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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 7th. here's what's happening. >> a man accused of several child rapes in a bucks county -- is in a bucks county jail and police fear there are more victims. >> people were running for their lives when a naked man stole a taxi and tooled it
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through philadelphia's rittenhouse square. >> we continues to follow the latest train troubles for septa as commuters try to tackle new problems along the market frankford el. >> let's talk about that a little bit more. karen is going to discuss that. david is taking a look at accuweather. good morning. >> i may change into the lighter jacket as we're only about 41 trees in philadelphia with not much wind. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. no big need for a umbrella as one batch of showers is moving off the coast the other one departing the allentown area but some additional sprinkles and showers to the west of gettysburg are rearing their heads and if you do see even a sprinkle up in northampton county or the poconos this morning, up until 10 o'clock be careful because there is a freezing rain advisory. there could be some spots where the rain freezes up on road surfaces up until 10:00. big batch of rain is farther to the west and that's going to be the main issue probably arrives after 9 o'clock this morning and then continues until about 1 o'clock. and then we start to dry out during the afternoon. temperatures are up to 45 in philadelphia currently. still 34 in allentown, so a
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winter coat might be a better idea up there or maybe even toward reading and trenton. 49 degrees in millville. and as we roll through the day gets really mild. most of the rain knocks off around 1 o'clock this afternoon and we stay cloudy and by 3 o'clock 60 and by 5 o'clock and even 7 o'clock not far below in 60-degree mark so very mild air coming up. could see a record high tomorrow and then the cold air crashes in with snow thursday morning. weird, right? we'll have the details coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. karen. >> rain, mild, snow, got it. all right, let's hit traffic right now because the big story continues to be the market frankford line. they are 30 to 40 cars short of what they need. yesterday we had lighter volume. we'll have to see how it evolves dan impact you but they have those shuttle buses on standby ready to help you out through the height of the morning commute which we are getting in right now so we'll see what happens now. modified schedule with the market frankford line. you might want to take the trolleys between west
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philadelphia and center city if you can to avoid problem there. let's look at the big picture. looking pretty good on the blue route, schuylkill still 40's and 50's even i-95 moving about 55 miles an hour. we do still have that fire location so watch for that one that seems to be causing an issue right now in that port richmond on jasper street. let's go outside live to mount laurel burlington county where we had a vehicle fire. it has since cleared. we can see traffic now the major delay is gone but we're still a little slow northbound right here just north of route 38. on route 42, you're fine here. that's your northbound traffic coming up from turnersville or deptford. looking good but we do have showers that have just exited the coat lin coastline. >> thank you, karen. court hearing for an alleged bucks county child rapist. authorities fear there could be more victims out there. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in fallsington bucks county with more on the story. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. investigators call him a parents' worst nightmare.
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william thomas expected to be arraigned here this morning charged with multiple counts of child rape. 58-year-old william thomas of morrisville is behind bars charged with multiple counts of child rape and sexual assault and possessing and manufacturing child pornography. the handyman lives in this trailer word of his arrest has reached his neighbors. >> he acted funny. he wouldn't let nobody in his trailer or anything. so, that's -- i was -- i'm shocked. still in shock. >> he was too nice of a guy and everything so i thought. all these years, you know, i mean looking at a monster. >> reporter: here's what thomas has looked like over time. investigators believe he's been assaulting children ranging in age from two to 10 for the last 40 years. they know of at least six victims including a relative. investigators seized over 1,000 sexually explicit and nude photos of children from inside his trailer. the evidence they found took
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days to process. >> he also possessed over 1,000 pairs of soiled little girls' underwear in his trailer. >> reporter: court papers show thomas kept detailed notes about his victims and what he did to them. some of his handwritten notes were left on a piece of plywood in another trailer he was doing work on. he ran a business called thomas construction doing jobs at trailer parks in bucks county. investigators say he would gain access to children by befriending them and their parents. >> he fixed stuff around my house and stuff and i had no clue he was a child molester. >> reporter: and officials say this investigation is nowhere close to being over and they do expect that there are more victims out there. we're live in fallsington katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thanks, katherine. a naked man took a dangerous joyride through rittenhouse square in a stolen taxicab. you see it right there. police say it all started when the man attacked a woman as she was getting out of that cab yesterday afternoon.
