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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  February 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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meteorologist mary tyler moore me sunday the stars hit the red carpet in los angeles. for hollywood's biggest night. a respective of the oscars coming up. after yesterday'n s. the big story on action news is the desecration of a jewish cemetery in the city's wissinoming section police say it's too early to tell if this was random
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vandalism or an act of anti-semitism. wall and sarah we just spoke with a man who went over the entire cemetery called the mount caramel cemetery. he doesn't know if they were all knocked over when this act of vandalism happened, but there's 400 plus head stones had been toppled over. what's happening right now is something very nice repropped back unabout 50 head stones right now. people of all faith coming together and try and fix things such a terrible thing er seen anything like thi this. >> reporter: you're looking at tombstone. it's a historic jewish cemetery. >> why?
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i think that's really the only thing you can say, because there's really no reason for it to be done. >> philadelphia police detectives were here starting an investigation, one woman who came to check on her family stone say this can only be one thing. >> what looks like a systematic destruction las got ton anti-semetic. i can't think of anything else. >> reporter: it's not a targeted attack. >> i'm hoping it was maybe just some drunk kids or doing some type of attack, the fact that there's so many, it does leave one to believe it could have been arctic targeted. >> reporter: the damage is widespread. there could be well over 100 knocked over. it's hard to get an exact count on how many were knocked down or even when. seems everywhere you look, yellow notice another head stones down. >> there's over 100 tombstones down. it's very heartbreaking. >> reporter: live look.
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you can see the people working hard together. these head stones are not light they're heavy. very sad what's happening here. i want to point the camera this way. a local rabbi. he's come out here with some people to look over the damage, which is horrible. also talk about what's happening, what's going to happen maybe a little bit later in an effort like this to try and fix this. >> this is people from coming up after the breaker muslim jewish communities, some rabbises, my college heard about this thanks to your reporting and came out here out of the admire to be in solidarity to show we're not interested in any victim asian as heartbreaking as this is, we're strong, we've done this for other communities, helped people rallying with us. i don't know much about either through the police or the official jewish community. details i just know that there are things in formation now, and
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there will be community response, people have started to ask, is there some places to contribute? i'm sure through the city, jewish federation, you know, in the next 24 hours. >> it's nice to see these people out here helping. >> it is wonderful. none of us for the most part have met each other before. i just met two congregants of mine. his way of responding was to go row by row and he turned counted over 500. >> reporter: a community effort will form in a few hours and later we'll have more details on that. reporting live mount caramel cemetery, bob brooks, channel 6 action news. two dover police officers were killed this morning in a car crash. 23-year-old patrolman robert dafonte and 22-year-old cadet james watts were off duty at the time. delaware state police say officer dafonte was driving a
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2016 jeep wrangler, and failed to negotiate a curb. the vehicle careened down an embankment. both officers pronounced at the scene. the investigation continues into the fatal crash. police in philadelphia trying to figure out if a man's pit bull puppy killed him in olney. officers were called to a home on rising sun avenue where they found a 21-year-old man with severe bite marks to his face. rushed to einstein medical center pronounced dead a short time later. his eight month old pitbull was found inside with blood on him. yesterday's severe storm caused damage through the our region. but nothing like in other parts of the state. the national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down in lieu certain county, and lancaster was hit especially hard. christie joins us from the satellite center with a look at the damage.
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>> reporter: it was an ef 2 tornado with wind speeds of 120 miles per hour. fortunately, there were no reported injuries. this fast moving storm left a trail of destruction in its wake. buried under fallen try trunks. the damage left behind from what the national service confirmed it was a tornado. emergency management said about 30 homes were damaged. six of them severely. the storm raised through the heart of the state >> i couldn't open the door. i knew something was happening. >> reporter: matty scramble belled for cover inside her lancaster county home. >> i felt very scared. >> reporter: her house was nearly levelled by straight line winds reported peaking at 95 miles per hour. trees were up rooted and silos left roof less, seven farm buildings were damaged.
