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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. february 12, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" president trump responds to north korea following a test
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fired ballistic missile. we'll break it down what it means for u.s./japan relations. an overnight crash sends three people to the hospital, one in critical condition. >> we have a wet and windy day. some areas could see winds comparable to a nor'easter. this is the view in center city, wet and raining, you'll need an umbrella if you're heading outside. >> let's go over to chris sowers, you say wild and windy. >> reporter: that's the good news, you will need your rain jacket and not your snow shovel, you go an hour and a half they are in the middle of a raging snowstorm. they will have one to two feet of snow. we have icing taking place north of philadelphia in the lehigh valley and the poconos. we'll make a couple of zooms, the first will be in western portions of burlington county, southern portions of camden county, medford lakes,
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tabernacle, gibbs borough reporting a moderate rain. farther to the west gloucester county and western portions of salem county, same thing pockets of moderate rain pushing through. there's 202 and route 130 northbound getting into gibbs town and woodbury. heavy rain pushing into the area at this point. farther north in the lehigh valley, temperatures are hovering at 32 degrees, the rain is coming down and freezing on contact with the cold grounds that's what we're seeing north of allentown. tonight's storm in the poconos, jim thorpe, lake harp knee area -- harmony area, they are seeing freezing rain. it is 26 in the poconos, 30 in pottstown, 0 in quakertown. the winter weather advisory that will last for another 45 minutes or so up here. that will discontinue.
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when i come back in just a few minutes we'll focus on the powerful winds overnight and into the day tomorrow. >> head to for updates on the wind and the rain and storm tracker 6 live radar, you will find hourly forecast, and facebook and twitter are great ways to follow and connect with each of other meteorologists. vladimir putin said he is ready for a face-to-face meeting with president trump. putin hopes to restore u.s. russian relations. so far no date has been set. putin said he is open to having the meeting with there trump in slavania. meanwhile, north korea fired a ballistic missile while president trump was hosting
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prime minister of japan. >> reporter: just as president trump sat down with president abe for dinner, pyongyang launched a ballistic missile over japan. after dinner the two leaders stood shoulder to shoulder. >> i want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100%. >> reporter: not a foregone conclusion. >> you know you have the maniac in north korea, maybe they have to do something. right now if he acts badly toward japan, we end up in a world war. >> reporter: out on the campaign trail candidate trump suggested japan was taking advantageful america's protection while stealing american jobs. >> they are not even paying, how stupid are we folks? >> reporter: now the two leaders
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are jointsly -- jointly urging north korea to abandon its ballistic missile programs and not take any pro volcanoive -- provocative action. demonstrators took to the street to protest a new rage, ice is rounding up i am immigrants and demortgage them -- deporting them. right now we're following breaking news, for you, coming in from germany, hundreds of people were evacuated from the hamburg airport due to an unknown hazardous material. airport officials say 68 people complained of nausea and breathing problems when the substance predecessor through
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the ac system. it is believed that the pepper spray is responsible for the scare. flights were stopped for an hour and a half, but have resumed. those in anther injured had to wait outside in freezing temperatures, the cause is being investigated. a man had to be rescued when flames ripped through his home in chester overnight. the two-alarm blaze badly damaged the home. he was taken to crozer-chester hospital for treatment. the fire is under investigation. a man is critically injured after a double shooting in the strawberry mansion section. this happened on 25th street near cecil b. moore avenue. the 32-year-old driver lost control of the car and hit a parked car. the driver was found with a gunshot injury to the face and taken to temple university hospital in critical condition.
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a block from that scene, police found a second man, 31 yours old shot in the shoulder. he is in stable condition. the incident remains under investigation. new details to tell you about an overnight crash in the hunting park section of philadelphia. this happened at 3:00 a.m. on the 4200 block of north broad street. a 34-year-old driver was speeding when he lost control and crashed into two parked suvs. the driver was taken to temple hospital in critical condition. he was adler and charged with dui. two passengers inside the car were transported to the hospital in stable condition. people in a west philadelphia neighborhood are pleading for justice while honoring a beloved killer of their community. >> our god and our father we thank you for this is the day that you have made. >> they held candles in powton praying for someone to solve the
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murder of windy harris. harris was shot in her home on february 3. state representative one of harris' friends spoke at the vigil. >> what happened to our friend who was a stalwart of our community, she kept our community safe and beautiful. and we'll continue to hold her legacy high. >> she wasn't anybody that you could do anything to and take anything from. she was a loving mother, aunt, family member, cousin, that's what we're here for, we're here to make sure some type of justice is served. >> the family of windy harris is asking -- win winnie harris is asking anyone with information to call police.
