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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a republican candidate for congress charged with assault. accused of body slamming a reporter hours before voters hit the polls. why the selection is so important. with even the president doing some campaigning. also breaking right now the united kingdom is slamming the united states. investigators looking into the manchester terror attack are now refusing to share information with their american counterparts. the leaked photos that made them angry. we have them and we'll show them to you and show you the latest victims to be identified including a young couple. we're live. >> happening today president trump attending his first nato summit. that is an alliance that he once called obsolete. live in belgium with his arrival. and caught on camera. a woman's desperate attempt to not be a victim of a carjacking.
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a good thursday morning. voters in montana head to the polls in just a few hours but the leading congressional candidate is now facing charges after allegedly assaulting a reporter. >> he is republican greg gianforte who is accused of grabbing the reporter by the neck and slamming him to the ground overnight. at least three newspapers pulling their endorsements. it's a closely watched election where the trump administration campaigned for a win. >> chaos on the eve of an election. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> reporter: the republican candidate for montana's congressional race accused of body slamming a reporter from "the guardian" newspaper. in a recording of the alleged assault ben jacobs can be heard asking candidate greg gianforte about health care and then a scuffle. >> the cbo score. as you know you've been waiting to make your decision about health care until we saw the bill --
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>> we'll talk to you about that later. >> yeah, but -- >> speak with shane please. >> i'm sick and tired of goos. the last time you came in here you did the same thing. get the hellman out of here. >> jesus. if get the hell out of here. the last guy did the same -- >> yes and you just broke my glasses. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> get the hell out of here. >> reporter: a fox news crusade gi gianforte slammed him to the ground before punching him several times. in a statement his spokesperson says jacobs entered a private office aggressively shoved a recorder in the candidate's face and then, quote, asked badgering questions. gianforte is seen as at front-runner in a seat left vacant when ryan zinke was
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promoted. a robo call to voters. >> hi, this is president donald trump and i know what the people of montana really want and really care about. >> and donald trump jr. as well as vice president pence also showing up at rallies for the republican. the democrats wasting no time launching facebook ads overnight against him over the incident. so, this fort gian forte is facing misdemeanor assault charges. >> the county sheriff contributed hundreds of dollars to his campaign. in a press release the sheriff says his support for the candidate will have no effect on the investigation. >> we'll move on to the other big breaking news from overnight, britain is so angry at the u.s. over leaks to the media from the manchester bombing investigation. >> the final straw apparently was the publication of these photographs, published by "the new york times," they show what was left of the bomb indicating that the suicide bomber must have had help making it. british officials have just revealed they will no longer share law enforcement information with the united states. >> let's head over to manchester and abc's molly hunter is live
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for us there. molly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. that's right. and prime minister theresa may plans to talk to president trump about this at that nato meeting in brussels later, here investigators are look for that bombmaker on the loose. >> whoa. >> reporter: overnight new raids across manchester. there are now at least eight people in custody in connection with monday's deadly attack. members of the suicide bomber's family klug his father and two brothers detained. his younger brother abedi knew he was going to carry out an attack and two were members of isis. abedi's father denying his son was a terrorist in an interview. while searching at least one address in manchester investigators carried out a controlled ex-lotion and at abedi's home investigators say they found enough materials to build several more bombs. crime scene photos of the intricate bombing device obtained by "new york times" and posted on its website reveals
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the sophisticated design. the detonator covered in blood and a small circuit board soldered inside and protruding red wire and mangled 12-volt battery more powerful than most seen in suicide bombs. >> this is a network we are investigating. >> reporter: all 22 of the people killed by 9 explosion have now been identified. among them were a couple, 17-year-old chloe rutherford and 19-year-old liam curry. in a joint statement their families said they wanted to be together forever and now they will. 47-year-old lisa lees waiting to pick up her daughter is believed the girl is not injured and 14-year-old nell jones. her family were hoping to find her in the hospital. and this city is still grieving together. you can see the growing memorial. people stopping by to lay flowers on the way to work and i want to show you the front page of the local paper. there is a light that never goes out. and later this morning the whole
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country will hold a moment of silence to remember the victims. >> that moment of silence copping around 6:00 eastern time here in the u.s. molly hunter there for us, thank you. that new report about the sharing of information on the investigation comes as president trump attends his phares nato summit today. >> the president is also meeting with european union leaders. abc's karen travers is in brussels. any reaction from the white house about this pledge from the uk to stop sharing information? >> reporter: diane, no reaction yet from the white house and president trump will likely meet with british prime minister theresa may on the sidelines of this summit here in brussels. it is not on his formal schedule, though. the other day the president did reach out to theresa may immediately after the attack and pledge the full support and cooperation of the united states. and says that the united states stands strongly with the british people. now, diane, the issue of combating terrorism certainly now becoming more front and center here at this summit. president trump is expected to push the mate to allies and
