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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon sara bloomquist is off and we are beginning with breaking news at this hour from the bill cosby trial. and day five of jury deliberations. 20 minutes after the jury convened they had a couple of questions for the judge. bill cosby, of course, is on trial in montgomery county for sexual assault. and the world continues to await a verdict. jeanette reyes joins us with the lightest developments. >> reporter: rick, deliberations are underway right now. they are deliberating now for more than 40 hours. just to give you an idea how long this has taken it threatens the deliberations phase threatens to be longer than the testimony and arguments phase of the trial. the jury is exhausted there is no doubt about that but trying to give this their best. they started off the day with a
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question, perhaps the most telling and indicative of what may be going on behind closed doors. >> this morning. the jury was brought in for another grueling day of deliberations. bill cosby arrived in a black suv a half hour early as usual. and the comedian looked worn out for another day of simply waiting. the jury asked a seven and question, this with two parts. this likely part of the battle with the jurors. they wanted to hear the 2005 testimony he then admitted to giving andrea constand benadryl pills. >> the second goes to the heart of the case the jury wanted the judge to define reasonable doubt. and they rejoined deliberations
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an hour later. and judge o'neil asked cosby if he knew what that meant if there were a mistrial. and that the case can be retried and said that deliberations could go on indefinitely as long as the jury want its to go on. keep if mind if there is a hung jury the d.a. could retry this, it's a costly trial and uses up a lot of resources so judge o'neil wants to make sure the jury is giving it their best. reporting live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> stay with "action news" for continuing coverage of the cosby trial. whenever a final announcement is made we'll bring you the developments on air and online at and facebook and twitter. now, to another developing story at this hour.
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the search for two missi ining swimmers is suspected because the water is too rough. the teenagers disappeared off martin luther king boulevard at 7:00 last night. nora muchanic joins us live now with more. >> reporter: hi there rick, oakal officials finished a news conference to update us. the bodies have not been found yet of these two teenagers they are searching for and they have temporarily suspend the the water search. it was last night, it was suppose to be a fun outing for four friends at the beach and a 16-year-old teenager from atlantic city got caught in a rip tide at martin luther king boulevard known to be a bad rip tide area because of the jetty here. and her 15-year-old friend went in to try to save her and now both are missing and presumed dead. >> last night we were praying for a rescue and today we are just praying for recovery.
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>> today on a foggy beach. the stepfather of ramon quinn waits for news, his stepson went missing trying to save his friend known as kiki. kiki got caught in a rip tide. >> you see someone in trouble he is going to try to help. that is how he is. >> she loved life and she loved taking selfies and a typical 15-year-old good in school and had plenty of friends and loved the beach. >> he gave his life to save hers. and lost his life you can call him hero too. >> ramon quinn's family says he was brave and would not think twice about saving a friend. >> that is my little cousin. i need to give the family peace just to find his body. you know he is gone, you can't survive that long. >> they have suspended the water search because of rough seas and fog but will continue looking
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until the bodies are found. >> you understand the difficulties of the tide and foggy weather and we'll continue the the search until we find these two children. >> now, the atlantic city beach patrol as pulled one craft and suspended the search because of conditions, other down beaches have been notified. it's a terrible time forever the familied of these two teenagers, probably 20 or so family members gathered here on different spots at the beach and boardwalk waiting for the recovery of their loved one and it's just a terrible time here. live in atlantic city, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. talking temperatures and on the weather front it's noticeably more cloudy and humid for your friday, and we could see pop-up showers into the weekend. meteorologist, melissa magee, joins us now with the accuweather forecast. hi melissa happy friday.
