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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 26, 2017 9:00am-10:30am EST

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cot victim's dog be responsible? >> more than two dozen people are hurt when a driver plows into a crowd during mardi gras in new orleans. hear from those who witnessed the crash. strong storms brought in an abrupt end to our spring-like temperatures. meteorologist chris sowers is here with accuweather. >> reporter: yesterday it was like june, temperature in the 70s, lightning lighting up the sky and you remember february 25th. let's get you outside, as we look live atlantic city shot, a couple of clouds puff up here, we're expecting a combination ever sun and clouds. temperatures will be colder. yesterday we managed a high of 73. it was the third time in a row that philadelphia hit 70 degrees or higher during the month of february. that had never happened before. now a cold front has come through, all of a sudden it's back to reality. feels like 27 in allentown at
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this 9:00 a.m. hour. 26 in philadelphia. 36 in millville. 11 degrees with the wind in the poconos. we've turned on the lake effect snow machines, lake erie and ontario seeing lake-effect snow coming in across upstate new york and western portions of pennsylvania. we'll not have to deal with that today maybe a few clouds, if you're traveling west maybe along 76 be mindful you could run into flakes this afternoon. for us back home, clouds and sun mix to start chilly. more sunshine to start as the day wears on. high temperatures top out 45, 46. normal february is right on par where we should be for this time of the year. because we've been in the 70s for so so long, it will feel colder. tomorrow we start warming up. i'll talk about midweek rain and spring-like thunderstorms coming up tuesday and wednesday, as well him i'll have the details in about ten minutes. nydia? >> thank you.
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developing this morning philadelphia police are trying to determine if a man found dead inside his home was killed by his pet pitbull. the action cam was at the scene the 5300 block of risen sun avenue in olney. the brother of the 21-year-old man found the body in the rear bedroom of the apartment. the man had several by the wounds to his face, the man's 8-month-old dog was in the park covered with blood. a carbon monoxide leak forced people out of their apartments in haverford township. the action cam was at the scene on 1300 block of darby road. a resident was showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. crews discovered elevated leaves of carbon monoxide and ordered everybody out of the building. peco is looking for the source of the problem. a woman is in serious condition after being wounded inside club onyx in south
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philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene the 2900 block of south christopher columbus boulevard. someone opened fire inside the strip club a4:15 a.m. the bullet right ricocheted off the mirror and hit the girl in the side. the suspect is on the loose. detectives are interviewing witnesses and looking at security video. to the horror in new orleans where a mardi gras party came to anbr people the man was intoxicated. >> reporter: overnight chaos during the final weekend of mardi gras at 6:42 p.m., this gray pick up truck was seen driving on carolton avenue. moments later a truck barreled into the crowd of revelers near the start of one the lrade h bwo
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dozennded l the carinng us screaming get out of the street. most of the parade watchers in the truck's path had to be sent to the hospital some in critical condition. the driver immediately arrested. >> the subject was highly intoxicated. >> reporter: as ems railed to helped the injury -- raced to help the injured the parade was seen marching on. debris littering the street this car mangled from the collision. >> it happened so quick you didn't have time to think about it. >> reporter: one of the witnesses said he saw the driver swerving to avoid people. police are investigating. adrienrt abc new orleans. a man was shot and killed at a barbecue after he pointed a gun at officers. officers received calls of a man poin during barbecue.
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when police arrived they asked him to drop the weapon. officers say he pointed it at them instead that's when police opened fire killing the man. president donald trump's war with escalating. he announced he will avoid meeting the press face-to-face for the traditional correspondent's dinner. >> as a prominent republican called for a special prosecutor to look into the alleged ties between trump and russia. after dining at his hotel in washington d.c., this morning the president is battling reports of ties to russia with a senior member of his own republican party now saying the reported contacts need a special investigation. >> we need to investigate the activities and we needed to it because they are bad people. >> reporter: california congressman, darrell issis saying the attorney general should bow out and appoint a special prosecutor. >> jeff session who was on the
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campaign and appointee you have to use the special prosecutor's statuewe owe after weeks of sparring with the news media the trump tweeted i will not be teapgd -- attending the correspondent dinner this year. >> you fired gary bussey, these are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night. >> that was abc's david curly reporting. new chairman of democratic national committee thomas perez received his first tweet from president donald trump. he said --
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perez tweeted back, call me tom and don't get too happy eat ellison and i will be your worst nightmare. >> you can watch the prime time event live on president trump's speech, "action news" will be there, monica malpass will have live reports from washington d.c. beginning on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. on tuesday. >> delaware state senate remains in democratic control following the special election to fill a vacant seat. stephanie hanson won the seat. she will replace bethany long hall who is the state's lieutenant government. >> the last day to glide across the rothman ice rink in center city. the rink sits in the shadow of city hall at dil worth park. -- bill worth park -- dilworth
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park. >> if you're craving lickerrous during your pregnancy why you should avoid the sweet street. >> the oscars will be handed out in just a few hours we'll have a live report. >> the strong storms that whipped through the area left damage in their wake. looking live through sky6 live hd philadelphia international airport, chris sowers has the the exclusive accuweather five-day forecast when we come right back.