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members to step up more in fighting isis. so certainly in the wake of the attack this has taken on a "a new way"ed urgency by the administration. >> we've seen scenes of the president with the king and queen of belgium as well as the prime minister there. what else is on his agenda today in brussels? >> reporter: kendis, the cultural religious part of this trip is now over and now for president trump it's meetings, more meetings with some working lumps and dinners thrown in there to break things up and begins his day meeting with european union officials at the eu headquarters and then he's going to sit down and have a working lump with the newly elected french president. the president -- this is his first time going to a summit like this. the first time sitting down with a large group of world leaders and kendis and diane it's not exactly president trump's trial so we're really baying attention to see how he reacts to this full slate of meetings and also how the other world leaders react to him. i think it is no surprise that he will certainly be the center of attention here today as other
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leaders try to get a couple of seconds of his time while they can. >> sounds like the while trip has been a big mish-mash of things not usually his style in these unorthodox meetings and whatnot so we'll continue to watch closely. karen travers live from brussels, thanks. the justice department confirmed attorney general jeff sessions did not disclose his contacts with the russian diplomat on his security clearance form. they say an fbi official had advised sessions not to report meetings with foreign dignitaries that were connected to his job as a senator. sessions had recused himself from the investigation into russia's election meddling after failing to reveal those meetings during his confirmation hearing. now to the west coast and new video just in of major flooding in an youscale neighborhood in southern california. officials in newport beach say a contractor damaged a critical seawall when the tide came in, the flooding began. nearly 2 inches of water in some homes. investigators say the seawall was damaged by accident. there's also flooding in ohio this morning. at least one tornado has been
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confirmed and several others were reported near dayton. several businesses suffered heavy damage and roads are now closed because of the downed trees and power lines. the flooding reported in cincinnati as well but there are no reports of any injuries. and now for a closer look at your weather. >> diane and kendis, thanks and good morning to you. well, it's a recipe for heavy rainfall all throughout the northeast. big travel delays expected as we go throughout the day. lots and lots of moisture in place so all along interstate 95 here talking about rain with the potential for some thunderstorms as well. heading in toward the holiday weekend notice that thunderstorm threat continuing throughout the ohio valley and into the southeast. wet weather working its way to the north and east for memorial day. diane. kendis. >> still ahead a new report
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released overnight shows the safest and deadliest cars. plus the analysis of the republican health care plan is in showing tens of millions would lose coverage. we're live in washington with new reaction. and see a woman's dramatic sometimes we get a little wild at night. but i don't always finish. so i use k-y duration spray to last longer... so we can both... [[wolf howling]] [[bear roaring]] nothing brings you closer than finishing together. last longer with k-y duration.
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it lifts more dirt, pet hair and removes odours. while softening every fibre because your carpet never stops working, resolve carpet care with five times benefits democrats are slamming the republican plan to replace obamacare after that new report from the congressional budget office. >> the nonpartisan cbo says the bill that passed in the house is expected to leave 23 million more americans without health insurance. abc's lana zak has the latest from washington. the new tips are in and the nonpartisan congressional budget office is projecting millions of uninsured americans. >> the report makes clear trumpcare would be a cancer on
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the american health care system. >> reporter: earlier house republicans narrowly passed their version of the bill. >> this is a repeal and a replace of obamacare. >> reporter: moving forward without a full accounting of the likely effects of their legislation. but now the cbo report is complete and it estimates in its current state the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $119 billion over the next decade but also leave 23 million more people uninsured. the likely effects even more dire for people with pre-existing conditions and senior citizens, a 64-year-old making roughly $26,000 in some states could see his or her premiums climb nearly $12,000 or more. the aarp in a statement condemned the plan for what they called the devastating impact the bill would have on older americans by imposing an age tax and hiking costs for those who can least afford them eroding seniors' ability to live independently. the head of the senate says he's
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committed to repeal and replace regardless of what the cbo says. >> it's a technical, procedural step beyond likely reiterating things we already know, the up dated report will 5 now the senate procedurally to move forward. >> reporter: the white house is largely discounting the cbo's estimates but some moderate republicans are expressing doubts like susan collins who is now calling for a bipartisan solution. kendis, diane. >> it does sound, lana, like they'll start it all over again there in the senate. thank you. when we come back more trouble for fox news. companies are pulling ads from another popular show. this as that host announces a sudden vacation. and better late than never. now the question is who claimed a $24 million lottery ticket just a day before it expired? when did anyone start calling this salad? at panera, a good salad is so much more than a bowl of something green. more than an obligation to be good. more than just something you have on the side.
