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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  May 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. two warnings fired in philadelphia with deadly, results and the first of a beloved couple and their sonnies killed inside of their home in wynfield. just a few hours later a fire claims the life of a pregnant woman inside of her north philadelphia home. sunday night and the big story on "action news" is investigation into two separate fatal fires that took a tragic toll.
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>> in fact fire marshall tells "action news" one of the fires deemed suspicious claimed life of a pregnant woman. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live at the scene in north philadelphia with the details, annie. >> reporter: walter and sarah an hour ago the fire marshall did return to the scene, along with the crime scene unit, and detectives from central detectives. at this point the fire marshall, according to police, is calling this fire suspicious. at this point it has not been ruled an arson. a 911 call came in around 7:30 this morning here in the 2100 block of west susquehanna avenue, the call reported a fire broke out in this row home. the neighbor described the scene. >> it was, whoever was in the house was coming in and out of the house, getting people out of the house. they were yelling, you know, one or two people run out but they said somebody didn't make it out. >> reporter: police confirmed fire fighters discovered a 35 year-old woman dead in the second floor bedroom, she was five months pregnant. medics pronounced her dead at the scene just after 8:00 this
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morning. two people, who live in the home, told "action news" off camera, that the victim was visiting from out of town, and late today, the fire marshall, and philadelphia police, returned to the block, to continue, their investigation. and back out here live you can see that car police tape around it. we're told that belongs to the victim, at this point, again, crime scene is out here with the fire marshall and still trying to figure out a cause. they also say a autopsy has been scheduled. for now reporting live from north philadelphia annie mccormack for channel six "action news". walter and sarah, back to you. now to the fire in the cities wynfield section where a couple and their adult son were killed this morning, we're told that couple was beloved by neighbors who say victim had been an active, positive part of the community for decade. "action news" reporter bob brooks has more. >> reporter: today we sadly watched as heart broken family and friend consoled each other and went inside this home trying to salvage anything they could. earlier this morning just
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before 5:00, it caught fire. it is located on diamond street in wynfield, police confirmed three of the four people inside were killed. >> beautiful, pillar of this community. i was going through my own stuff and she prayed. >> reporter: leslie washington says that woman who did went by miss annie, neighbors a victims are all family, a couple who have lived here for a very long time and their adult son. that couple was spending most of their lives to keep their neighborhood safe and to help others. >> my aunt, a good woman. >> they ran a diamond cutter around the corner where people gathered. >> reporter: senator hughes also came to share his condolences. >> such a devastation. so sad. the family is pillars in the community. >> reporter: his chief of staff also lives on the block. >> shirley and cliff higman. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: she has known the couple for years and they will be missed, so much. >> just really sad.
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>> really or toy see them go. >> reporter: police say a fourth person was able to jump outside the home and broke his leg. he is in lankanol hospital with serious injuries. neighbors say that was the couple's second son. >> at this point no word from fire officials on what spark the flames. but we have been told and we can confirm that there were no working smoke alarms, inside of the home. reporting from wynfield, bob brooks, channel six "action news". police are piecing together a shooting that left nine people injured in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia investigators say that the violence played out on facebook live. "action news" reporter christie ileto joins us live from the scene with more, christie? >> reporter: well, sarah witnesses say that the victim were just young boys who were hanging out, in fact, dancing on a street corner when suddenly their night of fun turned into a epicenter of violence. >> many of them were younger boys that i watched grow up. they were having a good time.
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such a positive vibe. i stopped, and spoke to everybody. they spoke to me. >> reporter: this neighbor didn't want to show her face but said she went to park her car so she could come back and watch them dance, when suddenly a barrage of bullets were fired at 23rd and huntingdon. >> it was so sad. i could not believe it. cops were every where. >> report of a shooting, multiple calls, and first there was a gun with shooting. >> reporter: calls for help came just before is 1:00 saturday night. >> most of the victims were in stable condition, two of the victims were placed in, critical condition. at this point, we have no motive or suspects. >> reporter: police confirmed all nine victims are under the age of 26. >> one of my little cousins. he was a teenager out there dancing. he was one who got shot in the leg. >> reporter: as many as 30 people were reportedly standing on the block at the time, live streaming a video on facebook. witnesses are struggling to understand how these victims, became targets. >> these boys, come from good homes. they were not thugs.