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>> severe weather left behind serious damage in parts of the maryland yesterday. this was the scene after the storm passed the area.
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there were no injuries reported. happening today officials from the national weather service will be in luzerne county trying to determine if a tornado touched down during the violent weather. the trees brought down trees and power lines. several homes damaged no injuries reported. the storm caused property damage in parts of lancaster county yesterday. "action news" viewers sent us pictures of the home caught in the tornado's path. tornado warning was posted but no official word that one hit. >> let's get you caught up with the forecast. sing one day winter next. >> reporter: i can't wait to see what summer has to offer. there's the view on sky6 live hd down in cape may beautiful morning it's blustery on out there. not too bad. we're seeing sunshine? some locations, we'll see a dose
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of sun and clouds, a nice, mix blustery and colder. you can see flurries popping up west of philadelphia. shades of gray out in reading and lancaster. the big story is the temperatures. look at how much colder it is. 73 degrees yesterday. 14 hours later the temperature dropped to 37 and that's not taking into effect when you factor in the winds. windchills are in the 20s he's are the air temperatures. millville, 38. philadelphia 37. allentown 36. even the lehigh valley, low to mid 70s. the numbers are 20 to 30 degrees colder than same time yesterday. one day shot of arctic air old man winter is shove into the region here. the good news it's out of here in a day. tomorrow we start warming up. we could be easily in the mid to upper 50s tuesday and
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wednesday, 60s and 70s return. it's colder, but it won't last long. satellite and radar shows a lot of clouds this morning they will be thinning out over the next few hours yesterday we had 60s and 70s out here, now we're seeing teens 20s and 13s. 13 in bills -- bismarck, chaig 30 degrees. take a look at the temperatures we saw across the county. brownsville the normal high is 70 they hit 101. they have to check the instrumentation to make sure the reading is correct. you have to figure it's somewhere in the ballpark. it's crazy for the month of member. oklahoma city, 88 degrees.
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the high plains were well up in the 70s with the warm shot we've seen over the past week. we're getting a dose of colder air, one day of chilly conditions it retreats back up into canada and the numbers tart to respond. future tracker 6 windchill values in the 30s by the afternoon. 37 in philadelphia. a little bit cooler north and west 20s for the poconos. tomorrow morning we'll start out chilly air temperatures in the 20s and 30s, feels-like temperatures in the 20s by afternoon you can see the warmer wind. see the wind shifting out of the south, all of a sudden the cold air retreats and we get back up into the 50s high tomorrow, 60 degrees south and east of philadelphia. today is blustery, windy windchills in the 30s starting out with clouds and increasing to sun as the day wears on. late in the day we'll see more sun than clouds, more clouds than sun to start.
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overnight tonight 36 degrees outlying suburbs 30 degrees center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chill today, mild tomorrow, balmy tuesday and wednesday. there will be wet weather with the warmup february and march standards not too bad.46 57, tuesd wednesday we're up to 70 degrees thursday partly sun where, friday is an interesting day guys, we have 42 degrees some oft showing a bit of snow for friday afternoon. i'll talk about tha little later in the forecast. >> you kind ofwhen you said it. >> reporter: we'll see. >> thanks chris we're tak you live, live look at the dolby theater in hollywood. mother nature notperating tinseltown. an awning is over the red carpet protecting those the oscar ceremony. >> we're hours away from the big show, the awards will be
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handed out to the best of the best. the big night is building in anticipation of the 89th academy awards. we're live in hollywood with the preview of the big show, you look lively by the way what's in store. >> reporter: thank you, good morning to you guys, lots of surprises in store two races people are looking at, best picture and best actor could be a surprise there in these categories you guys mentioned this is where the hollywood a-listers will be walking down the red carpet dolby theater for tonight's award. before any award is given away, oscars are already breaking records. it's hollywood's biggest night. >> in the entertainment industry it's our super bowl. >> reporter: it is 89 annual academy awards could be full of surprises. >> this is one of the first years in a long time it feels
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like anybody could win anything. >> reporter: among the favorites, hollywood musical la la land with 14 nominations including best picture along with moonlight, manchester by the sea fences and hidden figures. on top of surprises the oscars are setting records. the viral #oscar so white may be a thing of the past after two years of having no actors of color amongst the 20 nominees, denzel washington and viola davis two of the record seven nominated. seven people of color received nods. >> they are not being thrust into the limelight because of their skin they are being thrust in the limelight because of their talent. >> reporter: it marks the appearance of a star many thought couldn't be forgiven, mel gibson nominated for hack
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saw ridge the first nomination in 21 years bringing him back into the spotlight after 2010 domestic battery charge and drunken dui arrest. abc's jimmy kimmel is getting ready to take the stage as the host. reporting live from hollywood channel 6 "action news, gray? >> thank you for the update. knack will be on an hour earlier, 5:00 p.m. take notes at 6:00 p.m., it will be the oscar preshow annual academy awards at 8:30 and "action news" at 11:00 p.m. we have extended coverage on oscarse-scenes look for prep operations for the big -- prepa the big talked about moments.
