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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 25, 2017 2:10am-2:41am EDT

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workouts new and improved. his teammates are taking notice in his leadership even at the age of 24. >> last year, a little different story. trying to get my bearings straight. barely knew where the locker room was. now it's focusing on these guys and play book and building something special. >> wentz knows where the locker room is now. he has to figure out where the endzone is and the "ws." >> "jimmy kimmel live" next, zach ef ran, connie nielson and music from the zach brown band. >> news continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this >> i am frozen in my tracks right now. >> nick the wrangler is usually at home in the wild. >> but he didn't check his surroundings. >> what happens when you're cornered by a snake and try to touch its tail? it's a special gift for a talented artist. >> which blows my mind because he's color blind. >> the moment he knows this changes everything. >>. some paramotorists want to
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prepare for an epic race. the run that's a adventure. and a boyfriend caught cheating. see what's in the bathroom when his girlfriend tries to -- >> find the evidence. >> please, tell me it's a prank. there are two crazy nicks. this one who will sometimes attempt to prank charity which is dangerous. or there's this nick, the wrangler, who decides without looking around just to sit down and take a load off because it was hot and he was tired. but he didn't check his surroundings. >> you guys, look. i'm literally standing face-to-face with a wild and highly venomous eastern diamondback rattle snake. >> watch what the snake does next. >> and keep your heads over there, please. >> i don't know what t.
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>> going to try to blow on him. >> let's blow on him. see if that works. 7. >> it didn't work. let's go for the tapping on the tail. >> good call, buddy. good call. that worked. >> it just climbs into his lap like a curious little up. . -- puppy. so then he picks up a little stick. >> okay. >> just goes to show what it takes for a rattlesnake to bite you or attack. they're not out there looking to take you down. >> he says they really don't want to bite you. he thinks they're just curious saying what are you doing here. and just outside the gate to the krueger national park in south africa, look at this glorious black mambas or a golf course.
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>> what the hell? >> yeah. >> are they fighting or making more snakes? >> they are fighting. kara the woman who got this video says she was playing golf. she saw this, called her husband. told the other people playing saying come look at this. this is a rare sighting seeing these two fight. she says after they've been there for awhile, they got tired of it and just went off into the bush. >> wanted to tucker and shane are going on a bit of a mission. >> we're out here in washington right now. the reason being is my buddy shane and i are kind of testing the viability. >> the icaris is like a 1,000 mile cross country race. they're preparing for one. what this is yet again is another one of those videos that you've got to add to the scale.
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>> i've already been on craigslist looking for these. >> this would be why. look at this view. >> that is gorgeous. >> gosh, that looks so much fun. >> it really does. >> even cooler when you bust out the selfie stick. >> yeah, dude. freaking epic. >> they're looking for places they can stop, places they can refuel. what they do is when they approach this town, they start figuring out where they're going to land. they try to figure it out. >> whatever that public building is there, it was like a museum or something. >> that's perfect. that parking lot, that works. >> they're coming down to the parking lot. >> no wind at the bott. nice, buddy. >> for a perfect landing. nicely done. you can see on the map how far they went. >> 23 miles and they got to stop for gas already? >> they've got to stop because the sun is going to set.
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they're going to continue about 5:00 the next morning. while it was a good place to land, it does have one small issue. >> not very close to a hotel. but there's a hotel a half mile and another one a mile and a half. >> it's cool. just do this. you're on the road already. there's cars coming. >> exactly what happens. >> somebody with a truck, i hope. >> how lucky were they? >> gosh, this looks like so much fun. what an adventure. >> and it will continue. if you want to continue to see what they're getting up to. we heard that phrase if you see something say something. in today's society, it's see something, get your camera out and start recording something. up ahead we've got a nice porsche just jumped up over the curb, all over the road. people believed the driver was intoxicated. that's what made them continue to record as they follow behind the black porsche. going to make a left turn. >> dude. >> bumps into that car. right in front of it.
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then the reverse lights come up. stop, stop, stop. >> oh! >> that's where the video ends. drunk? no. we did contact tulsa police and they tell us it wasn't intoxication. it was a medical emergency that had this driver going all over the road. and the driver was checked out on the scene, was going to be okay, and was driven home safely. thankfully the car wasn't driving at a high rate of speed. now over to russia where things are just a little bit turned up. >> just a tad. >> stopped at a stop sign ready to make a right. >> someone fell out of the bus as well? >> this bus comes screeching through the frame. and oli, you've got your eyes on a guy to the bottom right of the screen. quickly gets to his feet. and then stomaumbles off. but this incident is not over yet. here's the guy with the dash cam. he gets out to survey the damage
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when suddenly here comes that bus with people on board bystanders trying to be the human foot brake for this bus. >> and it worked, apparently, because the bus actually stopped moving. >> but where's the driver? what's the deal? >> okay. here's the driver. the guy that oli spotted first at the bottom right of the screen is the bus driver. got ejected from the bus, gets himself up, brushes himself off. but then watch. he's also the same guy at the back of the bus right there trying to put his shoulder into it and stop it. >> i wonder what happened and triggered all of this commotion. >> reports say that the driver admitted that he was distracted. and in this incident, 15 people were injured aboard that bus including four children. >> yikes. >> thankfully no
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brian here just received a very special graduation gift. >> but look at the cute little thing. >> oh, my god. >> do you recognize that box? >> oh, cool. >> those are enchromer glasses and they help people that are color blind. this will be the first time he sees the world in all its beautiful colorful glory. >> kind of a bummer, though, that the house behind him is gray. the sky is gray. >> of all days. >> i wish it was brighter. >> but you know what? he still appreciates it. >> oh, my god. >> you can actually see? >> this is incre >> do you see different? >> yes! >> cool. >> and he can't believe his eyes. >> oh, my god. oh, my god! >> that is so neat. just look around and have things appear differently than you thought they were. >> this is a cute moment when i think he sees maybe his mom. >> oh, my god. you actually look red. >> unlike so many of the other videos, he doesn't break down in tears. he's just enjoying how beautiful
