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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the only ones feeling the early signs of spring, it's 67 in chicago and 71 in st. louis, and 73 in omaha, and 70 or so near atlanta to raleigh. all of that warmth to the south and west continues to spread into new england for thursday and friday. yes, it gets even warmer, our normal high is 46 degrees, so far today we hit 58, we are 12 degrees warmer into thursday and 17 degrees warmer as we round out the week on friday. you look at these numbers for the evening planner we slowly drop into the lower 50s for 10:00 and 11:00 under partly cloudy skies and the lows stay above our normal high for this time of year settle near 48 by tomorrow morning. in the accuweather forecast. near record highs especially near friday and a line of downpours and thunderstorm as arrive in the upcoming weekend to bring a 30 degree crash in temperature. by the time we get into sunday. so we'll talk about the warmth
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and reality check and let you know where march will stan because march is now on the seven-day forecast. coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you adam. check in early and often with as our winter warm-up continues, you'll find constantly updated hourly forecast and so much more there. and rely on our expert meteorologist, by following them on facebook and twitter. >> many people are happy about the winter warm-up farmers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. the unseasonable temperatures have major implications over the next three months. nora muchanic is live now in morrisville to explain their concerns. >> reporter: hi there sharrie. extremes in weather and temperatures are not a farmer's friend and so while lots of us are enjoy the warm-up, if it lasts too long it will confuse the peach trees you see here
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into thinking it's spring and that is not necessarily a good thing. after huynh orchards in lawrenceville they are pruning peach trees for spring. it could cause big problems on the farm. >> this tree has a lot of bud. >> especially fruit trees that are coached in blossoming too soon. >> if it blooms early and there is a frost that can knock them out. or it can be frozen on the tree. >> that happened in mullica hill. farmer milo lost half of his crop when a cold snap followed and killed them and decimated his crop. pam is not too worried about that happening again. >> this warm snap in february doesn't seem like the trees have woken up yet. they are still dormant and seem to be fine. >> peach and aapple trees are
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the most vulnerable. her strawberries winter under a grow cover and seem to be doing well. >> they don't want to uncover them too soon. >> and they are growing in a greenhouse to stock the farm store. and the farm has weather stations feeding information to a computer. >> so who for a farmer is absolutely critical and knowing something about it removes some of the uncertainty. >> but they are at mother nature's mercy. >> she is the boss thank you. the search is on for a man that tried to pull a woman foo his car. this happened in a gloucester township neighborhood. she was standing outside of her home on monday, and a man approached her asking for
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directions and then grabbed her arm, the victim screamed and the man let go and he drove off in a newer model white suv with black trim. philadelphia police gave us video of two men that bound and beat a man in his own home. they got into a garage on neilson street in juniata park. they used electrical tape to tie up the 53-year-old resident. the victim was stuck there until sunday night when his brother came over and found him injured. if you recognize these attackers you are asked to contact philadelphia police. the septa trains involved in a collision in upper darby have been removed from the scene and now the railroad tracks are being thoroughly inspected for any damage they may have received. the national transportation safety board is now leading the
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investigation into what happened. four people were injured including a train operator who is said to be in critical condition. the white house said today that they will revoke guidelines for transgender students. they will not be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity. >> they called it confusing and hard to implement but the nation's largest teachers union says it endangers children. and they are considering way to overhaul the affordable care act but the city cannot afford to lose it. today dr. thomas farley and mayor jim kenney laid out the hardships that many philadelphians could feel.