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we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 9:25 sunday morning say goodbye to the 60s or 70s, we have a trough or colder pocket of air setting up across the eastern half of the united states. things will warm up tuesday wednesday, thursday, by friday we'll get cold shot. it will be followed by an of low pressure what wel a clipper. we'll have some snow, i emphasize the word some. the scream will carve out like that, this will dive south in the mid atlantic and the
9:25 am
northeast. the low will travel east, the question will where does it travel? if it travels north of philadelphia great. if it travels south of philadelphia, it's going to be snow. the model don't show a ton of it, there can be some accumulations north and west of philadelphia. this is funny mentioning this coming off three straight days in the 70s. firefighters used control burns in burlington county. nora muchanic explains. >> reporter: it seems counter intuitive boo the firefighters are setting fire part of the burning program to clear away the leaves and twigs abbey other debris from the forest floor in the pinelands. it's the ground. it's dry with low humidity high winds. >> reporter: that makes the
9:26 am
debris on the ground fuel for a wildfire. >> there's a spark hits or fire or lightning or human interaction that can spark up. >> reporter: the forest fire identifies specific areas and conducts prescribed burns under control conditions. >> we do this around improved property houses, cranberry farms, things of that nature ed to protect. >> reporter: usinged torch the forest fire service is fighting fire by fire. the control burns help the of life in the forest particularlily the pine trees -- particularlily the pine trees. from this new trees will grow. controlled burns like are expected to continue through the end of march. forest fire says they will burn between 10 and 20,000 acres this
9:27 am
year. in the pienl lands i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news."
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>> did a tornado touchdown during this week's stormy weather? >> a driver losing control and goes through a fence at the airport in northeast philadelphia. >> and one of these ladies is our new miss philadelphia we have details on who won the crown. first outside we go to
9:29 am
meteorologist chris sowers, are you trying to warm up out there. >> reporter: this is not fun, i was enjoying the 70s over the last few days. this is a slap in the face. windchills in the 20s air temperatures in the upper 0s at this point. don't forget the heavy winter coat first thing this morning gloves and hat and add a few layers here with the windchills in the 20s this is not going to be too long when you're out and about to start cooling down. look at the feels like numbers 26. remember yesterday we were at 73. the day before 74. the day before that 73 degrees, all of a sudden it feels like numbers are almost 50 degrees colder. reading, 26. feels like 28 in trenton. 11 in the poconos. 32 degrees freezing mark down there in cape may. satellite and radar lots of clouds out here this morning and it's going to be difficult for the sun to warm things up early on because of this cloud cover as the day progresses a lot of this should stand out him we'll
9:30 am
see sunshine, that will get us up to 46, 47 degrees which is average for this time of the year. because we've been in the 70s for the last three days, it feels colder. brisk and chilly, sun and clouds, 46 feeling no better than the mid to upper 30s throughout the day. this is the water vapor shot you see the clouds moving west to east across the country. that is pacific air racing across the nation that gets in here as early as tomorrow. we could make another run by wednesday. i'll have the details in ten minutes. >> look forward to wednesday. this morning cleanup is beginning after strong stormsvage two counties in pennsylvania. >> weather officials are looking into whether a tornado was to blame. jeanette reyes has the details. >> reporter: mother nature showed off a little with a bit of everything except snow. >> i'll take this for a little bit. >> reporter: why don't you like the snow. >> stays longer.
