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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 9, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> now on "action news" a winter storm is moving into the region, that's a live look from mobile 6 on the northeast extension in quakertown. it is the beginning of a snow event that could bring two inches per hour. >> philadelphia and archdiocesan schools are closed, they are part of the 528 schools that are closed or delayed. you can get that information at the bottom of the screen or >> our team of reporters are expand out across the delaware and the lehigh valleys to giving you a look at changes
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conditions. >> good morning, 5:30, february 9. >> matt pellman has traffic and david murphy has weather. >> reporter: we start the out with snow with bob brooks now you're seeing snow moving across the condition as it's coming farther south to the reporter positions. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the snow the closest to philadelphia it's been all morning. it is making the expected move toward i-95 corridor, in some cases up north and west, you're seeing the lavender shade pushing through, that's the heavy snow banged. we have snow one inch an hour or higher than that in that heavy snow banged. we're seeing roads getting covered, as well as sidewalks. in philadelphia, you're seeing rain, but it won't be that much longer maybe 0 minutes sore. down the shore we have
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thunderstorms clearing the coast. very rarely you get rain, snow and thunderstorms on the same map, but that's what we're getting this morning. we're seeing the snow break up near pittsburgh and around central pennsylvania. it may end quicker than expected by lunchtime. 33 in allentown. 32 in reading. keep in mind some areas in between these reporting stations are colder and that snow is really sticking to the road surfaces in the northern and western areas. still in the 40s down south with the cold air and change to snow on the way. we have a winter storm warning in effect in all the places we told you about yesterday. heavy snow at times could compromise road conditions, not as bad in the advisory area. finally a wind advisory kicks in at noon in these counties where
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we could get gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. the snow ends later on today and then we have to deal with wind and cold uncomfortable conditions later. >> reporter: we're dealing with that now, i have a gust 28 miles per hour that's why i've been wrestling with the umbrella. we've had the changeover from rain to wet snow and sleet right now. i don't know if you can see down here, but it's starting to accumulate a little bit, kind of an icy mix that's happening out here, very slippery as you're walking out right here. be careful right now. i want to show you what we expect to happen over the next coming hours, we're going to start with future tracker 6 that's showing us the changeover that's going to happen, my clicker a little bit frozen right now. that changeover to snow at 7:00 a.m., changing from the winter mix to snow as the temperatures drops. we see that through the i-95 corridor, we advance this a little further, we continue to see the snow from 9:00 a.m. through most of the region, and
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really accumulating quickly. we wasted the energy we had the heavy rain. that snow is still going to accumulate. threats advance that one more time. 11:00, wrapping up, this is a quick hitter advance it again we will show you what's happening through the day, we're starting off with the rain lasting longer south and east of i-95. in philadelphia seeing the change along the i-95 corridor, near, the heaviest is happening during the morning rush, bad timing with this, the bigger issues areas to the north snowing. we're getting the change now, making things slick walk around and driving around. >> let's go over to matt pellman. it's going to be a@ rough morning. >> reporter: it's a quick hitter, but what's not quick is
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the commute. this is lincoln highway at bailey road, the snow is coming down, it's snowing sideways, as this car passes we're seeing a little bit of slush accumulate along the business 30 lincoln highway stretch. elsewhere in portions of berks, lehigh and bucks county, roads are snow covered already. we've had accidents like one on the turnpike eastbound east of morgantown pushed off to the side. they have instituted speed restrictions on the turnpike, 45 miles per hour is the max. people are adhering to that at this point. 78 eastbound is blocked at linersville. there's a wreck along harleysville pike and rieglesville county line road at sunny side. center city wet at the vine street expressway, moving okay for the moment on the schuylkill expressway the vine, and i-95.
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>> let's turn to our reporters out there, katherine scott has seen rain, now she sees snow live in collegeville, montgomery county. good morning. katherine. >> reporter: good morning, matt, it's all snow right now, there's a little bit wind mixed in it is creating visibility issues for some of the drivers we've been speaking to. you want to look out as you head out on the roads. route 29 in collegeville. the difference was so quick, once the transition in the snow he started to see the accumulation almost immediately. it's a busy road but there are not too many cars at this hour, but there are cars coming through. some of the side streets or back streets you might see a little bit more coverage here, it sticking to sidewalks and sticking to grassy areas, we have seen crews out salting. penndot has been out, 361 trucks dispatched during the storm. they are spread out across the
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philadelphia region. if you do find yourself out on the road, penndot is reminding the drivers to proceed slowly and leave extra space between you and other vehicles. visibility is the issue we're hearing from other drivers. >> it's slippery, it's hard to see with the squalls, but it's pretty good. >> reporter: yeah, so, again, visibility an issue, we're starting to see slippery spots on the roads, use caution as you head out the door. live in collegeville, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> speaking of being on the roads, let's go over to mobile 6 making its way down the northeast extension near lansdale. they are coming toward the city. when they first went up toward quakertown we were seeing more rain than snow. you can see in the headlights they are dealing with snow. katherine talking about how slick it is on the roads, definitely an issue all around the region.