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the taxi driver says he got out to help the woman and that is when the man simply took his clothes off and took off with the cab. the man drove through rittenhouse square, hit three parked cars and crashed at 18th and walnut streets. >> crazy. it was crazy i mean, thank god it wasn't 5:30 and people weren't picking up their kids from school. >> the driver was taken to the hospital and is now facing assault and car theft charges. septa is anticipating an even busier commute along the train challenged market frankford el this morning. it saw a drop in riders the day after the super bowl. the agency pulled at least 40 rail cars out of service when engineers discovered cracks in the cars on friday. buses will once again be available to help supplement the el for peak service today. officials do not know what caused the cracks or how long it will take to repair the fleet. you can find more coverage of septa's rail car problems on and the 6abc news a. we will keep you updated on the agency's efforts to deal with this latest discovery. >> it is 6:06.
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a new jersey student died over the weekend has suspended operations while an investigation is under way. according to police, 19-year-old timothy piazza was injured when he fell down the stairs at the beta theta pi fraternity house overnight. first responder were not notified until the next morning. piazza died on saturday. police say fraternity members are cooperating. piazza of hunterdon count was an engineering major. >> maribel aber live at the nasdaq with times square. why leave your house at all, maribel? >> reporter: why indeed, matt. let's talk stocks first. modest losses for stocks yesterday as investors took a breathe after the recent rally. futures pointing to a you here open. reports on consumer credit job openings and foreign trade deficit due out today. new jersey residents will be able to play the other lottery from the comfort of their homes. governor chris christie has allowed lottery tickets to be
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sent by courier. courier services will be able to charge a fee but cannot collect a portion of a prize from a redeemed ticket. matt and tam, i value lottery ticket to go with an extra set of winnings please. >> you got it maribel. anything you want. >> that's an for she gets it. >> thank you maribel. >> if you want some rain rain you're win dag. >> we'll get a little bit of everything record highs rain and some snow before we're done. wow. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that the rain currently is beginning to move out as we take a look at that two dimensional overhead view. a couple sprinkles around reading. in northampton county and points north there's the possibility of any little sprinkle coming through freezing up on road surfaces. just cold enough up there in some spots for that to happen. additional rain in harrisburg and gettysburg on the way. mainly dry right now including up and down the delaware river around chester at the commodore barry bridge. temperatures also on the mild side in most neighborhoods.
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45 degrees in philadelphia. we have slipped into the upper 30's in wilmington and trenton and we're down to 34 in allentown. again, up in here is where you might have a little freeze upbetween now and say 10 o'clock. 49 degrees, no problem along the lines of freezing in millville. same thing in cape may at 46 degrees so milder the farther south you go. there goes the rain that we had a little bit earlier. future tracker6 shows you that by about 9 o'clock there will be another batch getting ready to push in and through the morning, up until 11 o'clock and beyond we do have off and on showers, some of them could be steady. then we get past about 1 o'clock and we really start to dry out. the rest of the afternoon just looks mostly cloudy. a high temperature up in allentown today, not bad, 50 degrees, mostly cloudy with periods of rain especially through about midday or so. down the shore same story, rain up until about midday and then 56 degrees with mainly cloudy skies after that. and in philadelphia we're going to go for a high of 60 this afternoon, wow, cloudy and mild, periods of rain up until about 1 o'clock. after that less and less rain
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so you can probably get out and get stuff done in the afternoon with very mild conditions. and overnight we only dip to 55 and while we're allowing for a spotty shower, there overall really isn't that much rain. then tomorrow 63 degrees. that will tie a record if we hit it set back in 1925. however, look how it is pushing away from us. later in the afternoon and evening the temperatures are going really plunge in a hurry and by overnight thursday it's going to get back into the 30's, cold enough to produce some snow. this a weird forecast. so, thursday morning at 5:00 a.m. look for it to be snowing just about everywhere. and that snow probably gets off the coast by about 1 o'clock. now, because it's so mild, the two previous days, the snow initially may have a hard time sticking to road surfaces but i would still allow for the potential for slippery conditions particularly since most of the models right now are calling for anywhere from 3-inches to maybe up to about five. now, these models may be overselling that a little bit but this far out even a couple of days out, obviously still a lot of disagreement in the models and kind of hard to hone in on exactly what's
