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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 9, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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in this case it would be dominic. there he is kissing his girl. it has been a long day and it's only 8:30 a.m. >> moms, get yourself a pan of brownies. it's time for a venting sesh. >> the offspring are not happy with the mommy because the offspring didn't get every thing they wanted. now mommy is so tired the she's talking in third person. >> oli agrees. >> don't get me wrong. i want my kids to be happy. but when i have to keep in my bit of mind that's functional, what's making them happy now might not make them happy in the long-term. >> that's true. my momma used to say it all the time. the moral of the story is they'll get over pit. >> that's it, right? because parenting, you see these things they're having drama and of course you sort of jump in or help them fix it. but you don't want to do it. >> what will it teach them? a lie. a lie that life showers you with whatever you want. >> then they'll get out into the world and they'll face disappointments. >> what? >> and they're going to be miserable. long-term unhappy. they need to learn that you
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can't and shouldn't go through life only doing what makes you 100% happy every single minute. wiping my kid's butt doesn't make me 100% happy but you know what? i don't want him walking around smelling like a turd. >> she has a simple solution. >> you know what will make them confident and happy in the long-term? knowing right from wrong. knowing there are consequences for their actions. knowing how to take care of their own basic needs. knowing that the world isn't going to bend over backwards to make them happy. >> exactly. >> she preaching. i tell you what makes her happy, those brownies. they're almost gone. >> even this pan of brownies are making me happy in this fleeting moment. but in the long-term, i'm going to feel sick. which means i'm a hypocrite. >> do as i say, not as i do. >> just think of the kids in about 10 to 15 years going back and watching this video and being like, oh. now i get it, mom.
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now i know why there were brownie stains on the bed all the time. thanks for joining us today, everybody. has a lot more fun stuff to watch or catch us on the next all new "rtm." so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. ♪ i know i need a small vacation ♪ ♪ but it don't look like rain ♪ and if it snows ♪ that stretch down south won't ever ♪ >> he's considered the founding father of crossover country, and now family and friends are mourning the passing of
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legendary singer, songwriter, tv and movie star, glen campbell. >> he was the ultimate slash, right? >> quite a long resume. >> campbell died at the age of 81 after a section-yeix-year ba alzheimer's. he sat down for a great interview with terry moran. >> reporter: let's begin this by just listening to "wichita lineman". ♪ i am a lineman for the county ♪ >> reporter: it's got to be the best song ever written about a telephone engineer. jimmy webb wrote it, glen campbell made it a hit and he sang it thousands and thousands of times around the world. >> well, wichita hit me right on the head first. ♪ amaam a lineman for the count♪ ♪ and if it snows
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>> reporter: and it's just one of so many great songs glen campbell has sung and played for 60 years and more. ♪ like a rhine stone cowboy >> reporter: "rhine stone cowboy ♪ ♪ and your path is free to walk ♪ >> reporter: "gentle on my mind." and that's him playing one of the most famous guitar licks ever on the beach boys "fun fun fun." >> i have been blessed, i really have. i figured it out that i'm not that bright, but god gave me a break. >> reporter: that's glen's wife of almost 30 years, kim. she's becoming his memory, his connection to the life they've shared. and he knows that. >> i tell you, boy. the verse in the bible that says if a man findeth a good wife you've found a good thing. did i find you or did you find me? >> i think we found each other.
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♪ the world's been good to me >> reporter: you know, glen, it is a brave thing to continue to perform. a lot of people get a hard diagnosis, and they focus on their health. >> i don't know how brave it is. i ain't felt anything yet. it's just lookin' around, when's it going to get here? ♪ >> reporter: right now, though, glen's still singing, still giving the gift he was born to give. and his children are by his side in his band. ashley on keyboards, shannon on guitar, cal on drums. alzheimer's is a hard journey, but there is a grace to be found in it. as we say good-bye, we see just how much those who live with this disease mean to us, how wonderful each and every life is. ♪ i am a lineman for the county ♪ ♪ and i drive the main road oh, that's a great song. >> but the famous line from it is i need you more than want
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you. >> i need you more than want you, and i want you for all time. the wichita lineman's still on the line. ♪ is still on the line ♪ still on the line ♪ and i'm doin' fine >>what a voice. it's amazing. his songs have actually stood the test of time. >> yeah, they have. and what a couple. our thoughts are with her, obviously. >> and a beautiful thing for their family to have been able to share their music all together. we wish them well this morning. we're going to switch gears and talk about an app to buy and sell second hand items and its impact on you. >> but are they putting your safety at risk? what to look for when you meet up in person with someone you
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♪ we got some movies ♪ refrigerators ♪ we've got some movies ♪ color tvs ♪ >> we got some color tvs. >> yeah, we do, somewhere around here that we need to get moving. >> and many of us use apps to buy and sell second hand items like an old tv perhaps, but police are now warning they can also be magnets for criminals.
