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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 10, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's february 10th. time for more great viral videos "right this minute." a fishing boat starts to capsize as rescuers face a harsh reality check. >> there's a lot of guys on board this ship. >> see the rush to save them all before the whole thing goes under. he was the first to walk on the new york catwalk. >> he lost a leg but gained new confidence. how a tough decision as a teen opened up a bright future. >> now that is inspirational. we have a fresh take on local news. unique programming. >> a camera. >> we are the fox spot. >> a missouri tv station is going viral with a really funny video to help identify fox 5. how they are showing viewers they are not the other guys. >> hey, you're the guy from tv! >> yes.
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>> yes! no riddles. >> no. plus, bonus giveaway day means your shot at an amazon echo or new ipad mini. as christian, charity, oli, nick and gayle bring you the best from the web -- including an expectant mom who gets a mixed message. >> oh, no! >> wait, that doesn't help. >> why it takes a cake to solve the problem. you're at your job and the worst case scenario happens. you're a fisherman. you're nearly 70 miles off the shore. and your ship is taking on water. you've got no hope of righting it or saving the ship. calling for help an hour later, finally two helicopters and a rescue boat are on scene. but when you get close, you see there are a lot of guys on board this ship. it will take a while to pluck
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each one of them off from the deck of that boat. as it's listing further and further into the east china sea. >> what happened here? what caused the ship to basically lose control? >> no word as to what caused the failure of this ship. but you can see, it's looking a little delap at a timed. but now it's up to the rescuers to lower the lines down, hook each guy up and pull them up to safety. >> was there enough room on the helicopters and boat to save everybody at the same time? >> there was. it took nearly an hour to recover all of these fisherman, but right here at the end of the video you can see all 11 of them in the same helicopter giving the thumbs-up. no injuries. reports say moments after all of the men were rescued, that ship went down. >> not bad. you said it took two hours. you are 70 miles off the coast, everything goes wrong. within two hours everyone is
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rescued, you have to organize the helicopter and found them, that's inkreshl. incredible. it's once again time to revisit the borne different series get. there are all sorts of interesting and inspiring stories. in this case, it's a story of jack airs born with a degenerative condition. essentially one of his legs, the femur, the muscle, the hip and knee doesn't develop properly. and it was not east. >> growing up with this massively affected by confidence. >> once he finished growing, at the age of 16 he made a decision. he elected to have his leg amputated. that's when he could finally take control. >> that is interesting. i'm so curious to know what it was like before he had the amputation. was it underdeveloped or just not work for him at all? >> he basically described it as a dead leg. >> when i was 16 i elected to have it afternoon at a timed. totally my choice. best decision as well.
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>> now he has a whole new lease on life and decided to get involved. >> i was a youth worker and i was put into a course in the community and really enjoyed it. >> he's fit. he's really, really fit. >> honestly, you see a video like this and are like, what is your excuse? and he wants to work with other people with disabilities as well. but i'm not done yet with this pretty incredible story. he decided to put his best foot forward and got into the world of modeling. >> he's a nice looking man. >> the strangest thing for me is i was on the cover of "men's health," my lifelong dream. >> what. >> that is kick butt, man. >> that is inspirational. >> it just goes to show, too, it doesn't matter what your situation is in life, whatever you want out of life, you can have. as long as you go for it. >> so he kind of models alongside a charity called models of diversity, basically pushing for increased diversity in the modeling world. and he thinks there's a pretty simple solution to that. >> i think the biggest thing that needs to change in the
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modeling industry is to show there's my diversity. to use my diverse models. well, i think i've seen it all. law enforcement officials in brazil are after this man. it's gilberto drenko. you see him here wedging the lining from the ceiling of that house. that's the former mayor. >> is he in a hole or trying to break into some place. >> no, he's hiding. they walk up and are like, right, let's go. >> that was not a very good hiding hole if they found him. >> he's not a small dude either. but look, he comes down and they arrest him. authorities believe he may be linked to the death of the mayor-elect. >> geez, that's terrible. >> hold on a second. you know a dude is up to no good if he had a little hidden ladder behind a fake wall built into his house. what do you need that for if you are on the up and up? >> apparently the mayor-elect was riding with his family in the official car when someone on a motorcycle rode up on them and
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fired on them. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition and later died. there are several reports circulating but one say there is may have been a tiff between the two. because he went to major-elect to give him positions on city council and it went wrong. >> can you say corruption? >> yes, nick. and a lot of it. miguel vazquez is the latest winner in the ipad mini giveaway. >> today is bonus giveaway today. we're handing out the ipad mini and the amazon echo. >> two winners today. you can be one, too. all you need is friday's buzz word, be 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is standing by. >> stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. no matter where your mom is in the world, you want to visit mom. and sometimes getting to her is a very long trip, like it is for alexander here talking to his grandparents via phone app.
