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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news we are learning new information about the new deadly prison
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takeover in delaware. and a man is facing a list of charges following a vandalism spree. and the big story is the says nation of president trump's security adviser. michael flynn is out. after his contact with a top russian dep matt. kenneth moton is joining us live with more now. >> reporter: rick, white house press secretary sean spicer will step up to the mike in an hour and facing tough questions and president trump has remained mostly silent about one of his most trusted advisers. president trump's national security adviser, michael flynn, out. this morning at the white house the president ignored shouted questions about flynn and late last night the resignation letter. he said he was resigning because
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he misled vice president pence and other advisers. pence repeated the false information on national tv. it turns out the department knew about the lie and alerted the white house three weeks ago but did the the president know. >> i can't review who in the white house knew or didn't know. the real story here is why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of washington. congressional democrats demanding investigations and republicans starting to react. >> obviously there is an administration that is in significant disarray as far as national security is concerned and they need to fix that. >> as soon as they realize they were being misled by the security adviser they asked for his resignation, i can't speak for the rest of the circumstances. >> and russian lawmakers are
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outraged calling it the result of the anti-russian paranoia in the u.s. and for now retired general, keith kellogg will serve as the acting security adviser. >> thank you. as kenneth did mention, white house secretary, sean spicer is expected to face questions. tough questions about the flynn controversy. happening at 1:00 this afternoon and abc news will bring it to you live in a special report. and the president is hosting chris christie at the white house today. the governor and his wife are hosted by trump. but the reason is unclear. he expected to finish his term as governor and enter the private sector next year. and let look live from sky 6 hd along the view of ben franklin parkway at city hall, you'll want to bundle up if you head out for a date.
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temperatures are not too bad right now but they will drop throughout the evening. david murphy is out on the terrace. >> happy valentine's day rick. we are looking at cloud cover and it's a cloudy start. taking a look at satellite and breaks in the sat slight to the northth west and allentown sees sun and philadelphia not too far away from the skies brightening. and 35 in trenton and 36 in cape may. the big change today involves the wind. yesterday we had the strong really ridiculous wind gusts at times over 50 and 60 miles per hour and now down to comfortable wind patterns, with just a 6 miles per hour wind in philadelphia. today's high is 4 degrees better than yesterday. 46 is where we wind up.
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the low 34 and both of those numbers above average. however as rick mentioned if you head out for valentine's day night, later this evening. or this afternoon, 44 degrees by 4:00, and 40 by 6:00 and in the evening it's cool and you'll want the winter coat and by 10:00 down to 35 and down to 34 by midnight. not a lot of wind and to rain tonight and you have to get bundled up a bit as you head out with your honey. we have a milder forecast for tomorrow and temperature goes up and down a bit for the work week and the weekend is looking very, very nice not only for saturday and sunday and presidents day. details are coming up. >> that is a forecast we'll love. thank you. has everything you have just seen and more. in addition to the latest videos, you'll find the hourly forecast and storm tracker 6 live and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. police say that a driver hit someone with her car as she was
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fleeing the scene of two other crashes, the suspect is now in custody, as she allegedly hit two vehicles and a person. vernon odom spoke to one of the victims and joins us live from the scene. >> good afternoon sara two victims both females were driving the car and taken to the hospital being checked out for back pain in german town this morning. one person is at einstein medical center, a wild scene this morning. this is surveillance video from german town avenue, the red chrysler coming down fleeing from a first accident scene not far away and running the light at german town avenue and smashing into the silver honda being driven by shelly.
