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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 1, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, 4 30. >> a city councilman stabbed during an attack and how is his condition. >> a new jersey teacher is in big trouble for taking videos up students skirts. >> this is the day you've been waiting for, david is off, karen rogers is here along with matt
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pellman. >> reporter: today we'll start off with showers that have yet to sneak through, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows them southwest of lancaster near pilots, i think that dies a part, after that passes we'll have sunshine through the day today. it's a good one. here's the wider look at satellite and radar, you can see showers and patches of clouds out to the west drifting through. beyond that we have a whole lot of nothing because high pressure is there. 64 in warminster, 62 malvern. 65 in center city. feeling pretty good. you see the southerly flow to the wind, too. 61 in browns mill, 60 in hammonton and sewell, new jersey. the high today mostly sunny skies, 81 degrees for the high. yes we have a patch of early morning clouds and shower in one or two spots to the west, the rest of the day is golden, how long can we keep it, i'll give
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you a hint not long, answers in the seven day coming up. >> reporter: i think they like it when we got a whole lot of nothing. i've got and a couple of somethings. substantials -- disabled tractor-trailer, two left lanes blocked, right lane is open to traffic, a little bit slow coming from girard up toward allegheny along i-95. you're not getting by on the vine expressway. overnight construction going until 5:00 a.m. has it closed between the schuylkill and broad street. on the big picture not too bad on the schuylkill expressway or the blue route, speeds in the mid 50s. in delco we had overnight construction route 202 at baltimore pike. everything is cleared out way northbound toward west chester.
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the burlington bristol bridge should be clearing out any minute, but wowmpt for the crews -- watch out for the crews still out there on this thursday morning. dave -- david oh underwent surgery after he was stabbed outside his home. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: investigators believe this was a crime of opportunity that the man didn't know he was attacking a city councilman. he is in critical, but stable condition. he went into emergency surgery overnight, police say that before he went into surgery he was talking and in good spirits. some of his colleagues have stopped by to see him and check on how he was doing. he was getting out of his car near his southwest philadelphia home, the same neighborhood he
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lived since 1963 when a man approached him. a man oh was getting bags out os trunk he couldn't understand what he was saying, he engaged him in conversation. he demanded that he hand over his keys, he stabbed him on the left side of his body and fled. he was elected to city council in 2011. word of his stabbing spread quickly. staff members came to the hospital to see how he was doing. >> he came over to see how he was doing, make sure everything is okay. it doesn't matter who it is, random violence strikes again, we'll keep saying our prayers, make sure the family is okay. >> the police investigation is underway, investigators are
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searching the area for surveillance cameras and they are conducting interviews as they search for the suspect, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. philadelphia mayor jim kenny responded to the news of the stabbing from iceland this morning he flew there yesterday to mark the start between philadelphia and and iceland air. oh as you just heard was born and raised in philadelphia first elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2015. else the first asian-american elected to public office in philadelphia and the only u.s. military vet serving on council. stay with "action news" for the latest developments and a train struck and killed a trespass on the tracks in atlantic city county, new
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jersey. nj transit authorities responded in hammonton at 10:00 p.m. train service was suspended for two hours, but has since been restored. two people were shot and killed in north philadelphia overnight, one a 17-year-old. a third person was hit by gunfire. the shooter is on the loose. "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes is live at police headquarters with details. good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the only teen victim in the shooting died from his injuries hours ago after being shot in a hail of gunfire. he is one of two victims to die overnight. the shots broke out along the 1300 block of west rush street. two shooters approached their victims on bicycles and fired over two dozen times at close range. police arrived on the scene to find two men on the ground with
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shots to their torso and surrounded by shell casings. one victim was in his 20s and the other 17 years old. they found a third victim. >> reporter: while investigating the scene a 20-year-old man showed up at temple hospital. he was shot in the arm, he is in stable condition. >> reporter: now, police have no motive or suspect at this hour, but they have a little to go off of, they have witnesses and they are looking at surveillance videos police cameras and residential cameras that they are reviewing hopefully that will lead them to their killers. jeanette reyes which i -- chann6 "action news." >> a chemistry teacher in burlington county is expected to be in court for making up
