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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 14, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, february 14th and here's what's happening. >> developing news out of washington overnight. michael flynn resigned his post as national security adviser as controversy surrounds the reason. >> a bedridden woman is killed when fire breaks out inside her philadelphia home. >> and the bachelorette makes some history casting its first african-american lead. however, many fans are confused by this. the timing i could say. we'll tell you more later in the morning buzz. >> a bit confusing. >> yeah. >> we'll get to it. first let's celebrate valentine's day with a look at weather and traffic. >> why not? i think we would anyway but yeah with a little rose on it today. we are looking at a much more tranquil day. the winds from yesterday which were really ripping through the region are now much lighter and as we take a look at cloud cover there's a little bit of high cloud cover
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beginning to surface in through the region from the west. it does look like this is going to be with us through the morning but in the afternoon we should brighten things up again. 29 degrees currently in philadelphia. it's cold to start out. 25 in allentown. 26 in reading. 28 degrees in wilmington. 27 in trenton. and 29 down in cape may. and again the winds much lighter. everybody dealing with single digit winds and on the low side and atlantic city we're calm right now. isn't that a nice change. as we go through the day sunshine to start out at 7 o'clock, 28 degrees and then we will go through a period of the day where the high clouds are in place, a temperature of 40 at noon and then we're going for a high of 46 at 3 o'clock and the sun should reemerge and stay fairly bright toward the late afternoon. 42 by 5 o'clock. by 7 o'clock 39. get ready to add a little extra fear if you're headed out to a valentine's day tonight. karen rogers we have a little bit of a fluctuation this week but warming up for the weekend. >> i'm excited about that weekend and those temps. let's look outside live here,
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the schuylkill at the blue route, no problems, nice and dry and clear if you're coming in from paoli or king of prussia. you're not going to have an issue just yet. very light volume and most of mf your majors showing speeds in the 50's. wynnewood blocked between city avenue and latches lane with downed trees. stick to lancaster avenue as your alternate. on the vine street expressway no overnight construction so all your ramps are opened, all lanes opened at this point. crews don't work tonight but they do come back wednesday night and thursday night so watch for overnight work then. looking live on the roosevelt boulevard extension southbound traffic moving fine. they had some lighting crews northbound approaching broad street doing some work but that has cleared and all lanes looking pretty good right now, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. onto developing news. national security adviser michael line in resigned amid concerns he had improper contact with the russian ambassador and was not truthful with vice president mike pence when asked about it. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live now in the
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satellite center with what flynn is saying about his resignation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. flynn's resignation he said he gave vice president mike pence incomplete information about his calls with russia's ambassador to the united states. the now former national security adviser initially said he had not discussed sanctions with the russian envoy but later said the issue may have come up. the administration's accounts over what flynn said about sanctions in recent weeks kept changing. last month, the justice department warned the white house that flynn could be in a compromised position after intelligence officials picked up recordings of conversations as part of routine monitoring and claims they knew it to be true that flynn had discussed sanctions. president trump named retired lieutenant general keith kellogg as acting national security adviser. now, reactions are coming out of russia, the chairman of russian's senate foreign affairs commission is calling this anti-russian paranoia.
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as far as other replacements, trump is also considering former cia director david petraeus and also vice admiral robert harward a u.s. navy z reporting live in the satellite center annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> all right, annie, thank you for that. president trump and new jersey governor chris christie respect set to meet for lunch today. christie who has less than a year left as governor has dodged the question of whether he would serve in the trump administration after his term is up if he was asked. the governor has said he would not speculate and plans to work in the private sector. the nature of the meeting between the men has not been made public. >> a bedridden woman was killed in a house fire in philadelphia's frankford section. the flames broke out on the 5200 block of akron street yesterday afternoon. flames were shooting from the second floor when firefighters arrived. a grandmother in her 60's never made it out alive. >> it was fire coming out from the mother-in-law's room so i came out of the house, ran around and the husband, the wife and the son made it out.
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>> no one else was hurt in the fire. the fbi and philadelphia police are looking for three men who took over a beneficial bank at the gunpoint on chew avenue in germantown yesterday morning. the robbers threatened employees and took off with a fourth person who was not captured in these surveillance photos. no one was hurt in this situation. police recovered a gun at pemberton high school in burlington county yesterday. the weapon was discovered inside a student's backpack shortly after lunchtime. the superintendent says know live ammunition was found and there were no immediate threats. police have not said why the student had the gun or if charges will be filed. >> time for accuweather. davey we know you like to go for a walk every day. today is a great day to grab your sweet wife's hand and say come with me. >> why not? you know, it actually is going to be nice today and it's not as windy, too. actually did take a walk yesterday but i had to go on different sides of the street.
