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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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japan. and a teenager is shot seven times in belmont park. next on "action news" "action." ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff scaversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ >> a rainy night. can't stop the holiday weekend festivities, fireworks at penn's
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landing to an evening on the boardwalk, memorial day weekend 2017 is under way. the big story is a weather rollercoaster on the memorial day weekend. >> peak peeks of sunshine, thenn dampened the festivities, but the long weekend is not over yet. mesmelissa? >> if walter and sarah, we are tracking the weather tonight and first half of the day tomorrow. here's storm tracker 6 radar 3d. we have a frontal boundary draped across pennsylvania northward through the overnight hours. you see the pockets of heavy rain across the delaware valley. tighter on storm tracker 6 with showers in philadelphia and wilmington, moving south and east to atlantic city and cape
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may, pockets of heavy moisture. dover getting in on the pockets of wet weather. something else to keep in mind, we have a coastal flood advisory until 3:00 in the morning. minor flood sg a concern from seaside heights to cape may. the next high tide time is 11:30 tonight. for the ocean, the bays is later, wave heights three to four feet overnight tonight. we have pockets of heavy rain we are tracking, lifting from the southeast to northwest direction. clearing is expected memorial day, 8:00 in the morning through 10:00 a.m. there is a lot of instability, allowing for pop ups or stray thunderstorms. coming up, we have a look at the forecast and let you know about the city, shore and poconos for memorial days. >> melissa, thank you. take the "6abc" app with you
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this holiday weekend. you will find traffic and weather conditions, the details and radar on your phone or tablet. "6abc" app is a free download for your mobile device. >> a fire in philadelphia lamed the lives of two children and their grandmother. it broke out at 6:00 a.m. and quickly spread throughout the inside. >> two row homes on fire 1700 block north fish street with people trapped inside. >> i went outside. the mom and stepfather were out and screaming that their kids and mom was in the house. >> three people are now dead, two children and a woman. >> i'm going to miss them. >> paul gullery is the children's great grandchildren. testify woman killed, the children's grandmother. they begin to mourn.
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they tell us this is a picture of monique and her two grandchildren. >> prudence and dean and my aunt monique. >> you called her nikki. >> yes. >> the three lived here with monique's daughter, the kid's mom, and her boyfriend. >> the kids were beautiful, happy. she was a great woman, always smiling. >> one child was thrown out of window by parents and rushed to hahnemann hospital but didn't make it. >> we'll continue to put out hot spots. the building is unstable, so that will make the investigation difficult. >> if you have questions about
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fire prevention give them a call. they'll even come to your home and installfire detectors. bob brook, "action news." >> flames broke out just after 5:30 on west an bury street. nobody was injured but the house is considered a loss. the red cross is helping those effected. they are trying to figure out how the blaze was started. >> a teenager was shot several times in belmont square. the teen was shot seven times. he was rush today penn hospital and is listed in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >> police are piecing together a homicide in the port richmond section of the city. the victim was described as someone always willing to help those down on their luck.
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christie ileto is at police headquarters. when the shooting occurred and how long the bodies were inside the home remain unclear but neighbors tell us a family member found them this morning. one of the victims was the kindest of neighbors they say. >> stuffed animals outside the home of florence pompe was shot to death along with a 54-year-old man. >> i feel it was random. she didn't bother anybody. >> known to her neighbors as miss tina, friends say she lived there with her brother. their bodies were discovered on clearfield street. both were shot in the head. the man was also shot in the stomach. her body was found in the second floor bedroom. >> last time i saw her was
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friday, 6:00. after that, we never saw her. >> it was like, where's tina? she's usually sitting out. >> the usual seat on the step was empty signaling concern for neighbors. >> she's not answering the door or anything. >> police are working on whether its victim knew their killer. >> sheft she was a woman of god. she spent seven days a week in church. i can't believe this happen today miss tina. i never thought anything would come to miss tina's door like this. >> friends say miss tina was a former foster mother. if you are keeping track, there have been 119 homicides so far this year in the city not including this latest one. if you have information, you are ask #-d to contact detectives. christie ileto, "action news." >> developing news, north korea
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launched another ballistic missile. this one landing inside the japan economic zone where fishing and cargo ships are active. the missile flew six minutes for a distance of 280-miles. just hours before the launch, u.s. secretary of defense james madison addressed the threat on face the nation saying a war would be catastrophic. >> a conflict with north y norta would be the worst fighting in most people's lifetimes. the north korean regime has hundreds of rockets within rage of one of the most densely populated cities on earth. >> japan's president condemned the launch as provocation and will work with the u.s. to deter
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north korea. >> meanwhile president trump is back after a nine day trip overseas. there are questions this time around his son-in-law jared kushner. >> back at the white house and back on twitter, president trump scores his first overseas trip as a success. today he blasted back at news reports on the russia investigation insisting leaks coming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the news media. the president returned to find questions swirling about his son-in-law jared kushner. >> the fbi wants to know why kushner, top adviser to the president met with the russian ambassador in december along with mike flynn. sources familiar with the
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meeting say kushner wanted to open a secret back channel on the u.s. response to syria and other policy matters. >> to have trump's son-in-law trying to establish a back channel through the russian diplomatic facility, you have to ask who they are 450eudin hidine conversations with. sources say kushner is not a target of the investigation, but agents hope he can provide insight. >> i think jarred has said he's more than willing to answer any and all questions. he seems to be to be an open person. i would let him speak for himself when the time is right. >> you hear people saying is it too much? is it time for jarred to take a step back, maybe a leave of absence from the white house. >> stop staffers are regrouping
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after the trip. some say the administration could be in for a shakeup. abc news, washington. >> tragedy today, new york fleet week, a navy seal died when he parachuted into the river. it was part of the parachute team known as the leapfrogs. the parachute malfunctioned. >> our hearts and prayers go out to his family. i ask for all of your prayers in the navy community, who lost a true patriot today. >> the seal has not yet been identified. investigators are trying to determine what caused the parachute to malfunction. >> in the community, those across the nation are paying tribute to those that died for
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our country. annie mccormick has more on how the men and women are being honored. >> walter out here on penn's landing it was fun and fireworks and bringing members together but around the area, the true meaning of memorial day was not forgotten. >> fireworks lit up the sky over the delaware river. >> on stage the u.s. air force band "full spectrum" played. >> we came out with sandals. look. new invention. >> across the delaware valley, the day began honoring service members. there were drums across the park and at the site of the first memorial day observ observance,e decoration took place at
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lawrville cemetery. army rotc and sun valley high school marine rotc participated in 926 annual service. across the bridge at the veteran memorial cemetery, veterans and county freeholders laid wreaths on graves and a new monument during the water front day, families say they are counting this as a new philadelphia tradition. >> enjoy the fireworks, faim any and friends. >> organizers hope to make the event an annual event. one cool thing, all of the members that played from the u.s. air force are all active duty. annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie, thank you.