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going to happen. i think you can tell from this though that this is probably going to be more of a minor snow versus a major event. but again, the thursday in the overnight hours into about noon that's your time period for the snow. 60 degrees cloudy with rain at times today. drier in the afternoon p63 tomorrow, some sun with the clouds, very mild. and then temperatures plunge overnight to 34 and we do have that chance of snow straight up until about midday thursday. thursday afternoon we dry out and then we're stuck with cold conditions friday, thursday and friday highs of 35 degrees brisk probably feeling like it's in the 20's. but mother nature of course has no idea what she wants to do this winter so how about 49 on saturday and 52 on sunday? >> i'll take it. >> whatever she wants, she can have. >> she's going have it either way. >> thanks, david. right now it is 6:11 and a life or death decision. up next, a police officer being commended for the way he dealt with an armed suspect. >> remote control. a tv maker settles claims that it tracks its customers. karen. >> we're live here in montgomeryville on 309 at
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dekalb pike where traffic is moving nicely, no big problems. how is it going on the schuylkill? we'll take that you live coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ from santander bank. >> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here on the city hall camera out across the plaza there to the ben franklin parkway which is lit
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up and beautiful. starting to see traffic build a little bit there. 6:14, 45 degrees out there. >> how is our good friend the schuylkill expressway doing this morning. >> i've got to say so far so good. we're seeing some building volume. we're trying to ease you into this morning's commute on a tuesday. looking live here on the schuylkill at girard, this is your eastbound traffic headed towards center city. if you're coming up from conshohocken or gladwyne you're about to hop on the schuylkill, more cars than we saw a little bitting a but no major delay and no problems just yet. no accidents fortunately on the schuylkill. west goshen township disabled vehicle route hundred at phoenixville pike. new castle county a multi vehicle accident involving a truck and a couple other vehicles on 295 southbound just between route 13 and i-95. police are here so expect some slowing in this area with a multi vehicle accident including a truck here on 295 in new castle county. and don't forget the pennsylvania-new jersey turnpike connector bridge still closed through at least april. so, get used to that one and that's been causing problems with some of your alternates.
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storm tracker6 3-d showing not a lot of rain in our region yet. roads are mostly dry for your morning commute but you can see the rain that's on its way. later this morning we'll get hit with rain at times but it's mild. 45 degrees in philadelphia, even in the lehigh valley you're above freezing but sitting just at the freezing mark in the poconos. that's way up in the poconos and northampton county you had that freezing rain advisory. the rest of us it's just rain with a nice high of 60. cloudy today, though, and periods of rain, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new this morning, police in texas release this video showing an officer make a split second decision that likely saved that suspect's life. last month officer jeff pane was chasing the suspect when the man stopped in a drive way and appeared to pull out a weapon. pane quickly determined it was a pocket knife not a gun and ordered his k-9 to take the man down. according to police, pane could have used deadly force in that situation. >> police say a man already accused of randomly murdering
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three women in the south has gone on the attack again. police say william boyette shot a woman during a home invasion yesterday but she will recover. boyette is the prime suspect in the killings of three other women along florida's panhandle and in alabama late last week. police believe 37-year-old mary rice is boyette's accomplice. she's accused of stealing the latest victim's car. a $100,000 reward is being offered for tips that lead to an arrest. >> you've seen the video of the cell phones that explode and catch fire but a surveillance camera was rolling when a laptop exploded in california. you can see two teens sitting on a couch near a laptop that was charging when suddenly it burst into flames. they blow out the flames unplug the computer and take it outside where it ignites again. the laptop ended up catching fire a total of four times. the family believes the fire was started by the laptop's lithium ion battery. dell is trying to determine the exact cause of that fire. >> in today's tech bytes a popular television maker
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accused of spying on its customers. >> regulators say vizio collected data through smart tv's without consent. the tv maker is paying $2.2 million to settle the charges. >> the company agreed to delete all information collected on customers. uber is moving closer to flying the friendly skies. >> ride hailing company is taking the neck step in developing flying car. uber hired nasa aircraft engineer who published a proposal on electric aircraft. >> and people can't get enough of lady gaga's music after that explosive halftime show. her digital record sales have now surged 1,000 percent since the super bowl. >> one of her biggest sellers is million reasons which she performed with 45,000 but her older hits saw a spike in sales as well. earworms from people singing it. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a good day. maybe almond breeze tastes so good
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>> ♪ >> hey everybody it's shoshana vitale. i have an awesome plank series
