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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking news, heavy damage as a powerful storm system rolls through texas overnight damaging dozens of homes. that as another round of heavy rain soaks the already saturated west coast. both areas could see further destruction today. the forecast coming up. also president trump taking on some serious issues including a new version of his travel ban. he's also working on naming his new national security adviser. another busy week in washington getting under way right now. caught by surprise while in a gas station convenience store. watch this video. this guy never saw it coming. and defense optional, the nba's top talent puts on a high flying record-setting all-star game.
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and good morning to you, i'm gio benitez. >> and i'm adrienne bankert. kendis and diane have the day off. we want to get first to the wild weather, specifically in texas. a lot of storms and possible tornadoes hitting that area in the middle of the night. >> take a look. this ray far right now, you can see the system stretching across the entire state, just look at that. bringing strong winds and rain and lots of lightning. >> as those storms tear across texas another system hitting the west coast taking special aim at waterlogged california. and some areas there could get as much as 5 inches. residents have been told to be ready to evacuate on short notice. >> several buildings caught on fire in san antonio. reports of roofs being ripped off or collapsing. some residents are now spending the night in a shelter but there
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are no reports of injuries. we've seen at least five reports of some minor injuries but again it is very, very early and, of course, this is happening in the middle of the night so we just don't know just yet. the strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, many on top of these hopes and structural damage in san antonio. more tornadoes and flooding are also possible in the next few hours. okay, let's get to the california story. there was a lot of water to cover here from texas to just outside of sacramento. right now we know that there have been so many areas completely waterlogged in northern california. some could get as much as 5 inches of rain. that's on top of what they've already received and we know that there are some areas that have had to evacuate on very short notice. a lot of voluntary evacuation orders for people in maxwell, california, a small town north of sacramento. mountain runoff has overwhelmed a creek causing flooding there and last week's storm is taking
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a toll on roadways with potholes, sinkholes and erosion. the outer lane of interstate 15 through the cajon pass is certainly giving way too. to cam tran with more of our weather. >> good morning, gio and adrienne. looking at the barrage of storm systems with another one moving in right now. another one moving in late tonight into tomorrow and between the two storm systems we're looking at over 3 inches of rainfall across the bay area. locally higher amounts across the central valleys of california and the foothills including the oroville area. in the sierras above 7,000 feet a couple feet of snow while in texas stormy and southeast texas, flash flood watches in effect. gio and adrienne, back to you. >> thank you very much. we move on to the busy week ahead for the president. one of the prime goals for donald trump finding a new national security adviser. >> four men met with the president. he's hoping to announce a replacement for michael flynn before the end of the week.
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>> the president seemed to refer to an attack that some say didn't happen. abc's elizabeth hur is here with more. elizabeth. >> reporter: adrienne and gio, you said it. president trump has a full plate but his comments about sweden, that's what had the white house scrambling this weekend. president trump ready to get back to work in washington. promising to unveil a new version of his travel ban and name a new national security adviser soon. abc news learning the president met with at least four possible replacements in florida on sunday. after michael flynn was forced to resign. a busy week ahead for the president whose baffling comments over the weekend sparked a firestorm of questions. >> you look at what's happening in germany. you look at what's happening last night in sweden, sweden, who would believe this? >> reporter: president trump at a campaign rally on saturday talking about an incident in
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sweden that never happened. >> sweden, they took in large numbers. they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> reporter: in response the former swedish prime minister tweeted sweden? terror attack? what has he been smoking? questions abound. the white house later explained he was talking about rising crime and recent incidents in general and not referring to a specific incident that the president was actually referencing a news report he had seen the night before. [ wanting ] >> across the country for the fifth straight weekend protesters took over the streets. in new york, former trump friend and music mogul russell simmons even led a rally called i am a muslim too. >> it's not an anti-trump rally. i read that but it's certainly not. it's the policies and the choices that he's made. >> reporter: and today thousands more are expected to protest the
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president's policies and choices in dozens of cities nationwide calling today's rally not my presidents' day. gio and adrienne. >> elizabeth hur, thank you very much. criticizing the trump administration has cost a national security council aide his job. craig deare led it till friday. when he was fired days after making critical comments about the president's policies and some of his advisers during a private speech. deare was appointed to the nsc post last month. as we await the president's very advised immigration ban, a growing number are fleeing the u.s. for canada. 22 were caught crossing illegally into canada over the weekend. two conservative canadian politicians are calling on the government to stop the illegal crossings. breaking news, defense secretary jim mattis is now in baghdad for an unannounced visit expected to reassure the iraqis that the u.s. does not intend to
