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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news raids across manchester following a deadly concert
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explosion. and back home a waiting game as a jury deliberates in the david creato murder case. but the big story is the investigation into the deadly terror attack in manchester. police are conducting raids in the neighborhood of the suicide bomber, his brother is among those detained. it comes as we learn more about the victims. >> reporter: british police making three more arrests overnight. and authorities confirming that the bomber did not act alone. and raids to round up accomplices overnight. >> this is an investigation and continues at a pace there are extensive investigations going on and taking it across greater manchester as we speak.
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the suicide bomber salman abety. the secretary saying he may have recently visited syria and libya. and look agent possible connections to isis. and police combing the center of manchester for clues for who may have helped abedi develop the device that killed 22 and injured 60 others and they say it contained nuts and bolts aimed to murder as many as possible. they know identify tys of all those that died outside of an ariana grande concert. the mother of 15-year-old olivia campbell confirming her death on facebook. writing rest in peace my gorgeous girl. mommy loves you. 8-year-old saffie rose russo the youngest victim so far.
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>> she was a beautiful little girl in the aspect of the word. >> freeing up police to pursue possible terrorists. channel 6 "action news." and our coverage of the concert bombing in manchester continues on the 6 abc app. we will alert you to updates as developments continue to unfold and you'll find photos and videos from the scene of the attack and reaction from england and around the world. from our new jersey newsroom. the first full day of jury deliberations underway for the camden county father accused of killing his 3-year-old son. "action news" reporter john rawlins live outside of the courthouse with a look at what the jury has to consider. >> reporter: hi sara, this trial began on april 20th and since then the jury has seen a lot of evidence and heard a lot of testimony about the toddler who
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went missing in october of 2015 but whose body was quickly discovered. it's a circumstantial case and to dna and no witnesses and no video tying the defendant, the little boy's father to the crime. >> the jury is deliberating an extensive but circumstantial case against david creato. the prosecution's case is that he killed his little boy, brendon in order to maintain a relationship. and she said she considered breaking up with creato because she was upset with the 3-year-old's presence when the couple spent weekends together. >> this defend got out of his bed and went into the living room and took brandon's pillow and put it over his face while he was sleeping and held it there until brandon died. but there is no actual evidence of what ended his death. they say it was consistent with
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oxygen deprivation and ruled it a home side. the defense offered no alternative explanation but reminded the jury of probable doubt. >> not maybe or probable but you are sure. ladies and gentlemen i would suspect you have more questions than answers because you just can't be sure. >> the jury deliberated or assembled for 20 minutes and began deliberations at 9:20 and still going strong. there is an expectation they will be given a lunch break in the next half hour or so. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> chopper 6 hd over the scene of the accident involving a pedestrian on i-95. "action news" learned that the pedestrian was hit by the vehicle on the northbound lanes of girard avenue at the betsy
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ross bridge. it's unclear how the person was hit or the extent of the injuries, all but one northbound lanes was closed as crews assessed the scene. from the delaware newsroom police need the public's help identifying a manta robbed a bank in wilmington. this is surveillance photo from the mnt bank. police say this man entered the bank and handed the teller a note demanding money. the suspect got away. if you recognize the man you are asked to contact police. also in wilmington delaware, police are investigating a collision involving a dart bus and another vehicle, the crash happened at 9:15 at the intersection of 4th and walnut. the extent of their injuries are not known. for the fourth day potential jurors are undergoing a vetting progress for the trial against bill cosby.
