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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i was out here smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's whyorette.crav ev>> "action news" delaware ley's leading negram.ith bridge y ruled com against move forw s that heled associated from stoppinaround the george washington back scheme. app criminal summons on march 10th. he accused the judge of violating the law and that the claim was investigated for rgan and an early morniannie mccormick is e hospital and the three children who actually live a couple of houses down from where the fire began and were suffering
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from smoke inhalation are since released from th flames home of saset 5:0 e coming out of the house and a lot smoke in the street. >> 40 crews responded and one man jumped from the roof of the home where the blaze originated and another was able to run out. and the action cam was there as the medics transported one of the two men tal the ufferedo hisnd neighbors with nowhere to g warm inside of block captain ruby foster's house. >> i thank god everybody is safe and we did not lose anybody to the tragedy. >> this lady lives two doors away andeone woke her up. >> i heard the vibration of someone banging on the door. >> these three siblings were home with their mom. >> my mom woke up and saw the back o >> and foster says one of the men injured in the fire plays a big part in the community here. >> he heavens the children to stay off the streets and builds
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bikes with them. that is why you see all the bikes there, to cope the kids busy. >> the two men that remain in the hospital are ed to survive, the homes on either side of where the fire originates are seriously damaged and the investigation into a cause continues. sara back to you. >> thank you. one person died this morning when an suv collided with a car carrier. the truck jackknife add cross both eastbound lanes of route 322 and struck a concrete median in upper chichester. and police had to close route 322 eastbound approaching i-95. and today pennsylvania's attorney general announced two major drug busts in the fight against the heroin epidemic and josh shapiro agents said they arrested and charge aid man in the juniata section of philadelphia with distribution
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and possession. they found 125 grams of heroin at the. and dmt as rested five people in allatoo with operating a heroin they had bricks worth $100,000 street value. going live outside for the temperature swing. we are dealing with cold winds and by this weekend we could see record highs. david murphy is joining us from the big board. >> great sky 6 hd shot showing the flags blowingenay and ofstormtown fro side of the chesapeake bay through lancaster county and a big cluster of this pushing into northern berks county. bn jersey heading to the a snow shower passing through because of that strong wind coming down from the northwest and a little lake-effect snow forming south of lake eerie and wrap around precipitation around an area of low prepare that is close enough to us to bring the strong winds through.
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overall we have a clouds and sun mix and a good looking day but not feeling particularly great. the temperature 38 degrees and mid-30s in allentown and reading and 37 in millville. and teens and 20s as well. gusts are going up into the 30s at times and put that together and the windchill is the story. 29 is the windchill in philadelphia. if you do have plans to head out be sure to bundle up and cover up. it's on the chilly side and things get better tomorrow and get nicer for the weekend. i'll be happy to bring you the seven day and we'll do that later in the half hour. >> thank you david. more questions today about president trump's campaign communications with russian officials before the the election and he is defending his former national security adviser
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michael flynn and is blaming the media ouster. >> sara0 minutes we ear from president trump at the white house for a news conference in the hour. when he announced that information we are going to track down these folks leaking information to the media. so from the white house to capitol hill to the intelligence community there are current and pending investigations. >> white house turmoil president trump taking on the media and leaks of information and once again the intelligence community. >> we'll find the leakers and they will pay a big price for leaking. >> and blasting the reports on twitter as fake news but angry about the leak that took down his national adviser michael flynn who he fired for misleading the white house about the russian ambassador. >> a great man treated unfairly
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by the media. >> "the ne that they are investigating can't with russia -- and the trump campaign. and creating more mistrust between the president and the intel agencies he must rely on. today the president taking part in a congressional the president hearing the outrage from congress when ito russia. >> the outrageous and congress has to get to the bottom of it. >> we are evidence. >>ipartihi members are asking for investigations and president trump will hold a news conference in about an hour we expect he will announce his pick for labor secretary nominee after his previous one withdrew under controversy. we'll see if the president will take questions. kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you.
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in a protest against president trump's immigration ban immigrants from philadelphia and around the nation are staying homw people how important they are to the economy. the called a immigrants and held in o th katherine scott has more with how had the demonstration is impacting philadelphia business g aowvictim.
