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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 14, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> got your lou rawls voice on there. >> i know. >> we got a little bit of cloud cover moving in in the overnight hours and sun might get underneath those clouds and maybe poké through them at times as they are kind of high and thin but that's going to be something we're dealing with until the early afternoon and then we'll see that sunshine break out full force later today. that's the way things are looking. 29 degrees in philadelphia right now. it is a little cool. 25 degrees in allentown, 26 in reading, 28 in wilmington, 27 in trenton, one in millville and 28 in cape may. and the winds much lighter than yesterday. we had those wind advisories yesterday. boy, you could just hear the wind as well as feeling it just ripping through during the morning and early afternoon especially but now we're down to single digit winds in allentown and at the airport in atlantic city we're actually calm so feeling a lot better in that regard. 28 degrees by 7 o'clock. a chilly start. and then by noon 40. we're still going to be dealing with those high clouds but by 3 o'clock well expect a lot more sunshine to burst back into play, 46 is your high, a little better than yesterday. 42 by 5 o'clock.
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i'll caution if you're headed out tonight it is going to get colder. we'll be in the 30's again by 7 o'clock tonight. temperatures fluctuating a little bit over the next several days but karen, we are still looking at a nice weekend warmup. i'll have more on that coming up. you've got roads to look at. >> yes, i do. today is kind of a quiet weather day. we have no big weather related problems affecting the roads. we're dry and clear. i-95 at cottman looking good. that's your southbound traffic headed towards center city. very light volume. no accidents on i-95, the schuylkill or the blue route so looking good. now in overbrook we still have wynnewood road blocked at city avenue because of a downed tree and wires from yesterday. stick to lancaster avenue as your alternate. up may encounter that in a couple places where they didn't clean up from the downed trees from yesterday. we had a handful of them t looking outside live in plymouth meeting this is the blue route at chemical road. no problem right here heading out on the blue route and don't forget turnpike connector bridge still closed and on the construction note we have the right lane still blocked here on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound near bensalem. other than that, no issues out there currently, matt. >> thanks karen. there is a shakeup in the
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white house less than a month into the trump administration. national security adviser michael flynn announced he's stepping down over reports that he made improper contact with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and then went ahead and misled the vice president. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in the satellite center with what flynn is saying about his resignation. >> reporter: matt, flynn gave his resignation letter late last night. in it he said he gave vice president mike pence incomplete information pow his calls with russia's ambassador to the united states. well, the now former national security adviser initially said he had not discussed sanctions with the russian envoy but later said the issue may have come up. the administration's accounts over what flynn said about sanctions in recent weeks kept changing. last month the justice department warned the white house that flynn could be in a compromised position after intelligence officials picked up recordings of conversations as part of routine monitoring and claimed they knew it to be true that flynn had discussed
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sanctions. president trump named retired lieutenant general keith kellogg as acting national security adviser in the interim. now reactions are coming out of russia, the chairman of russia's senate foreign affairs commission is calling this anti-russian paranoia. as far as other replacements president trump is also considering former cia director david petraeus and the also vice admiral robert harward a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. reporting live in the sat center annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you annie. steve mnuchin has been sworn in as secretary of the treasury. he was confirmed by a vote of 53-47 with one democrat west virginia senator vow manchin joining republicans. mnuchin is expected to play a key role in republican efforts to overhaul the tax code. a doctor with deep roots in philadelphia became the first unanimous confirmation of trump's cabinet. the senate voted 100 to nothing for david shulkin to serve as secretary of veterans affair. shulkin was the va under secretary during the obama
