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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 26, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. holiday travel alert. tens of millions on the move for memorial day as a dangerous storm moves in. severe weather taking aim at the middle of the country and moving toward the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled or delayed. these passengers tuck on the plane for hours. as the busiest travel weekend in more than a decade gets under way. our team is spread out across the country tracking it all for you this morning. also happening now, president trump meeting with the world's most powerful leaders and talking north korea. >> it's a big problem. it's a world problem. it will be solved. >> how is he being received and the president's shove seen around the world. also breaking his son-in-law and top adviser jared kushner now caught in the crosshairs of the russia investigation. the major questions about his
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contacts with russian officials. close encounter. a hunter out in the wilderness when a black bear moves in charging right at him. his camera falling to the ground as they struggle. how he got away. ♪ and third time's a charm. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers knocking off the celtics heading to the nba finals to take on steph curry and the warriors for the third year in a row. the shot that broke michael jordan's record. >> i think i fell in love with the game because of mike. >> and what king james is saying about his next big showdown. ♪ welcome to my house ♪ welcome to my house we do welcome you to our house. good morning, america. happy friday. good to see david here. >> good to be in the house. >> how about king james? this is the seventh year in a row that he is going to play in the nba finals. >> unbelievable. seven years in a row you're there -- kind of spoils you a
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little bit. >> ready for the rematch. who's ready for the weekend? a lot of people. millions already out there traveling looking live at the roads this morning as americans coast to coast head out this morning. >> and millions more are taking to the skies. take a look, live look, reagan national airport. lines are already growing as we see there. and aaa estimates more than 39 million americans will travel more than 50 miles from home this weekend. that's the highest number since 2005. >> of course, the weather already causing some headaches there. we will go to ginger tracking all those severe storms. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. and, yes, it is. took me about eight hours longer than expected yesterday to get in, so please do check ahead when doing your travel plans. there will be a colossal travel weekend and a giant weekend weatherwise. there's that am news shelf cloud dangling over homes in maryland. those storms causing those low ceilings that kept everybody delayed and on the tarmac and it's going to happen again. boston up to the northeast is a problem here. chicago is going to get into
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rain today and denver, part of the severe weather threat for this afternoon and evening so damaging wind and big hail, definitely possible. this is a really large area saturday. i wanted to point out little rock up to st. louis. please watch out for this as this comes together for your saturday afternoon and evening. i know you want to know about monday so please stick around. i'll be back in moments with that forecast. david. >> can't wait for that. in the meantime, as we know millions are hitting the skies and that weather is already leading to so many delays and cancellations and abc's david kerley at reagan national airport where we saw the growing lines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. you can see it is a heavy flow today and a lot of folks in line and weather is complicating this and it is going to be a record. according to the estimates we're talking 4% to 5% more people flying in holiday weekend. if there were 100 on your plane, 104, 105 this year and for the summer season just kicking off it's only going to get busier. aaa is estimating that 234 million americans are going to be hitting the skies over the
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summer season. it's a lot of folks flying, david, and the weather that we're talking about in the last couple of days has been this complicating factor. more than 900 flights canceled yesterday, more than 7,000 delayed and, of course, they're trying to deal with that today to get all these folks where they want to go. >> a big dose of patience needed. what about new tsa procedures for screening carry-ons testing them in certain airports. where is it happening? >> reporter: we're not seeing it here at reagan. ten airports around the country testing new procedures where you have to take out any electronic device bigger than your food, some food products and even big books. the problem is we are packing too much into our bags so tsa is testing this new plan. l.a.x., phoenix, boston, some of the big airports where those tests are going on, david. >> all right, thanks. i'm one of those people, the ziploc bag is broken. get a new ziploc. >> what you should pack is a lot of patience. the roads are going to be packed this morning. so let's go to abc's eva pilgrim
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who is just north of new york city right now. how is it going out there, eva? >> reporter: oh, robin, it is moving. it's the busiest memorial day travel weekend in over a decade. aaa projecting 36 million people will hit the road up 2.4 from last year. we have two rvs next to us. people are getting out of the city making their move for the holiday weekend and there are cars already trying to get where they're headed. >> what is the best time to head out? >> reporter: well, the best time varies from city to city, so if you haven't already left and you're not going to leave super, super late, you're probably going to hit some traffic. friday usually is the worst day to travel. we all know that, it's pretty common sense. everyone is trying to make the most of the holiday weekend so be prepared to sit in traffic today. if you're leaving today and if you're coming back on monday, that's another day you're going to have to sit in traffic. everybody is trying to stretch
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it doing the same thing. >> do you have suggests on how drivers can help themselves in being safe out on the road? >> reporter: well, for being safe -- >> yeah. one of the safe things you can do is not try to report from inside the car. you always have electronic problems. we'll check back with her. other news this morning and another big headline, the montana special election results coming in overnight and the republican candidate for congress who's been charged with assaulting a reporter throwing him to the ground has won. overnight he spoke out about the confrontation and abc's clayton sandell is in bozeman, montana, with much more. hey, clayton. >> reporter: hey, david, there were big questions about whether that explosive recording was going to affect the race here but this morning, montana voters have spoken. this morning, montana republican greg gianforte is set to become the newest member of congress. >> tonight we won a victory for
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all montanans. >> reporter: his victory speech just 24 hours after allegedly assaulting "guardian" reporter ben jacobs who asked a question about health care and recorded this response. >> sick and tired of you guys. the last time you came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. >> skwooez. >> get the hell out of here. the last guy did the same thing. you with "the guardian"? >> yes, and you just broke my glasses. >> the last guy did the same thing. >> reporter: gianforte's campaign originally gamed jacobs saying the reporter acted aggressively disputed by a fox news crew that saw the whole thing. >> when gianforte grabbed him by the neck, both hands, slid him to the side, body-slammed him and then got on top of him and started punching and then yelling at him. >> reporter: the sheriff charged gianforte a former software executive with assault. house speaker paul ryan called for an apology and overnight -- >> when you make a mistake, you have to own up to it.
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>> reporter: gianforte fell on his sword. >> i should not have treated that reporter that way and for that, i'm sorry, mr. ben jacobs. >> reporter: so far jacobs has not responded to that apology. gianforte will soon be headed to congress but first he'll be headed to court. by june 7th to face that assault charge. >> clayton, thank you. now to president trump closing in on the final days of his first international trip, this morning in sicily meeting with the g7 leaders which includes some of america's most important allies. and back here at home, there are two major developments, a federal appeals court has upheld the block on the president's travel ban. and the trump administration now says they plan to take that fight to the supreme court. one of the president's top advisers, his son-in-law, jared kushner, is now a focus of the russia investigation. we'll have much more on all that ahead but first let's go to our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega in italy for more on the president's big morning. good morning, cecilia.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. not a bad backdrop here for you. this is where the leaders of the seven most powerful countries in the world are gathered today hoping to try to tackle some of the most pressing problems and behind the scenes many of them have plans to lobby president trump hard. this morning, president trump in this scenic town in sicily rounding out his first trip abroad meeting with world leaders like japan's shinzo abe. >> great to have prime minister abe, a friend of mine. >> reporter: their focus, north korea. >> it's a big problem. it's a world problem and it will be solved. at some point it will be solved. you can bet on that. >> reporter: but his presence on the world stage already making headlines for moments like this. the president appearing to push the prime minister of montenegro aside stepping to the front of the pack for a photo-op. and this handshake with france's new president, emmanuel macron. >> congratulations, great job.
