 63 in the afternoon but temperatures crashing overnight to 34. and then thursday just 35 degrees with snow in the morning. now, because we've been so mild these two days, it's possible that that snow will have a hard time initially sticking to road surfaces but i'd still look out for some slippery conditions potentially on thursday morning up until about midday. and then we got a couple of days where we're in the mid 30's. saturday back up to 49 and then 52 on sunday. mother nature obviously a little bit confused this february. >> or maybe we are. >> maybe we are. [laughter] >> all right. it is 5:42 and next up police release frightening surveillance video that shows a young girl fall from a subway platform. we'll show you her dramatic rescue. >> and hollywood's biggest night is less than three weeks away. see what some of the oscar nominees did for lunch yesterday. karen. >> can't wait to see the dresses. we're looking outside in chadds ford. this is 202 at baltimore pike. a couple police officers going by right now but other than that you're clear and dry and moving pretty nicely.
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we'll check on that vehicle fire in new jersey on 295 when we come right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look, the view there from the sky6 city hall camera looking over the
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gorgeous ben franklin parkway. it is 5:45 and 41 degrees right now. >> looking back yesterday, did you notice less traffic on the roads day after the super bowl? >> you know, somewhat, matt, but certainly on the regional rails we're thinking that as we didn't have as many people on the market frankford line and that was one of the reasons it wasn't so packed there the fact that they're short a couple of cars. 295 north of route 38 and we had a vehicle fire here. it just cleared a minute ago. we had a big delay on 295 right here in that mount laurel burlington county. that's your northbound traffic there. there was already thinning. that vehicle fire is cleared. route one at pennsylvania avenue live in morrisville bucks county expect extra traffic again here at the trenton-morrisville bridge because of the turnpike connector bridge continues to be shut down but for now you're looking good with lighter volume and we have construction started yesterday. it's going to last until march. it's in upper oxford township chester county eatontown road
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shut it down between saw mill road and hawkins road. stick to newark road as your alternate while they do some bridge retear. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we had showers that moved up the coast of the most of the area is dry. near trenton you have some showers, quakertown and pottstown just a sprinkle and allentown a sprinkle. it's up in northampton county and mount pocono where we have that freezing rain advisory. everywhere else it's mild. you can see that area of blue that's up north of flemington so out of our region right now. 41 degrees in philadelphia right now and we are going to be mild today. how does 60 sound? not bad. >> great. >> we're going to get wet, cloudy mild and periods of rain likely after the morning commute, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new this morning, a north carolina mother says a fellow day care worker really crossed the line breastfeeding the woman's child despite being told not to do it. pre-k teacher kaycee oxendine and the woman worked together in carrboro. the woman says the mother who has a two month old in the same class as oxendine's
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offered to breastfeed her son as a remedy for constipation. oxendine declined. security cameras caught her breastfeeding her son anyway a oxendine's son is lactose intolerant and ended up in the hospital. >> not only, you know, did you put your breast on my son, you also made my son sick. i would hate for any parent any family to have to go through what me and my family have had to go through. >> the day care worker was fired. police are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor child abuse but no charges have been filed. cameras captured frightening moments for a family in china. a little girl fell into a gap between a train and a platform. the mother screamed for help and people came rushing over. two men jumped down to help the little girl while police tried to contact the train conductor. the train was scheduled to leave literally just one minute later. the child in the end was okay but she definitely gave everybody a scare. ly. >> 5:48. a man had to be rescued after
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risking his own life to save a boy who fell through the ice. >> also we are helping you get fit in time for summer and today we're focusing on a tip to strengthen your core. >> ♪ tonight's special: longhorn favorites. get our outlaw ribeye, the longhorn salmon, or the parmesan crusted chicken. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak.
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>> a connecticut man is being called a hero after rescuing a boy from an icy pond. the 10-year-old fell into the frigid waters behind a school in milford. john o'rourke saw this and began crawling on the ice to save the boy. the ice then gave out and the man plunged into the water, too. while in the water the man managed to get the boy to shore. police arrived and this body cam footage shows how they pulled o'rourke to safety. both he and the boy were tine a hospital for observation.
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>> wow. >> yeah. >> scary scene there, right. >> uh-huh. >> let's take a look outside right now and check the roads for you. we're looking live in lionville chester county route 100 at 113. no problems just yet between the pennsylvania turnpike and the 30 bypass looking good. and we're dry right here in chester county. we have a disabled vehicle on the shoulder in west goshen township but on route 100 northbound at phoenixville pike. mass transit no problem so far except for market frankford line, don't forget there are dozens of cars shy today again dave so we expect some delays there all right karen. on the big board storm tracker6 live double scan shows rain departing the coast another departing allentown but there's in freezing rain issues up here and even if you just get an additional sprinkle up until about 10 o'clock in northampton county and points north careful because it could freeze up on the roads. 43 by 6 o'clock in philadelphia on the bus stop, 44 by 8 o'clock, a spotty shower is possible although most of the area for now looks dry on the bus stop until about 9 o'clock, kids will be in school by then and then we do good periods of rain and especially from about nine up until about 1:00 today.
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then we begin to seat rain filter away and boy does it get mild. it stays cloudy for your trip to the post office or the grocery store but a high of 60 this afternoon at 3 o'clock, tam. >> okay, thank you, david. now that super bowl sunday has passed the countdown is on to oscar sunday and the stars gathered for a class photo yesterday. it is taken during the annual oscar luncheon at the beverly hilton hotel in hollywood. among those honorees are two delaware county nominees. damien denzel. you can see if they do indeed walk off with the golden statue right here on 6abc when the oscars are host by jimmy kimmel on sunday february 26th. >> time right now 5:53. up next a lehigh valley college student describes what happened when she looked behind her in a car and there was a guy in the back seat. >> and also you could be owed
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a little money. a popular tv brand reached plummet tea million dollars settlement in the tri-state area. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> four minutes to 6:00 a.m. it's tuesday. good morning everyone. commodore barry bridge live on sky6, plane going up overhead there, just saw it there.
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41 degrees right now, some rain up in the north right now. more rain could happen later. getting up to an unseasonable high of 59 degrees. >> the search continues for a burglary suspect caught on surveillance inside the costco in king of prussia. police responded to the store at 1:00 in the morning yesterday for an alarm and they found a back door that was unsecured. they also discovered a broken case containing high end jewelry. police have not released the worth of those stolen items. and listen to this one. a lehigh valley woman got quite the scare when she discovered man hiding in the back seat of her car. 22-year-old reagan landis says she noticed a police officer walking around near her home off east emmaus avenue in allentown a few weeks ago but she says she thought nothing of it, just jumped into her car and started to head to work. landis says a few miles into her drive a man started talking to her from the back seat. can you imagine? police say 43-year-old allen ongere ran from officers during a traffic stop and hid in landis' car.
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landis convince convinced. >> a penn state fraternity under investigation in connection with a student's death. >> also planking with a twist. today's tip takes a classic move to the next level. that's coming your way at 6:20. >> ♪ this. is. everything.
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>> ♪ >> tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 7th. here's what's happening. >> a man accused of several child rapes in a bucks county -- is in a bucks county jail and police fear there are more victims. >> people were running for their lives when a naked man stole a taxi and tooled


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