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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 24, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking new details about that concert terror attack. the new arrests this morning as the uk raises its threat level to critical. concerned another attack may be imminent. and what we're now learning about the suspect. reports he has proven links to isis and may have traveled to syria. police blowing down the door of his home. what they discovered inside. and the new clues about the sophisticated bomb. could it point to a bigger plot? also breaking overnight, the president and the pope. trump meets francis for the first time this morning. the gifts they exchanged. what they said as the president and first lady visit the sistine chapel while back at home the former cia director testifies on capitol hill. his concerns about contacts between the trump campaign and russia.
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an abc news exclusive, billy bush speaking out about that infamous tape with president trump. >> i think i sacrificed my own dignity in that moment. >> what his wife said, why he's breaking his silence now. >> have you had any confirmation hearings with donald trump since the release of the tape? >> one-on-one with robin only on "gma" this morning. all present and accounted for. good morning, america. the president continuing his trip abroad meeting with pope francis just hours ago. we will have more on that just ahead. across europe britain reeling from that terror attack in manchester on the highest state of alert. here is what we know this morning. there were three new arrests overnight in connection with the attack. investigators are digging into the becomer's travels and ties to isis. the vic count has gone up 119 people were injured and new details about the 22 people who lost their lives.
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and prime minister theresa may warns that another attack may be imminent so military are in the streets and in buckingham palace, the threat level critical. >> around the world so many are showing their solidarity with manchester. the eiffel tower going dark at midnight along with the colosseum in rome and the empire state building right here in new york. >> amy robach is standing by live in manchester. she'll have more on what we're learning about the attack, more on the victims and the heroes but first to our chief investigative correspondent brian ross for breaking new details about the bomber. >> reporter: senior british officials this morning are saying salman abedi likely did not act alone. with french officials adding the bomber had proven lichlnks to i. london newspapers published photos of the man they say was the bomber, 22-year-old salman abedi, born in britain to parents from libya. in the frantic search to see if others were involved with him, police blew open the door of his manchester home looking for
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evidence of any kind including his phone and computer, among the items removed a book entitled "know your chemicals." authorities also want to know if abedi used videos posted by isis this year with instructions on how to build a lethal suicide bomb. there is an active isis presence in libya and u.s. authorities believe abedi may have traveled there two years ago at a time he dropped out of college. at one point abedi was on the radar of british intelligence as a possible terror threat. one of thousands of young men under suspicion. >> every day mi5 is having to make a call on who are the most dangerous, who they fear will be operational terrorists looking to carry out attacks. and, of course, they're not going to get it right every time. >> reporter: the manchester neighborhood where abedi lived around an area called moss side just a few miles from the concert arena is considered by police to be a hotbed of isis
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recruitment. >> moss side is very well known. a lot with criminal petty pasts and involved in gangs getting involved with isis instead later on. >> reporter: manchester police have been planning for a terrorist attack. this training exercise was held just last year in a manchester shopping mall to help police prepare their response to a suicide bombing on a crowded soft target. key details could come today about the nature of the plot based on what analysts discover about the bomb and how it was built. did the terrorist mean to blow himself up? or did it happen accidentally? also unclear how many died from the palace itself or were killed in the panic caused by the terrorist bomb, george. >> brian, thanks very much. terry moran is on the scene in manchester and, terry, we're seeing those scenes there of how the attack unfolded. you have new details. >> reporter: that's right, george. with britain's terror alert now at its highest level in more than a decade that means up to 5,000 military troops will be
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deployed at key sites and on streets across the country including at buckingham palace where today they canceled the changing of the guard. that iconic london tourist event while police continue to unravel the plot three new arrests directly linked to the attack in manchester. this morning the uk's terror level is at its highest, critical. >> their assetment is not only that an attack remains highly likely but that a further attack may be imminent. >> reporter: as they search for possible accomplices of the identified killer. across britain up to 5,000 armed troops could be deployed on the country's streets helping police keep batch in public places and at major sites like buckingham palace. >> people are likely to see some military on the streets. it's all about making sure that we keep people safe. ♪ >> reporter: and we are learning more this morning about what happened in those moments after ariana grande left the stage.
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>> oh, my god. what's going on? >> i think people -- i couldn't find my mum. >> reporter: they believe the killer detonated his bomb here connecting the arena and the nearby train station. tuesday moments of silence across the world and in the aftermath of this attack so many are relieved. >> in the back of your mind you're seeing the worst. >> reporter: then you saw her. >> huge relief. huge relief. almost like she had been born again. >> reporter: and there are still many parents and families hoping against hope to see their still missing loved ones as authorities slowly confirm the identities of the dead. emotions are running very high here. there is an election here in two weeks and voters are demanding answers. robin. >> i bet they are. okay, terry, as we've been saying the attack targeted children and one of the victims as young as 8 years old. to amy for more on what we're learning about their stories and
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the heroes who helped so many. good morning, amy. >> reporter: yeah, robin, that 8-year-old saffie roussos is on literally every cover of every magazine here in the uk. every newspaper. you see her face along with the faces of the others who lost their lives. with all the victims so young and as you might imagine the outpouring from this community has been incredible, in fact, just behind me this is just one of many memorials that have popped up all over this city. this morning, we're learning about the victims of that deadly explosion. among the 22 lost, 18-year-old georgina callander and 8-year-old saffie roussos. saffie believed to be the youngest victim was at the concert with her mother and sister, her schoolteacher remembering her fondly saying saffie was simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the world. she was loved by everyone. georgina callander, an ariana super fan who tweeted about her
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exci excitement once wrote on instagram she was so cute and lovely. i hugged her so tight. i can't get over this. i never will. the mother of a third victim, olivia campbell confirming her daughter's death on facebook sayin saying r.i.p., my darling precious gorgeous girl. mommy loves you so much and paula anderson brought dozens to safety sharing her number on facebook to connect parents with their children. lizz lizzie murtagh gave her daughter a ticket as a present. as they left the show the bomb exploded in the foyer. >> it was the biggest bomb, biggest explosion i ever heard. like a big flash. >> reporter: shrapnel ripped through their clothes and body. >> i felt it because i was still
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sore. >> a few seconds before and we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: lizzie told me she had tickets to go to another concert at manchester arena this friday. it's been canceled but she said even if it hasn't she still wouldn't have gone. in fact, lizzie says she doesn't think she will ever be able to go back there or feel safe in large crowds again which is completely understandable for all of those tens of thousands in the arena when the unthinkable happened. >> certainly that's understandable. what else are you seeing, the response from the community there, amy? >> reporter: we are here in the center of manchester at albert square, the town hall right behind me and there are memorials popping up all throughout this city, the one behind me is just one of several and it's beautiful filled with flowers and teddy bears and candles and we see people coming up paying respects and laying down more flowers and saw a woman sobbing looking at just the loss of innocence here in this community but last night at
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6:00 p.m. they had a beautiful vigil, honoring all of the victims who had fallen and there were so many signs for peace and solidarity and i loved several of the signs said, love for all, hate for none and i think that's what the sentiment here is in manchester and they are truly united just like their football team. >> we can feel that back here at home. all right, amy. we'll check back with you later. and take a look at this. this is ariana grande returning home to florida on tuesday. the 23-year-old singer flew back with her mother joan and turns out her mom is also being called a hero. she was at the show reportedly helped rush as many as ten young fans backstage to safety after the blast went off at her daughter's concert and ariana is scheduled to perform in london tomorrow. as of right now the future of her "dangerous woman" tour is still unclear and says she's broken from the bottom of her heart about the incident and that message has been retweeted
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more than 1 million times. this is something that's felt truly around the world? and you can imagine take some time to process it all. we will move on to the morning's other top headlines. just hours ago president trump met with pope francis at the vatican and toured the basilica and the sistine chapel then new developments in the russian investigation and learning that president trump is expected to hire a private legal team to deal with the special counsel in congress and more on that in a moment. first to rome where senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has more on the pope and the president. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, george. good morning from rome. as you know these are two leaders who don't see eye to eye on a number of issues. they had that very public feud during the campaign over immigration. but today that first face-to-face at the vatican and both seem to genuinely get along. president trump at the vatican this morning, a ceremonial arrival complete with the red
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carpet and swiss guards. his first meeting with pope francis, first lady melania wearing a veil here too. a slow procession to meet the holy father, president trump seeming to take it all in. >> because he will come out in honor of you. >> reporter: the president's entourage including daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared waiting outside as the poresidet entered the pope's public library before they got down to business. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: the meeting lasting about 30 minutes. at times the president beaming alongside a very serious pope. this face-to-face comes after their very public feud last year. the pope called building a border wall un-christian then candidate trump took him on. >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: but today the two sides hoping to find common ground.