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>> reporter: it went on and on, so long it appears president trump tried to pull away. their knuckles turning white and he did not seem to make any new friends with his speech to nato. the alliance he called obsolete during the campaign. >> nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations. >> reporter: the president telling them it's time to pay up. >> 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> reporter: some leaders laughing it off. others whispering, canada's justin trudeau stone-faced. yeah, many of those leaders looked very uncomfortable on that stage there. the president, though, is tweeting this morning he is calling this trip very successful. he says it may have saved the
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u.s. billions of dollars and millions of jobs. it's unclear exactly how this trip may have done that. the issue that he is sure to face behind the scenes this morning, david, climate change, many of the european leaders here looking to push him hard on that one. >> big issues ahead and just a stunning backdrop behind you, cecilia. hope you get a chance to enjoy a little bit of it. always busy, cecilia vega, thanks to you. let's bring in our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl traveling with the president in italy. jon, first the developing headline involving the president's son-in-law jared kushner. also one of the senior advisers, now his contacts with the russians are under scrutiny in the investigation by the fbi. what have you learned? what are they looking at? >> reporter: well, here's what's going on. he is a person of interest to that fbi investigation. there is no indication whatsoever he is a target of the investigation. but they will want to talk to him, specifically excuse me, specifically about his contacts during the transition with the russian ambassador and also his
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contacts with a top executive in the state owned bank. russian state owned bank. he's clearly going to be -- he's going to have to deal with this and have lawyers deal with this. it will be a major distraction but important to note, david, no indication that jared kushner is a target of this investigation. simply at this point somebody that they want to talk to. >> all right, jon. working around the clock. we watched the president telling nato leaders they're not paying their fair share for defense, not backing down as some leaders looked at each other, some uncomfortable moments and now expected to face tough questions on the g7 on issues they haven't seen eye to eye. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, it's been a tough reception. you know, the president went to nato and delivered a very stern message, almost a lecturing message telling them that they had to pay their fair share for collective defense. that's not surprising. something he said very strongly as a candidate. but it's what they didn't hear from him that was so concerning. he didn't come out and bluntly
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reaffirm america's commitment to collective self-defense, in other words, that an attack on any nato ally is attack on all nato allies. he didn't say that the white house says, of course, the president believes that and shares that commitment that has been around for more than six decades for the united states, but he didn't say it. that hurt. and now issues like climate change, refugees, even how tough to be with russia on all issues disagreements with our strongest allies here in europe. >> jon karl and our entire team traveling with the president, thanks to you all. david, now to a new arrest in connection with the concert terror attack in the uk. british police carrying out more raids trying to root out a possible terror network and matt gutman is on the scene in manchester this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hurricane good morning, robin. authorities say there are eight men total who have been arrested. all of them detained in connection to terrorism and as authorities try to close the noose on any possible accomplices they are scrambling to determine if there is a
7:14 am
second device out there. in raid after raid authorities here racing to roll up a possible terror cell searches sweeping england. for the first time police with long guns patrolling trains. at one rate south of manchester, the bomb squad moved in and hundreds forced out of their homes and into the streets. it is now a global investigation. eight men in custody in england and the father and younger brother of 22-year-old salman abedi who detonated that bomb arrested in libya. authorities telling abc news good progress is being made as they zero in on possible accomplices, they're now revealing more about his movements. in july of last year video shows him in this north african robe and just days before the attack at this shopping mall wearing the backpack suspecteds to have carried the bomb and libyan authorities say just 15 minutes before detonating that device, he called his mother and brother
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asking for forgiveness and the last of the victims have been named and at this memorial site for them, we found this muslim man weeping. >> really, really breaks me. >> reporter: he came here, he said because of the major's message of unity in the crowd we tracked down the mayor. i want to introduce you to the man would came up to you earlier. >> if we start thinking like that, we can start making a difference. >> a different philosophy. >> reporter: now the pressure is on that mayor and police here because this weekend the city is holding its biggest sporting event. that as authorities learned that he got through multiple european airports without being picked up three days before the attack. >> matt, thanks very much. michael. we're going to switch gears and all know that graduation season is in full swing and facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg returned to the school he
7:16 am
famously dropped out of, harvard, to deliver the commencement address. take a look. >> because let's face it, you accomplished something i never could. [ laughter ] if i get through this speech today, it'll be the first time i actually finished something here at harvard. there is something wrong with our system when i can leave here and make billions of dollars in ten years while millions of students can't even afford to pay off their loans let alone start a business. the challenge for our generation is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose. >> interesting speech. he talked about his best memory from harvard was meeting his wife priscilla. he thought he was going to get kicked out because he started a business there and they wanted to see him. he didn't get kicked out but said he was at a party his friends threw for him and saw his wife and said, hey, i'm going to get kicked out of here in three days and you have to go out on a date with me.
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>> i saw that in the movie. that was good. that was good. >> a true story. >> all right. michael. thank you. now you have the other top stories and one that's developing right now. >> that's right. it is a developing story unfolding right now actually. gunmen opening fire on a bus full of coptic christians happening in egypt. so far at least 24 people have been killed. dozens more wounded. that bus was headed to a monastery. no immediate claim of responsibility and you'll remember on palm sunday isis attacked a church in alexandria killing dodds there. also breaking overnight more than 30 people were injured when their tour bus overturned in new jersey. it was heading from new york city to atlanta when it collided with a tractor trailer. all of the injuries, thankfully, are said to be minor. and some stunning figures this morning about alzheimer's disease. the number of americans with that deadly condition jumped more than 50% in a 15-year period. the centers for disease control says america's aging population and longer life spans have
7:18 am
contributed to that increase. and a heart-stopping encounter between a hunter and back bear caught on camera. take a look as he was on a spring hunt in canada when he spotted the animal. it suddenly charges and a starts making loud noises to scare it off. he is knocked to the ground, boom, the bear quickly ran off and wesley says he is grateful to be alive and that the bear just bruised his elbow and his ego. >> could have made louder noises. >> yeah, exactly. take a look at this. one reason to obey traffic signs. so, yep, you might end up in wet cement. the driver in nebraska ignored traffic cones thinking i'll go around it. it'll cost him about $10,000 in damage done to the street. we're not even talking about the damage done to his car and perhaps his ego. >> yes, as well. that's right. whoo. got to pay attention. >> all-wheel drive. >> made traffic worse after that. this memorial day weekend and you were telling us tough for you to get back home. >> so differ and this is still
