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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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february 15. >> we're following a story where police chase a car on the schuylkill expressway. we've a live report. president trump is blaming the media illegally leaked intelligence information for bringing down his national security adviser. >> the chilly day we promised you would arrive, is here.
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let's go over to david and karen. >> reporter: it's here, it's a chilly day, a clouds and sun mix. temperatures are cold, 35 degrees in philadelphia. 30 in allentown. 31 in trenton. 34 inse are the sustained winds, everybody in the teens, we have gusts in the 20s, and the windchills are making it feel like the 20s. feels like 26 degrees when you step outside in the city. coats all around, extra gear, please. struggling to get to 37 by noon. we hit a high of 39 degrees at 3:00 p.m., with strong blustery winds it will feel like the 20s all day even at the best of times. karen rogers things start to get better tomorrow and especially over the weekend, we're zooming.
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details coming up. are you zooming on the roads? >> reporter: no, nobody is zooming on vine street expressway because it's shut down. everybody else, zooming going on. the vine street expressway is shut down scheduled to reopen in a half-hour. we have not had construction in a little bit. it will shut down again overnight tonight. speeds in the 50s, blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95, the circus is in town at wells fargo center. 422 at 23, construction crews off to the side. the lanes have reopened, no delay on 422. we have construction on the turnpike, westbound near willow grove, right lane and center lane, turnpike connector is closed, matt. >> the police pursuit that went
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on the to the schuylkill expressway came to a stop in front of the belmont barracks. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: it ended right here, right in front of state police, it was philadelphia police that was making the pursuit. police are holding this car, waiting for a search warrant and tow truck. it ended in front of the state police barracks. this is video of one of four people taken into custody from the car following a chase from west philadelphia that went on to lancaster avenue and the schuylkill expressway. philadelphia police caught them in front of the belmont barracks that's when the car came to a stop. a call of shots fired drew the attention of police to the 800 block of alden. it is there that police say they saw a man getting out of the
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same vehicle that was later in the chase, they saw him get out of the vehicle allegedly with a gun, they took him into custody. while they were doing that, thit is when four people took off and the pursuit happened. police say the four occupants if the vehicle were taken into custody and this was again sparked by what happened in west philadelphia about hearing shots fired and seeing a man with a gun get out of this vehicle. now, back out here live, again, this car is still waiting for a tow truck to come out here for a search warrant to come out here, so they can take a look inside, at this point all four people that were in this vehicle and the 5th person taken into custody in west philadelphia are all at southwest detectives while they try to foirveghtd what -- figure out what happened.
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>> officers were on routine patrol and heard a car alarm go off in a known drug location. a man started to run and pointed his weapon at uniformed police. he darted into an alley, he drew his gun toward a plain clothes officer. a total of three officers opened fire, the suspect is in stable condition. a second person is in custody for questioning. a blaze burned through two homes in wilmington, the action cam was at 22nd and church street. flames broke out at a vacant home and spread to an occupied house. police were called to the crash at adams at and the bouled they found the driver was shot. the 29-year-old victim drove
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himself until he crashed into a cemetary wall. police think it is drug related. the victim is in stable condition. several incidents have put the atlantic city police department in the spotlight with two officers and others doing wrong doing. officer brown is charged with domestic assault and claimed he beat up his girlfriend. internal affairs is investigating a video on social media wroot -- where another officer used tone with a citizen. two officers were caught buying drugs on duty. who others were suspended but not criminally charged. a show of political protest here and across the country called a day without immigrants him organizers are calling for
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immigrants not to show for class and to miss work. local organizers expect hundreds of families to join in the call for action. tequila's restaurant is one of the many locations expected to participate. texas attorney general asked the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals to reconsider it's decision not to reinstate the ban. packs ton said it is legal exercise of the presidential authority. the 9th circuit will have to decide whether to have a larger panel of judges reconsider the decision. president trump is blaming the media and the illegally leaked intelligence for bringing down national security adviser michael flynn. president trump asked flynn to
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resign balls he misled pike pens. >> reporter: the sudden force -- standing next to israeli netanyahu, trump exercising more outrage about leaks in the press instead of the calls with the russian ambassador before trump took office and lied about it to the vice president and the public. >> i think it is very, very unfair general flirch the way he was -- flynn, the way he was treated, the documents that were illegally leaked. >> reporter: before the campaign, trump was all about the leaks. >> wikileaks. >> reporter: fbi has yet to uncover evidence that flynn promised anything to the russian ambassador during his talks with
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them that would warrant charges. president trump is not commenting on reports that some of his campaign aids were in contact with russian officials before the election. >> highly disturbing and it raises more questions that congress has a sworn obligation to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: fbi and intelligence officials have found no direct cooperation between trump associates and the russian government aimed at influencing the 2016 election. authorities cannot say for certain if trump associates knew they were dealing with suspected russian intelligence who posed as business, political and academic leaders. at the precise conference with israeli prime minister, president trump backed away from an old miss east policy for two state solution saying he will leave it up to palestine and israel to decide. not even the chief of the police department can escape the
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long arm of the parking authority. commissioner richard ross received a ticket parking outside the bell view hotel on tuesday while on official business. he was in a zone that prohibited parking from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the ticket has been played. >> philadelphia parking authority and philadelphia police two separate organizations. >> philadelphia parking authority they get us all. a woman is accused of faking cancer to scam her own fee -- fiance. a group of puppies is back in the shelter safe thanks to a state trooper. >> reporter: it's cold and winds are strong and blustery with windchills in the 20s. things get better for the weekend. authorities in
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san francisco evacuate streets for fear that a 30-ton pump on top of a building is going to fall. that story is next after the break. several buildings were
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evacuated in san francisco yesterday for fears heavy construction equipment could fall off the top of a skyscraper. engineers were concerned about a two thousand pound concrete slab could fall. tenants were told to get out of the area right now. >> i don't have my keys and i don't have my wallet, everything is inside except my computer. >> officials say they have sured up the form work and the
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crane. somebody has some explaining to do. >> we have strong winds. >> reporter: testers in the 30s -- temperatures in the 30s and feeling worse than that. we have a small flurry popping through the northern suburbs, we don't see that on radar right now. taker ago look outside, sky6 live hd, that's the commodore barry bridge of we have mix of clouds and stars pokerring through. oh owe poking through, looks like a clouds and sunday today. the winds are a factor, 18-mile an hour gusts in allentown. some of the southern area looking at gusts in the 30s. satellite showing you a lot of clouds, but it's a clouds an sunday. 36 by 10:00 a.m.