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>> so on sites like ebay, these are local sites requiring face-to-face meetings. >> reporter: it's an easy way to make fast cash. use an app to post an item you want to sell, wait for the highest offer. >> you agree to meet in a specific location. >> reporter: but safety expert and former police detective steve carden warns sellers and buyers to beware. >> you are a risk level. >> my body went numb. >> reporter: she took what she thought were all the right precautions when selling ipad on the app offer up. she met the buyer in a community center parking lot and brought her mother-in-law and son with her. but she says they were robbed. >> the only thing that they didn't take was my personal cell phone and my mom's ipad that we were selling. >> reporter: police departments across the country seeing so many of these crimes, they're setting up safe meetup spots like these in california,
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connecticut and florida in their parking lots, for buyers and sellers to safely do business. >> criminals do not want to commit crimes at the police department. they know that their likely hood of being arrested or getting caught for the crimes that they're going to commit greatly increase when they come to the police department. >> reporter: the app offer up providing many of the signs for police departments, telling us in addition to safety features built into the app, to date we have shipped close to 5,000 meetup signs to police departments around the country. and tens of millions of people securely buy and sell billions of dollars in second hand items. short of a police station where else can you meet? >> a public place, a lot of people and a place that has surveillance cameras. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> meet up at the police department. >> another safe place is best
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buy, apple and walmart. the new mission for bikers groups, helping moms in need. ♪ susie got all germy
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♪ ♪ stop, drop ♪ shut'em down open up shop ♪ whoa, whoa >> video of roughriders riding through times square. i thought there was a dance to this, but i guess not. >> it goes like this. >> some motorcycle gangs may be getting a bad rap. >> here in new york city one group is proving to be a god send for new moms. here's rachel scott with the story. >> reporter: this biker group takes a few things very seriously. their motorcycles, their decorated jackets and delivering pasturized breast milk? what? what is that? these bikers are delivering donated breast milk to babies
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who need it for free. it started when the milk bank realized they needed a quicker way to deliver. >> i thought wouldn't it be great if we had a group that delivered milk in and out of manhattan for us? >> reporter: the sirens were thrilled and even began embracing a new name "the milk riders". >> we pull up at the dock here at the milk bank. they have prepackaged it in like freezer bags and boxes that are safe for the milk to travel in. we strap it on the bike and head out. >> reporter: that box ends up in the hands of mothers who need it. this mother's daughter was born with a serious disease. >> we tried formula, and she was vomiting and vomiting. it was to the point of dehydration and hospitalization. >> reporter: this is how much breast milk her mother pumps in just one week. it's 30 milliliters.
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and this is how much baby ariela needs to survive. >> at this point, it's our only source of nutrition, so had we not had the milk bank to provide us with milk or have this breast milk, i don't now where ariela would be. she would be on iv in a hospital. >> reporter: for these bikers, it's time on the road well spent. >> i have such a big passion for my bike, and to be able to help someone it's awesome. >> reporter: new relationships borne out of necessity and nurtured by generosity. >> i can't tell you how grateful we are to the sirens. they get the milk out to the babies that need it. they could be saving a baby's life by doing that. >> reporter: rachel scott, abc news, new york. >> such a creative initiative. who would have thought. oh, that biker going down the street. >> they're really so tough. >> i got just the thing. >> they are delivering milk. >> the milk riders.
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this morning on "world news now." north korea's latest missile threat. >> the regime with a new warning against the u.s. territory of guam in the pacific, where american forces are stationed right now. this just hours after president trump said the united states would unleash fire and fury on the north if the threats continued. breaking overnight, the intense manhunt for the suspect in the murder of a rookie police officer is over. the suspect taken into custody a few hours ago. then another day, another line of severe storms moving east. torrential rains triggering flash floods and dramatic rescues along its path. and the new science behind your instagram photos and your mental health. researchers say their new computer can figure out if you're depressed, just by looking at the pictures you're posting. so what does it say about us?
