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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wielding suspect. a vacation nightmare turns into a dream cruise thanks to troubleshooters. we have a special report next. >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> it happened tonight in an alley near 21st and chelten avenue in west oak lane in philadelphia. police confronted an armed suspect.
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when the suspect aimed a gun at a plain clothes officer lawmen opened fire. it's wednesday night and the big story on "action news" a police involved shooting on the streets of philadelphia. live at the scene is reporter christie ileto. what happened there? >> jim, police are on scene. you can see the evidence markers laid out on the sidewalk, some are bullet shell casings. we are told officers were doing patrolling when they approached a drug location. >> the car alarm going off drew the officer's attention. >> it's not clear if the pair were trying to break into the car but the alarm alerted police something wasn't right. >> one of the officers feeling a gun on one of the males. >> the suspect running away
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toward uniformed police coming from a different direction and pointed his gun at officers. the defendan suspect continued o the alley. >> the male turned toward the officer. at that point the plain clothed officer discharged his firearm. >> police are trying to process the scene. three officers, two uniformed one plain clothed fired at the suspect hitting him in the torso and taking him to the einstein hospital. christie ileto, channel6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, christy. police are responding to a crash at adam's boulevard but instead found the victim of a shooting. the driver was shot in the upper left leg and upper left arm.
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police don't know where the shooting happened but the victim drove himself until he crashed into. a cemetery. he is now in stable condition at einstein. >> a driver is suspected of bees under the influence when he ran down a husband and wife out for a bike ride. dann cuellar is live at cooper university hospital where both victims are under doctor's care. dan? >> jim, a salem county man is in stable condition but his wife is in critical condition. they were riding their bikes when they were struck by a motorist who appeared to be driving under the influence. >> chopper 6hd over the scene of dell by drive in frank lynn township. a coupin couple were riding thes
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along the southbound shoulder. that's when they were struck by a man identified as 41-year-old emilio ortega north of denny's pizza where christina was having lunch when she noticed cars on the side of the road. >> there were so many cars pulled over we couldn't make out what happened. police officers came in and people helping at the scene explained that two people on bicycles were hit by a car. >> the impact sent the woman into the driver side windshield. the bicycles were mangled on the roadway. a helicopter was sent in. >> it was scary. >> the roadway between micah xavier johnsowas shut downthreed their investigation. >> it's
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>> very busy road. >> yes. again, the woman is in critical condition and her husband stable. police took emilio ortega into custody on two charges of assault and driving under the influence. >> dan, thank you. >> >> a catholic school teacher in montgomery county is accused of molesting a three-year-old girl. michael barbee is being held on $175,000 bail tonight. he worked for the catholic church. the diocese calls this serious and disturbing and is cooperate withing the law. >> two officers and up to four civilian employees are accused of wrong doing.
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dayton brown is being charged with assault for allegedly beating up his girlfriend. he was arrested yesterday and is suspended without pay. meanwhile a vit owe is circulating on social media where the language is used at a citizen not condoned. >> finally, two 911 operators were busted for buying and selling drugs while on duty. two other employees at the call center have been suspended but not criminally charged. >> although mike flynn was forced to resign, his former boss president trump had only nice things to say about him today saying he was a great guy and insisted the fake media and
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previous intelligence brought flynn down. >> this was the scene as president and mrs. trump greeted israeli prime minister and mrs. netanyahu. they met in the oval office looking for a more comfortable relationship after eight years of an icy relationship with president obama. trump stepped away from years of u.s. policy the two state prescription for peace. >> i'm looking at two state and one state. i like the one both parties like. i'm very happy with the one both parties like. i thought for a while two state looked like the easier of the two. if b.b. and the palestinians are happy, i'm happy with the one they like the best.
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>> trump and netanyahu released a statement condemning the nuclear iran deal calling it a terrible deal for the world. tonight netanyahu met with speaker paul ryan. >> andrew puzder withdrew his nomination as secretary of labor. he has been the focus of controversy over his relationship with his employees, divorce and failure to pay taxes on a housekeeper. >> tomorrow, a day without immigrants, protests are planned across the country. philadelphia expected to be a hot bed. they are expected to skip class, not go to work and not shop. hundreds of families are expected to take part. the owner of tequila's restaurant will participate.
