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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 21, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ this is where state police today found chemical explosives,
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weapons and ammunition, it's is a house on easton road in ottsville police told neighbors stay inside and tonight investigators are donning special bomb suits before going inside it's tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is a developing story in rural bucks county state police discovered a cash of weapons and explosives inside a home action news reporter dann cuellar is as close to the 8700 block of easton road as police will allow dann what has been going on, what are law men contending with? >> reporter: well jim the precarious operation continues in earnest and as it does the sheriff department ordered a no fly zone restricting helicopters from flying over 8700 easton road and told to shelter in place and serving a mental health commitment warrant on a 70-year-old man when they uncovered the chemical
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explosives and large number of ammo and ammunition chopper six hd over the scene as they lit up like a christmas tree and put on a disposal suit preparing to handle the cash of explosive materials and it is clear they had taken a lot of stuff out of the house through the night and explosive experts wearing gas masks carrying out what were explosive chemicals and moved them to the back of the property and carried various materials from a shed all of this is being done as 8700 easton road was shut down between route 12 and church hill road. >> weird to come home because it's ottsville if you blink you are through it, it's a small town. >> reporter: earlier law enforcement officers carried out a slew of weapons from the property and boxes and boxes of ammunition. >> the chemical explosives is weird to me and guns and ammo it's pennsylvania. >> we live out here and hunt and fish and we are a bunch of red
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necks but that is pushing the limit do you know what i mean. >> some neighbors say they were told to shelter in place. my dad told me he called the fire department and told me something was going on and stay inside and not go out. >> a little nerve wracking. >> i don't know what is going on but we need to get out of here. >> it seems nobody here knows the guy. >> they keep to themselves around here. >> no one will have guns around here and everyone hunts around here but yeah i mean this is definitely no one has bombs or explosives and we don't know what it is but and that is not normal. be mind me you see the shed and the back of the property where the operation continues and easton road is shut down between route 12 and church hill this as the delicate operation continues to safely remove all of these materials and so far it's unclear if the 70-year-old will be charged with anything
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considering the circumstances of the situation. that is the latest from here we are live in ottsville bucks county i'm dann cuellar channel six action news jim. >> dann thank you police and military secured a major rail station today in brussels belgium after a man in his 30s set off a small explosion, soldiers shot and killed the man, his body stayed in place while police searched for more explosives but found none. nobody was hurt but the busy station was evacuated and trains diverted to other facilities and official of the national rail company said the suspect was agitated yelling about jihad and ak-bar before blowing up the small device a violent head on crash injured two people in montgomery county and chopper six was overhead less than 30 minutes ago as rescuers worked to free the victim from the wreckage in each vehicle information of county line and keith valley roads and both
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victims were rushed to area hospitals we don't yet know their conditions, it turns out not one but two tornados touched down in our area during yesterday's powerful thunderstorms this is the result in green wood delaware as seen from chopper six, another struck in northern reaches of burkes county, metrologist adam joseph has the details just confirmed today but national weather service investigators, adam what did you learn? >> both of those were investigated today, the first one again in charlottesville pennsylvania burkes county the e f-scale goes from 0-5, 0 the weakest of the tornado 5 the strongest that was an ef-0 at 2:36 yesterday afternoon winds at 80 miles per hour, the width of the damage path was half of a football field and on the ground more than two miles, in fact, last night we got home video of that funnel cloud. this was in strauss town which is about four miles southwest of where the tornado touched down but you can see the spinning
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clouds and notice the trees how they are bent towards the clouds that is that wind being siphoned in the beginning of the tornado by roman and one in sussex delaware ef-0 on the rating scale at 6:15 yesterday evening winds at 85 miles per hour, the width was 200 yards and that was wider but it was on the ground very quickly only about a half-a-mile or so there in sussex county and we have surveillance video of this behind delaware electric cooperative in green wood and you can see how intense the wind and the rain was kind of throwing debris all around, again does not last all that long but very destructive as these storms pass through during the day yesterday but jim things much quieter with low humidity and stay quiet for a day or two and could get active at the end of the week and details on that in a little bit. >> if you can believe it it was a train carrying butter that