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11 jurors are seated in the sexual assault case and cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple employee at his home in 2004. the actor and median says their encounter was consensual. and his trial is set to begin on june 5th, bob brooks will break down the jury selection so far at 4:00. and president trump met with probe francis for the first time today. the president called the meeting an honor of a lifetime. he met with the pope for about a half hour at the vatican after a public feud between the two figures last year. the pope called building a border wall unchristian and he called his remarks disgraceful and today's meeting ends in a handshake. >> first lady, melan yeah trump and ivanka trump and jared
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kushner were in the room but not in the conversation. it's shaping up to be a fice afternoon as we look live at sky 6 hd at the ben franklin bridge at lunch time. the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds and it's not a bad day but david murphy talks about how that will change overnight. we have seen a good change because the earlier rain is now out of the way and clouds with occasional sunny breaks developing across the region. but there goes the rain and things are improving, just to the west darker shades of gray and green showing through and there is sunshine in the western suburbs. philadelphia is socked in a bit. and you'll see sun and clouds mixing today and some places stay mostly cloudy and other places changing to partly sunny for a while. 66 in philadelphia where we thought we would be at noon, we started in the upper 50s and a slow climb to the 56 and 69 in
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allentown and 69 in reading and 68 in lancaster. 67 in wilmington and down the shore if cape may, 63 degrees and winds are light tropping down from the northeast 13 miles per hour and that is as strong as you'll see around the region away from the coast at the atlantic city airport. and 7 miles per hour wind in trenton and 9 in reading and a little bit of a breeze. and things continue to warm up. 67 by 2:00 and 4:00, 70 and going for a high of 71 hitting rather late in the afternoon. maybe as late as 5:00 before we slide to 69 by 7:00 and 59 by 10:00. overnight after 3:00 a.m. another round of rain comes in from the west and we wind up with rain heavy at times during the morning commute and even a thunderstorm. and and issue at the shore ahead of the next rain this is the evening, the high tide is between 7:00 and 8:00 and any
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time after 6:00 a coastal flood warning is in effect and the back bays later than the ocean front high tides and minor tidal flooding in those places where you usually get it. the streets where you get the usual tidal flooding move your car tonight. we'll have your exclusive accuweather forecast and track the next round of rain coming in tomorrow and we have to talk about the weekend a few changes ahead especially into sunday. >> holiday weekend around the corner thank you. you can get the hourly forecast and check storm tracker 6 any time on your phone it's a free download for your mobile devices. philadelphia's mayor showed off his vocal skills today in south philadelphia. ♪ ♪ mayor jim kenney joined in for a few songs at the girard academic music program and the students
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spoke with the mayor about their own love of music. and the ladies got a behind the scenes look at the major league baseball experience today and the phillies hosted a soldout one-on-one women event. the ladies got an up close look at the clubhouse and one-on-one with the coaches and a mockup with pete mackanin. and there are be a presentation before tonight's game against the colorado rockies. and tonight a former playboy center field is expected to appear in court today. the snap chat post creating a firestorm. and the flames from a flight in new york. the emergency response after an engine caught fire. you won't believe what they put in tyson fun nuggets.
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. these are is the charred reminds of a tractor trailer that overturned in california. the trailer was carrying fuel and ignited into a fire ball and the driver was killed. the police believe the driver was going to fast around a turn and hit a median. a local mcdonald's also sustained damage and will be closed. and a plane caught fire at
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newark liberally air tort and was forced to evacuate. they immediately deployed the slides and evacuated the aircraft. there were three minor injuries. there were frighteninging moments in pittsburgh when the car began roll ago way with their children inside. the surveillance video shows the suv rolling through a neighbor's lawn and crashing through a deck and landing on the street. the couple says the car stalled and both got out to push it out of the way and left their young children inside strapped to their car seats, the children were not hurt but taken to the hospital as a precaution. a model that took a picture of a naked woman in a locker room and posted on social media. former playmate danny majors ignited a backlash of criticism
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when she snapped the video of a 73-year-old woman and posted it and mocked her online. still to come on "action news" at noon, if you are tired of your pizza getting soggy, apple may have a solution to the problem.
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what's more exhilarating than playing $100,000 club with top prizes of 100 thousand dollars? winning...on the spot. yeah! (laughter) play $100,000 club, the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win...on the spot! keep on scratchin'! breaking news right now. an evesham township where authorities are on the scene of a standoff here.