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i've been doing in my own classes that all my clients are a fan of. we'll go right down to the floor in a full arm plank getting that body in one line keeping the core nice and tight pulling the belly up from here. you go into a pike pressing the chest towards the thigh driving that right knee across the body left knee across the body then back down into the plank. you flow through this. three sets of 15. and you will feel it in the obliques and in the core. >> ♪ >> it looks simple but that's one by the end you will definitely feel it. remember you can find the extended fitness tips on line on and on our "action news" facebook page. >> planking is good for your core and they say it's better than doing sit-ups because you can injure yourself doing sit-ups. >> that's good one with the knees too t we have a problem in new castle 295 and a problem with the camera as well. 295 at route 13 but you can see that backup there on your right-hand side with traffic
6:22 am
really snarled. an accident involving a truck and cars blocking the right lane. police on the scene. southbound traffic jamming as well in that area. live in morrisville bucks county route one at pennsylvania avenue. expect traffic again here today because the trenton-morrisville bridge people trying to take that, you can't take the turnpike connector bridge it remains closed until at least april, dave. >> karen rain on the way out more coming in later even a sprinkle up in northampton county in the poconos could be freezing rain on surfaces up until about 10 o'clock. careful of that. some of the kids might want an umbrella especially if they're a little late getting to school but i think most of you are probably okay and this afternoon it's definitely lighter gear and if you have plans to head out to the market wait for the rain to end after about noon to 1:00 and then head out after that. 54 by noon, still kind of damp but by 3 o'clock, most of the rain is over and we have a high of. 60, then 58 by 5 o'clock and 57 by 7 o'clock. very mild even if it is a bit cloudy this afternoon. at the airport all green aircraft. we got rain right now at chicago o'hare but that's it. no other precipitation in the big travel destinations tam.
6:23 am
>> okay, thank you david. in health check we usually talk about vaccinations in connection with children but this time the cdc is talking about new guidelines for adults besides getting a flu shot and a tetanus shot every 10 years the cdc is recommending vaccinations for hepatitis b, meningitis and hpv as well. the federal health agency is encouraging doctors to ream mind and educate patients about vaccinations. >> a diamond might be one of the biggest purchases you make outside of a.m. house or a car. we have a troubleshooters investigation tonight on "action news" at 11:00 that could be a and saving report for you. nydia han has a preview. >> reporter: we could be saving you thousands of dollars tonight. the "action news" troubleshooters went undercover to shop for diamonds and i think the results will surprise you. ly. >> we found in some stores are selling these things for six, $7,000 less than their nearby competitors for essentially the same stone. >> reporter: for essentially the same diamond. similar carats, cut, clarity and color. where to get the best deal on diamonds plus how to arm
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yourself before buying tonight only on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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6:27 am
their last four games. they host the new york islanders thursday night. >> harlem globetrotters surprised a young north jersey singer during a school assembly. >> ♪ >> the team invited sparsh shah to perform at their game. shah was born with a brittle bone disease. the 13-year-old had to undergo hip surgery due a fracture earlier this year but it didn't stop him. just a few weeks later shah was back singing and performing. he says he wants to spread the message that that no matter what happens you never give up. >> 6:27 is the time and democratic senators are pulling an all nighter ahead of a pivotal vote on a cabinet pick and it continues right now. >> burglars make a fast break after they clean out kobe bryant's trophy case at a local high school. the latest on the investigation into that is up next. >> ♪
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>> fierce flames engulf two stories of a philadelphia row home overnight. >> septa's train troubles continue on. we're live keeping you ahead of what could be a crowded commute. >> storm tracker6 live is picking up some rain during the morning rush and you see some more out to the west on its way to our area. >> let's find out more about what you can expect in accuweather. david has that and karen rogers is taking a look at your commute. good morning. >> closer look at storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that we do have some rain departing to the east of the lehigh valley. a couple of speckles and sprinkles still coming in though and keep in mind there is the chance of some freezing rain in some of our northern areas more on that in a second. also take a look at the other side of harrisburg and gettysburg. more rain on the way out there. there is that freezing rain advisory this morning until 10 o'clock this is in northampton county and points north including the poconos. even a little bit of light
6:31 am
mist could freeze up on the roads so be careful up in those areas up until about nine or 10 o'clock. then second batch of rain coming in. looks like most of it will hold off until, oh, maybe after 9 o'clockish and then continue until about noon to 1:00 and then we see some drying and in the afternoon mild conditions. right now not too bad on the terrace. 45 degrees in philadelphia. still in the 30's, though, in some spots including wilmington, trenton and up toward the lehigh valley and berks county. boy, is it going to be a mild change today, though. 44 degrees by 7 o'clock. 54 by noon and three noon there wilthrough noonthere will. the rain will die down after 1 o'clock. if you had plans to head out later today, 3 o'clock 60 degrees, a fair amount of clouds but probably dry and holding the upper 50's through 7 o'clock tonight. another mild one tomorrow, maybe a record tying high, karen, and then colder air snapping back in for thursday morning and we get snow. crazy weather pattern coming up and i'll have the details. >> up and down with the weather, right.
