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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 24, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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old philadelphia are complete. christ church had markers for the founding father and his wife. a crack formed over the years from visitors tossing pennies. >> "jimmy kimmel live" live followed by "nightline." jimmy's guest tonight, you 2. >> for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the intir "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. >>
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right th >> they're beautiful, strong, big animals.
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>> a youtuber finds comfort in an unlikely source after -- >> a very serious personal traumatic experience. >> the intriguing story behind sara and the wolves. outrage after an accident that doesn't slow this driver down. >> and he's pumping his gas nonchalantly. >> was he wrong? watch the video and decide for yourself. okay. so cross like this is a yes. >> it's a spooky experiment with defining rods. >> i use those rods to find gullible people. >> see one woman's saga after buying a haunted doll. and a dude with something important to ask -- >> i finally found some people who would help out. >> what happens when he scours the city for the perfect prompos >> what? sara here is going to be sharing her experiences working with wonderfuls. and i mean really actual wolves.
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>> i wanted to make a video that gave some context. while i try to provide some context in the description, people don't always read that. it's hard to get the full story in there. >> they take in wolves or wolf dogs to overcome trauma it had been exposed to. now, do you guys remember back in 2013 this wolf dog wiley crying at the grave of sara's grandmother. >> we miss her too. >> it was crazy viral. but she used that as an opportunity to monetize on the attention the video got. to then work with wolves. >> hi, guys. >> in helping these animals, she's helping herself. she experienced a very serious personal traumatic experience. >> about eight years ago my cousins opened up a sanctuary. a year prior i had been raped and diagnosed with
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post-traumatic stress disorder. when i walked in with the wolves, it melted away. >> now she's going to be dedicating her youtube channel to sharing her day-to-day experiences with some of these wolves and wolf dogs. >> outside the enclosure, there were a million threats. both real and imagined. but in the enclosure, i only had to focus on one. a wolf. >> it's interesting she's been able to find therapy in the dogs as she's rescuing them and providing therapy for them as well. >> especially because at one point in her life, she had an eating disorder and she was diagnosed with anorexia even. she said she wouldn't eat anything. >> wolves and wolf dogs will greet other people they love by kissing them in their mouth and on their face. everything in my history says i should not let that happen. >> but now instead of that -- >> when i was scared to take a bite of food, i remembered i'd just been kissed by a wolf. i hadn't gotten sick and i was
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okay. >> now what she and her fiance want to do is open their own sanctuary. >> it's vital to bolstering our sanctuary and efforts so please continue to stick arou. they say no good deed goes unpunished. unfortunately for this man in vietnam, it seems like that might be true. you notice he's driving his taxi with the doors wide open. that's because as he was going to pick up a paying customer, he noticed a woman who had been in a car accident. instead of leaving her there, he went and got a plank. he got her to safety. >> that's great. >> he had to leave both doors open to carry her there. apparently after authorities saw this video, they decided that a fine was in order because he was breaking the law. >> no. not a fine. a medal is in order. >> yeah. he says he would do it all over again because they were able to . the man driving this truck in the next video says he has no
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idea as to what was happening. he comes around this corner, knocks off there and groceries go fly pg. >> the truck didn't have anything to do with that motorcycle falling. it looked like that motorcyclist was trying to pass on the inside. of course he didn't know that that motorcyclist fell. >> he does pull up to a gas station and he's pumping his gas nonchalantly. people online are saying they believed him. maybe he didn't just hit this person and run off. authorities did catch up to this guy and he was arrested, but he maintains he didn't see the cyclist at all. >> two miscarriages of justice. tell me there's not another one. >> we're going to tip the scales of justice with this last video in oman. authorities are calling foul on this guy. you see a cyclist trying to cross flood waters when suddenly -- >> dude, that's not right. >> that's a total you know what move. >> yeah. this person comes through and they just splashed the cyclist and the cyclist keeps his
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composure. the driver is in deep water. this is not the type of thing that should happen on the roads. >> then they arrested the cyclist. this video from buzzfeed comes with a huge side order of nope. >> i bought this haunted doll off ebay. >> that sounds like a terrible yeah. she went to ebay and typed in haunted doll. there were hundreds of them available for purchase. >> her name allegedly is mary. according to the seller, there's a spirit associated with the doll that belongs to a little girl who was alye in the 1960s. and died as a child. >> even if you're a skeptic, why would you do it? >> i don't know. but i'm going to open an ebay account and post haunted dolls. >> no proton pack but we'll see how it goes.