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the taj mahal in atlantic city is becoming just the taj mahal. it shut down in october. trump hasn't owned the casino in years and required his name to be taken down if the property was not renovated by march. it will not be, the owner plans to sell it. >> tonight questions remain about what will become of the asphalt refinery in new jersey. there is talk t that it could be closed costing more than a hundred jobs. steve sweeney met with them to discuss the closure of the refinery. it's not clear when they could close their doors for good. >> applause today for three
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wilmington firefighters that died in the line of duty. jerry thicket, christopher leech and ardythe hope were named firefighters of the year. thicket and leech died during the fire. hope died after two months dealing with injuries in the hospital. >> john frey was signed in as acting chief. frey started with the department in 1995, rose through the ranks to deputy chief 2015 taking the place of chief john norris who retired last year. >> we would like to introduce you to a nine-year-old do gooder from chester county. nate spent his day delivers food to the food bank. he started raising money and collecting donations through
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food drives and fundraisers at just six years old. now his mom and he run a 501 charity. he's already planning the next food drive. >> still to come, an inflight emergency. fuel sprang out of the jet passengers onboard. it was far stranger than a bird strike that caused it. we hear from a 71-year-old high school graduate. we are there as she gets her diploma tonight. adam? >> windchill in the 20s, but a big turn around and near record high in a couple days. big changes in accuweather. >> if you think you need a vacation listen to the story of ann. not only did she need one, she deserved one. troubleshooters were honored to send her on her way. >> plus, jeff skversky with the
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sixers. what about jalil okafor? what is his story tonight? that and spring training when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ by peggy lee playing ]
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>> highlights of an american eagle passenger jet that declared an emergency this morning after the plane hit a deer while taking off enroute to gulf port mississippi. the plane returned to the airport, landed safetil safely e was a fuel leak. 44 passengers were allowed off. fortunately, no injury to anyone. >> a new law in new jersey takes aim at the opioid crisis. governor christie signed the bill curbing initial prescriptions to a five day supply. the painkiller limit does not apply to cancer or chronic pain
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patients. >> 200 philadelphia high school students graduated tonight including one waiting to receive her diploma for 50 years. she led the line at the ceremony tonight. she returned to school after seeing a previous ceremony on the news. she received her diploma from benjamin high school. >> it was beautiful. >> burkett received her diploma through the district opportunity network providing options for nontraditional students. you think they are happy? a lucky lottery player in new jersey hit the pick six extra jackpot for $5 million. it was sold at rachel's market
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in pens county. the lottery winner can opt for a cash prize of $370 million. >> here's troubleshooter nid ya hatroubleshooter withmore. >> the troubleshooters were honored to help send ann on vacation. >> it was eight countries in 15 days. >> after caring for her aging father-in-law and husband with multiple sclerosis, this was to be a much needed voyage. >> this came at the right time in life when i needed it. my girlfriend suggested why don't we go together. this is tempting for everyone especially these friends going
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on the ocean cruise, including stops in finland, poland and germany. they got a buy one get one free package for $18,000. >> everything, airline -- everything included came to $9,000. we each paid around $9,000. >> a couple months before the trip she got a call from her friend who had to cancel for medical reasons. she still planned to go. the problem -- >> viking told me i have to pay her share. why do i have to pay her half because she gets reimbursed from her travel insurance. they said this is our policy. >> there were no bookings on the travel. when she couldn't pay for her friend's half, they canceled her too.
