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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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action news, delaware valleys leading news program with metrologist melissa magee, jeff
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skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ the flags along the ben franklin parkway are already whipping in the wind but this is nothing compared to what we will see in a few hours a high wind warning in effect starting tonight and that means wind gusts could top 50 miles per hour, sunday night and the big story on action news tonight is a windy start to the workweek. >> the forecast is already prompted the city of philadelphia to issue a warning metrologist melissa magee is tracking the situation and she has the first check of the accuweather forecast melissa. >> walter and sarah big changes ahead for the start of our workweek, the weekend ended with a wet and dreary finish and now we have those winds out of the westerly direction so it's chilling down in philadelphia to 37 degrees, 33 in allentown, 35 in bloomington and a westerly wind and wind chills right now are in the upper 20s in philadelphia. sustained winds certainly are
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not bad right now at 3 miles per hour in wilmington but as high as 17 miles per hour in reading and will get stronger overnight tonight and throughout the day on monday and storm tracker six live double scan radar tracking low pressure just off the coast of new england and pushes to the north and east and high pressure coming in the ohio valley and the winds on the backside of that low include the area of high pressure out of the northwesterly direction and why we have the strong winds for the rest of tonight and into the day tomorrow. so wind advisory has been posted for philadelphia and trenton and areas to the north and west and a high wind warning to south jersey and delaware so goes up at midnight lasting right through 6:00 p.m. on monday. we are calling for gusts any where from 40-50 miles per hour and in some spots locally higher than that so the wednesdays tomorrow will be whipping right through monday evening, tree limbs and power lines is a big concern andlated power o outage
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we will have the full exclusive accuweather forecast. >> with the wind advisory in effect for tomorrow city officials are urging property owners to take precautions and tie down or move indoors anything that can blow away and that is especially true for construction sites where loose building materials are often kept on the upper floors and property managers also being asked to make sure all temporary fencing and tarps are strapped down and wake up with the action team at 4:30 for the latest on the wind advisory and traffic and transit to get you where you need to go. a man is in critical condition he uses a wheelchair in critical condition tonight after he was shot while watching t.v. inside his north philadelphia home. police say the bullet went right through the man's window. action news reporter christie ileto is live at the scene with the details christie. >> reporter: well sarah police are trying to figure out how all of this started but you can still see the bullet hole in the
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first floor window and 61-year-old was sitting inside watching television when that bullet pierced him in the chest. now police say the victim was critically injured and rushed to honoman hospital and believe the gunman fired the shot from outside the victim's poplar home while they recovered a shell casing on the sidewalk. >> we don't know the motive for the shooting at this time, it's possibly committed by two males one of them was wearing a flyers jacket but they fled on foot and in an unknown direction. >> reporter: now the victim is expected to survive police are also looking at surveillance video in the area in hopes of catching the gunman in the account christie ileto channel six action news. residents of a south jersey community found disturbing messages with flyers promoting racist and homo phobic views on
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fork land road in cinnamonson and say love your own race and stop homosexuality and race mixing and police do not believe one person is a target because neighbors were stunned to read what it said on the flyers. >> and it looked like a valentine it had like water droplets on it and it was a little shiny and thought did somebody drop something looks like a card and went and picked it up and like love your own race and looked and said stop homosexuality oh, my god it said join the klan today, i was just shocked. >> reporter: the southern berlington chapter of naacp issued a statement tonight condemning the flyers and calling on local leaders in new jersey communities to do the same. it could be another eventful week for donald trump and they will take a vote for the choice to lead the treasury department and issue a new rewritten executive order for the travel ban, on friday the president suggested that could happen
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early this week. a senior white house official says all options for reinstating the travel ban are on the table and the executive order restricting travel from people from 7 muslim countries was blocked by a federal appeals court last week. meanwhile president trump will host canadian prime minister at the white house and will take part in a roundtable discussion about women in the workforce, the canadian leader was last at the white house last spring for a meeting with then president obama. the u.n. security council will hold urgent meetings tomorrow regarding the launch of a ballistic missile and reported that the test launch was a success, the first such test by pyongyang since president trump took oufz and it happened as shinzo abe was this florida and went 310 miles before landing in the sea of japan. rounding up hounds of
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undocumented immigrants in deportation raids all across the country. >> no ban no war. >> reporter: activists continued to protest against them, president trump claims these raids fulfilled his campaign promise however immigration tell abc news they were planned a long time ago. >> that action will probably end up saving american lives or saving the well-being and physical safety of american residents. >> reporter: the white house said the sweep is targeting criminals and drug dealers and they broadened the statement saying it's targeting criminals and others who are illegally present in the united states. a bizarre story here two athletes are on the mend after a dog jumped on their bus and attacked member of the girls basketball from woodrow from camden were boarding the bus and a dog followed them in and bit two players before running off and taken to the hospital where they needed stitches.