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we'll check that out on this wednesday, august 9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you were saying? >> i was saying that we were smiling in every one of those photos. >> we must be happy. >> we must be happy. >> something tells me there's more to the science behind that. >> either that or the hennessey's kicking in at that point when we are taking our selfies. i don't know. we'll break it down. it didn't take north korea very long. a bold new threat just hours after president trump delivered an explosive warning. >> the president vowed to respond to further threats from north korea with fire and fury. the north promptly shot back, threatening a missile strike against guam. the u.s. territory houses thousands of american forces. we have team coverage starting with abc's martha radatz. >> reporter: it is the most fiery, overtly military threat
3:02 am
president trump has ever launched at north korea, a chilling warning in response to kim jong un's threats to the u.s. >> north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening. beyond a normal statement. and, as i said, they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power. the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: this dramatic escalation of rhetoric all the more alarming, given the latest extraordinary intelligence assessments of north korea's nuclear capabilities. first reported in the "washington post" and confirmed by abc news, u.s. intelligence analysts believe the north can now produce a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles, including
3:03 am
its intercontinental ballistic missiles. kim jong un's claim that he was standing next to such a nuclear device last march was met with some skepticism. but this latest intelligence assessment says he has indeed produced that device. >> theis is the most momentous day in his nuclear program. >> reporter: just ten days ago he tested an icbm into space going higher and farther than before. but analysts say if the trajectory was lowered, it could potentially reach the east coast of the united states, including new york and washington, d.c. >> there's still two pieces of the puzzle left. one is he has to show that he's able to have that nuclear warhead survive the heat of re-entry and the second is he has to accurately target it. >> reporter: it is without question the greatest challenge president trump now faces. and the president's tough new words. >> fire, fury and frankly, power.
3:04 am
>> reporter: come as americans are worried about the north korean threat, according to polls just days after the u.n. enacted strong sanctions. a cbs news poll found 61% of americans are uneasy about president trump's handling of north korea. u.s. intelligence analysts also now believe that north korea s has 60 nuclear weapons, a far greater number than they once thought. martha radatz, washington. and senator mccain was speaking out. >> he suggested the president's response could have been worse, but he advised that great leaders don't make threats unless they're ready to act. >> i take exception to the president's comments, because you got to be sure that you can do what you say you're going to do. >> well, experts say north korea believes that having a
3:05 am
nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the united states would be the ultimate guarantee against invasion. >> for more on kim jong un's latest nuclear advances and how the u.s. would protect itself, let's bring in abc's arlette saenz. how worried do we need to be right now? >> the intelligence community's assessment that north korea's successfully miniaturized a nuclear weapon marks the biggest advance in the regime's nuclear capability. now the biggest question is how can the u.s. stop a nuclear warhead from hitting the country. the warhead shows another sign the regime's nuclear program is moving faster than predicted. intelligence analysts have determined a north korean missile could reach at least the west coast. but may be capable of going as far as new york and washington, d.c. one option to interrupt a missile heading towards the u.s., something called a ground-based intercepter. the u.s. currently has 36 of these in place at bases in
3:06 am
alaska, california. if u.s. radars were able to detect a missile launch by kim jong un, missiles could be fired off into space and collide with the nuclear warhead. it's essentially like a bullet hitting a bullet. and it would stop a north korean missile from striking the u.s. back in may, the u.s. successfully intercepted an intercontinental ballistic missile during a test of a ground-base intercept system in california. those ground-base intercepters have a bit of a mixed track record. the success rate for tests is about50% but it's still one of the military's best options. >> what about the diplomatic options? how are they looking and how do they mesh with trump's comments? >> in this sis going to be a tr eye litricky line to walk. you had nikki haley who was championing a victory when she got russia and china to sign on to those u.n. sanctions. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson saying that the u.s. could be open to talks with
3:07 am
