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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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philadelphia police and the jersey shore welcomes the start of the summer season. that's next. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> like swallows returning to capistrano, jersey shore lovers return to the boardwalk. it's the memorial day weekend. that means the action is back in ocean city and along the
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coastline and isn't it about time? it's friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the memorial day holiday weekend. let us not forget the serious meaning of memorial day when we honor those that have given their lives for our freedom. it is custom to use it to start the summer season. annually, 39,000,000 americans will travel 50-miles or more over the holiday, the highest number of travelers since 2005. we need to hear from meteorologist adam joseph and the weekend forecast, but first reporter trish hartman is live in ocean city. welcome to summer. >> thank you. it's a chilly night on the boardwalk in ocean city but a busy night as well. plenty of folks got beach time
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in earlier kicking off the memorial day weekend. >> we found the family at the beach. >> what are you going to do at the beach? >> build a sand castle. >> it's nice to enjoy the day and relax and not work. >> in sea isle city, there were blustery winds. these beach goers didn't mind. some brought out the jackets. others warmed up walking on the promenade. >> we'll have a drink and walk back to sma strat more. >> we are getting dessert. we come here every memorial day weekend. >> thrill seekers flock to the new gail force rollercoaster at
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cast away cove that just opened for the holiday weekend. >> it has seven elements to it. it's 125 feet tall. it was great, amazing, intense. >> we have been watching them work on this for the past two year, so we were happy to be one of the first on it. >> with reviews like that, i had to try gail force by myself. some encouraged me to try it again to get the full experience. i respectfully declined. >> once was enough for me. the people we spoke to say the forecast isn't perfect for the weekend, but the most important thing is spending quality time with family and friends. chris hartman, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, trish. chris christie started his memorial day weekend at the show as governor. after the governor stopped for
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selfies along the boardwalk in seaside heights, he cut the ribbon for the rollercoaster. the aamusement ride was designed to replace the jet star destroyed during super storm sandy. >> hundreds of people took part in the yearly tradition in ocean city today with the turn of a giant ceremonial key, they ran into the waves for the first din in business attire. soon they'll shed dress suits for swimsuits. >> this was another celebratory kickoff to the holiday weekend and summer down the shore. the rocket's red glare lit up the boardwalk as the tropicana casino set off fireworks continuing every saturday all summer long. let's go to adam joseph for the
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latest on the weekend from accuweather. >> it's dry but not all weekend long. there are hit and miss showers pushing through. there is a cluster of thunderstorms in ohio valley. this may interrupt your party if you are having a barbeque on the shore or in the pocono, we start on the sunny skyed with northwesterly winds but clouds take over much of the saturday. as the cluster passes in, it will weaken. temperatures prior to that hittinhitting 70-degrees or betr then afternoon showers through t lasting that long. as we rank the holiday, sunday the driest day with a number
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one. saturday, showers possible and a downpour in the morning and in the afternoon. jim, when i come back, we look at the full forecast poconos to the seven day to the shore. >> thank you, adam. drivers will note that filling the tank is on the rise. aaa says up six cents from last year, $2.37 a gallon. philadelphia, $2.61s a gallon for regular. south jersey, $2.33 and dell bare $2.35. our free "6abc" app is an invaluable resource this weekend. you can monitor traffic on the highways with maps and forecasts, plus get the access to storm tracker radar on your phone or tablet. >> two philadelphia police officers were injured today as
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they respond today an emergency call in tacony oratorsdale an. >> no charges will be filed. philadelphia police are investigating the suspicious death of a newborn in southwest philadelphia. bob brooks is at police headquarters. what are the details here? >> jim, i can tell you very tragic hearing that this infant was just six weeks old. the death considered suspicious, and this baby, all signs are pointing to it being harmed. >> at 12:30 this afternoon, investigators say the call came in, a baby was injured. the location the 5800 block of willows avenue. the baby was rushed to children's hospital but was pronounced dead. >> i think it's a sad tragedy.
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>> we spoke with neighbors. they say a couple recently moved in with their newborn. they said hello to the man this morning. >> we see the guy every morning. he leaves to go to work. i saw the baby yesterday. everything was fine. i was like is the baby sleeping? no the baby up. i asked him let me see. what's his name. >> we were told i it's a six wek old boy. homicide detectives call the death suspicious. a crime scene unit was parked outside the home as well. >> no details have been disclosed at this point. a lot will depend on the medical examiner results. regardless of what the results show, a week's old baby has passed. >> it's devastating. i have one of minute own too.