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derails in sellersville and there is no word how long it will take to up right the three cars and clear the tracks authorities had to cleanup diesel fuel that was leaking from a refrigeration unit and posed no hazard to the neighborhood and have not determined yet what caused the train to leave the tracks. police in marple township desperately looking for two bandits who executed a brazen double burglary of a family that lives in the township and does business in philadelphia and action reporter christie ileto was live there and christie what are the details? >> reporter: well jim police say the crooks did their homework and knew exactly when this family was going to be away so they could ransack the home, they also made off with a set of keys to the family's business in the city essentially allowing them to walk straight through the front door and steal their liveliho livelihood. >> this comes down and we lock it to this right here. >> this was gone? >> yeah. >> reporter: that is because
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these four men caught on neighboring surveillance cameras broke into the kim family's southwest philadelphia business and took just about everything they had. >> there was literally trash everywhere, they dumped cans all over here. >> reporter: hit hard he spent the last day trying to get the store back open. >> pretty much everything in the store was a mess. they cleaned out all the cash register. >> we don't believe it's random we believe the family was watched and followed. >> reporter: so closely the suspects knew where the family lived and when to strike at their home, they made off with the family valuables and a set of keys to their store. >> had a lot of nerve and knew what they were doing i'm pretty sure they knew our schedules. >> reporter: after ransacking the family home the bandits were spotted carted out stolen merchandise hours later and kim found these images from other business owners and handed them to police. >> i was just angry, i was just furious. i know it looked like a box of eggs but i know what is inside
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there it's not eggs it's money, it's cigarettes and it's cash and for them to come in this community and just steal what may dad has worked so hard for it hurts me you know it hurts us. >> reporter: now the kim family says they never had anything like this happen at their home or their business which has been operating for about four decades if you recognize the four men in those photos you are asked to contact southwest detectives or authorities at marple township police live in delaware county christie ileto action news at 6. >> thank you wild wood police opened an investigation after an officer cause caught on camera punching a man and this is in slow motion and they appear to be having a confrontation and for an unknown reason the officer strikes the man in the face and he goes down and is cuffed, the officer remains on duty. philadelphia district attorney seth williams was constantly on
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the take, those were the words of prosecutors today during opening statements at the start of williams federal corruption trial williams is accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars in bribes and pocketing pension checks of his elderly mother. defense said that williams has made mistakes but nothing he did constitutes criminal activity. the former daycare worker who pushed a four-year-old girl down a flight of stairs pleaded guilty today to simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child and caught on surveillance video at child care of the future daycare in primos delaware county in march and 52-year-old sarah gable is scheduled for sentencing in august, the child was not seriously hurt. a 29-year-old man killed outside a center city philadelphia nightclub was remembered tonight. friends and family held a vigil for eric darden outside the reserve lounge at 7th and arch
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they released balloons in honor of the man who was once an intern here at channel six, police say he was shot and killed early sunday morning after a fight outside the club escalated out of control. police have not yet made any arrests. philadelphia orchestra is losing its leader of the past eight years, alison has revealed she will step down as chief executive officer at the end of the year. and she said the timing is right that the orchestra is on a more solid footing both artistically and financially but that the next ceo will have to raise the orchest orchestra's endowment. huge win for republicans in georgia north of atlanta as they have staved off the challenge of the democrats in a district that donald trump won by just one point last november. democrat jon-ossofn was given a good chance to defeat karen handel to show democrats were taking back the house in 2018
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but it didn't workout that way, right now handle leading ossoff by 7 points, 13,000 votes she has been declared the winner. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants a vote on a republican healthcare bill to replace obamacare next week. in fact, he may release a draft of the bill thursday. congress watchers however say mcconnell has yet to secure the 50 republican votes he will need to avert a defeat and 13 lawmakers are writing the healthcare bill in secret while democrats are blasting the gop leadership for keeping the bill behind closed doors, a number of republicans senators are as well. still to come on action news tonight pennsylvania toughens laws against animal abusers and also the deadly castile shooting from a new angle the police dash cam for the very first time and seeing and hearing the moments leading up to the officer opening fire. high pressure situation on the