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let's go over to bob brooks from time to time we went on the air, bob had snow live in allentown tillman and cedar crest. it looks like it's coming down faster. >> reporter: it's picking up and getting colder up here right now. we're starting to get chilly, it's snowing as you can see, since we've been here first thing this morning, you can see this is our view here at tillman street, low visibility, the road is completely covered at this point. it's coming down very fast here. i want to show everyone a gauge on how quickly it is coming down. the "action news" measuring stick, when i first set it at 4:00 a.m., it was at 2 inches, we've surpassed 2 now. a little bit more than two inch in an hour and half. penndot has tons of plow trucks on the roads.
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they are busy, they are all over the place, here's the thing when the snow is coming down that fast it's hard to keep the roads clear, no matter how many trucks you keep out there. i want to give you a live look here, a lot of people have hooked up their trucks with plows trying to help out the cause. the video you saw was a half-hour ago, we're looking at tillman street it's covered again. it's heavy snow it's the thick stuff that packs very well today. it's very wet, everyone when you're out on the roads this morning, please keep that in mind, stay safe and go slow. >> you're fans out there, bob are liking it. thanks somebody. >> let's take another live look, south jersey might be feeling a little lonely because they are seeing rain right now, but guaranteed you'll see snow later on. this is a live look in cherry hill, that's route 70. the rain is coming down, we're assuming the temperature is above freezing right now, but
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the changeover has not taken place yet in new jersey. that will later bring your umbrellas for now. deldot is prepared to clear the first state. salt trucks load up in the christiana yesterday afternoon. the agency did not pretreat road as you probably figure out, the overnight rain would wash it away. >> we'll have another check on the whether the and the roads. >> before we go to break, another look at collegeville. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back, sky6 live hd taking a look here, county line road upper state road where montgomery county and bucks county meet. you can see a little bit of blacktop, but a lot of snow is starting to stick out there. david said as we got closer to the 6:00 a.m. hour we would see more and more snow and more accumulation. >> there's the one car. >> it knows you're looking, they are trying to get into the shot to help you out. >> looks like a ghost town. it's not a great time to be out there. what we're seeing from our
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reporters in the field and social media followers, once you get the changeover from rain to snow today, it sticks on road surfaces. we have heavy banding snow for the next day several hours. storm tracker 6 live double scan, well get to that in a second. this is mobile 6 this is the northeast extension, you're looking at the snow falling. on this main road you have the blacktop showing through, there's a car in the left lane, you can see to the right of the where the tires are hitting there's the light snow coverage along the shorted of the road, on roads that are not picking up much traffic, side streets and secondary roads if you don't have the constant friction of the tires you'll see more snow coverage which is what we saw on the montgomery county bucks county border. be careful on the side streets, especially. looks like the main roads right
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now are in a little bit better shape. i'm making one quick adjustment to the computer here. i think we're all good to go. let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, right now you can see that the snow line is getting closer and closer to philadelphia. it's all rain to the south. two dimensional view shows you the snow line in the city. karen rogers on the terrace on of abc, she said she was seeing wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain. that changeover will happen in the next 15, 20 minutes fit has not happened already. some of you who have seen the exchangeover in chester county -- change over in chester, bucks and montgomery counties. we have thunderstorms in the picture that's what we've got this morning, the snow line getting closer to city.