north korea. so the president's comments are complicating a bit of that diplomatic messaging, but we always know that he wants to keep that military option on the table. >> and curious to know whether or not they knew the president would say those comments that he did yesterday and many calling it a red line indeed. if you weren't scared enough, please, now, insert the editors of the new york daily news. >> you can always rely on them. >> this is the front page this morning. armageddon. >> it is scary but creative. >> i like the fire effect in the middle. of kim jong un and the president there. >> hopefully not a foreshadowing of what's to come. arlette, thank you so much. we appreciate the analysis. and we have more breaking news to get to. a frantic search for survivors is under way in southwest china after a powerful earthquake. >> at least 13 people are dead and nearly 200 injured. several tourists are actually among the victims, the 6.5 quake
3:08 am
hit near a popular national park known for water falls. earlier this morning another quake rattling china, the 6.3 quake hit near kazakhstan. no word on damages or casualties. back here at home, severe storms are triggering flash flood watch the. a line of storms stretches more than 1700 miles, from texas to the chesapeake bay area. eight inches have fallen in houston, triggering flash flooding and water rescues. and warnings have been issued for parts of mexico. the tropical storm franklin has passed over the yucatan peninsula. it could strengthen into a hurricane before it makes a second land fall early tomorrow morning. and back here in the unit, the intense manhunt for the suspect in the murder of a
3:09 am
missouri police officer is now over. ian mccarthy was taken into custody a few hours ago, charged with first degree murder in the death of officer gary michael. they exchanged gunfire in what started as a traffic stop on sunday. mccarthy was captured after he was seen walking down a highway. >> the city's been on edge. this county's been on edge, not knowing where this individual was. so, you know, this gives them a sense of relief, an ability to get what, get back to some sense of normalcy. >> normalcy. well, mccarthy is be being treated for a gunshot wound and is in stable condition. the suspect has been on the run for four years. he's wanted in new hampshire for a 2013 assault case. officer michael had just been on the police force for a year. rookie police officer down. all right, you want to look around the office today and check for any missing co-workers with unexplained absences. >> ah, yes. so the numbers from two massive
3:10 am
lottery jackpots are now out. $350 million megamillions drawing took place overnight. you see the numbers there, 11, 17, 50, 52, 74, and the megaball is 14. but no big winner. so friday's drawing is $382 million. >> ooh. >> oh! >> there are four tickets out there worth $1 million. >> tonight, it's a $307 million powerball drawing. that jackpot has been growing since june when a $447 million ticket was sold in california. jack! >> yes! >> how's it lookin' for you? >> not good. i'm still here. [ laughter ] >> i'm just saying what everybody else is thinking. >> he was buying tickets while t"the bachelorette." >> want do it. sorry,
3:11 am
sorry buddy. how you can live like president trump, at least the way he did back in 1950. the new headline this morning about the president's childhood home in queens new york that recently sold for just over $2 million. but first, the 3-year-old boy who died in a hot van. he was in the care of a day wear worker. that worker is talking to police. and remember to find us on facebook at wnn you're watching "world news now." ♪ susie got all germy
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got to see this scene. watch this carefully. this bicycle bandit on the loose. he's robbed at least seven cabbies sense june. he actually strolls up to the cab. grabs cash from them through the window. >> whoa! >> and then takes off. >> that is bold. >> no one, we should point out, has been physically injured in all of this, but look how bold
3:15 am
that is. >> knowing how new york drivers roll in this city, if he continues, he'll be the within hurt. >> there are two reasons to be on the lookout for that man. for his own safety and for the cabdrivers. >> correct. well, this summer, the number of children dying after being left in hot cars has reached a record high. >> and this morning we're hearing new details about the latest hot car death. it is horrible. this team a 3-year-old boy left in a hot van for nearly 12 hours. here's answer's steve osunsami. >> reporter: this 3-year-old boy is the 32nd child to die in a hot vehicle and the fifth in florida alone. the body of miles hill was discovered in the back of a van outside this orlando day care monday night after his family called police, worried that he hadn't come home. >> i'm numb. i don't know how to feel. >> reporter: the boy's family is struggling with word from investigators that a driver at the day care accidently left him
3:16 am
in back of the van. authorities believe he had been trapped for nearly it 12 hours. the high monday was 93 degrees. >> i just wanted to take a minute to plead with every single parent, caregiver, please ensure that we are checking our vehicles for our kids. >> reporter: police say the driver is broken up and cooperating with their investigation. they say she admitted that after making her last stop she failed to make sure she dropped off every child. authorities believe the boy died of heatstroke and say once that's official there will be charged. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> such a horrible situation there, for the driver, for the parents for all around. coming up, the iconic plaza hotel in new york facing bombshell allegations from current and former staffers. and first, nfl wives are turning to each other for support on facebook, offering
3:17 am
advice about the complicated world they live in, and some of them are now sharing their stories with us. we have that next. month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here?
