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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is thursday, june 22. matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. >> we're following breaking news this morning. a repo driver talks off with a car with a young girl asleep in the back seat. we'll have a live report. >> rescuers in delaware cut through a correctage -- wreckage in an early morning crash to save a person. >> let's go over to david murphy who is offnd
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rogers and matt pellman. >> reporter: let's go over to storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see we're dry through the area a sprinkle currently through south jersey as the storm system from yesterday continues to exit out of here. let's take a wider view of satellite and radar. we've got some clouds in philadelphia and areas south we'll see at the very least partly sunny skies, 70 degrees in philadelphia. in the low 60s in the lehigh valley not bad. 67 in millville. 68 in dover, as far as the dewpoints we're at this point in the upper 60s, anytime you're less than 60. we wouldn't call it comfortable, but it's not oppressively humid you get to wait until tomorrow for that to happen. by 8:00 a.m. we'll have lots of clouds and sun, 71. by 10:00 a.m., bright sunshine and 76. by 12:00, about 84 heating up quickly in the afternoon. 86 at 2:00 p.m.
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at 4:00 p.m., 88 coming down from a high of 90 degrees. it's not only hot, but sticky tomorrow we'll talk about that and the effects cyndi will have on us come up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a sobering situation this morning franklin township gloucester county. the action cam was on the scene 55 where the northbound plains are blocked approaching route 40, and it 39 a wrong-way accident that happened at 3:00 a.m. a pick up truck got on 55 going the wrong way. struck a dump truck both caught fire, the fire is extinguished, unfortunately one person was killed in the awful accident. 55 northbound approaching threats the remnants of one of the trucks. 47 would be the alternate.
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we'll be keeping track of that all morning long. an accident blocking off main street in lower salford. yodder road is the alternate. >> a repo driver towed away a car in west philadelphia that had a 7-year-old girl asleep in the back seat. police are figure out how this could have happened in the first place. katherine scott is live where police stopped the car in southwest philadelphia. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, the seven-year-old was not hurt and reunited with her mother. police are trying to figure out how this happened they are speaking with the and the girl's mother so far they say both of them are cooperating with the police. police continue to hold the scene in southwest philadelphia,
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woodland and 50s, this is wherek was stopped by police. let's go to video, you can see the 26-year-old mother sitting with her 7-year-old daughter after this all ended. police say this unfolded around 2:30 a.m. the mother told police she had run into her job at nom -- domino's pizza, a repo driver arrived and tracking the gps in the car. he hooked up the vehicle not realizing the 7-year-old girl was asleep in the last row of the minivan. he doesn't have to get out of his tow truck to hookup the vehicle. he didn't see anything in the car and started driving away. people started yelling, he gets screamed at all the time. he thought they were lying.
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>> to avoid to get out of a hostile situation i want around the corner, everybody started screaming there's a kid in the car, there's a kid in the car. >> reporter: he said when he pulled around the corner he checked the vehicle again and didn't see the child. meanwhile, the mother called police, the description of the car, it was stopped ten blocks later by police. police say special victims is investigating why the child was left alone in the car and why the tow truck driver didn't check the vehicle. it is unclear if any charges will be filed. it is something that remains under investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> all right, thank you four that. a grinding crash injured two drivers in delaware overnight. this new video from north dupont highway in rogers road in wilmington. investigators have not said what caused the collision. the search for a missing
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mission,ill resume in mercer the 17-year-old boy ask feared dead. he went missing township yesterday. he and three other teens had gone swimming when he got caught up in a fast-movinge they triedb him, the current was to strongd it took me away from my hand, he was g down and going under and gasping for air. new on "action news," a man is fighting for his life this morning after being shot in philadelphia's logan section, this happened along the 2,000 block of west spencer street yesterday afternoon, someone shot a 66-year-old man in the head inside the front door of his house. he feels rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the neighbors say he lived in the house his entire life. >> he is a good guy, never
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bothered nobody, always neighborly, helped me out when i needed it. >> police are looking at private surveillance cameras in the area. >> happening today, testimony continues in the seth williams corruption trial. the philadelphia district attorney carried a bible with him yesterday. government witness sylvia ran dove took the stand. she testified her husband wrote williams a ten thousand dollars check for his mother in a nursing home. williams is accused of taking bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for legal favors. stormed wreaked havoc across the area bringing down trees and power lines. these sparking lines set fireg r conshohocken state road in
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gladwyn yesterday afternoon. dangerous for firefighters to approach, so they had to wait for the power to be cut. a man's roof was damaged and the street caught fire along the 7900 block of algone avenue. happening this morning, gulf coast residents are keeping an eye on tropical storm cindy, a wide area from texas to florida is being affected by the storm. marcy gonzalez is live in lake charles, louisiana. >> reporter: right now it is drizzeling and breezy here, while it may not look that bad here, other areas are getting soaked bracing for a foot of rain. that's a part of the storm's
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expected impact. with pounding rain and wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour, the first tropical system to make will feel -- landfall this season is hitting the gulf coast. in places prone to flooding, tropical storm cindy is bringing the effect, this neighborhood in galveston, texas underwater. >> it could be worse. with voluntary evacuations for low-lying areas storm heard southerners with sandbags are everybody one room, we're going to bring the water, bring the lancer, bring everything. >> reporter: tropical storm cindy is blamed for one death, a 10-year-old boy hit by a dog picked up by a the storm surgeon a alabama beach. a state of emergency declared in
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alabama and louisiana. >> i've never seen the waves this big. >> reporter: concerns of flash flooding power outages. >> oliver is notorious for losing electricity. >> reporter: a funnel cloud touching down in the florida panhandle. >> thank god nobody was h terr. >> reporter: and the risk of tornadoes continue throughout today and tomorrow as the storm moves inland. live in lake charles, louisiana, marcy gonzales. nba draft is tonight, sixers get first pick for the second year in a row. it is widely understood they will take markell fultz who ranked 6th in the ncaa.
