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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  June 7, 2017 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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>> ♪ program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david >> ♪ >> ♪ >> good morning everys wednesday june 7th and here's what's happening. >> courtroom showdown. billos accuser faces him on the stand. now andrea constand is headed backew details emerge about frictions between president trump and one of the earliest campaign, attorney general jeff sessions. >> and no, don't expect to see much sunshine. i know you keep wondering how long can this rain go on. day. but more spring summer weather is set to return soon. >> david and karen, do you think that maybe we're starting to actually l
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expectations around here? >> the bar is low. >> in the seven-day forecast you're going to see those numbers come up and there will be more sun and today isn't totally a grayo eect some sun te through at times. right now there's a light sprinkle by pottsville and harrisburg just kind of meandering toward the east. otherwise, wre perhaps some spotty drizzle in places this morning and a fair amount of cloud covd later on. there is the cloud cover across the region right now. again, drying out a bit but some sprinkles and shower activity out there, mostly just drizzle if you're seeing anything at all. and you can see some clearing off to the north and we expect to see the return of some sunshine before the end of the day. it's cool to start out, 54 degrees in philadelphia, 52 in allentown. just 51 at this hour in trenton. 55 in wilmington and 56 in cape may. winds are on the light side, single digits in most spots, dover still dealing with a 13 miles per hour breeze. and as we roll through the day, we do get milder later on. 55 degrees by 7 o'clock, 65 degrees by noon and then by 3 o'clock, 68 with a high of
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69 probably around 4 o'clock and i could see us still holding i don't ton something around there by 5 o'clock. notice how we aren't totally wiping out the sunshine. we are expecting some to come poking back as the day goes on. as we go into tomorrow it gets better and then we start to warm up toward the weekend. we might have the season's second heat wave on the horizon. details coming up. >> this time starting on the beach and it's all about me. vine street expressway right now it is reopened all the lanes and ramps from reopened after the overnight construction so you're looking little damp out there in some spots. little cool but no big weather related problems at unlike yesterday morning. nonetheless we still have an accident out here in aston delaware cou near village drive watch for that one and of course the water main breakfrom that mondae still seeing edgehill road closed between bradfield an ave. stick to easton road or highland avenue to get around the closures with the crews onvg
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the off-ramp. car moving by but you see a lot of crews and cones set up. at this point some traffic getting by on the ramp from i-95ro westbound as they switch their cameras around you can see elsewhere around the region is prettyry a little damt there right now in one or two spots. burlington bristol bridge overnight construction sh out. it's kind of slow at 16 miles >> thank you, karen. right now a six-year-old is in critical condition in a wilmington h tosrying to process the random gun violence that put himis mother e simply driving down the street were both were shot yesterday afternoon in east sixth street in wilmington. they were inside their suv and policeply in the wrong place at the wrong time not the intended targets. mothee been release the from leased
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from the hospital but his son is at a.i. dupon we'll have a live report from there in the next 30 minutes. also new this morning police say they have arrested a major drug dealer in pleasantville in atlantic city. police say when they arrested terrence harris last week they found drugs worth $140,000 along with several guns at his home. harris is being held at the atlantic county jail. >> bill cosby's accuser will be back on the stand today. the defense will that continue to question andrea constand's claims about a sexual assault at the entertainer's cheltenham home 13 years ago. jeanette reyes is live at the montgomery county courthouse with more on constand's emotional testimony t jeanette. >> reporter: matt, that continues today, the cross-examination continues today with cosby's chief accuser taking the witness stand. the defense's main goal is poking holes in her testimony and questioning her credibility. bill cosby's defense attorneys
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showed no mercy in a blistering cross-examination where they questioned their client's chief accuser's motive. for the first time since the alleged andrea constand gave a chilling testimony before a packed courtroom. the 44-year-old said an innocent friendship with a man she c suddenly became sexual in nature. constand alleges cosbye flirtatd suggestive grabbing her thigh on one indication in his home and attempting to unbutton her pants on aade it clear that she didn't welcome the advances. the next time sh home to discuss a career change constand tearfully told the jury pills that left her incapacitated and began groping her. she later woke up confused and humiliated and left. but the defen gave conflicting reports to police and said she contacted cosby dozens of times even after the alleg assault. despite the brutal
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cross-examination, constand's former attorney says she did we maintain her composure. she was obviously emotional after certain pointsony and it'. >> reporter: and again cross-examination continues today. at some point it is expected that constan stand. reporting live at the montgomery county courthouse, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." tam. >> all right, t and the shooting of a new jersey transit bus driver has murder-suicide. a woodbury gloucester countyed d then herself. 44-year-old pass yen tap ck yesterday at the transit garage on the black horse pike in washington township and then turned the gun on herself. a former south jersey chef admitted to conspiring with his ex-girlfriend to produce child pornography.