6:32 am
right now we've got problems with traffic. we're looking live at i-95. this is near allegheny. we have a disabled vehicle. penndot pulled up to the scene partially blocking the lane and the backup on i-95, this is southbound traffic already jammed from bridge street to girard with a disabled vehicle on i-95 southbound near allegheny. i just got off the phone with police here in bristol township bucks county and they're telling me about an accident just happened a minute ago where a tractor-trailer smashed into a pole then sheared the pole in half. so now they're blocking lanes. they've got fire, they've got police departments headed to the scene right now. it's 413 at route 13 and we're seeing some heavy traffic in this area of bristol township bucks county with an accident involving a tractor-trailer and now a downed pole creating big problems. let's check the latest here in new castle county and yup, there's that backup on 295. this is southbound at route 13 here in new castle as you're looking and i know we had problems with our camera kind of goes in and out here in delaware but there you see that backup because of a multi vehicle accident involving a
6:33 am
truck and a few cars block pentagon the righinga lane in t5 southbound between route 13 and i-95 so southbound jammed from the delaware memorial bridge to approaching i-95. and of course the big problem with mass transit is the market frankford line still on a mod fight schedule, dozens of cars short, matt. >> thank you, karen. well, this is day two of a reduced fleet on septa's market frankford el and today could be its first real test because the agency acknowledged lighter passenger volume on monday morning. annie mccormick is live at the frankford transportation center. how are we doing there, annie. >> reporter: matt the morning rush is just picking up here and talking to people inside they're saying they're not seeing major delays yet. yesterday they were expecting to see delays septa was but they caught a break because not as many people were riding. they don't know if it's because they were anticipating delays and figured out a different way to get to work or because it was the day after the super bowl but in a minute we'll show you what the problem is that causing a
6:34 am
number of these trains to now be out of service. take a look at this video. dozens of trains are out of service on the market frankford line, this 8-inch crack is why. a maintenance worker found it over the weekend. the crack was found through a support beam called a car body bolster. from there maintenance crews found two cars with bolster cracks, 58 more with cracks in aan adjoining vent. the concern is that the cracks begin in the vents and spread. septa officials don't have a time line yet on how long the repairs will take because they don't know why it's happening or how to fix it just yet and they say that they are working on that. septa is stressing that safety is their main concern. >> it's a complicated area and it's the highest stressed area of that beam. so, we and want to move want thy but we don't want to rush and make a mistake that would create another problem. >> reporter: and the shuttle
6:35 am
buses that were offered yesterday only a small portion of them were moved. they are again offered today. now, if you're wondering how. i going to know whether or not to take that when you get to your normal route and you get to the train station, if it is overcrowded the train or the platform there will be septa personnel there that will say hey you may want to go upstairs to this shuttle that is running. those shuttles begin running at 6:00 in the morning. yesterday they didn't need them because of the low number of people that were riding. for now reporting live in frankford, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam back to you. >> thank you annie. get more coverage of septa's rail car concerns on and the 6abc news a and check back for updates on repairs and the impact on the morning and evening commutes. >> ♪ >> new this morning's a two alarm fire gutted the upper floors of a philadelphia row home and then spread to another home. a viewer shared this dramatic video with "action news." the intense flames brought neighbors out to their porches to get a look at what was going on. this happened on the 3500 block of jasper street in the city's port richmond section around one:00 this morning.