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a six week old and they are under investigation, that's heartbreaking. >> their heartbreaking indeed. i can tell you the parents are being questioned by homicide detectives. bob brooks, "action news." >> thank you, bob. an investigation is under way into the cause of a crash that left 30 tour bus passengers injured. a crash on the new jersey turnpike just after midnight the bus traveling from new york to atlanta. the driver of the tractor trailer was not hurt. 30 passengers on the bus went to hospital for treatment and were stranded without luggage. >> we lost everything on the bus. >> have they told you where it
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was? >> my luggage they never brung. that's what i was waiting on, the luggage. >> 14 hours after the crash, panda got a bus to pick up those with no money and no way to get back to new york. >> philadelphia's ranking among american cities is slipping, fell behind phoenix and is now the sixth largest in the country. philadelphia's population at 1,567,872 as of last july the city has grown 42,00 42,000 peoe since 2010. all of the net gains have come from babies born and immigrants. tens of thousand people have moved out of the city over the past period of time. >> philadelphia will get new drivers license to comply with
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federal compliance. governor wolf signed the real i.d. act today. if it hadn't been passed, if i i philadelphians wouldn't be able to use their license to get into a federal building. pennsylvania hopes to get a waiver from the federal government until the program is ready. new jersey might be getting new drivers license rules too. lawmakers have unanimously approved a bill in the senate and assembly to change license expiration dates to your birthday. right now they are the last day of the month i ever four years. governor christie suggested the change hoping to speed up long waits by spreading renewals out over the month. >> still to come, they say you don't want to know what's in a hotdog but when it involves
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metal shards before memorial day, a recall is under way. >> a new trump's inner circle and russian involving secret back arriving . ho limo and went for something out of a fairytale. adam? >> clear w sl as showers at tims i'll break it down for you in accuweather. >>ducis rogers looks at phillies trying to turn their luck around ♪
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>> there is another eyebrow raising revelation about the possibility of a trump russian connection. trump's son-in-law held a meeting with ambassador ciz lack to discuss setting up a communication channel between
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the trump transition team and kremlin. the meeting happened on the first or second and would have used russian facilities. he had been taken aback by kushner's suggestion. abc news is reporting that don junior and eric trump were summoned to new york to inform them foreign hackers were trying to penetrate the computers of the trump corporation. eric trump denies any of the company's computers were compromised. president trump is wrapping up his first foreign trip having taken part in the g7 summit in sicily. all seven leaders signed a declaration to fight terrorism. the other leaders asked trump to make a commitment to fight climate change something trump
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dismissed as a hoax during the campaign. >> hilary clinton gave the commencement speech at her alma mater leslie college and gave a stinging rebuke of the president describing the budget an attack of cruelty on the most vulnerable among us. >> when people in power invent their own facts and attack those who question them, it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society. >> clinton told the graduates that she's bouncing back from her devastating loss in november and acknowledged that chardonnay has helped. 28 people are dead after gunman opened fire on a bus in egypt. the bus was car carrying christs when it was attacked in cairo. it's the latest bloodshed
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targeting the christian minority. president trump said nations should come together to fight terrorism. the united nations condemned the attack in egypt. >> a new arrest in connection with the manchester arena bombing. ten people are suspected in the attack that killed 22 people and injured more than a hundred others. the suspected bomber traveled to libya in april and returned to jiewrp under cover. > fivefive people were hurt in h in detroit. the driver ended up half inside the building. the 60-year-old driver is listed in critical condition. it was unspeakable tragedy today in texas. two siblings, ages two and 16 months were found dead in
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weatherford near fort worth. the mother found the children and tried to rescue them by smashing the windows. it was too late. the outside temperature was 96-degrees. before you fire up the grill this memorial day weekend, the government has a warning. thousands of hotdogs may have metal shards inside them. nathans is recalling frankfurters. they have a use date of august 19th. the curtis beef master franks in one pound packages with a use by date of june 25th. be careful with that. really. >> accuweather forecast is looking better as the weekend progresses? >> there's not one day that's a wash out but at times showers could interrupt festivities
