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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  May 20, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> welshing well, well, what got into these guys?
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union is undefeated in line for the longest winning streak in union history. union red hot in colorado. sixty-seventh minute, ties it up. union on the attack. watch here as he takes a shot. tripped up the union with the yellow card. harris bends it like beckham. what a shot for the goal. union wins 2-1. they have won four straight matches first time in union history. >> eight touchdowns, 64-46. they are off to a perfect 6-0 start. >> the indie 500 qualifying,
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crashed into the wall, flipped over, the car burst into flame it is. he fractured his peh pelvis. it's expected he will recover. it's unbelievable they can walk away without a life threatening injury. >> still to come, a bizarre story out of tennessee. a couple was pulled over by police to find a drunk man sleeping on their car for 14-miles oosm pippa middleton tied the knot but the smallest members stole the show.
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"action news" continues. ♪ ♪ >> saturday night. i'm walter perez, here's what's happening on "action news" at 11:30. president trump begins his first foreign trip as president. the wife of superstar quarterback tom brady sparked comments about concussions.
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>> and the sister of the future queen of england tied the knot. it was the tiniest royals that stole the show. >> president trump began his foreign trip meeting with the king of saudi arabia. with the latest on both topic, here's aerial rah chef. >> president trump getting a royal welcome from the saudi arabia royal leader. me lania not wearing the head scarf. the president having no trouble with this tradition, a dance of peace after war. then to business, a deal for the saudi kingdom to buy $350 billion in military
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equipment and services. >> hundreds of billion of dollars and jobs, jobs jobs. >> james comey will testify after the memorial day. he told top diplomats, i fired the head of the fbi, he was crazy, a real nut job. >> i face great pressure because of russia, that's taken off. >> in an interview with george stephanopolis, h. r. mcmaster offering an explanation. >> the intent is to say i would like to move beyond the russia news to find areas of cooperation. >> abc news has found that the investigation has spread to the president's inner circle with a senior white house aide considered a person of interest.
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>> meanwhile iranian president won reelection in a land side. experts hope they'll continue with freedom there and open the economy to investors. >> he was at the hem of a deal in 2016. he won with 57% of the vote. >> joyous reunion today at 82 nigerian school girls released after three years have been reunited with their families. they were released with help from the swiss and reses cross. >> pippa middleton got married
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today. while she was a beautiful bride, the youngest royals stole the show. >> arriving at the church in style, the beaming bride, pippa middleton. duchess kate on the sidelines playing a mom, having stern words with crying george and shushing the kids, herding the pint sized guests into the church. while the matthews had their big day, the tiny stars didn't disappoint, prison sis' charlotte charming the guests and all eyes were on prince harry to see who would be on his arm, but he walked in with
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prince william. >> hoping to see harry and his girlfriend. speculation in overdrive, where was harry's girlfriend megan markel. >> he felt he didn't want to steal the spotlight from pippa's big day. >> eight students are on solid ground after being stuck on the joker ride at six flags in texas. the ladder truck trucks rescuede students while strong storms went through. the rescue took three and a half hours to complete. no word what caused the
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malfunction. >> imagine driving 65 miles per hour and the police pull you over to tell you that a man is on your trunk. sound by dar? bizarre? that's what happened in tennessee. >> he said mister, are you aware that there is a body on your trunk? he said i'm not messing with you. >> not only was the man on his trunk, he was in a deep drunken sleep. the driver says he didn't notice the man there because it was dark and raining when he started the car. how could he stay on is my question? >> tom brady's agent weighs in on allegations that the quarterback suffered co concusss and kept it silent. melissa? >> we have a partly cloudy sky,
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but this is a wet weather maker. details coming up in the accuweather forecast. ♪
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>> the music was all american at the touch museum in honor of armed forces day, members of the philly pops played patriotic music including the star spangled banner. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. it was a good day to be inside compared to the day before. >> it looks like numbers stay
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below average for the second half of the weekend. we are not tracking precipitation and the clouds we had earlier today starting to fall apart a bit. we show you the picture outside, sky 6 live hd at the spruce street harbor park. we have folks strolling along on this saturday evening. it's cooler than same time yesterday. hopefully, they are bundled up with extra layers. we had a three day heatwave, thursday 93. friday, 93. today, 76 was officially the high. for the majority of the day, temperatures in the middle and lower 60s. 53 in allentown, philadelphia 57. dover, 54. cape may, 55-degrees. we have an easterly component to