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they were not no gun sluggers or drug sellers. >> reporter: again, police say there is no motive. they have not mad mid arrests but they are looking at area surveillance video to see who this gunman is. if you have any information, you are asked to contact the detectives. live from north philadelphia, christie ileto nor channel six "action news". okay, christie thank you for that report. mother of the toddler shot friday night in kensington today made an appeal, emotional appeal for help, in finding the gun man who nearly killed them. donata johnson told "action news" that the two-year old price johnson remains in stable condition. youngster was hit four times, while he was on the porch with his father, on the 3100 block of malba street. she said company one has information and hoping that person steps forward. >> i want somebody to give these guys some justice for this little boy. i love him so much. he is my every day. this is my homey child. >> police say the gun man saw the child on the porch and fired anyone and then ro d.a.
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way. and, bod a was found in the delaware river near where a 16 year-old went missing yesterday. this is video from the "action news" viewer shortly after the philadelphia police marine unit discovered body under a boat dock near linden avenue. sixteen year-old antoine fox disappeared from the water on yesterday while out swimming with friend. officials have not positively identified the body discovered just a few hours ago. the pilot of a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing this afternoon in west chester. the incident happened at around 2:00 p.m. near intersection of route 322 and frank road. the exact nature of the emergency is unclear but the pilot managed to put the plane down in an opened field no one was injured. it was graduation day for several universities across our area it began with the immaculata which held its 93rd conn commencement at the theater. today's ceremony was held for adult under graduate students, traditional under grad had their commencement yesterday and day before, masters and
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doctoral students received their diplomas. cabrini university hosted 57th university as well doctor william hite, superintendent of the schools in philadelphia , addressed those receiving their bachelor degrees. today was their first commencement, since becoming a university. the school was also celebrating, its 60th anniversary. and lasalle university held its commencement to day as well, 855 students, graduated bachelors degrees. today's event took place at the stadium. nearly 100 jeep owners took part in the ride in delaware today to honor a fallen state trooper. driver rode from drove to troop two in bear, delaware where corporal stephen ballard was based. ballard was shot and killed at a wawa in bear, late last month. those who took part in the ride said they wanted to pay tribute to his sacrifice and to all officers who have died in the line of duty. much more to come on "action news" tonight, the zoo right here in philadelphia went out of its twi accommodate youngsters for hearing impaired. what they did to make these
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kid, feel welcomed. and later, downward dog, with puppies, a local studio that is making ohio's more relaxing and also, for a great cause, melissa. we had a few more sun breaks this afternoon with temperatures in the 70's but storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d is showing you rain we're tracking for the start of the workweek. how much is on the way, and we will have more on the accu weather forecast. and eagles are about to begin spring practice but today they took time to help female fans learn x's and o's of the game, jeff skversky has more when "action news" at 6:00 continues.
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children's hospital held a different type of family reunion today it hosted families treated at center for insufficiency syndrome. they have had conditions which effect their normal breathing and lung growth but today they played games where they were amazed by magic tricks and enjoyed phillies fanatic together setting medical concerns aside to have a day
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of fun. the philadelphia zoo hosted an event today, aimed at raise ago wearness and support for kid who are deaf or hearing impaired. listening walk was organized by the hearing and speech center. the children used then other specialist evening skills to discover unique sound throughout the zoo. organizers hope that the walk helped make the public more aware that children who are deaf and hard of hearing can listen, and talk. families in the cheltenham school district enjoyed day of games and information as wyncote elementary school. district's annual family festival included activities for all ages, and parents could learn about strategies on everything, from nutrition to breathing, so they could make positive changeness their homes. officially memorial day is still about a week away but celebrations began a little early in newark, delaware. >> ♪ >> america the beautiful was among the patriotic tunes enjoyed today during the cities eighty-second annual
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memorial day parade, each branch of service was represented along with schools , fire companies and veterans groups. senators tom carper and chris coons were also there marching along the parade route. vineyard hosted first ever wine and food festival right there in new town bucks county with the growing movement to eat and drink locally festival , showcased great restaurants, brewing companies and specially shops all from bucks county. ♪
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jeff's here with sports and phillies just can't get it going. >> tied for few is wins in, baseball right now. it is really ugly right now. it has been so bad, can you ever remember the last time phillies action you'll i won a series? last week, no, 23 weeks ago? try, last month.