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rchhe person responsible for killing two teenage girls in louisiana. they disappeared during a hike on monday. their bodies were found the next day. thortdd the pick your of this person they would question. a western pennsylvania man mmed
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him t of $40,0zip alleg theyng nee for sure loans a gave her tnd sheed fiance by making him think he was communicating with her medical team through text messages. >> and there say health alert for students for penn state. three cases of mumps were confirmed on the main campus just before the annual fundraiser, the school is tetoms to stay away from this weekend and the patients are kept in isolation. and if you bought intohe power ball dream you prohe winner, no tickets matched allththe grand prize is rolling over again. thekpots349 million, you can see the winning numbers during the "action news" at 11:00. rick williams would normally be sittin he is on assignment today receiving an award for black history month. this morning city council recognized rick as a leader in
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local journalism and named one of the city's living legend and ducis rogers also received the award and rick accepted on his behalf this morning. sk is part of every aspect of our lives and what can we expect this year more social media? strategists predict that 2017 will be a banner year for the big three facebook twitter and instagram and a shift in the content you are seeing, and how people are using the site and a deeper reach into the community. >> social media and tech they are becoming great tools to have people have more access to their physicians. >> we look at social media trends for 2017 tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. staying fit can be a challenge at any age but particularly as we grow older. this week tamala edwards looks at a way to make recovery easier for senior athletes. >> at age 69 he has turned to hydro therapy. >> i came back and the surgeon anticipated a six week recovery
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time. the knees and ankles respond better than bouncing along the roads while running. >> harry can swim in place or run on underwater treadmills. he offers the hydro therapy in his physical therapy practice. i can threatening from a senior learning how to walk better to an elite level runner or swimmer and water offers a resistance to the workout without increasing stress on the aging muscles and joints. you don't start -- now they can move in ways they couldn't do. >> you take the stress off the muscles and joints. >> jeff the owner of hot tubs says that they can be installed in private home asss as well. >> this morning wawa open their
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first pennsylvania store to offer restaurant style seating at their store in chadds ford. the store opened with a special celebration with a ribbon cutting and beer tasting and the store has a single serve and six-pack section and a walk-in cooler. they may sell at other stores in the future. depending on what happens at the chadds ford location. and today is the last chance to help a community win $5,000. bristol bureau is a finalist to find america's most inspiring old town. the competition started out with 14,000 nominee and bristol made it to the final 5 and can you vote online. and "action news" is working
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on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> coming up today at4:00 a judge in new york a decision that some consider to be outrageous telling a young mother not to get pregnant again unless she with follow the judge's rules, we'll explain this in big talkers and researchers say they may have discovered a way to predict autism before the age of 1. and high discounts, for womens clothing up to 70% off and kids clothing up to 80%. take us with you on the go. watch us streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank you. we'll check accuweather when when come right back.
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david here now with a check of the accuweather forecast. a cold start to the day. >> chilly and windy out there. but the good news is that things get better for the weekend sara. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you that we are not completely dry there are a couple of scattered flurries and snow showers around. and none of these doing all that much. you can dedetect that out at wilmington and the chesapeake bay. you get towards dover it turns to rain. as we look outside speaking of snow why not go and ski today. it's cold enough for it. temperatures in the 30s and windy and windchills in the 20s and a day where some of you that like winner may want to get on the slopes. 38 is the currents temperature and winds from the west northwest at 16 miles per hour that is giving you windchills down in the 20s and we expect to
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have windchills in the 20s for most of the today. 38 is the current temperature in philadelphia and wilmington and 35 in allentown and reading and 37 in trenton and 37 in millville and 36 in cape nay, the winds are coming through the region are gusting a little bit. and in some cases up into the 30s in atlantic city a 35 miles per hour gust and in millville we took a snapshot but you can mix and match these numbers across the region and most of us are feeling the blustery winds, as we look at satellite we have cloud cover filling in a bit and we have managed the sunshine through the day and think the rest of the way will be a mix of clouds and sun overall. that is what we call for in the lehigh valley and windy and cold that is the real story, a high of 37 degrees and feeling like the 20s all the way into the lehigh valley. and down the shore a little bit milder and also the clouds and sun mix and windy and chilly conditions and in philadelphia we are already at 38 and only
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get up to 39 probably sit there for a couple of hours this afternoon. and even if we get to 40 it won't make much difference with the northwest winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour in spots today and keeping the windchills down there feeling like it's below freezing most of the day. for the afternoon and evening commute. 47 at 4:00 and 46 by 5:00 35 degrees by 16 and close to the freezing mark by 7:00 and everybody will have the windows rolled all the way up. and then partly cloudy and brisk and cold overnight and 26 we'll have windchills in the teens as you head out overnight too early tomorrow morning. the wins do die down for tomorrow as the wind maker, this area of low pressure is farther away from us and replaced by high pressure and you see the winds subside beneath the high. and with more sunshine the high in place we'll get milder 45
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degrees but the big surge of mild air comes on the other side of that high where the southerly wins start to come in and warm us up. in fact for the weekend we go for 60 on saturday 16 degrees above the arrange high and sunday 65 and sunshine and near record highs, the record high in philadelphia is 68 some other out lies records could be broken and windy and colder today and chilly tomorrow and 45 and how about the weekend. 60 saturday and 65 sound and if you have time off on monday for presidents day another beauty with sunshine and high of 60 and after that rain is possible tuesday night into parts of wednesday but again high temperatures above average. >> you can play golf this weekend. do a lot of outdoor things. >> thank you david. we have breaking news now from delaware county this. is the scene, chopper 6 hd is live over a three-alarm fire in
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yeaden. and firefighters were called out 11:30 this morning on the 1100 block. first responders showed fire upon arrival and struck have a second alarm and have since a third alarm as they kin to battle a fire here at a row home here in delaware county. no injuries are reported and the firefighters are there on the roof and the regions are drawn a particularly stubborn fire to fight in delaware county. we'll continue to monitor.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following for you at 1:30678 immigrants across the country are skipping school and work t protest donald trump's immigration policy. and they are headed off to penn state to raise money to fight childhood cancer the annual thon dance marathon is underway. >> we are awaiting a news conference from donald trump he is expected to announce his choice for a new nominee forever
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labor secretary. ing to note that the supportersave notd been ou back live when the president starts speaking and stream this news conference live at >> immigrants across the country are staying home from school and work today to show how critical they are to the economy and way of life. a day without immigrant actions are going on across the country including here in philadelphia. katherine scott spoke with local people that joined the movement. >> stores are postedre . onchestnut closed and on nin clo
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