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administration. >> now to a bizarre incident involving a septa officer. officials say a policewoman was forcibly assaulted by an aggressive man who kept trying to kiss her. it happened at the 69th street station in upper darby yesterday. a man grabbed the transit officer and tried to plant one on her. she was able to get the suspect off of her and arrest him. he's now facing several charges. are police have not identified this man. and jerry sandusky's adult son is in jail this morning charged with child sex abuse. fro41-year-old jerry sandusky ws arraigned in the same courthouse where his adoptive father stood crime. jeffrey sandusky was involved in crimes involving two underage girls. a psychiatrist says the behavior you learn at a young age be it right or wrong can have a significant impact on your behavior as an adult. >> learned behavior family patterns you're exposed to this from the time you're a little kid makes it very
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difficult to get out of that kind of mind-set. >> jeffrey sandusky has never made any public allegations of abuse at the hands of his father while another adopted son matt sandusky accused his father of molesting him when he was younger. >> happening today, pennsylvania state senate chambers are expected to reopen following an vandalism spree at the state capitol in harrisburg. it happened early sunday morning. police say 27-year-old ryan stump got drunk and broke into the capitol and sprayed a fire extinguisher in the hallways by the senate's offices and chambers. stump faces a number of charges including burglary vandalism and resisting arrest. the capitol preservation committee is checking several historic portraits for possible damage. >> it's valentine's day and it just so happens to be from your last chance for a certain kind of love outside of philadelphia city hall. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in dillworth park with details on the love statue and where it's
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going. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. well, parting is such sweet sorrow but don't worry, this is just goodbye for now. you can grab your valentine, come here to dillworth park today and say goodbye to the love statue. maybe celebrate this not so subtle sign of love before it moves to be restored and we have to say goodbye just for now t about a year ago, the love statue moved to dillworth park from its usual home in love park. it was a short move distance-wise but it was a very delicate operation. they needed to move the statue as the city embarked on its multi-million dollar renovation to love park and the new park will have more greenery, there's going to be a restaurant and a welcome center, the fountain pool will be gone but the water jet will return and the love statue will take its place slightly away from the fountain but it's not supposed to open until springtime. so, today you have one more chance to come here to many dillworth park, then tomorrow the statue will be removed to be restored.
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it's going to be stripped down, kind of spruced up and then it's going to move back to its usual home at love park. so, it is goodbye for now but not goodbye forever. live at dillworth park katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine i hope they take tender loving care of mr. love. >> no kidding. >> don't like mess up the letters. >> no. >> the love will show back up better than ever. >> don't mess up the letters. they'll bring it back and it will so olve. hopefully not. no rain out there. as we take a look outside less wind, too, so there's our city all -- excuse me, our sky6 camera looking down at penn's landing. i got my ice rinks confused. that's the river rink. and camera not bopping all over the place like it was yesterday at times because the winds are much lighter. so, that's a nice change today. temperature is still cold, though. 29 degrees as you head outdoors this morning. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. so, lighter winds but still coat weather. there you see some clouds beginning to streak in. these are generally high
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clouds, maybe thin enough top occasionally allow some sunshine in. i do think we're going get onto the other side of those clouds after about maybe lunchtime to 2 o'clock, somewhere in there and then later in the afternoon we'll see the return of some more full sunshine. but for now the story really is the lack of wind which is a nice change today and temperatures being cool this morning and a little better this afternoon. by 10 o'clock we're just above the freezing mark so in through the morning hours, definitely coat weather. then by noon we're at 40. then by 3 o'clock 46 degrees. that's 4 degrees better than what we managed yesterday and with less wind it will be more pleasant. by 6 o'clock back down to 40 degrees. high temperatures across the region 46 in wilmington, 43 in allentown o-44 in trenton, 44 in reading, flicks 46 in philadelphia. down the shore up closer to 50 degrees. if you have plans to head out later today or tonight for valentine's night, 44 degrees by 4 o'clock. 40 by 6 o'clock and then by 8 o'clock, you're down to