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one in six residents gained coverage because of the law that provides funding for key health service zbrz we are learning new details about the the man accused of -- fletcher made it all get back at police. fletcher talked about an earlier robbery where police did not help him enough. he reported the fake incidents monday in order to watch the police work harder. told officers he was delivering a pizza on north happen ton street when someone stole his car with his nephew inside. fletcher is now charged with false reporting. a masked man with a gun burst into a north philadelphia home overnight and is said to be still on the run, police say he robbed the two men inside of the home of their cell phones and their laptops. the crime happened on the 1400
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block of north 17th street. if you know anything about what happened you are asked to give detectives a call. also in north philadelphia crews responded to a house fire overnight quickly checked for squatters that may have been inside. the flames broke out at 2:45 this morning. it rapidly spread to neighboring row homes and firefighters say they eventually went inside and found no one there. no word on what sparked this fire. a note for drivers part of 20th street in center city philadelphia will be closely closed to traffic. crews will be repairing that road and is expected to reopen at noon on friday. you can get around the closure by using 18th or 22nd streets. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is live now in the
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traffic center. >> as we head home getting over the hump on this hump day afternoon. we start way not so great situation along 95. in old city, these are the the northbound lanes by penn's landing and it's a serious accident, a bunch of emergency crews on the scene here as you can see the ambulance is moving about as we watch. fire engine is there as well. and traffic is barely squeezing by. going northbound on 95 on the right side of the roadway, as we watch live northbound side jamming solid from the walt whitman bridge to the accident scene near penn's landing and farther north you are looking at 40 miles per hour through the girard after few work zone. a broken down vehicle on the vine that is clear out and over on the schuylkill a normal wednesday afternoon with 14 miles per hour on the eastbound side and 10 miles per hour on the westbound side by south street and coming off the schuylkill, lets check this mess. it's a crash along 26th street
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southbound as you head toward penrose avenue and the platt bridge now on the shoulder. both lanes are open and we see congestion off the schuylkill expressway we had major issues on septa once again with the suspension of the broad street line running this afternoon as are all the regional rails and buses and at this point everything is pretty much on time. we'll see if that holds true coming up in the next half who. next on "action news" a cheaper safer commute. a local university partners with ride sharing company uber to help students get to campus and save money at the same time. and a big day for small businesses in one buck county town. bristol borough is a finalist in a contest and today they learn the result. the big reveal next. and the closing numbers as the u.s. stocks close mixed. the dow posing its ninth straight day of record closing
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up 32 points and the nasdaq and s&p 500 are both down today.
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a former doctor who specialized in treating elite female gymnast including members of the national and olympic teams is charged with sexual assault. larry ncaa ar is two separate michigan counties. he this a clinic where he treated the athletes. they claim he assaulted them during physical therapy sessions. he denies the allegations but is charged with child pornography and molesting the daughter of family friends. this is what it looked like
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for most of the day with the dakota access pipeline. today was the deadline to closele camp the deadline was set by the army corps of engineer. part of the native american ritual. a man was rescued from his burning car just in time after it slammed into a pole in the nation's capital. new body camera video shows police breaking a window and pulling the driver out. washington, d.c. officer steven haines happened to drive by the fire at the end of his shift and instinct told him someone was trapped inside. >> i tried to look in but there was too much smoke and couldn't see in the vehicle but we broke the window -- >> if he had arrived even maybe two to three minutes later, it would have just been too late. >> the driver was rushed for treatment and is already out of
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the hospital. >> american airlines say that operations are back to normal after an internet out outage caused delays at philadelphia international airport the internet did not come back online following a scheduled airport wide outage but no other airlines with were affected. none of the flights were canceled but just delayed and operations are back to normal at this hour. big news for a buck county community. which is now officially america's most inspiring small town. the big revoming right here. bristol bureau is the big winner and with that comes a $5,000 prize. they are beaming with pride beating out 14,000 nominees from across the country. in the end it was close but they
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pulled through for the big win. they are a small hard working town with a lot of pride especially with their local mom and pops. local businesses say the money will pay for a main street makeover along with the cash. the winning town will be featured in a series about economic revitalization. and the host of that seriess one of our mentors from abc shark tank. coming up on "action news" at 5:00 and sara bloomquist will have more on that and tell us how they will lose their half million dollars prize in this small business revolution. this is such exciting stuff. we were on the edge of our seat waiting to see who would win. >> well deserves thank you. a local university is partnering with uber to help get its students to from class safely. the rides to and from what val university will be discounted for students strapped for cash,