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he pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday. he ran several restaurants at the time of his arrest in that 2015 including crow and the pitcher in center city. >> president trump will be in cincinnati, ohio, to lay out another part of his infrastructure plan. this comes as new details are released about growing frustrations between the president and attorney general jeff sessions. abc news reports the two have had heated exchanges over the past few weeks and that sessions at one point expressed that he would be willing to resign. abc news has also learned that when former fbi director james comey testifies before congress tomorrow, he will stop short of president interfered with the agency's probe into former national security adv michael flynn. "action news" reporter sara bloomquist will will be in washington, d.c. today with a cs testimony on capitol hill. look for her reports later on "action news." . i just can't take the rain anymore.
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>> oh, well, you're going to clt rain out there right now... not a lot of rain out there. we're essentially dry. there could be drizzle falling from low clouds in some spots. the only showers i've got are out by harrisburg. certainly drier neighborhoods yesterday. as we take a look outside we have sky6 and we are mainly clor the ben franklin bridge but in the distance up oouve can see a little slither of clearing andy is your current lmington 55. allentown 52. cape may 56. there. most of you are isprinkle or shs morning but as we head upctlly looking at the potential fores later into the day so that by five or 6 o'c breaking out to even more sunshine so, i can't promisero t
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to coast but there should be some sunny breaks at least as and then later this evening, partly cloudy skies as adam and cecily get ready to tell you about what's going on tonight and tomorrow. clouds, some sun up in the lehigh valley. we are drying today overall. a mild high of 69 degrees. down the shore it will be a little bit cooler. around a.c., 66 is your high today. the farther south you go toward cape may the better chance you have of the low 60's and low 60's is what you have in the ocean water, too. in philadelphia a high around 69 degrees today, clouds mixing with some eventual sunshine. we have general drying as we go through the day, although we can't rule out a sprinkle or a shower and maybe some drizzle especially in the morning. winds a little bit breezy during the afternoon. and then overnight tonight the winds die down, we get partly cloudy skies with some stars starting to come back. 54 is the overnight low in philadelphia. some outlying suburbs could dip into the upper 40's and then tomorrow improvement. a mix of clouds and sun overall, 72 is the high. there is a coastal feature but
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it looks like it's going to be far enough off the coast where all we get is a little light shower. today clouds mixing with sunny breaks. sun giving way to increased clouds as that low approaches on thursday but a high of 72, nice during the day maybe a shower at night. while there is the chance of a lingering shower early friday morning the afternoon looks good, partly sunny and 78 degrees, a real nice day. for the weekend saturday partly sunny and warm, a high of 84. on sunday it's going to be hotter, a high of 90 degrees but the humidity will start toiled were and it and it probably won't be as pleasant a day to exercise. monday and tuesday it also looks like we're in the 90's so if we get that that 90 on sunday that could be the season's second heat wave. probably ends by wednesday. >> you're going to wish for some rain in this heat wave. >> i don't think so. >> we'll see. we'll check back. >> okay. >> thank you, david. it is 5:10 now. new details this morning about the suspects behind the latest london terror attack. >> also a shoplifter was