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ongoing today and unfortunately doesn't look great in the northeast al95 this is monday's, i-10 up i-25. let's get the weekend getaways brought to you by ashley home store. >> reporter: heavy rain from last night is gone. dry son storm tracker 6 live heading outside we have sky6 live hd there's sun and occasional clouds out there. a little bit cool, temperatures in the upper 50s in most neighborhoods, this afternoon we're going for a high of 75. there's a chance of a spotty
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visit today to learn more. >> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:23 a.m., may 26. let's head to matt pellman starting on the 30 bypass, good morning. >> reporter: tam, overall volume is lighter than normal as people make it an extra long weekend heading into memorial day. it's not light here on the 30 bypass, eastbound side near downingtown crash has been out here for an hour taking out the left lane right lane squeezing by. stick with business 30 or the eastbound turnpike. upper hanover downed pole from an overnight crash closing kutztown road. church or 29 the alternates there. wreck on the media bypass close to 252. slowing there. reports on rocks on the road
7:24 am
along kelly drive outbound near hunting park, right lane out of the commission there. slow speeds on i-95 and the schuylkill expressway, but not as bad as normal. tam. >> thank you, matt, we'll take a short break and come back to accuweather. >> reporter: all right everybody
7:25 am
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we're off to a decent start with a good deal of sunshine. 62 in philadelphia. this afternoon high of 75. there's a chance of a spotty afternoon shower. for the weekend, 76 65 weekend shower on saturday. rain on sunday may hold off until late in the day or later at night, 74. monday, 765 spotty thunderstorm there, as well. a bit unsettled for all three holiday days this weekend. looks like spotty precipitation at this point. >> more mammal tips coming up
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welcome back to "gma," everybody. you're looking at central park this morning. everybody is out there excited and ready to kick off the holiday weekend with a very special friday because we got both florida georgia line and nelly performing live. that means hit after hit after hit. cruise on into the weekend. >> into the holiday weekend. >> that's right. also right now president trump is in italy this morning on the final stretch of his first international trip meeting with some of the world's most powerful leaders. the g7, then he and the first lady will attend an orchestra concert and dine with the italian president and all eyes on the roads and skies as an estimated 3.3 million people will travel this holiday weekend. severe weather hitting the center of the country moving east. thousands of flights already
7:31 am
been canceled or delayed. in the meantime, we'll move on to that new development in the russia investigation. we've learned that under scrutiny now president trump's son-in-law, ivanka trump's husband jared kushner and his contacts with the russians and abc news learned contacts between kushner and russian officials are a focus and abc's david wright is following the developments for us. >> reporter: good morning. jared kushner is not just another white house staffer. he may well be the president's closest adviser, the one guy in the inner circle who can't be fired so the fact that he's now swept up in the russia investigation puts this all uncomfortably close to the president. jared kushner's lawyer promised full cooperation. quote, mr. kushner previously volunteered to share with congress what he knows about these meetings. he will do the same if he is contacted in connection with any other inquiry. fbi sorts tell abc news kushner is not accused of any wrongdoing, nor is he a target of their investigation.
7:32 am
but the fbi is curious about a december meeting kushner had with russian ambassador sergey kislyak and retired lieutenant general michael flynn. flynn's further contacts with that same russian ambassador ultimately got him fired. >> i asked for his resignation. he respectfully gave it. >> reporter: during the transition kushner also met with the head of a russian bank that is subject to u.s. sanctions. >> jared is a very successful real estate person but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. he's very good at politics. >> reporter: just a few years ago jared kushner was running his dad's company cutting his first big real estate deals in brooklyn. >> the last place i thought i would be would be spending a lot of time in brooklyn. >> reporter: the 36-year-old real estate investor with no prior government experience now is never far from the boss' side. "the week" magazine calls him america's princeling.
7:33 am
he rarely speaks publicly but has the king's ear. >> he is a great guy. >> reporter: the point guy for the generals, the back channel for world leaders. in charge of reinventing government and brokering middle east peace. kushner has so much on his plate he's the butt of late night jokes. >> okay, that's a little much for one family member, maybe they should give middle east peace to tiffany. >> reporter: so the fact that kushner's name has now come up as part of the ongoing investigation into russian meddling and possible collusion by trump associates -- >> the entire thing has been a witch-hunt. >> reporter: -- has got to be a sore subject. well, at this point we learned the fbi has not even reached out to kushner nor have they requested any documents yet but sources tell us he's being considered in a different category altogether from paul manafort, michael flynn and some of the people that are more directly implicated. >> as you point out no contact with the fbi. we know that robert mueller is
7:34 am
now special counsel heading up the investigation. any kind of time frame? >> none whatsoever and this fbi investigation is very different from the congressional ones because there they're negotiating with friendly ally, republicans in congress. here robert mueller operates on his own timetable. >> reaching into the west wing. >> yeah. >> all right, david, thanks. david, thank you. now to that mysterious death in miami. a federal prosecutor's body found on hollywood beach raising a lot of questions. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest in the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. beranton whisenant was working his way up and accepted a job working in the u.s. attorney's office in miami in its major crimes unit. now his own death is being investigated as a crime. this morning police are investigating the death of miami federal prosecutor and father of three, beranton whisenant jr. the 37-year-old's body was found in the water close to shore on hollywood beach in florida by a civilian walking on the beach early wednesday morning. police say he suffered a head
7:35 am
wound, possibly caused about a gunshot or another type of trauma. they're currently investigating his death as a crime. witnesses say he was found fully dressed and that personal effects were found on his body. whisenant had recently joined the u.s. attorney's office in january working in the major crimes unit. according to court records he had been handling several visa and passport fraud cases while also teaching a paralegal program at the university of miami. the u.s. attorney's office tells abc news we will miss him deeply. he was a wonderful lawyer and great colleague. no comment from the u.s. attorney's office about the circumstances surrounding his death. if this winds up being a case of foul play he would join a short list of prosecutors killed on the job. according to a monument in texas that memorializes prosecutors, 14 have been murdered in the last 100 year. >> really? what are investigators telling you this morning? >> so detectives are saying they're looking into this either as a homicide, suicide or something else trying to figure
7:36 am
out. there are reports there was head trauma but still waiting for them to release the cause of death and the fbi is investigating here. >> absolutely, linsey, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america," just two minutes away an abc news exclusive. could a popular russian anti-virus software on your computer be a security risk? we'll be right back. (avo) come with us... a new world. deeper than the ocean. as unfathomable as the universe. a world that doesn't exist outside you... ...but within you. where breakthrough science is replacing chemotherapy with immunotherapy. where we can now attack the causes of disease, not just the symptoms. where medicines once produced for all, are now designed to fit you. today 140,000 biopharmaceutical researchers go bodly to discover treatments and cures unimaginable ten years ago... ...and are on the verge of more tomorrow.
