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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 28, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, several breaking stories. first, president trump. just a short time from now addressing congress and the country. we have new reporting. what he'll say about obamacare, national security and the breaking headline involving immigration. is president trump ready to compromise? with an immigration reform bill. will the dreamers get a path to citizenship? the horror. out of control driver plowing into a crowd, running down at least a dozen students in a marching band. the pilot killed. slam into an apartment building in the northeast. and another plane plunging intoen a l.a. neighborhood. severe storms as we come on the air. the reported twister. pictures coming in now. there are tornado watches from little rock to chicago. and tonight, the system moving east. damaging winds and hail. and your money.
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the irs tonight with $1 billion of your money, unclaimed tax dollars. the deadline, fast approaching. good evening from washington tonight, and we have several breaking headlines, and we begin with president trump who will soon arrive at the capital behind us to address the congress and the american people, saying, he will, quote, speak from the heart. the white house saying the president has been putting the finishing touches on the speech himself. there were anchors today, and we were told this would be a speech about unity, national security, and the president did surprise us, saying, he also believes it's time for an immigration reform bill, signaling a possible path to citizenship for dreamers. but will he bring that up tonight? we begin here with our chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl. >> reporter: on a day like today, a president usually keeps a low profile, prepping for the big speech.
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but not this president, today a frenetic afternoon of signings and photo-ops, bills and new executive orders. >> we have a number of bills that we're signing and things that we're doing today busy day and then tonight i guess will be a rather busy night. we look forward to it. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news today, the president boasted about his accomplishments so far. but also said the white house has done a mediocre job of communicating its message. >> in terms of achievement, i think i'd give myself an a. because i think i've done great things, but i don't think i have -- i and my people, i don't think we've explained it well enough to the american public. i think i get an "a" in terms of what i have actually done, but in terms of messaging, i'd give myself a c or c plus. >> reporter: tonight, a big chance to correct that. as the president speaks to his largest television audience since the inauguration. and there may be a surprise turn
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about on his signature issue. president trump told network news anchors today, quote, "the time is right for an immigration bill as long as there's compromise from both sides." elaborating, a senior administration official said there must be a softening on both sides a coming together and that there may be a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children, the so-called dreamers. the president will also use the speech to discuss national security and to tout his accomplishments, but it's unclear how much he will attempt to convince those he has alienated. about those town halls, trump suggested today without evidence that president obama is stirring the pot. [ chanting ] >> do you believe president obama is behind it, and if he is, is this a violation of the so-called unsaid president's code? >> no. i think he is behind it. i also think it's politics. that's the way it is. i have a different agenda. >> bush wasn't going after clinton, and clinton not going after bush. >> you never know what's happening behind the scenes.
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i don't know. i think president obama is behind it. >> reporter: overall, white house officials say the tone tonight will be different from his inaugural address, where he said -- >> this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> reporter: stark contrast, officials say his speech tonight will be optimistic and hopeful. >> and jon karl is with us across the capital at the white house. this is a divided congress and divided country. we remember when he had a joint session of congress, and we understand democratic leaders are telling their members to be respectful? >> reporter: in fact, thanty pelosi and saying they should behave with the utmost dignity, saying, quote, we can nopt be out-classed by donald trump. they will be making a silent statement. the women in the house, many of them, including leader pelosi, will be wearing all white. a message of protest in favor of women's rights.
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david? >>on karl leading us off. thank you. as you know, after the speech, the challenge begins. will the president be able to repeal and replace obamacare. on his budget outline calling for billions more in defense spending. but there would have to be drastic cuts elsewhere, and signaling his budget plan won't go anywhere. abc's mary bruce on capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: as president trump gets ready to sell his agenda, for direction. >> and what are you hoping to hear from the president tonight? >> i hope to hear from the president tonight some specifics on three areas. health care reform, tax reform, and infrastructure. no distractions. don't want to hear about crowd size. don't want to hear about, you know, election fraud in 2016. we need to stay focused on these issues. >> reporter: five weeks in and the president is now starting his legislative push for some big ticket items including a $54 billion dollar hike in defense spending. he's also promised a one
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$1 trillion infrastructure plan and sweeping tax cuts. >> we are going to have the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan. >> reporter: but he's sticking with his vow not to touch two huge and expensive programs, social security and medicare. >> something's gotta give to pay for that. are you concerned about cuts? >> i'm concerned about how to pay for everything. that's my job. >> we still have to deal with our debt and deficit, as well as dealing with defense. >> this is the beginning of a process. so i don't get too alarmed at the beginning of processes. >> reporter: the president tonight is expected to tackle obamacare, which he says is collapsing under its own weight. no specifics yet but already republicans are divided. some lawmakers blasting one republican plan featuring tax credits to help buy health insurance. >> it's incomplete repeal and it adds new subsidies, new entitlement programs and no taxes. and that's not what we signed on to. >> reporter: the president admits healthcare reform is tough. >> it's an unbelievably complex subject. nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.