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>> hi rick, happy friday to you. we notice an increase in the humidity today. as we look at the temperatures, right now in philadelphia 75 degrees and 68 in allentown and 59 at the coast in cape may 71 and you have the constant push of moisture coming in from the atlantic with the easterly wind. dew points is the level of moisture in the atmosphere, you'll notice today dew points in the 60s and lower 70s. 66 degree dew point in philadelphia and 70 in millville. dover in the lower 70s. more oppressive down to the south and east of philadelphia. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have got a mostly cloudy sky and a couple of showers around earlier today and the bulk of that energy moving off to the north and it stays mostly cloudy for the rest of today with a couple of spotty pop upshowers. as we go throughout the afternoon and evening we show a mostly cloudy sky through 2:00
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and 8:00 tonight. 87 at 2:00 and upper 70s for 60s this evening and back down to the low ever 70s at 8:00. if you are going to be at the shore the city or the poconos today. we have you covered. at of shore mostly cloudy and humid. a thunderstorm and humid in the city. and the poconos a high of 72. we'll keep the humidity around as we head into the weekend and also the threat of showers and storms, detailing in the full exclusive accuweather forecast rick. >> this reminder, you can get the hourly forecast updates and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar any time on your phone or tablet. in other news a fast moving house fire sent an ardmore man to the hospital overnight. flames broke out at the 100 block of east gulf view road. it appears it started in the
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garage and spread to the home. a man was taken to the hospital for a byrne on his arm. philadelphia police say that a gunman targeted a 22-year-old man outside of a chinese restaurant on german town avenue. the victim was surrounded by at least 10 other people none of the bystanders were heard. the victim shot six times is in critical but stable condition. no arrested were made and the crime was apparently captured on several surveillance cameras. this is video of a break-in, this is the suspect walking into express wireless on the 400 block of east wyoming avenue in feltonville. he inquires about cell phones and bolts off with a gold iphone 7. now is your chance to help local veterans in need while getting the opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes, "action
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news" is outside of the national constitution sentner old city with the wmgk john debella. he kicked off his annual broadcast. it provides services and programs and other tuns to vets and their families. >> it's time to make a donation. he just gave us $3,000 can you give us a little amount of money? we have matching funds. >> folks can participate in several ebay auctions to win jimmy buffett tickets and other items and meet and greet experiences with other artists. many students are wrapping up their high school careers, the action cam was there for frankford high school's graduation ceremony. they gathered on the school's athletic field one last time to get their diplomas and celebrate a new chapter in their lives. in southwest philadelphia a sea of maroon and white for the
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senior class at bartram high school. they filled the stadium to help congratulate the class of 2017. still to come on "action news" at noon, sad news out of london where the death toll has jumped in wednesday's apartment inferno and the queen visits some of the family members of the victims and we are learning more about how police were able to capture two escaped inmates from georgia wanted for murdering two prison guards. and meteorologist, melissa magee, is back with a check of the weekend forecast. >> we are turning up the humidity into the weekend and we'll have the details in the full accuweather forecast.
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we have breaking flus happening now along i-95 in middletown township bucks county. the southbound lanes are shut down at woodborn road. police are trying to coax a man off the bridge they tell us. the incident also stopped traffic along septa west trenton rail line. the tracks run beneath the bridge. stay with for updates on this breaking news story. in washington republican congressman steve scalise faces a long hospital stay and more surgery according to doctors that are treating him since
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wednesday's shooting. the gop whip remains hospitalized while the man that opened fired is being investigated. that he obtained his rifle and hands gun from a licensed dealer. and hodgkinson was killed when scalise's security detail fired back at him. four others were injured in that shootout. a georgia sheriff says it's too early to tell when two inmates will be returned to the state. donny row and ricky debose were caught last night in the tennessee area. ending a multistate manhunt that began tuesday morning. police say they broke into an elderly couple's home held them at gun point and stole their suv. they were able to free themselves and called authorities, one of the escaped
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inmate was driving and the other was in the backseat shooting at police and then they crashed the suv and lost their guns in the wreck. and when into the woods and hoped to steal another car but that homeowner had a gun. >> he held them at gun point until another neighbor came to assist him. >> donny row was serving life in prison and ricky debose is serving 20 years and they are now facing murder charges. the death toll if london has climbed to 30 victims and the number is expected to continue to go up. the building is quite hazardous and making it hard for crews to go through all 24 floors and find victims. some may never be identified. >> based on what we know, there is nothing to suggest at this
