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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 9, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tomorrow morning. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a youtube legend shoots pokemon style. >> didn't go smoothly. >> why it's not all fun and games for pikachu. an 8-year-old takes the internet by storm. >> it's a plant growing on the
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tree. >> her and sister talk about the love of nature that has the world wondering about one smart kid. >> how is he doing in school? >> straight as. a robber barges into a business. >> it takes place at a sandwich shop. >> how quick thinking workers kept him away from the bread. and a dating experiment that's almost scientific. see if the blind folded touch test can seal the deal. >> it's never over when it involves pokemon characters. pikachu running after the other things that he's always chasing. not really sure how the whole pokemon thing goes down. pikachu running over a ranch in honolulu, after characters sun and moon because they have one of the pokemon eggs pikachu
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wants back. a big festival across honolulu. ka kalin in the pikachu costume. the whole video like something we've seen before. but it didn't go smoothly for debbie, they are in city areas, this is where things go aside. >> oh! >> characters chasing, they turn around with concern. >> it's over. what we know about pikachu, always releases behind the scenes video and this is no
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exception. >> legit. >> it was completely legit. >> didn't quite get the leap he was executipecting, came up sho. you can immediately hear him say he was okay through guttural breath gasps. however, they did have to alter the story line for what they were going to shoot. >> we had to improvise on the spot, before wekts kicked out of the spot, before we take him to the hospital, shoot that scene. >> coming up solid once again and kalin took one for the team in this case. >> i'm in love, and a lot of people are falling in love with this kid aiden because he's so
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smart and he loves nature. >> a lot of animals like to eat trees also known as anti-asian longhorn beetles. listen closely to that asian beetles. how did they get from asia to north america. some think they got here on boats carrying firewood. this is liken, right here, not part of the tree back, it's actually a plant growing on the tree bark. >> he's obviously found something he addition in school. >> -- something he digs in cool. >> he digs animals, nature, and he's 8-year-old. his sister started film because aiden wants to be zoologist. i love when she does the journalism thing and asks him question. >> how do you know this one is 19 years old. >> because all these circles are going into this spot. how many circles i count is how
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old this tree is. >> i love how when he makes a transition from one segment to another, he says let's move up the food chain. >> like all mixed together in a kid. >> ig the same exact thing. after she posted the video, aiden asked his sister to put it on the twitter. she put it on twitter and said my brother is an animal genius and wanted to share with you guys. it got well over 200,000 likes on twitter, so she started a go fund me campaign to pay for his college. let's face it, this kid is going to college. i know you've got questions for him. let's go "right this minute" to britney and her brother aiden in florida. welcome to the show you guys. what made you start shooting aiden's show. >> aiden has been asking taos make a youtube channel for the longest because he likes to watch youtube videos of other
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kids playing and things like that. he thought if they could do it, he could do it. i said let me record it and post it because he wants it so bad. i had no idea people would love it so much. we're just so used to him talking, and it blue up after that. >> aiden, where are you getting information. >> in animal books and animal channels. >> when you saw all the attention that this video was getting, did you go back to your channel and say, see, i told you. i told you they would love me. >> no. i'm like, oh, my god. >> so aiden, what fascinates you so much about animals and nature? >> it's the powers that animals have that will blow your mind away. >> you want to be sort of a tv host for this. >> oh, yes. >> how is he doing in school. >> straight as bro. thank you for having us. >> bye-bye.
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one of the fastest robberies ever. there's three of them there. one in the frame. you see a man, walks into the jewelry store, hops on the counter, grabs a tray of jewelry and goes out. >> wow. >> he knocks it to the ground. >> blink and you'd miss it. >> how did they get in, vestibule, system. >> asking why the woman chased after them, some pointing out they should have hit the alarm system. let's face it, in these situations, happened fast. would have, should have, could have, takes us nowhere. >> we know law enforcement did catch up to the man and looking to serve about seven years in jail time. >> six months for every second he was there. >> the next attempted robbery didn't go down as the person planned. it takes place at a sandwich shop. this employee recording it. that employee hiding in the back. you can hear someone demanding
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the cash register be opened. >> open the register. >> are you the one that's been robbing me? >> no. you know what -- >> that was it. just some tough talk and he turned tail and run. >> he said, you don't have the goods, i'm not giving you the money. he got mad, smashed the tip jar and walked off. the person recording said they were afraid, as they should be, but started recording hoping someone would recognize the person or the voice. >> you're not supposed to do that. you're supposed to hand the money over. but that woman probably had enough that day and said, no, i'm not doing it. he set his camera in africa looking at the sky because he wanted to capture something beautiful. basically the universe. you can see the millky way right
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there. >> what was that? >> time lapse. that's why clouds are zipping by. in the top right-hand corner you see this. >> was that like a meteor or something. >> exactly. >> get out. >> exactly what it was. meteor entering the earth's atmosphere. because of the air friction and the friction, increase in heat, it just eventually evaporated into nothing. that's what you're seeing that dust in the high upper atmosphere. >> just looks like a bunch of glitter. >> it was. a bit of space confetti. that's what's doing on right there. pretty awesome. >> it's an amazing storybook. >> something about the story sounds familiar to her. >> find out why this story makes her break down. >> pop-up book. standing right there. >> and -- >> that, my friends -- >> see where they decide to take it. l actually invented hair color? so who better to care for it. color vibrancy haircare
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for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. melanie here is about to get her storybook ending. >> [ inaudible ]. >> in some ways, so is she. >> wow, really, really good book. she's really getting into it. >> it is a good book. she's into her other colleagues. she's an elementary school teacher. she thinks this is an exercise, part of the meeting they are having. >> when i feel like being adventurous, i go out. >> something about the story sounds familiar to her. >> it rains one day. instead of running for cover,
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they -- [ inaudible ] [ crying ] >> i get the same way when i read the book. >> if you haven't noticed, this is a love story. the characters in the book are chris and melanie. >> with the help of the friends he sent the book into her class so she could read it. she was so surprised to learn the book was all about her. she was even more surprised when she saw chris walk in. >> her man happens to be eric, he did write and illustrate the book for her. >> one more surprise. >> crying like halle barry at the oscars. >> he got her good. >> standing right there, the ring in front of me. >> pops the ring on her finger.
