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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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♪ ♪ action news. delaware valley's leading news program with melissa magee, jeff skversky. and walter perez: saturday night i'm walter perez. a cab driver shooters another in the frankford section. donald trump holds a campaign rally. but the big story is a refreshing break from winter. take a look at the promenade in gilesackaction news reporter is
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asking people how they spent their day. we begin with meteorologist melissa magee, and our first check of accu weather forecast. >> hard to believe that we're in the month of february because temperatures are nice and mild. in fact, if you look at yesterday's high, 45 degrees, it was a seasonal friday, but today, we shot up to 68 degrees in philadelphia. that's a huge jump. in fact, one degree shy of the record, the record for today, 69 set back in 2011, the average for this time of year is 44. pretty comfortable at this hour with the southerly wind 61 in the city. same thing in wilmington to the north and west of reading, and lancaster temperatures in the middle and lower 60's. 51 in the poconos, here is satellite six along with action radar, we got a partly cloudy sky and a little bit of activity off to our south and west.
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showers with this week disturbance will stay. away from our region but the clouds will start to drift northward as we go throughout the rest of tonight and into overnight but the temperatures staying pretty nice and mild if you're out on the town we got a partly cloudy sky. 7:00 p.m. in the upper 50's. 57 at 8:00 tonight in the upper 50's at 9:00 and 10:00 and a partly cloudy sky and the numbers still above average at 54. this weekend, a bit of spring fever, we're going to be in the 60, this is the warmest weekend we've had since november 5 and 6. at least 20's degrees above average. this more typical of mid to late april. we're going to take another run as we get to sunday. those details coming up this morning in the exclusive accu weather forecast. >> absolutely, thank you, melissa. action news trish hartman among those enjoy, the conditions along boathouse row. hi, trish. >> reporter: spring isn't here yet but it felt like it along
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boathouse row. people out here biking running walking trying to make most of what was a gorgeous day. people are normally bundled up and digging out. the temperatures climbed and layers were shed as people enjoyed an unusually warm february day. >> i spend outside since 9:00 this is morning. got to enjoy it while we have it. >> with weather this nice, pleasant moved work-out outside >> i hit the gym but it was so nice out. >> reporter: he wasn't alone on the art museum steps and plotting more outdoor activities >> i think there's something going on in manayunk. >> reporter: in would be the mummers parade down main street in perfect playing weather >> mummers love this kind of weather, it's not too hot or cold. it's good for the instruments. and it's good for the band, people come out and see you
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play. >> reporter: for this policeman from roxboro. the parade is just part of their warm weekend plans >> we're going to stay outside as much as possible. we're going to go for a hike in the wissahickon and play outside. >> reporter: we found athletes from yukon in independence mall. >> we got 20 inches of snow two weeks. this is such a nice change and i'm from florida, so i love the sunshine. >> reporter: the family came to see the liberty bell but the fresh air and sunshine was attraction enough for the little one >> they're running around and he's old enough to kind of enjoy the historical stuff. he's glad to be outside. >> reporter: i think we all were today and with an even warmer forecast for tomorrow, people said they're more than happy to leave the heavy winter gear at home at least one more day. we're live along boathouse row. trish hartman channel 6 action news. news bail has been set at $250,000 for a woman from
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delaware county accuse of of stabbing an 8-year-old in the head with a butcher knife. 21-year-old majeah bashir was arraigned this morning. investigators say she attacked the little girl inside the apartment building in collingdale during an argument. they say the girl was baby-sitting her toddler who became angry. the youngster suffered a four inch gash to her head. and being treated a the children's hospital. a cab driver arrest after police say he shot another cab this afternoon near the busy frankford transportation center. action news reporter jeannette reyes is live jeannette? >> reporter: walter, there's still a small police presence hours after this tradition between two cab drivers, both pulled out their weapons, one was sent to the hospital. during the near constant hustle and bus he will of the frankford transportation center, philadelphia police gathered evidence from an altercation that happened in broad daylight saturday afternoon. >> i'm surprised how it can be,
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you know, on the daytime. you know. this is like something you know, it's ridiculous. >> reporter: around 2:00 in the afternoon, there was a dispute between two cab drivers outside of the frankford terminal. one cab driver pulled a gun. the other a knife. a 52-year-old man was shot in the left side of the smivenlg shot once in the head and the neck. >> this is getting more scary. more, you know, more crimes. you know, because couple years ago, you know, it wasn't like that at all. >> reporter: we're told this was all over a fare. now, the victim, the one who was shot taken to an area hospital. his condition is unknown at this time. the other man was interrogated and arrested by a septa authorities and was taken to a local department. reporting in frankford, jeannette raise channel 6 police in philadelphia also investigating a shooting in east
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mt. airy. it happened just before 4:00 p.m. along the 200 block of east street. a 41-year-old man shot three times in the left leg and once in the right. he was taken to einstein hospital in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made. police officer in pleasantville is recovering tonight after crashing her cruiser into utility pole. it happened just before 6:00 this morning along route 9. you can see the impact crushed the front end of the suv and took down the pole along with wires as well. the officer is hospitalized no word on her condition at this hour. no word why she lost control of the vehicle. president donald trump is only about a month into his first term, mr. trump is still in campaign mode. this is a live picture of what's being build as a campaign rally. supporters gathered inside a hanger at orlando melbourne airport in south florida to hear mr. trump hammering away at the same themes he brought up. a focus on jobs, replacing