9:31 am
>> reporter: people allong the wild boardwalk wasted no time to soak it in. >> i was down by the river today, i loved it, i was sitting there looking out over the water and had just aittle hoodie on it was great. >> reporter: but the skies grewominous and lit up wi the occasional flashing of lightning. torrential town --ownpours fold with gusty winds. the winds damaged this roof and playground was left in shambles. by nighttime south trees was buzz winning pedestrians layered up. >> this is a summer shirt and jean jacket. >> reporter: did you ever think you would be wearing that in february. >> i thought it would be snowing. >> reporter: what would you be doing if things were not this way. >> staying in the house. >> reporter: old man winter was a no show today and some hope
9:32 am
when he does pay a visit he doesn't make up for lost time. >> if he stays in a ten degree variance it's preservingly fine. >> fine -- perfectly fine. >> ink we're good, put away -- i think we're good, put away the snow blower. a woman smashed her car into the fence at the northeast airport. the action cam was at the scene. the car went out of control at 3:00 a.m. it plowed through the fence and came to a stop in here the hangar. hard to tell the accident happened after the car went through the fence. the fence went back to its original position. the search is on for a white nissan car with a broken headlight. the vehicle may have hit and seriously injured a woman in the feltonville section of the city yesterday morning. the 30-year-old woman was hit at 1:20 a.m. near the intersection of wyoming avenue and lawrence street. neighbors say they are shocked someone would hit a woman and
9:33 am
drive away. >> you said a mouth full it's jacked up, should hit nobody and run. >> reporter: the woman was thrown in the air by the force of the impact. she was rushed to temple hospital currently in stable condition. >> the time 9:34 a.m. police in new jersey arrested a man accused of avoiding $13,000 in tolls and fees. transit-old had 206 toll violations across 21 separate e-z pass accounts and owed $12,740. with theft of service and theft by unlawful taking. this morning 8university of connecticut are facing serious charges in connection with the death of a fellow student who was struck and killed by a fire truck. the 19-year-old was sitting on the ground passed out with her back against the fire stationor. he call, the bay door opened and fell back, she was run over by a fire rescue vehicle. call turned out to be a
9:34 am
false alarm. she attended a fraternity party early in the night. the autopsy revealed h alcohol level 3eshe leg limit. >> a message we're keeping people accountable and recognize when you give someone alcohol it to deadly sequences. >> two students face charges for setting off the fire alarm that triggered the response of fire department. the students are out on bond and doing in souter next week. doe -- due in court next week. donations are pouring in for a victims of a bar shooting. the suspect is behind bars on charges of murder and attempted mur. overseas one person is dead after a man rammed his car into people in germany. two others were hurt in the
9:35 am
crash 50 miles south of frankford. the driver was shot and injured as he tried to run from the scene. else a 35-year-old german and armed with the knife. it was not terrorist related. there's new information to tell you about the murder of kim jong nam. he died 15 to 20 minutes after two women wiped his face with a substance airport and walked away from him. it was the dx toxin considered a weapons of mass destruction. two women thought they were carrying out a prank for a tv show. however police say the women knew what they were doing and trained to go to the bathroom to clean their hands. controversy scrounged president donald trump and alleged ties with russia have taken another turn. a leading republican congressman is calling for a special
9:36 am
prosecutor to overseas an investigation. new york times reported that the trump campaign had numerous contact with russian officials that were connected with the intelligence community. darrell issa is calling for a special prosecutor. >> jeff session who was on the campaign and appointee you're going need to use special prosecutor answer statute and office not just recuse, you can't give it to your deputy that's another appointee. asked the fbi keep the story from the media, but the bureau declined the request. >> time 9:38. this weekend the president announced he will not be attending the white house correspondents dinner it will mark the first time in 30 years that a sitting president will not be attendance at the affair. president donald trump sent this tweet announcing his decision
9:37 am
and wishing everyone well. the annual event is january 29. president trump will address congress tuesday night and "action news" will have complete coverage you can watch the prime time event live on 6abc. "action news" will be there for the event. monica malpass will have live reports from washington d.c. beginning on "action news" at 4 on tuesday. >> this morning there's a new leader in charge of the democratic national committee. tom perez who served as former president obama's labor chairman. he beat keith ellison whole serve as deputy. both men say they will rebuild state and local democratic organizations and reach frustrated independent voters who supported donald trump. we have a new miss philadelphia nina andrews won the pageant in university city.
9:38 am
matt pellman served as emcee. andrews is a 22-year-old philadelphia native. she received a $4,000 scholarship and act as ambassador to the city. she goes on to the miss pennsylvania pageant in june. exiting times. >> on graduate layingses very good. oscars are tonight the ways you can watch the big show and ways to get a look at what's happening behind the scene. >> big bats come alive at clear cawrd florida as the phillies take on the mets in a great britain fruit -- grapefruit game. sky6 live hd overlooking the city with the temple university camera, spring where did you go?meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we come back.
