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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 29, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> break now on "action news," a man wanted for a deadly shooting bursts into a strangers housing, a struggle ensues, we're live on the scene. police think the pair of female bandits are responsible for two crimes. police in two counties are stechg -- stepping up their search before they strike again. a video shows a u-hall
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smash into a local brewery. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers with accuweather and traffic. >> reporter: some people were missing the summer, no more. >> reporter: let's get you to the weather center we have satellite showing clouds sweeping in from the west. there are breaks in the clouds. we think the clouds will be a factor for a while, overall we're expecting them to break into a mix of clouds and sun. 67 degrees right now in philadelphia. comfortable this morning to start out, 64 degrees in wilmington, 6 in allentown. 65 in reading, 64 in trenton. down the shore getting ready for an early morning walk on the boards. 66 degrees in cape may. maybe cooler up the coast in ac. 66 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 81.
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by 3:00 p.m. that's the high, 88 degrees, as we get into the afternoon and especially later into the day and evening it will start to feel a little bit more humid. if you have plans to head out to the playground. there's going to be plenty of sunshine out there, but i would recommend that you bring the sunscreen and cool drinks, obviously we as we go into the afternoon we'll be in the 80s. 79 degrees by 8:00. not so bad there. karen rogers as we take a closerrer look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll see -- closer look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll see an up tick in temperatures tomorrow. >> reporter: the blue route, the ride at baltimore pike, southbound traffic heading toward i-95. looking good so far to start you off. as david said no weather-related problems. we have crews in cinnaminson. the action cam was on the scene minutes ago. you can see the crews dealing with the water main repair. it's on a busy highway. 130 southbound is busy at this
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early hour. we have restrictions because of the crews working on the water main, 130 southbound at riverton road blocking the right lane. the cones are set up as everyone navigators around that. let's go outside live on the boulevardment boulevard at fox street, southbound moving nicely. king of prussia we have an accident on 422. it's always stricty when it's on the off -- tricky when it's on the off-ramp. crews are out there. no delays on i-95. >> homicide in olney section, witnesses chased after a gunman who tried to get away by breaking into a house. it does not end there. katherine scott is live where all this started on west spencer street. >> reporter: that's right, matt, it started at are 5th and spencer in olney. the crime scene unit is wrapping up right now. we have to get out of the way,
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because they are about to open the street here. the victim, 47-year-old howard white a former marine and he spent the last seven years overseas working as an independent contractor. he returned from kuwait a month ago. howard was at a nearby ball and noticed the man casing the place. he was trying to defuse the situation and telling him to walk away and not rob it. he got him out of the bar and that's when he was shot twice. officers herd gunshots and arrived to see the 25-year-old suspect running away and white's cousin chasing him with two guns in his hand. he was a permit to carry and complied with police to drop the weapons. officers chased the suspect who broke into a house on north 6th street. the suspect got into a struggle with the homeowner and his son
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who disarmed the suspect. the homeowner and suspect were taken to the hospital with bruise and cuts. white's family said he was a peacekeeper. >> i'm not going to be able to sit with my friends and talk about wife. i told him, listen man, some of us don't get a chance to enjoy life. you're in a position to enjoy life. all right, he was so persistent on going back overseas, not for the money, but because he loved his country. >> reporter: now there are a number of witnesses who were taken to the homicide unit for questioning. we're live in olney, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. a deadly crash in chester county is being investigated as a possible case of road rage. one person was killed southbound route 1202 in west goshen township yesterday evening.