6:36 am
no injuries have been reported. and happening today, a court hearing is scheduled for a bucks county handyman police say he sexually abused children going back 40 years. 58-year-old william thomas of morrisville worked at various trailer parks in falls township. when authorities recently raided his trailer they found more than a thousand images of child pornography among other disturbing items. officials say they know of at least sick victims and they suspect there may be more out there so if you have any information that they should no, sir about this case, they are asking you to contact them. >> 6:36. the high stakes legal fight over president trump's executive order on immigration continues today. a three judge panel from the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco will hear oral arguments on an appeal by the white house to reinstate the ban. judge james robart of the western district of washington state blocked the travel ban on friday night. a.m. speaking marathon is going on on the senate floor.
6:37 am
that's a live look at senate chambers where senator jack reed of rhode island just left the podium. the democrat joined his party's protest of a trump cabinet pick. democrats are unhappy with the nomination of betsy devos for education secretary. they're seeking to convince one more republican to vote against her and break a 50-50 tie. it happened until -- they have until the noontime hour to vote on her nomination. if things stand as they are now vice president mike pence would cast the tie breaking vote. devos has advocated for school choice and voucher programs. >> police trying to track down its thieves who broke into lower merion high school and made off with kobe bryant memorabilia. investigators say all the memorabilia from bryant's career at the school was stolen from a showcase that includes the 1996 state championship trophy and a signed replica jersey. bryant is a 1996 graduate of the school. >> they're material items but for us they're important.
6:38 am
they remind us of a really exciting and special time for the school community. >> but here's the thing. while cool and sentimental officials say the items stolen do not carry substantial monetary value. high school officials and police are reviewing surveillance video from cameras inside and outside the school. ly. >> around the same time that tom brady's jersey was stolen at the super bowl. >> yeah, weird. jerseys just lock them up. >> yeah. >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we've got a bit of break in the rain across most of the region but also a i go in tighter to those northern suburbs notice how areas around hampton and norristown starting to see some of that blue change over and easton east and north any of that speck frankford precipitation coming through could actually be freezing up on road surfaces so be careful up until about 9, 10 o'clock this morning when temperatures will improve and you won't have that issue anymore. taking a look outside sky6 with cloud cover over center city and the clouds probably hanging fairly tough today with more rain on the way a little bit later this morning.
6:39 am
45 degrees in philadelphia, though. boy, that's a.m. nice mild number. some suburbs still in the mid 30's so it kind of depends on where you are but philadelphia light coat probably works okay. winds not all that strong either, only at five. so, here goes the morning rain and here comes more later this morning. by 9 o'clock, future tracker6 has another batch of more significant rain coming in and then we've got off and on showers all the way through 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock and probably up until about 1:00 before those start to melt away and then later this afternoon maybe some brightening in the skies can but more importantly, drying out and getting milder. here's where numbers go. 44 degrees by 8 o'clock, 49 by 10 o'clock. by noon, 54 and probably still pretty rainy at least at times in through here. but once we get past about one, 2 o'clock it does look like we dry out. by 3 o'clock if you have plans to head out do a walk this afternoon or go do some errands it's going to be a great afternoon for that with a high of 60 degrees. i'm posting a lot of clouds but there may be some sunny breaks too. notice we're still at 58 by 6 o'clock.
6:40 am
58 in millville, farther north low 50's but even these numbers are well above average. then tomorrow 63 degrees a record tying high with clouds, some sunny breaks. notice how this frontal boundary is getting past us pretty quick, though, and in the late afternoon and evening hours colder air is going to rush back into the region and watch what happens with the next precipitation maker on thursday morning. this is midnight on thursday and then in the wee hours of the morning, yup, that's snow and it just wants to fill in across the region. probably doesn't get off the coast until about 1 o'clock in the afternoon and along the way, most of our models now respect suggesting anywhere from three to 5-inches of snow out of this. now, these might be overselling it a little bit. it's possible that we only get maybe one to 3 inches in philadelphia, a little more up north on less down south. another thing i'll point out is that it's so mild the first couple of days before this snow arrives that it might have a hard time sticking to the road surfaces right away. nonetheless if we wind up with three, 4-inches of snow it's going to probably create some slick spots.