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you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at >> about 3,000 tourists warmed up for brazil gras celebration by taking part in the mud party covering
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themselves in mud from a beach 200 miles north of rio. the origin goes back 30 years when local fisherman smeared mud to ward off mosquitoes. >> down and dirty. >> reporter: we know how nice it's been over the last few days we startedo see trees flowers gary and i were in the background, that's pollen, we are k the soccer ball around we kicked it in the bushes, it's only february imagine what's going to happen in a few months. korea, if you're getting a headache or feeling stuffy your sciences are acting up, even though it's february we're seeing pollen already thanks to the early blooming. let's flip it over to the radars a few clouds upstairs and flurries west of the viewing area. you have to go into central pennsylvania to pick up the snow
9:42 am
flurries this won't see flakes today but it will be colder. 52 on tuesday, which is way above average that is the coldest day of the week. 58 wednesday feeling like may thursday friday, saturday, each and everyday above 73 degrees, really really nice. today will be the first day in ten days we're below the seasonal average. we're shooting for a high of 46 the normal 47. along with the colder changes come the winds. they are moving at 15 to 20 miles per hour. they say sustained. every now and then we see gusts 35 miles per hour. at least we'll see that later this afternoon. even though we are in the 30s now feels like the 2 everybody. millville you're the exception. 36. atlantic city, 29. poconos 11, allentown 27. trenton, 28 degrees with the wind. satellite and radar along with action radar, a lot of cloud cover seeping in from the north these clouds will thin out late this afternoon. it shouldn't be a bad day starting out with gray skies
9:43 am
again, things will brighten up later on. we'll go to future tracker 6 we'll skip over today we'll get into tomorrow. starting out with sunshine increasing clouds as the day wears on. the clouds lower and thicken. late in the day the model is showing shower activity attempting to develop across the far western suburbs. i don't know if i buy intos. we'll see showers after midnight monday night. tuesday morning they will work out to sea one thing this batch of showers will do, it will add humidity to the tuesday it will feel humidds eventually giving way to sunshine by afternoon but another round of showers may develop late in the day. very spring like tuesday and for today feelinge46 degrees inhiladelphia. windchills in the 0s, allentown, 42. midover, 47. cape may 45. lancaster, 43. chilly breeze gusting anywhere from 30 to 35 miles per clouds should start thinning out day.atures in the right now. by 1:00 p.m. 43. 3:00 p.m., 45. 5:00 p.m. high 46 degrees. overnight tonight you'll need to
9:44 am
add a blank. 27 in reading allentown 26. philadelphia, 33. millville, 29. cape 3h, much colder. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, woe start up again tom yesterday this temperature is the dependent antiupon cloud -- dependent upon cloud cover. tuesday, mild, showers 62, not bad wednesday a shower or spring-like thunderstorm. highs around 70 degrees. , 54 and fhealr through, windchills in the 30s late in the day. friday and saturday colder blustery 42 degrees both days. not b you. folks i would like tow remind you can find the seven-day forecast live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of the day go to o website
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9:49 army corps of engineers is cleaning up at the evacuated dakota access pipeline protest thousands protested the pipeline by campi there. protesters gone thep ats atters were hauled away from the site the standing rock souix tribe started to clean up weeks ago. oscars is tonight the show will be live on 6abc. there's special behind the scenes might want to check you tell. the show will be available on and there will be a free live streaming companion show the oscars all access. it features highlights from the red carpet and back stage and live look-ins of the main event. >> you may watch phillies games live on the social media giant is in
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>> turning to sports, the flyers drop the puck in front of a huge ieldr eff skeverski with all morni >> reporsi in on theelves no in flyers fell 3-1 in theome of the steelers. more than 67,000 fans braving the wind and the cold in pittsburgh. largest crowd the flyers have ever played in front of. they are trying to silence the fans out there down 2-0. borachek what a move in the second. flyers down 2 later in the third off the face 5-hole allowed 8 goals in the last four games. the look says it all, they haved 7 of their last 9. >> it's a tough result walking away i mean, it's a close,
9:52 am
tight hockey game write thought our team played well, battledidex ltremely hard and good things, but we walk away with the wrong result. >> reporter: same old story forlyers. big apple at the center of their 18k, sixers center okafor, what a move.he hig the knicks get shot. ballgame with .3 of a second left sixers lose 110-109. nerlens noel remember him? he gets a standing ovation for his debut with the dallas mavericks. min i30 as wins by 13. jolly helps them get a w. josh hart and the villanova seniors play their final game at home against crayton.
9:53 am
jenkins at 15.insnchingth conf beautif clearwater, this is aof beauty, too franco hits about to homers including an inside the parker. yankee center fielder kicks the ball to the wall and claims it got stuck that's on you buddy. keep it moving. phillies win 6-5. the philliess are back in action later today against the toronto blue jays,s sports, have a great day. >> it was a special prom prop colorado. a string quartet played alex was surprised by a proposal by garcia. he greeted her with flowers and giant sign. >> she is a smart funny girl.