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streets in baltimore, explosion of steam tonight causing several injuries and serious damage. adam. >> tropical storm cindy is close to 24 hours from making landfall in eastern parts of texas we will let you know what her track will be once she heads in land and north and east coming up, in the accuweather forecast. phillies hosting the cardinals tonight and ducis rodgers with highlights with some very expensive roster moves when action news continues. grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you,
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other news tonight police dash cam video just released today depicts the deadly confrontation in minnesota that led to castile's death and gained national prominence as castile began live streaming from the passenger seat immediately after the shooting last summer and this is a perspective we have not seen and includes the back
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and forth audio showing how quickly the traffic stop escalated from calm to deadly force. we want to warn you that it's disturbing. >> the reason i pulled you over your brake lights are out do you have your license and insurance. >> i do have a firearm on me. >> don't reach for it then. don't pull it out. don't pull it out. [gunshots] you shot my boyfriend. >> castile had a concealed carry permit for the weapon and girlfriend said he had been reaching for his wallet a jury acquitted the officer jeronimo yanez on all charges last week er ruptured shun of steam in baltimore away from camdon yards and five were hurt and buckled the road and shattered windows on nearby cars and buildings and the plume rose several stories high for more than an hour firefighters worried the side of the hotel might melt.
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and while the leak has now stopped baltimore officials say it's still too hot for workers to get close enough to inspect the pipes. at least ten people were taken to the hospital after united airlines flight hit turbulence from panama to houston when it encountered the edge of a tropical storm near cancun and passengers were bounced around the cabin and first respondsers were waiting for them when the flight landed and all the injuries were minor. congressional charity baseball game played last thursday night and the shooting set a fundraising record the game took in 1.5 million. some of that money will be directed to the victims and the first responders who helped save lives. louisiana congressman steve scalise remains the most seriously wounded of the four people who were shot, two capitol police officers are being hailed as heros for fatally shooting the gunman to end the attack. one state senator calls it the
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most significant change to pennsylvania's animal abuse laws in more than 30 years. today the senate unanimously passed a bill to increase animal cruelty laws up to and including felony crimes for intentionally torturing or neglecting an animal leading to severe injury or death and in certain cases owners could be punished for tethering their dogs and governor tom wolf says he will sign the bill health check at 11:00 pennsylvania medical marijuana system is moving closer to reality, today the state health department awarded the first 12 permits to grow and process the drug. in our area two permits went to two sites in burkes county prime wellness of sinking spring and franklin labs in reading. next week we expect to learn that 27 dispensaries that will be licensed to sell then in september patients and caregivers should start being able to register to buy and sales expected by next year. let's get the late word from
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accuweather and adam joseph. >> new season begins in a few hours and starts really nice here tomorrow and looking at storm six double scan quiet across much of the area at this time but a shower here or there you really can't see it unless you zoom in under the word wilmington and we will do that for you here street level just to the south of wilmington east of newr ark and along 95 and parts of salem county and a quick shower passing by and the river of philadelphia cherry hill and mount holly on the new jersey turnpike there a couple hits of a couple of showers and that is about it. it was warm today 88 degrees in philadelphia but the humidity came down that made all the difference in the world even 88 washington new york city 83 degrees so these temperatures a bit above average but nothing compared to the desert southwest where they are breaking records, in fact, 117 in las vegas and 120 degree air temperature in needles those tie the record
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highest ever for those two cities in history and phoenix the fourth warmest ever in history at 119 degrees so these numbers feel a whole lot more refreshing 70 allentown 77 wilmington 73 millville, cape may pretty pleasant 72 degrees. satellite and radar all the weather we had yesterday down to the south with a boundary a little ribbon of clouds in southern areas and the next front coming from the north and west and that does swing through during the day tomorrow but it will bring some clouds in the afternoon with it, it could spark a quick shower or a thunderstorm north and west of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon but most areas stay dry and warm and not humid at all and temperatures very similar today starting in the 70s and quickly going into the upper 80s, in fact, 87 for philadelphia, 85 allentown and millville and 86 dover and with a chance of isolated shower to the north and west. tropical storm cindy is 300
