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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  June 25, 2017 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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there was a whole lot of ice cream today in wilmington, delaware. the action cam on the scene at the new castle county ice cream festival this afternoon in rockwood park. hundreds of people enjoyed a wide variety of flavors and other frozen treats. and live music and activities for children and adults. >> jeff here with sports and the phillies trying to get it together. >> lots of mental mistakes too. that is a big issue for the phillys and frustrating to watch. the philly were start -- the worst start continuing. they are pointing at michael sonders and gomez. phillies fans hot in arizona. 114 degrees. franco, falls asleep and picked off at second. no one team has been picked off more. wake up, guys. kendrick pinch hitting after
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missing with a hamstring injury. the only position player to drive in a run the last two days. arizona can win it, deep to center, herrera, what a play. saves it. sends it to extra innings. but next time up in the 11th, facing ramos. nobody gets this one. ball game. phillies lose 2-1. they have the most walkoff losses in all of baseball. markell fultz says he wants to be better than michael jordan. lofty goals. but working at it. the sixers number one pick is back in the gym at home getting ready for the nba summer league in just eight days. sixers fans, are you tired of this process? so is owner josh harris. harris says he has had enough of this building. he's ready to start winning. and the sixers, they can already feel the buzz and the love for this team right now after having back-to-back number one overall draft picks. >> it's amazing, look.
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you know? having the talent we have on the team and having the city support us. thank you to the fans. you know, we went through some hard times and now unlike other nba teams, we're seeing the players all here during the summer. which is unique. working on their game and training. so it really feels like something special is happening. ben simmons should be special. check out this. slammingslamming it down in pra. simmons showing off on his instagram account. off the wall and bam. one more time. sixers fans can't wait to see simmons in action and play for real for the first time. so the sixers, playoff bound with these guys? discuss tonight on action sports news sunday, mike missanelli with me at 11:45. not this much buzz and excitement sounding the sixers since allen iverson useed to cross over and step over his opponents a decade ago.
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guess who is back? the big three tournament. three on three basketball. but he says you're not going to see the old iverson. can't cross over like he useed to. missing five of six, and finishing with only two points. >> how is your body feeling? >> 42. and retired. you know what i mean? it feels -- it feels like i hadn't played in, you know, six, seven years. but i expected that. you know, i mean, that's why he gave me the label as coach and gave me the label as captain so i could check myself in and out whenever i wanted to. the whole thing was for the fans to see me. even for a minute, just see me on the basketball court. >> i feel 42 and retired too. one top priority for the fliers, finding a goalie. the fliers can start talking to free agents today, but cannot sign anyone until saturday. ron hextall is trying to figure out the goalie. will they shop or trade for one?
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anthony finally getting a shot? these are the options. he said don't rule out steve mason returning either. his agent says he plans to speak to him tomorrow. well, where in the world has jordan spieth been? he's missed the cut three times since april. spieth was a non-factor in the u.s. open and the masters. but perhaps spieth has found his shot after a shocking shot today. sudden death in the travelers. jordan spieth from the sand. 60 feet away for a birdie. get in the hole. how about the walk off win? throws his clubs. how about the chest bump? celebrating like happy gilmore. just please don't punch bob barker. only tiger woods has more wins before his 24th birthday. : american golfers have their own way. absolutely. >> the fans loved it. thanks. it was perfect weather today
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for outdoor yoga. a large group on the art museum steps for the unique class. the power yoga pop-up was two hours. it was a good chance to remember to breathe and live in the moment. coming up, a whole bunch of athletes took part in a triathlon in philadelphia even though a portion of the race was canceled. plus a festival today that celebrated summer. those stories and more when action news continues.
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nearly 1500 amateur and professional athletes took part in the 13th annual philadelphia escape triathlon this bright and early in fairmont park. the swimming portion was canceled due to conditions in the wake of the heavy rains yesterday. the athletes got agraste a great workout. cool designs on display at archbishop high school. showing off their classic car, named a volkswagen thing. the event is known as wheels on wood. organizers are collecting donations to cover the cost for a new solar powered bus stop. the township approved the plans for the stop, they need the money to pay for it. in philadelphia today, unique festival celebrated
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african arts. action news was there at the park in logan where performers played traditional african music on drums. a variety of drums and clothing were up for sale as part of the festival. folks celebrated summer with grilling and live music. part of the all american barbecue at dillworth park. wrapping up today with lawn games and serve up burgers and hot dogs hot off the grill.
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police officers and fire fighters came to the rescue of some ducklings today. they became stuck inside a storm drain here in blue bell, montgomery county. an action news viewer sent the video of the first responders in action this morning. the police along with the fire department pried the grate off the storm drain. climbed inside and plucked each duckling out one by one. the ducklings quickly scurried off to enjoy their new found freedom. good work. >> love our first responders.
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>> that's right. >> action news sports sunday is next here on channel 6. action news continueses at 4:30 with david murphy. >> now for melissa mcgee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire action news team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great night. >> good night. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tonight on sports sunday. will markelle fultz help the sixers score their first playoff spot in years. are you saying this team is in the playoffs this time next year? >> yeah, in the playoffs. >> while the sixers are talking playoffs, are the fliers talking rebuild? >> rebuild, absolutely not. >> plus the phillies are trying to beat the heat and the diamondbacks in arizona. >> the throw. it is not in time. >> lets get into the swing of things. >> right at it. and he's done it again! >> get excited. sports sunday starts now. ♪ >> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >>


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