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seize iraqi oil, an idea president trump has mentioned. mattis also tells reporters that the president's new immigration ban is likely to make an exemption is for iraqis who have participated in the battle against isis. and that battle is at a new stage now with iraqi forces again advancing on mosul. isis still holds half of iraq's second biggest city and the iraqi government forces are getting air support from the u.s.-led coalition liberating the rest of mosul will not be easy. the streets are narrow. there are still hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in their homes. all right, adrienne, the aircraft carrier "uss carl vinson" is patrolling the south china sea, where china created man-made islands and even installed military weapons and the navy described its presence as routine. last week china warned 9 u.s. against challenging its sovereignty in the region. mike pence wraps up his first official trip overseas in brussels. he visited a nazi concentration
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camp nor munich. the pences placed a wreath beneath the international memorial at the center of the camp. more than 200,000 people were held at dachau and about 40,000 died there. another historic launch at the kennedy space center as a spacex rocket blasts up from the same launchpad used by nasa for moon shots carrying supplies to the international space station. it was spacex's first liftoff from florida since a rocket explosion last summer. not only was the launch successful its booster landed at cape canaveral instead of falling into the sea meaning it's ready to be used again. still ahead, the new entertainment option coming to your smartphone possibly. the assassination of the north korean leader's half brother and new diplomatic fallout from it. tough questions right now about why an expensive property went up in
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the pilot of the small plane is recovering after crashing into a new jersey neighborhood barely missing several homes. the victim was pulled from the wreckage and is hospitalized in stable condition. nobody on the ground was hurt but four cars were either destroyed or damaged. overseas now new details about the assassination of north korean dictator kim jong-nam's brother. surveillance video appears to show the careful and deliberate attack last week at the airport in malaysia. kim jong-nam died on the way to the hospital after apparently being poisoned. both women seen in the video are under arrest. four other men are now wanted. and today there's new diplomatic fallout. malaysia has recalled its ambassador to north korea. the north koreans have
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criticized the investigation calling it politically motivated. >> that's just an incredible story. a consumer alert for anyone with a home security system. it could actually be making you less secure. hackers are finding it increasingly easy to break into wireless home security cameras. too many people are just failing to change the default passwords that come with the systems or they're just choosing passwords that will just be too easy to guess and the result could be every move you and your family makes being streamed on the web 24/7. >> we have security cameras to protect them and i feel like i failed. people are watching my kids in their home dressing, sleeping, playing. it's a parent's worst nightmare. >> experts recommend you pick a hard to guess password and change it every six months to make your system more secure. not 1, 2, 3, 4. the fcc wants to make it easier to stream fm radio on
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your smartphone. most come equipped with the software but it's rarely activated. the fcc says it could allow users to save on data usage and get the same emergency alerts that drivers get in their cars. and the countdown is on ahead of wednesday's big powerball drawing. nobody had the six winning numbers in saturday's drawing. >> that means wednesday's jackpot is at least $403 million. taking the lump sum cash option will earn you nearly $244 million before taxes which is a nice amount. >> not bad. >> yeah. >> when we come back, so close to 200 points the nba all-star game and a historic performance. the surprise that this guy found in the convenience store aisle. stick around. you don't want to miss this video. rogram is amazing. weight watchers is not a diet. i eat more now than i did before. it's just - i'm learning how to eat better.
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minivan crashed into a convenience store in the bronx. the victim disappears from sight as food and merchandise tumble on top of him but incredibly he's going to be okay. >> that is just wild video. now for a look at morning road conditions for you. drivers are likely to face hazardous conditions in south texas and along the western gulf coast and wet roads northward all the way to the canadian border. flooded roads are likely along much of the west coast with snow in the mountains. if you're flying airport delays most likely in san francisco, houston, dallas and minneapolis. now there are new developments in that search for whoever killed two teenage girs in indiana. >> that's right. police are looking for this man right there who was photographed on a nature trail around the same time the girls disappeared. police say he is suspected of participating in the girls' murder. the bodies of liberty german and abigail williams were found nearly a week ago near a creek. they never returned home from a hiking trip. >> such a sad story. investigators in the
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washington, d.c. gushes are trying to figure out what sparked a huge fire that destroyed a multimillion dollar mansion. >> efforts to put out the fire were hampered by a lack of hydrants nearby. it's a problem neighbors say they've complained about before. here's abc's linsey davis. >> fire has gone through the roof. >> sounds like propane let loose. >> reporter: a massive inferno at this multimillion dollar virginia mansion. >> they were very shaken. it was amazing how quickly it spread throughout the house. >> reporter: but now a disturbing detail about just what helped that fire rage for so long. crews battled for more than 12 hours to put it out. >> i have no water. >> unable to supply at this time. >> i'll have to shut you down until i get water. >> reporter: precious time was lost trying to hook it up from the only fire hydrant in in neighborhood of expensive homes. a five-minute walk away. >> the neighborhood does have additional complexities. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york.