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steve floyd, a grandfather was killed this month when inmates took hostages at the vaughn corrections center in smyrna. brigadier general timins will will take command. she is the first female two star general and. a family with a 9-month-old diagnosed with cancer has a new home they will see for the first time this afternoon. bob brooks is live in the city's mayfair section with details on the big reveal. exiting news here, bob. >> reporter: gray, yes, very exiting and it is a good story today. right now i'm inside the house,
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what's happened here, has been incredible. this family is helping their 9-month-old baby girl battle through cancer. now they have a brand new home to come back to, take a look we're inside the kitchen and living room area. it's amazing, what has been transform here and what this house created into. you can see the finishing touches you are going up right now, the family is at a hotel. today a family whose taking care of their 9-month-old baby girl battling cancer, gets a new home from top to bottom everything inside their walker street mayfair home is new. new furniture and bathrooms, wood floors and carpet, laundry room, it's all new. this is a story that tugs on your heart strings in a good way. it was possibly by a variety of organizations it started with michael's way, the flyers wives. >> they are an amazing family, the family spirit the hope that
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they have and just their generosity they are happy. >> reporter: the baby girl is battling optic my msm -- myoma. they will come home to a beautiful home. the furniture was donated by bob's discounts furniture. as for the baby and her family they are at a hotel while the finishing tumbles are brg made. >> her aunts andou uncles they are amazing. they enjoyed watching the process, hopefully they will be overjoyed when they get home, because they have not seen the finished project until this afternoon. >> reporter: i'm sure the family will be very happy. this is the kitchen. you can see how incredible it looks. this house looks incredible.
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they will come here at 1:00 p.m. to see the finished product you can bet we'll be here when that happens. reporting live mayfair, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." gray. >> well deserved, i hope the family is not watching the news right now. >> i can't wait to see their reaction when they walk in the front door. >> much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon. including out of control fires in australia. the warning for women we'll tell you about the factor that could increase the risk of breast cancer. meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, rural firefighters in the australian state of new south wales are battling 80 out of control brushfires. temperatures have soared to 104 degrees farenheit. there are strong winds fanning the flames making it difficult. officials described it as the worst fire in that area's history. >> the video is amazing. >> reporter: all it does on the west coast. no happy medium here. live on the city hall camera. aerials of rain and fog, some of the rain is coming down at a pretty good clip at this point and some of it is freezing to the grounds north of allentown. we'll show you those areas in a second. the first one is south of philadelphia where the rain is steady. the second one is up there, again, north of allentown where they are picking up freezing
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rain. delaware, middletown, newark, you can see the heavy rain pushing through indicated by the yellows and the oranges pushing into south jersey, here's salem, cumberland county, fortescue, millville, getting ready to get soaked. there's the tail end right there. once this pushes through the rest of the day we'll have cloudy skies and leftover shower or drizzle. the steadier stuff will end in another hour or so. 40 degrees in philadelphia. allentown sitting at 33. the numbers are close to freezing up to the north. poconos well below freezing, sitting at 26. millville, fairly comfortable, 43 degrees. cape may, 42. dover, 43 degrees. take a look at the mid atlantic states this afternoon. what a story we're seeing here it's a raging snowstorm to the north two hours in upstate new york, wilks-berre/scranton
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area. it's 74 in richmond, 74 in roanoke. there's a frontal system over the washington, d.c. area. we're on the cooler side here, snowy and cold to the north, unseasonable mild to the south. that will stay there over the next couple of days. we'll see an increase in numbers over the next few days, but nothing like that. ice storm through the northern portion of the lehigh valley and the poconos lots of snow across new england. for us, we're dealing with leftover rain. future tracker 6, by 1:00 p.m., the final edges of this, the heavier stuff will be pushing through. things begin to taper off from west to east during the mid afternoon hours, we get into the evening hours we'll see skies brighten up a little bit before sunset. overnight tonight partly cloudy, tomorrow is a nice looking day, expect combination of and and clouds. the issue becomes the strong gusty winds. future tracker 6 showing 40-mile an hour easily.
