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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> braking now on "action news," a young shooting victim losses his struggle to survive collapsing right in front of his family. >> developing overnight, police in delaware search for an armed intruder who opened fire on someone inside of an apartment. >> early rain has moved out. it's another cool comfortable start for the delaware and lehigh valleys but more storms could be on the way. >> good morning. it is 5:30 on this tuesday june 27th. let's go on topher dave over to dave murphy and karen rogers to find out more to you bow about when those storms are coming and going and your traffic. >> i was driving in the rain. that was a few hours ago. >> stepped outside with a little rain in delaware county
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you can see how that rain, the main batch of it is now beginning to push away from the area up here around trenton, you're going to see it kind of pushing away and then there's some additional shower activity out to the west of us that may try and roll through a little bit later this morning but generally we're expecting a transition from startup with rain and then to some partly sunny skies later on. i'll just give you a quick look on storm tracker6 live double scan. again that one batch of rain pushing away from trenton leaving some wet roads behind it and then we have lighter precipitation out to the west. a big batch of it that's slowly migrating toward harrisburg and may eventually push in toward our northern suburbs. if you're in reading and pottsville over the next hour or so, maybe you see some of that, maybe not. a little blip down by baltimore as well. as we look at temperatures, we're looking at a cool start across most of the region. 63 degrees in philadelphia right now. dover 66. and it looks like mid to upper 60's up and down the coast. notice how some of our reporting stations aren't
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reporting this morning. they have some maintenance issues at the national weather service but we're hoping they get that pulled together. may look like some of our outlying smush may be in the upper 50's right now. it looks like it's warm again, not quite as warm as yesterday. 76 by noon and your high today at 3 o'clock will be 79 degrees before we fall back to 76 degrees bicep clock 7 o'clock tonight. >> all right, dave, roads are a little wet, slow it down as you head out but we're looking okay right here. this is the schuylkill eastbound at the vine street expressway. we had construction shutting it all down but everything's reopened. your lanes, your ramps, no problems right now. crews return tonight at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down. we'll be watching for that. want to go live to center city with this apartment building fire, 11th street near vine street. not quite as many crews as we saw a little bit ago. stick to ninth or 13th to
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avoid a day delay. river road at sealed planned upper herm at this point they're clearing things out and lanes are back opened o construction on 95 northbound between the delaware service area and route 273 blocks the right lane. they'll be out there until 6 o'clock. this accident is over here on 347 northbound at 47. this is in cumberland county. it blocks the right lane. it's a downed traffic signal with this accident so it may take a little longer to clear that one matt. >> thank you, karen. breaking overnight a teenager tries to run from a hail of gunfire in south philadelphia but is struck by one fatal shot. jeanette reyes is live at police headquarters with the latest on the homicide and the search for the shooter. jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. police found more than a dozen shell casings but one gunshot is what killed this teen. police are talking to his brother and another witness. they're hoping that will help them track town the killer. take a look at the video --
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this shooting happened around 11 o'clock last night. the 18-year-old victim was hit once in the back. this is as he was trying run away from the gunman. he stumbled into a home where we believe his family was and that's where he collapsed. relatives called philadelphia police and officers took the victim to children's hospital in a patrol car. he was originally listed in critical condition, then pronounced dead just two hours later around 1 o'clock this morning. >> they found that there was around 15 shell casings on the 2300 block of south marshall street as well as blood inside a property where the victim ran into. there was also blood in a projectile outside the house. >> reporter: now, in addition to those witnesses that police are interviewing, they're also looking for any surveillance video in the neighborhood. at last check, overnight they were not able to find any surveillance cameras but
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again, that would be a huge help for them as this investigation continues this morning. reporting live at police headquarters, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> all right, thank you, jeanette. it is now 5:35 and developing in delaware, an assailant barged into an apartment building shooting someone inside. the action cam was there as police searched the mill creek village apartments just before midnight. new castle county police responded with k-9 units and a helicopter searched for the suspect. that victim is in serious condition. this is new video of a nasty crash on the roosevelt boulevard. it happened near second street in the city's feltonville section just before two i'm:this-- 2:00 this morning t the a driver said someone clipped her car and that center her into a telephone pole. her car veered into the median the driver was not seriously hurt. one person suffered minor cuts while escaping a house fire. two homes sustained damage.