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time that the fire was started deliberately. >> queen elizabeth and prince william visited the area and expressed their sympathy and she met with several volunteers. whole foods is getting a new owner, which online retailer is purchasing the popular grocery store when we come back. and protecting kids from led exposure it could also be in this food. which types tested positive for the highest levels. when "action news" continues in a moment. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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from the bill cosby trial in montgomery county. we are looking live outside of the courthouse where moments ag brought back into the courtroom at this time. it's unclear why but we are trying to determine why for you. we have several "action news" crews at the trial in norristown to keep you updated. we are told that the defendant bill cosby brought back into the courtroom and reported at the top of the hour the jury after convening for 20 minutes today had a couple of questions for the judge and deliberations have continued and this is the fifth day of deliberations. the jury has been deliberating more than 40 hours so far. we again continue to wait for a verdict and as more information comes to us as to why or what is going on in the courtroom we'll pass it on to you. >> in other news, amazon is buying whole foods in a deal valued at $13.7 million. the online retailer will pay $42 a share for whole foods an
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premium for thursday. and this after whole foods announced a board shakeup andlag sales and they were under pressure from activist investor. and wal-mart is buying online mens retailer for bonabos. it caters to male shoppers. since buying and keeping that company founder as head of its online division. and outdoor gear e and seller moose jaw, wal-mart is focusing on brands appealing to millenni millennials. >> when you think of led you think of water but you should
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also think about and worry about baby food. they l data from 2003 to 2013 looking at 2,000 food samples, 20% of them had detectible levels of led. excees claf a shocking survey from the national dairy council. you won't believe where americans think chocolate milk comes from. accuweather is coming up next melissa magee is here with the seven-day forecast, looking live at sky 6 hd at the center city skyline. a closer look at the weekend for you when "action news" continues.
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an umbrella may not idea for a gift. >> would you want that? >> a nice big golf umbrella. >> when there say chance for pop-up showers into the weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see we are tracking precipitation off to a spotty sd the poconos, allow for some activity to fire up later today with an increase in humidity. and be the pattern even as we get into the weekend youulk of that energy moving up to the north and there is gathering to the south in west virginia and virginia as you can see. this works its way t
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and east as we get into the afternoon and as the humidity continues to rise there is something popping utoday. here is the setup, a mostly cloudy day and high temperature of 82 scattered showers thae ar warm front lifts northward making for a more humid weekend asll check out what to expect into saturday. we are calling tore a high temperature of 66 degrees and building heat and humidity and when you factor in the humidity tomorrow it feels like an air temperature of 90. we call for a high temperature of 90 degrees making it feel like the upper 90s. someplace to go to beat theumid arounnd. down at the shore high temperature of 71 and clouds hang tough on saturday with high of 74 degrees. on sunday it's humid with sunshine around and high of 77 and something to keep in mind kend
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there say moderate risk for rip currents, you want to swim where the lifeguards are on duty. cloudy today and tracking showers and high of 82. humid tomorrow and spotty thunderstorm and high of 86. hot and more humid for father's day on sunday. a high of 90 degrees. downpours are likely and even gusty showers and storms on monday. high of 86 and we'll stay in the 80s as we welcome t summer on wednesday. >> thank you melissa. quick break and more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at there is 33,000 square feet of lego building fun at one local mall. alicia vitarelli checked it out elwiper we'll show you all the fun coming up. he is a rapper that gives back, find out the promise that dr. drade to help out his home town.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist. david murphy. >> we are beginning this half hour with wait for a decision in the bill cosby trial in montgomery county. this morning on the fifth day of deliberations, the jury asked the judge for a definition of reasonable doubt. they are working for 40 hours since getting the case on monday.
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this is a live look from inside of the courthouse, we are told that bill cosby was brought back into the courtroom and we are daity's questions come a day after they told the judge they were deadlocked. almost 24 hours ago they were deadlocked and to go in and continue deliberating, and that is what they were doing. chad pradelli is live outside now with the latest. >> reporter: yes rick, certainly some developments here within the past 15 minutes, like you said the judge called cosby to go behind closed doors we don't knssio


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