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skirted videos of students. investigators say he victimized three girls and targeted one of the victims more than once. school officials at lenape has banned howell from school property and events. the older brother of the 7-year-old girl found unresponsive with a bag over her face faces attempted murder charges. they found him in the back seat of a police car where they placed him under arrest where they say he told them he did something stupid. the victim's mother discovered the child in the basement of the home on north american street she remains on life support at einstein. president trump will announce a decision on a major spoke to can you say of debate inside and outside the white house whether he will stay inside or out of the paris
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climate agreement. world leaders at the g7 summit and ceos and peep france and his daughter and son-in-law both senior advisors want to stay in the deal. the president tweeted he will be announcing his decision in the rose garden this afternoon. coming up on "action news," how this passenger's video on the grayhound bus led to the driver's removal from the job. video shows the tense scene inside the pulse nightclub the night of the horrific massacre. >> reporter: we have a touch of fog, visibility reduced a little bit there. we'll see a gorgeous afternoon, details coming up.
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>>le the world's largest airplane debuted this weekend, it was pulled out of his hangar in california. the twin fuselage aircraft has 385-foot wingspan stands 50 feet tall and uses 6 engines. it's designed to release roghts that roghts -- rockets that will carry satellites into space. >> not very good for regular travel. but impressive. >> reporter: but certainly impressive. how about this weather. yesterday it was nice, we got up to 80 in the end. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're starting with just one little shower and patch of clouds that has yet to move through. we can see that right now heading towards coatsville and wilmington and salem, it will fall a part by the time it hits
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the city. watching for a patch of clouds and a brief shower before we enjoy lots of sunshine. let's go outside and show you what the day looks like, it's going to be a beautiful sunrise. we have a mix of clouds out there, you can see the clearer skies break running through there. let's look at the numbers, temperature 65. dewpoint, 6 #. the -- point 61. pressure holding steady. winds out of the southwest. it will be breezy this afternoon. the ocean temperature, 62. the front that is trying to limp through the area not through the region just yet. we can see clouds and sprinkles to the west early this morning. beyond that high pressure moves in, we've not nothing beyond that. we'll see lots of sunshine, a nice day sunny skies, breezy winds out of the west 8 to 16 miles per hour. a june beauty today. tomorrow, a nice day, as well.
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80 degrees the high, warm, partly sunny skies, we have a chance of an isolated shower, most of the area is dry, we have couple good days coming your way. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny today, breezy, 81 degrees for the high temperature. yes we're starting off with the morning clouds and possibility of an early morning shower especially in the western suburbs like we showed you on storm tracker 6 live. tomorrow, 80 degrees for the high, it's a gorgeous day get out there and enjoy it tomorrow, as well. isolated shower or thunderstorm comes through, i think the best chance would be late in the evening or at night on friday, we have two days so enjoy dry afternoons. saturday, clouds and sun, now it's looking dry on saturday, 77 degrees is the high. we have a front that comes through, looks like sunday is the day a wave of low pressure rides along it, gives us periods of rain. it holds off for the second half of the day. most of the weekend is dry, 76
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for the second half of sunday, looks wet. monday, clouds and showers, leftover showers and thunderstorm nearby, 75 degrees for the purpose of the high. it's cool for june. we've seen a lot of cool temperatures, that continues. tuesday, clouds and sunshine, 71 degrees for the high. wednesday, partly sunny skies, 79. i think wednesday will be lower. we'll see cooler conditions. looking ahead for the next couple of weeks we'll be stuck in a pattern where we see temperatures below average. we're not looking at any heat waves coming up in the next couple of weeks, get used to the temperatures in the lower 70s that's where we are heading after a brief visit into the 80s. we have a couple of mild days, but lower for a little while. >> a driver from the grayhound bus has been removed from the job for a video showing him
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texting while driving. the bus with an on its way from philadelphia to washington on tuesday. the passenger said the texting we know on for a minute. the passenger said the driver changed lanes without signaling. grayhound issued a statement saying the company was are surprised to learn about the situation and taking the matter seriously. grayhound added the safety of our customers is the cornerstone of our business. boat video has been released after the police officers rushed into the pulse nightclub. the videos capture the officers racing into the buildings knowing that the shooter was barricaded inside with the victims. >> i got his hands, come out, come out. >> the lone gunman was shot and killed by police after a standoff, the event remains a the worst mass shooting by a
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single gunman in american history. labron james is talking about how his los angeles home was vandalized. he is preparing for the nba finals tonight was not home at the time, and the property owner painted over before he arrived. he said racism will also be a part of america. detectives have yet to identify a suspect. coming up on "action news," four local businesses cash in on big bills, the warning that's coming from the secret service. more criticism is coming from the life saving epipen when "action news" continues.