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those winds continue through the afternoon, they will begin to ease up a little bit around 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon. through the first part of the day, expect to see the howling winds that could create damage in parts of the area. when we start talking 50 to 60-mile an hour winds you have to be leery there could power outages you could see smaller trees uprooted and branches down. down trees and power lines in parts of the area. traveling from one location to the next becomes difficult because the car starts kreiger on -- starts veering on the road when you encounters the winds gusts. this afternoon, periods of rain and drizzle, fog, 45 degrees is the forecasted high. overnight partly cloudy anne winds. 31 across the suburbs, 35 for center city. the winds picking up after midnight. 40 to 45 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 50 to 60-mile an hour gusts first
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thing tomorrow morning. 44 degrees the high, valentine's day, sunny and nice, 45 degrees. wednesday, 47 degrees, thursday no snow, winds and cooler, 40 degrees, friday, 42, srlt, 53, sunday back in the 60s. >> don't cry, chris. researchers discover what happened to students' grades when they are bullied. >> a man hit five parked cars, one woman is dead, and police have one person in custody. >> "healthcheck" this morning,
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researchers discover that women with dense breast cancer may be at greater risk for breast cancer. a study examined data on 18,000 women with breast malignancy.
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60% of younger women have dense breast as 40% as post menopausal women. bullying can impact your child's education. they found kids who were bullied their entire school year had declining test scores and didn't like school and less confident. the longer they stay in school, the moor likely they will be less victimized. >> tom petty plays the wells fargo center on july 12. tickets go on sail today. in time for valentine's day philadelphia artist brings to life a new exhibition about marriage, 6abc loves the arts tells the story.
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and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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in sports, the sixers broke the winning streak of the miami heat and disclosing more about the injuries for the big man joel embiid. jeff skeverski has more. joel embiid is dealing with more than a bone bruise after all. the sixers revealing he has a minor tear in the meniscus in the left knee. it is not serious or does not need surgery. an mri revealed the tear after he got hurt in portland. the pain and swelling is not the result of the tear, it's the bone bruise that is causing the problems. there's no timetable for
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embiid's return. >> i'm not healthy, my knee, it's bone bruise. they are not going to push me, we going to do rehab. >> as we progress forward, we're going to try to get him to the point where he can play and play in a way that's effectively asymptomatic and stays that way. >> reporter: well embiid's injury taking center stage after the injured sixers star was dancing on stage friday night at the meek mill concert, brett brown spoke to him about how this may be perceived since he is hurt and not played in two weeks. sixers benched okafor because of the trade rumors pregame. who needs him against miami, the hottest team cooled off by the
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sixers, nerlens noel slammed in the first, 19 for him. silva, bam in the second, 76ers in double digits. it turned into a slam dunk concert, sixers up as many as 13. they hang on to win, 117-109. the big question for brett brown okafor and the trade rumors. >> there were trade rumors happening before the game. i was aware of those. in those situations i photo was best not to complicate things and play okafor. >> captain claude giroux said i have to be better, we have to be better. flyers coach switching up all four lines against the sharks, finally a goal, the first goal
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in 225 minutes. flyers up 1-on them it doesn't last long, 3 minutes later, patrick marlo, tieing it at 1. in ot, wayne simmons off the steal, good night. flyers win, ending the three game losing streak. they are on the outside of the playoff standings looking good. still a lot of hockey left to be played. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. >> another half-hour of "action news" just ahead. >> here's some of the stories we'll have for you. >> ceo, family man and philanthropist, al boscov has lost his battle with cancer. ahead the latest tribute in his honor. an expanding program aiming to turn these boys into young gentlemen. those stories and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast
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and more when "action news" continues.