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south and east of galveston texas and winds 60 miles per hour up a little bit from the last advisory moving to the northwest at 7 miles per hour. should make landfall early on thursday morning on the border of louisiana and texas as a tropical storm and to memphis as it weakens but bringing a half a foot or more for the gulf coast stays the exclusive forecast 87 not humid tomorrow to 90s thursday and friday thursday the humidity comes up a bit and friday it's more oppressive around here and a thunderstorm in the afternoon with a cold front and any lingering moisture that comes up with a front with cindy and then saturday early clouds front sweeps away 88 with dropping humidity, great here on sunday 85 and below average in comfy zone monday and tuesday of next week between 80-84 degrees. >> sounds better thank you adam. exciting night for the 2017 class at the universal high
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school in philadelphia. the family members were beaming as they entered the university of pennsylvania irvine auditorium for graduation and made up of 116 students they had been awarded over a million dollars in scholarships for college. we offered them our congratulations. a group of cheerleaders are giving back the junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders spent this evening putting together lunches to feed the hungry and donated the items and assembled the males at the high school cafeteria they will be delivered to a homeless shelter where they will be distributed to the less fortunate. ♪ i'm a concrete mason.
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when you're a last place team you find a lot of different ways to lose but tonight was tough. >> an off day and did little to stem the bleeding and the phillies are a bad team and the
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losing continued against cardinals and casey was in there and casey gets jacked around and that is a two run double to break the tie. later in the inning and malina tagged for a two run homer and this traveled 434 feet and 5-1 cardinals. we are not done yet tommy hits one 435 feet and casey gives a five runs and cardinals score seven in the frame the phillies lose 8-1. >> rather than get negative i want to stay positive with the guys but at the same time let them know that we need to do better in every area. >> reporter: unacceptable before the game the phillies shook up the roster and gomez were relieved of duties and designated for assignment that essentially means they are cut gomez was the team's closer a year ago but struggled and took the loss in sunday against arizona and era is north of
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seven and saunders was a nine million disaster and batting .205 and 97 in the month of june and cut in recent weeks and saunders was a huge disappointment. >> definitely did not workout the way we hoped it would and not the way we hoped it would not the way michael did and i talked to michael about that a little while ago in january this is not the story we hope would be written. >> reporter: bad news on the injury front ikehoff on ten day disabled list with an upper back strain and winless in 14 starts to the season and brock has been recalled from lehigh valley to take the spot on the roster aheads in sports an nba insider sees big things in the sixers future and chris jenkins gets a
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villanova hopes to play at the next level and wouldn't mind if he ended up with the sixers and o and b keeping a watchful eye and had a workout with the sixers in camdon and averaged 13 points per game in the last seasons and would love to hear his name called thursday in the nba draft and also enjoying this process. >> is this the grind of this journey? fortunate to have teams that want me to workout and fortunate for me to be here with the sixers, i went to school around here, i love it here and hopefully they love me back. >> reporter: hint hint. we still expect the sixers to
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take washington's markelle for the number one pick they acquired yesterday and espa assesses where the sixers are now and where they might be in a few years. >> there is going to be a major learning ker for ben simmons and fultz and embiid looked terrific and think they will be much more dynamic and win more basketball games but a year or two where you realistically look at the sixers as a playoff contender and another year to look at them as championship contender but do they have the right pieces four to five years down the road to be a championship contender i think they do. like those words championship contender. >> all right thank you ducis and dozens of culinary super stars across the country spent this night serving up creations in south philadelphia and invited in the 12th part great chefs event and raises money for alex lemonade stand foundation and
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the veteran community partnership which helps schools bring healthier lunches to kids action news anchor alicia vitarelli was the mc and jimmy kimmel live next on six followed by night line and casey afflack and music from lindsey l action news continues at 4:30 with matt o'donnell, tamela edwards, karen rogers, dave murphy and from ducis rodgers, adam joseph, cecily tynan, the entire action news team i'm jim gardner have a good night to you. ♪
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