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even on areas of disagreement like the environment, the pope gifting the president with a book of his writings on the subject, also a medal, a sim bolling of peace. >> we can use peace. >> reporter: the entire white house delegation invited in to meet him. the first lady asking the pope to bless a rosary. ivanka trump said she was humbled and the two men who so publicly clashed today ending their meeting in a handshake. >> i won't forget what you said. >> reporter: yes, so there were no cameras inside for the meeting between the president and pope but we are hearing about what they discussed and talked about the situation in the middle east and the protection of christian communities around the world, a number of international affairs issued talked about here. later today president trump heads to brussels where he has that meeting on nato. >> all important. all right, cecilia, thank you. more on the russia investigation. former skai director john brennan testifying on capitol
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hill saying he was troubled by trump campaign associates and the russians and this as the president is expected to hire a private attorney. mary bruce has those details for us. >> reporter: good morning. despite his repeated claims he is not under investigation, the president is now expected to hire a private attorney to represent him in the special counsel's investigation as the former cia director says definetively he knew during the campaign there were interactions between the two and told the russians to back off. >> it should be clear to everyone that russia brazenly interfe interfered. >> reporter: blunt talk on capitol hill tuesday. former cia director john brennan. for the first time brennan reviling that during the presidential campaign, i confronted his russian counterpart about their meddling in the u.s. election. >> i told that if russia had such a campaign underway it will be certain to backfire. >> reporter: brennan making a bold statement saying he was so concerned about potential ties
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between the trump team and the russians, he felt the fbi should investigate. >> it raised questions in my mind again whether or not the russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals. >> reporter: he stopped short of calling it collusion and the white house took notice. in a statement the administration stressing that despite a year of investigation there is still no evidence of any russia/trump campaign collusion but that is still under investigation and now "the washington post" reports president trump asked two of his top intelligence officials to publicly deny any coordination between his campaign and the russians. >> we are in a phase where there is a new revelation every two or three days. >> reporter: one of those officials, the director of national intelligence, would neither confirm nor deny. >> it's not appropriate for me to comment publicly on any of that. >> reporter: now, in response, the white house continues to point out that so far no one has presented any evidence of
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collusion and they still insist that the real story here are the leaks coming from the white house. george. >> okay, mary, thanks. more on that from our chief white house correspondent jon karl and a lot of news in director brennan's testimony and basically learned why the fbi investigation got started, his concern about these contacts, the white house choosing to emphasize other parts of his testimony. >> reporter: yeah, although it was striking, george, to hear him give that testimony and use the word "treasonous" to describe the underlying allegation here. he said that it's even possible that it could have been unwittingly treasonous if there had been americans tied with the campaign colluding with the russian, in other words, they might not have known they were dealing with russian operatives but what the white house is focusing on is that even john brennan who has a clear political interest here, clearly tied to democrats, you know, one of barack obama's top advisers even back in his campaign, even john brennan says he has seen no
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evidence, no hard evidence of any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians >> that's what they're focusing on but it's also settling in on the white house that they'll have to be in for the long haul, special counsel is going to do his work. congress is going to do its work and a lot of these things that they are now blaming on leaks are going to become public. >> reporter: absolutely, george. and you see the president is now retaining outside counsel and soon will have his own outside law firm to deal wit. inside the west wing senior staff have been notified, warned, anything can be subpoenaed. even their text messages. only a matter of time before you see that senior staff needing to lawyer up, big legal bills. this is something that is daunting on the white house and realize this investigation is for the long haul and it's going to affect all of them. >> jon karl, thanks very much. boy, that is something to see up close, once those investigations start in the white house it has a chilling effect on all the work and that's why the president is trying to hire an
7:18 am
outside counsel to try to contain it as best he can. >> and you know that. let's go to rob marciano with the severe weather threat across the southeast. 38 million people are in its path and, rob, there were 11 >> that's right michael across three states. this is one of them. wilmington island georgia. tybee. look at all this damp. straight lined winds in texas west of houston. 81 miles an hour there. shutting down i10 for a time. tornado watch from panama city to tallahassee includes gainsville jacksonville dayton in a beach. right through the middle part of the afternoon so a pretty dangerous situation here that we'll be keeping an eye on. as this front pushes off to the east. look at the expansive severe weather threat from fort miers towards the georgia border. tomorrow a messy day for much of new england. speaking of rain sometime for your rainy cities brought to you by nutro.
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>> showers breaking apart and moving to the east on storm tracker6 live double scan. still roads a little wet in some spots so slow it down. cloudy skies still in place across the region on sky6 as well. although we are starting to see some brightening of the skies here and there and some sun may start trying to breakthroughs a little bit later this morning. your exclusive seven day going for a high of 71 this afternoon and clouds will give way to increased sunshine during the day. afternoon looks nice. tomorrow rain in the morning spotty showers in the afternoon and evening. infamous
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tape and what his family had to say about it and has he heard from the president since that release. later this morning, look who's on their way, the winners and finalists from "dancing with the stars," they've been flying all night just to get here to join us live. >> yay. >> whoo! get to kohl's memorial day weekend sale and take an extra $10 off when you spend $25 or more. save on summer styles you'll love and for a limited time get $5 kohl's cash for every $25 you spend.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:23 on this wednesday may 24th. let's head to karen rogers starting on the schuylkill. good morning. >> good morning. not a lot of rain. we had a single vehicle spinout accident schuylkill eastbound ramp to the blue route. traffic is getting by but we can still see this accident scene off to the side. you can see they've got the tow trucks. they're just getting ready to pull that truck onto the tow truck and get it on out of here. in the meantime a little slowing on the schuylkill eastbound ramp to the blue route. new accident here in wyncote right on washington lane at west church road here in montgomery county. outside live on i-95, no accidents here but we've got a jam nonetheless. that's your southbound traffic trying to head towards center city. but pretty jammed already past academy to past girard. a 34 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine. an accident in lawnside. lansdale rather in montgomery county on the northeast
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extension southbound past lansdale. we've got construction there. here's the accident here on moyers road at west ninth street. you see the northeast extension tam speeds of only 15 miles an hour. it's a roving work crew blocking the left lane so that's causing an issue right there. >> okay, thank you, karen. we'll take a short break and come back to accuweather. >> ♪ ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know
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>> hi everybody. off to a cloudy start. some brightening happening over philadelphia right now. as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan the earlier showers are really falling apart and quickly heading toward the east of the some of in you south jersey and delaware in particular with a light sprinkle or light shower left over. 59 degrees is your current temperature most of us in the 50's. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a lot of improvement later on. we'll see the return of gradual sunshine today. later today a high of 71, pretty nice. then tomorrow rain in the
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morning, some spotty showers in the afternoon and an afternoon high of 68. tam. >> okay david. back now to "gma."