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they can use uber pool at a flat rate at $1.99 per ride. it's orderly a two mile walk and they will use a designated pickup and drop-off location. this is the first university ride sharing program in philadelphia. well, the presidential election and the new white house administration still has everyone talking just about every day and not all of those conversations are going well. people on both sides of the political aisle have strong opinions about the direction of this country under president trump and many of those perspectally destroying relationships. >> i unfriended everyone on facebook who was pro hillary. >> my brother disowned me and myself and mynd forbid us
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from coming to his homecoming dinner. >> and now experts say it's time to take a political time-out. how do you do it and why it could help your marriage and friendships and sanity. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. tonight for the first time in three months the power ball jackpot climbed over $400 million. it's worth an estimated 403 million big ones. people in wilmington delaware are out buying what they hope is the wing ticket but the odds of winning are one in 292 million. you can see the winning numbers here on 6 abc at 11:00. well, this man is wanted for a crime of opportunity, involving a lottery machine on monday. surveillance video shows he first bought tickets from the wawa on the 1300 block of east airy avenue and noticed that the keys dangling from the machine were there and swiped them and
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the suspect even paid for the other items but left with the keys in hand. >> you were caught on camera. >> it's time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets check in with adam again with the accuweather forecast. >> the sun beginning to shine warming the temperatures up and records near the end of the week and slam back down over part of the weekend but we look live at sky 6 hd from philadelphia international airport that sunshine is going back to work here in our own solar system and from our solar system to another, an amazing discovery by nasa and in conjunction with chili and their telescopes, they have discovered seven earth size planets. 235 trillion miles away, called traffic one system resolve around one star like our sun and three of those seven planets are in a zone with fresh water so who knows, there could be
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another sharrie or brian or me out there or you. what is pretty scary. cool and amazing discovery by nasa and announced today. looking at the temperatures back at home, warmer to the north and west. 61 allentown and 63 in lancaster and 58 in philadelphia and 59 in millville and cooler at the shore south-southeast at times bringing in the cooler air off the ocean. as we take a look at satellite and radar, you can see cloud cover today as expected and the sunshine breaking out this afternoon and showers away to the north and south. and tonight partly cloudy and areas of fog will develop and patchy in nature by tomorrow morning. 42 in reading and 48 in philadelphia and 48 in and we start on the cloudy side with fog in the morning but it breaks into afternoon sunshine pushing the temperatures up and
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moving the front well off to the north, we are taking a look at the forecast high and then your record highs, we'll be off of it by a few degrees many most locations in philadelphia. i'll be off by 5 degrees and the old record in 1874 warmer than what we are forecasting for tomorrow. the closest will be wilmington within a degree and a record tied or broken and unseasonably warm and the four day at 4:00 we go up even more on friday with records to be broken at 75 degrees with sun and clouds and another balmy saturday, 74 degrees and dry most of the day. and very late in the afternoon and evening we have a line of downpours and even a gusty thunderstorm that is going to usher in quite the change on sunday a chilly wind but sunshine a high of just 46 degrees, windchills will be much colder than that. but we'll turn the temperatures around as we turn towards march. >> keeping our heads spinning.
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adam thank you. >> up next on "action news" today a local school district is giving parents a new way to keep tabs on their kids hoping to alleviate fears and stress. >> and two words, wawa and hoagie. coming up in big talkers, we'll show you the viral video of one local rappers love affair with both.
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a number of philadelphia police officers were recognized today for their outstanding service to the city of brotherly love. the 17th district council is hosting their blue ribbon awards ceremony in south philadelphia. and they were nominated by their supervisors to be officer of the month and jordan harris were among the dignitaries at the ceremony. today chickies and petes delivered dinners to the army national guard in woodbury, the
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crab fries express came in honor of their service. crab fries for heroes fundraising event kicked off and the money is used for survivors of fallen heroes and veterans connect with the youth. >> we are connecting veterans and youth together. to help redefine america's national character. >> this morning between 11:00 and noon 100% of the proceeds of crab fries and select pitchers of beers were donated to the foundation. >> really want a crab fry. >> a new app is aimed at giving parents a new -- and the first school system in delaware to use the technology and the response from parents is overwhelming, the app pinpoints where the bus is and when it will arrive at
4:27 pm
the stop. >> it tells you whether it's on time or late and where it is. often times if you have a substitute bus it will show you the number of the bus so you know what to look for. >> all red clay buses are outfitted with technology that works with the app and it uses the data to keep track of the buses to rely on drivers talking over the old fashion radio. still ahead, police in delaware say that a would be good samaritan out helping a search party ended up accidentally killing the man he was looking for and one of the lifestyle trends of 2017, plant based diets. how they are putting philadelphia on the map for their passion for vegan cus even. fios in the house!