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>> light was mine, it changes and was mine. and a car jetted out and just smashed right into me. >> the woman driving the chrysler first ran over a pedestrian at the busy intersection and was already pursued by the dry driver of this impala who says she was the first hit and run victim. you see her briefly here in the police van and after police say she drove to the rental office on north broad and the pedestrian is hospitalized listed in stable condition. >> reporter: sara again the alleged hit and run driver in custody at this hour. none of the three people are injured now at the hospital are believed to have life-threatening injuries. live in german town, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the pennsylvania senate chambers are back open today
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following a vandalism spree at the state capital. the 27-year-old is facing a number of charges from burglary to vanlism to resisting arrest. and the capital preservation committee doesn't believe there is permanent damage to the portraits and paintings in the hallways. down in florida. the phillies pitchers and catchers have their first official york without at spring training and the full squad begins practice friday and will check in with sports director ducis rogers live later today beginning at 4:00. >> dozens of love birds are making it official by tying the knot with valentine's day wedding ceremonies in montgomery county. annie mccormick is live now way look at the nuptials in norristown. >> reporter: it's not the first
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time that people have gotten married in valentine's day inside of the montgomery county courthouse but the first time the judges made it a special day and devoted a courtroom to the newlyweds and made it so it could be free if you registered ahead of time. >> love is in the air with previeding cupids, the honorable lisa fuhrman. it's an honor to stand here and join people in marriage. >> i thought about it because of judge goodhart in philadelphia a few years ago and i grow up in philadelphia and heart about judge goodhart wedding people down at city hall. >> i know pronounce you man and wife. jason you may kiss the bride. >> the judges thought it would be a nice tradition. >> it seems like fun and i said
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why not. lets do it on valentine's day. >> we put owe out a flyer at the register of wills office where you get your license and see if there was an interest and the response was overwhelming. >> and this is also the groom's birthday and a few shout getting married on valentine's day will help their marriage because they would never forget. >> i'll always member our anniversary. february 14th, i have to run out and get an anniversary gift. >> can't forget that one. be the ceremonies are still going on as we speak. they have 20 couples scheduled through the entire day. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> so sweet. still to come here on "action news" at noon, fire spreads through several cars parked in disneyland and the damage to the vehicles left
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outside of the theme park. >> we hear from the first african-american bachelorette in show history. and what she is saying about the new role after it was revealed last night. we'll be right back. if you have medicare
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now charged. investigators say that brian goldsby raped and killed reagan totes, she was reported missing from the restaurant where she works and her body was found near a park and the dna matches that found on the victim's car and is he held without bond. and a murder case featured on the domry making of a murderer. a jury found brendon dassey guilty of the murder of a woman. and they ruled they took advantage of his cognitive problems. now they are trying to convince the appeals court to reinstate the conviction. and now a fire in disney land in california that injured several employees. it happened last night inside of a parking garage at the theme park. the flames destroyed four cars and damaged a number of other
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vehicles, at least seven worker his to be treated for smoke inhalation and the damage is estimated to be almost hundred,000. and the investigator have not pinpointed the blaze they have ruled out foul play. disney is the parent company of 6 abc. and now they are trying to shore up the orville dam spillway. large bags of rocks are dropped on to the spillway and the emergency spillway. the spillways are used to drop water levels and release pressure on the dam. any rain or flood cog send water from the dam rushing into the nearby towns. the next bachelorette is making history. they revealed lindsay as the first african-american cast as the lead in the show's 15 year
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history. >> it's added pressure. and i'm honored to represent myself as an african-american woman, and i hope they rally behind me like they did in nick's season and i hope they will in my season. >> some fans were upset that they found out that rachel doesn't get the final rose on the bachelor this season and talks about the spoiler and why they made the reveal now. that is coming up at 1:30.