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we are back with that abc news exclusive. there is growing concern about a widely used anti-virus software made by a russian company and installed on millions of computers and smartphones all around the world. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has more. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. top officials from the nsa, fbi and homeland security were called to capitol hill this week for an urgent classified meeting to discuss growing concerns about a russian software company that has broad reach inside the u.s. its products installed on countless american cell phones and computers. based in moscow with 400 million
7:39 am
customers worldwide, kaspersky lab sold at target and best buy highly regarded for its ability to protect computers and cell phones and may have seen their commercials. >> i got it covered. we switched to -- >> reporter: top officials are concerned they could pose a grave fat security threat. word that russian spies could try to use it to attack critical infrastructure or snoop on american customers and dramatic senate hearing this assessment from the nation's top intelligence officials. >> very concerned about it, sir, and we are focused on it closely. >> would any of you be comfortable with ksapersky lab on your computers. >> a resounding no from me. >> that's dan coat, the director of national intelligence. sources tell abc news the fbi is in the midst of a counterintelligence investigation of the company and the department of homeland security issued a secret report about them and in a secret memo last month the senate
7:40 am
intelligence committee demanded the trump administration address, quote, this important national security issue. >> we are very much concerned about this and about security of our country. >> reporter: here's the worry. to work effectively anti-virus software typically needs complete access to user files and hard drives. if misused it could be the ultimate insider threat. but even as a concern mounts abc news found not just private citizens but federal agencies like the u.s. bureau of prisons and some defense department systems using the russian software. >> the fact that a foreign company would be so penetrated into our supply chain, it poses enormous vulnerabilities. >> reporter: eugene kaspersky who founded it said such concerns are completely unfounded. >> we don't share our customers' data with anyone. >> reporter: speaking with us exclusively from moscow he rejected any claim his company is or would allow itself to be a tool of the russian government. >> there are rumors about our partnership with the government
7:41 am
agencies. that's false. >> reporter: so if they asked you to spy on american, if they asked you to spy on government agencies, your response would be what? >> my response if i'm asked to spy on anyone coming from any state, any government, not only russian will be definitely no. >> robin, when i asked him about why so many are expressing concerns about his software, he said it's because his company's market share is increasing and, quote, someone doesn't like it. >> pierre, there have been some questions raised about the company's past ties with the kgb. >> mr. kaspersky attended an academic institute associated with the kgb. you're right. a number of officials did work for the kgb and russian military but mr. k aspersky said they ended many years ago but some see i as a cause for concern.
7:42 am
>> all right, pierre, thank you very much. michael, what's coming up on the big board. >> we got lebron james and steph curry about to clash for the third time in the nba finals. third time in a row. would will come out on top? we'll find out when we come back in two minutes. get to kohl's memorial day weekend sale
7:43 am
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7:45 am
you know, i was thinking about this. he's kind of like austin powers but instead of an international man of mystery he's the international mystery of manners. and we -- i don't know if we can really, really tell the tale of all those things he did. >> you know what, matt, we can't help but notice a few interesting handshakes on this trip, as well. what is that about? >> you know, freud said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but for donald trump a handshake is not just a handshake but the manner he's done over the years, pictures of him over the last 20 years, this is what he does and exerts dominance and how he acts. >> it's a very strong handshake. i think that's definitely duly noted. but there were stronger images visiting the western wall in jerusalem, matt. his meetings in the middle east so do you think some of these awkward moments have overshadowed or will have an impact on foreign relations? >> well, there's two audiences, amy, two he harkes one is the american public. i don't think the trip will have
7:46 am
effect on them. international trips hardly ever do. he's going to come back and next week we'll talk about something else he's in the middle of. the other audience more importantly is the leaders. i don't think he gained any stature among those leaders. i think you see pictures of smirks and people rolling their eyes and so in those audiences at best it was neutral and in some cases -- one thing he needs to do probably got to hire a chief of protocol which he doesn't have which allows him to tell him what things he ought to do. what we tell our kids before they go to kindergarten, don't do this. don't cut in line. say this. he needs a chief of protocol. >> all right, matt, i think you just auditioned for the job. there you go. >> exactly. >> you passed the test. all right, thank you, matt. now to the clash of the basketball titans. lebron james and steph curry are set to go head-to-head again in the nba finals after the cavaliers crushed the celtics last night, 135-102 setting up the third straight championship
7:47 am
match-up between cleveland and the golden state warriors and on the way, lebron james passed michael jordan as the league's all-time scoring leader and new champ who wears the number 23 as a tribute to jordan. talking about it after the game. this is what he had to say. >> i think i fell in love with the game because of mike. just seeing what he was able to accomplish. but i felt like mike was so, you know, when you're growing up and you're seeing michael jordan it's almost like a god so i would never believe i could be mike. >> well, he's well on his way to being just like michael jordan. some people think he's exceeded him already and as for the finals james said he didn't even want to think about it because the warriors cause him a lot of stress and espn's ryan smith joins us now. this is the first time in nba history that two teams are in the finals three years in a row, they're bringing probably the best two basketball players on the planet and steph curry and lebron james. >> you got that right, michael. a three match. who doesn't love that.
7:48 am
a four-time mvp in lebron facing off against a two-time mvp against steph curry and took it to a game seven last year when they went at it. each one won a title each the other. this year will determine who is boss. the big "storytellestory is kev. golden state took him to a game seven last year and added another mvp to their lineup. so when you talk about nba super teams it's the two of these guys and to me this is a match -- a match made in nba heaven. >> i got to ask, you got two dominant players, two dominant teams, three years in a row, is this a good thing or is this a bad thing? i'm just saying. i'm asking the question some people are asking. robin, robin is -- >> robin is upset. >> yeah, robin is upset. don't be. i got hope for you. i'm like you. i'm a guy from philly. you know what, hope looks like a far away thing for us. but if you look at this team, if
7:49 am
you look at the situation, it took lebron three years to make the playoffs and a bunch of years to win a title. the dubs and warriors weren't that great and took time to build up. lebron was a great player from the beginning but it took time and had to surround him with a great team and eventually moved to miami. came back but when you talk about the development of both of these team, they had to be surrounded by great players. the great team made it work and so for the teams out there who are looking on the outside looking in, there's hope because over a few years you can make it to this level. >> there's hope. >> there's hope. they can be a dream team just like that dream team i see over there in times square. >> ah. >> thank you very much, man. we miss you by the way. very quickly, you guys, matt, included in this. who is going to win? who is taking it home, cavs or warriors. >> golden state. let's not forget stanley cup finals start, pittsburgh -- >> pittsburgh won game seven last night. >> yes, they did. well done, matt. >> who you dot. >> dubs in six, kevin durant,
7:50 am
steph curry, too much to overcome, mike. >> wow, okay. >> all right. i'm not going to ask you because i know how you feel about it. everybody, nba finals are coming to abc, game one is next thursday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> is robin going to talk to me after this? >> i know. we have to go over here and bridge that and coming up, the new warning about one of the most popular toys out there. what every parent needs to know about fidget spinners and, everybody, get ready because we have florida georgia line and nelly in central park and as robin said earlier we are going to cruise into the holiday weekend. coming up "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950.
7:51 am
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and back here on "good morning america," a friday in the park. there is no better way to start it off. look at this. we are fleet week under way. navy, marine, we've got coast guard and we're honoring everybody here. we're also, florida georgia line on the bottom, a little nelly on the top. you guys got a great concert coming your way in just moments. your local n
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or pore on car insurance. good morning i'm tamala
7:56 am
edwards, 7:56 a.m., friday, may 26. let's head to matt pellman to look at traffic. he is going to start with the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: tam it is friday morning, the holiday weekend, the unofficial start of summer. we should be feeling good until we get stuck in this jam 76 passyunk to the university avenue on-ramp where a crash just cleared. are there speeds in the teens on the schuylkill expressway. some volume out there this morning, overall it's not as bad as the normal friday morning. in east vincent township by the municipal buildings there's a motorcyclal crash at schuylkill road and stoney run road. problems on the garden state parkway, past sea isle a crash taking out a lane speeds in the 20s. between sea isle and avalon you can't use the townsend inlet
7:57 am
bridge. stick with the parkway or route 9 throughout the holiday weekend. >> let's go over sky6 live hd taking a live look down the shore, david murphy i'm looking for summer to get going. >> reporter: we'll be in for an okay weekend with an occasional problem. we have 62 degrees, fair amount of sunshine. low 60s across the region. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a nice high of 75. there's a chance of a spotty afternoon shower passing through, that should not amount to much. tomorrow, sun and clouds, another spotty shower or thunderstorm late in the day or evening, 76 the high. now looks like the rain on sunday probably holds off until late in the day or later at night, 74 the high, 76 monday, again spotty afternoon thunderstorm possible. >> a tour bus and tractor-trailer collided on the new jersey turnpike in west deptford township overnight. the crash caused the tour bus to veer off the road and flip into a wooded area you see there. 48 people were on board the bus.