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37 degrees. 35 by 10 o'clock and by midnight, 34 degrees. so, to not a lot of wind tonight. clouds gathering a little bit later in the evening hours but no precip. however, it is going to be cold so you'll want to bundle up, bring the appropriate coat. tomorrow we're up to 49 for a high and we're kind of splitting the difference between a couple of storm systems. this one is going to miss us to the north, that one to the south. we'll probably get some clouds early and maybe skirting the coast a little sprinkle or shower. that's a maybe -- it happens, maybe it doesn't sort of thing. then once all that gets out of here we return some sunshine into play. however, with that low in the vicinity we'll be rather breezy tomorrow with winds running about 12 to 20 miles per hour. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 46 degrees. sun with a few clouds, especially in the first half of the day. clouds to sun then on wednesday, with a high of 49. and then behind that departing system, it will be windy and colder on thursday with a high of 39 and wind chills probably in the 20's. the winds won't be as bad as they were yesterday on thursday, but it will be rather blustery. then the winds ease again on
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friday and we inch back up to 44 with sunshine. for the coming weekend we're still looking at that warmup. in fact it looks even better on saturday now. we're going for a high of 57 degrees with partly sunny skies. sunday the thick of the -- pick of the weekend although both days are pretty good. 60 on sunday and then on president's day monday, 58 degrees in case you have off from school or maybe you're taking the day off from work. >> great day to get out there with the kids. >> nice three day weekend. yeah, absolutely. >> thanks, david. up next, watch as a giant crane comes crashing down between several people. >> nobody is awake right here montgomery county this is dekalb pike at knapp road. we'll take you to king of prussia see what's happening. >> terror at disneyland after a fire started in the park's main garage. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:43. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. perhaps a romantic rendezvous or two. >> wow. >> will take place at the airport. we shall see. >> all of a sudden the airport just got a couple degrees hotter there, karen. >> a romantic rendezvous or two at the airport, which is -- >> better than one. >> two is better than one, i'm
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going to go with that. all right, suburban traffic report time of let's look outside live this morning. it feels like friday in the studio. i hope it does for you at home, too. this is king of prussia, the schuylkill past 202. looking at a little more volume than we saw a few minutes ago. this is your eastbound traffic as you head towards gulph mills. coming from king of prussia or paoli norristown. maybe a touch of volume but other than that no big problem. and roads are clear and dry out there, too, so we're really looking pretty good. here in upper merion new construction began yesterday and it lasts through the end of march. swedeland road will close between trinity and hole stein road. you'll stick to hole stein while they do the water main installation. it's going the take until the end of march you'll be dealing with that new construction. also happening here in chester county, we've got street road which is 926 and my clicker just died, they run out of batteries, thank you, matt back there. 926 street road closed between pou pocopson and creek roads. stick to 52 which is lenape road or baltimore pike instead to get around that. let's take a look at the temperatures now through the
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area. 29 degrees, it's even colder than yesterday. so you have to bundle up a little bit out there. in the lehigh valley just in the mid-20's. 21 in millville. when you factor in just a touch of a wind it feels like lope 20's as you head out right now, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new this morning, a crane came crashing down on a construction site in israel. security cameras recorded that collapse. four people were hurt including the operator as well as a man who was in a car that was crushed by the equipment. the ministry of labor is investigating whether the crane was being operated without proper permits. >> a smoky fire at disneyland's main parking structure burned eight cars and injured seven people. it happened at the mickey and friends parking structure in anaheim california yesterday. seven disney employees were treated for smoke inhal ladies and gentlemen hundreds had of park visitors and employees were stuck outside the structure for about two hour. authorities have not given a cause for the blaze but they do not suspect foul play. disney is the parent company of 6abc. >> a funeral home in memphis,
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tennessee is offering drive through services. visitors can pay their final respects without leaving their cars. though it might sound insensitive the owner of r. bernard funeral home says his intention is the exact on that is. >> reporter: he says he is trying to appeal to families overwhelmed by the painful process of saying goodbye. >> if you've got a football fan as a love this valentine's day the philadelphia eagles have something special for you. the team came up with these dreamy cards featuring your favorite players. they're posing next to creative sayings like you're wentz in a lifetime of course featuring quarterback carson wentz or if your loved one prefers zach ertz his valentine says my heart ertz when you're not there and it has a cute teddy bear. these printable valentine's are free on line so you have no excuse for not showing up with something on hand. >> i'm on mccleod nine.