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the truck's brakes apparently failed causing the driver to lose control. that person behind the wheel of the car only suffered minor injuries. there will be wet roads in the northwest and across the rockies this morning. wet also for part of the midwest and along most of the east coast where some flooding is possible. the mysterious murder of a democratic national committee staffer in washington, d.c. remains unsolved but it is also the focus of a wikileaks conspiracy theory. >> sean hannity was among those pushing that theory. now he's pulled back but advertisers are pulling away. some advertisers are pulling out of sean hannity's fox news channel show. the embattled host is under fire for promoting a theory of a death of a former dncer. two advertisers said they will no longer advertise on this program. they had been catching closely and made the decision to pull our advertising. and peloton said we directed our
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media agency to stop advertising on his show. his ratings have seen a spike despite this. >> hannity has been pursuing this theory that seth ridge was actually the person who leaked dnc e-mails to wikileaks and was assassinated. >> reporter: investigators say there is no indication his death in 20161 connected to his employment at the dnc. fox retracted that story tuesday. in an interview hannity blamed the conspiracy on liberal watchdog groups now on vacation from his show for the rest of the week and more on this on "good morning america." the tsa is testing new screening procedures at ten airports across the country. those include requiring passengers to remove electronic devices larger than a cell phone from their bags. the devices must then be placed in a separate bin so they can be examined a little more closely. the testing has been going on for more than a year and the tsa says it may be expanded nationwide. a new report is out about the safest and deadliest cars on
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the road. the insurance industry says bigger is better. the hyundai accent and kia rio had the worst driver death rates. at the other end of the spectrum there were 11 models that had no driver eddies between 2012 and 2015. mostly suvs like the jeep cherokee and mazda cx 9. a woman in wisconsin followed her instincts when she tried to stop a carjacking. melissa smith jumped on to her suv at a gas station in milwaukee after a thief jumped in and tried to drive away. watch this carefully. she's on the hood right there. he's trying to knock her off and then look quickly. you'll see the thief gets away and jumps in a getaway car. she jumps off of the hood and somehow was able to open her car door and get it to stop. absolutely amazing. the suspects are still at large and she's staph. >> incredible. >> well, the newest lottery millionaire here in new york apparently is a procrastinator
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♪ headphone for this. >> it is time to check "the pulse" and first official trailer for season seven of "game of thrones" is out. >> it runs 90 seconds and contains more than a few spoilers for those like me who haven't seen all of the previous season so take it back.
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>> the trailer sets the stage for the arrival of the mother of dragons and the mother of all battles. check it out. >> i was born to rule the seven kingdoms. and i will. ♪ >> season 7 of "game of thrones" begins on hbo on july 16th. >> doesn't help when it doesn't plug into anything. there are only seven episodes rather than the usual. >> maybe you can finally catch up. >> here you go. next up today is one of the better days of the year because it is national wine day. >> absolutely. and if you will be drinking some wine today you won't be alone. one estimate says u.s. wine sales last year were about $60 billion. >> so apparently we don't have expensive tastes so nearly 60% of the wine sold in the u.s. goes for under $8 a bottle. chardonnay, caber fay, pinot grigio are the most popular.
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, it is thursday, may 25. here's what's next on "action news." for more than two hours a robbery suspect holed up inside a delaware county cvs held police at bay we're live with the developments. a congressional candidate is accused of slamming a reporter last night as voters go to the polls today. storm tracker 6 live is showing rain across the area for another day. meteorologist david murphy is tracking all that for you, we're got 0 those stories and so much more next up on "action news." course for a graduation ceremony and we've seen public officials speak. we also saw a rock concert at one of them or two. >> but one of the biggest
4:28 am
surprises we've seen involved a mom in southern california. abc's david muir has the story. >> reporter: it was five years ago marty o'connor was a college student with a good job in sales spending free time skateboarding, surfing, playing volleyball but for that athlete an accident, he fell down a flight of stairs becoming a quadriplegic. >> when a spinal cord injury happens there's no fixing it. >> reporter: but it turns out his mother would find a way to help. he would retire early and when marty enrolled in an mba program in orange county, california. judy picked up everything and moved to be right there next to her son taking notes when he could not. >> in the classroom she was there taking all my notes raising her hand for me when i needed to speak up. she was there every step of the way. >> reporter: this mother and son would go to every class together for two years. >> when we went into class, i would jut introduce myself,
4:29 am
hello, i'm judy, i'm marty's assistant and so it wasn't hi, i'm marty's mom. >> reporter: on graduation day it wasn't just marty being celebrated, it was his mother. >> at the suggestion of her son and with the support of all the relevant bodies we are honored to award an honorary mba to mrs. o'connor. >> i had no idea. it was a very special moment, really touched my heart. [ applause ] >> just imagine what that must have been like for that mom and that son. >> they say, hey, she went to all the classes and took all the notes she deserves a degree as well. >> she yes, she did. have a great thursday. >> good morning everyone
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4:30 a.m., thursday, may 25. here's what we're following for you. police are called to a burglary at a philadelphia private school overnight. police take the manchester bomber's family into custody as they deal with a potential network. >> good morning, we have karen rogers and david murphy


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