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the wind stabilizing the atmosphere. when you talk about dewpoint numbers, we are in the 40s and 50s. anytime you have dewpoint numbers at 50 or lower, you have a refreshing air mass, 40 in the city, 47 allentown and millville. high pressure situated to the north. we are tapping the northest nory winds. an area of low pressure with a frontal boundary across the ohio valley. the majority of the wet weather stays away into sunday. another cool one on the way as we get to sunday, 7:00 a.m., temperatures at 55, early afternoon and evening hours, temperatures in the upper 60s, approaching 70. when you have the easterly component to the wind, the
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clouds make another come back. 8:00 tomorrow morning, this is your best bet of finding sunny breaks. 3:30 tomorrow afternoon we have a mostly cloudy sky, sunday into monday, tracking wet weather, 11:00 a.m., showers and heavy downpours, from the poconos to south jersey into delaware. mapping out the precipitation, we are tracking for the start of the workweek, half inch trenton, close to an inch in philadelphia and higher amounts locally in dover. big changes headed our way for the start of the workweek. clouds and a few more sunny breaks, 68 close to 70. monday, periods of rain, tuesday, sunny, dryer, warmer at 78. the pattern switches wednesday,
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cloudy, light rain and drizzle coming back, 72. thursday, a rumble of thunder possible with a high of 72. friday, 75 and if are the start of the memorial day weekend, next saturday, can you believe it? high of 82. >> thank you, melissa. >> before you grill the hotdogs, we have a warning. nathan is recalling franks. 14-ounce pacts of skinless beef franks and 16-ounce packages of curtis beef franks. >> new england patriot tom brady is in the spotlight after his wife told a morning show brady has suffered concussions. brady's agent is telling a different story. >> down he goes again.
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>> tonight, tom brady's agent and his wife sending mixed messages about whether the quarterback has had concussions including one last year. his wife, super model ji zell bunchen saying he had concussions. >> the 39 year old has never been listed as having a concussion. it is illegal to conceal one. >> in the past, the five time superbowl champ said concussions are a reality of the sport. >> things happen in the game that's out of your control. >> any player suffering
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concussion is to be taken off the field but only if it happens during the season. >> more to come tonight including sports. an exciting finish to the preakness with an unexpected winner. that and more when "action news" comes back.
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>> i'm jeff skversky with sports, phillies lost 16 of their last 20 games. walaska says, i'm running around like a chicken without a head. >> phillies failed to steal two in a row. vince velasquez, up and over.
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phils down 1. franciscophillies lose 6-3. walaska says he's clueless. the phils starter says he expects to make his next start wednesday at home. >> >> if lebron james is not giving boston enough problems in the eastern conference finals, now this, isaiah thomas will miss the playoffs because of a hip injury. golden state looking good. seth curry dancing around the defense, 21 for curry. >> ken: durrant knocking down
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33 including 19 in the first quarter. golden state wins, 120-108 taking the series lead. third time in playoff history, the team starts 11-0 in the playoffs. >> always dreaming has one of the worst finishes ever by a kentucky desh wi by derby winne. >> they come to the finish together. cloud computing has defeated classic empire in the preakness. >> cloud computing out of nowhere. always dreaming finished eighth. only one horse over the last 38 years has won the triple crown. kicking to soccer, union red hot. they have not lost in the month
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of may. tonight against colorado, cj ties it up. 75 minute, it's the free kick. harris sends it like beckham. unlegal. union win 2-1. they have won four straight for the first time in franchise history. where did that come from? they were off to an awful start. now they can't lose. >> a fundraiser benefiting the police survivor fund. tickets were $30 and everyone was treat today music from the exceptions and raised on radio. there was a silent auction along with a raffle. >> finally tonight, 300 professional cyclists from around the country and world competed in the wilmington
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grand prix. there was a separate race for amateur cyclists. it's continued one of the top cycling events in the country. castle is next. "action news" continues tomorrow morning. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a great night. see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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(cell phone ringing) (ring) (ring, beep) jenny? kate. oh, thank god. um, h-have you heard from kevin? no, i haven't. have you? no, i've been calling him to test our system and he's not answering, and i'm freaking out a little bit. um, do you have any idea where he is? kate? kate, are you there? yeah. yeah, i'm here. what's going on? where's kevin? jenny, i need you to stay calm, okay? something's happened. crime sceat a fire? never done one of these before. after this, you might not want to. building was being rehabbed, so the place was supposed to be empty. i guess our victim didn't get that memo.


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