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almost able to steal literally a treasure trove of unusual items. all by stuffing his pants. it's hard to see how he thought this was going to work but you'll see why his great escape was ruined. >> die hard fans will do anything to help out a player on their team. see the two packer fans who went the extreme distance to get a green bay player to practice. karen. >> overnight construction has cleared, roads pretty dry right here in chadds ford delaware county on 202. we'll take you to plymouth meeting coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there, the view of philadelphia international airport. it is 5:13, 54 degrees right now. >> what pleasantries on the road do you have for us, karen. >> everything is pretty much pleasant at the moment 'cause it's not raining like yesterday when it was driving rain and awful. so, we're off to a decent start. good morning, everybody. looking outside live in chadds ford delaware county and we can see traffic here moving pretty nicely. no problems here, plymouth meeting here on the blue route approaching mid-county, so no problems here, no construction here this morning as well, so traffic's moving pretty good. on the northeast extension here, this is southbound past quakertown. construction has cleared here none delays and no delays there so looking good on the blue route as well as the northeast extension. accident in aston concorde road near village drive so watch for that one on the scene. in dennis township down in cape may they're doing a little work out here. some paving work both lanes
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both ways on route one -- route 99 looking near route yes, sir. i'm trying to ease into this wednesday. let's go to the commuter traffic report and show you what's going on. an object on the road on i-95 northbound in bensalem. thanks for telling me about that one. let's go right now to the weather and show you what's going on. it's kind of chilly out there this morning in spots. you're just in the 40's in spots like quakertown and pottstown, 47. 49 in warminster. 52 in malvern. 54 degrees in center city. feels kind of refreshing at least. 51 in cinnaminson and 57 in dover, delaware and we're actually going to see a little bit of sunshine today. satellite6 and action radar showing us that we do have lots of clouds in place but we will see some breaks here or there. the chance for some drizzle this morning, matt. >> thanks, karen. questions are growing over why the london terror attackers were not stopped well before the violence over the weekend. british authorities investigated 27-year-old khuram butt in 2015 and
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determined he was not a threat yusef zaghba had been placed on a watch list after italian police determined he had tried to travel to syria last year. the three attackers killed seven people and injured 48 others in the london bridge area. 21 people remain in critical condition. >> a florida man walked out of a gas station convenience store with 15 bottles of motor oil on 30 dvd's stuffed down his pants. surveillance video shows william hall waddling out of the store right past a detective who couldn't believe his eyes as he sat there in his unmarked vehicle. detective arrested hall walked him back into the store to unload his pants. police say hall has a 105 page rap sheet including 68 previous charges, 24 convictions and three stays in prison. nfl player stranded in minnesota hitched a ride to green bay wisconsin with some two true die hard fans.
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hall tweeted i need a ride and brothers chad and mike johnson came to his aid. they drove four hours so he could make it to lambeau field for team practice yesterday morning. >> got in the car and said hey, man, how you doing. he said man i can't believe it's you and i said yeah its me. i said man i appreciate it man, you don't understand how thankful i am. >> house took the brothers into the locker room, signed some gear and took photos all at 3:30 in the morning. >> game three of the nba finals is tonight in cleveland but warriors lead in the best of seven series is two games to none. you can watch it here on 6abc or the watch abc app. the phillies beat the atlanta braves for their fourth nine a row last night. phillies were hitless until howie kendrick smacked a solo homer. they added two more in the sixth. phillies win three to one. they move to five and zero against the braves this season
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they have awoken. >> awake. keep telling stories like this. >> it is now 5:18. a woman is on trial in connection to her boyfriend's desk. how prosecutors say her text messages may have been used like a weapon. >> new research finds that divorce can have a long term impact on an couple's child to the point of health risks as adults. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> stunning video from southwest japan showing a volcano erupting. you can see plumes of ash spewing more than 10,000 feet into the sky. this video of the mountain erupting was taken on monday. this is the second significant event there in recent weeks. researchers warned last year -- i think that's a volcano alarm. warned last year that this volcano would likely have a major eruption within the next 30 years.