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the victim's name was not been released. police in delaware county were already after a pair of female bandits wanted for crimes in upper darby. officers in philadelphia think they need to get ahold of these women, too. jeanette reyes has more on who the women are working with and how the cases are connected. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam within the last 24 hours, two police departments put the two incidents together and two cases together. we have new surveillance video this morning to show you images of the video. the concern is that these two women are becoming more aggressive. authorities are growing increasingly concerned about a trio of robbers suspected to being behind five incidents, three in upper darby and two in philadelphia. this is brand new surveillance
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footage off one of the robberies. >> they have gotten more aggressive the two days they need out here. >> reporter: the suspects are believed to be two women and a man who held up the dominoes driver and stole his car on june 21. they used the stolen vehicle during a robbery on the unit block of 10th street. the victim an 86-year-old grandmother visiting from he can can -- ecuador. >> the woman took the bag and took out a gun and just look at her and punched her. >> reporter: the hyundai was crashed on june 24th near north 62nd and found with no occupants inside. two days later a dominoes driver was robbed and his volvo stolen. >> they are trying to make a few dollars with cab drivers who
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are out there making a living are in fear of these individuals who create crime in the communities and lay fear on everybody. >> when you get an 86-year-old woman and pistol whip her to get her handbag, that bothers me, because as far as i am concerned they are violent predators and scum bags. >> reporter: police believe there may be a 4th person a getaway driver, but they are focusing in on these two women. if anyone recognizes the women on the surveillance camera footage contact police. reporting live in southwest detectives, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that jennette. a woman jumped out of the way just in time when a u haul truck barreled into a brewpub that was going the wrong way on second street and swerved into the building. "action news" viewer captured
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video of the driver jumping out of the of the vehicle and taking off after the crash. the restaurant got it all cleaned up and back open for business. 529 a water downed version of trump's travel ban goes into effect today. the supreme court is allowing executive order but placed limitations on it. those who request entry must approve they have a credible bona fide relationship with a school, job or person in the u.s. the trump administration set new criteria since the ruling. it should not include grandparents, grandchildren, nephews cousins, brothers in law or sisters in law or fiances. president trump and the first lady have announced their next trip they will travel to
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paris on bastille day. the pennsylvania legislature is about to vote on the state budget. in pennsylvania the budget deadline looms but no clear details on the 3 billion budget deficit. >> heat and humidity coming back, but not just yet. >> reporter: no, this morning is still comfortable. but by the time we get into tonight and tomorrow, it's back. storm tracker 6 live shows we're dry, looking outside we'll get breaks in the clouds out there, sky6 live hd the airport is looking kind of gray. on the storage tanks in the backgrounds you'll see early sun breaking through, there have been developing overnight clouds which i will show you in a moment, that are going to obscure the sun for some of you, at least to start out. 67 degrees, the dewpoint in the
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50s. not all that humid which is nice. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. the ocean temperature, 63 off atlantic city. we have the clouds filling in. we have some breaks out there, as we go through the day we'll filter out a lot of this and winds up with partly sunny skies and mostly sunny skies across the region. we'll be optimistic and call it mostly sunny with the idea you'll have clouds coming through. 10:00 a.m., 76. i doubt that the humidity is a problem by 10:00. noon, 81. 3:00 p.m., the high is 88. we'll see the humidity rise through here. 6:00, 85 degrees and across the region the afternoon highs all getting into the 80s, upper 80s from allentown through trenton, philadelphia, reading, wilmington, millville, the mid 80s. looks like if you're at the shore you're in the low to mid
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80s up and down the beach getting a bit humid later on today. in fact future tracker 6 showing the dewpoints, right now we're in the 50s. you get above 60 it will be humid. on the model after 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., up to 9:00 p.m. we're in the dewpoints in the mid 60s. not oppressive, but stickier as we go into the late day and evening hours. tomorrow, the heat and humidity are on. 92 is the high. we could have a pop-up thunderstorm with the frontal boundary in the vicinity and this pattern will continue through the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 88. warmer than yesterday, breezy, tad humid later in the day. hot and humid on friday, high of 92. for the weekend, saturday, 92. sunday, 90. both days are humid. we're barking off on the idea there will be a widespread outbreak of thunderstorms. saturday and sunday there's a chance of a pop up. somebody on twitter was asking