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that ticket is from los angeles to heathrow, from heathrow to brussels. >> but they don't know he's doing this. >> mom doesn't. he moved to the united states in 2015. so now it's time to go back for a little bit of a surprise. and a surprise it is. there he is. so as you can see here, there is a camera trained on mom. she's opening up a box of goodie. when she starts opening them, she quickly loses interest. you see that right there on the lower right-hand of the screen, he's also in the house, but she doesn't know. >> oh. >> what? >> that's how you do it. >> i love this. he just hugs her and they hug and hug and she cries. your presence is often the best present for mom and dad and family members. but it's not just mom who is crying. check this out. >> i think this is probably little brother. >> look at him. his face is already red already? he's like, i of the to get into
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this big hug. this time it was mom who did the surprising. emily is on a quick break at home from work. she walks in -- >> are you taking pictures? >> yeah, because something is about to go down. >> why aren't you where you're supposed to be? >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> she had not seen mom in four-and-a-half years. her brother brandon was there, too. mom moved from nevada to go live in texas with brandon to help him raise his kids. then she moved up to montana. emily, she stayed in nevada. >> i have to go back to work in like five minutes. >> we took care of that for you, too. >> there's nothing like seeing somebody you haven't seen in a while. these guys were up to no good in the store. >> so the clerk locks the door. >> watch and see if the risky tactics paid off. and it's a dude on a trampoline versus a giant water balloon. >> five, four --
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time to go exploring with cody. because that's the name of his youtube channel. cody has come up with pretty cool ideas. first up, get yourself a helicopter. up they go and start with stunning views. >> a double rainbow. >> there's a circle rainbow, too. >> it's cool, let's be honest, but the interesting part of the day starts around here. they want to sort of head off to a bit of a hike, a bit of an adventure. >> it looks like the start of a horror movie. like there are five teens walking into the mist. >> go across the cool-looking bridge. >> we are in "jurassic pack,". >> now we have to climb through the tunnel. >> a bit of runoff of water, but they start to go into it because they are looking for this. >> oh! >> yeah, basically there is an
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irrigation system almost abandoned in the middle of nowhere. it's like an abandoned watered slide in the middle of the jungle. it's pretty cool. and here's another video from the juke squad. we know at some point we'll be involved with a roof. and -- >> a trampoline. >> exactly. >> count it down. somebody count it down. >> five -- >> oh, goodness. >> yes. >> four. >> yes. >> three. >> they are going to. >> two. >> hit the water. >> one. >> -- and get it all on video. >> oh! oh, bummer! >> you think it's a fail. but when you watch it again in slow motion, you realize just how big a hit he took. >> look. >> exactly where he takes the brunt of the impact. you can't see any of him. it's a huge mass of water. i recommend he was walking funny for a little while after that.
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>> can he have kids? >> not for a while. sometimes you can really -- it can really be difficult to make an impact in the vast media landscape. >> i'm josh from fox 5. we have a unique take on the news. >> are you with k-3? >> no, happefox 5. >> sometimes people go, dude, you're from tmz. >> no! >> we believe in -- >> are you caller 10? >> no, we're fox 5. >> this is a new promo from krbk fox 5 in springfield, missouri. they put this promotion together, aired it during the super bowl, and it's gotten a lot of attention. it seems to be working. >> and we're committed to being your local tv station because we are -- >> fox 5! >> cool, a camera, is this for
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the radio? >> what? no. >> all right. that's a wrap, everybody. >> hey, jeff, i'm really cold. are we, like, done, done with this mediacom commercial? >> no, this is fox 5. >> no respect from his wife. >> pretty great work over at kozl. >> this is not the station you're looking for. this is fox 5. >> hey, you're the guy from tv! >> yes! >> yes! >> yes, that's me! >> jeff reynolds. >> no, he's much better looking. >> no respect on the street. not even respect from the family dog. finally, someone recognizes this guy. >> hey! aren't you jeff from fox 5? >> yes. how did you get in here? >> awkward. >> really funny video to help identify fox 5. and to the eagle eye viewers in
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the newsroom here, you may recognize this pretty face. that is janelle brandon, another fox 5 talent. she was an intern here years ago. so pretty cool, huh? >> and now where does she work? >> she works at fox 5. it's the perfect backdrop for a massive fail. >> this is asking for disaster. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, when you're a snowboarding pro but the slopes are closed. >> you just hit the road. >> see why shredding it in the street is just as fun. >> oh, yeah, baby! oh yeah! plus, another bonus giveaway coming your way. friday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini or an amazon echo is next. new girl, huh? yeah, i'm -- i couldn't help but notice you checking out my name your price tool. yeah, this bad boy gives you coverage options based on your budget. -oh -- -oh, not so fast, tadpole. you have to learn to swim first.
