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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 28, 2017 1:07am-1:35am EST

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to be a millionaire." today's getaway contestant wants to thank his parents for all that they have done for him. from my hometown of dallas, texas, please welcome reza zamanian. how you doing, reza? how you doing? good to see you. a dallas boy. >> you got it. >> i already like you. >> thankonaire." >> it's great to be here. >> um, who are you playing for today? wh >> so my parents immigrated here from--to dallas--from iran 40 years ago. they really sacrificed a lot for us. they're not the kind to actually take vacations or take trips. so, uh, this is what-- that's who i'm playing for. >> 's awesome. >> yeah. >> well, let me tell you what you're up against today, because you're also here playing for some cash. >> let's do it. >> a million dollars, in fact. 14 questions, money values growing from $500 all the way up to that $1 million. [cheers and applause] every question you answer correctly moves you one step closer to that top prize.
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remember, at any time, you can walk away with the money that you've earned up to that point. if you give me an incorrect answer, you walk away with nothing until you get to those thresholds--there's two of 'em, one at $5,000, then again at $50,000. you also have your three lifelines. the audience can help you with a question. "50/50," i'll take away two incorrect answers. you have a plus one over there. who's with you today? >> rick townsley. he's my closest friend and business partner. >>ick, how you doing? and special today for getaway week, if you make it to that $5,000 threshold, you'll also win a getaway package: 3 days, 2 nights at caesars palace las vegas. caesars palace celebrates its golden anniversary with lavish new guest rooms and legendary colosseum entertainers like céline dion, elton john, mariah carey. so, great trip. >> can't wait. can't wait. >> and that's going-- >> be great. that'll be great. >> that's going to your parents. >> yeah. >> all right, for more information, visit so, playing for your parents. playing for yourself. a lot on the line.
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good luck to you. >> thank you. >> let's get to your game. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical sting] ♪ $500 question is where it all starts. to avoid confusion at the airport carousel, experts recommend tying a large, colorful ribbon around what? >> well, i'll tell you, i've actually had this problem before. my father ties a huge, pink ribbon around his suitcase. not forehead, not screaming baby, definitely not pretzels. it's gonna have to be b. >> so you're going with b? >> final answer. >> final answer? you got it. $500. [cheers and applause] $1,000. according to a recent survey by sol republic, 53% of millennials own three or more what, and wear them nearly four hours a d
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>> well, again, i can eliminate the football pads, full-body casts and gold pocket watches. i see a lot of millennials runninaround with a lot of different pairs of headphones.>. they do. they have soones. $1,000 in the bank. $2,000 question. which if these books is christopher columbus said to have read for inspiration as he prepared for his journey across the atlantic in 1492? >> [laughs] i love the three wrong answers. uh, but i definitely know he read about old marco polo from way back when, so b, "the travels of marco polo," final answer. >> of course that's it. >> all right. [cheers and applause] >> all right, reza, that got you to $2,000. $3,000 question right here.
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suffering neurological damage but surviving, what experience did phil broscovak of wyoming liken to "being stung by 10,000 >> so, chris, i have a lot of fears, a lot of weird fears, and one of them is getting hit by lightning. i think it's possible, and i think i've actually heard of this guy. but i'm just gonna go over the other ones real quick. wyoming, bitten by a shark, probably not. he didn't fall off a 50-storyvey doesn't work with d, so, we'll go with poor guy, c, being struck by lightning. final answer. >> exactly right. >> all right. >> there you go. all right. >> big one. >> you're at $3,000. the next step? a chance to get to $5,000. also the first threshold, but today, special week, it' the getaway package question. >> want to get that trip.
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>> get this right, your parents are gonna have a great trip. and you'll have $5,000 in the bank. it's a win-win for everybody. here it is: $5,000 question. you can get shushed in english and french at haskell free library, built directly on the international border between quebec and what u.s. state? >> so, que--i have to think where ebec is in canada. my canadian geographyis decent. uh, i feel like i can knock a couple of these things out. >> you have all three lifelines available. >> uh, you know, the thing that really gets me is i want to make sure i get this trip. >> of course. this is a huge one. >> it's a huge one. >> it's a chance to get to the threshold, but also a trip for your folks. >> yeah, and i--and i would hate to risk it, so let me go ahead and ask the audience on this one. okay. final? >> final. >> okay, audience,s a big one. we could use some help here. if you would, pick up those keypads and enter [percussive music] ♪
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all right, let's take a look at the results. 52% say it's vermont, b. >> that's what i was thinking. the capital of vermont is a little french there, the name is a little french. i'm gonna trust the audience. b, vermont. final answer. >> well-used lifeline. you got it right! >> all right! thank yoou, thank you. the trip! >> you got the getaway package for your family. congratulations. they'll enjoy that. you also got $5,000. >> whoo! >> we're gonna come back. we're already giving away stuff here on "millionaire." stick around. [dramatic music] ♪ even if you're not a millionaire, you could be treated like a caesar at caesars palace in las vegas. stay in lavish new rooms, savor culinary perfection by world-famous chefs, experience unforgettable nightlife at omnia or legendary colosseum entertainment. caesars palace: re-imagining vegas for five decades. my belly pain and constipation?