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strong wind knocked 119-year-old church bell off. >> it came off the mount. >> reporter: the services were able to continue as usual but residents are grateful this wasn't worse. >> i'm just happy everything was safe. >> reporter: this is the fourth february tornado in the state's history. three of them have occurred in the last year.porting live in a center, channel 6 action. >> thank you for that report. are. the sun came back today, so did the cold. temperatures are certainly closer to normal for february. meteorologist melissa magee joins us. >> certainly back to reality as you needed the heavy coats and gloves. right now in philadelphia, it's 43, 38 in allentown, 29 in the poconos at the coast. and cape may at 43. when you look at the 24-hour temperature change, 24 degrees colder in the city than it was the same time yesterday, 26
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colder in trenton than it was just 24 hours ago, and 11 degrees colder out to the west there. and reading. current wind chills across most of the area in the 30's. peak gusts today is part of the reason you're feeling the chill. we have gusts as high as 33 miles per hour in the city, allentown same thing. trenton 28 miles r. atlantic city clocking that at 31 miles per hour. if you're stepping out on the town on this sunday evening, 41 to is the number at 7:00. 8:00 in the 30's, hold at 9:00, 10:00 and 36. diminishing winds will be on the way later on tonight. temperatures once again from the start of the work week back in the 50's and 60's and it will be a wet and rainy start for march. closer look coming up in the exclusive accu-weather forecast. walter >> get the work week underway, log on to there you can find the seven-day
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forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 double scan radar. hollywood's biggest day is few hours away. >> stars are about to hit the red carpet then on to the oscars to find out which movies actors and actresses will win this year's awards >> marcie gonzales is there and joins us with a respective. >> reporter: theed golden night is finally here. >> extraordinary. >> reporter: the stars are out. >> still feels completely surreal, like a change dream. >> reporter: will it be a dream come true for this year's award show sweetheart? la la land ties titanic for most nominations never, including best picture, and best actress. with emma stone facing off against hollywood of her weights >> the best actress award isn't necessarily hers, we thought the
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golden go to -- some people are talking about natalie port man in jackie >> some wondering casey affleck of manchester by the sea could lose to fences. >> there's a woman out there >> denzel washington. >> it is cool to sit in a room and realize you're all in together. >> reporter: after two years in a row, in which only white actors were nominated creating controversy and boycotts. sis year a record seven are racialingly diverse. >> they're not being thrust into the lime light because of the color, they're being thrust into the lime light because of their talent. >> reporter: speaking of beautiful everyone is now watching for the red carpet. the stars will parade past here, before taking their seats for the biggest night in show business hosted by jimmy kimmel. marcie gonzales abc news hollywood.
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folks are hitting the red carpet here in philadelphia. to >> the red carpet ago la is taking place this evening at the lowe's hotel in center city. jeaneatte reyes is there and joinses live. >> reporter: hi sarah. these folks are are bringing the oscars to philly in way. we've seen people arrive here pretty dressed up. the events gets underway in a few minutes. although this is one of many oscars party around the country, this one has a purpose. >> minutes before doors are set to open. servers and other employees were putting the final touches in the ballgame at the philadelphia hotel on market street. the glitz and glam of the oscars isn't just in hollywood tonight. the 18th annual red carpet gay la is a fancy event and it's just about to get underway. since 2000, the volunteers of america delaware valley have been hosted this event where attendees can dress up and indulge in all things glamorous
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while giving back to those in need. the affair is filled with entertainment, dining, silent auction, and, of course, no oscars party is complete without a big screen showing of the academy awards. >> all of the money that we raise tonight will go towards the homeless family and veterans. we have a homeless veteran shelter and three family shelter we operate. it's a lot of fun but for a great cause, we couldn't do the work we do without events like this. >> reporter: and this events has been quite successful in terms of fund-raising. just the past five years, they've raised a million and of course, all of that goes to those in need. reporting live in center city, jeaneatte reyes channel 6. >> thank you. of course, 6 abc is your home for the oscars, live coverage begins at 6:00 after an early edition of world news sunday. then the award ceremony begins at 8:30 with jimmy kimmel as
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your host followed by action news. all night long we have expanded oscars coverage on we have a behind the scenes look at preparations for the big show. and as just a few minutes ago, we have live video from the red carpet. you can check out the most talked about moments as they happen. it's all on we'll be on facebook and twitter tonight >> all night. much more on action news tonight. 60 years later. one of philadelphia's most disturbing murder mysteries and today, a community came together to remember the so-called boy in the box. >> 70 years and going strong. hear the wonderful secrets that kept the delaware county couple partners in life and love for all those years. jeff skversky has sports when action news comes right back.
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boscov was remembered
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memorial service in reading. they came to the arena to celebrate the accomplishments. governor and philadelphia mayor ed rendell praised boscov for his ideas, persuasiveness and passion for doing good. he died earlier this month at 87. this is the face of one of philadelphia's most mysterious murder cases, 60 years ago this weekend, this little boy was killed and his nude body left abandoned inside a cardboard box in fox chase. he was never identified and his killer never found. at a, the community came together to remember the child and pray that this case can finally be solved. it's the logic running open investigation in the city. they were making a joyful noise during sunday services inside a church in delaware county. that's because the african church's celebrated it's 114th anniversary. there were special songs and prayers. but the biggest applause went up when the church morgan was burned. this house of worship is
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jeff skversky has check on sports in the way the flyers season is going. >> they were at this very point this time last year. and had a great run to finish and made the playoffs. will they do it again? oh, boy, the boys are in trouble. the flyers are now closer to last place than they are the final playoff spots. the free fall continues the flyers fall to six points out of the wild card with 21 games to
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go. the flyers maintain they're playing good hockey like last night outdoors in pittsburgh but the bottom line is not been good enough, they lost seven of last nine. wayne simmons said they have to play desperate rest of the way like it's the last game. >> bottom line, we want to make it to the playoff we got to score the goals. we're not scoring. simple. we got 40 shots every game >> we got offensive power here. it's just, it's sticking with it right now, we can't complain and jump ship. we're just sticking with it and getting to the tough times a little adverse. >> now, keep in mind, the flyers have a near identical record this tile last year and went on to make the playoffs winning 14 of final 22 games. can they do it again? the sixers are back home to
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face instead of curry, the only team in the nba to clinch the a playoff spot. are you still sure you want to trade jahlil okafor? including two baskets in the final seconds. won the game over the nets and okafor plays extended minutes averaging close to 20 minutes per game. when the phillies open the season in five weeks, jeremy hall lick son likely be the opening day started. hopefully he gets off. hall lick son and the phillies against the tornado, not all his fault, puts him in a hole but the phils are red hot. scoring ten runs, save some for when the games count. an dress, solo shot in the third, phillies win 10-3.