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>> that's how the legislative process is designed. >> senator, given when the president said yesterday, are you concerned he doesn't understand how difficult this may really be? >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan today put on an optimistic face. >> i feel at the end of the day, when we get everything done and right, we're going to be unified on this. >> mary bruce with us live on the capitol hill tonight, and mary, president trump is proposing that major hike in defense spending. no plan to cut social security or medicare, but that would mean huge cuts elsewhere, and a top republican saying that's a non-starter? >> reporter: the president's first budget outline could be dead on arrival. the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell saying, any plan to the state department is not happening. david? >> mary bruce with us live tonight. the president will address congress and the american people a short time from now. stay with abc tonight for the president's address. the democratic response as well. i'll be joining the powerhouse
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team beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we turn to other news tine, and next this evening, a horrific scene playing out during a parade. an suv driving into a high school marching band. 12 of those marchers suffering injuries. some pinned under an suv in gulf shores, alabama. steve osunsami is in alabama tonight. ♪ >> reporter: families of the students who were hurt were lined up along sidewalks, watching this happen. we won't show you the actual crash, but here are the moments before. driving directly behind the gulf shores high school marching band is this white suv, that was part of the parade, and is about to lose control. >> unknown number of victims. elderly male. ran into the parade. >> reporter: alabama police say they're certain this was an accident, caused by the 73-year-old driver in the suv, who was here for the american legion. witnesses didn't want to believe their eyes. >> i looked back and seen kids screaming. and running. and i turned and a van was
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running over them. >> reporter: some of them were hit so hard, their instruments flew across the street. 12 were loaded onto stretchers and hospitalized. tonight three of them are in critical but stable condition. >> these are our children, this is our community, these are our friends. these are our people, and to have this happen, it's horrible. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver lost it when he hit a curb directly behind me. police do not believe he was under the influence, david. >> steve osunsami with us tonight. steve, thank you. we are following two deadly plane crashes in this country. one in the northeast. only the tail is visible. after the plane crashed into an apartment building in massachusetts. the pilot did not survive. and in riverside, california, capturing a small plane as it explodes into a giant fireball. that scene deadly as well. and here's abc's kayna whitworth tonight. >> reporter: tonight a community in shock after a cessna plane came crashing into this neighborhood in riverside,
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california. you can see the plane falling from the sky, then a huge fireball erupting. five people on board, three of killed, two in critical condition. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: firefighters say nobody on the ground was hurt. >> big boom, and then flames. i got back down. >> reporter: four homes damaged. two completely destroyed. neighbors trying to protect their homes, not knowing a plane had crashed. you were out here hosing off your fence, looking over at a home completely engulfed in flames, but had no idea that a plane had crashed? >> just fire. just fire. you couldn't see the plane at all. >> reporter: small plane safety under scrutiny. ntsb calling for more training. four accidents have been recorded each day involving small planes, contributing to 400 deaths per year. in fact, earlier today, a pilot died after crashing his plane into a condo complex in
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massachusetts. two women did survive the crash, and they are both in critical condition. firefighters believe they were ejected from the plane when it crashed. david, they were all headed home from a cheerleading competition. >> kayna whitworth with us. thanks. we turn next to the severe storms hitting while we're on the air tonight. tornado watches across several states at this hour. from the south up through chicago in the past. this system is moving to the east coast overnight. this image coming in a short time ago, a tornado in illinois. calling it a particularly dangerous situation they are watching rite now. there has been damaging hail in wisconsin. again, all this on the move as we're on the air. let's get to ginger zee tracking it for us tonight. >> reporter: hey, david. we got this image. you can see here, that's the lasalle nursing home, or was. that's the image that unfortunately we could see more of tonight. look at that tornado watch that includes the areas just south and west of chicago. parts of northwest indiana, all the way down through arkansas.