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there's no word on how the fire started. >> a growing list of republicans say they will not vote for the senate healthcare bill as it stands right now. the gop can only afford to lose two votes. right now there are six opposed to the plan. the congressional budget office reviewed the bill, found it would strip 22 million americans of insurance coverage over the next decade and would slash medicaid spending by $800 billion. the house already passed its version of a bill that would repeal and replace the affordable care act. negotiations continue. >> this is the art of the possible and the art of getting 50 votes. >> crazy evil bill is not pulling together, it's about leaving people behind. >> protesters gathered outside of pennsylvania senator's pat toomey's philadelphia office yesterday. the republican supports the senate bill. we'll have more reaction from our local senators coming up in our next half hour. >> people who work in philadelphia will be paying a little less in taxes starting
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next week. the city announced the wage tax reductions for both residents nonresidents that takes effect july 1st but don't get too excited, the reductions at least for now are miniscule just one-100th of 1 percent. officials say this is still progress. they say it's about steadily whittling away at the tax burden. new jersey lawmakers passed a bill making it illegal for employers to ask about your salary history. they say it's meant to help close the wage gap between men and women by basing pay on merit rather than what you made previously. new jersey governor chris christie is not commenting on whether or not he'll sign the measure. >> new here on "action news" police are warning businesses about counterfeit money popping up in that rehoboth beach, delaware. police say someone used fake 20-dollar bills at fun land and kohr brothers along the boardwalk over the weekend. the bogus bills were missing the portrait water mark and the security thread.
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no arrests have been made. >> time now to turn to dave murphy. we keep celebrating the new set and all the new things and one of the things i love are all of the new tools you have with accuweather. >> yeah, it's a lot of fun over there. we've got different places that we can tell the weather story now and i think do a more effective job. >> more toys. >> more toys, yeah, toys, it's like christmas came early. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you rain is leaving early. you can see it pushing away from trenton now getting out of ocean county, burlington county drying out. behind that rain, though, in the i-95 corridor there is absolutely is the chance of wet roads. that might slow you down slightly with the spray on the windshield. there's a second batch of rain to the west of us. it looks light but it is migrating through harrisburg and maybe heading up towards pottstown perhaps catching places like reading and allentown later on. let's get you outside. we've got sky6 and continued clearing over on the commodore barry bridge in chester. there goes one of those
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container ships right up the river, too. i love watching those go by when i'm at the union games right here near this shot. you know, i mean, usually you're watching the game but it's kind of cool. boats go by and you wave at sailors. 63 degrees is your temperature. dewpoint has climbed to 60. right on the cusp of what we consider humid and in most cases you're not feeling all that humid at all this morning. winds out of the east at 6 miles per hour. the ocean temperature is 65 degrees. getting a little bit warmer off atlantic city. there goes the rain from this morning. you can see by 9 o'clock we're probably continuing to transition to that clouds and sun mix with some of you seeing a lot of sun. then later in the afternoon the model is popping up a couple of little pop-up showers or thundershowers. this is the 2 o'clock view. i'll take you on up to 6:00. you can see a couple more of these popping up so not completely dry today but certainly no washout. every now and then you might get a thundershower popping through or maybe just a straight light shower. as we take a look at the day overall, it looks not bad. 66 degrees by 8 o'clock, 72 pie 10 o'clock and by noon 76 with that mix of sun and
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clouds. by 3 o'clock, 79. maybe clouding up a little bit more. that's your high by the way, that 79 degrees and 77 by 6 o'clock. humidity may be up a little bit but still comfortable. high temperatures across the region mostly in the 70's. mid 70's up in allentown. upper 70's in reading trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, millville, might hit 80 in dover and down the shore it looks like upper 70's as well. pretty even on the temperature probey temperature profile. tomorrow lots of sun, 81. a summer beauty t your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, enjoy the next couple of days. they're going to be great. 79 today, not as warm, mainly dry just a slight chance of a spotty thundershower. tomorrow a high of 81. thursday we inch up to 88 with slightly higher humidity, breezy and warmer overall, though. not a bad day. on friday, things change. hot and humid air returns, 92 is the high with a stray thunderstorm. the weekend starts out hot and humid on saturday with a