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information about a shooting in south philadelphia early this morning and turns out the victim is john davis a senior basketball player with towson and in town to play drexell and attend a family function and shot in the knee on 900 block and no arrests made. a local music teacher killed in a crash that police say was caused by a drunk driver and sitting in her car on a break from work when the man lost control and slammed into several vehicles along a block in south philadelphia. action news reporter jeannette reyes is live at the scene and joins us with reaction jeannette. >> reporter: sarah neighbors here were startled when they heard what sounded like multiple crashes when they walked outside they saw a suspected drunk driver stumbling just outside of his car and it took them about 20 minutes before they realized that there was a gravely injured victim inside one of those vehicles. >> she probably just parked there and about to get out and
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seconds could have made the difference. >> reporter: the bizarre accident that killed the beloved music teacher carolyn morgan is a hard one for her friends and family to process. >> it's terrible and it should not have happened. >> reporter: past 3:00 saturday afternoon the 56-year-old wife and mother was sitting in her fiatt after running errands during a break and a drunk driver northbound up south 13th street side swiped four parked cars and her's was the last to be hurt and saw the suspect stumble out of his car and wreaked of alcohol. >> he got out of his car, went back and forth a couple times people were telling him to sit on the side of the street over there. >> reporter: it took stunned neighbors nearly 20 minutes before they realized someone was gravely injured inside one of the cars. >> immediately everybody started calling the police over again and people went and held her hand. >> reporter: word got back to morgan's job, soon jennifer hackbar her colleague got a
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frantic call from her boss and needed to get ahold of her husband who lived blocks away from her. >> at that time we knew she was taken to the hospital in critical condition but by the time doug got to the hospital it was too late. >> reporter: the victim's husband was too grief stricken to go on camera. >> no closer because she was already gone when he got there and he wasn't able to hold her hand or say good-bye or anything. >> reporter: with this senseless loss jennifer gained a new perspective on life and just how tragically fragile it can be. >> make sure that you tell them that you love them and just make sure they always know that you love them in case you never see them again. >> reporter: police were able to arrest the suspect just a few blocks away from the scene and investigation is underway and authorities are going to look into whether or not the deployment of the airbag was the ultimate that killed the woman, reporting live in south philadelphia jeannette reyes channel six action news. >> four people hospitalized this
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afternoon after what is described as a gas leak at 2:30 on west williams in north philadelphia and melvin jones said he had problems sleeping last night and felt light headed and developed a headache and suspected some kind of gas leak so he called the gas company. he came in with his device he said it's carbon monoxide everybody leave the house so we knew it was a leak somewhere. >> reporter: jones and his wife both went to the hospital, meanwhile responding firefighters forced their way in a neighboring home and pulled out two women, they are being treated at temple hospital as well. fire officials assured other neighbors there that the situation had been contained and that it was safe to stay inside their homes. there is much more to come tonight on action news an emergency evacuation taking place in california after a spill way of the nation's tallest dams failed we have the latest on this developing story. also a young mother whose little girl is battling cancer gets an amazing gift from the
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flyers. the jahill okafor rumors continue to swirl and jeff skversky has sports when action news continues. fios in the house!
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thousands of people living below the orville dam in northern california being told to evacuate now, the emergency spill way is likely to fail as soon as tonight and that will unleash uncontrolled water from lake orville water began flowing over the dam's emergency spill way yesterday following heavy rainfall. a sinkhole developed in the dam's regular spill way last week but they thought the emergency spill way would reroute the water but say it could fail at any moment and it's a town of 16,000 people, they are all being told to head north. another horrifying sign of chicago's rising tide of violence two young girls are in
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critical condition after being shot in the head in separate shootings, the first victim was a 12-year-old who was on a playground near her school when she was shot by a stray bullet. minutes later a few miles away 11-year-old holmes was in the back of a mini van when she was struck in the back seat with her three-year-old brother and grandmother pleading with the gunman to turn themselves in. >> my grand baby did not deserve that, she was my only grandchild and fighting for her life at 11 years old, that shouldn't be. >> reporter: last year chicago had more than 3500 shootings and 762 homicides. so far this year there have been at least 385 shootings in the city. sad news to pass along one of the smoothest voices in jazz is violent and al-jarreau has died. ♪
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jarreau's death is days after he announced retirement due to exhaustion and won 7 grammys during his career and one of a few to win in three separate categories jazz pop and r and b and biggest hit was we are in this love together but t.v. may remember his voice behind the theme song abc song moonlighting and al-jarreau was 76 years old, a public memorial for albert boscov the leader of boscov department stores passed away on friday following a battle with pancreatic cancer and the burial will be private but inviting everyone to attend the public memorial service sunday february 26 at the performing arts center in reading. they received a gift today curtesy of the flyers and her nine-month-old girl is battling cancer and the flyers wives teamed up with another foundation to give them a beautiful place to call home and action report r bob brooks has
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this story. >> this is amazing like the work that is put into this is phenomenal. >> reporter: she couldn't hold the tears back any longer, these are tears of joy. michelle placencia and her nine-month-old daughter syrianna walked in their home in may fair for the first time. >> no matter where life leads you be ready to get up and go because hard times last a short time and happiness lasts forever and this is happiness. >> reporter: someone in her shoes needs a strong character and smart mind her baby is battling cancer liddel little syrianna is receiving cuomo chemotherapy and they have a beautiful place to rest their heads. >> it's spectacular and we just feel special. >> reporter: the new home amazing day was made possible by three groups the flyers charities, flyers wives and michaels way foundation.