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>> the main way of communicating with my haunted doll is through a ghost app. the one i use is called ghost radar. >> claims to pick up background and you leave it running. she puts it down and has it running while she goes through. as she gets started with the pendulum, things get weird. >> you're supposed to hold it as -- oh, my god i hate this. >> the goad radar app made a noise. then it identifies a word. >> timid. >> i am timid. this is very scary for me. >> that was her data plan letting her know what have going up. >> when i was filming the portion with the pendulum, i didn't get very far. but as i was doing it, i felt what felt like just something touching my neck. >> that's called hair, boo. it's on your head. >> or it could just be her brain getting the best of her. >> or it could be a ghost energy. >> to test that, they whip out the ouija board. >> is there anyone here that
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would like to talk to us? >> they asked if there was anyone that wanted to talk to them. it goes to no. >> it clearly does not want to be bothered. >> but then they realize this is worse than they thought. because the fog machine that has been turned off is suddenly going and it won't stop. >> i don't understand how that happened. >> i don't either. >> stst called coworkers. >> there are pranksters at this production studio. >> you see how it leaked out into the office. >> i know you're probably saying you're an idiot. anyone can put a doll on ebay and say it's haunted and that's true. >> she did get weird experiences but not weird enough. look where this thing lives. it's sitting on her desk staring at her, keeping her motivated to work. >> oh. what is this wizardry?
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>> easy, shatner. >> what is this wizard are i? i have no idea. we've got a paraglider, makes his run. >> where's the camera? >> right? huh? >> whatwizardry? >> it makes you more and more like huh. check it out. >> especially the angle. it's like this funky 360 thing. >> they took this 360 camera hanging from the canopy. it gives the appearance it's following behind the pilot. >> but the canopy's over there. >> then they did some wizardry in post-production. and it gave it this very unique look. like when he dives down, looks like he's going through a tunnel in the middle of the earth. >> this is not real life. >> i'm just checking to make sure. >> this is not real. >> well, it's more proof that the earth is not flat.
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>> as if we needed any more. >> just saying. >> it looks like a video game. >> it's fascinating to see. it's fun to watch. it must have been a really neat experience to get the footage, first of all. think of a cool place to mount it. >> and i bet this little trick, this wizardry would make anyone's life interesting. just walking down the street would be interesting in this weird bubble. they're about to find out the gender of their baby, but -- >> their friends and family put together a scavenger hunt. we have the first clue. >> see how many clues it takes. >> it's a nine-month scavenger hunt. they'll discover at the end. and a tornado in mexico causes major damage. >> as it goes on, looking angrier and angrier. >> a look at the intense foot because your carpet never stops working
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because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. this is an incredibly scary occurrence for people in mexico. check this out. out in the distance you see a tornado touching ground. and the people are very scared because as you can see, this is a very strong, fast tornado. you hear the dogs barking. you see debris flying in the air. there's a little girl in the background scared. in fact, telling the people around her that she's terrified of what's going on. >> oh, man. as it goes on, it's looking angrier and angrier. >> at one point in the video you hear the adults saying that they can see it just picked up a house. it did cause a lot of damage.
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according to reports, lots of metal roofs in some of the homes were just lifted and thrown about. he does pan up and you see the funnel that connects to the larger tornado down below. as it appears to be getting closer to where we are. and at this point they get very scared and they do seem to run to take some kind of cover. also really interesting in the video is it goes from this vicious-looking tornado and when the guy pans over, there's this beautiful rainbow off in the. and there is this other video that was recorded from what looks like a freeway of the tornado off in the distance. even though the tornado did cause lots of damage to the building, there were no injuries to anyone in the area which was remarkable. and in this last video, you can actually see people coming together in the community to try to help some of the families in homes that have those metal sheets as roofs.