7:58 am
dozens of passengers had to be rushed to the hospital, but they are all expected to survive. back now to "g.m.a."
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hollywood travel alert. tens of millions traveling for memorial day as a dangerous storm moves in. severe weather taking aim at the middle of the country and headed for the east. thousands of flights already canceled or delayed as the busiest travel weekend in more than a decade kicks off. we're tracking it all for you this morning. also the parenting alert. the hidden dangers of fidget spinners. how safe is this year's hottest toy? why is it being investigated and what you need to know. ♪ holiday weekend hacks. from the best products to protect you from the sun and secrets to help you with big summer sales. tips and tricks for you and your family just in time for memorial day. ♪ baby you're a song make me want to roll my windows down ♪
8:01 am
plus time to celebrate with florida georgia line and nelly cruising into central park live on "gma." and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. >> good morning, america. love it. happy friday. >> it is friday. >> everybody with us. it is great to see everybody there in the park. they're not going to let a little rain top them. >> we have a nice audience outside our studio in times square. >> hey, guys. i know we have miss -- i can't -- >> missouri. >> miss -- what is -- >> let me see your sash. >> your sash, yeah. miss southern -- >> sounds like. >> miss southern tier's teen. all right. we got it. sounds like -- we're getting ready for the memorial day weekend. lara spencer with us. >> absolutely, good morning. >> you're always here and look who's here.
8:02 am
anyway, i'm here too. i'm here too today. >> i'll head over to the park. >> no. >> i'm going to jog over. >> you're going to jog. >> i'll wait for you. >> new york city, look for him heading that way on broadway. >> heading north. >> save yourself, leave us. going off the rails here. guy, before you leave, just check this out. so funny. want to make you smile on this memorial day weekend. this "price is right" contestant is my favorite ever. everybody is talking about him online. what got him so excited he took a lap ask we'll tell you coming up in "pop news." >> he looks like a video game. >> he is just joyful. >> pac-man. let's turn to amy with the morning rundown. >> holiday weekend has everybody excited. big story is the holiday travel rush and unfortunately severe weather could slow down millions of americans who will travel by road, rail or air this weekend and abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with all of those details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. as you can see pretty heavy volume this memorial day
8:03 am
weekend, everybody trying to get out of town to wherever they want to celebrate the weekend. in fact, expecting 4% to 5% more flyers this holiday which means you had 100 folks on your plane last year, expect 104 or 105 this year. overall for the memorial day weekend, nearly 3 million americans expected to fly to wherever they're going for the holiday and for the summer busy as well, 234 million americans are expected to fly. now, this weekend is being complicated by the weather. there were more than 900 cancellations yesterday. more than 7,000 delays. so the airlines are trying to move all those flights and planes into the right places so they can move enough passengers where they want to go for the holiday, so far only 250 flights have been canceled today. amy. >> all right. david, thank you. voters in montana have elected a republican candidate for congress. a day after he was accused of body slamming a reporter and then charged with assault. during his victory speech, greg gianforte apologized to the reporter saying he is not proud
8:04 am
of his behavior. gianforte was endorsed by president trump and if convicted, he could face up to six months in jail. well, president trump is spending another day with world leaders as he attends the g7 summit in sicily. the high stakes meetings are covering everything from climate change to terrorism and refugees with all eyes on the new u.s. president. this morning, the president calling the trip a success in a tweet following his speech in brussels where he publicly scolded nato allies for not paying their fair share for defense. this moment went viral when the president appeared, you see there, to push aside the prime minister of montenegro to position himself front and center for a photo. meanwhile, former president obama is also in europe. he was spotted -- there you see him -- playing golf this morning in scotland. well, a warning about what summer temperatures can do inside your car. the heat can do this. look at that. that is an aerosol can lodged through in the windshield. the can had been in the backseat. this happened in oregon. the fire chief says temperatures
8:05 am
in the 90s caused the gas in that can to expand and you see what happened. now to hockey. robin, had did for you. a dramatic game seven in pittsburgh. the penguins advance to the nhl stanley cup final with a 3-2 double overtime win over ottawa. pittsburgh moves on to face nashville and that series starts on monday. >> thank you, amy. >> you're welcome, robin. did i make it up to you. >> yes. finally two decades of sleepless nights longing for children ends in a very big way for a couple in virginia. the couple have six mouths to feed. mom gave birth to sextuplets in research. the three boys and three girls are healthy and doing fine. they had been trying to have kids for 17 years. here's my favorite part of the story. they thought they were having four until mom delivered and the doctor was like, there are two more in there. can you believe that? that's crazy. anyway, the amazing thing they're all healthy. >> all healthy. >> good news. >> beautiful. >> thank you, thank you.
8:06 am
jesse. >> guys, happy almost weekend. >> good to have you here. >> great to be here. i just showed up. >> what did you do with michael. >> you're not michael. >> no, he's heading up to the park. great to have you ear and a little "pop news." >> yeah, you guys ready? good morning, good morning, good morning to you. so, let's talk "wonder woman." gal gadot taking on the reel in d.c.'s newest film but has big boots to fill. lynda carter, look at her who played the superhero just take these pictures slowly. you need to take it all in. of course, the hit '70s show star, she stood side by side with gal and the gang at the movie's world premiere. carter even sharing this instagram photo saying, quote, wonder-ful. see what i did there. she did that. not me. wonderful to be with the lovely gal gadot. no word if she flew to the premiere in her invisible jet. she looks -- yeah, absolutely. >> for wonder woman.
8:07 am
♪ >> how good does lynda carter look? >> incredible. >> breaking news. >> they picked the perfect i think second wonder woman in gal gadot. i think gal gadot is phenomenal. phenomenal? a plus, a plus on both of them. happy to share that with you this morning. and then up next, baby, oh, baby. obviously the big bosses like what they see. two months after hitting theaters "the boss baby" already green lit for a sequel. that was fast. to give you an idea on how hollywood works it doesn't work like that normally. dreamworks and universal announcing alec baldwin will be back as the power crazed baby. it's been a major bundle of joy earning nearly $470 million and counting. >> isn't it still in the theaters? >> absolutely and counting. >> you can just stay in the theater and the second movie will play. >> yes, give it nine months and the second baby -- >> very good. very good. >> well done. finally, guyers just in time for the holiday weekend, if you
8:08 am
want to get happy, real quick, watch ryan right here. "the price is right" contestant guessed a dollar and he gets to go to the big stage but first -- >> and he's off. >> he takes a victory lap. >> and he's coming around the home -- >> screaming with joy. high-fiving the crowd. so he gets up on the stage and then next thing he does is win a vacuum sealer, water preponderance ik and crock and look what happens. >> go with zero. >> goes with zero. it's 60 bucks. nice job. >> yes! yeah. yeah. >> guys, this is before he plays plinko and breaks the record for the most money ever won. $31,500 and on that note i say it's memorial day weekend, come on down. >> a great way to end.