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three kayakers are safe this morning after a dramatic rescue in northern california. strong winds and currents had made it impossible for them to return from an overnight camping trip or even go back to their campsite. the three men called 911 for help. and, adrienne, at least three people were injured during an accident at a plus speedway. a car flipped from the track during a race, crashed through a fence and landed in a crowd of people all three of those injured were transported to the hospital. it's the second time a car has flipped from the track in about a week. now, the nba doesn't resume until thursday. last night, the league held its all-star game. >> two words for you, no defense. highlights from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. with john buccigross, i'm steve levy. the nba trade deadline is thursday at 3:00 p.m. there was a major trade made late last night. he was traded from sacramento to new orleans. so he pairs with anthony davis, a couple of big guys who both
4:19 am
went to kentucky. demarcus cousins now plays for the new orleans pelicans. >> so he didn't have to go far. he played two minutes in the all-star game. everyone wanted to see what would happen between westbrook and kevin durant on the floor for 82 seconds together. that's the best of the 82 seconds. alley-oop, durant to westbrook and that was a love tap exchange. >> yeah. >> everybody was excited. that was by far the biggest story going in to the nba all-star game. james harden leaving it for anthony davis. the hometown guy plays for new orleans. he was your mvp and all-star game record, 52 points. >> usually you win a truck if you win mvp. anthony davis won demarcus cousins. >> a pretty good sweep, pretty good all-star weekend in new orleans. >> yeah, fun to watch. up next in "the pulse," speaking out, angelina jolie breaks her silence about her
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learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. ♪ and it is time now to check in on "the pulse" starting with the first public comment from angelina jolie about her divorce from brad pitt. >> yeah, jolie was in the middle of a bbc world news interview discussing her new film when the interviewer asked the question. >> but would you like to say something? >> only that i don't want to say very much about that, except to say it was a very difficult time
4:23 am
and we are a family and we will always be a family and we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it. >> difficult to talk about. the actress split from brad pitt last september after 12 years together locked into a bitter custody battle over their six children. but she did say they're putting their children first. good news there. from family heartbreak to family joy, a little baby in denmark is seeing his mom clearly for the very first time. thanks to a new pair of glasses. just take a look at that smile. that adorable little face there. you see him. >> his very happy parents posting this online. today is a great day. he got his glasses and our baby had to go through a lot to sit here and smile with his small glasses. priceless. one college student who was very, very happy to have received something from home. his name is connor cox. he looks just like this guy
4:24 am
behind us. he attends westminster college in pennsylvania. >> yeah, connor thought his mom was sending him some goodies, but as he started his second semester not so much. >> he found out -- >> that's what he got. >> trash. mom sent him the garbage he was supposed to take out before going back to school. we're going to bet connor won't make the mistake again of not doing his chores. >> more news coming up right after this. you're watching america this morning. your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened.
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we expect thunderstorms on the western gulf coast with rain extending north. and finally a member of the greatest generation taking one last flight. he was a pilot during world war ii who fought against the japanese. >> now he's in his mid-90s but
4:28 am
that didn't stop him from reliving some of what he did all those years ago. abc's john donvan has the details. >> reporter: not exactly is this history repeating itself but it echoes something this 96-year-old in this particular aircraft once about 70 years ago bob was a world war ii flier. it was dangerous duty. >> we started off with 1500 guys in flight school, graduated 971. we lost about 251. >> reporter: and he was delighted when offered the chance to climb once more with a little help. >> first step is the hardest. >> reporter: into a world war ii vintage mustang. in the backseat with volunteer pilot brian norris in the front. >> you are amazing. you are the man. >> reporter: speaking of amazing, they rocked some maneuvers at 8,000 feet. >> i had the complete controls and i got to do a loop. >> reporter: a loop.
4:29 am
that's like a big vertical circle in the sky. bob got through it all easily. but back on earth he wanted it known none of it was easy. back when he was a kid at war. >> i think it's important that young people remember that there was a war and it wasn't all parades and beautiful flight in the skies. >> reporter: though this time it did look pretty beautiful when history made a big circle back in the life of one man who was there. john donvan, abc news. >> what a special man and how special for us to see that. >> absolutely. freedom is not free as so many have said before. so many paid a price. >> and that is what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday.
4:30 am
>> good morning everyone, 4:30 a.m., monday, february 20. >> we're following breaking news a man is pistol whipped during an attempted robbery outside his own home. crews respond to a gas leak overnight. >> president trump is down to four candidates as he looks to replace michael flynn for the nsa. >> reporter: it was up to 70 in philadelphia yesterday, today a little breezy and cooler, as you can see you'll need your


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