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yes, phillies have gone seven straight series without a w, their war stretch, in 11 years high five's for aaron nola, back after missing a month of a back injury. phillies look to get back in the winning column in pittsburgh first batter of the game, a strike out. nola with five strike outs with the pirates. pete mackanin likes what he sees. nola intentionally walked batter to load base toes get to david freeze and hits him. run n only run allows. next batter, gets inning ending double play on jay jase , he goes seven innings for first time in 366 days. so can phillies get the guy some runs? they did not, get a hit, phillies, until the fifth inning. only three on the day. phillies lose one to nothing. they have lost 17 of their last, 21 games. ugly. hey, mike trout in new york. mike trout fans, millville native mike trout is up at the plate. he gree up hating mets and
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takes out his anger with a big day in the big apple. angels superstar drives in three, hits a home run and double, on base, and, and 12- five win over the mets. eagles will be on the field tuesday for a spring practice, today, eagles coach doug pederson and players are at the link coaching up, some special ways. peterson and eagles hosting a football clinic for women at the link. wendell smallwood teaches x's and o's of the game running drills, they had massages and manicures. eagles were also, getting a kick, out of changing, the perceptive of football for these ladies. >> it is just something you can tell by turnout of the woman here. over a thousand women that are here. just shows the passion of the philadelphia eagles, passion of the city, passion of our fans, and it is just a great experience. it is an inside look at what our guys go through, each and every day to try to win games on sunday.
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>> eagles rookie receiver matt column annes monk rook is in los angeles this week toned get their pictures taken for their first football card. he is showing his moves, and what is perhaps to come in september. he is still, processing the fact that he is an actual nfl player. >> it is amazing to see my face on a card. you know, you grow up your whole life seeing other athletes thaw inspire to be on card and now my face on a pan ini card. it is surreal. i'm a guy that plays like and eagles, lives like people in the sit. i'm all about hard work i'm not all about talk and action. i will take care of business special teams and owe even if. >> middletown delaware native and, former penn state star chris godwin looking good during his photo shoot. he will play alongside desean jackson. more on the eagles tonight on "action news" sports sunday. carson wentz now have a complete, offense with the signing of the lagarrette blount, mike missanelli will be blunt tonight when he joins
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me at 11:45. claude giroux, wayne simmonds and flyers come up short with team canada in the world hockey championship against sweden. sweden, wins in a shoot-out, and check out henrik, the rangers goalie getting tackled during the celebration, and another look of disappointment on claude giroux and company. he had that face about a month ago when flyers, were eliminated. he has it again today. >> never end. >> no. >> not with him. >> okay. >> thanks, jeff. "action news" health reporter ali gorman joins hundred dollar of others on the 5k at ground of the virtua hospital in voorhees benefiting the alycia rose victoria foundation supporting teens and young adults fighting cancer and other life threatening diseases. it sponsors heart problems, teenage lounges and social events that help those young people stay connected to their regular lives. up next here on "action news", the sunday afternoon with yoga and puppies, and all for a great cause.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. peddler's village held its 39th annual strawberry festival today there was great live music and activities for the children, but highlight was of course the strawberries they were individual berries, to sam and also, strawberry short cake, i love it. >> yes. >> on a side note there were strawberry pies, cake, muffins >> what a great day, to be outside doing that. >> yes. we had more sunshine today.