6:41 am
60 degrees cloudy rain at times today. 63 tomorrow, some sun, very mild. and then temperatures crash and snow arrives overnight into thursday morning with afternoon drying, a high on thursday of only 35 degrees. wind chills in the 20's. friday mostly sunny and still cold. but this is one of those februaries where mother nature just is a little confused. so we're going to go back up close to 50 on saturday and 52 sunday so a quick cold snap coming but it doesn't look like it lasts real long. >> thank you david. 6:41 and a betrayal of trust. a day care worker is caught breastfeeding someone else's baby even after the child's mother told her don't do it. >> a young lehigh valley woman finds a stranger hiding out in the back seat of her car. hear what she does to keep a scary situation from spiraling out of control. karen. >> can't even imagine that one. looking live tam backup here in bucks county and this is all the traffic. this is the toll plaza, the paren ton morrisville bridge. everyone is taking this bridge because they can't take the
6:42 am
delaware new jersey pennsylvania turnpike connector bridge. this is really heavy traffic here. we'll check the heavy traffic on i-95 with that accident when we come right back.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> 6:44. karen rogers what's going on? >> starting to get busy. that time of the morning. looking live on i-95 and this is an accident southbound be near allegheny and we can see police are here penndot off to the side but that heavier traffic on i-95 southbound here now a 22 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine so we're really jammed on i-95 from bridge street to girard and you want to watch for this accident near allegheny now off to the side. it was earlier kind of partially blocking the right lane here. just had another accident pop up. it's a little hard to see. it's down here on the bottom
6:45 am
of the screen on the vine westbound and you can see as you're heading towards the schuylkill extra jammed right now with an accident kind of right down here on the vine westbound creating problems and blocking a lane with police coming to the scene. that one just happened a couple of minutes ago so an accident on i-95, an accident on the vine. the schuylkill you're traveling 34, 35 miles an hour on the schuylkill. someone just coming in with an accident on the waze a talking about the schuylkill eastbound in lower merion near green lane. so a minor accident there creating some slower traffic there as well. let's take a look at this problem here. i talked to police in bristol township. they're telling me this is a mess. a tractor-trailer smashed into a pole and kind of sheared it in half and so that's creating problems on 413. that's new rogers road right at route 13 which is bristol pike. so, a busy area there and don't forget you've got the pennsylvania-new jersey turnpike connector bridge closed. this is 295 at route 13 in delaware. we've had a problem here with a multi vehicle accident. it's now off to the shoulder again so 295 just slow in this area but it has been jammed
6:46 am
from past the delaware memorial bridge to approaching i-95, matt. >> thanks karen. new this morning, a customer and a wal-mart worker confront a suspected diaper thief and the customer ends up killing him. 19-year-old arthur adams was shot outside the store in orange county florida on saturday. it is unclear if the armed customer will face any charges. that person also shot a teenaged girl who is being treater atreated as a witness. she will be okay. adams' suspected accomplice ran away after crashing the getaway car. >> a north carolina money says a fellow day care worker crossed the line breastfeeding the woman's child despite being told not to do it o pre-k teacher kaycee oxendine and the woman worked together in carrboro. the mother says the woman who has two month old in the same class at oxendine's offered to breastfeed oxendine's son as a remedy for constipation. oxendine declined but then security cameras caught that day care worker breastfeeding oxendine's three month old son anyway. beyond the breach of trust
6:47 am
oxendine's son is lactose intolerant and ended up in the hospital. >> not only, you know, did you put your breast on my son you also made my son sick. i would hate for any parent, any family to have to go through what me and my family have had to go through. >> the day care worker was fired. police are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor child abuse but no charges have been filed. >> ♪ my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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>> 10 minutes away from "good morning america." >> so we're going to check in with robin roberts. she's got a list of what they have coming up. i know you're starting with this back and forth between president trump and the press over the report of terror attacks. >> reporter: trump on the offensive accusing the media of intentionally not covering terror attacks. the white house releasing a list overnight of 78 attacks that they say were underreported. and that court battle that's later today over trump's travel ban and we'll have all the latest for you. also ahead the danger of off-roading vehicles. back in the spotlight as the daughter of jamie lynn spears is now in critical but thank goodness stable condition after an accident. we'll tell you what you can do to stay safe. and houston authorities are coming out in force to search for tom brady's missing super bowl jersey. they even called the texas rangers to help with the