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>> reporter: good morning welcome to june, one of my favorite months personally speaking as we look live at talen energy stadium in chester, pennsylvania, commodore barry bridge in the background and looking nice this morning. things were looking nice last time we checked this shot. we had a disabled tractor-trailer, the cab became unhitch from the trailer which is never a good thing. they got it rehitched because
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they have it moving on, all lanes reopened. westbound lanes of the vine have reopened, eastbound lanes have not. they are blocked for the next ten minutes. a couple of accidents in montgomery county near willow grove computer avenue at welsh road by the sam's club, 309 at lime kiln pike. blue route, northbound lanes near germantown pike they are wrapping up the construction picking up their cones in the left lane, heading toward the mid county toll plaza, the e-z pass express lanes have reopened. townsend delaware, wiggins mill road blocked, route 71 the alternate. area businesses say counterfeit 100-dollar bills are
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being used that are good enough to trick counterfeit detecter pens that many use. bills start out as genuine smaller bills like 1 dollar bill and 5-dollar bills are being forged to look like 100-dollar bills. the secret service recommends using a uv light and magnifying glass. first look at business, department of health and human services are leveling charges against the drug maker mylan, saying they overcharged the federal government for more than a billion dollar for the epipens over a ten year period. they had gave medicaid less rebate money which means taxpayers more than should have for the drug. uber lost $708 million in the first quarter.
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still that is an improvement over the previous quarter when they reported 991 million-dollar loss. they said they are on on the way thwart profitability. stocks for now, the futures are pointing to a higher open across the board. amazon is one step closer to perfecting their delveries by drone. they are grantorred a patent for a shipping label that has a parachute instead of packages being dropped and damaged as they land. >> rather than a big box of toilet paper, it's like right down to your lap. >> still to come on "action news," a surprise for a local world war ii veteran. the 95-year-old's show of patriotism is paid whole again. dash cam video shows the
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moments leading up to tiger woods arrest earlier this week. >> a popular newborn hippo is
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at the cincinnati zoo explored her outdoor habitat for the first time. fiona was born prematurely and had had several health scarce. she'll be maybe be her public debut in the next couple of
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weeks. videos of her learning to swim and run drew tens of thousands of viewers online. a world war ii veteran's home has been made whole again after have a littles trashed his home over the weekend. vandals trashed out his garden ripping out american flags and banners. he served three years in world war ii and the army military police. the family place add phone call to mike driscoll's office and that led to members of the american legion post 75 yesterday. >> there's going to be someone from the 15th strict over here and file a report, if it ever happens again we'll be back. >> a local business offered to install a permanent flag bowl in his front yard. >> developing overnight,
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hospital employee witnesses a man beating a woman and trying to stuff her into a trash bag, a the disturbing story coming up. >> the new york melts organization apologizes for its mascots actions during a game. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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