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temperatures climbed up in the upper 60's, lower 70's, umbrellas on stand by, guys tomorrow because we are start are track a wet start. we will show you storm tracker six double scan radar dry right now in philadelphia turning partly to mostly cloudy as we go throughout the tonight and as we look off well to the north and west we have precipitation, leading edge of the moisture moves in overnight. we will show you picture outside, action cam outside earlier today they are looking at a beautiful shot of center city, brew blue skies and high thin cirus cloud as we close out our weekend. today in philadelphia we will max out at 736789 wasn't a bad day. more in the way of sunshine. average for this time of the year is 75. right now it is 67 in philadelphia, 69 allentown. sixty in the poconos. summer 60's for reading. at the coast in cape may with that southeasterly wind, it is cooler. number from cape may into beach haven are holding in the upper 50's. here's satellite six with action radar. you can see the change headed
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our way in time for the start of the workweek. we have an area of low pressure out across great lakes and this trailing frontal boundary with the cold front, stretched out across the great lakes, and ohio valley. this will work its way east ward as we go throughout the overnight hours and into the start of the day tomorrow. so, for the rest of tonight, it is mostly cloud which that rain developing, late, and then we will drop down to 53 in allentown. fifty-four in reading. overnight low in philadelphia drops down to 57. we will bottom out at 58 there in cape may. then we will track precipitation. as early at tomorrow morning. so future tracker six is showing you at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a little bit of wet weather but as we go throughout the rest of the morning, commute, and 8:00 o'clock you can see those showers and heavier pockets of rain, setting up on i-95 corridor, areas south ande, same thing holds true at 11:30 tomorrow morning, we will get some moisture, that is starting to break apart as we get in the afternoon hours with the heaviest confined, over that i-95 corridor and area in the south jersey and delaware even as we get into
6:25 pm
4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. so we will talk about what we can expect, for monday, and rain that we're tracking. rain develops really after midnight, heaviest looks to be in the morning, where we could find a half an inch to an inch of rainfall, and locally higher amounts then that and possible street flooding ills a big concern. so if you have had to look at morning and afternoon, rush impact is it breaks down like this period of rain, tomorrow morning, some of which look to be heavy. in the afternoon it looks to be cloudy and dam one left over showers but especially in south jersey and also in delaware as we go into tomorrow afternoon in, to the evening time. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing we have got the rain, period of rain tomorrow, high temperature tomorrow at 72. and some sunshine, around on tuesday but still a left over spotty shower, likely, high temperature in at 73. wednesday, we will stay un settled mostly cloudy, a high of 72. afternoon showers, and cloudy, still on thursday, with a high of 75, and then on friday, breezy, and some sun in at 75 for the high, and for the start of the holiday weekend,
6:26 pm
saturday we're looking good, high at 80 degrees and then on sunday limited sunshine high temperature coming in at 8o it looks unsettled this week with the on and off threat of showers, but at lee to start the memorial day weekend looking good we will see what monday looks like. >> we will be watching that yes. >> thanks, melissa. and remember, you can get the hourly forecast details seven days and check storm franker six anytime at your phone or tablet with the six abc app a free i odn't load for your mobile device. it was downward dog with pup is in queen village. swift business hosted the puppy yoga business. it was an afternoon of stretching, posing as adopt able puppies roamed the studio this event was actual a partner ship with moores animal shelter to promote adoption. all proceed from today's puppy yoga selection will benefit shelf. finally a rain man is marking a milestone. guy martini surrounded by, family and friend as he celebrated his 100 birthday. it was a part at italian american club. he served as staff sergeant in
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the army air core and met his wife dorothy at u.s.o dance they had three daughters. he loves to watch sports on tv and spend time with his family his secret to longevity, are exercising, daily and eating, lots of vegetables. >> happy birthday. abc world news sunday is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight, and then we're right back here again on six abc at 11:00 o'clock. >> now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪ ♪
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tonight, president trump and his radical departure. the major speech to the muslim world and a major shift in tone. >> i stand before you to deliver a message of friendship. >> backing off the tough talk from the campaign trail. >> i think islam hates us. >> our team coverage from saudi arabia tonight. ready to testify. former fbi director james comey set to tell his side of the story in front of congress. and the republican senators breaking with the president on his claim that it's all a witch hunt. advancing threat. north korea firing off a new missile despite international warnings. are leader kim jong-un's weapons getting better? firefighter trapped. the gas station in flames collapsing on a fireman. all caught on camera. the race to save him. plus


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