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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> news," delaware le program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter ♪ ♪ >> >> it was a started the day with sunny skies and spring temperatures byetemperaturestemperaturesbut by dinner time, rain and high perezs" cold.el is tracking it all and joins us with our first check of the w theg showers we had across the lehigh and delaware the of severe weather hrough we had stormh you. lancasterds miles per inch in diameter. in lehigh cou lines wereou front moving to the north and east. you look to the west and we have snow showers instability snow
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showers downwind of the lakes because of the northwesterly wind working its way to the delaware and lehigh valley. quite a contrast in divide. 20s in buffalo and pittsburg. we tap into a piece of that air tomorrow m future tracker 6 showing 8:30 in the morning air tempe e 30s and much the co tomorrow, windchill early in the 20s afternoon in the 30s. details in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. >> moving on to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes live from center city with more on the storm damage. jeanette? >> walter, a lot of us went erslee was unpeen foreca have n though co dw no tkie great. >> soon the skies ominous. a torrential downpour followed with gusting winds.
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in lancaster county the trampoline was tossed into a tree and the playground was left in sham nls. by night fall things calmed down and south street was buzzing with pedestrians hardly layered up. >> this is definitely a summer shirt and jean jacket. >> did you ever think you would be wearing that in february? >> no. i thought it would be this >> m w no show and some hope he won't >> it stays withinhe snow in f quiity c theas take whatever comes our je reyes, "action news," walter? >> you can find the seven-day forecast and a look at double scan radar on our website "6abc".com/weather. >> moving on to developing news out of new orleans where a vehicle plowed into a crowd oftors. 28 people were injured because
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of theuring a mardi gras celebration. a black pick up hit three other vehicles before it slammed into the pedestrians. >> i saw the truck hit the people on the ground. >> police have one person in custody under suspicion of driving under the influence. >> police in philadelphia are searching for the driver who struck and injured a woman this morning. bob brooks has more from the scene. >> just neighbors heard the impact. >> i heard a boom bam crash. >> that crash was a woman hit by a car. police say she was tossed through the air and suffered numerous injuries. police are on the hunt for a white nissan car. it hit at the intersection of wyoming avenue and lawrence street. you can hear neighbors
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discussing saying this was an accident waiting to happen. yet they can't imagine how someone could hit a woman and not stop to help. >> nobody should hit nobody and run. >> the good news, police say the victim is going to pull through. as for the vehicle it's a white nissan. police keep an eye out for it. it will have damage. bob brooks, channel6, action news. >> a leading republican congressman is calling for a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation into president trump's ties to russia. the new york times reported that the trump campaign had naou mor khanthaious contacts with the russian community. now they are calling for a special prosecutor saying the attorney general must reaccuse himself.
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jeff sessions was an appointee. you need to use the special prosecutor statute and office to not just reaccuse. you can't just give it to your deputy. that's a political opponent tee. you have to do that. >> the white house asked the fbi to keep the story from the media but the bureau declined. >> meanwhile president trump announced he won't attend the white house correspondence dinner. the event allows the press and president to poke fun at each other for charity. it's no surprise that mr. trump has bowed out given his attacks on the media. mr. trump will be the first to miss it since president reagan in 1981. he was recovering from an assassination attempt the month before. >> president trump has a speech
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this tuesday 9:00 p.m. and "action news" will have complete coverage. you can watch the event live on "6abc" and mob kamal monica malpass will be in washington d.c. >> democrats have a new national party chairman. tommertom perez won at the meeting this afternoon beating keith ellison who will serve as perez's deputy. the democratic party still divided, both men will work to rebuild state and local democratic organizations. >> hundreds of people turned out for a town hall meeting in phoenixville with ca costello, but
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costello was a no show. rather than going home, they asked questions of a large photograph of the congressman. recent town halls like this one have become rowdy resulting in lawmakers avoiding them all together. the people at this one planned to talk about healthcare and other issues as well. >> stephany hanson won the state seat available the seat of bethany hall long now the lieutenant governor. people normally head to reading terminal market for the food. tonight the annual party for the market included loud music and an open bar. hundreds of guests enjoyed the festivities for a great cause. proceeds will be used for the
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historic reading market. >> much more to come, a heartbreaking story from houston where a little girl was shot to death in her mother's car. and a frat party combined with alcohol ends with the death of a student. and jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪
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>> a heartbreaking story out of
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houston, texas where an eight-year-old girl was shot and killed while traveling with her mother. several cars were speeding down the highway. one hit toyia thomas' vehicle. a second vehicle opened fire hitting the little girl. >> i'll never wake her up to go to school and talk to her. we always had conversations. she always said, mom i love you. >> police confirm dee marie and her mother were bystanders. >> eight students are connected to a tragic death. investigators apayly was leaning against a door. she fell backward and was run
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over by a fire rescue vehicle responding to a call. the call was a hoax and payly had attended a party her blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. >> police caught an arsonist after he posted his crime on video. normally the videos disappear after 24 hours, but someone saved them and called 911. he is now behind bars after he confessed. >> the oscars are tomorrow night. there will be tough competition not just for best picture but best actor and actress. this year with la la land garnering so many nominations movie sound tracks will get attention. lynn manuel miranda is up for
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his work on the movie "muana." if he wins, he will have won an emmy grammy and a tony. >> the ceremony gets under way at 8:30. it will be hosted by jimmy kimmel. right now, we have the behind the scenes looks at preparation for the show. tomorrow night, we have live video from the red carpet and the most talked about moments as they happen in hollywood.
