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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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4:30 a.m., monday, february 27. here's what we're following on "action news," vandal damage hundreds of grave stones at a jewish cemetary in philadelphia. a dog attacks a young girl sending her to the hospital with facial injuries. the oscars end with a shocking plot twist. we are in hollywood with embarrassment over the best picture winner. >> what an ending. let's go over to david murphy with the weather and karen rogers has the morning commute.
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>> reporter: i just heard about that. we have clear skies out there, plenty of sun coming up over the horizon and we'll see clouds filtering in from the west as we go through the day. it's a cold start following yesterday's chilly highs in the 40s. 26 in allentown. 24 in reading. 0 in wilmington, and trenton. 21 in millville. 40 in cape may, a pretty chilly morning, again not a lot of wind a lot of us reporting calm winds at least we've got that. as we go into the afternoon it will be milder than yesterday. yesterday we were in the mid 40s, noon, 50, high of 57 degrees at 3:00 p.m. hold on to 54 at 5:00 p.m. not too breezy today, sun and clouds. there's a big weather issue coming up potentially on wednesday with another round of strong thunderstorms similar to what you saw on saturday i'll have the details coming up in
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the 7 day. >> reporter: february thunderstorms. let's look at the car fire, it was fully engulfed we see emergency workers on the scene, i-95 northbound the off ramp to 476. only the shoulder getting by. not seeing flames, but there are fire crews blocking all lanes and people getting around off to the side. i-95 northbound the off ramp to 476 the car fire. they put out the flames, but that's causing issues this morning. elsewhere the majors are moving fine with the speeds in the 40s and 50s right now. as we switch over to 422 westbound near oaks we have an accident blocking the left lane, we see police and pot dot on the arrow board on the scene. >> inter faith leaders from around philadelphia will be meeting to discuss the vandalization of a jewish
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headstone. hundreds of headstones have been damaged. annie mccormick is live at mount carmel jewish cemetary in wissinoming. >> reporter: already they had help cleaning up the cemetary. they are not sure how much it will cost for the clean up, but a go fund me page has surpassed its goal. police believe it was intentional, whether somebody targeted the cemetary, whether it was an act of antisemitism is not known, they don't weather it was a hate crime. a man visiting his father grave on sunday, found the knocked over headstones. people of many faiths came out to show their sports. >> i grew up with stories of
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destruction jewish cemetaries, i always thought we were done with that. >> other people love them, you don't do that. >> every human should be allowed to rest in peace and no one should have to worry about their loved one grave being desecrated. >> reporter: mount carmel cemetary is the latest jewish cemetary to be vandalized after a tampa mosque was set on fire and a week after 150 headstones at a jewish cemetary in st. louis i were vandalized. mayor kenny said whoever was responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law adding hate is not possible. there's an award leading to any information that could lead to police getting information that could lead to an arrest. that is at $1,000. earlier today, 2:15 p.m. 100
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inter faith leaders will gather to discuss what happened. reporting live in wissinoming, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. a pitbull attacked a young girl in the germantown section of the city. the 7-year-old was bitten in the face and taken to einstein medical center. the attacked happened at 6:30. authorities believe the dog belongs to a neighbor. police are investigating the discovery of a human leg that washed up in national park new jersey. a woman made the discovery while walking her dog along the delaware river. police described it as the lower part of the leg from the knee down with the foot attached. it was taken to the gloucester county medical examiner's office, an dna sample will be taken in hopes of identifying the victim. happening today, bill cosby is due back in the montgomery county courtroom on his upcoming sex assault trial. his attorneys is trying to
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convince the judge to move the trial or import a jury. stephen o'neill ruled only one of a dozen accusers will happen today. trump will outline his budget proposal. at the governor's ball, he said the nation's borders are stricter. he talked about repealing and replaces obama care. the president will address a joint session of congress you will be able to watch that prime time event live on 6abc. monica malpass will be in the nation's capitol for that, her live reports will start tomorrow on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. the the biggest night in hollywood ended with a shocking mixup. the producers of la la land were nearly done when accepting the