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turning his love of wawa into a viral video across social media. >> and she is known as a micro preemie born four months early
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and after 140 days the smallest patient to survive at a chicago hospital is going home. first at 4:30 a man that grabbed a woman's arm and tried to pull her into a car. only her screams scared her off. vernon odom is live fow with more. >> reporter: well, what a horrific situation for the victim involved in this case. tonight this neighborhood is on high alert and they are hoping for a quick arrest. i would say scary. we don't have it, it's everywhere but we never anything like that here. >> people liveing along maple road are on high alert after an attempted abduction. >> security i have been i have a dog. i have a big dog. >> police say it happened monday
4:31 pm
night a woman called 911 claiming a man tried to pull her into his car. she was out smoking a cigarette when things turned frightening. >> she with an approached by the suspect a white male, asking her questions like if she lived in the neighborhood. and he made an attempt to grab her arm and pull her towards the vehicle. the victim screamed and got away without getting hurt. >> there was no good trips other than a newer model suv. the victim describes the suspect as a man in his 20s with patchy facial hair with gray colored sweatshirt and dark pants. >> they say it may be connected to the kidnapping in newcastle, delaware, police say there is no link between the two yet. we have no familiar events that
4:32 pm
occurred. our suspect didn't have his face covered and no weapon was shown. anything like that. like i said, this one we don't have any connection at this time. >> reporter: back out live we can tell that you police say that the suspect in this case was actually the passenger in the suv. there is no trips of the driver involved if you have information you are urged to contact police. live tonight in sicklerville, new jersey, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police need your help today tracking down two violent criminals that robbed two men within two minutes of one another on valentine's day. this is the video from the second holdup at c and loudoun streets. and the men chased the victim into the alleyway at gun point and took $135 from his pocket and hit him in the head with a gun and another duo robbed
4:33 pm
another man up the street. police in ellendale, delaware say that a man who disappeared from his home was struck and killed by an impaired driver that was searching for him. willy per nell is disabled and louise rivera got into his truck to find him and then hit him and rivera was charged with his six and dui. police in the city's east oak lane section is searching for the armed intruders that tied up the homeowners there this morning. investigators say that two men got into a home. west walnut park drive before 9:00 a.m. once inside police say that the gunman tied up the two people there. though the victims were not hurt. the intrudered s got away with
4:34 pm
$900 and a cell phone. and police say that a vigilant pet saved the homeowner this morning. one of the four dogs started barking when the fire sparked. the intense flames destroyed the home nobody was hurt and all the dogs escaped unharmed. all right turning now to the forecast and more on this warm-up in our area already. >> temperatures nearing 60 today and above that in some locations we'll go into the 70s for the next three days as well. as we take a live look the hazy sky and the sun is returning after morning clouds, part of center city here that is the center as well as 30th street station and winds northwest at 6 miles per hour and pressure 29.92 and as you can see the heat is building here in the northeast and mid-atlantic and temperatures running close to 8 as much as 13 or so degrees above where they were this time
4:35 pm
yesterday. and speaking of the warmth we go back to the classrooms, pay attention you two. what is the warmest february temperature on record for philadelphia. the warmest it has ever gotten in february throughout history. 75, 79 or 80 degrees, tweet me your best guess at home. the first person to get it right will get a shout-out in the full accuweather forecast. this is easy because i gave you the answer yesterday. he talked about it yesterday. you weren't paying attention. >> we get a 3 minute break and we are talking. high five. how about this, a new exhibit in philadelphia looks to examine how artists engage public spaces and urban experiences from the past and present. and they have person of the crowd. it features the work of more than 50 u.s. and international
4:36 pm
artists that have taken to the street to speak out on issues like gender politics and racism and homelessness. and an interactive piece with local artists and their street poster projects, the exhibit runs through may. >> it's not always easy for kids with asthma to exercise safely and fow they pinpoint one exercise that keeps kids with breathing problems on the move. rick williams is live with more today. >> that is right. not only does it keep them active it could lessen their asthma symptoms. ali gorman tells us about the exercise that almost any kid can do and how it can benefit their lungs. coming up tonight at 5:00. a cafe in austria, it's something that most places if the u.s. offer for free. what one is -- customers for and a case of sticker shot believe
4:37 pm
it or not. those stories on "action news" at 5:00. we'll see you later. >> new jersey engineers tested the law of gravity today. the employees of lockheed martin duct taped each other to the wall and each team were given five minutes to give someone to stick and keep them there the longest. the best of the four teams reached 14 minutesore their teammate fell and the overall winners made someone stick for a full 30 minutes yesterday and accepted their champions trophy. this friendly competition is one way this company is celebrating national engineers week. should we try this. >> adults fine a way to have fun. lets try it here. you can be our first. >> you would stick me to the ceiling. >> no no no. still ahead a micro miracle a preemie that survived 140 days in the hospital is finally going
4:38 pm
home and from veg to v street. they are taking vegan restaurants by storm. and are you not suppose to speak with your mouthful but nobody said anything about wrapping. you'll meet the wawa worshipper.