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♪ welcome back to "gma." and that's the new york yankees paying tribute to the victims of the manchester terror attack before last night's game against the kansas city royals playing the united kingdom's national anthem "god save the queen." >> tributes all around the world similar to that. >> nice sign of solidarity. the uk raising its threat level to critical. there were three new arrests overnight and now learning more about the bomber, reports he has proven links to isis, may have traveled to syria. president trump met with pope francis at the vatican just hours ago and exchanged gifts and the president and first lady toured the sistine chapel and
7:31 am
st. peter's basilica. billy bush opening up for the first time about that "access hollywood" tape with donald trump that was released a month before the election and led to billy being fired from his job. he is now speaking out about all the fallout that he has faced. here we are seven months later. you're unemployed. donald trump is president of the united states. that must be a thought that has crossed your mind. >> i can ago knowledge that the irony is glaring. it certainly has crossed my mind. >> sheesh, your girl's hot as in the purple. >> whoa, whoa. >> yes, the donald has scored. >> reporter: this conversation recorded in 2005 captures then reality show megastar donald trump and "access hollywood" host billy bush in the middle of a graphic and lewd exchange. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet, i just kiss -- i don't even wait and when you're a star they let you
7:32 am
do it. whatever you want. grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> who was the first -- >> reporter: billy made a name for himself as co-host of "access hollywood" for 15 years rubbing elbows with hollywood elite. and last summer billy made the jump to morning tv. his dream job as a co-host of the "today" show but on october 7th, 2016 his career came to a screeching halt when the now infamous tape was released and he was fired. do you believe you should have lost your job over this? >> based upon the moment that is on that tape, i understand people's reaction. i agree. i also felt that way. we live in a visual and digital age so we get this video, this moment and we react emotionally to it and then you have social media and the ability to respond in realtime and a flame becomes a bonfire very quickly.
7:33 am
>> have you had any conversations with donald trump since the release of the tape? >> no, there was no relationship there. it was work reeled and i interviewed him multiple times especially back then. he never reached out and i didn't reach out. >> melania felt as she said you egged him on. >> he was lead on like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> would you agree with that that you added to the conversation? >> i definitely added to the conversation by, you know -- i was keeping the ball in the air. with trump it's not much of a give and take and i remember this moment, you know, when he said what he said at the end, i -- to me it was more braggadocio and if i had ever thought -- i'd like to think that there was a grown man sitting in front of me detailing his sexual assault strategy, i
7:34 am
would have called the fbi. >> there were reports you knew about the tape and you were talking about it months beforehand. >> i only talked about it with people who knew prior. i reported it as soon as it happened. i said you wouldn't believe the things trump was saying off camera. >> you reported that tape way back. >> sure, as soon as it was done, when i was recouping what happened, i said, yeah, when the camera left, this is what the conversation was and it was told me days later, well, that was on. the camera was rolling. there's audio of all that. i said, oh, my gosh, wow but i never thought about it again. i just went on. it was trump. it was an inconsequential. he wasn't running for president. you know, he was at the time the biggest star on television. >> what was it like for you to go back home after the tape had been released to face your daughter, your wife, what was that moment like for you? >> my now 16-year-old daughter
7:35 am
called me and she was in tears and she was really upset and i said, mary, it's going to be okay. you know, don't worry and she said, no, why were you laughing at the things that he was saying on that bus? why? you playing along with it. it wasn't funny. >> must be one thing, billy, for a stranger to feel that way but for your daughter to ask you why. >> she said why were you in the moment that? why were you participating in that? i said, i'm -- i was -- i'm sorry. she didn't want to hear any explanation, just i'm sorry. i had never listened to that tape, robin. and until just days before the rest of the world got it and i recoiled. i said, oh, my gosh, because for me i remember the guy on the other side and i can tell you 12 years ago it was my first year as co-host of the show but i was -- i was insecure.
7:36 am
i was -- i was a pleaser. i kind of remember wanting these celebrities to like me so that i could keep going in this job. >> what did you your wife say to you? >> she was very understanding of the atmosphere and the environment of that time and she knows very well the man she married and who i am. so she was supportive the whole way through, in fact, up until five minutes ago we were on the phone before i drove up here. >> billy is no stranger to the public eye as a reporter. and a member of the bush family. you're almost 34 at the time. i understand what you're saying about wanting to prove yourself but there's some people that said, you're old enough and you've been around enough. your last name is bush. >> for sure. >> you have been worldly more so than most people. >> for sure. i should have known better, absolutely. there's no question about that.
7:37 am
i look back and i wish people also say you should have stopped it. but i didn't have the strength of character at the time to do that. i wish i did. >> did you reach out to your colleague nancy o'dell and apologize? >> i sent a message, yeah, private message, yeah. >> at the time trump was about to make a soap opera cameo with a guidance of soap opera star ariane zucker. >> melania said this was okay. >> the point, billy, that people drew the line is when you said, don't you want a hug the donald? don't you have a hug? after hearing him say those thing, that's when people are like, oh, come on. it's one thing to agree with him but can you understand like no. >> listen, nobody reacted harsher or more gutturally than i did. i say imagine a woman is watching that and she thinks is that what happens to me when i
7:38 am
walk out of a room or out of a meeting, i'm being sized up in some way. i understand that. >> how do you convince some people who are going to say, you just want your job back. you just want to get back on tv. >> i can tell you that i am only ready to get back to work now because there is purpose and there is clarity and there is acceptance and there is a changed person. i do feel like a better man. i feel like a better father. partner, friend and i do think better at my job than i ever was. >> what would you say to a young man in particular entering this field? >> believe in yourself. be confident. do not doubt yourself. stay true to who you are. and i think i sacrificed, you
7:39 am
know, my own dignity in that moment. i was very pleased to say good-bye to that guy. >> and billy has spent the last seven months doing a lot of soul searching. he now meditates, practicing mindfulness and yoga has helped him. he knows it's a process which led him to be ready and able to share his story. you know i was hesitant about doing the interview when i was first approached about it because i knew many people would feel there's a chance -- it was going to be critical of the president. that was not the intent nor the purpose why billy bush wanted to sit down with me. he wanted to be able to explain his actions. remember, he was us is pended and then fired before he could publicly apologize. he made no excuses. he just wanted to explain who he was then and explain who he is now. >> and so what does he want to do now? >> he wants to -- he loves his job. he wants to get back in tv. makes no bones about that. but he wants to do purposeful, meaningful reporting an interviewing and said he was at a tony rob binns seminar and
7:40 am
tony pointed to him to the audience and said one bad moment does not define who you are and the whole crowd reacted. i just got chills thinking about it. he wants to find people who e. remember as i say everybody has something, everybody has made a mistake and what do you learn from that and what do you share? >> he thinks it will make him b better at that. >> he also used the phrase make your mess your message. >> i had a chance to spend time with him before and after and very sincere in what he said there and that's the same feeling i got when i spent time with him after the incident. >> there is a genuineness there. >> thanks, robin. we'll be right back. that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested.