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that's when she called troubleshooters to get an action volunteer. >> he said you are going. trust me. pack your bags. >> that's right. a couple weeks later she got a call from viking with good news. she was going on the same cruise, just different dates plus -- >> we are upgrading you to the top floor, penthouse suite. >> viking threw in credits toward off boa boat excursions. >> as for our volunteer? >> they are an amazing group of volunteers. hats off to each of them. i love them. >> viking cruises tells us we are pleased she was happy with the outcome and able to travel with us. if you have a problem, call us at (866)987-4232 or reach me
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through facebook. >> all right. not even the philadelphia police commissioner can escape the long arm of the law. the commissioner got a parking ticket yesterday. he was in a zone prohibiting parking 7:00 to 9:30 a.m. a spokesperson says the ticket has been paid. >> i'm sure right away. >> accuweather forecast the next seveseven days, warm weather one way. >> someone paid mother nature to bring spring five days coming up here. we are going to enjoy the sunshine. double scan, a couple of floating flurries in the poconos, higher terrain, an inch of snow this afternoon. the rest of us, a stray snow shower or rain shower as a cold
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front passed through. behind the high today, 53-degrees earlier this afternoon. winds continue to crank up out of the west northwesterly direction. gusts near 30 miles per hour. over 30 in millville. the same for the poconos. the wind is not going to die down overnight. it will stay similar to the numbers and crank up more after the sun breaks over the horizon. windchill in the city to the lehigh valley, poconos feels like 12-degrees. a typical february night. what's happening here is another big snowstorm. that storm is winding up to the east of boston. it's pushing back a lot of heavy snow from the city of boston to maine where they have picked up another 15-inches to nearly
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40-inches they saw over the last seven days. theivethey have been whacked inw england. as that winds up, it creates the wind tunnel effect tomorrow. dress the kids in layers tomorrow morning. windchills and teen in the morning with air temperatures in the 20s. 39 is the high tomorrow. winds continuing to crank up east of maine, windchill in the 20s despite the air temperature of 39. it feels like spring quickly. by the weekend and beyond, jet stream into canada, a temporary hold on to the winter feeling east of the rockies for a good chunk of time, to the south, pumping in the heat, 50s and 60s for us saturday and lingering through the seven day. when you look at the seven-day forecast, windy cold, 39
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tomorrow. a lot of sun and a lot of warmth. friday back to normal, 60 saturday, 21-degrees above normal on sunday, balmy monday for the holiday and it's well above average tuesday and wednesday as clouds begin to build. that's a seven day you typically wouldn't see this time of year. >> thank you, adam. >> a screens of a film black history special based on the words of barack obama was held in center city philadelphia, the obama years, the power of words looking at obama's legacy as writer in chief. the movie will premier at the smithsonian channel monday february 27th. "jimmy kimmel live" after "action news." here's jimmy with a preview of
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tonight's show. >> thanks, jim. hello, philadelphia. we are not kidding around tonight. who makes up the news? do you do that yourself? is there a team of imagine nears? i can come up with all sorts of weird stuff. >> i know. i watch your show. ♪ ♪
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber with equaluploa, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> both sixers and flyers in action tonight. let's start with the sixers. >> 11th straight game without
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joel embid. we miss the big guy. when will he play again? sixers are hoping after the all star break next week at the earliest. he's out of the rising stars challenge this weekend. jalil okafor is on the floor in boston. thought he was getting traded, instead, four for okafor off the bench. sixers up one but go scoreless for six minutes, costly mistakes. turns it over, sixers lose 116-108. flyers due back in calgary. 90 seconds into the game, nick cousins, flyers up 10. michael gives up two unanswered. second period, t.j. brody. >> flyers trying to avoid losing four of the last five.
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>> new left fielder howy kendrick didn't know what to expect so he asked his teammates. they said media not as bad as you think. they have high expectations for the phillies. they hope they'll help guys like mykel franco on and off the field. >> it's about trying to help them get better at their craft. that's how you win and you become players like us. >> understanding that you were a young player at one point or another. >> shortstop freddy galvis has a mild groin injury and backed out of the classics. still to come, temp is on a run, don't run anywhere. we'll come right back.
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>> "college hoops," can temple get on a run with the regular season winding down going for if last of five games. owls out scored 15 in the second. fran looks worried. he should. temple loses 78-64. la salle will miss out on the big dance if they keep this up. watch under the basket. walks right past, slams it down. la salle lost six of their last eight. temple women team playing if
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first as a top five team. temple wins 66-52. they are 20-5. you talk about the defense, they held them to four points. four points in the first quarter. whew thank you, jeff. tonight art work made by syrian refugee children to support one of the refugee camps based in northern greece. it's part of a long term community service project. >> "jimmy kimmel live" live followed by night live. music from mariah carey. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- david muir. from "the great wall," pedro pascal. and music from mariah carey featuring yg. and now, stay tuned -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching, thanks for coming, thanks for everything. oh, boy. i had a little -- there is any -- anyone else still full from all the edible underwear they ate last night? i hope you had a happy valentine's day. last night you were
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