8:09 am
>> run around the studio. >> 10% of his luck this weekend. >> all of that before he even hit the stage he did the lap. hopefully made you smile. that's "pop news," everybody. >> certainly did. you always make us smile, lara. we have something coming up that you'll bring to us. a parenting alert about fidget spinners, how safe are they? we're so excited because uptown, central park, florida georgia line, nelly. >> got to go there now i'm out. >> careful. see you up there. >> okay. >> okay. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe?
8:10 am
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can i stop, jane? no. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe it has 50% fewer calories.
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and take an extra $10 offal day weekend sale when you spend $25 or more. save on summer styles you'll love and for a limited time
8:13 am
back now to frei morning with that parenting alert about one of the hottest toys right now, kids everywhere are using the fidget spinner but now it's being investigated and jesse has all the latest details. hey, jess. >> that's right, david. the popular new gadget kids are going crazy for but this morning there is growing concern after
8:14 am
reports children have choked on parts of a toy that's flying off of store shelves. this morning, the hottest toy right now called fidget spinners is being investigated by the consumer products safety commission. >> our concern about the spinner toys they seem to be falling apart. young children have had incidents where they've had to had surgery to remove them. >> reporter: two separate cases causing big concern. one in houston where a mom posting an x-ray ♪ baby, you a song after her 10-year-old daughter swallowed a piece of the popular fidget spinner. the little girl undergoing surgery to have it removed. >> if i would have known that toy came apart i never would have let him get ahold of it. >> reporter: another in oregon where this woman showed her son caden the picture of the texas incident as a warning but the 5-year-old still ended up swallowing a part of the toy and after choking had to be rushed to the hospital. >> it was terrifying. it's heartbreaking to see my child, you know, choking up blood. i would never want another parent to go through what i went
8:15 am
through. >> reporter: caden's uncle bought him the toy as a gift on amazon. the fidget spinners are made by multiple manufacturers, most in china in any toy sold in the united states no matter where it's bhed or who makes it has to meet our american toy standard. it's very hard to track down the actual manufacturer of the product. >> reporter: some of the fidget spinners are packaged with a choking hazard warning for children under 3 years of age. however, in the texas and oregon cases a 5-year-old and 10-year-old managed to swallow a piece of the toy. overnight we reached out to amazon for comment and did not hear back. many schools are now banning these toys not just because they're dangerous but also because teachers find them distracting in the classrooms. david in second reason there, all right, jesse, thanks so much. coming up here on "good morning america" as you head to the beach this weekend the new products to protect you and your family from the sun and those sailors, pretty excited. florida georgia line and nelly all performing live. head up to the park with us. come on back.
8:16 am
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8:20 am
if you want to get in on the game submit a video or short story with why your block party should win. go do "good morning america".com/block party. let's get a check closer to your home. >> reporter: a lot of rain last night, but we're dry now. we have sunshine up over the horizon mixing with clouds. that's pretty much what you have in store for the rest of the day. a spotty afternoon shower on the way. temperatures 60 degrees, this afternoon, 75 some sun, a spotty afternoon shower. for the weekend, 76 saturday spotty afternoon evening shower or thundershower. 74 looks like the rain might
8:21 am
hold off until late in the day or later at night on sunday, spotty storm monday. hangry so i'll take a sandwich and head over to amy. >> we're gearing up for memorial day weekend for the best product to protect your family from the sun. that is very porch. we all know to wear sunscreen but now there's new tools to help. >> that's right. lori bergamotto the style director for "good housekeeping" magazine is here with some consumer lab sunovations. >> we'll start talking about upf, ultra violent protection factor and you'll find that in clothes. bring out first model tatiana. a look you'll see on the beach. everybody needs this. it has a upf of 50. it's different than spf so i'll try to make the science easy.
8:22 am
what it measures is the rays coming through the clothing so with the upf of 50, only 2% of uv rays are coming through so you're well protected. we know this is a beach look but wanted to show you can be protected all the time even at work so if sam will come on out. this is from land's end. and like i mentioned upf 50 because it's woven so tightly and doesn't read bathing suit and can take it to work. so there you have it. >> they make clothes for men -- >> women's, men's and kids. >> i'm covered too. >> michael and amy. maybe you don't want to go out and buy a ton of upf clothing. this is called sunguard, the wind has knocked it over but what this does, you put it in your laundry and do your wash up to 20 times under 5 bucks and boosts the upf of whatever you have. this dress you have although that looks like it's dry cleaning. >> t-shirt, jeans. >> a regular t-shirt has a upf
8:23 am
of 5. if you use it it boosts it up to 30. >> wow, so there you go. okay, so now we've carried -- talked about upf. let's talk about monitoring your spf. we all know to put it but the reapplication can be tricky so we'll bring a familiar face in here. >> mara. >> and her beautiful family. >> we have three sunovatins. the my uv patch free with any sunscreen you buy from them and attaches to an app and allows you to know how much uv exposure you're getting and stays on for three days. as the patch gets darker, that's alerting you you're getting too much sun exposure. >> will you have a circle on your arm. >> it goes on and off like a little banddade. >> no weird tan lines. >> you put sunscreen over it too but for kids, miss nina, hi, baby girl. can we see your cool band? this is from sunburn alert. it works with any sunscreen. as the more red it gets, it's an
8:24 am
alert to parents time to reapply the sunscreen and works even for -- >> hi. >> hi. so you can see these diapers. little swim pants, looks like this without uv exposure and you can see this one here, the scene is starting to form and if the froggy gets dark prolonged exposure and pull the baby out of the sun. >> what about your eyes? we all want to look cool. >> thanks, mara. >> thank you, mara. >> thank you, babies. >> bye. >> so for sunglasses there are a few things you want to look for. 100% uva/uvb protection. what you'll see, we lost our tags here. here we go. what you'll see, we got these at the drugstore. 100% uva/uvb. >> look good on you. >> and for the fashion h&m you might see uv 400. that means you're well protected or go a little higher from electric, you'll get a little chart so, you know, uv 400, 100%
8:25 am
uva/uvb protected and electric ones have melanin in them which acts like spf 140 for your eyes. one other quick thing, polarized does not mean it protects you from the sun. it just reduces glare. >> i just found that out. wow. good to know. in now that you're ready to go to the beach you need some good gear so, michael, do you know what's in there? put that on. let's see how you look with that backpack. >> like a fanny pack. >> it's a beach umbrella. put it over your shoulder. i want to show you. this is what michael is holding. leap for life. how nice is that? actually upf 50 and you can see how compact. michael has it so it's nice and compact. but amy and michael, if you add this solar panel you can charge your phone using the sun just sitting under there and attaches to your phone and a fan so if you get hot, i mean, what is -- isn't that great? a sunovation if i ever saw one.
8:26 am
i wish everyone a good memorial day weekend. thank you for having me and stay safe in the sun. >> thank you so much. everybody, we're just waiting for florida georgia line. don't want to miss it and nelly, as well. >> good morning i'm taa
8:27 am
edwards, 8:27 friday, may 26. let's head over to matt pellman. a lot of people packing up the cars trying to get out of town about now. >> reporter: on the way to cape may, almost that time, tam. if you're in the city heading to work, you have slowing on i-95. not as bad as normal, not cottman into girard, but heavy southbound from the betsy ross bridge into girard this morning. in lumberton watching a crash maple boulevard at pat's pizzeria. it's slow on the garden state parkway southbound crash between sea isle and avalon is blocking a lane. townsend inlet bridge is closed for the holiday weekend.