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we are back with a special edition of our big board dealing with more of the questions with dr. janet taylor. welcome back. we'll talk to you in a minute about addressing fears. first we want to talk about
7:43 am
keeping safe at big venues and john matthews is here and, john, what kind of things should people think about as they go to events like this? >> well, the first thing you need to know is avoid the crowd. that main rush of people that leave the venue right when the concert or show ends. for me and my family we either leave early before the event ends or wait late, five, six, seven, eight minutes is all it takes to avoid being out of that crowd and will mitigate your chances of being a victim of terror. >> you just suggested leaving a few minutes early before the crowd. but this bomber hit before the bulk of the crowd exited the venue so what do you do in that case? >> he actually did. that was kind of the first wave that was going out, the concert had actually ended. i'd say leave five, eight minutes early, ten minutes early. what you want to do is be out before or after that main body of people come through those exit doors. that terrorist is looking for the highest body count possible.
7:44 am
>> and then, you know, we did see in this instance as well it seems like a lot of people may have been hurt, injured or killed in the stampede in the panic after the attack. how do you keep your head in a situation like that? what kinds of things do you look to do? >> you look for cover. a steel beam, a post, a brick wall that you can hide behind. kind of like a salmon moving upstream, the weight behind a rock and let the water flow around him. you want to take cover so the crowd flows around you, grab your family, hold them close and let that main body of people go by then you'll be safe to exit. >> all right, let's bring dr. taylor into this and, of course, it's always difficult to talk to your children about terrorist attacks but this one is particularly challenging because so many young people were targeted. one of the victims was an 8-year-old girl and, dr. taylor, how should you talk to your kids about something like this. >> you ask what they've seen, what they heard. it's an opportunity for you to weigh in about how you feel because they're feeling something and also you listen, not only with your ears but
7:45 am
listen to understand what they're saying, for instance, they may say i'm okay but notice a tear or something different in their body language. >> parents, only one player in this. they'll hear a lot on social media and hear a lot from other kids. not much you can do to control that. >> right so what you want to do is remind them how they're safe and go over safety rules. times like this make us feel helpless. how can we help others within our reach one-on-one. volunteer. write get well cards you send to manchester or to your local children's hospital and also focus on what's good. there's still a lot more people who are good and focus on what that goodness is so we can balance the negativity and balance the evilness with good things that we're doing with our families and with ourselves. >> dr. taylor and john, a question for both of you. how do you make your kids feel safe and empowered without scaring them? that's the challenge. >> one of the key factors of terrorism is the psychological after-effects and makes you
7:46 am
afraid to do things you normally do so notice that and go -- don't be afraid. you have to go to school. you have to participate. do what you do normally but do it with an aware eye. >> john, how about you? >> yeah, i talk to them before we go to an event. i tell them you can't control what the other person will do but you can control what we'll do and mom and dad will protect you. you stay right with us and listen to directions and we're going to get out okay. >> good advice. thank you very much. the power symbol bringing hope after the manchester terror attack.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
emerged from the scene of monday's explosion. people started streaming out of manchester arena many clutching pink balloons that fell from the rafters at the end of the concert. well, those pink moons are now being used to honor the memories of the victims. take a look at this video showing the vigil where they released those balloons into the air. people on social media calling them a symbol of joy and represent all those now who lost their lives in this senseless attack and then there was this cartoon from "the sunday herald of scotland." it simply shows 22 pink moons floating up into the sky and from germany a single pink moon floating upward with ariana grande's signature bunny ears tied in a black ribbon. so many of those patrons coming out with those balloons and bunny ears and so many of them now being remembered today here in manchester and, of course, throughout the world as we all pay our respects to those who died in that senseless tragedy, robin. >> all around the world but, wow.
7:50 am
to see that. the release of the balloons like that in their honor. we'll be right back. coming up, "gma's" "dancing with the stars" after party brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. get to kohl's memorial day weekend sale
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7:54 am
sass, records yesterday in sacramento. you hit 100 degrees, that is smoking hot and reno where the snow is melting fast and rivers rising fast. 95 in fresno. the heat sinks down to the south, 105 expected in palm springs and 107 in yuma.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by lyrica.
7:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's 7:56 on this wednesday may 24th. let's head to karen rogers. she's starting on the the thingn the boulevard good morning. >> pretty big accident on the boulevard southbound. southbound right here on the roosevelt boulevard at ridge avenue. there you have it. we were blocking a middle lane with a number of police officers there. you can sort of see police off to the side. they moved this accident off to the side but it created a jam boulevard southbound towards the schuylkill you're jammed but that accident off to the side. issues with mass transit. amtrak has problems with their signal. because of that we have the trenton line 30 minute delays across-the-board as well as the wilmington/newark line so watch for delays with mass transit coming in. i-95 you're still jammed up. that's southbound traffic trying to head towards center city. a 43 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine.