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>> there he is, adam joseph was proud to serve as m.c. for a cancer fundraiser in radner. it's organized by the board of associates and proceeds go to fox cancer center. time for a look at the forecast magee. >> mother nature sai are not done we have showers and we are tracking colder air tonight. you can see that it'sth m for spotty shower in cape things are calming from earlier today.own hd, shore in atlantic city, things werelier with the cold front departing north and east. with the line of activity moving through.
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northeast philadelphia, half inch. half inch of rain in allentown quarter ofh and a tenth of an inch in lake hurst. earlier today in philadelphia we had a high of 73-degrees, well above where he should be this time of year. 49 is still above the averagegh of 46 this time of 32 at the f poconos, cape may 48nd 49 in beach haven. the winds are a factor overnight and into the day tomorrow. sustained at 12 miles per hour in allentown, 16 in the city, 22 in dover. we are picking up gusts 25 miles per hour in philadelphia. here is satellite 6 along with action radar. there's the cold front that came through today. earlier this afternoon a tornado warning issued for lancaster county. an indication of how severe the
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front was as it moved through. we are picking up snow showers because of the wind moving through. clearing overnight and w and colder bottoming in suburbs, 36 in philadelphia the overnight low. high pressure tomorrow sets up to the south. air temperature at 46. windchill in the 30s by the afternoon. future tracker 6 showing you 8:00 in the morning windchill numbers and areas to the south and east middle to lower 20s, 12 in the poconos. you want to ditch the shorts tomorrow and break out the winter c afternoon, 37-degrees. lancaster. definitely a change on the way to the exclusive seven-day forecast, sunny and tomorrow. 46 for oscar sunday, windchills and 30s. monday, a high of 57. tuesday, periods of rain on the
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way. 60 and rain conednesday otherwise a mild day at 67. thursday getting windy with temperatures falling. we have an early high by then of 56 and then temperatures fall throughout the day. friday brisk andw showers friday. a high of 47 andnd chilly saturday at 42. we are up and down this week. changes coming. >> thank you melissa. up next in "action news," jeff skvers sports. we'll ♪
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penguins. flyers with the rare outdoor game can't afford to get caught up in the hoopla. they are desperate to win. they are five points out of the final playoff spot. flyers crowdcoming down. how manning, fighting forlives to get into the playoffs. penguins hit the flyers where it hurts. flyers down 1-0. down two in the second. what a move. scores flyers within one. third period down two on the powerplay. flyers within one but later in the third off the face off chad right between the legs. eight goals allowed in the last two starts. flyers lose 4-2 the look says it all they have lost seven of nine. ugly. >> with joel embid hurt and
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nersen noel gone,s back lineup. joel emb t right there with a great view of the finish. on a tear, 19 for him. sixers down 18 come all the way back down three 51 seconds to go jalil oak fore, what a move, sixers within one. okafor again with nine seconds left season high 28, sixers up one. one last shot, caramelo anthony over covington with .3 left, sixers lose 110-109. brutal loss for the sixers. we are right back.
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>> we are back with "college hoops," villanova the first to win four straight big east titles. the seniors goiut in style. the seniors are the winningest class in school history playing the last game against creighton jenkins. hart slams it, 16 for hart. villanova wins clinching aur straight big eastseni never lost back to back gam
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