9:54 am
>> for her to experience this, this is something i didn't think she would orone w way in the that he did her to prom night. >> the two met garcia volunteered in her gym class for students with special needs. they will quawr coordinate their outfits around their favorite color purple. one mom's decision on how to spend her tax refund has gone viral. we'll share her story with you in just a bit. shows stories plus showers chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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good morning it is 10:00 a.m., sunday feb in the news, developing news a man is found dead by hiswn brother ins home. cot victim's dog responsible? >> more than two dozen people are hurt when a driver plows into a crowd during mardi in new orleans. you'll hear from those who witnessed a crash. a return to winter, strong storms brought an abrupt end to spring-like temperatures. the colder weather won't last long meteorologist chris sowers is at the "action news" big board with a look at accuweather. >> reporter: good morning guys, it is certainly colder this afternoon. windchills are values are 50 degrees colder than the high temperatures we topped out yesterday. 27 in allentown. dover, 29 degrees, after three straight days of 70 degrees plus warmth it's back to reality old
9:57 am
xing his muscles again. lots of snow showers out to the west. i don't think it will get past this, this is the appalachian mountain chain here, as that to travel east it will have a hard time getting over the mountains. we'll see cloud cover thisllhi out later this aft. showers maybetheyp 2s o snow off the leeward sides of lake eriend ontario. more clouds to late. 46 degrees is the forecasted high with windchills in the 30s. i showed you earlier in the broadcast what's happening the water vapor shot. this is philadelphia right there, this is west to east air off the pacific. this is mild stuff racing across the county. it's cold but milder air shoots in tomorrow. i'll let you know how mild it gets in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. guys? >> thank you. developing right now police are trying to determine what happened to a mand inside his olney home. >> there are questions whether pet involved in"action news" bob
9:58 am
brooks joins us live from the in details. you learning about the disturbing story. >> reporter: nydia and gray i got more disturbing details about. at this point it is not known whether or not the pitbull was the cause of his death but i'm hearing he was found is several by the next around his neck and face. this is the scene from la in the 5300 block of avenue. detectives say shortly after midnight a 20-year-old young man was found by his brother in the second floor bedroom here no audio. the man's 8-month-old pitbull was found with blood on it. we don't know if he bit the man before or after he lost consciousness. we don't know who the person is, we're working on it. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> the investigation continues, bob, thank you for the update.
9:59 am
a carbon monoxide leak forced people out of their apartments in haverford township. the action cam at the victorian arms apartment on darby road. firefighters arrived after getting a call that a resident was showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. everybody was ordered out of the buildings. the residents are staying at the firehouse while peco looks for the source of the problem. >> a woman is in serious condition after she was wounded inside club onyx in south philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene 2900 block of christopher columbus boulevard. the bullet ricocheted off the mirror and hit the woman in the side. the 26-year-old victim has undergone surgery at jefferson university hospital. the suspect is on the detectives are interviewing witnesses and looking at security video. the revelry of mardi gras
10:00 am
was interrupted when an alleged drunk driver plowed into a crowds watching one of the largest parades of the season. >> more than two dozen people were hurt when a truck plowed into the crowd. it happened last night. police say the driver was speeding when he crashed into the crowd there. he hit at least two parked cars crossed the nearly ground and slammed -- neuter -- neutral ground and slammed into a tow truck. among the injured was a child and police officer. police believe the driver was intoxicated. >> we suspected that the subject was highly intoxicated. he is ineing investigated right now down at our dwi >> when i heard the impact i seen the truck hitting the people on the ground coming through the crowd. >> witnesses say they could hear the driving cursing after
10:01 am
the crash. the parade was paused for ten minutes because of the crash. president donald trump's war with the media appears to be he has announced he will avoid the face-to-face correspondents dinner. >> this as a prominent republican calls for a special prosecutor to look into alleged ties between president and russia.avid more. >> reporter: after dining with his daughter among other things at his hotel in washington d.c., this morning the president is battling reports of ties to russia with a senior member of his own republican party now saying the reported contacts need a special investigation. >> we need to investigate their activities and we need to do it because they are bad people. >> reporter: california congressman darrell issa saying the attorney general should bow out and appoint a special prosecutor. >> jeff sessions who was on the campaign andou need to use the special prosecutor's statute. the intelligence committees are
10:02 am
investigating the reports and both chairman were asked to tamp down the media reports. >> we are fighting the fake news fake, phone fake. >> reporter: after weeks of sparring with the news media mr. trump to twitter saying i will not be attending the white house correspondent dinner this year. he has attended in the past as a guest even target of president obama. >> you fired gary bussey. these are decisions that would keep me up at night. >> tom perez received his first tweet from trump. trump wrote congratulations to thomas perez named chairman of the dnc i could not be happier for him or the republican party. perez tweeted back call me tom don't get too happy keith ellison and i will be your worst
10:03 am
nightmare. perez beat out ellison for the dnc job. "action news" will have coverage of the president's speech to the country tuesday night. "action news" will be in washington d.c. monica malpass will have live reports beginning on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. on tuesday. happening today a public memorial service will be held for albert boscov. a large crowd expected for the memorial. it's taking place at the arena in reading at 1:00 p.m. the service was moved to the 8,000 seat it became clear the 1,700 seat performing arts c big enough. he is well-known for his family store and contributions to ch he died october 10, he was 87 years old. it is the last day rothman ice rink. ooking at the rink from i at city hall in dilworth park. it will be open am to
10:04 am
8:00 p.m. before it closes. oscars will be presented tonight we'll have a live preview up next. ahead blink and you will missan lande the record books w his quick snapping fingers. >> strong storms wreak havoc the delaware valley thising livweathere ven-datyas back.