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>> do you live stream these walks. >> sometimes i do. storm tracker6 live double scan i was avoiding the tree branches yesterday. today will be much nicer. we are tranquil out there. as we take a look outside, dry conditions and stars out. a few high clouds beginning to build in over the ben franklin bridge and during the morning hours we will be dealing with some high clouds mixing with sunshine and then later this afternoon the sun breaks out from behind those clouds again. 29 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. so s-i it is coat weather this morning. 28 in wilmington, just 25 degrees in allentown, 26 in reading, 27 in trenton and one in millville. again, not much wind out there. everybody in the single digits wind--wise. here coming streaking clouds from the west. these are high and thin. we might poké some sunshine in between or through some of this cloud cover this morning, but generally speaking, we will be dealing with more clouds in the morning than later in the afternoon. sun mixing with some occasional clouds in the lehigh valley today. less wind.
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isn't that nice? and a high of 43, a little bit milder than yesterday. down the shore some high clouds for the morning. more sun later, less wind, 48 degrees is the high there. also improving on the thermometer a few degrees and in philadelphia, sun mixing with some high clouds at times. less wind, winds only running southwest generally at seven to 14 miles per hour. that's not very strong at all and 46 is your high. if you are headed out on date night tonight, 44 degrees by 4 o'clock. 40 degrees by 6 o'clock and then do bring that coat tonight because 37 degrees by 8 o'clock and we'll go right down into the mid 30's by midnight tonight. so, enjoy yourselves but make sure you dress appropriately as it is going to be rather cool. overnight we increase the clouds, chilly 34 degrees with and winds out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. and then tomorrow we've got a couple of systems we're kind of splitting the difference between them. we'll have clouds in the morning because of this area of low pressure circulating to the north and a wave of low pressure coming up from the south. there might even be a little sprinkle early tomorrow morning down along the coast. but generally speaking those clouds will give way to
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sunshine as that low moves away from us. it will be breezy tomorrow but not bad with a high of 49 degrees. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today less wind than yesterday. sun and a few clouds, especially in the morning. and 46 degrees is your high for valentine's day. tomorrow clouds, maybe a sprinkle down the shore early and then sun in the afternoon with a high of 49. on thursday, a front departs and we do get windy and colder with a high of just 39 degrees. so, a little bit of a dip on thursday. wind chills probably making it feel like it's in the 20's. but then on friday mostly sunny with less wind, back up to 44 and the coming weekend which might be a three day weekend for you depending on what you're doing with your president's day all three of these days look just great. looks like we get up to about 57 on saturday, 60 on sunday and then close to 60 on monday. >> wow. >> yeah, wow is right so a nice little break coming in the second half of february there. >> thank you david. it's 5:08. new details emerged on the $100 million lawsuit against disgraced cyclist lance armstrong. it's now headed to court.
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>> i don't want to die. i don't want to die. >> less than a minute, that is how much time a passerby had to rescue a woman whose car plunged into an icy pond in new jersey. see the dramatic rescue next. karen. >> my gosh, that's scary. looking live in lionville here this is route 100 at 113. we're nice, we're clear, we're dry out there. we take you to morrisville bucks county coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here
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philadelphia international airport. maybe you're getting your sweety and taking them off on a surprise get away. today would be a nice day today. >> really. news for me. i have to work. >> maybe not you matt. >> okay. >> it's 5:12 and 29 degrees. >> is cupid flying around out there looking for some victims yet? what we got. >> looking for victims, yes. cupid could hit at any time so you better watch out. >> ooh. >> let's check the suburban traffic report. nothing like that happening right now in morrisville that we can see from this camera shot. here in bucks county this is route one at pennsylvania avenue. this is one of the areas we see a lot of extra congestion because people are taking -- they're avoiding the turnpike connector bridge. that's going to remain closed through at least april so watch for that. all the extra congestion elsewhere around the region. pennsylvania turnpike westbound near bensalem we have construction crews out there. they're currently blocking the right lane but it's early so not causing a big problem. new jersey turnpike southbound approaching exit two construction blocks the left lane over here but they're in the process -- right lane, i'm sorry, until 6 o'clock so