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4:40 pm
police investigated the murders of two indiana teens says that one captured key evidence before she was killed. liberty german and abby williams was found dead on a hiking trail last week, we learn that liberty is the one that took this cell phone picture of the main suspect and recorded the man's voice he can be heard saying three words down the hill a short time before the girls died. >> someone knows who this individual is, is it a family
4:41 pm
member? is it a neighbor? is it an acquaintance? >> police are appealing for tips for anyone that recognizes the man or the voice. a 41,000 there's reward is offered in this case. a new discovery by astronomers could mean they are one step close toward finding a second earth. the team of tron mers found seven potentially habitable planets outside of our solar system. the size of earth and or bit a star called trapis one and three of them could have oelgss on their suburb as and one could even sustain life. >> incredible stuff there. as is this, on health check at 4:00, it was home at last for a little girl in chicago today. baby arianna is the smallest patient to ever survive at mount sinai hospital. she weighed just 13 ounces.
4:42 pm
the early delivery was due to preclasmia. and only one in -- babies survive. now she is big enough to be held and fed. >> i am grateful that we are both here. >> just thankful. >> an average day in the neonatal unit is 21 days, arianna faces big challenges ahead and everyone is hopeful and confident she will lead a normal life. love that story. big talkers now we start with this picture of a girl wearing a fake mustache wearing a fake mustache and drinking a beer and some how this ended up on billboards with a campaign every natty has a story. and the woman is now suing
4:43 pm
anheuser busch, she claims the company stole her peck tour and used it without her permission and registered her own picture with the u.s. copyright office and sues for damages no comment from anheuser busch. you know folks around here are enamored of hoagies and wawa to that a local rapper documented his love affair with both. it has hoagie fans giddy. >> i'm eating a wawa hoagie. i need a wawa hoagie, should i get turkey roast beef or baloney, i need a wawa hoagie ♪ it's the question we answer every time we walk up to the screen. aaron's language get as adult we'll call it in this video, especially when he references
4:44 pm
competitors like 7-eleven. nothing touches his wawa hoagie. he spends six months shooting scenes at local wawa as and documented the late night wawa runs and it's hilarious. he said he used to love a turkey classic but has changed his diet he is now vegan and goes for the veggies. >> i smell a hit here. a number one hit. veggie hoagie. >> good stuff thank you. lets turn our attention to the roads today. with an update for you. an accident unfortunately. we would like to wrap it up. but it's still out here. on the shoulder, let us show you the delay though on the northbound lanes through the walt whitman bridge through penned landing and the delay
4:45 pm
extens to the work zone on 95 northbound. we don't have anymore that crash 26th southbound to the platt bridge and that is cleared out of the way and a new accident near st. charles seminary where city avenue meets up and a vehicle fire involve with that as well. that is not before you want to be that intersection is all jammed up because of the crash and vehicle fire. and a crash on 422 westbound in the normally busy spot by route 29 phoenixville collegeville and extra heavy coming out of king of prussia to that point. and a wreck involving a pedestrian in plumstead township buck county along lexington drive and south jersey camden county a crash in pennsauken at mansion boulevard. by canal liquors 11 miles per hour on the approach to that and we had a wreck on 295 southbound
4:46 pm
on 42 that is gone and speeds in the 20s from 73. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks matt. adam joseph is standing by with the accuweather forecast.
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we were just discussing. adam likes to ask us the questions every week and is never happen when we get it right. today we do get it wrong -- >> i said the answer yesterday. here is the question, we were talking about how warm it will be this latter part of the week, what is the actual warmest february temperature ever in philadelphia for this month. was it 75 degrees 79 or as high as 80 in the month of february?