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meet a tiny "action news" fan with an amusing reaction to the "action news" broadcast. >> rescuers retrieve a truck from an icy pond. david. >> a few clouds building in overhead but less wind than yesterday. i'll have your 12-hour forecast coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> bop bop, bop. >> that is 16 month old caden bopping around to the "action news" closing credits laughter weekend. mom danielle says the little boy has been dancing to our theme since he could pull himself up at seven months old
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and caden's obsession doesn't end with the music. danielle says her toddler always stands by and listens to the news as well. why not. wants to stay informed. >> the kid is early on going for the good stuff. way to go caden. >> my kids did the same thing. >> i actually bounce to it when it starts even now after all these years. probable more than you needed to know. [laughter] >> this is south philadelphia pattison avenue at broad street. we're clear and dry, no weather related problems today and looking pretty good on most of your roads but we have a new problem popping up a water main break. they've set up the barricades restricting traffic. you can kind of squeeze by in south philadelphia, 20th street at oregon avenue. that's new so watch for that one just coming in. mass transit everything is on time. market frankford line a few less cars than normal but better than it had been last week. they no longer need those supplemental buses dave in cold across the region right now karen. 29 on the bus stop in philadelphia, 28 in wilmington. 25 in -- 26 in reading, 25 in
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allentown, 21 in millville, 33 degrees in cape may. and as we go through the day, 40 degrees by noon. by 3 o'clock, o 46 so a little bit milder than yesterday. we're going to have a period of the day from about the morning in through midday where it's a little cloudy with some high clouds but then the sun bursts out later on. by 7 o'clock 39 degrees. what's ahead in our forecast? well, tomorrow is going get a little bit milder then windy and cold again on thursday but we are looking at a mild weekend. a nice warmup ahead, matt. >> thank you david. when you're not on the air you can go to and get the forecast any time plus a look at storm tracker6 radar. >> new this morning, the u.s. coast guard in alaska has called off the search for a fishing boat and its six passengers. the 98-foot vessel went missing in the frigid bearing sea. the electronic locating device was discovered on saturday morning in a debris field containing bowie a life ring a oil sheen.
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wisconsin recovery crew is freeing its first vehicle of the year from the ice. the february thaw is causing the frozen green bay to start to give way. a marine recovery unit has a pontoon lift that raises the truck into the air and once it's lifted high enough to clear the ice, the vehicle is then towed to shore. they're saying lots of people think this time of year you should be able to drive out there, do some fishing get to the other side. not necessarily. warmer than usual. >> a lot of times they just leave their vehicle out there all year round because it is so cold but not this year. 5:52. up next find out how you can help people from a local community win a national contest. >> also we're helping you get fit for summer. see how you can tighten up those love handles. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. you're taking a live look here at the iconic love statue in dillworth park. if you want to do something fun with your sweety take a picture today. david says beautiful weather as the day warms up a little bit and you won't be seeing it for awhile. it will be refurbished and the next time you see it it will be in the updated redone love park. go out there and take a look today. >> state regulators gave the green light to a new pipeline that will bring marcellus shale to the refinery at
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marcus hook. it will stretch 306 miles from eastern ohio through chester and delaware counties able to transport 275,000 barrels a day four times the capacity of the current mariner pipeline. a pair of adult bald eagles whose nest in the pittsburgh area was damaged during storms on sunday have been spotted. the sole egg in the nest was also destroyed. birdwatchers say they spotted a second egg but experts say that one is probably not viable however birdwatchers hope it is still early enough in the season that the momma eagle could lay another egg but first the couple needs to find a new nest. >> a chester county site that has significance going back to george washington is one step closer to a very modern redoing being turned into a housing development. the westtown planning commission recommended that toll brothers be allowed to build 400 homes on the site. the area of the site is where the battle of brandywine happened. in fact, the story of george washington's troops retreating
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to philadelphia during the revolutionary is reenacted every year. residents fear the developer will now level krebilly farm and the history that it holds. >> we take part of our history and we just -- once it's gone it's gone. >> we're in an interesting position because we understand the emotional attachment but at the same time the planning commission has to follow the law. >> the township's board of supervisors will hold public hearings next week. >> people living in bristol borough bucks county are asking for your support. the small borough is a finalist in the small business revolution contest. residents gathered for a rally last night to get out the vote. the borough is going up against four other small towns across america. the winner will get $500,000 and will be featured in a series on economic revitalization that includes robert herjavec of abc's "shark tank." voting continues through thursday. the winner will be announced next week. >> i really like him.
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>> go breast. >> yeah, that would be good for them. 5:57 and a spell cutting the cord yet again. first it was the headphones. now the next generation of iphones might come with something different with the charger. >> plus a special valentine's edition of today's fitness tips to tighten up those love handles. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it is 6 o'clock on this tuesday february 14th. here's what's happening. >> some developing news out of washington. overnight michael flynn resigned his post as national security adviser less than a month on the job as controversy surrounds the reason why. >> a bedridden woman is killed when fire breaks out inside


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