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watch for that. let's check the temperatures for you right now. 29 degrees in philadelphia. it's cold out there. it's only 25 in allentown, 21 in millville, colder than it was yesterday. when you factor in a bit of a light wind unlike yesterday, wind chills just in the low 20's. feels like 15 in millville and 11 in mount pocono. your high today is 46 degrees. we get some sunshine, few clouds mixing in. pretty nice day and less wind than yesterday tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. still no word this morning on when nearly 200,000 people will be able to go back home in northern california. they were evacuated over the weekend over concerns that the oroville dam could breach. the dam currently remains intact but that emergency spillway is eroding. helicopters are going to and continue to drop more rocks into the damaged spillway this morning trying to hoist -- close it up a little bit. the governor of california has declared a state of emergency. >> there was a heart felt reunion for a north jersey woman and the passerby who helped rescue her from an icy
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and pond. she was on her way to work on sunday morning when she hit a patch of ice and plunged into the pond in hawthorne. dom mchugh went dialed 911 pulled off his coat and broke in. together they pulled her out. >> i came out with not even a scratch. i'm just so thankful. it's just god, that's all i can say 'cause i don't know how else i came out of that. >> she says mchugh went's comforting words helped keep her calm. >> happening today, the double murder case against former new england patriot player aaron hernandez is set to get under way. hernandez is charged with murdering two men in 2012. hernandez already faces life behind bars for the killing of fellow football player oden lloyd back in 2013. jury selection is expected to start today. it was delayed because of yesterday's winter storm in massachusetts. >> phillies pitchers and catchers will have their first
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and official workout of spring training today. the action cam caught players getting in an early practice in clearwater florida yesterday. the full squad begins practices on friday. sports director ducis rodgers is in clearwater. look for his live reports all this week on "action news." the top ranked connecticut women's basketball team is celebrating its 100th consecutive win. the huskies beat south carolina 65-55 last night. uconn coach jean zero auriemma has ties to your area. he's a graduate of west chester university and was an assistant coach at saint joseph's university. way to go lady huskies. >> what a milestone. >> 5:15. many people will be enjoying flowers and chocolates today. >> while a bakery in wisconsin is switching things up and sending a very different kind of message and it's one that cupid might not like. >> ♪
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>> not everyone is celebrating valentine's day. this bakery in wisconsin is catering to those people by offering sweet treats with a twist. tomorrow's the cake guru bakery in oshkosh came up with the idea of putting nonromantic sayings on cookies and cakes. love stinks, netflix is my love and. [laughter] >> and not a chance: the bakery say the anti-valentine's day sweet treats have been a hit because, you know, not everyone is in the mood. >> i posted some nice little valentine's thing and somebody on facebook replied cupid is dead. >> not everybody is in a rosie mood. >> not feeling at this time. okay. let's take a look outside right now and this is cherry hill camden county. route 70 at kings highway looking good this morning. we are clear and dry. no traffic there at all right now and things are quiet in cherry hill. atlantic county garden state
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parkway southbound between the a.c. expressway and route 40 construction had been blocking the left lane but just cleared. moving better right now. mass transit on time. market frankford line, we still have a few less cars than normal but more than we had last week and the supplemental bus service has ended so things getting closer to normal. they're running every five to six minutes dave. >> it's chilly on the bus stop this morning. a few clouds beginning to roll in. 27 degrees by 6 o'clock, 28 degrees by 8 o'clock. the winds aren't nearly as strong as yesterday and that's definitely good news. 38 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon, 40. again, we'll have a period of cloud cover through the morning hours but probably starting to clear out again as we head toward two or 3 o'clock this afternoon t a high of 46 degrees, a nice afternoon to head to the market with the winds down and then by 7 o'clock, we're back down to 39 degrees and it is going to be rather cool tonight. at the airport, hoping for no major delays. that's what we've got with all those green aircraft. however we do have signs of some thunderstorms and in today's fort worth. that would be place that might develop a delay later on. tam. >> thank you david.