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we're going to live happily ever after. >> an unexpected visitor in the waters in front of his home in the waters in the sea of cortez. that's not a submarine, my friend. that's a shark, a big one. at this point he thinks the net may be broken and the shark got through it. >> who gave it away, the shark. >> dale, the one with the camera, he's an experienced diver. he gets out on his paddleboard and sees what the trouble is. >> get hit by a boat? >> oh, my god. hit by a propeller. good instincts. >> that's 14 feet long. then it turns around and gives him a big smile. >> don't want one of those. >> i'll pass. >> it's usually the last thing you see. >> wow. i was just down in that area of the world a couple weeks ago in
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a little insulatable kayak. >> love to see you. >> i didn't realize they had them down there. >> that's so funny you say that. >> if you're wondering, there's great white sharks here in the sea of cortez. the answer is absolutely. >> i did not know that. >> another big animal. >> this one, dude -- >> this one a little canal, that, my friends is an arthropod. that catch emfrom cam emall fishing, decided to carry it into hooters and see how the girls react. >> that isn't bad for the animal? >> they wrap this up in a towel and carry it in, put it in a highchair and let the shenanigans begin. >> it's crazy looking, right?
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>> when they exit the restaurant, that's when things get really interesting. >> no way. >> oh, my god. a legend. >> it was eventually returned from whence it was captured. >> the duck wants to thank his viewers. >> it's been crazy, five years. >> his apology video got five years. find out what he apologized for. >> i just love that a child is saying thank you and i'm sorry. >> plus time to get down and dirty. >> if you haven't noticed they are all dressed up in prom dresses. >> see how this rugby match unfolds. >> the referee is even wearing a dress. toilet paper... cereal... maybe some chew toys... got it! get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. you knmegared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes,
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for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. >> rugby isn't a sport that's considered pretty but these girls make it look beautiful. the frilly matchup between the ladies at the high school in idaho. >> here we go. the game is under way. >> they are all dressed up in prom dresses. >> that makes it fun. kind of like wreck the dress. >> the rugby edition. >> that was an amazing tackle. >> i love the fact that some of these are prom dresses and some are these are -- i'll be lady like for now. >> right. the referee is even wearing a dress. you see that?
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>> yes. it's a lot of fun. >> if you like that, i'm sure you'll love this next video from our old buddy the slow mo guy. this time they are going to play with the water balloons. >> ready? >> yes. >> all right. >> it's a 6 foot water balloon. you see on top of their infamous trampoline. they fill it up. it weighs a lot. they are being smashed by it. let's see what happens. >> for that brief few thousandths of a s.e.c. when the water is still in the same shape, slow motion videos are so popular. >> it's crazy to see how quickly the latex on that balloon just retracts. >> this particular youtube goes by the name of duck decides he owes his audience an
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explanation. >> what's up, guys? today in the video i'm going to be saying an apology for not uploading in a long time. >> he just wanted the audience to know he respects them and he's sorry. >> the next day -- >> it's only been 22 hours. i'm just going to check. what's happened? >> what has happened, duck? >> it's been crazy. five views. >> his apology video got five views. the bigger youtubers out there might be a small number but this guy -- i'm subscribing right now. >> i want to say thank you to you guys. our team maybe coming this far with me. >> mom and dad in the other room going -- >> i just love that a child is saying thank you and i'm sorry. i know some grownups who probably need to follow this example. >> the thing is with kids, man, they grow up so fast. before you know it, they are trying to help you out in the grocery store.
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like brody helping mom out in target. do not worry, help is on the way. yeah, little brother max. brody and max, we can take this mattress wherever mommy needs to go. >> let me tell you something, mommy is a generoagain again -- genius. >> i can't. six seconds is enough. just push me. i'm tired. >> well, manuel labor is not for everybody, especially little kids. >> would you date a guy based on his body. >> he disappears because he is, of course, the test subject. >> you touch the muscles and say, the lord made this, and it is good. >> watch these ladies get really handsy. >> i don't lik
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open. >> mandatory. >> these will be available via a kick-starter campaign in july. we happen to know, murphy getting almost scientific. >> today we're going to find out if a girl will date someone a based on their body. >> in this case they are going to be blind folded. there's no reason to, because he is, of course, the test subject because there is no reason that conner can't take his shirt off, beautifully waxed chest and make people grab it. so the girls get to work. >> put your hands out and tell me


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