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>> much more to come tonight, a frightening ride at a waterpark in california. watch as he slides off the water slide. >> later -- >> i pray a lot on the river. >> a vietnam veteran making peace with his past on this mmed memorial day weekend. >> and the phillies try to get back against the reds. ducis rogers has sports when we come back.
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>> a freak accident at a california waterpark was caught on camera. the video is a bit graphic but the ten-year-old is okay. as the child goes down the slide he becomes airborne and bounces on the pavement. he was badly shaken but somehow suffered only scrapes and bruises. this over shadowed the opening
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of the park. officialssay they won't reopen it until they fix whatever caused the close call. a man has been arrested in rural mississippi that ended with eight people shot including a sheriff's deputy. golgodbolt killed two children,s mother-in-law and deputy at his inlaw's house. during his arrest he told a reporter he was angry that someone called police when he came for the kids. >> people that didn't even live at the house. that's what they do. they intervene. >> what's next for you? >> jail. >> godbolt killed four others at two houses nearby and said he
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hoped police would kill him. >> travelers affected by cancellations after the british airlines shut down. the shut down is believed to be due to a power outage not a cyberattack leaving 10 os of thousands stranded during a busy holiday weekend. curtis school of music was delayed at heathrow airport since satisfie saturday but wero take off today for their next concert in austria. >> police made two more arrests connected with the bombing in manchester. we are told authority in the u.k. have a thousand people working on the investigation trying to track down sa
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involved. >> mean be while, hundreds are waiting for tattoo of worker b bees to show support for the victims and their city. the worker bee has served as a symbol of manchester since text till mills were considered beehives of activity. >> mary lee, remember her? the great whys shark returned to the jersey shore. this time she's brought a friend. >> and will the rain hold off for memorial day? melissa magee has the forecast when we come back.
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>> well, the weather held out long enough for fireworks over
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sesame place in language horn. the colorful bursts filled the sky with color in honor of memorial day weekend. >> melissa magee with another look at the forecast. we would like to see a little sunshine. >> hard pressed to find it overnight tonight. tomorrow morning, we track wet weather, guys. we show you what's going on with double scan, rain across the delaware and lehigh valley. in our northwest suburb, we go tighter on street level 6, into south jersey, you see pockets of rain in seaside heights and surf city. we move to the northwest suburb, north and west, 95 corridor, fleetwood, lebanon and reading, still dealing with moisture. this is the case overnight.
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we show you the picture outside, sky 6 live and hd, looking at the come dairy bridge, rain drops falling there and moisture sticking with us overnight hours. if you look at the temperatures, it wasn't too bad. saturday, a high of 73. today, 77. that's where we should be this time of year. we had sun to get the day started, clouds rolled in and we are tracking moisture. right now in the city, 60. 60 in allentown, 63 poconos, 61 reading, coast and cape may, 60. 69 in ocean city. satellite 6 with action radar, there's the frontal boundary we are tracking, northward through the overnight hours. we are in and out of moisture now and through the morning hours. shower in the morning and a high
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of 76-degrees. timeout the precipitation for you overnight, 1:30 to 2:00 in the morning, poconos to philadelphia into delaware. we have pockets of heavy moisture. 6:00 in the morning, we are not out of the woods yet tracking rain from south jersey to our northwest suburbs. by 10:00 tomorrow morning, we have activity shifting north and east. we have a mostly cloudy sky in the wake of that. a lot of instability in the atmosphere, accounting for a pop up stray tomorrow tomorrow afternoon. in the city, poconos, for memorial day, we have you covered. the high at 65. easterly winds, showers likely. in the city tomorrow, morning shower, cloudy and something popping up in the afternoon. a high in the upper 70s. 66-degrees with clouds and sun in the poconos.
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early rain tomorrow, cloudy, then popping up by the afternoon, high of 76. the number could get higher if the front clears faster across the region. tuesday, 81 for the high. wednesday, breezy and pleasant, a high of 80. thursday for the first day of june, sunny and nice, 78. 77 friday with evening rain and upper 70s next weekend, guys. have the umbrellas on stand by especially early tomorrow. >> the jersey shore is getting lots of visitors this weekend. mary lee the great white shark has returned to the waters off cape may. she was tracked there yesterday. she made visits to the water in year's past. this year she's brought a friend, a male great white named cisco detected nearby.
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>> she has a twitter count, 170,000 followers. she's pretty poll lar. >> up next, ducis rogers has sports. and tonight, a sitting tribute to three emergency dispatchers taking their last call when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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