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>> happening on "action news," anger erupts at town hall meetings across the nation. what caused tempers to flare. a firefighters is in the hospital after battles flames and exposition inside a home. a legendary bartender in south jersey died. how he was honored by colleagues and friends. >> more on this story, but first, the rain is here, it
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won't get much better as the winds moves in. it's the kind of day you want to stay inside. sky6 live hd taking a "live" with kelly and michael at the camera. the rain drops on the camera doesn't seem to be any break in the clouds. meteorologist chris sowers has the update on the forecast. >> reporter: the first sunday in 6 months where there is no football. what are we going to watch on tv, it's pouring out there. maybe a board game or something like that. rain is coming down steadily across south jersey and the state of delaware. mixing continues in the lehigh valley and especially the poconos where they see the moderate icing taking place. we've seen icing accumulations up to a quarter of an inch in lake harmony and poconos. for now we zoom into south jersey, this is woodstown, if you're familiar with the area, around the cow town farmers market the rain is coming down at a good clip.
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the light greens the heavier stuff, this is heavy rain falling through salem and gloucester county and elmer and pits grove township. a lot of open space and fields. the rain is heavy in you're traveling in that part of the viewing area. visibility is down to 4 miles. 2 1/2 in wilmington, 3 miles in millville. 2 miles in atlantic city. for the remainder of the afternoon, periods of rain and leftover drizzle. take it ease easy on the roads, areas of fog setting up. when i come back we'll talk about the strong, gusty winds in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> the weekend emotions erupting across the country at town hall meetings held by members of congress. many angry about the promise to dismantle the affordable care act.
12:33 pm
>> and meryl streep giving a tear filled speech. >> reporter: across the country, angry voters exchanging heated words with republican lawmakers. tempers flare as dissatisfied americans demand answers. >> lashing out at the gop's push to repeal obama care. >> i'm 77 years old, i think it is -- that i am facing. this. >> holy woods speaking at the human race campaign gala in new york city directly responding to president trump's comments earlier this year after her blistering golden globe speech calling her overrated.
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lash and intimidate and punish and humiliate. saturday night live an tag sunrising -- an tag an tag sunrising the enter circle. melissa mccarty returning as sean spicer. she was not the only woman taking a swipe kate mckinen making fun of jeff session, alec ball win hosted for a second 17th time. >> a teenage boy is one of two victims shot in south philadelphia, it happened after midnight on the 900 block of south 4th street. the 16-year-old was found shot in the left thigh and the 24-year-old had a graze injury. both were taken to j every son
12:35 pm
hospital in -- both were taken to jefferson hospital in stable condition. we know the identity of the victim of a shooting in cumberland county. an officer shot him while running after him on the 200 block of south avenue. police say a weapon was recovered near the suspect. police have not said if he fired a shot or why they were chasing him. crews are trying to determine what caused a fire and explosions inside a house in delran this morning. it happened on the 200 block of route 130. the area of route 130 southbound was closed while fire crews put out hot spots. one firefighter suffered minor chest pains and taken to the hospital to be evaluated. a two vehicle crash in bucks county injured two people on swamp road near cover bridge
12:36 pm
road. two cars collided. three people were taken to st. mary medical center. a man is in custody accused in a deadly hit-and-run in south philadelphia. the man was driving an honda when he hit four parked vehicles on the 1800 block of south 13th street. the 56-year-old woman was in the driver's seat of the vehicle, she was taken to jefferson hospital where she died of her injuries, the driver was taken into custody. >> tributes are pouring in for al boscov the long-time leader of the department store at that bears his name. ceo and family man and philanthropist lost his battle with cancer on friday. his fellow businessman fred pool said he was grateful to see his mentor hours before he passed away. >> it was very humbling because i was allowed to see him and
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love him and kiss him and touch him. >> pool said that although there will never be another al boscov his legacy will live on for the millions of dollars he donated to help his beloved berks county. al boscov was 87 years old. funeral services are pending. this weekend dozens of people raised their glasses to a legendary bartender who died last week. the toast was made to we say moore who started working back in 1977. he was known for serving customers with a smile right up until his sudden death at the age of 60. >> he with with was an icon. he was charlie he was family. >> he was loved in the way of the like you were home when you were here. >> moore died last wednesday while working out on a treadmill.