7:57 am
that's a big delay. >> center city look gray and blah. what can we expect. >> lots of clouds. we have some lingering sprinkles but they're really beginning to fall apart over south jersey for the most part. another one out by gettysburg. all of this pushing toward the east and things definitely improving. 60 degrees in philadelphia. lots of the area still in the upper 50's and this afternoon and even later this morning we expect to return some sunshine into play and the afternoon looks pretty good, partly sunny and 71. tomorrow more rain arriving probly by the time you wake up in the morning, maybe a thunderstorm around in the morning and then through the rest of the day cloudy with just some spotty showers, 68 the high. clouds and sun and breezy on friday, 75. saturday looks great, tam, but some periods of rain are possible at times on sunday. >> okay, thank you david. the search is on for the shooter who carried out an execution style killing in southwest philadelphia. police found the victim along south 58th street with a gunshot wound to the back of
7:58 am
the head. police are checking area businesses for surveillance. that's it for us. we're sending you back to "gma." we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking new details on that concert terror attack. new arrests this morning. the british government raising its threat concern to the highest possible level. concerns that another attack could be imminent. what we're learning this morning about the bomber and his links to isis. authorities blowing down the door of his home. what they found inside and the new clues about the sophisticated bomb. could they all point to a bigger plot? new this morning. president trump and pope francis meet for the first time at the vatican. a private meeting in the pope's library exchanging gifts and their very public handshake. ♪ dancing champs. an incredible winning moment for rashad and emma. >> rashad and emma. >> after a stunning final showdown, ten weeks of fierce
8:01 am
competition, 104 total routines and 1.5 million rhinestones. >> we did it. >> the winners flying all night on the "gma" expression. even planking on the plane. now they're roaring into times square rushing to our studios for our biggest after party yet and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers ] ♪ i want to feel the heat with somebody ♪ good morning, america. happy wednesday. great to have you with us and the dancing troupe is upstairs getting the audience ready and the winners, rashad jennings and emma slater flying all night -- >> on the "gma" express. >> very important. they flew all night to join us in times square so we have everybody, normani, val, david, lindsay and, of course, rashad and emma. >> we'll talk to them ahead. following two big stories for you, the latest of course on the terror investigation in
8:02 am
manchester, amy is there for us and we're also following president trump's visit to the vatican where he met with the pope. >> cecilia vega is there. we want to start with amy in manchester with new details about the attack and suspect. good morning, amy. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, george and everyone. prime minister theresa may warning another attack could be imminent. at least 5,000 british troops are expected to be out and about to touring public gatherings here as new information comes to light about that suicide bomber, salman abedi. the interior minister saying he is believed to have traveled to syria and has proven links to the islamic state. the uk's terror level at its highest as they search for possible accomplices of the now identified killer. >> he's looking at whether the terrorist was acting alone or as part of a group. >> reporter: identifying the suspected bomber as 22-year-old british born salman abedi seen here on the cover of "the sun"
8:03 am
newspaper. police swarming his residence blowing open the door searching for evidence. among the items removed a book entitled "know your chemicals." this morning we are learning more about what happened after those moments after ariana grande left the stage. what's going on? >> i can't find moi mom. >> reporter: authorizes believe the killer detonated his bomb here connecting manchester repellent and the nearby train station. i spoke with lizzie murtagh who took her daughter to the concert as a christmas present. >> it was going to be the best night of my life. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: as they left the show the bomb exploded in the foyer. >> it was the biggest bang, biggest explosion i've ever heard like a big white flash. >> reporter: shrapnel ripped through their clothes and bodies. >> my leg, the hole where the shrapnel it. >> i felt it hit because i was
8:04 am
still sore. >> a few seconds before and we wouldn't have been here. it was so close. >> reporter: now, yesterday we showed a photo of a young girl believed to be missing after the attack and later learned the person who posted her picture was not a relative and she was not at that concert. she is home safe and fine. we regret any error or confusion that may have caused but unfortunately so many other people not so fortunate and the -- among the 22 victims now so many people paying their respects at this memorial and several memorials throughout the city in manchester growing by the moment, george. >> yeah, the steve osunsami is really coming together. thanks very much. the president continued his trip overseas and met with pope francis at the vatican. you see the pictures and the president called it a great honor and cecilia vega is at the vatican with more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, just as the president was walking out of the meeting he told the pope he will not forget what the pope told him. had was not a very long meeting, about 30 minutes in total.
8:05 am
melania trump, daughter ivanka, son-in-law jared also there. first time they came face-to-face after that very public feud last year. you'll remember the pope called building a border wall un-christian and the candidate took him on and today the cameras weren't allowed inside for that meeting but hearing that the pope and president talked about the situation in the middle east and talked about the protection of christian communities around the world. the white house says that they were hoping to find some common ground even on areas of disagreement, that includes the environment and today the pope gifted the president with a book about his writings on that subject. he also gave the president a medal, it was a symbol of peace before leaving here, italy, the president met with the prime minister and now heads to brussels where he will have the meeting on nato. this will be a controversial one. during the campaign the president called nato obsolete. >> cecilia, thanks.
8:06 am
interesting to see what the pope said that made such an impression. >> we may never know. let's say we head upstairs because we'll switch gear, the winners of "dancing with the stars," rashad and emma are here. all the finalists through all night on that "gma" express. ♪ e destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance that's werther's originallatey. sugar free hard or chewy caramels. just one taste and you won't believe they're sugar free. discover chocolate flavored werther's original sugar free.
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♪ i want to dance with somebody ♪ ♪ i want to feel the heat -- welcome back to "gma," everybody. you saul saw that incredible moment last night, rashad jennings and emma slater winning the mirror ball trophy. look how happy they are on "dancing with the stars." you know what, they're here along with the finalist, david, lindsay, normani and val. we have a lot of fun coming up with them just ahead. first before we get to that we have a lot of fun with lara spencer and "pop news." >> yes, thank you. good morning, you guys. good morning, everybody. and good morning to you. time for "pop news" and this is
8:11 am
for all of you who are feeling the need, the need for speed. you heard the music and it is true. confirming right now tom cruise says it is official, there will be a sequel to the high-flying 1986 classic "top gun" saying it will likely -- yep. [ applause ] you know, we'll get to that. i don't want to jump the gun, so to speak. likely start shooting in the next year. the actor who played maverick broke the news to the australian tv show "sunrise." by the way, what about "gma"? >> hey, hey. >> yo, yo, tommy, tell us. anyway he says it is definitely happening. buzz about the second movie has, of course, been going on for several years. we reported last year cruise and producer jerry bruckheimer had been trying to iron out the details. well, consider them ironed. flying into a danger zone near you next year. >> wow. that is good. [ applause ] >> you're excited. >> yeah. >> i loved that movie.
8:12 am
very excited. >> did you have a character? were you an iceman. >> i was a maverick. >> still are a maverick. >> yes, you are. also in "pop news" this morning, "vanity fair" magazine celebrating the late great carrie fisher on not one but one of four covers honoring "star wars" and their 40th anniversary. famed photographer annie liebowitz shot the actors on the set of "the last jedi" out december 15th including daisy ready, adam driver and john boyega but only carrie has a cover her own. all four and a commemorative poster if you want it and story behind the making of the new film available online. thank you, "vanity fair." we love carrie and love "star wars." finally, "the bachelorette" as you might have heard on abc is in full swing and hopefully she'll find true love but to all
8:13 am
the men and women who have come before her on the 34 seasons of the hit franchises that's 21 bachelors, 13 bachelorettes who have not been quite so lucky in love the dating app called hinge is reaching out. in a new ad directed at anybody who has participated in the bachelor nation, they write a letter to you that says, in part and i quote, while we can't imagine why you weren't able to put a ring on it after three to five exclusive dates over a nine-week period we do believe our formula will help. we are so confident that hinge will be your final stop in the roller coaster of love if any former bachelor or bachelorette gets engaged to someone they meet on hinge, thing will pay for the wedding. i mean, i think that is a hilarious and genius gimmick. and i want to follow -- i'm going to be following it. >> jesse here today so we can ask. >> jesse palmer qualifies, everybody.
8:14 am
jesse. >> remember he was on the show. >> yes. >> that was george's fault. several former contestants not jesse have already signed up and that is "pop news," everybody. [ applause ] >> way to go. >> don't go anywhere, anybody. when we come back our huge "dancing with the stars" after party. it is kicking off live in times square.