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not major but an eruption nonetheless. >> that volcano alarm sounded like the message tone on my phone. by the way there's a volcano. [laughter] >> camden county, this is route 70, the construction here has cleared early. all lanes are opened. you're looking good this morning. not the case in burlington county route 70. construction causing restrictions until 6 o'clock both ways near new road and we've got an issue already with mass transit here. they're having an equipment problem at septa's regional rails, a couple delays already and the cynwyd line shuttle busing because of construction. a few issues dave. >> karen it's a fairly cloudy start. a couple of you might have a little bright spot in the clouds and cool, too. 54 degrees by 6 o'clock, 55 by 8 o'clock this morning so temperatures hovering in the mid-50's on the bus stop. we can't rule out some drizzle. personally i didn't see that on the way in but it is a possibility in some neighborhoods. 55 degrees by 7 o'clock, 65 by noon and then it gets milder
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today with a 68-degree reading at 3 o'clock and a high of 69 probably around 4 o'clock. we might be holding that by 5 o'clock. notice how i'm not posting all clouds today. i think there will be some sunny breaks. a better chance as we move farther through the day. >> time for health check. sometimes we tell you a little red wine is good for your heart. but not today we tell you moderate drink congress cause brain damage. a study found people who drink moderately had a higher risk of brain damage that impact your memory. moderate drinking was defined as eight to 12 small glasses of wine, beer or shots of liquor each week. a new study suggests there are long term issues for children after their parents divorce. psychologists at carnegie mellon university found that the stress a child may endure after their parents separate could eventually have an adverse effect on the immune system when they're adults. in the study researchers found adults with parents who had a
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bitter divorce were three times more likely to develop colds compared to adults whose parents remain together. >> 5:23. up next in the morning buzz meet steph curry's youngest fan who could end up in the nba some day. >> is it reilly? we'll have to see. >> you'll have to tell us. >> move over schwarzenegger. supreme court justice is ready to help you really flex those muscles but first up here's "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, 20-year-old michelle carter accused of pushing the young man she says she loved to his death. prosecutors say carter at the time a high school student pressured 18-year-old conrad roy, iii to commit suicide in 2014. at the heart of the case, tens of thousands of texts between the two. carter repeatedly telling him, it's time and you need to just do it. cell phone records showing carter telling him to get back inside the truck when he has second thoughts. carter's attorney blaming her behavior on the medication she
5:24 am
was taking. >> it's a suicide even if somebody supports another individual in a suicide, it doesn't create a homicide. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., nancy grace weighs in on the case live. with your "gma" first look, i'm adrienne bankert abc news, taunton, massachusetts. ♪
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>> time now for the morning buzz. when you think of fitness supreme court justices may not come to mind but maybe they should at least when it comes to 84-year-old ruth baeder ginsberg. her personal trainer has written a book on how he helps her stay fit. the book includes illustrated demonstrationing of the squat plank and full push-ups that ginsberg does regularly. she credits the routine for her legendary physical and mental stamina. i heard people can't keep up with her in the supreme court gym. >> however dons the jersey is steph curry. he thinks he's steph curry. >> this may be steph curry's youngest fan. miles is only three but almost always has his steph curry jersey on. he also has pretty good ball shooting skills. miles is just 18 months old he started making baskets over
5:28 am
and over again. unfortunately tonight's game three of the nba finals will conflict with miles' bedtime. i don't want to be his parents in the morning if they lose to the cavs tonight they'll have to explain that but miles i'm a steph curry fan, too so i totally get it. >> watch it on an ipad next morning on delay. >> yes, right here on 6abc. >> coming up later the heartwarming moment at a high school graduation. see what topped a young girl getting her diploma. >> a woman is robbed at a gas station but refuses to give up without a fight. >> the search is on for the gunman who randomly shot and critically injured a six-year-old in wilmington, delaware. "action news" continues. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ that's life.
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may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor about jardiance- the one and only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart. visit for a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. >> developing now on "action news" a stray bullet strikes a pregnant woman in philadelphia. police have new details on the investigation. >> caught in the os crosshairs. neighbors in wilmington reeling after a senseless random crime that has a young boy clinging to life. >> cosby's accuser takes the stand andrea constand details her claims on how the comedian took an innocent friendship too far. >> yes, i'm going tell you there's rain out there again today. you knew that was coming. dave murphy has more on that and karen rogers has your commute.


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