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thunderstorm here or there. sunday right now looks to be the most active day because that's when we have that hot and humid air mass with a high of 90 and we got a cold front coming in that's going to fire up some potentially heavy thunderstorms so sunday is the day to keep your eyes on. looks like it's still kind of muggy on monday. >> okay, thank you david. >> yeah. >> it is now 5:41 and 30 seconds, that's how long it took for a ferry to sync. luckily rescue crews were faster and that that. see the amazing rescue on lake erie. >> wildfires continue to rage out west. one fire is so destructive it has already burned an area the size of washington, d.c. karen. >> we're in moorestown right now on route 38. little wet but no other problems here. however, we have issues
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here at the view out across philadelphia international airport. clearing up a little bit, at least in that shot but probably as you woke up this morning you heard the rumble of thunder, heard the raindrops on the roof. it is 5:44 right now. >> let's turn to karen rogers. something going on in south jersey there. >> that's right. we had an issue over here an accident that popped up and quickly cleared on 295 northbound at mount holly-willingboro. watch for that accident just
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popped up and cleared. we had a delay this morning and that delay already starting to thin but in central new jersey we have an issue in mill town on the new jersey turnpike northbound approaching exit nine so if you're heading up towards new york today, you want to watch for that accident that's causing a problem on the new jersey turnpike. but live in new jersey here on 42 we can see it's just a little bit damp from those earlier showers. that's your northbound traffic coming up from deptford or turnersville. looking pretty good out here on route 42 so no big delay coming up yet. in cumberland county we have an accident over here that brought down a traffic signal. so blocking the right lane and it's right on 347 northbound at 47 this morning. let's check the temperatures for you. it's 59 in bethlehem, 56 this morning in quakertown. 59 in warminster. it's 63 currently in center city. in new jersey it's 60 in browns mills but 66 in dover, delaware. we had some of those earlier showers. 79 for your high today. temperatures cooler than
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average for this time of year, nearly dry, we're in the 70's, clouds and the sunshine, mainly dry today and low humidity, too. matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, karen. we have dramatic new video showing a ferry coming to the rescue of a capsized boat in northwest ohio. the 25-foot boat started to take on water on lake lake erie. the boat overturned dumping seven people into the water but thankfully everybody had their life jackets on. the coast guard was able to get everybody safely back to land. >> jury selection is proving to be a difficult process in the trial of pharmaceutical businessman martin shkreli. the judge in brooklyn excused several potential jurors on day one. they said they couldn't ignore shkreli's reputation for raiding the price of a -- raising the lies of a life saving aids drug 5,000 percent. one called him the face of corporate agreed. another said he's the most hated ma and in america. shkreli is charged with
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federal securities fraud unrelated to the price gouging scandal. >> a shark got a little too close for comfort on a beach in spain. sunbathers panicked. the blue shark appeared to struggle to get back to shallow water. the animal was injured possibly by a harpoon. lifeguards closed the beaches. officials from an aquarium were called in to tend to the shark. >> 5:47 now. parents in philadelphia have more time to sign their children up for free pre-k. the new deadline is next. >> also, a 20-pound stowaway. details about where officials found this lobster. david. >> storm tracker6 live double scan is tracking a couple of showers moving away from us through burlington and ocean on ocea
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>> t.s.a. workers in boston found some unusual stuff in a piece of luggage. in fact the stuff was living. staff at logan international airport pulled out a live 20-pound lobster from someone's checked baggage. the t.s.a. says live lobsters are actually allowed but -- >> what? >> you have to put them in clear spill proof containers that was the problem. this one was traveling in a cooler. it was alive and well. >> bring me the but. >> i know, i'm thinking lobster bake. it would be a little tough it's so big. >> you can feed all of -- >> a little gamey. >> in plymouth meeting this is the blue route near germantown pike where traffic is moving nicely. the roads have dried out and looking pretty good. i want to check mass transit for you. septa's fox chase line still catching a train there 11 minutes rate. the route 15 trolley continues