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it appears. is that a dark spot? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. you know, at first glance this video looks like it will be something completely different because you have somebody pumping a guy's gas. >> what's going on? >> the action switches to inside the store where the customer who just got out of that bmw -- >> whoa, was that a gun? >> yes, he's got a gun in his right hand and a bag. he walks up to the clerk at the counter and things go very wrong. hopes the -- he opens the bag and displays the gun. >> whoa, okay. >> once he hands the clerk the bag, he goes behind the counter and the man starts grabbing cash. >> this is so e. he looks just so calm. >> he looks like he just
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finished coaching little league. >> wow. >> he just got away clear. >> he did get away. police in south africa are looking for this man, but the good thing is, nobody who works there was hurt in this incident. this next incident happened in okc. i can tell you, everything wasn't okay with these two guys. police say the clerk noticed that one of the two guys lifted a bottle of alcohol. and wasn't going to pay for it. so the clerk locked the doors, got the bottle back and called police. well, while she was calling police, one of them allegedly took another bottle and then they had to break their way out. now police are looking for them. when you've got fresh, covering your entire environment and the slopes are closed. and you're the creme de la creme of the slopes -- >> she literally hits the ropes. >> literally.
2:52 pm
>> we don't know if it's going to be too stormy tomorrow -- >> she's in andora for a competition. but they can't do anything else other than this. so why not? >> there's always fun stuff to do. >> it's so snowy inside a tunnel. >> it looks like it is covered all the way around. >> this is really messing with the head right now. how does this work? >> i can't believe how fast they are going. snowboarding through the tunnel. you can see the smiles on their faces because they're having a good old time. >> it's almost like having a groomed trail. >> are they snowboarding on the right or wrong side of the road? >> i believe they are on the right side of the road. >> it doesn't matter. there's nobody else there. >> oh, here comes a car. >> oh, there's a car. >> oh, yeah, baby! oh, yeah! >> wait, stop this car, give them your number and say, when we get to the bottom, take us back to the top. >> you'll be happy to know the
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competition she was there to compete in she won. >> of course. >> so, yeah, you know, hard life. it's time to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus day. we are are also giving away an amazon echo. >> you need to be 21 years old and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> head over to and click on the win the ipad button. >> head to facebook or twitter. you can use each once a day. >> the word charge. >> head to and click win ipad button and enter friday's buzz word, charge, c-h-a-r-g-e. >> and you will enter today because it's bonus giveaway day. one gets the mini ipad and the other gets the amazon echo. good luck, everybody. she's got two little ones but it's time to cut the cake and find out what baby number three will be. >> this woman is nervous. >> why getting a slice leads to a whole lot of where things come from?
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to filbus hanging around because it doesn't seem like he's going anywhere any time soon. just trying to blend in. ♪ >> you think you're one of the shoes? you're not a shoe. you look like one of the shoes. you look like one of daddy's shoes. you're hilarious. what are you going to do there? i was yougoing to put a shoe do there. jenny has a blog called stiletto me up. but she had to post a video. she's about to have her third baby and it's time to reveal what it will be. she already has two boys and she thinks she's going to have another boy.
2:57 pm
but her friends have been charged with the duty of letting her know what the baby will be. first, blue balloons come out. >> wait a minute, is that just her friends way of messing with her, small prank? >> yes, it's a small prank. >> she may think she's having twins. >> she's not having twins. >> i saw one baby. >> now it's time to check the cake. what color is on the inside? >> she's cutting that cake like she's diffusing a bomb. [ screams ] >> she is excited, right? she's finally getting her girl. that's it, that's all. we'll see you on the next "right this minute."
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the thing is, elizabeth, um... the hospital -- financially, it's just, um... oh, for pete's sake! elizabeth webber, you're fired! how simple is that? simple for you, maybe. yeah, well, practice makes perfect, and you better practice because you make your debut tonight. 30% of the nursing staff has to go for this hospital to survive. i dare hayden to come for me. by the time i'm through with her, she'll be begging for more nurses. look, i know we're all angry, but let's cool it with the violence. exactly. this is not the time to exaggerate. we need to be serious. i am not exaggerating. i am serious. when they say they're cutting 30% of the staff, does that mean they're also cutting 30% of the doctors? because they're the ones making all the money. yeah, but, you know, they're also the ones charging the most money, so... and we're the ones taking care of all their patients. what about dr. munro or dr. finn? hey, what about me?


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