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me about the timing. it's usually afternoon convection after 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. monday, partly sunny, less humid, hot, 91. for the 4th of july we're going for a hot high of 90. there's a chance of a stray thunderstorm popping up late in the day or evening. doesn't look like it's widespread, it's 6 days away so we'll see. >> 5:43 a.m., an aide to pope francis has been arrested details about the charges against him from down under. see what this driver did when confronted by police. a blast on a kentucky campus. >> reporter: we're live on 422. that's eastbound traffic here, heading toward king of prussia no problems just yet we'll take you live into new jersey and ch
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>> 5:46 a.m., good morning, everyone, it is thursday. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge -- some people call the father of the american navy, the
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commodore barry bridge. >> i like the extra little facts throwing in there, matt o'donnell, always educating always thinking. looking outside live, exton, chester county. moving at commerce drive, eastbound traffic moving okay right now as you head toward route 30, looking good at route 100 commerce drive. schuylkill expressway eastbound between 202 and the blue route we'll have the rolling closures again, watch for the lane restrictions from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. today it's eastbound on the schuylkill expressway you'll want to watch for the intermittent closures. the accident is still out here in king of prussia. 422 westbound the off ramp to first avenue. the we have the accident there. let's look at the commuter traffic report and the waze app. we have an accident on 78 eastbound in bethlehem. they are in the process of clearing it. we see an area of yellow be careful traveling on 78
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eastbound in bethlehem. 67 degrees in philadelphia. 62 in allentown. 61 in millville. still feels good out there right now with low humidity. but things are changing this afternoon. you will feel the humidity a little bit more this afternoon and warming up above average, 88 degrees for the high as it turns warmer today and tomorrow heating things up with the high of 92 degrees. we're talking about five days in the 90s, so today we're trying to ease you into it, tomorrow the heat and humidity come back. >> police in oregon thought they had the suspect corner and then she did this, the woman rammed the police vehicle and driven away as the officers were hanging on to the car. the woman wanted tore driving a stolen car boobed abandoned it and found later hiding in a dumpster. the third highest ranking
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official at the vatican has been charged with sexual abuse. cardinal george pell was ordered to come back to melbourne to face the allegations. pell has taken leave from the vatican to do so, but denies any sex abuse history. an explosion blew the walls off a dormatory at murray state university in kentucky. officials believe gas leak caused the blast. many high school high high schos were there for a governors program. >> there was debris pile. it was chaos. >> one person was hurt, all of the students are safe and accounted to that customability.
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you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody, i hope everybody is off to a good start. trying to keep the traffic okay for you, so far so good, looking at the schuylkill expressway, what a good shot. roads are clear and dry, light volume heading toward king of prussia. no delays just yet. head out now if you can. no major issues with mass transit. unlike yesterday everything in the northeast corridor with amtrak is looking good, david. >> reporter: comfortable to start out. 67 in philadelphia. 62 in allentown. 64 in dover, delaware. as we roll through the day, things change a little bit. 66 and okay by 7:00. noon, 81. 88 degrees warmer than yesterday at 3:00 p.m. that's going to be your high. as we head into the afternoon
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and evening, the humidity is going to begin to build a little bit it will not be oppressive today. you'll start to feel it get stickier later today and tonight. 84 degrees is the temperature by 7:00. we're warm and staying warm for a while. matt and tam. >> as the summer heats up, it's nice to know we have one of the best water parks in the county. morey's pier placed 8th as the best ten water parks in the nation. disney's
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>> beautiful sunrise and a plane crossing from the left to the right on your screen. good morning, everyone, 5:56 a.m., thursday, we'll have almost 13 hours of sunlight today. enjoy it. west chester police say a man is in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury after an attack on sunday. the cell phone video shows several witnesses. detectives are asking anyone who
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saw this or has information to report a tip. family and friends gather for a woman remember a woman who was assaulted and murdered in a philadelphia park. the grieving are determined to bring debbie gullivers murderero justice. school employees would required to have a concealed license and pass a psychologic valuation. all democrats and 8 republicans voted against the bill. governor tom wolf opposes the measure. stepping up security there are big changes in store for international flights to the states.
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>> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., thursday, june 29 we're following two breaking news stories. >> first up a wild and deadly night in philadelphia, a shooting kills one person and leads to a chase between armed men followed by a home invasion and violent confrontation that hurt yet another person. we talked to the victim's family. breaking a 14-year-old is injured when a car is shot up in wilmington. police in the city are investigating three different crime scenes. >> a former bensalem football coach is under arrest charged with rape and other sex crimes against children. we'


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