8:15 am
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8:18 am
are ah, you heard the man. that is our "dancing with the stars" after party about to kick off. what do you say? let's get it going. let's dance it in, guys. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ now first of all come on baby ♪ ♪ take it off baby ♪ then she says she loves the fact that pit bull is such a doll ♪ ♪ remember lust can get tricky, mr. worldwide ♪
8:19 am
♪ i'm not trying to get in your head ♪ ♪ and i'm not trying to push your limits ♪ ♪ because i just want to make you feel special ♪ ♪ a little fun a little love a little dancing ♪ ♪ who has a lifetime baby we've got the night life now ♪ ♪ we listen clearly ♪ you got to call me ♪ baby give me that give me give me that ♪ ♪ baby give me that give me that ♪ ♪ baby give me that give me that ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ baby give me that [ cheers and applause ] >> very nice. hey. awesome. [ cheers and applause ] >> love you.
8:20 am
love you. come on. oh, you do. oh. hey. >> welcome back. >> good to see you. >> hey, congratulations. >> thank you. >> hello again. congratulations. >> you always do that, val, everywhere you go. you just can't walk over like that. we're so -- it's wonderful to have you all here. congratulations to you both. congratulations to you all. we cannot wait to talk with everyone but first we got to check in, the party will continue but first we got to check outside with rob. >> what >> what crowd we have with the big dance floor. happy birthday mom. where is mom today. >> happy birthday to my mother mary sullivan. >> 10's across-the-board for her. big "dancing with the stars" fans and you know if you're in the new york subway sometimes they get this big. this the world's species largest rodent.
8:21 am
jo-jo. at some point you just got to -- he kind of falls asleep. i've seen them that big in new york city. ever seen a rodent that big even in new jersey? no way. the rain has lightened up a little bit here. rasheed, are you rooting for rasheed and emma. >> yes. >> hello from portland. you brought the rain but now it's gone. welcome. what a fantastic crowd celebrating "dancing with the stars." let's get a check of your local weather right now. >> i believe they have those at the philadelphia zoo rob. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you the last of our showers really falling apart most of them in south jersey heading outside we have plenty of cloud cover across the region but expecting skies to brighten a little later today. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, the afternoon looks pretty good, partly sunny and 71. tomorrow rain arrives before dawn, so it will be wet for the morning commute once again. maybe a thunderstorm and then in the afternoon cloudy skies and just a spotty shower. 68. 75 mainly dry friday.
8:22 am
nice saturday some rain sunday. >> ♪ >> look at all these great homemade signs. last night. the finalists flew all night to be with you. a great day at "gma" as we celebrate. who's team rashad? david and lindsay but we're still happy, are we not? >> yeah. >> are we not? we love it. "the bachelorette" was on last night. did you watch that too? there was a lot going on. abc is jam-packed in prime time as we are here on "gma." back to you guys inside. >> wow, thank you. okay. [ applause ] when rob was busy doing all that it was like a nascar pit crew in here to get everybody ready but we're still waiting on val. he can't -- our crew can get all ready but val has to change closes, normani? is that it? we've got two athlete, come on, val.
8:23 am
you always want to make an entrance. [ applause ] >> oh. >> yeah, yeah, you're zipped up. don't worry. >> i like the fleur de lis, nice touch. >> the love affair we grew. >> oh. >> shoutout. i see you, girl. i love you still. >> the closeness that you all have built and have two athlete, a pop star. but tell me, guys, was this harder than your day job? >> harder than mine. >> not even close. >> not even close. >> no, it's definitely harder because it's something we don't do on a daily and, you know, never been in frame. i thought a frame was a picture frame. way harder than football. >> rashad, you put in 362 hours? [ applause ] >> whoo. >> you know, this is not good enough. we need to do more. we were having these limits and
8:24 am
i was calling him my coordinator saying i'm sure everybody else is doing more. i need more hours so we wanted to do more as well. it was really came to a shock to us when we heard that. >> well, you know -- >> it paid off. >> emma, this is your seventh season on the show. your first time in the finals. you took home the mirror ball trophy. all that rehearsal is what made you the winning combination, you feel? >> well, yes and no. i think honestly for us it was just our friendship. like we really, really are close friends and i depended on him because he's so positive, his work ethic. i can't take anything. he was just amazing. he is the winning combination right here. [ applause ] >> look at that. [ applause ] david, it took over 100 years for the cubs to win another world series. okay, but it only took one season for the first mlb player to make it to the semifinals. that's you, my man. [ applause ]
8:25 am
all right. how did you do it, david? >> right here, i mean, great coaching, i think, you know, probably what rashad was talking about, a lot of hard work, a lot of long hours busting your tail, five, six hours a day and gotten to be so close. she's like another daughter to me. we traveled all over the world. we've had a lot of fun. >> very cool and normani, fifth harmony in the audience last night. >> i know. [ applause ] and they have a little surprise for you now. why don't you take a look. >> we are so proud of you. you did so phenomenal and you took our breioamerkurjokulls away. you're a winner in our hearts. >> oh, they're so sweet. [ applause ] i love my girls so much. they've been very supportive throughout the process and know that this made me very, very happy and seeing me find myself makes them ecstatic. i'm grateful. >> you were incredible. all of you were incredible and, rashad, you have the mirror ball trophy there. this is not over for you, okay. i hear you want to dedicate a
8:26 am
room in your house to "dancing with the stars." >> yes, yes. check it out. >> okay. >> you can check it out. >> which is the one that you want to prominently display in your house? >> oh, no doubt the freestyle. i mean the freestyle. that's it. that's all me, the funk, there's swag, the shoes, bedazzle, don't care about nobody else. that's me. that would be the one. >> that would be the one. >> that would be the one. >> we're not done with you. we have more "dancing with the stars" when we come back so we'll be right back. don't go anywhere, you guys. [ applause ]
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 8:27 now on this wednesday may 24th. let's head to karen rogers. she's starting on 95. that is a slowdown. >> yeah, we have a big new accident. your eyes are drawn to this jam southbound at aramingo. the accident is northbound. look at this only one lane getting by. you see that accident. police on the scene blocking all but one lane, the left lane gets by i-95 northbound past aramingo. northbound is not normally your heavy delay so it's southbound that's more jammed woodhaven to vine. everyone checking out the accident scene. notice some really heavy jam on the ben franklin bridge. westbound you are jammed from the tolls to eighth and vine. it is a slow ride in trying to come into the city on the ben franklin bridge and issues with mass transit we have amtrak signal problems causing
8:28 am
issues. 30 minute delay with the wilmington/newark line but 20 minute delay with the trenton line and 20 minute with the chestnut hill west line so both of those creating a problem. accident bala cynwyd on city avenue at 53rd street blocking the intersection. we see a number of police officers and fire crews with this one, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. now let's go out to meteorologist, david murphy who has got the latest in accuweather. good morning. >> all right, tam, we're starting to see a little bit of sunshine try to breakthroughs clouds here. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that the morning showers are all but done in south jersey, a few light sprinkles heading to the coast. 60 degrees inly philadelphia. this afternoon improvement. we'll change over to partly cloudy skies with a high of 71. tomorrow another round of rain before dawn extends through the morning rush hour and beyond so the morning looks a little wet, maybe a thunderstorm. inin there afternoon a high of 68. 75 mainly dry friday, 78 saturday. tam, some parts of sunday look wet. >> okay, thank you david. back now to more "dancing with
8:29 am
the stars" on jamb. -- "gma." we'll see you near 30. >> ♪ oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh?