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ngallye, [dramatic music]
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♪ >> welcome back to getaway week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." reza zamanian just got to $5,000. that's always big in this game 'cause you get to that threshold, but today, you also got a getaway that you're giving to your folks, which is fantastic, so congratulations. >> thank you. >> um, and speaking of. so your--your folks came over from iran. >> right. >> you were born in the united states. >> yep. >> but you have this love of trivia--did that come from trying to learn the culture and figure out america? >> absolutely. you know, we just--i just really wanted to fit in, know as much as i could, kind of absorb as much as i could. >> right. >> and i had these two little encyclopedias from i think the '60s, and i remember just flipping through those things, trying to, you know, just, again, absorb as much as i could, and fit in, and-- and then, any time i got a new book or encyclopedia, i tried to get-- modernize it a little bit. >> that's amazing, and i'm just thinking, 'cause you know, luckily, i--i've traveled around this world thanks to my other shows-- an only imaginecoming from iran. >> to dallas, texas. >> right, right, right, right. >> that's a culture shock. >> huge, yeah, yeah. >> and so have you ever gotten back? >> when i would go back, but it's been years. i haven't been back in
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25 years or so. >> well, guess what you rs. >> probably go. >> take the whole family. >> there we go. >> so you're on your way. $5,000. you're five questions in, so you're safe at that threshold. now we're just playing for you. >> all right. >> you still have two lifelines. let's get back to it, and let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical sting] ♪ we'll get back to it. $7,000 question. due to chronic back pain that had plagued him since childhood, what president sometimes watched films from an orthopedic bed in the white house theater? >> so, i know john f. kennedy had that accident in the war, and he had bad back pain for years. he even had a rocking chair and everything. uh, lyndon-- i don't know if that actually counts as "childhood." jimmy carter, i don't recall anything about him with back pain, neither richard nixon or lyndon johnson.
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even though that's the "childhood" part that might be getting me... i think i'm gonna go ahead and risk it. back pain, president, you said that, first thing that comes to mind is john f. kennedy. a, john f. kennedy. final answer. >> jfk was right. >> yeah! >> way to go for it. >> thank you. [applause] >> it gets hard to pull the trigger up here under the lights, doesn't it? >> oh, yeah. >> you're at $7,000. $10,000 is now what you're playing for with this question. [dramatic musical sting] you've probably never seen his face, but 7'2" tall actor peter mayhew has played what legendary character for nearly 40 years? >> so, i'm a big fan of "star wars," and tall people, because i'm also tall,
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so i pay attention to those guys. >> a fan of tall people. >> [laughs] >> i don't think i've ever heard that before. >> uh, and i know peter mayhew, and i know chewbacca. b, final answer. >> good thing you're a fan of tall people and "star wars." you got it. [cheers and applause] >> all right. great. yes. can't believe it. >> so basically, you're a fan of the nba. that's-- >> there you go. >> yeah. $10,000. chance to double your money, get to $20,000 right here. >> wow. [dramatic musical sting] ♪ >> in may, 1994, 18-year-old ohioan michael p. fay suddenly gained international notoriety for what? >> okay, so...[clears throat]. i know he didn't plot nckerrigan. and he's from ohio, so what is he doing in oslo and doingsomet8
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as stealing "the scream," so 19, i remember the world cup, and i also remember a kid gettned by authorities in singapore. this is for $20,000? >> yep, chance to double your money here. you're risking $5,000. chance to get to $20,000. still have two lifelines. >> may '94 was the world cup and i remember watching that. caned by authorities, that kid. you know what? i hate to do it a little early, but let's try that "50/50" and see what i'm left with. >> final? >> final. >> oka te incorrect answers, and we'll see what we're left with. c and d. >> all right. great. because i remember those two guys that plotted against nancy kerrigan. and the girl. so let's go with d, getting caned by authorities in singapore. final answer. >> you got it. you got it! >> yeah! 20 grand! >> it was part of his sentence
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for vandalizing cars. >> yeah. >> you got to $20,000. you're playing a great game. >> thank you. >> we're coming back right after this. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪
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can a filet, or a new york strip ever be topped? well, no. but for our new delmonico ri perhaps we can make more room at the top. you can't fake steak longhorn steakhouse tonight's special, steakhouse cuts. featuring, for a limited time, the new delmonico ribeye, and the juicy new york strip. and for lunch, try and the juicy new york strip. or any steakhouse lunch combo. only at longhorn. [dramatic music] ♪ >> welcome back to getaway week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." we are well past the "getaway"
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part. reza zamanian took care of that at the $5,000 level. his parents are off to a great vacation, but now you're off to a great game. you're at $20,000. >> all right. just two more questions away from that $50,000 threshold. but you got to get by this next step. >> let's do it. >> you ready? >> rea. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical sting] ♪ 0 question. here you go.inic, it takes roughly how long for a newborn baby to double in body weight? >> you have any kids? >> i have two. and i know it wasn't a month. so that's out. double, so they're born, 8 pounds, they got to get to 16, i feel like mine just barely there. five...double... five months, they're still so tiny.