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the world is. so let's go over to this next video for the man tears. this one i was actually surprised to know that craig here who's celebrating his birthday is an air brush artist. which blows my mind because he's color blind. so there he is with his friends and family. they pitched in for this gift. >> i like the box. >> he starts opening it up. watch the moment he puts the glasses on. while everyone is cracking up laughing at this moment, he immediately starts crying. he gets up and walks to the edge of that balcony there. he leans over as he's seeing all the colors and he breaks down. >> wow. >> doesn't like them. >> actually he absolutely loves them. >> how do you top that gift? come the holidays, i gave you the gift of color. crayons? >> give him crayons. exactly. >> the best part is they had given him a kids color book. so he starts thumbing through it and the waterworks just keep on
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coming. >> no one's ever had that reaction to that book before. orange. green. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. hanna is going on a ride. >> you notice she has her selfie stick. >> oh, oh, oh! >> a look at the selfie-related injury. and he's doing the tooth dance. >> you can see there is a string attached to that young child's tooth. >> now watch the grand finale. >> almost snapped his face off. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay. yep. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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closed captioning provided by -- try new xyzal®. for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. like us on facebook. stay in touch all day long. now back to the sh hanna here is going on a
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little ride. but you notice she has her selfie stick. >> oh, oh, oh, oh, man. she stood up, got her knees locked. >> that's a selfie-related injury and they have been on the increase as time has gone by. >> it looked like she saw some danger coming up ahead. that's why she stood up board straight but the horse wasn't slowing down. >> the problem was the horse did slow down. stuck the brakes on her, got her in the face. maintained the selfie. this group of amateur photographers, they're known as the raw wild founders. here they are at the national park when suddenly these elephants start to move really quickly. one by one they're like i got to go. >> i think they call that charging. >> they're running away from a mouse. >> it's not a mouse. >> what are they running from? >> bees. >> what? >> a swarm of bees. >> you're kidding. >> they can penetrate their thick hide? >> nobody's playing with bees. let's be honest.
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we need the bees for the ecosystem, but we don't need bees being swarmed by them. and they be out. >> snnot what i thought. >> no. that's annie on the left. adelaide on the right. . she says you got to pray for me. i'm nervous. i'm about to get my surgery at green view. she's getting her tonsils out. then you realize with twins, b subterfuge happens early. she's got a plan. >> that's how you get out of it right there. i wish i had a twin when i got my tonsils out. >> you get your tonsils out. i don't want to get mine out. >> well i'm not getting mine out. >> then we got to take
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everybody's tonsils out. >> yeah. you two have a lot in common. if one needs a surgery -- >> uh-huh. we go from prayer to the club. you can see there is a string attached to that young child's tooth. and now the countdown. >> three, two, one. >> it came out! >> she just hit the lotto, baby. >> it came out! this woman is cleaning up. >> she's sweeping the aisles. >> but watch this elderly man's bizarre behavior. >> what an arrogant fool. plus it's bear versus intruder. >> in the background you see an elk approaching that bear.
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and once he's done taking all that he can out of the box, he then reaches over and tells the bus driver give me what you've got. unfortunately this has been a thing. bus drivers have reported that the robbers have taken their cell phones, jewelry, and personal belongings. right now they're trying to identify these robbers. they have found one of them since the beginning of may. there have been over 30 thefts. moving to china, here we are on this train. you notice this woman is sweeping the aisles. pay attention to this elderly fella here. at first looks like he's leaning over to the aisle. what we don't see is he's -- she asked him to stop. he takes the seeds and flings them down the aisle. here's where things get interesting. he gets up and starts flinging them down the other parts. he starts to kick the seeds. now they're spreading. meanwhile she's just looking at him. now he's walking up the aisle kicking and spreading the seeds. >> she should take the dust pan
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and dump it in his seat and walk away. >> i'm going to also draw attention to the carriage of cowards that did nothing. >> nobody said one word. always a thrill when you get to see wildlife in the wild. especially if you're not in some safari park. right here shoannon came acrossa bear in the welderness. the bear found something under the log. you see an elk approaching that bear. the bear hops into that tree but still interested as to what's underneath that branch. >> what a sight to catch on video. >> watch close. the bear coming back. >> i love they're playing touch and go. like who's going to get there first. t >> the cries still coming from beneath the branch. the bear gets in the face of the elk. now we've got a standoff here. elk versus bear. momma elk looks like she's going
2:36 am
to back down, turns her back, starts to walk away. bears sees an opportunity. >> oh. >> the elk serves a big kick to the bear. the bear goes up the tree. that gives the baby elk time to get to its rickety little feet and start to run away. that's what the bear was after. the bear was after that newborn elk. >> maybe it just wanted to play. it was a cub. >> it thought, i'll help you, friend, but o your mom is cramping my style. >> that's a sweet way to think about it, but bears will eat pretty much anything if they've got an opportunity. so this looked like a very, very close call for that young elk. you can see momma and baby scamper off into the woods. the bear left hanging like i guess i should have made sure the coast was clear before i attempted th he's been caught red handed. >> i've never seen that before in my life.
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got yummyness. going to get cut one of these days by his girlfriend. because he's up to it again. and this one, oh, this one hits where it hurts. >> today i'm going to prank my girlfriend by getting caught red handed cheating on her. >> oh!


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