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>> syrianna is a beautiful nine-month-old baby and the family spirit and the hope they have and just their generosity, they are happy. >> going to show her that you know good things do happen too and she has a positive outlook and everybody is in support of them and a really wonderful family. >> reporter: chris founded michaels way and owns the construction company who did the work and just like syrianna is battling cancer his brother lost his fight against the disease when he was 25 that is why he helps these families and he knows how hard the journey can be and seeing these tears of joy today he knows how much this means. >> going through such a tough time right now and just to give them a big lift so they can just focus on getting their daughter well and have this beautiful home now that they can live in it's just an amazing experience. >> what an amazing moment and incredible thing that has happened here and now it's time to celebrate the accomplishment and for the family to enjoy their brand new home, reporting
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six action news. >> much more to come on action news new information coming in right now a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for parts of our area. >> metrologist melissa magee has details in your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when action news comes right back.
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get right to it odd for february but severe weather in the area. >> severe thunderstorm warning that popped up and really got the blustery winds comg out of the northwest and the warning is for the heart of the reason and look at that and this is double six radar and you can see the rain moving into philadelphia and left over moisture as theld through and it's philadelphia and wilmington and we will go in tighter and it's for lower montgomery chester counties and southeast and south jersey and at 11:10 and expires at midnight
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and winds 60 miles per hour as the activity continues to travel to the t, a tighter view of storm tracker six street see the pocket rain and south on the i-95 corridor into wilmington and on eastward into portions of interior south jersey and tracking this front that is moving on through, a couple showers some of which could be moderately heavy and swinging throug athis for the startf our workweek tomorrow the winds will be whipping, in fact, we will show you the picture outside sky 6 live and hd from city hall camera looking down the ben franklin parkway you can see the you look closely at that nd and you can see the raindrops falling as well s definitely have a little bit ov wds will be the major through the overnight and philadelphia8 downtown 35 so e thand saturated we have a little bit of left over moisture winds out
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of the west northwest 9 miles per hour and wind chill 31. 34 allentown, 33 poconos, 42 down in dover 40 cape may and 40 in trenton, satellite six with action radar and moisture overhead earlier today and area of low pressure departing to our north and east and just off the coast of new england and we have hi and northwest winds that move in tomorrow. er the next 12 hours aouple poets of rain on the way and turning window and drop to 29 in thernight low and 35 degrees in philadelphia. the set up for us on our monday the area of low pressure well off the coast of new england high pressure over the ohio valley with the gradient and high tomorrow 43 winds gusting anywhere from 40-50 miles per hour and locally higher than that ridge of high pressure by tuesday slides off the coast and tap in and return sogrs and willot be as windy
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tuesday as it will be on mondayd by midnight the wnd gusting 34 lancaster, 49 millville as you wake up tomorrow gusts ran 30 in dover and 41 miles per hour and this advisory and the wind warning does not expire until later t evening around 6:00 p.m. so winds will seven-day forecast high temperature tomorrow 43, with those windsin on tuesday mt valentine's day of 45 on wednesday mostly cloudy at 47 we will watch tcoast on thursday and the storm stays off shore and if it changes we will keep you posted and fly friday 44 and next weekend temperatures in the 50s and 60s and
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thunderstorm untilid might and the winds the story tomorrow. >> thanks melissa and you can find the seven-day forecast and live look at double scan radar any time of the day on our website go to valentine's day is just around the corner on tuesday but some people got a jump start on the celebrations with their four-legged friends, a value valentine day pawty was in panorama and adulted had cocktails and bites and the dogs had dog treat bar and all proceeds from the event benefitted stage me the nonprofit school to save dogs and cats from being euthanized love was in the air at the roth ice rink and hit the rink for the sweetheart skate and enjoyed truffles and champaign and of course skated to love songs and don't forget valentine's day is coming up, on tuesday. >> i have tickets. sports is next on action news. sixers center jahill okafor
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the center of trade rumors tonight and jeff skversky has details when action news comes right back.
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