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charlie's bar was opened for 3 hours yesterday a gesture for his years of service. a pledge to lead responsible and productive lives. it happened in southwest philadelphia and katherine scott was there. >> reporter: meet the newest yg, young gentlemen. 155 boys stood shoulder to shoulder as they filmed the public service announcement at the philadelphia press club of performing arts. the young gentlemen's program was designed to inspire at risk imriewt -- youth. >> some of these are my friends it's nice to know i got other kids just like me who have the same goals. >> i want to get into a good college, i think the ygs will help me get into it.
12:39 pm
performing arts is to help build confidence and overcome obstacles. >> you can get respect from other people, even bad people. >> alterative to the same things that are out there in the streets, but get them to be above the streets and get them to find their way. >> we are young gentlemen. >> reporter: mayor kenny showed his support leading the yg pledge leading the young gentlemen from the elementary schools. >> what they need to know at that beautiful impressible age there is -- impressionable age there is hopefully'. >> reporter: this program started a decade ago in williams port. it exists in 3 philadelphia public schools, the hope is with the effort of the psa they will
12:40 pm
expand. [singing rap prepare. >> -- >> katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> much more to come on this sunday, thousands of people are n greece. this is the picture, pretty much all day, this is from atlantic city, rain, rain, rain, go away. meteorologist chris sowers will have the full accuweather forecast when we come back. >> hundreds of fishing fans
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showed up to the palmyra fire department for the annual tackle
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and flea market there. you can help support the fire farm and shop for a wide range of fishing related items both fresh and salt. it returns until 2:00 p.m. >> it's a good day to watch football, i'm sorry -- >> reporter: the nfl network is playing all the patriot super bowls all day. that's the only you can do when weather is this miserable. live shot of philadelphia international airport. it is drenched, heavy rain pushing through portions of the viewing area and freezing rain off to the north. here's the good news, as we flip it over to the radars, we see the tail end of this pushing through the area now. we have another hour of this, 2:00 p.m., 1:30 p.m. we'll see the on and off type of precipitation. we'lling make a quick zoom. zoom into glassboro, clayton,
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rain is coming down. delsea drive, the reds and oranges, visibility is greatly reduced we're seeing ponding on the the roads. north of the lehigh valley in the poconos, temperatures are coal enough where you're dealing with freezing rain. if you're traveling to the north, you have wintery precipitation, to the south, heavy rain. temperatures are 40s in philadelphia. you factor in the 1 mile an hour winds it feels -- 13-mile an hour winds it feels like 32, or 33. all these winds speeds will pick up 30 to 40 miles per hour tonight and 50 to 60 miles per hour tomorrow morning as that storm hits the coast. you can see how it's skirting on by, it's over new york city where they have fresh inches of white powder from the storm. heavy snow across new england. that's the tip of the iceberg so
12:45 pm
to speak. you'll see one to two feet in northern new england. future tracker 6 showing on and off precipitation continues from 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., we'll see clouds and leftover drizzle and leftover freezing drizzle to the north. overnight partly cloudy, quiet in the evening hours, after midnight the winds increase. monday is a nice looking day, combination of sun and clouds, very, very windy and blustery. take a look at this, the storm is centered over central pennsylvania. once it hits the coast you'll see a defined circulation, see that right there. everything gets kind of wrapped into the center all the air from the north, from the south, all this gets in like are a vacuum. look at all this air being sukdz into it like -- sucked into like a vacuum.
12:46 pm
the winds speeds increase. because of that the national weather service issued a high wind watch for the entire area. 50 to 670-mile an hour expected after midnight and tomorrow morning. on the wind scale you get into the 50s, 670-mile an hour rake, expect -- 60-mile an hour range you will see branches down and it will be hard to travel with a head winds like. areas of fog, somewhat milder to the south. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows a very blustery day tomorrow, very windy, gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. 43 for the high. tuesday looks good, 45. wednesday, mostly cloudy, 47. thursday's coastal storm is a miss. 40 degrees. next weekend feels like spring again, 50s and 60s. >> just in time for valentine's
12:47 pm
day a new exhibition at the wood mere museum is exploring the meaning of love and marriage. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the exhibition is called a more perfect union and it chronicles the changing way philadelphia has depicted marriage from the revolution to the present day there's sculpture and drawings and graphic works. >> looking at power, looking at race, looking at gender. >> reporter: and looking at how artist over the past 200-plus years have depicted a perfect union. >> we'll have pictures that show traditional relationships, looking at historic photographs of gay couples. >> reporter: a photo of an affluent american family taken during the time. slavery. >> we want to put things together that create a spark. >> reporter: philadelphia artist 1982 mixed media work depicts a
12:48 pm
hypothetical marriage between helen keller and the french artist. >> he used helen keller's brail poetry. a three d sculpture depicting two drills looking like they are fighting. it borrows the preamble of the constitution and the show goes back to the philadelphia founders of american art. it's going to be a fascinating serious exhibition, there are a couple of dirty edges around the sides. it will open your minds and you will enjoy it. >> reporter: for ticts and showtimes go to the arts in for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers.