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lisa and jonah are expecting a baby. now it's time to figure out if it's a boy or a girl. >> i think they're both a boy and a . >> will it be pretty or have a willy? >> it will be easy to just open an envelope and find out. >> tell that to steve harvey. >> but instead -- >> what is the jend gender? follow the clues and you'll get the news. >> they have put together a scavenger hunt. so we have the first clue. >> it's a nine-month scavenger hunt. they'll discover at the end. >> well, now they head outside for clue number two. and inside of clue number two -- >> it's a bullet. >> he's got good aim. >> and inside of the last balloon is yet another clue. >> they couldn't decide which one to go with so they're going with all of them. we've had the balloons, the
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firearms, you know, pink and blue. >> oh. a bun in the oven. that's so cute. >> and inside the bun in the oven is a key. >> one, two, three. >> oh, it's blue. >> they turn the lock and it lights up all blue and blue confetti coming out of the chimney. >> that's cute. moving over to louisiana, we've got becca and felix. they're just getting it done. >> cool. >> let's hope that's not indicative of the five children they're having. >> no. for now they're having their first child. it happens to be a girl. >> good not quintuplets. >> no. don't scare them. or me. congratulati a mechanic creates a transformer. >> oh, cool. it's transforming! >> yeah. what do they do to it? >> discover how it was built. plus -- >> we're going to make some burgers today. >> the delicious burger just in
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for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena promotional considerations provided by -- fast before it sp fungi-nail. and 99% perspiration.n here's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. who doesn't love a good american cheeseburger piled high with the fixings? when all the stuff is on there, it's a little messy. jessica has got a better idea. >> what was i going to say? stinky feet. anyway, we're going to make some
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madness burgers today. >> it'll spill all over your lap instead put it inside. the onion, the cheese, the bacon, roll it all in. >> then we'll mix that together by hand and pat it together. >> cook it. voila. you done. >> she's basically making a meet loaf that you try in a bpan. >> basically hey now. look how pretty that is. >> welcome, my friend. so you put everything in the burger. but we know you, what's on top? there is stuff on top. >> some more cheese. some more cheese is on top. >> this is like at some of the restaurants where they add it inside the burger so every bite you get the bacon and cheese. >> that's my favorite thing too. and this burger is perfect for memorial day. fix it on a grill or just fry it on your stove stop. >> yeah, that's bomb. i'm not mad at this burger. you don't have to wait until
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memorial day. like tonight. >> i'm on board. >> me too. >> guys don't have a lot of questions for me this time. >> do you have to slice it in half or can you eat the whole thing yourself? >> you can eat the whole thing or gayle are you mad i didn't bring you a whole one out here to eat? >> actually, i'm not mad. this is really, really tasty. >> you can have this cheeseburger too. go to our website and click on tv show or go to our mobile app to get the step by step instructio. what do you call a ladder at the top of a hill? a miracle. that's how the joke used to go. but this ladder is very different. >> it's transforming! >> what do they do to it? >> i want to introduce you guys to optimus primal which is the russian optimus prime built out of a loda.
2:36 am
they saw a car that could do this thing. they said i'm going to build this for real. it's a father/son team. they have plans for two others. we're going to with the kinds of throwbacks from transformers the cartoon to a game that was very popular. as soon as this video started, a song was playing in my head. >> tetrus. >> yes. 300 students got together for this opening ceremony for a sports event. as they count down, it's basically tetrus. and then they all transform to yellow as they sit down. apparently, though, this took two months of prep to put together. it was hard to find enough students in order to do it. he has an important question for his girlfriend. >> although, i think i might
2:37 am
need somebody's help to ask you. >> find out who helped had him with his promposal. >> if you want to see all the
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hacks, head over to and click on tv show or use our mobile app. new york. if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. and i think that may be why this handsome young fella headed there for a little help. >> hey there, hannah, it's me your boyfriend michael. prom is coming up and it's wolves on wall street. i'm actually on


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