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no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
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as you know, the nfl preseason is under way, and as the players get back to work their spouses also have to gear up for the pressures that come with life in professional football. >> hundreds of nfl wives have turned to a private facebook page to share advice, especially when it comes to their husbands' physical and mental health. here's deborah roberts. >> reporter: many are thinking about football, but for the wives and families of nfl players, every day can feel like game day. so many worried about injuries and chronic encephalopathy. to cope, a special sister hood has developed on facebook, filled with wives, daughters and widows of former and current
3:20 am
players. one whose husband jamar played ten seasons, saying the purpose of the page is meant to be a supportive measure to a sigh limit partner of the family. >> it's a safe place for us to come and basically talk about anything. >> reporter: her husband tony has been early diagnosed with cte. >> it's hard to deal with a hot of wh -- lot of what we deal with, especially to a husband who might start to show signs of brain trauma. >> reporter: the group of roughly2,000 has been a lifesaver, offering a private place to put their pain, questions and worries. >> i may not have met any of these women, but i've met them through facebook, and that's enough for me. >> reporter: janet mccoy saying it was a crucial line of support, joining the group after losing her husband mike to dementia last year. the retired packers quarterback diagnosed with the disease in
3:21 am
his 50s. >> a lot of it has to do with what we're dealing with as wives. how to best take care of our husbands. the one thing that i feel strongly about is validate being -- validating a wife's feeling. if doesn't matter if they think they're alone. they're not. >> reporter: for jordan nelson, it's a safe place to ask questions about life in the league. >> last year my husband and i, we went through an agent change. and i was able to private message someone in the group who had been through the same thing. things like that that maybe a regular friend can't relate to, family issues like getting traded, cut, those type of things are things that we discuss. >> reporter: deborah roberts, abc news, new york. >> it is a troubling thing, and it's why many, many athletes' wives including tom brady's wife has expressed concern. >> it's great that they have a resource to talk to each other
3:22 am
about these things. coming up, how many dates is too many for one guy for one night. >> are you asking? >> i'm asking for a friend. during your period?
3:23 am
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because sleep is a beautiful thing. ♪ all right, time now for "the mix." if anyone wanted to know what it's like to live like a sitting president you can get a little taste of that. president trump's childhood home is now up for rent on airbnb. price tag, $725 a night. >> a night? >> that's right, it's a tudor-style home. three and a half baths. >> in the corner? >> that's a bonus. now you might remember that the home was auctioned off, an anonymous buyer for more than $2 million in march. we wondered, $2 million, higher than the estimated value. what do they plan to do with the home? now we know. it's a unique and special opportunity to stay in the home of a sitting president says the listing.
3:26 am
and as a bonus, the cutout of the president in the living room. >> sold. i'm there. there's now science behind sta instagram photos. they have looked into what they say about you. we've scoured my instagram photos, and it says, you know, if you prefer darker colors, a lot of selfies, a lot of photos where you're all by yourself, and no use of filters. >> check. >> that was cecelia's favorite photo of meaine. they're all signs of depression. >> you're smiling. >> and i have rose in that glass. the researcher says that's the case. >> are you feeling all right? >> i'm fine. those are beautiful photos. >> that one's very cloudy. >> gray skies are going to clear up, buddy, it's going to be okay.
3:27 am
it's going to be okay. >> my instagram was saying -- >> you got to brighten it up. brighten it up. >> for less-depressed people. >> all right, now we know. on to someone else who has a little something to worry about. we talked about speed dating. a guy took this to a new level, planning six dates in a single day. reminds you of the movie, all the girls find out about john tucker's many girlfriends? same thing happened to js continue in d.c. his first date happened, he said i had to meet up with friends at 6:15. then girl number two shows up. a little while later, girl number three shows up. they started a viral tweet where they are up throughout the night saying jt. fourth and fifth girl showed up. he finally gave up before the sixth showed up. one of those hydrojets. he gets up on the corner
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this wednesday on "world news now." fire and fury. the president's dramatic warning to north korea, drawing new reaction from around the world overnight, as the north considers a missile strike against guam, the u.s. territory housing thousands of american forces. the u.s. intelligence committee believes north korea's capabilities may be more advanced than thought, with guam and hawaii among possible targets. so is the u.s. ready for a possible attack? we're covering all the angles this morning. and new this half hour, a big baby causes a commotion at a beach. >> a young whale drew a crowd as it spent hours circling a harbor in los angeles. we'll show you how crews tried to get it to head back out to sea. and after two years of hiding. out in the wilds in montana, david letterman set to return to tv, and he's already got his first interview wish list,