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lease are here on scene after a man barricaded himself inside of a building. you see first responders outside of the scene. this is the unit block of north maple avenue. it began at 10:00 this morning and the man is believed to be alone and there are no reports of injuries. you see police on the scene with a may becil command unit. and word of a standoff in evesham township. we don't know how it began or what unfolded before this. we'll keep an eye on what is happening in evesham township and update you throughout the newscast and on our website at the federal government has file aid lawsuit against fiat chrysler for cheating on
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emissions test. after they filed a modification on the software to resolve the issue. the epa accuse the fiat of installing the software or jeep cherokee suv's told from 2014 to 2016. apple believes they have a solution to soggy pizza crust. this circular box was created by apple submitted in 2010, opening at the circular container allowed moisture to escape and prevents it from getting soggy and can be stored in stacks and the pizza boxes are expected to be available at the tech giant silicon valley campus, apple park. a new study shows that people travel ago board may not be getting the proper vaccinati vaccinations. more than half of international travelers eligible to receive
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the measles mumps vaccine did not. people that did not put themselves at risk of of the infection. if you are not sure if you need the vaccinations before your trip the cdc has a list of travel notices. and may is stroke awareness month. join experts on today to have your questions about strokes answered. it discusses stroke signs and risk factors and more and happening now and continues until 1:00 this afternoon. head to our website at the "action news" team is out work on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. a nuclear warning scare has people on edge in south jersey last night and the message send over cable tv had a major error. the warning was just a test and "action news" is working to get answers from the agencies in charge. and long wood gardens on the verge of debuting their 90
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million renovation project and adam joseph is live at the main fountain garden starting at 4:00 for this week's spring adventure. quick break and accuweather is coming up next. as we take a nice picture from cape may, new jersey. david murphy has your seven-day forecast.
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we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. meteorologist, david murphy is back now with a pretty picture of cape may down at the shore. and a lot of folks want to see how that is looking. >> saturday looks like the best day and sunday afternoon not so much but monday not too bad. 75, 80, c plus. grading them. we got no rain left over after this morning. which was kind of damp for a while during the first half of
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the morning commute. as we look outside clouds hang rather tough and you sense that as you look at the action cam. not much indication of sunlight making it through the brook. and that is the case right now. some of you are starting to break out the sun. 66 is the current temperature in philadelphia. winds have been out of the east-northeast, 13 miles per hour in philadelphia and that is adding moisture to the upper atmosphere and keeping the clouds in place. 6 inal ebb town and 69 in reading and warmer in these areas and we see the clouds thin out in the northern and western areas. 66 in trenton and 63 is your current number in cape may. there goes to the rain from earlier this morning it fell apart and got off to the east by 7:00 or k this morning and that was according to the accuweather schedule. and out near philadelphia a lot of thinning of clouds and additional cloud cover marching
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in and that is how it will go and some of you stuck with mostly cloudy skies and some of you break out partly sunny skies and sun and clouds in the lehigh valley. and 72 is the high later on and at the shore not quite as mild with a high of 66 and clouds giving way to sun later today. and there is also an issue with tidal flooding during the evening and high tide along the ocean front tonight and in the places that usually get that, minor tidal flooding make sure you don't get it somed up with the flood water. and probably not hitting the high until 4:30 or 5:00 this afternoon and tonight the phillies trying to get a win against the rockies. it will be mostly cloudy and cool this evening and i expect it to be dry and a night where you want to bring along an extra layer or two. and we start at 67 and 59 in the
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ninth inning. overnight clouds increase and 56 is your low wren in the lookout for overnight rain, models are consistent bringing this into wilmington at 3:00 in the morning and by the time i'm on the air earlier tomorrow morning we very likely will have not only rain but isolated thunderstorms to show you on stormtracker 6 live double scan. now, this does start to taper off as we get up toward lunch time the rest of the day and night. and that is 11:00 tomorrow night. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 71 degrees with clouds mixing with occasional sun. some may get stuck with mostly cloudy skies. and tomorrow we have the morning rain and we transition to a spotty shower profile as we go through the afternoon and evening with a high of 68. breezy and 75 and saturday looks good and sunday give ways to increasing clouds and big plans not bad high of 78 and dry and 75 on sunday and likely in the
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afternoon and evening at some point we'll see rain start to overtake the region and monday memorial day partly sunny and slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm and not a washout certainly on monday. and the day to come of is saturday for the barbecue. >> the invites are in your email. we'll watch forever that. >> we'll see. much more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 12:30. the season is on for farmers market and now is the time to introduce the kids to new fruits and vegetables and ways to get young people interested in eating healthy.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist david murphy. >> here are the stories we are following now. they have 11 but need one more juror and six alternates in order for the sex assault case against bill cosby to get underway. and raids continue across manchester as british police look for more suspects connected to the suicide bombing attack after a concert. and alicia vitarelli was there for all of us she talks to the winner and takes us behind the scenes of the "dancing with the stars" finale. and they need one more juror and six


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