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president trump was talking about the gop healthcare plan set to be unveiled today. authorities are saying the stabbing attack of a michigan police officer was a terror incident. karen. >> reporter: we've got nothing more than a couple of sprinkles in one or two shots, with sunshine and clouds coming your way, we're heating things up, though, details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next. well heating up just in
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time for the philadelphia public pools. the first swimming spots in the city open this afternoon. the community is invited to take a dip in over 70 indoor and outdoor pools this summer season. eventually you're going to need
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it. it's going to be that hot. >> reporter: like this afternoon, we'll hit 90 today which is a little hotter than yesterday, but the humidity is not so bad, so play outside, do what you want to do you won't complain too much. i'm not sure about jennette, i've got to know a little about her humidity interests. we have spotty showers leftover in south jersey and southwest near baltimore after the terrible storms that hit some of our area. let's go outside we have a beautiful shot as we look live in chester at the talen energy stadium. the skies are trying to brighten a little bit. we'll have a fair amount of clouds to start you off. dewpoint, 67, feeling muggy. the pressure is steady. the wind are light, the westerly wind allows us to get pretty hot this afternoon, the ocean
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temperature, 61. take a dip. satellite and radar showing clouds and sprinkles kind of leftover, but today is a mostly dry day with sunshine and clouds. it's a good one even though we are heating things up. the humidity level is not too bad with the high pressure above. 90 degrees for the high, heating up, but slightly humid today. as we look at tropical storm cindy which is impacting the gulph as you can see, the remnants of cindy will be impacting us later on in the forecast him we'll get captured in the tropical moisture and humidity impacting us tomorrow and friday into saturday morning. we can see some of that. let's take a look at future tracker, showing us at 9:30 a.m., we could see showers or thunderstorm at lunchtime, one or two scattered around the area. it's not going to rain all day friday, but at any point we'll see a shower or thunderstorm. it's going to feel sticky, as well, that will allow for the
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humidity and the moisture in the atmosphere, if you spark a thunderstorm, you'll get a downpour with that. one or two spotty thunderstorms friday night and saturday morning. that's the forecast for friday and saturday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, starting with today, hot with sunshine and clouds, slightly humid not too 09 for the high. tomorrow, humid showers and thunderstorms around. at any point it's not going to rain constantly, 88 degrees is the high, feeling sticky tomorrow. saturday, a morning shower and good amount of clouds, the rest of the weekend looks good, 86 on saturday, down to 83 on sunday, less humid, lots of sunshine, the humidity drops saturday afternoon into sunday. monday, clouds and sun, 82. tuesday, partly is -- partly sunny, wednesday we'll see mostly sunny skies and
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86 degrees, things change for you and we have a freshing change for the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. a suspect stabbed a police officer in the neck in flint, michigan in a 12-inch knife shouting arabicization and making references to peopling being killed in iraq and afghanistan. the suspect was identified as a 49-year-old canadian citizen. the officer is expected to survive. in> the republican shot at a progress, he has been updated to fair condition. officer grindert the first pitch of the softball
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last night. senate respects are planning to present gop healthcare plan. the president under senate repuic healthcare plan because i've been talking about a plan with heart. a new jersey teenager who has used a wheelchair for years finds a way to walk across the stage at graduation, his story of determination is up next. ♪
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morning i wish i was coming to you with better news, but unfortunately a fatal accident happened in the overnight hours in franklin township, gloucester county. 55 northbound lanes are blocked, a publicup truck got on 5 going -- a pickup truck got on 55 the wrong away, ran into a dump truck, fuel started pouring out of the dump truck, you want to bail by the time you get to atlantic disavenue and -- landis avenue and stay or delsea drive route 47. had a crash 16th and spring
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garden. katherine scott was telling us about the collision at 55th and woodland. all lanes open in both directions on the vine, as we kick things off on thisrning. americans are expected to hit the road in record numbers for the july 4th weekend. aaa expect 44.2 million people to get out there and travel at least 50 miles away from home. the auto club believes the rising travel is due to rising employment and higher consumer confidence. energy stocks dropped again as oil dropped to the lowest price this summer. kia claimed the top spot in the survey for the second year
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in a row. the south korean auto is the first brand to beat a luxury brand. george clooney is selling his casa mio. he launched it just for fun and never expected it to be worth so much. one high school student stepped on to the graduation stage even though he has not walked for years. he had been in the wheelchair for most of his life. he wanted to walk across the stage, he got an exo skeleton and made his dream a reality.
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it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait.
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help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
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by a viral video showing a philadelphia man with intellectual disabilities being pumped in the face. the flyers showed him more respect by giving him a tour of
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their practice facility. two local teens will ever a shot at stardom, for a willingboro native singing was a family affair. >> i created by following on social media, which was incredible, because of that i've traveled the world performing. >> as a young child my family was singing, i sang with them in choir and in church. >> you can watch the boys tonight. >> justin timberlake has a good life, if you can be him, why not. >> we're following breaking news in southwest philadelphia, a 7-year-old is reunited with her mother after the minivan she was in was towed away. why jurors in the bill
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cosby sexual assault case couldn't reach a verdict. >> the home of taylor swift maybe a historic property, it may n the superstar. good morning it is
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5:00 a.m., thursday, june 22. matt is off, jeanette reyes is here. >> we're following breaking news this morning, a seven-year-old is safe, but there were tense moments this morning when the van she was inside a lone was taken. plus, inside the deliberations we now know why


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