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you know, i got a-- my buddy, and my plus one, has a bunch of kids. [laughter] and i think he could definitely be very useful to me on this one. >> okay. final? >> final. >> all right, rick. come on down. [cheers and applause] how you doing? >> yeah, good. nice to meet you. doing awesome, buddy. >> thanks, man. >> all right, couple of dads up here. >> [exhales] man... i don't think it was 18 months. >> okay, and we definitely know 1 month is out. >> that sounds like a long time. >> mine lost weight after a month. >> yeah. >> so 5 or 11. >> what are you at right now? >> we are at $20,000. chance to get to $30,000, so incorrect answer, you're risking $15,000. and no more lifelines. >> what were they--one-- so they're born 8 pounds. let's say. got to get to 16. so we went to all those doctor visits, and i don't remember a thing. and we're both dentists.
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>> pound of... [laughter] yeah, i don't...[sighs]. if i had to guess, i'd go with c. but that's a big-- that's a big risk. >> for 15 grand. >> yeah. >> so a chance to continue. you can always walk with the $20,000. or risk $15,000 and you leave with $5,000. >> how many months... let me try to think. so we know 1 month's out. 5 months... you said 11, you think? >> man, if i had to guess, but it would be just that. it would be a guess. >> what were they--what were your kids at their checkups? >> i'm thinking, man. >> it was, uh... >> this is great, to watch two guys try and... [laughter] i hate to be sexist, but this is pretty beautiful. i just feel like any mom could core and be like, "boom. out." >> yeah. >> yeah, i might get in trouble with my wife about this.
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so... >> a one year checkup, i mean... >> need a call. >> 15, 16 pounds. >> okay, so not--okay, let me just go through it. >> yeah. >> 1 month is out. uh, 18 months, uh, you weigh 'em, they're about like 20 pounds at that point. >> yeah. >> that's a solid double at 18 months. >> that's more, yeah. >> a little over. that's more than double. man, the thing is, if you had said 18 months, i think i would have guessed that. now we're torn between 18 and 11. >> 11 and 18? >> 18 seems too long. >> i know. i don't know, man. i mean... >> you know what? we got the $20,000. i wish i had saved a lifeline earlier, probably. if we're not confident-- how confident-- what, percentage-wise? let's go percentage-wise. >> 30%. >> 30% confidence? >> yeah. [laughter] wait, there' four? 25%. [laughter] i don't know. >> so you know what? we had a great experience. it's unfortunate, but, i--i think i'm gonna have to walk away. >> is that your final? >> final answer. >> okay. [loud boom] >> sorry i'm not more help.
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>> no, man. >> you were going with 11. ind of leaning towards 18? >> yeah. >> you're both wrong. >> oh! >> it was b, 5 months. >> hey! >> so i'm glad you walked away with $20,000, reza. goodo ck. we're gonna come back. we're gonna play more "millionaire" right after this. >> whoo! [dramatic music] ♪ megan doesn't know that coffee breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully she uses act® restoring™ mouthwash. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong.
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because life needs ziploc. sc johnson. >> here's your question of the day. what candy bar sounds like it was named for the author of the short story "the gift of the magi"? clark, oh henry! baby ruth, or mars? stay tuned for the answer.
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♪ when you have digestive sensitivities, life can feel like a never ending search for food that won't cause bloating, gas, or inner turmoil. try pronourish. a delicious nutritional drink that makes a great mini meal or snack that has protein and fiber. and pronourish has no gluten or high fructose corn syrup. and is low in fodmap ingredients that can trigger digestive sensitivities. the search is over. pronourish. nutrition you can feel good about. >> the answer to that question was oh henry! [cheers and applause] welcome back to "who wants
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to be a millionaire." we're about to make one of our audience members very happy and give them a little taste of the "who wants to be a millionaire" experience, and hopefully give away $1,000 cash right here. amanda mitchell. i need amanda mitchell. [exciting music] ♪ hi, amanda. >> hey. >> how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> take this instrument. >> thank you. >> step right up. >> great. >> all right. amanda, where you from? >> i am--i live in brooklyn now. >> go back over there. don't wander on me. >> oh, my god! i don't know where to stand! um, i'm from brooklyn now. i come from detroit, though. >> okay. >> yeah. >> well, welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. >> it's very easy. i'm gonna ask you a question. >> sure. >> you're gonna get it right, and i'll give you $1,000 cash. >> cool. great. >> all right, amanda, you ready to go? >> yes. >> good luck. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical sting] ♪ ♪ $1,000 question. a famous row of multicolored victorian homes, san francisco's "painted ladies" can be seen in which show's opening credits?
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>> well, i'm a '90s kid. i was raised by a lot of these tv shows. i know it's not "the brady bunch," 'cause they didn't-- i don't think they lived in san francisco. and i know it's not "saved by the bell." so i'm just gonna make it really easy and say it's "full house." >> and i'll make it easy and give you $1,000. [cheers and applause] way to go, amanda! >> [screaming] >> way to go. congratulations. that's how you end a day, right there. thanks for joining us here on getaway week. for evers been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison. we will see you next time. >> all: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ cloioning sponsored by...
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