8:28 am
96th street bridge is open into stone harbor. and the lafayette bridge into cape may has wrapped there. don't forget about the ramp closures in new castle, 141 southbound to get on 295 northbound. >> thank you, matt. now, let's go outside to david murphy for the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: good morning, tam we have sun and clouds mix. 62 degrees, still a little bit cool, but comfortable, winds are light so far. this afternoon breezier, sun and clouds and there is the chance of a spotty afternoon shower for a while today. by the time the evening rolls around we'll be dry. sun and clouds saturday, spotty shower or thunderstorm late in the day or early evening. sunday, sun to clouds, 74 looks like the rape may hold off -- rain may hold off until late in the day or at night.monday, hig.
8:29 am
>> they are about to wrap things up on "g.m.a." we'll see you in 30.
8:30 am
♪ baby you a song welcome back to "gma." you can hear we're live in central park. we have an incredible crowd here with us for our summer concert series. they have a right to be excited. >> they're one of the biggest acts in country, florida georgia line. >> hey, hey, hey, feels good to be here. >> nelly himself is here. >> yeah, great, great, great. >> this is wild. >> i hope they can hear us at home because we can't hear ourselves out here. they are small but they are mighty. you brought out the sun, of course, the great hit "cruise" a couple of years ago now you're going out on tour calling it the smooth tour and a week from today you'll be in austin, texas, to kick it all off so what can your fans expect. >> we'll bring the party, man. nationwide. it's going to be huge.
8:31 am
we got nelly with us. it's always a good time. so the smooth tour about to kick off. we couldn't be more excited. >> you guys -- you're busy as it is but now you're diving into the restaurant business. >> love that. >> fgl your first restaurant and entertainment experience in nashville. >> that's right. >> everybody here in nashville check out the fgl house. >> check it out. >> tell us about it. >> four levels of just amazingness. great food, you know, you can start with the little red corvette. basement area, take it up to the restaurant, take it up to the here's to the good times bar and end your night at the cruise rooftop. >> i hear there's a bar on every level. >> yeah. >> wouldn't have it any other way. >> and nelly -- >> nelly is keeping busy himself. so great that you have your first track out in a couple of years. >> yeah. >> "sounds good to me." "sounds good to me" is the name of it and you'll perform that in a little bit. has that country flavor to it. what brings you to count music. >> you know what, it's just the energy and the vibe of what we've been able to attach and,
8:32 am
you know, being with these boys here, man, they the best doing it right now, man, and it's great energy and they love what they do so i'm happy to be here. >> all right. >> you make a great team. you guys make a great team. >> good right here. >> are you ready to hear them? [ cheers and applause ] are you? the top-selling digital country song of all time, this is "cruise." >> thanks a lot, boys. ♪ baby, you a song you make me wanna ♪ ♪ roll my windows down and cruise ♪ >> what's up, "gma." ready for a party or what? let's go. ♪ yeah, when i first saw that bikini top on her ♪ ♪ she's poppin' right out of the south georgia water ♪ ♪ thought, oh, good lord she had them long tanned legs ♪ ♪ couldn't help myself so, i walked up and said ♪
8:33 am
♪ baby, you a song you make me wanna ♪ ♪ roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ down a back road blowin' stop signs ♪ ♪ through the middle every little farm town ♪ ♪ with you in this brand-new chevy with a lift kit ♪ ♪ would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it ♪ ♪ so, baby, you a song you make me wanna ♪ ♪ roll my windows down and cruise ♪ >> good morning, america. >> let's go. ♪ she was sippin' on southern and singin' marshall tucker ♪ ♪ we were falling in love in the sweet heart of summer ♪ ♪ she hopped right up into the cab of my truck and said ♪ ♪ fire it up let's go get this thing stuck ♪ ♪ baby, you a song you make me wanna ♪ ♪ roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ down a back road blowin' stop signs ♪ ♪ through the middle every little farm town ♪ ♪ with you in this brand-new
8:34 am
chevy with a lift kit ♪ ♪ would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it ♪ ♪ so, baby, you a song you make me wanna ♪ ♪ roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ ah yeah >> talk to them, nelly. >> what's happening. yeah. ♪ my music and legs up on the dashboard and that's the way i ride country boy, country girl don't you take a thing no way you stay the same ♪ ♪ saw that all that head to toe you all that tell a boy he call that sent a text phone that ♪ ♪ i can see you got a thing for the fast life ♪ ♪ so come on shorty let me show you the fast life ♪ ♪ florida into georgia embassy baby you a song you make me wanna roll over beethoven my ♪ ♪ oh ♪ baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise ♪
8:35 am
♪ down a back road blowin' stop signs through the middle ♪ ♪ every little farm town with you in this brand-new chevy ♪ ♪ with a lift kit >> sing it ♪ ♪ so baby you a long you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ i got my windows down and the radio up i got the radio up ♪ ♪ i got my radio on yeah ♪ that's right >> new york city. >> thank you, guys.
8:36 am
goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine.
8:37 am
as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
8:38 am
especially if you're in portland or indianapolis. it's a mess, i know you're struggling. hope you're feeling better soon. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: grass poll is in bad around here ginger. we dry, this afternoon, spotty shower, looks like the 70 this weekend and closer to 70 at the
8:39 am
shore. each day could feature some precipitation. brenton thwaites, let's take a look at them before we talk. >> perhaps we could discuss this later as i'm having trouble. >> that is my stern. >> are you sure? >> positive. >> there, look at this. if i kill the coward, the witch hag, two for the price of one. >> please don't let go of me. >> might be difficult once he kills me. >> oh, so good. every single time and as we were talking backstage i was saying a franchise like this has got to be so -- you have to be ecstatic to be a part of it but brenton, why does it work and still a story people need to see? >> i have been asking myself that question for three years nearly. i think because it's a movie with so much to offer. you know, there's so many genres
8:40 am
throughout this one film. it's comedic, supernatural elements to it. romance, action. and there's jack sparrow. >> and jack sparrow makes it worth it every single time. tell us the iteration of this. you all are -- this generation of pirates within it, right? >> yeah, i mean i think the great thing about "pirates," they always throw great actors into the mix of cutting edge cgi technology always showing us new images and taking us to completely different worlds, geoffrey rush, johnny depp and on this one we were lucky enough to work with javier bardem so that's a huge reason why it bri brings audiences to love the movie all over the world. >> kaya, we're trying to keep you not getting your beautiful white out fit wet. the sun is coming out. a beautiful time. i know you all are young actors working on your next projects.
8:41 am
you just finished shooting in south africa. >> yes, we just finished the second "maze runner" movie, third, third. >> you are both -- you're both parents, new parents. >> yeah. >> yes. >> don't you see the bags? >> i had to think about it for a second. >> traveling and doing all this press and your baby is here. so sweet to be able to do that. how do you do it? how do you make this work? >> we're lucky we can take him with us and then they can have the same experiences and he's racking up a lot of sky miles. it's good. >> already so young. we are so grateful to have you both here and so excited to see the movie. you guys, "pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales" is in theaters today. it's all happening now. lara. >> sounds good, ginger. you guys psyched? it is almost memorial day as you know and you know that means big sails. we've got the secret now to saving even more money with some new apps that can actually hunt down major sale prices even if you've already bought the item for more.