10:05 am
>> severe weather left behind serious damage in parts of maryland yesterday. this is the scene after the storm past. you can see several trees fell down damaging homes and fences and taking out power lines. good news no injuries were reported. happening today officials from the national weather service will be in luzerne county trying to determine if a tornado touchdown during the violent weather last night. several homes were damaged during the storm. there were no injuries reported. the storms caused property damage in parts of lancaster county yesterday. action viewer sent us pictures of a home and playground caught in the storm's path. a tornado warning was posted but no official word one hit.
10:06 am
>> let's get you caught you mean on the forecast. old man winter is back. >> reporter: you know what what would be good? an old fashioned snowstorm. there's a beautiful shot wilmington, you can see the sun is starting to peek through. it's a chilly morning out there. it's blustery with the winds starting to pick up sun that's a good sign there. this will be the trend the clouds will thin out we'll see more in the way of sunshine. 38 degrees presently in philadelphia. 37 in wilmington, allentown down to 36. millville, 38. trenton, 38. poconos 25. there's a gusty wind blowing right now out of the west/northwest anywhere from 25 to 30 miles per hour. you can take the temperatures i just showed you andct a good ten degomd tit feels like o most winlls in the 20s.satellite and radar showing high, thin clouds upstairs a few of these are beginning to thin up a bit.
10:07 am
they will thin out in the next few hours, it will be a nice looking afternoon in the delaware and the lehigh valleys. a fewlouds mid atlantic in theeast. another system will fizzle out before it gets here. snow showers for chicago. obviously the big story is how warm it's been over the last few days, i put this together on the fly, i'll step out so you can read this. over the past week alone there have been 1500 new record highs set across the lower 48. texas07 degr winter.ithout that's chitown. this has been an inc for warm temperatures and the great lake s the great covered in ice it's 60% right now. we're getting chilly air canada. winds out of the west/northwest it only last a day there's no blocking up there. cold air retreats
10:08 am
tomorrow by tuesday and wednesday we're in the 60s and 70 and ladelphia. 35 inwn.s for poconos.orrow morning it starts quickly in the afternoon. windchills get into the mid to it's a nice day tom with increase in cloud cover. odays the f. you can see theumbers -- 40s upperuds thinning out to sunshine. overnight clear skies and cold, outlying ather midwe todayreas we'll start out with a decent amount of sunshi the clouds will increase in the afternoon. that limits the temperature but it could be warmer with more sun. 57 degrees. tuesday, mild, showers 62. wednesday feels like spring again, balmy 70 degrees the forecasted high, showers and thunderstorms. thursday colder, 54. that's an early tem day falls in t like -- that's march,es in time 10 it's raining there thisng e's a the red an oscars
10:09 am
ceremony in a matter of hours. >> the oscars is a highly anticipated ceremony and buzz has been buildings for the 89 annual academy awards. there's a record number of african-american nominees in the acting categories, we have a preview of tonight's big show. >> reporter: it's hollywood's biggest night. >> really in the entertainment industry it's our super bowl. >> reporter: it is 89 annual academy awards could be full of surprises. >> this is one of the first years in a long time it feels like anybody could win anything. >> reporter: among the favorites, la la land including best picture moonlight manchester by the sea. fences and hidden figures. on top of surprises the oscars are setting records. the viral #oscar so white may be a thing of the past.