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a protest in center city to once again call attention to the pipeline project, dozens of people gathered at thomas paine plaza and proceeded to march to demand an end to the construction on the pipeline, in response to president trump giving the go ahead to the project that was put on hold with the president obama administration. they stood in solidity to the sioux tribe. doctors are hope that a new kind of gene therapy can help people that are robbed of their vision. here is ali gorman. >> reporter: for many people it happens in the prime of their lives, one day their vision is 20/20 and then in just a short period of time everything goes blurry. >> i guess it just happened overnight, one day i was perfectly fine driving through the streets of town and the next
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day i couldn't see, i couldn't drive anymore. it was hard for me. >> the a rare disease and there is no treatment in the united states. but doctors at wills hospital are optimistic about a potential new therapy replacing the abnormal gene with a normal one. >> this is exciting. >> i'll explain how it works and how it could help to treat other diseases as well. coming up on "action news" at 11:00. health check in noon, two more health insurance companies are calling off a merger. etna and humana shot their talks down. several days ago another federal judge rejected a merger between anthem and cigna, and they would have combined the five large most health insurers into just three. and the price tag on the valentines flowers are significantly higher. a dozen long stem roses will set
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you back $140. >> that is why i sent tulips. 8.5% more expensive than last year and the greeting card has risen 7%. i write my own letter and i grow my own flowers. >> one tulip? >> alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. it's the prices alicia out of control. >> have been wondering all morning. coming up today at 4:00 teacher as accused of crossing the line it's a story you won't want to miss in big talkers, parents in maine are outraged after high school faculty members are caught at a bar making inappropriate students about students, the punishment the center of the converse yes today. >> and forget the chocolates and
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roses, if valentine's day reminds you of heart break we have the perfect solution, a local charity is more than willing to help you shed your ex, and helping a good cause at the same time. take us with you on the go if you have not downloaded the free 6 abc app, you can way us live on your smart phone or tablet.
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david murphy here with a check of the accuweather forecast. good thing the winds subsided. >> a fasty day good pretty much gone now. stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing you most of the area is dry season still kind is of cloudy and down to the south can you see a couple of sprinkles and showers turning to snowflakes off the coast.
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but most of this is missing us and if you see this in central delaware or extreme cape may county, new jersey, it's not going to amount to much or last long. stepping outside we have chopper 6 hd of the love statue that is going on a little hiatus to get fixed up and cleaned up after today. but they left it here for valentine's day just in case you want to go by with your special one and maybe take a picture next to the love statue. temperatures 37 degrees chilly and cold enough for coats as you head outside and winds lighter, just 6 miles per hour and not going that much higher than that. it's going to be light winds all the way today. 38 in wilmington and 37 in millville and even numbers from cape may all the way time-out to reading and allentown and trenton we are a few degrees cooler. and clouds overtook us after that and thicker clouds are
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heading to the south and skies are brightening in the northern and western suburbs and philadelphia not too much longer before you see the skies get brighter and while send the day with sunshine. clouds mixing with occasional sun and more wind which is nice. 48 and sun and clouds and less wind and ocean temperature is 40 for those of you that like to get in a wet suit there are scuba clubs that do that but not for me. sun and clouds and less wind in philadelphia today. high of 46. and again winds very light this afternoon. for the evening commute, heaters are in the car maybe, 42 by 5:00 and 6:00, 389 degrees that brings us to the evening call if you have plans to head out to dinner and a movie. 37 by 8:00 and then we are about down to 34 by 11:00. not a lot of wind or rain tonight and you'll want the extra gear or an extra layer or
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two. increasing clouds and chilly and winds remaining light. two features one to the north and one to the south and we are tucked conveniently in between and clouds to sun and a sprinkle or shower at times but most of us will not have to worry about that. your exclusive accuweather forecast today's high a chilly 46 degrees and better than yesterday with light winds for yourtral tvalentines day. and blustery winds. windchills in the 20s on thursday and friday partly sunny and 44 and then the weekend we are going to really improve start agent mid-day on saturday, we'll shoot up to 57 afternoon high 62 on sunday and 58 on presidents day monday. see how george and ape are spiling there. >> yes, thanks david. more ahead in our next half
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hour of "action news." inmates in delaware took over a prison and held people hostage and how officials are reviewing what went wrong we are live with the latest. and hugh jackman is telling fans to be careful when out in the sun. play cupid's cash, the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot. keep on scratchin'!
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams,
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sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again here are the stories we are following for at 12:30. a prison guard was killed when inmates took over in delaware and now officials are doing an investigation hopefully to prevent it from happening again. we are live next. >> and they are putting a giant boulder at a pillway in california to keep catastrophe from happening there. and on this day of love, folks across the country including our area are tying the knot. and the delaware of governor announced the person to lead a review after the uprising at the james t. vaughn correctional center. a guard held hostage was killed in the incident that happened almost two weeks ago. bob brooks live in wilmington with the latest. >> reporter: sara just a few minutes ago governor john carnie came out and said a


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