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>> a bomb squad is hard at work in grease after an unexploded world war ii bomb was found under a gas station, a greek official armedded the evacuation of 75,000 people. the bomb squad is die fusing the explos -- defusing the explosive. it was dropped during an air raid. it was found last week. police officer who shot a black student it was said he did not offer in self-defense. department has called 55-year-old freddie jones shooting an accident. the family has a pending lawsuit gains the city and the police officer. a private memorial has been
12:52 pm
held for the navy seal killed during a raid against al qaeda in yemen. william ryan owens were held in virginia friday. owens was killed last month in a raid that left 14 militants dead. he is the first military casualty during trump's administration. a woman fell in the world trade oculus, she was trying to get a hat the sister dropped when she reached to far over the railing and went over the edge. the incident remains under investigation. >> the nfl is throwing one of its biggest penalty flags against the state of texas.
12:53 pm
the nfl said if the texas upholds their bathroom law it will be the last super bowl in houston. if they force people in government schools and public buildings to use the bathrooms that correspond to their big picture certificate. the law could cost texas hundreds of millions of doors, they have hosted more super bowls and other sports than any other state. tomorrow yukon basketball team will do what no other women's team has ever done before. last night they knocked number 99 by breezing past smu by a score of 84-81. the win streak started in 2014 and includes two national championships. yukon has the second and third
12:54 pm
longest winning streak in women's basketball. 90 games in 2010 and 70 straight wins in 2001 and 2003. >> >> our final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and top stories when we come right back. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. mmmmm psst. yoplait custard's back. the family favorite...
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protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait.
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on "action news," firefighters rescued a man from from a burning home in the city of chester. viewer video captured the fire on parker street.
12:57 pm
investigators are looking for the cause. a double shooting in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia has left a man in critical condition. police found a man in a vehicle after it slammed into a parked car. he would a bullet wound to the face. another man was found shot in the shoulder. there were no arrests. the big real reveal is about to takes place for a family mayfair section, thanks to the flyers wives, a 9-month-old girl and her parents are about to see the newly remodeled home for the first time. >> it's raining but it could be snow. >> reporter: or it could be this, this was sent in by joe in lake harmony in the poconos he is reporting a quarter inch of ice, he said the roads are a mess, it's an ice rink up there. if you're looking to head in the poconos you might want to hold off and wait until tomorrow. we have leftover freezing
12:58 pm
drizzle north of allentown through the poconos for the next couple of hours. back here it's all rain. >> "fyi philly" is next. >> "action news" continues tonight at 6:00 p.m. for chris sowers, gray hall, and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you back here next weekend!
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm erin o'hearn. >> saturday/tonight on fyi philly >> we're the glitter squad! >> it's a celebration of girl power with power tools! >> sauce, sauce! >> some hot sauce making sisters have a new hot spot to eat >> special delivery! >> valentine's procrastinators, we have you covered from fast delivery flowers to breakfast in bed. >> that looks amazing! >> and a host of romantic restaurants. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly! we are high up in the clouds at sky philadelphia at three logan square. >> in summertime, this is the city's highest beer garden. in winter, it's been transformed into a cozy ski lodge. >> if you're looking for a place to cuddle up with your sweetie, on valentine's day, this spot definitely fits the bill. >> and if you haven't developed a game plan yet, the clock is ticking! >> one option, the gift of extra sle a


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