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philadelphia, developed to 36 degrees, 90 minutes ago we were at 42. we talked about how the numbers were going to crash. we're seeing that, by 6:15 you'll be in the freezing mark in philadelphia with the change-over occurring. 33 in allentown. a little bit above freezing in allentown. most of the area is below freezing we're seeing the roads compromised especially where you have the heavy bands coming through. still in the 40s in south jersey. you will see the temperatures drop and the snow will come through. we have snow line across philadelphia a lot of mixing down to the south. we move into 9:00 and 10:00, everybody has the snow. the deep shade of purple is the heaviest snow, too. even as late as 9:30 or 10:00 a.m. you might be looking at accumulating snow. the change in the forecast is
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how quickly this will move out. as soon as 10:00 a.m. some of the western suburbs are down to light snow showers and wrapping up the snow. by noon we think it's over in philadelphia, with lingering snowflakes over toward trenton and maybe to the east of atlantic city. finally by 2:00, 2:30 p.m. it's sliding east of trenton. i'm not going to make any major changes to the snowfall forecast, very little in southern cape may and delaware. philadelphia is on the lower end of the numbers, wilmington, is s well. push into northern bucks, 4 to 8. allentown, and kutztown, but the farther east you go through the bullet area the better chance you have of going higher and higher. somebody will get a foot of snow out of this. in philadelphia, the latest model information, i'm sorry the bar graphic is not correct.
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most of the models are looking at 5 1/2 inches of snow in philadelphia. this did come in at 3.9 on the lower end of the 4 to 8 range likely in philadelphia. in allentown, we'll go for a snowy start. and then it gets windy across the region. 28 windchill. in allentown, 36 degrees, in philadelphia, we're sitting at 33 degrees the snowy start, a very windy afternoon with winds gusting to 40, maybe 50 miles per hour. overnight tonight, it's down to the teens, blustery enkeep in mind if we have any leftover slush or snow that starts to melt it will refreeze tonight. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, more or less 33. it will be higher than that, but that's in the rear view mirror. this afternoon this is as good as the gets and then it stops. sun and clouds tomorrow,
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32 degrees, the winds factor a single digit windchills and teens in the afternoon. saturday afternoon we're melting the snow with a high of 47. periods of rain on sunday, 55. back to the 40s on tuesday and valentine's day. >> bye-bye frosty. >> let's go over to matt pellman i see you have the schuylkill expressway behind you, how is everything looking. >> reporter: i-95. >> sorry about that. >> reporter: they all look the same, but they are all wet in and around the city. that's the good news, you're missing your window of opportunity to get out on wet roads. penndot is saying 45 miles per hour is the maximum speed allowed even on the highways that are wet, i-95 the vine and the schuylkill expressway, the speed restrictions just now going into effect. in flourtown, we have accidents in both directions by route 73. southbound you see the emergency crews on the scene with that one.
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it's barely slushy there, we're seeing accidents this morning. lower providence vincent auto repair. grange avenue. one at franconia, harleysville pike meeting house road. 78 eastbound is closed by linersville. 222 is the alternate. the snow continues to fall side ways on 202 parkway bristol road. cumberland county crash marlboro road. let's hope people are not slipping and sliding in manayunk, annie mccormick is thning, annie. rng, matt, if you leave just now, the roads are just wet. looking at the sleet light there's kind of a sleet and slush situation here. which means we're probably close
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to the snowfall coming. manayunk, you can see there'sn accumulation on the windshields and the hoods. the philadelphia snow emergency went into effect around midnight. if you live on a snow route it's best to move the car if you don't know where it is. call 311 to find out. for now, this is how we're seeing, my hair is getting a little accumulation, as well. we're slowly changing over and hoping to get some snow soon. back to you. >> we want you to join the action put pictures and videos on social media. use the #, -- #6abc action or tweet them to me and matt and we'll retweet them out people and show them what you're
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>> more and more areas becoming a winter wonderland, let's go over to karen rogers and matt pellman. >> reporter: we're seeing the changeover of snow in bala cynwood. the snow line is pressing further south it will be moving through philadelphia shortly. let's tell you what to expect, the temperature change has been dramatic. maybe we can advance this, there you go, 36 degrees in philadelphia. compare that to yesterday, and see what you've got as we advance that one more time, 25-degree windchill when you factor in a 31-mile an hour wind you factor in in philadelphia. we were in the 60s yesterday, here we are with a 25-degree windchill, matt pellman. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, karen, no change in morrisville, bucks county. still wet, along the super highway. mass transit median elwin 326 two cars short. patco is running on a snow schedule. "action news" returns in just a minute.
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moo picture as a septa bus goes by on bridge street in phoenixville, chester that's been transformed by the retail project. watching the snow fall from the sky, our winter weather coverage begins again in a few minutes.
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of the delaware valley is under a winter storm warning. you're taking live look 6 is in the blue route -- mobile 6 is in the plymouth meeting area, we've got snow. >> public schools are closed, philadelphia archdiocesan schools are closed along with more than 500 others. we're running a list of the closures on tv and >> we've got team coverage of the winter storm for you, our reporter, fanned out across the region with a look at what the conditions


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