10:10 am
after two years of having new oscar of color denzel washington and vie -- vie viola davis two of seven nominated. >> they deserve to be here they are not being thrust into the limelight because of the color of their kin. >> reporter: what could mark an apparent come back for a star many thought couldn't be forgiven mel gibson nominated for his world war ii drama hacksaw ridge. his first nomination in 21 years bringing be back into the spotlight after 2010 domestic battery charge and antisemitic tirade during a 2006 dui arrest. there are a couple of frontrunners people are projecting will win emma stone for la la land for best actress
10:11 am
viola davis for best supporting actress in fences. we've seen security guards walking around putting things in place for tonight's big show. reporting live from hollywood channel 6 "action news." gray and nydia. >> looking forward to it, thank you. let's look at fun facts about the oscar ceremony. the first year ever that a black actor is nominated in every actor category, kevin o'connell is up for hacksaw ridge. 24 karat gold plated statue is $700. the red carpet 16,000 feet in lengths an cost $30,000. the cost of the oscars, $42.8 million. "action news" will be on one hour earlier tonight at
10:12 am
5:00 p.m. due to the ceremony. at 6:00 p.m. it's the live preview of the oscars on the red carpet. the 89th annual awards begin at 8:30. "action news" is at 11:00 p.m. after the show. we have expanded coverage at we have behind behind-the-scenes look and live video from the red carpet and most of the talked about moments as they happen.
10:13 am
10:14 am
time to check out what's going viral in the social corner. >> this is where we check out the photos and images on facebook and youtube and more. ♪ can you feel the beat? mardi gras time at a parade in texas. a flash mob dance. the surprise came at the end look at this, when the m to emerged with a ring in hand and to his girlfriend she said yes. >> a japanese student snapped his way into the record book, he snapped 296 times in just one
10:15 am
minute. he clinched the title for finger snaps florida minute. sound engineers had to be used to crmmber ofnaps he beat the old record snaps. everyone is ste. ir this so mom gone viral becoming an inspiration to others across the country. her tax refund $5,600. she used to the year. she posted a picture of her receipt on facebook. that post garnered 200,000 likes almost immediately. >> better throughout the year, i don't have to worry about my kids mommy i need this, i can't get it, because i'm debating i have to pay my rent or light bill. people lose sight of what's important. >> a smart financial decision, she said she is a former addict who has been clean for three years. congratulations to her. she said other recovering
10:16 am
addicts have applauded her and call her an inspiration. >> tell us what you think about other videos by going to facebook and twitter accounts. >> inside story is coming up on 6abc. >> here's monica malpass with a preview. >> reporter: high guys coming up on inside we'll talk with bob brady about the challenges pennsylvania is facing, economic chance and political climate. there's a new poll that shows 2 out of 3 pennsylvanias thinks the united states is on the wrong track we'll talk about that coming up later on inside story, i'm monica malpass i hope you join me.
10:17 am
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>> one more check of accuweather. >> reporter: it was nice, yesterday, 70, sunshine, today feels-like temperatures are in the 20s. we'll get up to 46 later we for clouds to thin out this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies windchills in the 30s. tomorrow we warm up 57 increasing clouds, milder day. maybe rain moving in tuesday morning followed by anotheruesday afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast look at the warmup. 62 degrees tuesday 70 degrees wednesday, some areas south and east could be warmer. it's chilly again by week's end friday 42. saturday partly sunny 42 degrees. >> this week with george stephanopoulos is coming up next. >> this morning george discusses the call for a special prosecutor into the alleged ties between president donald trump and russia, here's george with a preview. >> reporter: good morning coming up on this week we're 38 days
10:20 am
into the trump presidency and two days he'll speak to congress for the first big question ahead what he will doing with obama care and tax reform as questions about russia cloud hisidency. nancy pelosi, the house chair founder jim jordon, republican from ohio. tom perez was elected yesterday we'll get into on this week. >> of cou continues back her noon. here's some of the stories we're working on for ye new york times is set to debutt's internal revenue service television add in 7 years, why some say it's in response to trump. >> it's a story packed with fight scenes and romance the pennsylvania ballet brings it to life in 6abc loves the arts. now for gray hall, chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great morning we'll see you back here at noon.
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10:23 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> now you finally have a president. finally. it took you a long time. >> in just two days, the president addresses the nation. >> the era of empty talk is over. it's over. >> his first speech to rally congress has questions about ties to russia continue to cloud his presidency. will trump now face new independent investigations? plus -- >> release those taxes. release those taxes. >> town hall tumult. republicans across the country face mounting protests. >> you work for us. [ cheers and applause ]
10:24 am
>> team trump downplays the drama. >> despite the best efforts of liberal activists, the american people know better. >> will this endure and crack republican resolve?
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