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shuttle busing dave. >> on the big board this morning karen storm tracker6 live double scan shows suspect the departure of a heavy band of rain leaving some roads wet through the i-95 corridor. another batch of rain out to the west most of this light gliding towards pottsville, might clip reading and allentown. overall today though we're looking at dry conditions with just a spotty passing thundershower or shower. and comfortable enough this afternoon, too. 76 degrees by noon. your high today is going to be 77 degrees right there at 3 o'clock and then 78 by 5 o'clock. a little spotty passing shower here or there through the afternoon but by the time we get to 7, 8 o'clock we should be drying down -- or drying -- i guess you dry up. yeah, you dry up. >> you can dry down. you can dry up. it's all up to you. >> nice day, though, tam. >> all right, thank you david. well, not for some people. 21 wildfires are burning burninn seven states out west being fueled by extreme heat and strong winds. in utah more than 1100 firefighters are now battling flames 100 feet high. over 1500 people have been
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evacuated and 13 homes destroyed. the fire has scorched an area the size of washington, d.c. >> new on "action news," a burglar broke into a sandwich should be in indiana but didn't touch the cash register. it happened a jimmy john's in franklin. police believe the thief used power tools to cut through shingles and plywood on the roof to get inside the building. the burglar once inside took off with a meat slicer aprons and the surveillance video. philando castile's mother has settled with the minnesota police department over the killing of her son. the case drew widespread attention as castile's girlfriend live streamed the incident on facebook. a jury acquitted police officer geronimo mow yanez of manslaughter. >> 5:52 now. more than three years after a deadly carjacking at an upscale new jersey mall the get away driver involved is sentenced. >> what some like to call
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summer's black friday is approaching. find out when amazon will be
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>> ♪ >> it is triple 5's on the clock. 5:55 on this tuesday. sky6 taking a look at the flags along the ben franklin parkway a. little dampness on the parkway
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itself as we had some rain move through and could see some more later today. starting off a little cool. >> a new jersey man is now sentenced to life in prison for his role in a deadly mall carjacking. bass seem henry will serve 65 years in prison before he's eligible for parole. the 36-year-old was convicted earlier this year in the 2013 murder and carjacking of dustin friedland in the short hills mall parking lot. henry one of four men charged conspired in the carjacking and was the get away driver. while another man allegedly pulled the trigger under the law all four men involved can be held accountable for the murder and receive the same penalties. detectives are still searching for the driver who tried to run over philadelphia police officers yesterday morning. the officers were investigating a separate crime when they had to jump out of the way of black nissan. the vehicle plowed through three parked police bikes and then took off from erie avenue and i street. detectives are hoping to find more details on the suspect's car through surveillance
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video. and philadelphia parents have a little extra time to sign their children up for free pre-k. the school district is offering extended enrollment hours through friday. the education center at 440 north broad is accepting applications from 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night. to be eligible for pre-k children must be at least three years old on september 1st. a number of documents will be required as well. >> well, a project two years in the making. in the making is finally finished here at 6abc. >> now, you may have noticed our new set on the air for about a day now. it took a week to tear down the old one and another two weeks to build the new one and install the lighting and i'm telling you from our vantage point and we hope from yours as well it is a thing of beauty. we're glad to have it to help us tell your stories and bring you the news. >> and it's good to have a little update every now and then, too. >> got to he coo it new. >> 5:57 now. bill cosby is back in court on the other coast. a civil case against the entertainer in california could be heading to trial and
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and the meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday june 27th and here's what we're following for you. >> breaking news. a police officer is injured while trying to arrest a woman on a rampage. she damaged several cars and homes before police were able to get her into custody. >> opposition grows overnight to the senate healthcare bill just as the congressional budget office releases its finding on the potential impact. >> plus the rain is moving out but you still may want to grab a jacket this morning. some areas are waking up to temperatures in the 50's. >> for that we


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