8:30 am
fast play. play fast. win instantly. ♪ oh, we're on. we're back. welcome back, everyone. we're just dancing and grooving. the dance troupe out there in times square for our giant "dancing with the stars" after party. [ applause ] >> they're outside but we're inside. we got all the "dancing with the stars" finalists here, our winners, rashad and emma and the final, david and lindsay and normani and val. welcome back. welcome back, you guys. >> rashad, we know you'll have this shrine to dancing. are all you dancers for life now. >> no doubt. >> for sure. >> makes you feel like a kid when you get a chance to dance -- you do it in front of millions of people you can do it at home for sure. >> especially you. >> yes.
8:31 am
>> i learned three moves and i'll go to them every time. >> whatever works for you. whatever works for you. let's be honest here. i mean there's great support from your family but wasn't your son thinking all along that somebody else sitting right in front of you was going to win? >> he told me -- i never told rashad that. he just said, my son is like brutally honest and i love him for it and he just comes up and he goes, dad, your dance was good but rashad's was much better. he's 8. he's the best. he's so truthful. >> did you feel that that you just really touched people all across the board, rashad? did you feel that yourself that you were able to do that? >> yeah, i definitely did. it was certain moments during the show where i got -- especially the dedication to my dad in the contemporary where i was just completely open, got to express myself in a relationship i had with him and i think it was more amazing hearing everybody's emotions and not just for me but it made them check in with themselves.
8:32 am
>> right. >> and their unconditional love fwhor their family or their children or whatever it may be. so i felt like an artist for a second there. >> you brought up your dad. and the way that you danced for him, there's a special message from two of your biggest fans. >> congratulations. you worked hard. you danced harder. and you overcame all the odds. now, look, you're walking away with that mirror ball trophy. we are so proud of you. >> hey, rashad, hey, we love you. >> we love you. >> i love y'all back. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> and, david, we have a special message for you as well. let's take a look. >> i love you, i'm so proud of you. you definitely worked your hardest and i'm so proud of you. >> hey, dad. you didn't win but you did
8:33 am
really good. you made it to the finals. that's not the best but it's really good. >> i told you. i told you. hey, hey. [ applause ] >> oh, i'm surprised ramper rolling around the whole couch didn't get destroyed. that was awesome. i told you he's truthful. >> you got to love him. that honesty and, normani, a little love connection. you and bonner are going on a date. >> supposed to be going on a date. >> what's the story? >> give up the scoop. what's up? >> well, i mean he asked me out. i saw him yesterday, you know, the vibe was there. >> bonner. >> and we have a "gma" exclusive. our cameras will be on the date. >> i'll keep you guys updated in please keep us updated. val, you made a special connection with normani's grandmother. tell us about that. >> we went on a couple of dates already so -- the vibe is definitely right.
8:34 am
no, it's incredible. the season has been awesome. it's wonderful to see a young lady live out her dreams but also take her family on the journey with her and had her grandmother as one of our performances. you know, this was her. i'm being respectful. giving her space. >> hey. >> always takes it. >> we haven't heard from lindsay yet. i got to tell you, i say this every single season. what you professional dancers do is just remarkable. it's just -- thank you. >> -- truly remarkable. this guy was just such a pleasure to work with and it was one of my favorite seasons because honestly i mean when we were here for the cast reveal i don't think anybody would have guessed we would be here now and that's what's been so special. we've -- we've overcome a lot of obstacles and we've really made it this far and i'm super proud of him. >> we sit backstage and see you dancing and you're so good at what you do.
8:35 am
>> i have to agree with you on that. [ laughter ] >> but even for contestants here, you know, you guys, you weren't professionals obviously when you came here. you looked like a deer in headlights and now to see you all confident goes to show how powerful this experience is and the confidence you all exude i think is a good -- just something for everyone out there to see. so thank you guys for coming back here and just showing the world that you know what, you're comfortable now. >> with the dancing is secondary. it's the people and the human element that makes it so wonderful, rashad did an incredible job. david, as a man that grew up in dance, i told you so many times, such a pleasure to see these incredible men embrace the dance world and i'm just proud to be part of this incredible cast. >> the one dance that was really embraced by david was "magic mike" and -- that was his favorite, guys.
8:36 am
it was his most natural dance ever. >> oh, my gosh. >> in his element. >> get on the stage, take off your pants. there it is. >> if they're casting "magic mike 3" are you in? >> i'm in. i'm in. "grumpier old magic mike." [ applause ] >> we're still not done with you. >> we have one gift we want to give. >> we do. >> you know how we love to give gifts. it's for you, normani. because we have -- don't we have -- it's a teddy bear, but you've got to squeeze it and put it towards your mike. >> wait, where do i squeeze it? >> right in the center. >> that's your voice. >> watch your toes. >> watch your toes.
8:37 am
>> did you hear that a time or two. >> i'm going to have nightmares. i love it. >> yeah. >> you got to go to work. >> you got to go to work. >> this is awesome. >> i'm going to miss you. >> congratulations. beautiful relationship. we're not done. we'll put your dancing skills to the test just ahead so stay right there and coming up, jamie foxx will be here too live. "gma's" "dancing with the stars" after party is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. >> rachael: we're getting our grill on!
8:38 am
>> announcer: get your memorial day menu started a little early! >> rachael: boom! >> announcer: with an entire hour devoted to grilling! >> rachael: these suckers are going to be illegally good. >> announcer: next "rachael"!
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8:40 am
>> welcome back to "gma." give a shout out to our dancing troupe. check them out. love it. they are moving very good today on this incredible dance floor which wouldn't be possible without the help of lumber liquidators putting us back together as the dancers say it is fantastic. more "dancing with the stars" coming up next but first here's your local forecast. >> nice that there's not much rain in new york right now. not much here either. all of our showers and sprinkles falling apart. your exclusive accuweather 7-day going from the upper 50's to a high of 71. we'll see sunshine returning today. tomorrow morning rain, a spotty afternoon shower. day.