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oscar for best picture when they realized a different film was the huge winner. let's go live to hollywood where they are picking up their jaws from the floor. >> reporter: you're right, it was the last category for best picture that left everyone speechless. as chaotic as it was gracious the cast of la la land handing over their oscars to the cast of moonlight. la la handle, -- la la land,. >> moonlight best picture, in an awe bankrupt about face, moonlight taking the top prize in the upset. until then oscar night hit all the right notes. >> musical performances, political jazz, i want to say
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thank you to president trump, remember last year when it seemed like the oscars were racist? >> reporter: and surprise visiting from unsuspected tourists. >> who is your favorite actor? >> that man right there. >> reporter: in the end it is about the little gold statues. the award for best supporting actress going to viola davis for fences. >> casey affleck, manchester by the sea. >> i'm excited to be part of this community. i look at all of you and i am dumb founded that i am included. >> la la land won 6 of the 14 oscars for when it was nominated. including best actress. >> it was an amazing thing to hear la la handle, i think we
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would have loved to win best picture, but we're excited for moonlight. the real best picture winner, moonlight. >> price waterhouse cooper which counts the votes sent out the statement saying the wrong category envelope was handed to presenters and it is investigating how that happened. reporting from hollywood, channel 6 "action news." >> we'll be talking about this for a long time. new technology that could improve a fatal flaw with the 911 system. >> a gunman fires shots at a construction site and leads police on a chase down south. a teen wins the girl's wresting championship, but some say the teen had unfair
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advantage. >> reporter: we're in the 30s in most neighborhoods, dress the kids warmly, this afternoon we get into the 50s, ease back with a jacket and light wind. we have issues on on the excluse accuweather seven-day forecast. a little thunderstorm on wednesday and maybe small snow accumulation in parts of the region by friday. we have not said that much this winter, i'll have the details coming up.
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>> good morning everyone, it is 4:42 a.m., monday morning, taking a look at our live city hall shot, 33 degrees, chilly start to start the workweek. >> let's talk about the rest of the week and what we've got on tap. >> reporter: all right, it's a little bit milder this afternoon i've got a concern about wednesday, we'll talk about that in a second. storm tracker 6 live double scan
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shows you we're dry this morning, as we look outside we have the promise. plenty of sunshine early over the commodore barry bridge and elsewhere across the region as we are going to start out sunny and develop a few more clouds as the day goes on. the temperature is colder as it's been in recent work mornings. 33 degrees, pretty chilly. we were milder than that last week, but not today. winds are for the most part calm across the region, if you ever a breeze it is very light this morning. 33 degrees, not much of a windchill. get the sunglasses ready we'll see sunshine early and the clouds will streak in as the day goes on. as we look at the day overall it is not bad, 36 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 43. noon, 50 with the high clouds streaking in. a few more clouds later in the day. 3:00 p.m., 57 degrees, yesterday we got to 46. a lot of milder this afternoon than yesterday. by 6:00 p.m., 351 degrees
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holding on to the 50s. high temperatures across the region. 54 in allentown. 57 in philadelphia. 56 in millville and down the shore a little cooler, but not bad for this time of career with highs of 52 down the shore. tomorrow we get up to 65 degrees as milder air starts to bounce back. it will be relatively cloudy and there could spotty showers around with maybe a slightly steadier light to moderate rain later in the day or at night. but it will be mild with the cold front coming past us. the big issue is a related thursday, a cold front comes in from the west, saturday, late in the day or early evening we'll have a line of rain or strong thunderstorms coming through. in my neighborhood we were looking out the windows from a distance, because the winds were whipping the rain around. we'll have that on saturday. 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., the
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northern and western suburbs will be seeing that. looks like it comes through the center of the region by 6:00, 6:30 p.m., the main band is pulling toward the east. after 11:00 p.m. or so, the whole thing dies down. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 57 degrees, sun mixing with clouds, pretty nice overall. tomorrow, more clouds in play, spotty showers possible, 65 the mild high. again on thursday, we start out dry in the afternoon and evening we have that line of showers and thunderstorms coming through. we ceapt rule -- can't rule out a spotty shower, the mainly showers in the evening. 65 degrees, wednesday, strong storms, 74. thursday, 55, friday, cloudy and