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obamacare and stolenning borders. we'll have much more on the weekend. coming up at 6:30 right after action news hundreds of penn state students are now moving into the 25th hour of dancing. bond 2017 kicked off around this time yesterday and students are still going strong. bob brooks has been there and he joins us in the spot. in happy valley with much more. hey, bob. >> reporter: walter, happy valley certainly living up to its name right now. behind me it's in full swing, like you said they started around this time yesterday. by the looks of it. it looks exactly like the day the kids. >> the dancers are still going strong. after more than 24 hours on their feet. stretching understandably is taking place. >> how do you like right now >> not too bad actually. better than i thought they would
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at this point. >> refueling with what else? water ice. >> i have no idea what time it is. so >> do you want me to tell you >> please don't >> we ran into my cousin who was first dancer ever on behalf of the school of music. >> i'm honored. it's a great responsibility to be here. >> reporter: 46 hours of dancing to help children with cancer penn state is one of them diagnosed with leukemia when he was six. he and his family are direct recipients. >> not only my family but so many they don't have to worry about a bill. they don't see any bills at all. >> reporter:er written is dancing in this year to honor her brother's battle >> it's so inspiring to be here and i think that's, he's obviously the reason that i'm here today. that i'm dancing. >> reporter: battling cancer has been flat-out horrible but what he remembers are the songs in
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years past >> being able to come here and just make a regular kid like everyone else. >> reporter: to watch her brother go through cancer was pretty tough >> i remember that i think -- so strong. >> reporter: they hope the money raised eventually no brothers or sisters will have to watch families fight cancer in the future. >> i hope one day there's a cure for cancer physical until then we're going to fight and answer >> if you keep fighting and i always think mind over matter. you can do anything. >> reporter: inspiring words there. he's healthy now his cancer is in remission. this is what it looks like right now. i got to be honest. doesn't look like they lost a step yet and they're over halfway through this. we're going to keep an eye on things here and the fun they're having doing this.
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reporting live in happy valley bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> thank you. 6 abc will be covering all weekend. we're streaming the neighbor event on and the ap, please follow us on facebook and twitter for live updates through the conclusion sunday. much more to come. this was no half baked idea we'll tell you the great reason why volunteers in northeast philadelphia made hundreds of cookies. it was the perfect day to dress lightly: the villanova wildcats in closer to another record. jeff skversky has sports when abc news comes right back.
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from a different era were honored in center city philadelphia. those firefighters made the ultimate sacrifice in 1899 when
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fire nearly destroyed st. john church at th. inside 10th annual firefighters mass was held to honor all of the city's bravest. the good people of northeast philadelphia found a delicious way to thank philadelphia police officers for their service. we're told it took at least 7,000 cookies to make this a success. sadly this years took on a bit of a somber tone because the chairperson marcie hudson passed away suddenly. we want to wish a happy birthday to pennsauken new jersey. the municipality is turning 125 years old. ♪ that is the pennsauken high school choir loaning their voices to mark the milestone at
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the township library. pennsauken native and food network star was on hand after making the special birthday cake jay carney during a basketball tournament. it was held inside the gym at bancroft elementary the sixth annual me and my dad got game two on two event was hosted by the chance foundation, which is a social and mentoring program for children and teenagers.
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. jeff skversky and villanova continues to put on a show. >> this is villanova wildcats team looks like they're headed to another final four, they keep this up. ryan archie making villanova fans forget all about archie, the cats have not lost a beat with brunson running the point
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and they're about to run away with a record fourth straight big east title. brunson and villanova on fire against seton hall shooting season high 67% brunson doesn't miss a shot. 7% adding up to 22 points. brunson also dishes out a career high first player in 20 years to do all of that. josh hart, hello. nova up as many at 27, and jenkins finds that shot with 22. his best game in a month and a half. all villanova, 92-70. at least a share of the big east title. in place to win a record fourth straight conference championship >> we started the game business-like. i like this, just even when they hit a couple shots early. we stayed focused and committed to the game plan. i was really proud of the leadership >> former villanova coach was the finalist for the basketball
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hall of fame. from the 1985 national championship he's a first time finalist the 82-year-old will find out final four weekend in april. if he will get in. saint joe's goes down a bad road. first half, lasalle jordan. second half johnson slams it shut. 18 pour both price and johnson. lasalle 83-68. short-handed st. joe's lost six in a re. the drexel dragons no fire power. brian dawkins there's another one. they lost seven of eight. the sixers are still trying to trade jahlil okafor. joel embiid said he wants to play with him, he's talented.