8:42 am
abc's becky worley explains. >> this memorial day weekend you can save big but you have to know what's really worth buying now. so even though this barbecue was just discounted by 25%, it's no secret it'll get cheaper by labor day. but that's where some apps and a little known credit card perk could help you save this weekend. and get that barbecue for your holiday party. >> price protection means within 60 to 90 days your credit card company will refund the price difference if you buy something and it goes on sale. >> reporter: great, but reality check. who has time to track all their purchases and then cross reference them to current prices? that's where ernie comes in. an app that scans your credit card account and does all the heavy lifting of finding price drops. >> apparently twister is $6.17 less than when i bought it for the kids last christmas. earny, found it and submitted it
8:43 am
to my credit card company and, boom, the credit card company sent me a check. the app charges you a 25% fee for those refunds but, hey, who doesn't love a stack of checks with zero effort. in the last three months i used earny. it's gotten me $84. >> it got me an automatic refund. >> another one is paribus. in addition to price tracking they track shipping types. >> if you order something and it doesn't come in the time window that was guaranteed, paribus will reach out to the company and file a claim to get a refund. ♪ >> reporter: genius. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, becky. more savings for you, according to deal news three top sales to watch for this weekend, banana republic, 40% off clothe, rei, big bicycle sale and jcpenney has mattresses should you had
8:44 am
need one for 64% off. all right. enough deal talk. let's talk about the music. more florida georgia line and nelly coming up on "good morning america." ready? [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" pollen report is brought to you by nondrowsy
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back now with our party in the park and here's country superstars florida georgia line performing their latest platinum single off their number one album "dig your roots." this is "god, your mama and me," florida georgia line. ♪ ♪ that sunday morning choir
8:47 am
calling church doors open wide ♪ ♪ that hallelujah shoot right through ya make you feel alive ♪ ♪ that key under the mat you know right where it's at ♪ ♪ it's waiting with the porch light on don't bother calling ♪ ♪ no need for knocking just come on home come on home my love is ♪ ♪ never gonna run dry never gonna come up empty ♪ ♪ now until the day i die unconditionally ♪ ♪ you know i'm always gonna be here for ya ♪ ♪ no one's ever gonna love you more than god, your mama and me ♪ ♪ god, your mama and me unconditionally god, your mama and me ♪ ♪ loud as shotgun angels single singing with the radio ♪ ♪ praying with you every mile down any dead end road ♪
8:48 am
♪ you can tell me every secret that you been keeping i'll hold it lock and key ♪ ♪ up with you all night holding you all night i never leave you better believe my love is ♪ ♪ never gonna run dry never gonna come up empty ♪ ♪ now until the day i die unconditionally ♪ ♪ you know i'm always gonna be here for ya no one's ever gonna love you more than ♪ ♪ god, your mama and me god, your mama and me ♪ ♪ unconditionally god, your mama and me ♪ ♪ ♪ every step you take i'll be as sure as your shadow ♪ ♪ every move you make you know i'm part of you wherever you
8:49 am
go ♪ ♪ baby you know my love is ♪ never gonna run dry never gonna come up empty ♪ ♪ now until the day i die unconditionally ♪ ♪ you know i'm always gonna be here for ya no one's ever gonna love you more than ♪ ♪ god, your mama and me god, your mama and me unconditionally ♪ ♪ god, your mama and me that's right god, your mama and me ♪ ♪ god, your mama and me unconditionally ♪ ♪ god, your mama and me [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you all so much. [ applause ] "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. to that customability.
8:50 am
8:51 am
you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable.
8:52 am
you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. i don't know about you but this was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend. thanks guys so much. do you have time for one more. do you want to hear one more?
8:53 am
one more? nelly is going to play us off and start the holiday weekend with his first new track in nearly two years. this is the tv debut performance of "sounds good to me." does it sound good to you? >> sounds good to me. sounds good to me. >> have a great weekend, everybody. you got is, nelly. it's all you. >> all right. >> "gma," y'all make so noise. you ready? ♪ yeah na, na, na, oh, my god. your body so sensational incredible ♪ ♪ na na na won't be long before it's time to go and i'm capable i wanna make you moan ♪ ♪ na na na hey come on over baby just a little closer baby hey ♪ ♪ come on over baby wanna make you scream and shout ♪
8:54 am
♪ loud now hoooo louder now hoooo ♪ ♪ shout it out hoooo hey sound good to me ♪ ♪ and we can go all night hoooo one more time hoooo ♪ ♪ that's all right hoooo hey sound good to me ♪ ♪ na na na what you want what you want ♪ ♪ just let me know just let me know see i'mma sex you up act like you know ♪ ♪ professional i'm a scorpion na na na girl hold on girl hold on ♪ ♪ 'cause here we go 'cause here we go ♪ ♪ and i make you scream i make you beg for more ♪ ♪ na na na hey come on over baby ♪ ♪ just a little closer baby hey come on over baby wanna make you scream and shout ♪ ♪ loud now hooo louder now hooo shout it out hoooo hey ♪ ♪ sound good to me and we can go all night hoooo one more time hooo ♪
8:55 am
♪ that's all right hoooo hey sound good to me ♪ ♪ now everybody get soft now hoooo softer now hoooo ♪ ♪ quiet down hoooo hey sound good to me ♪ ♪ i wanna hear you get loud now hoooo get louder now hoooo ♪ ♪ shout it out hoooo hey sound good to me ♪ ♪ and we can go all night hoooo one more time hoooo ♪ ♪ shorty that's all right hoooo hey sound good to me ♪ >> happy memorial day weekend, y'all. to the men and women in the service, thank you very much. yep. [ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 856 -- 8:56 a.m.,
8:57 am
friday, may 26 matt pellman is looking at the garden state parkway. >> reporter: looks like a good ride garden state parkway southbound approaching ocean city. the earlier crash between sea isle and avalon is gone. le heaviest volume will be this afternoon around noon and 6:00 p.m. that's the time you don't want to be heading southbound on the parkway. there's a crash 206 near garden street. new issue with a crash along route 1 northbound by the pee turnpike in bensalem, the truck is involved up on the curb there. it's jammed coming off the boulevard. in plymouth meeting watch out for a crash along chemical road. >> now let's go outside to david murphy and see what the weather will be. >> reporter: we're clouding up on the terrace. looks like it will be a mix of clouds and sun, here up to
8:58 am
65 degrees and we're heading to a warm afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, high of 75. chance of a spotty afternoon shower, this evening, we'll dry out it will be nice. sun and clouds saturday, late day evening shower or thundershower. looks like sunday's rain could hold off until late in the day or at night. afternoon thunderstorm on monday, 76 degrees there. >> we follow an early morning crash on the new jersey turnpike, a tractor-trailer and tour bus collided in west deptford township. dozens had to be rushed to the hospital. coming up at noon we'll have the latest on the crash and the problems the passengers are facing. "live with "live with kelly ands up next. have a good memorial day weekend and to those who served and gave their all, thank you.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "wonder woman," gal" finalists normani kordei and val chmerkovskiy. plus our summer cookoff. all next on "live"! [cheers and applause] ♪ now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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