6:51 am
search. we'll have all the details on jersey gate as we are live from boston this morning ahead of that big patriots victory parade. and our big bachelor blowout. nick is here in the studio and matt and tam, we have a few surprise guests joining him. >> like corinne. >> he has no idea who is coming. >> let's hope we should have smiles. >> you should have corinne come in. she's my favorite. >> reporter: no guarantees. spoiler alert. >> all right. we'll. >> we'll see what's going on. >> i just think the corinne thing has transformed the bachelor. >> i didn't realize you were watching the bachelor. >> i have the fantasy thing. >> let's check on the accident we had. it just cleared on the vine street expressway looking live near the ben franklin parkway. the accident was westbound as you head towards the schuylkill so we're extra heavy now. the westbound vine jams eighth street to approaching the schuylkill. don't forget market frankford line modified schedule because they have extra shuttle buses prepared this may create delays with some of the buses listed there dave. >> the first batch of rain leaving on storm tracker a
6:52 am
second one coming from the west but i will that point out a couple little sprinkles up here in northampton county, some blue showing up and there's the chance of some freezing rain in northampton and points north. on the bus stop this morning, we've got rain gear for some. it might be that some of those showers in the western suburbs come in before they get on the bus. most are probably fairly dry. boy does it get mild today. most of your rain is in the morning up until about 1 o'clock. this afternoon around 3 o'clock, 60 degrees, probably still fairly cloudy but not a bad time to go out to the market or get some stuff done today. matt and tam. >> thank you david. a lehigh valley woman got quite a scare when she discovered man hiding in the back seat of her car. 22-year-old reagan landis says she noticed a police officer walking near her home off east emmaus avenue in allentown a few weeks ago but she says she thought nothing of it and jumped into her car to go to work. landis says a few miles into her drive a man started talking to her from the back seat. >> he was just trying to like make everything okay by telling me a story about how, oh, i was chased by these thugs, you know -- i had to
6:53 am
hide here. >> police say 43-year-old alan ongiri ran from officers during a traffic stop and then hid in landis' car. landis convinced ongiri to let her drop him off at the knight's inn in coop percent burg and that's where police arrested him. he now faces multiple charges.
6:54 am
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. here are your top stories. a court hearing is that scheduled this morning for man charged with child flip bucks county. falls township police say 58-year-old william thomas worked as a handyman. authorities identified at least six victims and they suspect there may be a lot more. a two alarm blaze burned through a row home in the city's port richmond section. viewer video shows the flames shooting from the house on jasper street. there are no reports of any injuries. and the troubles on a major septa commuter line they go on this morning. the market frankford line is still operating with fewer rail cars as engineers investigate extensive cracks. >> and let's check the traffic right now. we've got problems here. i talked to police about this one in bucks county. a tractor-trailer smashed into a pole sheared it in half. happened on new rogers road at route 13 bristol pike. they say there's a big backup there dave. >> couple showers came through earlier. now there's more to the west. be careful up north as there could be some freezing rain in northampton county and the poconos but this afternoon the rain starts to taper off after
6:57 am
about 1 o'clock or so and how about a high of 60 today? a low of 55. >> okay. >> 60's again tomorrow, too. >> all right. >> february winter outlook on not much winter today, though but you can see what's going to happen later in the month. for karen rogers dave murphy, tamala edwards i'm mat matt o'donnell. have a great day everyone.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. travel ban battle. president trump's immigration crackdown just hours away from a courtroom showdown as the president levels a new attack on the media claiming contrary to overwhelming evidence that the press is covering up terror attacks. >> and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> plus, the breaking headline this morning about trump's cabinet picks. urgent manhunt. the race to find these two suspects accused of killing three people on a crime spree. now on the run crossing state lines. where police think the dangerous pair may be hiding out right now. britney spears' niece in critical condition after crashing in a pond. the off-road vehicle believed to be a gift from her mom jamie lynn. asking for prayers for the


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