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he's holding out >> we got a lot of time and i feel like we can use everybody. any time you got the time, you got to find a way, you got to find a way to make it work. >> if not for embiid. dario saruc may be getting a little bit more attention. he's second among rookies in scoring only behind embiid scoring 17 last night. but leave it up to embiid to find a hole in saruc game, where is the d? >> he made a couple of shots. he -- end play no defense. that doesn't count. >> way for me to play different. >> come on. >> come on, man, sack eflin who suffered from knee issues was held out of batting practice today. among the young starters, there's clay buck hostile the
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former red sox, who the phils strayeded for this winner. 32 years old. >> he plays really a great time, and you want to perform for show that -- that you're still, you do what you do. >> spring training, >> feels like spring ironically. >> thank you, much more to come, meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive seven-day forecast when action news comes right back. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure.
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>> gorgeous outside. hard to come inside on a day like today. >> i made that mistake, i told you. >> you got another shot. >> we got more warm weather on the day. here's storm tracker 6 double scan radar, no issues with precipitation. got the warm front lefting northward and that's why these temperatures are responding nicely more like a taste of spring rather than winter. we'll show you the picture outside. sky 6-live. we're at the shore in atlantic city and if you look closely at the boardwalk, there are folks walking along the boards at this hour, it is mild. and comfortable even along our coastal communities here. highs across the region, most spots were in the 60's today. wilmington 69. reading, 69. philadelphia, 68, one degree shy
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of the record of 69 set back in 2011. atlantic city in the upper 60's. allentown your high today coming in at 67. we got the southerly winds, numbers still in the 60, the exception the poconos. atlantic city coming in at 61. 64 in reading and 63 out to the west in lancaster. here's satellite 6. partly cloudy sky across the region and the clouds will start to bubble up as we go throughout the rest of tonight. we're tracking a weak disturbance across the ohio valley. it will stay to the south and west of our region with the clouds will trickle on through as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours even as you wake up tomorrow morning, but over the next 12 hours we got philadelphia for the overnight low with that westerly wind at suburbs and 48 degrees in six to 12 miles per hour. on friday, we have a seasonal day of 45 degrees, and today on the saturday, temperatures were 24 degrees above average, and by sunday, that warmup continues
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with numbers 22 degrees above where they normally should be this time of year in philadelphia. future tracker 6 as you wake up tomorrow 8:00 in the morning, most spots above average in the upper 40's here in philadelphia. 42 in allentown and 47 at the coast in wildwood. by sunday afternoon, most spots definitely in the middle and upper 60's, 65 in philadelphia. in fact, we got another close call at records come tomorrow, philadelphia the record high 68 set back in 1948. wilmington another record, same thing for trenton and allentown, even reading, your record high tomorrow 67 set back in 1997 with that surge of air, temperatures will be responding nicely. here's exclusive seven-day forecast. more hike april than february, near records tomorrow calling for a high of 67. the record is 68. for president day. cold front comes on through, but still nice, up to 53 for a high. sunshine to increasing clouds
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tuesday and at 49 on wednesday, there could be a few early showers otherwise it's milder by the afternoon up in the 60's. back up to 67 next thursday, warm for february on friday. 63, a couple of showers possible saturday, walter with a high of 62. the warmth continues. tonight a cheeky event in the name of charity. those taking part showed up in their under where. some people felt more comfortable in costumes. it was designed to raise money for the children's tumor foundation. world news is next on channel 6. we're back here again on 6 abc at 11:00, for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire action news team, i'm walter perez. see you back at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're following breaking news out of florida. the president holding a campaign event. he's just 30 days into office but back out on the stump. the major turnout as he ramps up his attack on an old enemy. plus, the new message the vice president is sending to russia. epic downpours. the strong, deadly storm slamming the west coast. sinkholes, mudslides and flooding killing at least four people and the new round of rough weather ahead. border rush. the huge spike in undocumented immigrants heading north of the border. our correspondent on the the families fleeing into canada. hunt for the killer. a small town now on edge. who's behind the murder of two


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