3:31 am
signed up. hear how the former king of late night wants to help prevent nuclear war. it's wednesday, august 9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." it's kind of funny to see those old images of david letterman, because i had forgotten what he looked like. lately he's looked like sasquatch. >> he's got a giant beard. so the question is, will he shave for the new show? >> that's a curious thing. the beard is probably down to about here now. we'll get to that later on. we're going to start with the breaking news, north korea threatening to take aim at the u.s. territory of guam. after the stern warning from president trump. >> the president vowed yesterday that threats from the north would be met with fire and fury. now the rhetoric between the two adversaries escalated following reports that north korea can now place nuclear warheads on its missiles. >> and there's also word that kim jong un has 60 nuclear
3:32 am
weapons in his arsenal. that's new. we begin, though, with emily row. >> reporter: an explosive statement from president trump. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. >> reporter: the chilling warning in response to kim jong un's threat to make the u.s. pay dearly following tough new u.n. sanctions. >> he has been very threatening, beyond a normal statement. >> reporter: abc news confirmed a "washington post" report that u.s. intelligence analysts believe north korea can now produce a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its intercontinental missiles. >> this is the most momentous day in his nuclear program. >> reporter: just ten days ago, kim jong un launched an icbm into space. analysts concluding the missile trajectory could potentially reach the east coast of the
3:33 am
united states, including new york and washington, d.c. what remains unknown, whether north korea has tested the smaller nuclear warhead and if it could survive re-entry. >> the worst thing we could do is panic and respond to this with a bad move, like military action. >> reporter: but late tuesday, north korea's state-run news agency announcing the regime is carefully examining plans to attack guam that contain u.s. bases there. emily row, abc news, washington. >> and americans are growing more concerned as north korea continues to defy the international community. >> a cnn poll conducted before president trump's threat found that half the country disapproved with the way he is handling the situation with north korea, while 37% approve. >> and 62% say north korea poses a threat to the u.s. that's up from just 50% in august. >> so we talked about that
3:34 am
threat to guam, but also there are other parts of the pacific that are concerned about the latest threats from north korea. >> arlette saenz is keeping track of this. what are the experts saying about this? >> guam's located about 2300 miles. it's a u.s. territory that's also a key military outpost. but it's not the only u.s. interest within striking distance of north korea. the north korean regime says it's reviewing a plan to launch medium to long-range ballistic missiles towards guam, aiming to create an enveloping fire around the u.s. territory. despite the warning, guam's homeland security office said the threat level remains unchanged. >> i want to reassure the people of guam that currently there is no threat to our island or the marianas. an attack or threat on guam is a threat or attack on the united states. >> reporter: located 2100 miles from the korean peninsula, guam is a key u.s. military outpost. home to around 160,000 people,
3:35 am
including 7,000 u.s. military personnel. another island in potential striking distance, hawaii. north korea has made no direct threat to hawaii. but last month the state launched a public education campaign to help its 1.4 million residents and visitors plan what they would do during a nuclear missile attack. it would take 15 or 20 minutes for a north korean missile to reach the island. the state's guidance urges people to get inside, stay inside and stay tuned. last month, hawaii also announced they would start testing an attack warning system in november. that's something not heard of in hawaii since the end of the cold war. >> this is becoming really real. for them. >> we saw the governor of guam saying nothing to worry about here. other world leaders reacting overnight. >> malcolm turnbull says north korea is being provocative and reckless and warning that a conflict with north korea would have catastrophic and consequences for the entire world.
3:36 am
>> hopefully we don't see that come to fruition. arlette, thank you for coming on. and the president is also taking on a tough battle at home. vowing to fight the deadly opioid epidemic. >> he held a briefing at his new jersey golf club, along with help from secretary price, he promised to step up federal drug prosecutions and stopped short of announcing new policy. he did not declare a national emergency over the opioid crisis despite a recommendation to do so from a commission that he created. >> and new hampshire has joined the list of states suing oxycontin manufacturers. >> yep, at purdue pharma, they accuse them of down playing the epidemic. they have called new hampshire the ground zero of the epidemic. according to the federal government, opioid deaths jumped nearly 200% in five years in the state. we're going to turn our focus to the weather and a powerful line of storms raking across the nation's south.