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going to health check as we've said today is valentine's day. for a lot of people that means celebrating with chock chocolates and other tweets. the department of health is offering a few modifications to make your v day celebrations a little bit more heart friendly. they remind people to go for dark chocolate which is made of at least 60 percent cocoa eat in moderation maybe split a meal with your loved one and go for a romantic stroll. they say even a 30 minute walk can be good for your heart. >> and do you suffer from back pain? a new report from the american college of physicians says try to hold off going for the pain meds. they released new guidelines to tell doctors to avoid using any drug based treatments as a first option. instead they recommend first trying exercise rehab even acupuncture. it says only if none of those options work should pain relief be recommended. and tonight at 11:00 health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman will show you how local doctors are hoping a new kind of gene therapy can cure disease that robs young people of their vision. here's a preview. >> for many people, it happens
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in the prime of their lives, one day their vision is 20/20 but then in just a short period of time everything goes blurry. >> i guess it just happened overnight because one day i was perfectly fine driving through the streets of town and the next day, you know, i couldn't see, i couldn't drive anymore and it was kind of hard for me. >> it's a rare disease and there's no treatment in the united states. but doctors at wills eye hospital are optimistic abouta potential new therapy replacing the abnormal gene with a normal one. >> this is extremely exciting. >> i'll explain how it works and why this could help treat other diseases as well its tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> 5:21. up next in the morning buzz abc's "the bachelor" makes history and also creates confusion. >> also let's take a live look at philadelphia's iconic love statue. but time is running out to see it there. it will disappear for awhile. we'll tell you more. but here's "gma"'s first look.
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>> in this morning's "gma"'s first look lance armstrong who has mostly disappeared from public view in recent years who now hosts his own eclectic podcast from the wine cellar of his own faces a challenge. the u.s. government's massive $100 million case against armstrong will move forward. the u.s. government claims the postal service wouldn't have paid more than $32 million to sponsors armstrong's team if it knew he was cheating. the civil suit claiming the doping of athletes and cheating to win is inconsistent with their objectives. but armstrong argued he brought them far more value during years of good publicity asking the judge to throw the case out. coming up at 7:00 a.m. dan abrams weighs in on the case. with your "gma" first look i'm kneel karlinsky abc news, seattle. what i love most
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look that were penn's landing. it is 5:25, 29 degrees out there right now. >> ♪ >> abc's "the bachelorette" is making buzz this morning. for the first time in that show's history an african-american has been cast as the lead. it's the first time it has happened in the show's 15 year history. current contestant rachel
5:26 am
lindsay made the announcement overnight in on jimmy kimmel live. >> ready to get this started, i'm ready to find love, find a husband. if you know anybody out there who needs to apply, sign up. >> are you -- you're soliciting. >> yes, just a little bit. >> rachel is 31 years old works as an attorney in texas. she told jimmy kimmel she initially thought abc was offering her the job because they felt sorry she was so heartbroken over nick. now, the odd thing here is rachel is still a contestant on this season's "the bachelor." as you know they tape it. >> yes. >> okay. >> so, she explained the show's new season will begin filming in just a few weeks so they had to make the reveal. many fans took to twitter upset in their assumptions that rachel does not get the final rose this season so a bit of a spoiler there. watch the next episode on monday night right here on 6abc. corinne is still alive. she's my pick for the final rose. >> do you think so. >> people think i'm crazy. >> well, okay.
5:27 am
[laughter] >> i'm not getting into that. police in philadelphia investigating a bizarre incident involving a septa officer. she was forcibly assaulted by an aggressive kisser. >> the son of a former penn state assistant football coach and convicted child sexual abuser jerry sandusky is now, too, accused of child sex crimes. "action news" will be right back. >> ♪
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>> developing now on "action news," turnover atop the national security team. michael flynn steps down and a short list already emerges of who might replace him. >> handcuffed for trying to force a kiss. a predator tries to plant one on a septa police officer. >> in the mood for love. a philadelphia landmark is on the move. today will be your last chance to visit it for awhile. >> at least they've left it up for valentine's day. happy valentine's day to all the people out there. >> thank you. >> to you. it is 5:30 on this tuesday february 14th. i don't know about that look you gave me. let's go over to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> makes you happy.
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>> got your lou rawls voice on there. >> i know. >> we got a little bit of cloud cover moving in in the overnight hours and sun might get underneath those clouds and maybe poké through them at times as they are kind of high and thin but that's going to be something we're dealing with until the early afternoon and then we'll see that sunshine break out full force later today. that's the way things are looking. 29 degrees in philadelphia right now. it is a little cool. 25 degrees in allentown, 26 in reading, 28 in wilmington, 27 in trenton, one in millville and 28 in cape may. and the winds much lighter than yesterday. we had those wind advisories yesterday. boy, you could just hear the wind as well as feeling it just ripping through during the morning and early afternoon especially but now we're down to single digit winds in allentown and at the airport in atlantic city we're actually calm so feeling a lot better in that regard. 28 degrees by 7 o'clock. a chilly start. and then by noon 40. we're still going to be dealing with those high clouds but by 3 o'clock well expect a lot more sunshine to burst back into play, 46 is your high, a little better than yesterday. 42 by


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