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noon, 37. the high 39 degrees with the strong blustery winds it will feel like the 20s, even at the best of times today. 37 is the high in allentown, 38 in reading, 41 down the pike in wilmington, most of the areas down to the south in philadelphia, will hit 40 or so. friday, lots of sun, the winds relax with high pressure coming through. we get a high of 45 milder and not as windy and more comfortable. heading into the weekend, better, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, windy and colder today, high of 39 with the clouds and sun mix. tomorrow, breezy and chill, 45 degrees not as windy and feeling better. even though we start out cold saturday morning, it becomes warmer in the afternoon, high of 60, lots of sun, sunday, sunny and warm, 65 degrees, and we are looking at the potential for some record highs being set in spots around the region. philadelphia's record high 68 on sunday. monday, president's day, which might be a day off for you, especially if you're a school
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kid, sunny mild, 60 degrees there, so very nice days, more clouds build on tuesday, we have a chance of late showers, especially at night, 352 degrees, mostly cloudy on wednesday, rain possible, but we're looking at a high well above average at 54. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information at, and we've got a lot of nice weather coming up in a couple of days, but today you'll want to bundle up from start to finish. a western pennsylvania man accuses his fiance of lying and having cancer and scamming him out of $40,000. she is charged with theft by deception. she helped him for what she claims is necessary surgery. she deceived him to believe he
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was communicating with her nurses through text messages. a trooper helps find four missing puppies. surveillance video shows a man and woman sneaking a long the fence. they lured the puppies out. >> they knew where the cameras were, the person we believe it was worked here, volunteered here. >> state trooper went to speak to the former volunteer and her boyfriend and found the puppies at their home. investigators say with all this, there's not enough evidence to file charges. >> 4:47 a.m., a fast food restaurant is opening up a wedding chapel. the powerball jackpot is jumping again. nobody matched the numbers in last night's drawing, the new jack jackpot when "action news"
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comes right back.
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>> reporter: good morning everybody, making our way to the end of the week, looking outside on the vine street expressway, westbound has just reopened it was shut down for construction. they are in the process of opening up the lanes itself.
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it will close again for construction. lights out on the schuylkill expressway, just be careful as you head out. no delay, you're looking all right. upper chichester, delaware county, this overpass is blue ball avenue which is the over pass over i-95. a contractor was doing work and damaged a support beam it will be closed indefinitely, you have to stick to chichester avenue instead. >> no this morning, there were no winners in the powerball drawing, that makes last night's $349 million. 5, 28, 33, 38, 42, the powerball 19. you can see saturday winningest numbers on 6abc after "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> the first look at business at the big board, a long-standing tax battle between atlantic city and the borgata
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has been settled. the city will pay the casino $72 million. the borgata sued saying the property tax value was inflated in 2009 and it paid too much in texas every since. the settlement was expensive for the city, but saved it 65 million-dollar additional dollars because the borgata will drop its tax appeals from 2013 to 2015. the trump name is coming off the trump taj mahal in the ac. president trump hadn't owned it in years and required his name to be taken down if the property was not renovated by next month. billionaire owner karl ichan said he plans to sell the buildings. major stocks surged on wednesday, the dow gained triple tickets. taco bell is opening a restaurant on the vegas strip that will offer 600-dollar
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wedding on the menu. it will include a service, a private reception, taco 12 pack and desert a cake. >> people want to keep it casual, if you want to keep it casual, and cheap there's an option. 4:53 a.m., a delaware county wawa reopened with features commerce have been waiting for, details on what it will have. >> farmers are concerned about the dwindling honey bee population, a clergy student's project could help.
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>> new on "action news" a college student has created a bee drone to pop nate -- pollinate plants. it mimics how bees pollinate flowers and crops. it as you sucs in the pollen fos poll -- pollinateing plants and crops. we told you about a woman who donated her husband's old shirt with a pocket stuffed with money. today it is about a tv set, more than $100,000 was stuffed with
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cash of $100,000. recycling workers found the mother document stores with the cash led police to find the rifle owner. >> some people don't trust banks, do they it's federally insured up $100,000. a bucks county community poll closes this evening, bristol borough is one of the finalist for $500,000
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a judge told a drug addicted mother she could not get pregnant again. >> good morning everyone it is
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5:00 a.m., on this thursday, february 16 here's what's happening. another windy day across the delaware valley, gust could reach up to 35 miles per hour. >> a police chase in west philadelphia winds it's way on the highway and ends at a police barracks of all places. four people are


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