3:37 am
take a look at the radar, and it shows those storms stretching from texas into virginia. they're now moving to the east in wilmington, north carolina roads were completely under water but it seemed to have little impact on local traffic as you can see. and in texas, houston bracing for even more rainfall after getting up to eight inches of rain. that triggered flash flooding and water rescues. well u.s. airlines are bumping passengers at the lowest rate in two decades. a new report finds that just one in every 19,000 passengers was kicked off an overbooked flight in the first six months of this year, that's the lowest rate since the government started tracking such incidents in 1995. it follows a massive backlash after a passenger was dragged off a united airlines flight in april. the biggest decline took place between april and june. and a baby gray whale made a big splash. in the waters off southern california. >> the whale found its way into dana point harbor 50 miles off
3:38 am
the coast of los angeles. it had close encounters with people on paddle boards and kayaks. >> the harbor patrol used boats and hoses to steer the whale back out to sea. the whole thing made for a cool day. >> i've lived here my whole life and never seen anything like it. i hope it doesn't happen again, because it's not safe for the whale, but it was pretty cool. >> experts say the whale appeared lost but seemed to be healthy. >> eventually went back out to sea after about seven hours of taking laps around the harbor. >> a cool day by the way, but there is a kids swim area, and the whale was swimming in there, they decided, okay, let's not get too close, so they eventually got those hoses to spray the whale and got it to swim out to sea. >> absolutely. >> these kind of whales aren't generally seen in southern california, so the whole story is a little bit of a rarity. but glad the whale made it back out. well, coming up, the echo, how our sister network, espn
3:39 am
transformed itself for one day to bring us the world of unconventional sports. >> oh, boy. >> and how it all started as a joke from the movie "dodge ball." >> if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. but first, with female staffers, what they are alleging about the rape culture inside a hotel. that's coming up in a new lawsuit. first here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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3:42 am
♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ riding out on a horse ♪ in a star-spangled rodeo >> we're listening to a little glen campbell, a pioneer in bridging pop and country music. that's one of his biggest hits, but sad news this morning that after a long and courageous battle with alzheimer's disease, glen has died. >> he had so many hits, we do know that one "rhine stone cowboy", which was a crossover hit. he had "wichita lineman."
3:43 am
campbell's songs bridged country and pop, making him one of the biggest names in the '60s and '70s, a movie actor, 60 decades or six decades rather, in the public spotlight. he got an emmy nomination just a couple years ago based on a documentary about his life and his struggle with alzheimer's, he was 81 years old. turning now to the courtroom drama unfolding in denver between taylor swift and a former radio deejay. muller testified that he may have touched her ribs with a closed hand. muller is counter suing swift for $3 million, saying based on her false accusations, he was fired from his job and black balled from the industry. the trial resumes later this
3:44 am
morning. women working at one of new york's most iconic hotels say they faced a rape culture on the job. six current and former female employees at the plaza hotel say they've endured constant sexual harassment from bosses and co-workers. the women are suing for unspecified damages. >> this will create a platform for the other women that i know there, still there, that are not standing up. they're not speaking right now. they'll come out. and they'll have a voice. that's what i really want. >> so here's the reaction. a spokes person for the plaza's parent company says it takes all claims of harassment or discrimination seriously and will take appropriate action when necessary. when we come back, what david hasselhoff is saying about a "knight rider" reboot.
3:45 am
>> and david letterman makes his come back. a battle of the davids. >> hello, michael. >> "the skinny's" next. michael. >> "the skinny's" next. rethink the experience. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪
3:46 am
it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
3:47 am
♪ >> bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. we love the song, and we are night riding in the skinny, because we're getting some word from the hoff himself that a reboot is in the works. >> this is huge. it's been a mere 35 years since the tv series premiered with david hasselhoff along his talking car named kit. >> hello michael. yesterday hasselhoff told tmz he's been in talks with some
3:48 am
hollywood power players to bring the series back. even though others have tried to in the past. >> all the people that's seen the other reboots of "knight rider" didn't like it. and i'm saying it has to be true to what it was. let me be the old guy, let me be devin. i can't run, i can't fight, but i can still drive. >> the hoff lays down the gauntlet. he went on to explain that the project is in the works because the director of guardians of the galaxy two was a big fan of "knight rider" growing up. >> so hasselhoff -- ♪ getting down and dirty yet. >> the music video for the dvd. soak that in for a second. it's simply intoxicating. wheel he credits the role and the relationship for the reason that michael knight and kit may
3:49 am
reunite. >> we're happy for this. it's the video that keeps on giving. >> we've shown it two days in a row. >> you got to get that outfit. >> that outfit is awesome. next up, a familiar come back for a familiar face. he's now bearded. sasquatch, david letterman is coming back, the giant of late night tv making his broadcasting return with a new talk show. >> netflix has reportedly ordered six episodes with long-form interviews. mixed with reports from the field. in an interview with the hollywood reporter, letterman gave a wish list of guests, including president trump and kim jong un. of kim, letterman says, okay, the haircut, we get all that. if dennis rodman goes over there, i ought to be over there. >> there you go. >> mm-hm. >> and speaking of netflix, abc's parent company, disney has decided to break up with the streaming service. ceo bob iger made the announcement yesterday. it will pull its content from netflix by the end of the year, including "the bachelorette" and other shows that are part of the
3:50 am
disney family and that it plans to create a new streaming platform of its own for disney content. >> speaking of "the bachelorette," there's a lot of conversation this morning about the finale, because -- >> there was a lot of explainin'. >> we know rachel picked brian. >> picked the wrong guy. chose a guarantee over love. >> and apparently some people thought that she should have picked peter. >> and by some people you think 90% of america. before the big finale, fans are all about peter. with online polls favoring the one that got away. let's take a look at some of the reactions now. one of the reactions that i thought pretty funny. >> basically, rachel wants peter but settled for brian because she wants a proposal. i literally cannot, and they used wendy williams to emphasize the cannot point. >> so peter won the popular vote.