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rainy, 42, sunny and cool on saturday, 47. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest information at dark/weather. keep your eye on on spot showers and late-day thunderstorm. >> a chaotic scene in florida when deputies had to shoot a man. the man opened fire at a construction site yesterday. deputies chased the man until he crashed at coral city. the man exchanged shots with the deputyies killing the man. a trans teenager from texas won the girl's state championship. the teenager said he would rather wrestle boys. there have been questions throughout the tournament whether the toss -- testosterone
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treatments gave him unfair advantage. joseph wapnor passed away in his sleep. he settled small claims cases on the people's court from 1981 to 1993. >> there are new tests that could resolve fatal problems with the 911 system. 71% of them coming through cell calls. cell towers are use to locate the caller. the signal is not accurate because it can hit off towers two miles he -- away. >> time can mean the difference between life and death. >> the apps work on smart phones, if the local community
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has adopted. some say the app said it presents privacy concerns, however, advocates say it saves lives. a tongue tongue-in-cheek sy announcement is going viral, immediately after the break, a spokesperson said he talks about the often forgotten and safety feature on all cars. >> this indiana state trooper
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gave a video to a to -- too -- w to operate a turn signal. >> on the left-hand side of the steering wheel there's a turn signal. you push it down, let me show you what it does, it is amazing. >> it is not only required by law to use it the courteous thing to do. >> reporter: i didn't know we needed a tutorial, but some is some people do. this is i-95 northbound to 476. we had a car fire, all that is cleared, all lanes back open, a dark ride looking good. vine street expressway no overnight construction, no delays, no no backups, no closus
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on the vine. we had a problem on 422. we started this morning an accident and car on its side. here we can see all lanes back open, 422 near oaks two big accidents have cleared. all we have is a little bit of construction in abington, 611 at hamilton, lane restrictions 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. nightly. >> i do thing that cop should do that demonstration here. wendy's fans to add self ordering kiosks at thousands of locations it's to appeal to younger customers and cut labor costs, they are being installed in several locations in ohio. if you want to go to the counter, you still be able to to do that. jc penny said they will close 140 stores in the coming months.
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it's not clear how many jobs that will translate into. retailer is offering early retirement to 6,000 full time employees. the major stock indices were up on friday. the dow gained 11 points, this morning futures look like they are pointing to a higher open again. >> monday morning, 4:53 a.m., from mean tweets to surprise tourists. coming up in the morning buzz we'll look at the funny moments in the oscars. pictures show a 100-year-old woman being handcuffed at a detention center, but she is happy about it. her story is up next.
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>> a nearly one hundred-year-old dutch woman fulfilled an item on her bucket list by getting arrested. she said she always wanted to experience a jail cell. they posted it on her facebook page. a delaware county celebrated 70 years of marriage. they were the stars of the big party of family and friends. they met as children and fran knew al was the one for her. he asked her to wait for him after toward 2.
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>> you can find the glitz and glamour of oscars. the red carpet gala took place at the lowest in center city. the event was organized by america of delaware valley. the black tie affair bass filled with entertainment and fine dining and oscars on the big screen. >> 4:57. philadelphia is fulfilling a suspicious death, part of the mystery involves a dog found with blood stains inside the man's apartment. >> he was rescued after spending a night in freeze weather. hear what a snow boarder said likely saved his life. >> good s
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5:00 a.m., monday, february 27. here's what's happening. comedian bill cosby is expected back in the courtroom today he is fighting to have an outside jury hear his upcoming sexual assault case in montgomery county. >> rollercoaster temperatures return this week, we could hit the 70s and there's a chance of snow shower. >> there's a mistake, moonlight, you guys won best picture. >> not a joke, it was an unforgettable moment. the cast of la la land was thanking the academy when they found out they didn't win. >> first up weather an traffic with melissa magee and matt pellman. sorry it's david murphynd


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