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lasalle u mass. what a name, pookie, pow scored 24 for lasalle. 37 on the d. lasalle loses 84-71. they've lost eight of the last 11 games. finally did you see this in the delaware 87 game last night, seven guard nate robinson gets a little creative, goes under the legs of a defender. robinson only 5-9 takes advantage. >> that's awesome. really great. >> he has a book out that talks about it's not about your height. it's about your heart and shows it right there. >> that's exactly right >> very nice. thank you, jeff. exclusive accu-weather forecast up next on action news.
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accu-weather forecast and back tor back to reality >> this is where we should be for this time of year, let's show you what's going on here's storm tracker 6, double scan radar. looking at the art museum, a lot of folks are bundled up today. today, they're bundle up with scarfs and gloves. mostly sunny sky, clearing out tonight. the high today in philadelphia, 46, just one degree shy where we normally should be, average for this time of year is 47.
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69, we didn't hit that today and the 70's we have yesterday are thing of the past as well. 43 in the city, 39 in reading, 29 in the poconos. at the coast in cape may, up into atlantic city and beach haven end temperatures are in the lower 40's. you look at the 24 hour temperature change and that tells at the story. numbers in at the city are a good 26 degrees colder than yesterday. you factor in the colder air and the blustery wind feel like 34 in philadelphia. feeling like 30 for reading and lancaster. 22 windchill number in the poconos and feels like 39 degrees at the coast in cape may. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, high pressure situated to the south, we got a mostly clear sky on the way for the rest of tonight. and the winds will slowly diminish as well. we got a mostly clear sky. bottom out at 26 in the suburbs for the overnight low and 33 in philadelphia. as we get into the day tomorrow, that ridge of high pressure moves a little bit to the south and east. bit of a roller coaster ride.
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turning cloudy tomorrow. high temperatures coming in at 57 in the city back up to 55 in lancaster tomorrow. 59 at the coast today. and 55 degrees in cape may. here's the set up for monday be high pressure moving a little further to the east. you tap into that return. southwesterly wind flow, temperatures tomorrow we'll hit 57. early sunshine giving way to increasing loud. ridge of high pressure continues to move off to the east. then we're tracking this area where pressure is still to the west but the warm front lifts northward by tuesday, so it's cloudy, high temperature though of 62 and we're tracking light rain. future tracker 6 showing you by tuesday morning, 6:00, light showers will be around and the rain is light at times right through the early morning hours. and this will be the set up as we get into tuesday and wednesday for a bit of an unsettled pattern. the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast. it's a milder day than today. high of 57. then tuesday, still mild up to
5:28 pm
62. but we're tracking areas of rain. and on wednesday for the first day of march, it's warm, up to 72 with some afternoon showers and storms, some on the strong side and the wake of that by thursday, windy with falling temperatures and at 55 for the high. friday cooler 44. a snow shower could be possible as we get into friday afternoon. back into next weekend, temperatures in at the 40's and 50's. we're up and down this week, at least we're milder tomorrow. >> thank you, melissa a delaware county couple celebrated a remarkable milestone, 70 years of marriage. they were stars of a big party with family and friends, the two met as kids and fran knew right away i was the one for her. he asked her to wait for him when he left for world war ii. they i low pressured afterwards and have been together since. shared their secrets to their long marriage >> caring, sharing, loving, taking good care of one another, and when you have a spat get out
5:29 pm
into another room and wait about 15 minutes, come back out. and a peck on the cheek solves everything. >> good advice. >> absolutely. >> 90 something still cook, do laundry and aiming for their 75th anniversary. >> nice story. abc world news sunday is next here on channel 6. don't miss action news at 10:00 on phl 17 tonight. action news returns after the oscars >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez i'm sarah bloomquist. we'll see you back here after the oscars.
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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight" from los angeles. the gold star fury. the father of a fallen navy s.e.a.l. refusing to meet the president. questioning the decision that cost his son his life and now calling for investigation. panic at the parade. a pickup truck plowing into the mardi gras celebration. >> it was terrifying. >> it was chaos. >> one dead, including children as young as 3. what caused the driver to cause so much harm? and bill paxton, the beloved actor from "apollo 13" and "titanic" and many others passing away after heart surgery. manhunt -- the suspect considered armed and extremely dangerous. possibly linked to the murders of two women. including one at this mississippi church. police say he can be hundreds of miles away.


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