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outside. have a plan b. we have a couple of scattered showers this evening. they are long off the coast and getting a temporary break above. 69 in philadelphia right now. holding on to comfortable temperatures. 63 allentown and reading. at the shore, it's equally nice there as inland. the land breeze is not going to last that much longer. it shifts off of the ocean and remains that way as we get to sunday and monday. satellite and radar, you see the earlier showers long gone at this point. we have our eyes to the west. a bowling ball of energy in the atmosphere, severe storms south of chicago this afternoon. this continues to push east will weaken bringing clouds and scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. we see early sun as you wake up tomorrow morning. the clouds come in, take over
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much of the day and afternoon showers drifting through. it's not a wash out but again, damp ground will be witnessed at times in the afternoon, 76 philadelphia, 72 allentown, 74 wilmington. the sea breeze kicking in, in the afternoon, upper 60s there. as we get to sunday, we are between systems. another one sunday going west. clouds and sunshine and temperatures at 74 monday. this system approaches first thing monday. a lot of clouds, with showers on and off into the afternoon. if we see breaks of sun, the temperatures could break into the upper 70s. tomorrow, 69 with early sunshine before clouds take over. most of the showers could hold off until late in the day at the
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shore coming in from the west. sunday, breezy, wind off the water, chilly on the sand with 65-degrees. monday, showers and 69. in the poconos, cool there as well. 60s the holiday weekend. tomorrow, sun in the morning giving way to clouds in the afternoon. monday not a complete wash out but something you have to track with storm tracker six live throughout the day. as we look at the forecast, clouds and sun at times. sunday, sun and 74. monday, peeks of sun, showers in the afternoon with 78-degrees, not raining the hol whole time. wednesday, 77. a comfortable start to june, upper 70s, a little below
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average but a decent amount of sun. >> so the news is good and gets better. >> a talent show for the community. the two groups have been getting to know one another through an initiative by volunteers of america delaware valley, the goal to break down barriers between police and the community. >> this was a magical night for a high school senior. she wanted to feel like cinderella on prom night and she did. charmaine gibbs and her date arrived in a horse-drawn carriage at the belleview in center city. the carriage carried them from 63rd and haverford. the couple with crowns for this special occasion. ♪ ♪ whoa!
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hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at >> misery is not taking a holiday at citizen's bank park. >> it's bad in south philadelphia these days, jim. sometimes it's the bullpen. sometimes it's the offense. the phillies are a flawed team and that was on full display against the reds. aaron nollan on the hill. scott with a solo homer. nollan gives up five runs in six innings. phillies bats go silent. tim adelman, phillies manage one
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hit off of him in eight innings. swing the bat. phillies two across in the ninth inning. strikes out. phillies lose 5-2. >> chavez is pressuring. i was trying to keep the guy in the game. we are down 3-0. >> we are better than this. we have to start playing as aggressive as we can. >> chip kelly can't find another nfl buyer for his up tempo offense so he's taking hit talents to bristol, joining espn. he will be an analyst for college football. he was fired following a 14-2 season. >> game one between the cavs and
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war requeswarriors set for tues. le brown passed michael jordan for the first time all time scoring list. m.j. leads in terms of rings. >> i wear the number because of mike. i fell in love with the game because of mike. when you are growing up seeing michael jordan, it's almost like a god. i didn't ever believe i could be mike. you can catch every game on "6abc," game one thursday night. we talk union after the break. [vo] the grille is distinctive.
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>> if you are looking for a bandwagon to jump on, try the unions. the union won four straight matches after going winless against eight. tomorrow night they visit utah. coach curtain calls this an important point of the season. >> the next two games we have looked at before the international break, are critical. we have a tough test in salt lake. it's important to go there with confidence and take points. it's hard to take points on the road. >> finally tonight, if you have ever played golf, you can appreciate this. eighth hole, in the water. has to take a drop, next shot -- in the water. this is the guy that won the
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player's championship a couple of weeks ago. he missed the cut. >> they are in tune and ready to go, jackson liberty high school marching band heading to washington d.c. to perform in the memorial day parade. it is the second time this band will perform on the national stage. "jimmy kimmel live" live next on channel6 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 5:30. now for ducis rogers, adam joseph, cecily tynan, the entire "action news" team, have a good night.
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the "jimmy kimmel live" employee of the night for thursday, may 18th, is -- laura palmer! who set off a building fire alarm because she burnt a piece of toast. congratulations, laura, this show's for you. bye! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- johnny depp. "science bob" pflugfelder. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from linkin park. and now, without further ado, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everybody. very nice. thanks. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thk


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