8:41 am
back inside to you guys. >> thank you, rob. we are here with the one and only jamie foxx. [ cheers and applause ] it's a modern name the tune where contestants try to beat the popular music app shazam for a chance to win a million dollars. >> he's already laughing. >> what's up, baby ask. >> how you doing? >> last night was great. haven't seen you -- so beautiful. >> good to see you. >> so beautiful. >> love the show. >> we were at the 92nd street "y" last night. you kept me on my toes and keep everybody on their toes but the first episode of "beat shazam." somebody surprised you. >> wow, terrence howard. >> what? >> terrence howard showed up. what's going on with you, man. so i was actually doing an impersonation of terrence howard
8:42 am
on the show and terrence howard actually comes out and that was one of the surprises and the wrinkles we put on the show. i want to have some of my friends come by. terrence howard came by and the show is, you know, people are identifying the hit songs and if they could beat shazam like six in a row they get a million dollars. terrence howard had his song list and had to identify song -- his songs, which was a mislead because you wouldly lucious lyon from "empire." i thoument it would be hip-hop or something. he had "devil went down to georgia" and some other different song so it was really dope and it's been -- i told you, it's been a whirlwind. >> word out some other special guests coming up. somebody this guy knows pretty well. >> oh. >> snoop. >> exactly. snoop came out and as a matter of fact -- >> you said that like in a different -- go ahead. >> snoop came out but i was doing a song on the piano and said it was a magic piano
8:43 am
sometimes when i sing the song the artist pay come out. ♪ beautiful i just want you to know you're my favorite girl ♪ and all of a sudden all the smoke started billowing out from the back of the stage then snoop walked out. >> what do you know. >> it wasn't that kind of smoke. [ laughter ] it wasn't that kind of smoke but it was great, man. i cannot say enough about the contestants. we didn't anticipate this, first of all give a shoutout to mark burnett, "survivor," "the voice." to jeff applove who made me executive producer and host but the contestants, we did not anticipate no contestant wanted to play to get money for themselves. one lady was like i'm trying -- my mom's house burned down. i want to get that and one of my friends doesn't have medical assistance. the common theme was student loans, people trying to win money for student loans. a guy and his father, his kid and this father is saying i want
8:44 am
to pay my student loans off. they won a quarter of a million dollars. >> that will do it. >> and the far starts crying and say i can now take my babies and put them through college, his three little daughters and stuff so you're going to have some great moments. >> great tunes. >> great tunes. >> you know, you're the host of the show now. running this thing. we'll put you -- we'll have a game with us right now. >> our own pinny version. of "beat shazam." >> we'll play music and try to guess -- >> did you have something to do with these songs? did you choose these songs or anything -- >> i'm kind of confused. i don't know what -- >> we'll play together. >> we'll play together, all right. all right. here we go. i don't know exactly. >> well, here's hearing from the control room you're supposed to sing. did you not know this? all right. >> okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> so, oh, okay, here it is. ♪ you used to call me on my --
8:45 am
>> cell phone. >> what's the name of this tune. >> bling. >> "hotline bling." >> that was a combo. >> come on. you get a cup of coffee. all right. how would i say this. ♪ just like an old sweet song -- >> "georgia on my mind." >> uh. >> look at me. ♪ she take my money >> "gold digger." >> original "gold digger." kanye west, "gold digger." ♪ i ain't saying she a gold digger but she ain't messing with no -- . ♪ put your fingers to the moon >> bruno mars "24 carat gold." >> you got to say the exact title. >> you don't give anybody a break. >> you have to say the exact title. we're giving away a million dollars. we ain't trying to give away all the money. >> we get anything? we got a bugatti key chain.
8:46 am
[ applause ] gloat blame it on the -- >> i just said it. >> >> ho is the guy that sang that song. >> i don't know. >> mr. jamie foxx, everybody. [ applause ] and jamie, we'll let you tell everybody where to tune in to catch "beat shazam." >> listen, tomorrow on fox, 8:00 p.m., check it out. "beat shazam." it's going to be an amazing show, a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of money being given out. >> congratulations. >> great job. >> blame it on >> they're getting ready to go head-to-head live.
8:47 am
8:48 am
friday with florida georgia line and nelly cruise nothing central park.
8:49 am
it's going to be off the chain ♪ you make me want to roll my window down ♪ >> announcer: friday live only on -- >> both: "good morning america." >> presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we are back now with our special "dancing with the stars" face-off. now, on the show it fee you ared a boy band versus girl groups which inspired sync it up. >> oh, yeah. it is still boys versus girls but this time the girls are taking on boy bands and the boys are taking on girl groups. we know you guys can all dance but this time you have to lip sync as you dance as well. you only have minutes to practice as we all know. are you guys ready? >> okay. all right. here we go. here's the rules. you aren't going to be able to take a break so boy, girl, back and forth. back and forth. >> let's do it. >> let's get it started. here we go. ♪
8:50 am
♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh ♪ the right stuff ♪ oh oh oh oh >> that's pretty good. ♪ the right stuff >> whoo. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ give it to me i'm worth it baby i'm worth it ♪ ♪ oh, wow give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ baby i'm worth it's it ♪ baby i'm worth it >> all right. ♪ step by step ooh baby ♪ step by step baby ♪ [ bell dings ] >> you're on, boys. ♪ ♪ just like a sledgehammer oh
8:51 am
whoa oh ♪ >> this is not right. ♪ like a sledgehammer >> yeah. ♪ >> wow. >> okay. normani, get in there. normani, get in there. >> you know they stole all your songs. >> stole all my songs, i know. i got to say, i don't know -- 50s supposed to be lip-syncing too. that wasn't very good by anybody. >> we got excited with the dancing. >> it was highly entertaining, though. our judges are our audience. who wants the boys? [ cheers and applause ] all right. >> i heard a lot of screams. >> he's hear it for the ladies. >> come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> well -- >> i think we did it. >> what do you think? >> i mean, i think we had more noise, yeah. >> yeah, the people have spoken. >> listening to the people and
8:52 am
the winner of the mirror ball trophy for lip-sync dancing is -- the girls. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay! >> almost as good as the real ones. >> i know. >> the sledge hammers were very effective. >> no recount in baseball, man. just suck it up. everybody, stay right there. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >> very well done.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ah. thanks to our "dancing" troupe and finalists for joining us. next star on the walk of fame, guys. that's what's next. normani, you going to be back soon for party in the park? june 2nd. >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] and "dancing with the stars" live tour. >> congratulations again. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 8:56 now on this wednesday may 24th. let's get your last look at traffic with karen. good morning.
8:57 am
>> and this major accident on i-95 is causing big problems. it's northbound at aramingo and so they were letting the left lane get by but now we could see no traffic is getting by. they're diverting everybody off onto aramingo. check out the travel time 95 northbound normally there's no delay. this morning it takes nearly an hour to get from the 59 sign to woodhaven. jammed from columbus boulevard to aramingo. southbound is your normal delay. that's heavy as everyone checks out the scene. police on the left-hand side here. southbound as well but i-95 northbound is the major accident happening right now. ben franklin bridge the delay is easing a little bit. it was jammed the length. now you can see it jams a etch projecting the mid span to eighth and vine. accident at edgemoor. traveling 10 miles an hour here 495 southbound. >> ouch. let's head to dave murphy to take a look at your accuweather. >> cloudy start, skies brightening a little bit.
8:58 am
storm track sticks shows six shows you the rain is almost gone. 60 is the current temperature. couple of spots starting to pop up to 60 degrees. we'll slowly climb this afternoon although later today we expect a high of 71 and we should transition to partly sunny skies. tomorrow another round of morning rain with some thunderstorms. just a spotty afternoon shower though and a high of 68. dry friday and saturday. wet sunday afternoon tam. >> thank you david. jurors will start a full delay of deliberation today's to decide the fate of david creato o the camden county father is charged with killing his three-year-old son brendan back if 2015. creato did not take the stand but has maintained his innocence. "action news" will have the latest from the courthouse at noon. "live with kelly and ryan" up next right here on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great wednesday.
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "wonder woman," chris pine. and the winners of dancing "dah the stars," rashad jennings and, slater, and the runner-up's, david ross. all next on "live" ." ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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