3:51 am
brian won the electoral college. >> ooh. another says the list of people who told rachel not to pick brian. all the guys, her family, america, the wind. >> yes. absolutely. one of my favorite ones. >> okay. just caught up. so brian wins by default. peter proves to america he's the most normal person ever on this show. i guess people like the whole not getting engaged after a few weeks angle of the situation. >> he was a normal guy. one person said, dude, she just passed up a five-star meal for a bag of airline peanuts. true. >> that is not fair, though. >> these guys were on gma yesterday, now, the big, big thing, peter will be on gma this morning to talk about what happened. >> and rachel did say that while it appeared on the show that the only differences on the show appeared to be engagement there were other issues. >> yeah, like many diamonds in a
3:52 am
ring. many. >> i'm trying. iamonds in a ring. many.
3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ a cold, a bug, a flu ♪ when school was back in session ♪ ♪ those germs were shared with you ♪ each year kids miss 22 million school days due to illness. but lysol kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but will it stop this teen from being embarassed by her parents? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne,
3:55 am
not so much on other teen things. do you ever have deja vu, mrs. lancaster? >> i don't think so, but i could check with the kitchen. >> no, that's okay. thank you. >> will you be checking out today, mr. connors? >> i'd say the chance of departure is 80%. >> phil connors with a confused forecast from the comedy cult classic, the best comedy of all time, "ground hog day." the 1993 movie has been made into a broadway musical. >> yes! >> and last night, murray was in the house to watch it for the first time. >> he went with his brother brian who was also in "groundhog day", and bill apparently liked it so much he cried. a reporter from the "new york times" asked him what made him so emotional? and he said the idea that we have to try again is such a
3:56 am
beautiful and powerful idea. phil connors wasn't so positive in the movie. the rock staying on top of his game, i guess. >> of course. >> dwayne johnson sporting a lettermanesque beard took time to thank his fans, the show ballers picked up for a fourth season. >> he had the guns out. he is getting some work done on his bull tattoo. it's an image that has become his trademark over the years. he said he got the ink as a kid, and he now needs it to reflect him as a man. no word on how he's dressing it up, but we will keep our eyes peeled. i am very curious. >> maybe it's similar to that image that was here. >> maybe the bull has the eyebrow. >> could be some bull. next, espn has revamped its programming for one day by
3:57 am
resurrecting a joke from a 13 year old movie, check it out. >> live from las vegas, it's the las vegas international dodge ball open here on espn 8, the ocho. bringing you the fight of seldom-soon sports from around world since 1999. if it's almost -- >> that's right. espnu into ocho, for august 8. >> it featured more obscure sports like darts and bass masters classics. >> ah, the bass master classics, of course. >> appreciate dodge ball. >> i forgot to dvr it. they also got, yeah, like you mentioned, the wild world of slow-pitch softball. >> yes. it's actually a lot harder to hit the ball than you might think. >> is it really? >> but not evident by that one. >> home run. >> that guy had no problem. >> and some hot dogs in the meantime? >> oh, yes, please. >> nathan's contest.
3:58 am
>> thanks, joey chestn
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, tensions between the u.s. and north korea hit a new level. hear president trump's stern warning to the north and the country's response threatening a missile strike on a u.s. territory. we have at reaction from around the world coming in throughout the night. the threat of north korean missiles puts american missile defense systems to the test. some high-tech weaponry on alert right now. we have team coverage of this new crisis including a look at what the pentagon has at the ready. breaking overnight a technology issue is being blamed for significant delays at one of the country's busiest airports. southwest airlines is working through the night on that problem. >> those security chips on your credit cards, they seem like a good idea but what if they were to fall off and fall into the wrong hands? a new warning this morning.


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