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eastern iowa, and you can see much of missouri is in there. that's tonight. a lot of those go until 9:00 or 10:00. that's not when the threat ends. the cold front with another round. st. louis around 3:00 a.m., and these are damaging wind potential, and you can see a tornado or large hail. we have seen up to baseball size, and this moves to tomorrow afternoon and evening in new york city, and even d.c. tomorrow, david. >> rainy and windy in d.c. thanks for that tonight. next this evening, the urgent manhunt for a police shooting at this hour. two officers shot and wounded from a home burglary. two officers in critical condition tonight. police say two suspects opened fire on the officers in a backyard. one suspect was killed. the other is on the run. families in that community have been told to stay inside and lock their doors. next tonight, we have revealing new details from a class action legal case making national headlines on behalf of
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49,000 women against america's biggest jewelers, jared and kay jewelers. claiming female employees were routinely discriminated against. here's abc's linsey davis. ♪ every kiss begins with kay >> reporter: the ads famously encourage customers to appreciate the women in their lives. >> he went to jared. >> reporter: but tonight the company behind the kay and jared jewelry chains is accused of demeaning female employees. according to newly released sworn statements in addition to central claims of discrimination in pay and pro motion, more than 100 ex-employees also claimed inappropriate behavior by company executives including groping female staff and coaxing women to exchange sex for career advancement. one former employee saying an executive called the practice "going to the big stage." >> i was shocked. this man was old enough to be my father. i was afraid. >> reporter: kristin henry went on a company retreat where she
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says a district manager sexually harassed her. >> he forcibly kissed me, and was touching me. >> reporter: she claims she reported him and two days later was falsely accused of theft and fired. now a total of 69,000 current and former employees are members of the class action case that goes back nearly a decade. tonight, the parent company of kay and jared jewelers saying, we have thoroughly investigated the allegations and have concluded they are not substance tantuated by the facts and certainly do not reflect our culture. david. >> thank you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the alarming health headline tonight. the mystery behind the form of cancer now soaring for millennials. also tonight, $1 billion in your money left on the table. tonight, the abc news exclusive. the irs with a billion dollars of your money. unclaimed tax refunds tonight, and the deadline to collect is
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6:48 pm
eligible for refunds. >> you only have until tuesday april 18 of this year to file and get that money. >> reporter: the typical refund, $763. students, those who started jobs mid-year, and part-time workers are those most likely to get money back. >> the process for filing late is exactly the same as it is for filing on time. you can buy the software and do it yourself, you can get it online. you can go to a cpa. it's exactly the same. >> reporter: but miss that april 18th deadline, for those 2013 returns and your money becomes property of the u.s. treasury. and, there is no penalty for filing even three years late as long as the government owes you. david, if you're missing those 20-13 forms you can go to i-r-s website at and feature will show you what you earned that year. when we come tack tonight, the medical mystery. also the famous personal trainer known from national television who suffered a heart attack, and his new message today. and a police officer dragged away during a traffic stop. you will see it right after the
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to the index of other news, the police officer dragged during a traffic stop in brooklyn, ohio. dashcam video showing the confrontation with the driver wanted for outstanding warrants. the bodycam showing the suspect driving off, dragging the officer 75 feet, and dloeing out his passenger during the chase. he was arrested after crashing his van. the officer was not seriously hurt. the alarming health headline tonight. the american cancer society revealing one type of cancer soaring for millennials. people born 1990 and later have a bigger chance of rectal cancer. while not sure of an exact cause, poor diet and lack of exercise may be the blame. the scare for the personal trainer and host of "the biggest loser," bob harper suffering a heart attack while working out at the jim in new york city. the doctor at the jim forming cpr using a defib later.
6:53 pm
watch for pain in your chest while working out. revealing a history of heart disease, and posting a photo saying, road to recovery. we wish him well. and the spillway in california. nearly 2,000 people had to evacuate this month. it has been shut down to remove debris, and the lower half of the spillway, gone tonight. the major oscar mix-up, and tonight, the one picture that has emerged from behind the scenes that might reveal everything. hat has emerged frome scenes that might reveal everything. picture that has eme behind the scenes that might reveal everything. one picture t from behind the scenes that might reveal everything. you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure... ok, like what? but i thought we were supposed to be talking about investing for retirement? we're absolutely doing that. but there's no law you can't make the most of today. what do you want to do? i'd really like to run with the bulls. wow. yea.
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the oscar mix-up, and this question. did social media and the per suit of a picture of a movie star lead it all? here's amy robach. >> reporter: so many stars in one place! but was the temptation too much. was snapping those coveted photos behind the oscar mistake heard round the world? >> "la la land." >> reporter: the wrong envelope handed to warren beatty then faye dunaway by the new headliner emerging in this hollywood drama, brian cullinan. one of two accountants entrusted with the winning envelopes in matching briefcases. cullinen talking about his role in this promotional video. >> we have the winners in sealed envelopes that we hold and maintain throughout the evening and hand those to the presenters just before they walk out on stage. >> reporter: but just moments after beatty and dunaway take the stage to name best picture, cullinan was backstage tweeting out this snap of emma stone. so did that tweet distract him from the most important job of
6:58 pm
all? >> there's a mistake. "moonlight." you guys won best picture. >> reporter: host jimmy kimmel is still getting his head around it all. >> for whatever reason they have two of each card. a regular envelope and a backup envelope to make it more confusing. >> reporter: emma stone, star of "la la land," summing it up. >> craziest moment ever. i don't know what to say. >> there's not enough retrospect to be able to talk about this with the 2020 hindsight necessary. >> no. has anybody? >> reporter: for the stars and the star struck, an unforgettable night. >> the president's address to congress, and the country 9:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you then right here.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a geospatial analyst from calgary, alberta, canada... a research editor from brooklyn, new york... and our returning champion, a graduate student from austin, texas... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. great game on yesterday's program. a tough final for all three of our contestants. kirstin just a shade under 50 grand in winnings on "jeopardy!" rob and leanne, welcome aboard. let's go to work, players.


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