4:49 pm
>> not c, i'm going to go with b. >> i say when in doubt choose c. >> congratulations to alicia and sharrie. boo brian oh well. alive in philly was first to get it on my twitter page. he is a weather junky, that is his description. 79 was the highest in philadelphia back on february 25th, 1930, that is this coming saturday and even they we are going 74 on saturday we won't reach the record of 79 degrees. it's pleasant 61 in reading and 58 in philadelphia and a little cooler down to the south with the wind coming off the bay of cape may. as we look at satellite the closed cut off low with spin off the coast of florida, the weather is better than in florida and california and the
4:50 pm
west coast. clouds today breaking for sun. you see all the sunshine waiting if the wings to the west. for tonight it's unseasonably warm and there will be fog developing late tonight. 41 in the suburbs and 48 degrees for center city and a reminder, 46 is our normal high temperature and we'll be 48 overnight tonight. tomorrow that early cloud cover and fog around, and a brighter afternoon. kind of like today clouds to sun and 70 in philadelphia and 70 in millville and 71 in wilmington and upper 60s to the north and west and if you are going to be near the coastal communities, the cooler there with the wind off the water only in the mid to upper 50s. so the records tomorrow 75 in philadelphia, and we are not going to come close to that, that was in the 1800s when records almost began and wilmington 72 and it could come close to that but the others are far off. but only a few degrees from the
4:51 pm
old records and then on friday we talk records falling, warm front to the north and warmer air comes in ahead of a low heading into the great lakes and 75 degrees, we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 70s for three consecutive days, starting tomorrow and sun and clouds friday and 75. and start with sun on saturday and clouds build ahead of the front and 74 warm degrees and watch for rain and gusty thunderstorms late in the day and a cold thunderstorm that ushers in strong wind on sunday with sunshine and 46 for the high. and only for a day. clouds come back in and a shower 52 and periods of rain and warmer tuesday and 54 degrees and instead of march madness we are calling it march mildness as we begin the month on wednesday back up to 65 degrees. so more than likely this is going to be the first or second
4:52 pm
warmest february in history when all is said and done. >> thank you adam. >> professor thank you. you got it wrong. >> ha, ha, ha. what's the deal with the all vegetable restaurants taking philadelphia and beyond by storm. this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need.
4:53 pm
this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?"
4:54 pm
plant based diets are rising to the top of the lifestyle trends of 2017 and a local chef owner husband and wife team that not only live and eat this way but put philadelphia on the international culinary map with edge. the restaurant they lovingly call a vegetable restaurant. >> you have steak and seafood restaurant, we wanted to say this is a new genre, the focus and inspiration is vegetables.
4:55 pm
>> they opened veg in 2011 in the heart of the midtown village. >> people come in and enjoy this meal like they never enjoyed g vegetables before. >> it's not just the locals maybing it hard to snag a reservation they come to locust street from around the globe. >> they make reservations a month ahead of time and they are interested in what we are doing. >> they are giving vegs street credit. >> it makes this couple giddy. >> we use activated charcoal to make everything jet black like this black vanilla ice-cream without a drop of dairy. >> the veg dirtless is what is in season.
4:56 pm
it comes out. the dirt and on to your table sometimes within 24 hours. >> dirt never tasted so good. it's become a veggie empire and opened v street in rittenhouse square and wiz kids in the city's new whole foods with a second location on the way. sometimes people in philly want a cheesesteak even if there is no cheese or steak. >> we can do cheesesteak. >> the duo and their wildly popular vegan eateries made international headlines but led international guests to come here and find out how good veggies can be as they are. a vegetable restaurant. the next steakhouse. they are passionate about it. >> as are their fans. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, i'm brian taff, hope you'll join me tonight and
4:57 pm
every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 over phl 17. coming up next at 5:00, new details into the investigation on septa's train crash in upper darby, the potential failure that has become a part of that case and new at 5:00 the south philadelphia grocery store facing a federal lawsuit over mishandling chicken. and the national contest won by a buck county town that earned it a $5,000 prize. those stories and more coming your way next at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the cleanup is nearly complete but the investigation is just getting underway after two septa trains crashed in upper darby. tonight federal crews are trying to figure out how one out of service train rear ended another one. it's wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the big question looming over yesterday's collision why or how did it happen? >> "action news" reporter john rawlins live now in upper darby
5:00 pm
where the crash occurred. >> hi guys, the cleanup crews are wrapping up at this point and they are not completely done yet. all the train cars are completely towed away and there are track inspectors at this point. it was a long and tedious process to move the last of the damaged rail cars, one they were on the tracks today they had to use metal saws and torches to make them safe to tow away. they are moved to a maintenance shop where they are investigating by safety experts and members of the national transportation safety board. one train was stopped on the loop when it was rammed by the striking train and pitched it into the path of a third train. the operator of


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